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The Way Life Goes

Previously…I hugged him and told him thank you. Then I asked him “also I have a question, Lincoln and I are really beginning to get more serious in our relationship. I want to know how you know if the person you are with is the one.” I asked him with a serious look on my face. John sat there on the bench for a few minutes not saying anything. “Tyler if it was anyone else your age asking me this question I would say it’s just hormones. But the love that I can see you and Lincoln have for each other, well it’s something special. I want you to do something tonight than tomorrow let me know what you come up with and I will let you know that answer. First I want you to get a notebook and separate it from all the things you love about Lincoln verses all the things you hate about him” he said smiling at me. I got up and hugged him and said I will get on that right away and ran off to get a notebook.

The Way Life Goes 4

Lincoln asked what I was doing when he saw me righting in a notebook and I quickly came up with the lie that I needed to write some things down for Michael he smiled and kissed my neck and sat at his desk to and began checking his mail. When I was done I tore the piece of paper out and slid it under my desk and then wrote a couple things that had happen to me and how I felt about what has happen so I could share it with Michael just in case Lincoln might look in my notebook. As I had finished Lincoln called me over to his desk so I wheeled my chair over and he then he kissed my lips and then said thank you. I asked him what that was all about and he showed me he had taken a picture with his web cam and was loading it up onto his Facebook account. I laughed and said to send it to me so I can put it on mine as well. I went back to my desk and opened my laptop to check my Facebook and was surprise to see a message from Brigham. He said that he has been wondering if I am okay and he wants to come over but he doesn’t want mom and dad knowing. So I sent him a message back and told him let me talk to John so we can see what we can do. Lincoln and I went to bed finally around 11:30pm. I woke up around 4am screaming from another nightmare this time my dad had shot me instead of sending me to the clinic and the scariest part was I remember being at my funeral and I was looking up at some people who came to pay their respects to me. I tried to speak but I couldn’t move or talk I was dead. Lincoln was trying his best to calm me down but I kept screaming please I am not dead I am alive, don’t bury me. He picked up his phone and called John who came down to the basement and tried to help calm me down as well. Finally after an hour of me screaming they were able to calm me down. They asked me if I remembered what may have triggered this attack and I told them about my dream. John was furious not with me but with my dad, he promised me he wouldn’t let that happen to me. I called Michael around 11 that morning he said that he will come to me because the building his office was in was being fumigated. He came over around 1pm and we sat and talked for at least two hours. Lincoln stayed beside me the whole time if it wasn’t for his comfort I would probably had broken down again.

Hazel asked Michael if he would like to stay for dinner and he said he would love to since his partner was at a seminar in Los Angeles for a week. Hazel fixed spaghetti with meatballs and homemade garlic bread. John and I did the dishes then spent time with Michael. I couldn’t help but notice Hazel was moving slower today and looked to be in pain. I got up when she said she was going to be heading to bed. I asked her if I could help her and she gladly accepted my assistance. I walked her to her room and she thanked me again and I kissed her good night and told her I loved her. She gave me a kiss and said that she loved me too and was very glad she had gotten to know me. Michael left around 9:45pm and then we all headed to our own rooms. In the back of my mind I couldn’t get Hazel out of my mind. I told Lincoln about how she was on my mind and he said that he was having the same thing. We undressed and got into bed we began kissing and making out which soon led to a hot sixty-nine session. We both ended up Cumming at the same time. We wiped ourselves clean and we smiled and collapsed into each other and fell asleep.

I woke up around 9am the next morning cold and saw that Lincoln had all the covers so instead of waking him up so I could cover my bare ass up I got dress and went up to the kitchen. When I got into the kitchen I noticed Hazel was still not up yet and I thought that was odd because she was always up by exactly 7:30am each day. I just shook it off and began cooking breakfast. I started the coffee, made scrambled eggs, ham steaks, hash browns, and some toast. Around 9:30 everyone but Hazel was up and in the dining room for breakfast. I asked Lisa if she knew if Hazel was up and she said that she hadn’t heard her yet. She told us to stay here and eat and she will go check on her. Five minutes later she yelled for John to call 911, we ran to Hazel’s room and Lisa was crying saying she wasn’t breathing. The paramedic’s came and said she must have died during the night in her sleep. I couldn’t believe Hazel was gone, I began to cry because she was like the grandma I never got to have. The coroner came to take her body and we were all in tears. The paramedic’s asked us if she had any family and we told them no we were probably the only ones that would be even close to family. A couple days later her attorney called Lisa and said that he needed to see all four of us as soon as possible, so she, John and Lincoln all came home early to meet with the Attorney. He simply introduced himself as Mr. Smith and said he was in charge of Hazel’s estate. He told us that soon after she met us she had made up a Will to include us all in it. He told us that she left the house to Lisa and John and her inheritance which came to a total to $19,559,956,526 was to be divided between the four of us. We were shocked and he told us that her Will stated that she was to be buried next to her husband and that her casket and funeral was all paid for. He had us all sign tons of paper and left. I sat back shocked by her leaving us all this but I remember her saying to me all the time that she now knew why she had survived so long and that was to help us out.

It was a cold and rainy afternoon and a few people showed up for Hazel’s funeral all who were friends and a couple who were neighbors. We picked a really nice white granite headstone for her. Had several arrangements of flowers for her, it was hard to say good bye to her. Michael and Sam came as well for moral support for all of us. After the service we had a small luncheon at the house and very few came since they didn’t want to be seen in a house with faggots. After everyone left, I was feeling really depressed and said I was going to go lay down. I went down to mine and Lincoln’s room and undressed and went to bed even though it was only 6pm. I quickly fell into a restless sleep a few hours later I felt the warm grasp of Lincoln wrapping his arms around me. He kissed my forehead and said he loved me, I sleepily said I love you more and we fell asleep. I woke up the next morning later than I thought I would and found I was alone in bed. I got up and pulled on some sweat pants not caring I didn’t have any underwear on. As I got to the kitchen I found Lisa who was making herself a lunch for work. She turned it around and came to me “Hey Hun how are you feeling this morning” she asked me. I told her I was okay just still a little depressed and she told me she could take today off if I needed her too. I told her to go to work and if I need her I will call her cell phone. She smiled and kissed my forehead saying that Lincoln had gone to school because he had finals. I simply said okay and walked her to her car and watched her pull out and leave. I went back inside and fixed me a bowl of cereal and grabbed my computer and lay on the couch.

I went online to Facebook and saw that both James and Mark were online we chatted for a while about simple things. I told them about Hazel and the dream I had about my dad. They told me they have been suffering from nightmares and they still had a hard time wanting to do anal sex because they both would have anxiety attacks. I told them to hold on a few minutes and I pulled out my cell phone and called Michael’s office. I talked to the receptionist who said that he had just walked in so she will transfer me. He picked up and I asked him if he knew any Psychiatrist’s that can help James and Mark like he has helped me. He said he knew a couple and asked if I could give him their contact information. So I messaged them telling them what I was doing and they said it was okay. Michael said he will call both the guys he knows and see if they are taking new patients at the moment. I told him thank you and then he asked how was I coping I told him I am doing okay. He said I can call anytime and I thanked him and hung up. I talked to James and Mark for another half hour than got off of Facebook but decided to search some stuff Lincoln and I could try with each other. I ended up falling asleep and was woken up by my cell phone ringing I looked to see who it was and it was John. He told me he had finally gotten a hold of the Doctor who examined me and he said all my results came back negative. I was so excited because this meant Lincoln and I could really seal our love for one another. He asked what I was up to and I told him just lying on the couch and was talking to James and Mark and after I was done I had fallen asleep. He told me to get dress and he and I are going out he was done for the day and he has a surprise for me. I told him okay and hung up then went to go take a quick shower. My mind wandered to how it might feel to have Lincoln in my ass completely raw, I ended up hard but decided not to do anything about it because I wanted to save it all for Lincoln tonight.

I just had put my shoes on when John pulled up outside and honked his horn. I ran out locking the door behind me and got into the front seat. John looked at me and smiled, “Ty you have grown so much in these past few months, you are becoming to be a great man” he said to me. I smiled and told him thank you as we drove onward to the mall. I asked him what are we doing and he just smiled at me and told me to just wait and see. We entered the mall and headed to Sizzler I was smiling because I was a bit hungry. He told the waitress his name and she took us to a table and at the table was Brigham. I ran up to him and we hugged me and I hugged him. We told each other we missed one another and he felt mom and dad were wrong for what they did by sending me to the clinic but then he came back maybe this is just a faze you are going through Tyler. I looked at him and said to John that I was full even though I only took four bites. I got up and walked out of the restaurant. I couldn’t handle being around Brigham he was one of the brothers I looked up to and for him to come out and say that no I couldn’t do it. I walked through the mall and found a sport equipment store. I went into it and my phone went off notifying I had a text message. I looked at it and saw it was from John I texted him and told him where I was. He came into the store and found me looking at Jockstraps. He looked at me oddly and I told him that it was something I wanted to buy as a teaser for Lincoln. He laughed at me and told me I am bad and I came back and said and don’t forget sexy. He and I talked and he apologized about Lincoln. I told him he had no way of knowing that he was going to say that but I should have known it was too good to be true. I wiped tears from my eyes because I really wanted to have Brigham back in my life. I paid for a baby blue jockstrap that was a size smaller than of underwear’s I wear so it was nice and snugged. We stopped at the school and picked Lincoln up he asked me what was up with the bag I told him a surprise and his eyes lit up. John and I told him about meeting with Brigham and he was upset with Brigham as well. Then I told him I was officially all STDs free and he had that look like he wanted to have sex with me right then and there.

We got home and Lincoln and I went to our room as we were about to get to the door John yelled “I am going to order pizza tonight so at least be done by 7pm okay” I yelled okay back. Lincoln kept looking at me oddly and I just smiled at him and then winked at him. He did some studying for his final and I did some school work. Mr. White said he would take over as tutor to finish helping me get caught up. I worked on some school work for an hour then acted like I needed to go to the bathroom and went grabbed my jockstrap to put it on. I slipped out of my clothes and into the jockstrap and walked out Lincoln was still sitting studying so I walked over to him and spun him around. His eyes got huge and he started licking his lips, I then put on LMFAO’s song Sexy and I Know It and began to give Lincoln a lap dance. As I rubbed my ass in his face I took his pants and slid his dick out of his pants. I undid the buckle and told him to stand up and strip but sit back down in the chair. He stripped quickly and sat back down. I then began to rub his cock with some lube and then I asked him if he was ready and he said for what. I smiled at him as I began to rub his cock up and down tell he was nice and hard then I sat on it pushing his full length into my ass. We both gasped at how great it felt, he grabbed my hips and began to bounce me up and down on his dick. We began getting sweaty and our love making was intensifying with each moment. Finally Lincoln yelled to me that he was going to cum and I told him to let me have it that I want to fill his cock explode inside my ass. He began panting and moaning then I felt it, it felt like someone had blasted a fire hose in my ass. I pulled off his cock and he then saw my cock was throbbing hard and he bent down and began sucking within minutes I told him I was about to shoot and he kept sucking. I shot several massive loads into his mouth and down his throat. We both collapsed on the floor and he looked at me and we kissed. He asked how I felt and I told him that my ass hurt a bit but it felt full and I wanted to go again because it was the greatest feeling ever.

I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 7pm so we sadly had to wait for tonight we got up and got dressed. I decided to put my jockstrap back on and Lincoln told me that I am not playing fair I smiled and wiggled my ass at him. He smacked my ass and some of his cum seeped out and he scooped it up and ate it. I laughed at him and we headed upstairs just as the pizza was being delivered. Lisa saw us come in and she said you guys look exhausted with a smile on her face. I told her yea we were studying. She came back and said I am sure you were studying, studying one another’s bodies. We looked the other way so she couldn’t see us smiling and she came back and said uh huh just as I thought and just laughed. I looked at Lisa as innocent as I could be “I have no idea what you are talking about”. Lisa looked at me uh huh sure you don’t and I am Paula Abdul. Lincoln looked at her “OH MY GOSH CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH PAULA” he screamed. John and I burst out laughing because he sounded just like a girl when he said it. We ate are pizza and talked about our day, since I didn’t want to talk about Brigham John told Lisa and she got up and was about to pick up the phone to call over at the parents’ house. I told her don’t give any of them the time or satisfaction so she hung the phone back up. After we ate Lincoln and I said we were going to go back down to our bedroom and gave Lisa and John a hug and told them good night and we love them.

When we got into our room Lincoln looked at me evilly “I am going to take that ass of yours and pound it so good and hard that you will want me to keep my ass in you at all times” he said grinning evilly. I smirked and told him my ass already wants his cock in it at all times. We kissed and stripped down one another. He knelt down and began sucking on the outside of my jockstrap. The fill of his mouth sucking on my cock from on the outside of it was completely amazing. He then slid my dick out and bobbed his head on my cock. He had me so hard I thought my dick was going to explode if it got any harder. He stopped when he began to taste the Precum leaking nonstop from my cock. He took me and made me bend over the edge of the bed and without warning shoving his cock into me. It didn’t hurt much since my ass was still full from earlier, the pace he was going felt great and so pleasurable. He ended up shooting another massive load in my ass and my ass was so full that I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom without his cum leaking from my ass. When we got to the bathroom we turned on the shower where we both stood under and washed up. Lincoln kissed me then looked at me with the cutest look and asked me to fuck him. I asked him if he wanted me to use a condom and he said no he wanted to fill the sweet pleasure of a cock like he did with me. I smiled I got on my knees even though it still hurt to be on them for too long and began rimming his ass with my tongue and saliva. I made sure he was nice and lubed up when I placed my cock at his hole and asked him if he was sure he wanted this and he grasped my ass and pushed me against the wall causing me to shove my whole dick into him at once. He let out a hurtful cry and I was scared but he said just easy out slowly then push back in slowly. We ended up running out of hot water but we didn’t care we were enjoying our love making session. I felt his ass tighten up and I knew he was cumming which caused me to explode several massive loads into his ass. We both had to sit on the shower floor so we could regain our strength we quickly washed up again and headed back to our bedroom. Since we had the whole basement Lincoln and I decided not to get dress. We grabbed our laptops and sat on the bed and checked our emails and Facebook. I saw Frank was on Facebook so I sent him a message he said he was crashing at his friend Todd’s place for the night. I knew Todd he was another Mormon kid but he was kind to everyone. He asked how Lincoln and I were doing and when I was going to be back in school. I told him that we are doing great and I am hoping by January. He told me that Rachel and Mike will be happy that they have been depressed since they were told they couldn’t have anything to do with me. We talked for a few minutes then I signed out. I went onto a website and showed it to Lincoln it was a website that showed all sorts of positions and gave sex game ideas for us to try. He looked at me with a big smile and said we will have to try every one of them. We put our laptops down and kissed each other good night and told each other how much we loved one another. Lincoln wrapped me up into a bear hug and we fell asleep.

The alarm clock went off and neither one of us wanted to move. I wiggled out of Lincoln’s grasp and told him he needs to get up for school but he grabbed me and began sucking on my neck. He ended up giving me a hickey and I told him how he expects me to explain this to Lisa. He told me tell her I got bitten by the vacuum. We finally got up and I got into the shower with him and we had a quick jerk of session in the shower. We dried one another off and kissed, I burst out laughing when Lincoln tried to put on his boxers while trying to kiss me. We got dress and headed upstairs. John and Lisa were at the kitchen table and told us there is oatmeal on the stove. We got a bowl and sat down Lisa looked over at me and right away saw the hickey. She used her eyeballs to point to it so John would see it and he looked at it “Ty-Man you got to stop wrestling the vacuum Bro” we all laughed at his comment. Lincoln said he has a half day since he only has one final today and it is the end of the semester. Since I was going to have him drop my work off to Mr. White I told him that I think I will go to school with him. Lisa looked at me then told me if I plan on going out I should wear a turtle neck shirt to hide the hickey and it is starting to get cold. I told her okay so after I finished my oatmeal I went downstairs found a turtle neck shirt and grabbed a white dress shirt to wear on top of it and left it unbutton. I styled my hair into a spike style. I then brushed my teeth and changed into some black jeans and grabbed my converse. I came back and Lincoln let out a wolf whistle and I smiled and walked to him and kissed him. Lisa and John approved of my look but they advised us to cool down the kissing and that and to make sure we keep our cell phones with us. John said he can drop us off and we said okay and we left for school.

We got to school with about forty-five minutes to spare, it felt weird stepping back onto school grounds after all that has happened to me. As I walked up to the doors with Lincoln right beside me everyone kept staring at me and whispering who is that. I just smiled and kept walking, Lincoln and I stopped at the office and I got a visitor pass. I got the pass and we headed to the cafeteria and walked up to Rachel and Mike. They came up to Lincoln and was about to ask who was the new guy when Rachel saw it was me. She dropped her books and hugged me “Oh Tyler I am so happy to see you. I love the look it’s a look like bring it on Bitches. You totally look hot” she said to me still hugging me. Mike came over and gave me a brotherly hug and told me that he is glad to see me he really has missed me. We talked for a while when I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around and saw Frank. “Dude you totally rock that style. I am surprise you are here” he said giving me a brotherly hug. I told all of them that since Hazel died Mr. White was helping me get caught up and I wanted to turn in my work myself today. The bell rang and Lincoln didn’t want to leave me since his, Rachel’s and Mike’s room was in the opposite direction I was heading. Frank then told Lincoln he will walk me to my class since his is right across the hall. I smiled and mouthed I love you to Lincoln and he mouthed back I love you even more.

I saw Joseph and he asked Frank who the new kid was pointing to me and Frank decided to have some fun. “That kid is new his family just moved from California they had to because he got expelled from his school for beating a kid so bad the kid died. Yep he is a bad ass fag hater. So watch out Joseph I don’t he might steal your glory” he said winking at me. I looked at him and I punched my right fist into my left palm. Joseph quickly turned around and went the other direction. “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you said that to him Frank” I said laughing. Frank looked at me and just said hey he is the one who didn’t recognize you. We said good bye as I went into Mr. White’s room it was empty since he didn’t really have a first class it was his prep time. I knocked on his door and he looked at me for a second with an odd look “Tyler Young is that you” he asked me. I told him yep it’s me and he told me he liked the look. I told him thanks and I handed him my work. He told me I didn’t need to bring it down myself but I told him I needed to. He went through the work and graded it he took the math book the math teacher gave him and graded the math. He handed me it back and said I got all 100% on all my work. I was so happy, I began to cry a little he handed me some tissues and said he was proud of me. I asked him what about my last tests I need to take. He told me to hold on a few minutes and called the principal who came in 5 minutes later. Mr. White handed him all my work I have done to get myself caught up tests and all. He looked through them and smiled. Well Mr. Young it looks like you will be actually ahead of your fellow classmates. You have proven that next semester you can handle advance algebra and advance literature. I will discuss it more with you and your brother after the first of the year. He shook my hand and left with the work. Mr. White smiled and we talked he asked how I was really doing. I told him Hazel’s death was really hard to deal with but other than that things are more than great. He asked me what my secret was and I must have turned every shade of red he looked at my face and said oh that’s why okay say no more. We talked and I did find out that he was in fact gay he just had to keep it quiet because he doesn’t want it ruining his career. I told him say no more and before we knew it the bell rang for the second period. He told me to go have a seat over at the desk in the back so I did.

He welcomed everyone and told them that they need to put away all cell phones and make sure they have a number #2 pencil and either a black or blue pen. Everyone did as they were told and he handed them their finals. He told them to just put their names on the booklet and use a bubble sheet for the multiple choice and true and false sections. He then explained that the little notebook they had was for the essay part of the final. He then wished everyone good luck and they began. I quietly sat in the back reading and listening to my headphones. One of the students saw me and they asked who I was and Mr. White quickly said I was a student he had last year who had no classes today since I got my finals done early and I will be helping monitor for anyone who might think about cheating. Even though there is no way to cheat because the booklets are set to prevent that. I winked at Mr. White who nodded and then told the class how many minutes they had left. By third period Lincoln came in just before class started and signaled me to come with him. I waved good bye to Mr. White who waved back and told me thank you. Lincoln asked what that was about and I told him which made him burst out laughing. We got outside and saw Frank, Rachel, and Mike were in all in Frank’s car waiting for us. Mike looked at us “Well you guys going to come or you going to wait tell after Christmas” he said to us. We jumped in and we headed to the mall.

At the mall we all went to the food court and grabbed something to eat and we talked about life. I told them about how I might be taking a couple advance classes next semester. I told them which ones, and Lincoln and Rachel said they will be doing the same classes. Mike just smiled and looked a little sad; I wrapped my arms around him. “Don’t worry Mikey I will make sure you and I have the other classes together” I said giving him the puppy dog eyes. He laughed and playfully punched me which made us all laugh even harder. After we got done eating Rachel and Mike said they needed to do some Christmas shopping but Frank, Lincoln and I couldn’t come. We told them that’s fine because I wanted to get them something as well. We made plans to meet back at the food court by 3:00pm. When Rachel and Mike were out of listening distance Frank asked if he could speak to us and this had to stay between the three of us. We told him no problem at all. “I have been seeing someone and well this person means a lot to me and we have kissed a little and that’s about it because we are afraid our parents will find out. Anyways I was wondering if you guys have done it yet, and if so was it scary” he asked looking a bit nervous. I looked at him and asked him if this person was a guy and he nodded with tears beginning to form in his eyes. Lincoln went over to him and gave him a napkin and looked at me and I nodded in approval to him. “Yes Tyler and I have had sex, how was it well let’s put it this way it is the best experience ever to go through. But if you want to be safe with the parents then just take it slow and watch your backs” Lincoln said to Frank. Frank looked at us a bit relieved and said thank you. I told him that jockstraps are a huge turn on and if he gets one size smaller then he normally would he will enjoy it. He laughed and told us he will have to try it. We told him the best kind of lube to use as well.

We then got up and went to do our Christmas shopping and the three of us talked a little more. As we passed American Eagle my mom walked out with the twins. The twins saw me and tried running up to me but my mom yanked them back “No now knock it off, you will have nothing to do with him he is no longer your brother” she said pulling them away. I sighed and began to fill an anxiety attack coming on. I felt John grasp my hand and he told me to remain calm he is right here. I calmed down and we continued our shopping. Lincoln and I ended up getting Rachel some really nice perfume from Macys and we went and got a shirt made for Mike we had “If You Think I Am Hot and Sexy You Should See My Twin Sister” written on it. Lincoln and I ended up getting Frank a gift card to Kohl’s. Lincoln and I couldn’t figure out what to get Lisa and John then we came to a conclusion we will get Lisa a gift card to a spa day and John a gift card to Bass Pro Shop. Once we got all of our gifts except what we would get each other we looked at our watches and saw we still had a half hour. We took Frank to CVS Pharmacy and Lincoln and I got him the Lube we suggested and a box of condoms. We told him that he has to hide them and he said he has a perfect place for them. We then got him some shampoo; conditioner and body wash so he could hide the other things we got him. He told us we didn’t need to do that and we told him don’t worry about it he is family and we look out for one another. Frank’s phone rang and he looked at the caller ID and saw it was his mom. He answered it and we could hear her yelling on the other end. He told her that he had brought Rachel and Mike here after they got out of school and he just happened to come across Lincoln and me. She was still yelling at him, and he was getting agitated. He finally hung up and I looked at him and told him don’t worry about a ride home I can call John or Lisa. He was furious and said we really didn’t have to but I told him to just give our gifts to his brother and sister for us. We told him to not have too much fun with the lube and condoms and he winked at us both. I called John and he was in a meeting and Lisa couldn’t come either. I looked at Lincoln and he told me to call Michael so I did and his receptionist said he was out today. So I called his cell number and he answered on the first ring. He asked what he could do for me and I told him and he laughed. He said he and Sam are actually over at Bed, Bath, and Beyond buying new pots and pans so come on over. I hung up and we headed to where they were. Lincoln texted Lisa and I texted John saying Michael and Sam will be giving us a ride. They both responded okay let them know if we need them just in case something comes up.

As Lincoln and I walked into Bed, Bath, and Beyond who do we happen to run into yet again but my mother. She looked furious she came up to us “I can’t even go to my favorite store without seeing you faggots here can I” she spat out at us. I was just about to say something when I saw Michael and Sam who had heard it all along with the whole store. It was too much I told Lincoln I needed some air and took off running to go outside. Sam came out a few minutes later checking on me as I was sitting on a bench crying with my head against Lincoln’s chest. “Hey guys I won’t ask if you are doing okay Tyler because I can see at the moment that’s a no. But I thought I would let you know that Michael just put your mom in place. He introduced himself as your therapist then he told her that because her and your father are such negative and hateful people you have been hurt so much that, he is surprise you are still wanting to be here. He then told her if she ever sees you again and even mentions the word faggot or anything hateful to you he will personally see charges for harassment and discrimination is brought up against her and your dad” Sam said to me putting his hand on my back rubbing it softly. “Michael really said that to my mom, wow” I asked him. Before he could answer Michael stepped up “Yes I did and I meant every single word of it too” he said smiling. I got up and hugged him and told him thank you so much. He simply replied us gals got to stick together we ended up laughing at that. Michael invited Lincoln and I for dinner and I told him I had to check with John and Lisa. He took out his cell phone and called John; he told him what happen and said he wanted to take Lincoln and me out for dinner. John told him he doesn’t see a problem with that and then John invited them over for Christmas.

We sat at the bench outside one of the mall entrances and talked for a few minutes. We told them about what happen with Frank getting the phone call and how we had gotten every ones gifts except for something for each other. Sam looked at us and said then that’s settled I will take Lincoln and Tyler can come with Michael. He took Lincoln’s hand and they went inside. “Are you sure you are doing okay Tyler” Michael asked me. I am doing better now just upset about it all. He put his hand on my back and told me lets go find your man a present. Michael and I went to find the perfect gift for Lincoln. We ended up stopping at Macys and I picked out a really nice fossil watch that matched Lincoln’s eyes. In the back I had engraved Love You for All Eternity. Michael looked at it and smiled saying that is perfect. I bought me some new cologne as well then we headed up to meet up with Sam and Lincoln. We talked about dinner and decided that Mimi’s Café would be a good place to go. We were seated right away and we ordered our food. We talked about what happen at school and I told them what Frank did when Joseph asked who I was and what I did. We all burst out laughing at it and they said they wish they could have seen his face. Dinner came and it was good I couldn’t eat all mine so I got the rest to go. Michael and Sam dropped us off and came in for a few minutes to say hi to Lisa and John. Lincoln and I placed all of our gifts under the tree and we looked at one another when we put our gifts down for each other they were exactly the same size.

To Be Continued…