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The Way Life Goes

Previously…I was soon wheeled away to my surgery. The Doctor who did it was great he explained everything that he was going to do and then he said if I want he can take pictures with the camera they will use to do the macroscopic surgery. I told him that is okay I just want to get this done and hopefully never think about this again. Dr. Monroe came in just as the other Doctor was about to start and helped assist. I woke up in recovery and John smiled at me saying that he called Lincoln and we will be picking him up early. I was given some pain medicine and a wheelchair and crutches to use. I was told once again not to overdo it. John helped me get on my shirt and shorts and a nurse’s aide wheeled me to the car and we were on our way home.

The Way Life Goes 6

I hate being unable to be active like I use to be before my whole life was turned upside down. Do not get me wrong I love Lincoln and my brother and Lisa but I really miss running track. It’s been a week since I had my surgery I was back at school and I used my wheelchair. Joseph went and supposedly accidently spilled his lunch tray all over my lap. I wheeled to my locker and got my P.E. sweats and went to the bathroom and changed. I just got changed when I heard what sounded like someone crying. I wheeled out of the handicap stall and passed the first stall after the urinals and the crying was coming from there. I knocked on it and I heard a voice I recognized say “Be out in a Minute”. I then asked “Frank is that you its Tyler, everything okay” he opened the stall door and with swollen eyes he just looked at me. “Tyler everything is a mess man, Andrew and I finally had sex and today I caught him kissing Jose from the Drama Club. I don’t know what to do I really love him and I can’t imagine ever being away from him” I opened my arms and hugged him. “Frank I am so sorry but you need to stop crying bro you do not want someone to come in see you crying trust me when I say this the last thing you need is for you to get jumped” I told him as I gave him a hug. He washed his face at the sink and he didn’t look like he never was crying. The bell rang for class and Frank and I wheeled out of the bathroom just as Lincoln was coming up. He asked if everything was okay and I told him yes and as he wheeled me to our next class I quietly told him what had occurred in the bathroom.

Next class was P.E. I sat on the side just watching until the P.E. teacher came over and asked why I wasn’t dressed for P.E. I told him I had a note from the doctor excusing me from all P.E. as he walked away he made a comment about Faggots. I wheeled over to him and asked him what he just said, he turned around “You Faggots Are All The Same, You Get One Little Paper Cut and You Get A Note To Excuse You From P.E.” he said storming off. I had it with this; I wheeled over to Lincoln and told him I am going to the Office. He asked me what happen and I told him I will tell him later I need to go talk to Principal Allen. I got to the office and Vice Principal Taylor saw me and told me either I get to class or On School Suspension. I looked at him with fire in my eyes and told him I dare him. Principal Allen just walked out of his office and hearing what I said to Vice Principal Taylor. Vice Principal Taylor was about to say something when Principal Allen told him “that is quite enough John, I asked for Mr. Young to come to the office because I had some questions for him regarding his classes”. Vice Principal Taylor gave me a look to kill and went to his office and slammed the door shut. Mr. Allen came over and shook my hand and offered me a hand to push me into his office. I smiled and told him yes please. He shut the door behind us and asked the reason that I was in the office. I told about what the P.E. Teacher said to me and I told him I am just so tired of all the anti-gay slander happening around here. He told me he will look into it and maybe it’s time there was an official assembly to end all this. I thanked him and he smiled and told me that I was a great student and he has heard great things from all my teachers.

I wheeled myself to Mr. White’s class and just before I entered the class I texted Lincoln to tell him where I was. I knew he didn’t have his phone in P.E. but I knew he will check it when he got to his locker. I knocked on Mr. White’s door knowing he had a free period I hoped he was there. He came to the door and saw it was me and let me in. He introduced me to a young man about a year older than him; he was so fit that you could see his muscles bulging in his long sleeve dress shirt. The guy walked up “Hello you must be Tyler Max has told me so much about you I am Sebastian”. Sebastian had a smile just like my Lincoln if they were in a room that was completely dark not even a dust bunny could hide from their bright smile. Mr. White walked up and took Sebastian’s hand and told me this was his partner. He asked me to please not tell anyone about it and I promised not to. Sebastian, Mr. White and me talked until it was about 10 minutes before the bell would ring for the next class. I watched them give a quick kiss and Sebastian left. I smiled and told Mr. White I liked Sebastian and he told me that I and Sebastian have something in common. He told me how his family disowned him after he came back from his mission from Maine. He told me he couldn’t take lying to them anymore about being gay and when he told them they flipped out. I felt really bad for Sebastian.

It was the second to the last class and by this time my legs were beginning to ache. Lincoln popped in to Mr. White’s room on his way to class and I told him the quick rundown about what the P.E. teacher said and he wanted to go give him a piece of his mind, I told him don’t so he didn’t. He looked around real quick and only saw Mr. White was only in the room so he gave me a quick kiss and told me he will see me next period. Half way through the class my legs were beginning to hurt so bad that I ended up asking Mr. White if I could get a pass to the nurse’s office. He wrote me the pass and I wheeled to the nurse’s office and asked her if I could have one of the pain pills the doctor prescribed. She went and got me my medicine and she asked if I needed an ice pack. I gratefully accepted the ice packs and sat them on my legs. The bell rang for everyone to get to the next class; I thanked the nurse and wheeled back to Mr. White’s class. I wheeled up to Lincoln and gave him a quick pinch in the ass making him jump and turn around. When he saw it was me he laughed and asked if I was okay, I told him the truth and he went behind me and we wheeled towards Mr. White’s class. We caught up with Rachel and Mike. I jokingly made the sound of a horn and Rachel came back and saying “Oh a Train Ride Do I Get to Sit on Your Lap”. We laughed as we entered Mr. White’s class, they went to their desks and I went to me desk I graded papers at. The bell finally rang and Lincoln came to push my wheelchair. Lisa was at the front of the school waiting for us and she helped me get into the car as Lincoln put my wheelchair in the back.

When we got home I used my crutches to get down to Lincoln and my room. I sat down on the bed and tried to slide out of my sweat pants but I could barely move. Lincoln came in and kissed me and helped me undress. He smiled and knelt down and began to suck on my dick. It felt so good and I only lasted 15 minutes and when I did cum I think my eyeballs rolled to the back of my head. It was such a huge relief to get my balls emptied since it has almost been a week. I had sucked and jerked Lincoln off a lot in that week but with my legs hurting so bad he was too afraid of hurting my legs anymore. I took his sides and kissed him, I then asked him if he wanted me to return the favor. He smirked and simply told me I can later he just wanted to feel my cock in his mouth he missed it so much. I told him how about tonight he breeds my ass. He smiled from ear to ear and he licked his lips and told me he would love that. We heard John come home and he asked if he could talk to us. Lincoln helped me slip on some jersey shorts and we told John it was okay to come on down. He came down asked me how school was today since it was my first week back. I told him it was okay it was long and I did have to go get a pain pill. I told him what the P.E. teacher said and he couldn’t believe a teacher would say that. He ruffled my hair up and said that dinner will be ready soon and asked if I wanted to sit at the table or want it here in my room. I told him I will come to the table and he smiled and told me that’s fine but if I my leg hurt too much I can eat down here. John got up and went back up to the house. I grabbed Lincoln’s hand and asked him if he minded helping me up and he smirked “Oh I don’t mind helping you up at all” I began to laugh and told him he knows what I meant. We managed to get upstairs just as dinner was being pulled out of the oven.

After dinner I began to head to the sink to do the dishes. Lisa looked at me and told me she and John can do this. I sighed and said fine, and began heading down to the room. I knew Lincoln was behind me as I headed down the stairs and I sat down at my desk and did my homework. Lincoln wheeled his chair over to me and asked me what was wrong. I told him I am feeling useless at the moment I can’t even do the damn dishes because of my legs. He spun me around in my chair and looked me in the eyes “I never ever will think you are useless. Just think about this you get to be treated as a Prince just like I believe you are”. I smiled and told him I love him so much and he told me he knows and he loves me too. I finished all my homework and picked up my copy of Great Expectations and went to go lay on the bed and began to read.

I must have fallen asleep because next thing I knew the alarm clock was going off. I went and pushed the snooze button and felt Lincoln wrap his strong loving arms around me. His breath against the back of my neck was making me hard. He leaned on top of me and kissed me, we ended up bursting up laughing because how bad our mornings breathe was. We finally got up and headed towards the bathroom to get ready. I checked what the weather was going to be like outside and saw it was going to be cold so I grabbed a pair of sweat pants and asked Lincoln to help me. He came over and helped and we joked about him helping me into my pants and not out of them. Lincoln went back to the bathroom to shower and I carefully went up our stairs to the kitchen. Lisa saw me come in and asked where Lincoln was. I told her in the shower and she asked how I was feeling today and I told her I am feeling okay at the moment just hungry. She told me to sit down and she will get me some coffee and some bagels.

Since Lincoln was still downstairs I asked Lisa what we were going to do for his Birthday. She thought for a minute and asked me what I wanted to do I smirked at her and I knew what I wanted to give him. Then I told her that he will be 16 and I really wanted to do something special for him. She thought for a second and said why don’t we go out for dinner and we can get a special cake delivered to the restaurant. I told her that was a great idea and I kissed her cheek and told her thank you. John came in and asked us what was perfect and we told him since Lincoln’s birthday was in a few days what we wanted to do. When Lincoln came up I looked at him and blew a kiss at him which he jokingly caught and put it in his pocket. He said that he wanted to keep that for the whole day.

John dropped us off at school and I had my good old wheelchair again. Since we were still early I went to the office I asked Principal Allen’s sectary on what does he want me to do during my P.E. class. She looked through some notes and found the one she was looking for she told me that I am supposed to report back here during that class where I will help in the office. I thanked her and wheeled out to where Lincoln was sitting down waiting. We went to the cafeteria and found Mike and Rachel they looked really upset. I wheeled up and they both gave me a hug, and I asked what was wrong. Mike looked at Rachel and they must have been using that unique twin mind reading power because Rachel finally spoke up. “Tyler it’s about Frank, last night our dad was doing his weekly inspection of our room for anything considered unworthy material. Well he lifted Frank’s mattress and he found a magazine. We didn’t even know he had it and we told dad that maybe it wasn’t his. It was a magazine of naked men. Tyler, Lincoln our dad grabbed Frank around the neck and literally threw him backwards out of the house. We don’t know where he stayed at last night yea he is eighteen now but he is our big brother. We are so worried about him and dad took all the pictures of him and with him in them and burned them last night” she said breaking down in tears. Mike put his arms around his sister as they both tried to comfort one another.

Lincoln and I talked to them for a while and Joseph came up and asked them where there fag brother was, was he busy blowing someone in the bathroom. I had it with him I wheeled over to him and gave him an uppercut into the chin causing him to fall backwards. A crowd gathered around us and I told him he either shuts his mouth or I am going to take his dick and cut it off and make him give himself a blow job. I turned and wheeled away. Lincoln, Rachel, and Mike were right behind me and were shocked I had done that. I told them I am done being the weak one that Joseph torments its time he got a piece of his own medicine. We headed towards the office so because I wanted to admit what I did in case it came back that I attacked him for no reason. Principal Allen was just walking into the school when he saw us. We told him what happened and he said then it was self-defense and winked at me. I told him I want to go to weight class for my P.E. class that I want to work on my upper body strength. He said he would call the coach and tell him I was going to be coming to the class.

We all headed to our first class and we found Frank at his locker. He looked horrible but still cute in my eyes. Rachel and Mike ran up to him and hugged him, he hugged them and told them he was okay he slept in his car the whole night. He saw me and asked me how I was and I smirked and told him what I did to Joseph he laughed and then said we all better get to class. Before I entered the classroom I grabbed my cell phone and texted John about Frank, and told him when to call me if he can since I will be at lunch. The day seems to go a little faster people who I didn’t even know came up to me and said Hello to me. Just as lunch started my cell phone rang I looked at the caller id and saw it was John. We talked and he told me that he talked to Lisa and they both want me to extend an invite to Frank to come stay at the house if he needs a place to stay. I told him I will do that and we talked for another minute and we hung up. As I got into the lunch line Joseph came pushing his way through towards us and he looked pissed. I smiled and asked him how his jaw was and he grabbed me by the shirt and was about to punch me when he was hit in the back of the head with a food tray. He turned around to see who did it and saw Rachel with a look that could kill someone. She looked at him and said “Joseph I swear if you do not leave him alone I will personally beat the fucking shit out of you and then I will personally see that everyone knows that you got beat up by a girl”. Everyone was watching and he turned around and left. Frank, Lincoln, Mike and I all looked at Rachel shocked that she of all people just cussed and threatened Joseph. She looked at us and said “What I am sick of it, people are so stupid and idiots”.

We sat at our table and I told Frank what John said and he hugged Lincoln and I and told us thank you. He said told us that he was given permission to swing by his old home to pick up his clothes at the end of the driveway after school. I texted Lisa that we would get a ride with Frank since Lincoln wanted to help him. After lunch Lincoln and I headed towards the gym and since I was going to weight class and he was going to the locker room we hugged and separated. The Coach saw me come in and he nodded at me and told me he will have me work with Miguel who can help me get started on the basic weight lifting. Miguel was really nice and comfortable to be around. He asked me if I needed to stay in the wheelchair and I told him no I can stand up and walk I just have to use it until my leg heals a little better. He smiled and put his shoulders under my right arm and helped me to the weight bench. He started me at thirty pounds to press. I did about 25 presses and he smiled and said that I was doing great. The coach came in with fifteen minutes left in the class, he asked me how I was doing and Miguel happily said that I was doing great. The coach smiled and then looked at me and said “Mr. Young from what Miguel tells me I think I am going to talk to Principal Allen and have you come here each day for your P.E. class. Once you start your Physical Therapy for your knees let me know and maybe I can talk to the Doctor you have and we can work on something you can do hear as well. This way you do not have to go to Physical Therapy that often”. He dismissed us all and told us to go shower. I went into the locker room where I saw Lincoln coming out of the shower. I had to bite my bottom lip and then changed my clothes. I was so proud that I could manage to do it myself today.

Lincoln pushed me to Mr. White’s class and since we were the first to arrive he looked at me and said “I hear some kid in a wheelchair uppercut Joseph this morning, you wouldn’t know who that was now Tyler would you”. I smirked and said must be another guy in a wheelchair named Tyler. We laughed and Lincoln gave me a quick kiss and told me he will see me next period so I sat there waiting for class to start. We talked about the book Great Expectations and how we felt about the book and what Charles Dickens was trying to get through to us the readers. The bell rang and Lincoln was the first to arrive in the classroom and we talked for a few minutes then we went to our separate desks. Since this was a regular English class and not the advanced class I was in Mr. White told the class that today they were going to the Library for the class where they will each draw a topic out of a bowl and he wants them to do a research paper on it. He told them that it will be eight pages and that’s not including the title page and work cited page. He walked around having everyone grab a topic I looked at Lincoln and asked him what his was and he told me it was on Charles Dickens. Mr. White got the attention of the class and he told them as they can see that the topics were authors he handed them a list of things he wanted them to hit on. We all headed to the Library where Mr. White had everyone go and start their research. I pulled up to a table and grabbed my backpack and began doing my homework. Lincoln sat across from me and I slid my Great Expectations book and he smiled saying thank you. By the end of the class I had done all but one problem from math.

We met Frank at his car and he helped Lincoln put my wheelchair in the trunk. We talked and I asked him about Andrew and he smiled and said that they talked and are going to try and work it out. We got to his parents’ house and all his clothes were in black bags at the end of the driveway. It was only three bags so he and Lincoln got them all into the car with one beside me in the back. I could smell his cologne coming from the bag and I just smiled because it smelled good. We pulled into our driveway and Lincoln showed him where his room would be. Lisa came in and welcomed Frank to our home and told us that dinner will be a little late tonight because she burned it. She said that she called John and he is picking pizza up on the way home. Frank came down about a half hour of arriving he had showered and shaved him now looked more like him. Lisa told him what she expected from him and the rules of the house. Frank told her he worked at the cinema on the weekends so he said he will give her and John rent money. Lisa told him that wouldn’t be necessary that if he could help by giving Lincoln a ride to and from school that would be great. He smiled and said he would be more than happy to do that. My cell phone rang and I answered it since it was Michael calling to see how I was doing this week. I told him what all has happened and he told me that to let Frank know he could come and talk to him if he needs to.

Frank quickly adapted to being part of our family, Rachel and Mike managed to keep in contact with him. I woke up an hour early on the day of Lincoln’s birthday. When I did wake up I was spooned up against Lincoln’s asshole and since I was already hard I pushed into him. Lincoln woke up moaning and begging me to not stop. I worked my cock in and out of his ass and God it felt so good having my boyfriend milk my dick for everything my balls had stored up. We made love for almost an hour until I breaded his hole with my sperm. We kissed and went to clean up he asked me what the occasion was and I smiled and told him it was one of many birthday gifts he was to get today. We came upstairs smiling and Frank was in the kitchen smiling at us because just the look on our face told him what happened. Lisa walked in and asked us what was so funny and then she caught on and just said oh. Frank took our dishes and told us that he will be living in five minutes if he wanted a ride. We told him yes that we did want a ride.

When we pulled into the parking lot Rachel and Mike were waiting for us. We all went and talked under a tree that we adopted as our spot. Rachel leaned over and gave Lincoln sixteen kisses on the cheek and said that’s all he gets because his lips are mine. We all laughed and then they gave him their presents they bought him. He opened Rachel’s gift first and quickly shoved it into his backpack I asked him what was it and he blushed and showed me it was a thong with an elephant head in the front where the dick slid into the trunk. We laughed and he told her thanks and she joked and said well I got to keep your sex life interesting. He playfully gave her a shove and then he opened Mike’s gift. He showed us a really nice set of earphones and Linkin Parks newest CD. Rachel asked me where my gift was and I smirked and told him he got it first thing this morning. Mike said gross and we all laughed again. The bell rang to let everyone know that it’s time to head to our first class. Rachel and Mike walked along side me as Lincoln pushed me in my wheelchair to our first class together. Joseph saw us and turned around and went the other way and we all laughed. The rest of the day went pretty good someone put a note in my locker that said “You Will Die Faggot”. I took the note to the office and Principal Allen shook his head and said that is the last straw. He told his sectary to make sure all teachers and staff get a message in their boxes and emails that a mandatory assembly will be on Monday right after lunch. She told him okay and I left to finish the rest of the day at school.

The three of us got home and Lisa was sitting on the couch reading she told us that we will be going out for dinner so dress nice and she then went back to her book. I told Lincoln I would be down into our room in a second I needed to talk to Lisa. When I knew Lincoln wasn’t around I asked her if she got the present I needed to pick her up. She smiled and handed me a ring box and I opened it. It was perfect I saw it in a jewelry store it was a gold ring with the infinity symbol carved in it. Engraved inside the ring was the date that Lincoln and I first met. I hugged her and thanked her for picking it up. I gave it back to her so she could hold it for me. I headed down to our room and found Lincoln trying to tie his tie. I hobbled over to him and tied it for him; I pulled him by his tie and kissed him. Frank asked if he could come down and we told him yes to come on down. We talked for a little while and I managed to get a pair of dress pants on. Frank talked about him and Andrew how they have decided to try and rekindle their love. Lincoln and I told him to take it slow and told him to remember that he if he cheats on him again than it’s not worth it.

John arrived home around 5pm and he yelled from the door that we will be leaving in a half hour we yelled okay back to him. Frank hugged and kissed Lincoln and I on the cheek telling us thank you for the talk. We headed upstairs and we all left to the restaurant. When we arrived John gave his name and said we had a reservation and we were seated right away. We ate dinner and then the whole restaurant staff came out singing Happy Birthday to Lincoln pushing the cake. He must have turned every color red from blushing and then he blew the candles out. Lisa slid me his gift under the table she had managed to wrap it up in a small box so he couldn’t guess what it was. I handed him my gift and when he opened it his jaw dropped almost to the floor. He looked at the inscription and smiled and said that’s when we first met. I kissed him on the lips not caring who saw and told him I love him. John, Lisa and Frank gave him their gifts. We headed home and Lincoln and I went down to our room. I asked him to show me Rachel’s gift and he smirked and slipped out of his clothes and began to put on his thong. By the time he had it on I managed to get myself undressed and he looked amazing. He put on some music and began giving me a lap dance. I stroked his dick through the elephant trunk and the trunk stood straight up. We ended up making love to one another tell almost 3am. We finally fell asleep happy that there was no school tomorrow. We woke up around 9:30 happy and very content about not wanting to move.

Finally around 10am we got up because we both had to pee badly. We headed upstairs and found John reading the newspaper he smirked and said about time you two get up. Lisa is at work and so is Frank, so it’s just us three today. We have a lot of yard work to do. Tyler since you can’t stand on your leg for too long you can use the riding lawn mower to mow the grass. While Lincoln and I trim the bushes and pull weeds so hurry up and eat something. Lincoln and I quickly ate a bowl of cereal and we headed outdoors where John was already starting on pulling the weeds. I got the riding lawn mower and began to tackle the lawn. When we all finished John told us to go get washed up and we will go get some lunch. Once we had washed up and changed clothes we got into John’s car and headed towards a nice little Bistro next to the Megaplex that Frank worked at. John ran inside to see if he had lunch yet and he said he was due for a lunch break so he joined us for lunch. Frank invited us to see a movie but we declined because we wanted to surprise Lisa and have the whole house clean and dinner ready by the time she got home. We went to the grocery store where we got the ingredients for enchiladas. I helped dust and organize the magazines on the coffee table. When I had finished I asked Lincoln if he could get me my wheelchair. Once I was seated I went to the kitchen and began the prep work for the enchiladas. By the time John and Lincoln finished vacuuming and moping they came in and helped finish the rest of dinner.

Frank got home first and he looked exhausted he said that his boss was really giving him a bad time. He told us that the guy who owned the Megaplex was a friend of his father and he made sure that Frank knew he didn’t like gays. John asked him if he came out and said it and he said no so John told him if he does than he can go after him for discrimination. I went to the couch and relaxed by propping my leg up and read Great Expectations. Having a feeling that we would need to do a paper on it I made sure I wrote down in my notebook all the key points of the story. Lisa came home just as I began dozing off to sleep. I sat up and she looked around and said “Oh the place looks beautiful and dinner smells so good”. She kissed John and hugged us boys thanking us for cleaning the house.

We were just about to sit down at the table when the doorbell rang. Since I was the closest to the door I said I would get it. I asked who it was and heard a voice on the other end say Police Department. I thought nothing of it and opened the door. I was thrown across the room and hit my head on the corner of the coffee table and blacked out. Even though I was knocked out I could make out hearing Lisa screaming call 911 and then I heard three distinct gun shots. I woke up to a woman calling my name and when I opened my eyes I saw a woman in a paramedic uniform shining a small light in my eyes asking me if I could hear her. I whispered yes and asked where my family was, she told me to stay still and stay calm I was going to be taken to the hospital. I managed to tell the Paramedic who she introduced herself as Mary that I need to call Dr. Michael Johansson she asked me for his number and told me she will call him for me. I told her it was in my cell phone she grabbed a phone and asked if this was mine. I nodded yes and she called Michael and told him that there had been an accident here at my house and to meet us at the hospital. She then began to ask me my name, what is today’s date, who the president of the United States is, and my birthdate. Once I answered all the questions I was carried away on the gurney to the ambulance.

The E.R. doctor checked me over and said I was fine that there is no sign of a concussion. I then asked him about my family he said an officer will be in shortly to talk to me. He asked me if I knew a Doctor Michael Johansson and I told him yes so he let Michael come in. Michael and Sam came in and I asked them if they knew anything about Lisa, Frank, Lincoln or John, Sam took my hand and said no one will tell them anything. Tears were pouring down my face because no one was telling me anything. There was a knock on the door and to my shock Sebastian came in wearing a police uniform. He told me he was a police officer and he was the first one to arrive to the house when the call came through. He said off the record he called Max and he was in the waiting room. He asked me what I remembered about what happen “I remember someone ringing the doorbell and I asked who it was and a voice on the other side said Police department. I opened the door and there was two men wearing ski masks. I remember being thrown backwards and I hit my head. I don’t know exactly what happened after that but I remember hearing Lisa screaming and then saying call 911 then there was three gun shots” I told him. Sebastian took a stool and pulled it up the side of me. “Tyler I need to tell you something, the men who came in were not the Police in fact we are searching for them right now. I am so sorry to tell you this but your brother and sister in law were shot the bullet hit their hearts. Lincoln was hit in the chest and the bullet barely missed his heart he is in the ICU”. Sam wrapped his arms around me as I began to shake and tremble and cry uncontrollably. I managed to ask about Frank and Sebastian smiled and said he will be okay he was pistoled whipped in the back of the head but he managed to knock one of the guns out of the man’s hands. I asked if I could see Lincoln and he told me he will see what he can do.

Sebastian left the room leaving me with Michael and Sam. They tried to comfort me as much as possible. I asked what is going to happen to Lincoln and me now that John and Lisa were dead. Michael looked at Sam “Tyler we want you, Lincoln and if Frank wants to as well to come live with us. We will go to court and I will file for Guardianship since your Parents have disowned you and the same with Lincoln. For now I want you to sleep” Michael said combing my hair out of my eyes. I fell asleep on his shoulder. About two hours later I heard a deep voice that startled me awake it was my dad “WHERE THE HELL IS THAT FAGGOT AT ITS HIS FAULT MY OLDEST SON IS DEAD AND I WANT HIM ARRESTED NOW” I could hear him screaming from the nurses station down the hall. Michael and Sam pulled the curtains closed to the room I was in and told me to stay here. Outside the door I could hear my dad talking to a police officer who had heard the commotion “Sir I am going to have to ask you to go back to the waiting room. If you do not I will have to arrest you” the officer said trying to stay calm. “TYLER WHERE ARE YOU FAGGOT YOU KILLED YOUR BROTHER BECAUSE OF YOUR SINS HE WILL NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO LIVE ANY LONGER” I heard my dad continue to yell. Finally I heard Sebastian “Officer Jennings take this man and arrest him for disturbing the peace and for threatening a minor now”. I heard a commotion outside my door and saw my dad being taken away in handcuffs. Sebastian came in and apologized and said that he talked to the Doctor who is looking over Lincoln and he said I could go see him. Michael and Same helped me into a wheelchair and we headed to Lincoln’s room.

When we got there I saw all these machines and he looked so pale. The nurse came in and told us that he was in a drug induced coma for now, but he can hear me. I took his hand into mine and told him I was here and I loved him so much very much. I felt him squeeze my hand in response. The nurse came back in and told us he needs his rest so we need to leave I told her I am not leaving but Sam told me that he will be fine and I need my rest. I gave in and said okay I kissed Lincoln’s lips and told him I will be back soon. We were walking out through emergency when we ran into Brigham he saw me and came running up to me screaming “I am going to kill you” just as he was about to hit me Mr. White stepped in front of him and told him if he lays one finger on me he will personally see that he is arrested. Brigham stopped in his tracks surprised to see that Mr. White was at the hospital. He turned around and walked out to the parking lot with Michael, Sam and I. He gave me a hug and slipped me a piece of paper with his number on it. That’s when it dawned on me I hadn’t seen Frank yet, Sam smiled and said he is staying overnight for observation but he is fine and doing great. Mr. White told me that he will stay at the hospital for the night and stay with Lincoln. I hugged him and told him thank you and he said that’s it’s the least he can do for his two favorite students.

Michael sat with me in the back while Sam drove I was still in a state of shock from everything that had happen. I asked him who would do something like this he softly told me he doesn’t know. We arrived at their house and Michael helped me inside. Their home was beautiful and so well organized. Sam smiled and said one of his many gifts which made me laugh a little. Michael gave me a sedative and I was soon out like a light. I woke up and was and began to panic because I first didn’t know where I was but then everything came rushing back into my head. I pulled the covers off of me and noticed either Michael or Sam must have undressed me because I was in my boxers. I looked around and saw my clothes on a chair near the bed neatly folded. I got up and got dressed and managed to make my way to the kitchen. Sam was busy singing some type of song as he was making what smelled like breakfast. Michael was reading the newspaper. I asked Michael if anything about my family was in there, and he nodded and handed me the page with the article. They had a huge article about what happen and it said the suspects were still at large. Sam came over to me and asked if I preferred coffee or orange juice I told him coffee. He brought breakfast to the table. He made pancakes and sausage for us. He told me to eat up so I took two pancakes and a piece of sausage.

After breakfast Michael got up from the table and washed the dishes. I asked them if they minded if we go and see Lincoln and Frank. Sam smiled and said we sure can. Sam went to go shower leaving Michael and me alone. Michael talked to me and told that there will probably be reporters waiting at the hospital trying to get information. I sighed and he assured me that he and Sam will make sure I wasn’t bothered. We stopped at Walgreens and picked up a card and a giant stuffed teddy bear for Lincoln. When we got to the hospital Michael was right there were a couple news vans waiting for us. Sam and Michael quickly helped me into the hospital in order to avoid any reporters. We checked in on Frank first who we found sitting up in bed eating breakfast and watching football. His face lit up when he saw me come in I went over to him and hugged him. He asked me how Lincoln is and I told him I am not sure yet he was the first one we came to see. We talked for a half hour tell I told him I will be back I wanted to go see Lincoln.

We checked in with the nurse’s station first and we got the approval to go see him, his nurse who was Heidi the same wonderful sweet kind nurse I had when I was jumped came over to me and hugged me. She walked with us to Lincoln’s room and he told us that the doctor is going to go and slowly bring him out of the drug induced coma today. As we got to Lincoln’s room I noticed a police officer stationed there and she told us for security reasons. He kindly opened the door for us after Heidi nodded to him that it was okay. Mr. White was sitting in a chair reading when we entered he got up and sat his book down and gave me a hug. Sam sat the teddy bear on the nightstand and Michael, Mr. White and Sam said they are going to go get some coffee in the cafeteria that way I can have some alone time with Lincoln. I scooted the chair so it was right beside the bed. I took his hand into mine and pulled his ring I bought him for his birthday. I slipped it onto his finger and smiled telling him how much I love him and when he gets out I will make sweet passionate love to him for two days straight. I felt his hand tighten against mine and I heard a real small whisper saying “you promise?’’ I looked up and saw he had his eyes open and was looking at me. I yelled for the officer to get Heidi. She came running in and saw Lincoln was awake and she couldn’t believe it either. She told us our love must be something very strong to get him to wake up from a drug induced coma. She asked him how he felt and he said he was really thirsty. Heidi handed me a cup with a straw in it and told me to go ahead and give Lincoln some water. I placed the straw in his mouth and he sucked on it and sighed and said that tastes good.

Michael, Sam, and Mr. White came in and saw Lincoln was awake they looked at Heidi and she smiled and said “What those two young men have for each other is stronger than any medicine”. They came over and asked him how he was feeling and he admitted weak and sore. Lincoln looked at Mr. White “Mr. White I am not going to be at school to turn in my research paper tomorrow can I get an extension”. Mr. White tried to give him a stern look on “I just do not know Lincoln that English teacher is a real stick in the mud from what I hear and he may not let you do that” we all then burst out laughing. Sam put his arm over Mr. White’s shoulder and said “Well I am sure Sebastian loves your stick that stands straight up in the mud Max”. This caused us another huge amount of laughter as Mr. White turned every shade of red from embarrassment.

I then asked if I used Lincoln’s notes he wrote down and brought everything to him and typed up his report for him if that will be okay. Mr. White smiled and said under this type of circumstance he would allow that. Lincoln began to fall asleep and Michael told us lets go get something to eat so Lincoln can sleep. I kissed his forehead and told him I love him and I will be back. He smiled and whispered I love you more. We told Heidi we were all heading to lunch and Michael flat out said “As Lincoln’s temporary guardian you are not to allow anyone to come in here unless their name is written in his chart”. Heidi smiled and told him that she will see to that personally. Mr. White suggested that we go to Golden Corral for lunch and it would be his treat. He asked me if I would be okay to walk a block on my crutches and I told him I can manage. We made our way to Golden Corral and Sam insisted to help me get my plate. The food was delicious I had never eaten so much food before in my life. Michael’s cell phone rang and he answered it. When he hung up he told us that Lincoln’s grandmother was there with some men demanding that he be taken to a different hospital for better care. I quickly jumped up and began to make my way to the door. Sam asked what hospital were the other men from and Michael said they didn’t say. I began to have flashbacks of what my father did to me. My arms began to feel weak as we were walking back and Michael quickly came to my side and asked what was wrong and I told him. He told Michael to run to the hospital and stay with Lincoln, and then he told Sam to go to the car and grab my wheelchair. Michael helped me sit down on a bus stop bench. He held me and comforted me telling me he will make sure that Lincoln would be safe and he will make sure no one will ever tear us apart. Sam came back with the car instead and Michael helped me into the car and we went back to the hospital. Sam grabbed my wheelchair and I sat in it and we headed back into Lincoln’s room. Lincoln’s grandmother saw me and she lifted her cane to smack me with it but the officer who was watching Lincoln’s room took the cane from her hands and cuffed her and read her rights. He called for a police car to come and pick her up and he nodded to us and told us to go ahead into the room.

Dr. Monroe came in a couple minutes later and smiled and said he can see why I love Lincoln so much. We laughed and once we were done he told us “We had some chest x-rays done and from what we can see Lincoln is healing at a miraculous rate. If he keeps this up I say in about in at least three days he will be able to go home. But this is just an estimate time frame it all depends on the healing of the wound. Also I understand that you Michael and Sam have filed for custody of both Lincoln and Tyler and as their Doctor you will have my support on that matter. Now for the rest of the day Lincoln you will be on a clear liquid diet, just so we can see if you can keep it down and if you can then we will slowly introduced you back onto solid foods. Now if there aren’t any more questions I will be going, I have to finish my rounds”. We thanked Dr. Monroe for everything and he headed out leaving the four of us alone. Lincoln beckoned me to come over to his bed so I got out of my wheelchair and went over to him. He whispered “You know I could really use your help with something that needs your attention” I smirked and licked my lips and told him how we can solve this problem with everyone around us.

Michael’s phone rang again and all we heard is he will be right there. He told us that one of his patients was brought into Emergency and he is needed right away. Sam went with him leaving Mr. White, Lincoln and me alone. Mr. White looked at us and smiled then asked if we would be okay alone for a while that he needed to get home and prepare for school. We told him we will be fine and he got up and hugged us and told us he will try and be back later with Sebastian. As soon as he left and shut the door I smiled at Lincoln and pulled his sheet and pulled his hospital gown up revealing his cock. I stood up resting against the bed and bent over and began sucking on his dick. My dick responded to Lincoln’s dick hardening in my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum dripping down my throat. Lincoln had just shot his load inside my mouth when we heard someone knock on the door. I quickly pulled his dick out of my mouth and he covered himself back up just as Sam came walking in. He looked at me and then at Lincoln and laughed. “Well from the look on relaxation on Lincoln’s face I say someone just got a blowjob” he said causing Lincoln to laugh so hard he began to cry because it hurt to cry. Sam just nodded and said that answered that question.

Around 5pm Michael came back to Lincoln’s room looking worse to wear. Sam got up and told him to sit down while he goes and gets him some water. Sam left and I noticed Michael had tears running down his face. Lincoln nudged his head towards him for me to go and comfort him. I wheeled over to Michael and he looked up to me. I asked him if he needed to talk and he laughed a little saying you know I am the Psychiatrist here. He sighed “One of my patients who was making great progress died today. I feel like it is completely my fault, I am the one who told him that he should tell his dad, and that bastard beat him literally to death”. He broke down into a hard sob, I took his hands and I told him that how was he supposed to know that his father was going to do this. He shrugged and I asked about the mother and he told she is the one who called him. He then told me that he just can’t get over what happened. Lincoln finally spoke up “So you take what happen to the patient and use that to help your other patients and make sure that there is a way to protect them”. Michael smiled and told Lincoln he would make either a good Psychiatrist or a lawyer. Lincoln smiled and said thanks. Sam came back with some tea for Michael and we stayed with Lincoln for another hour until we finally had to go. I kissed him and told him as soon as school is over I will be back and we will finish his paper. Just as we were saying our goodbye a volunteer came in pushing Frank in a wheelchair. He smiled at Lincoln and they hugged and then Michael, Sam, Frank and me left for Michael and Sam’s house, on the way we stopped at my old house that still had police tape on the door Sam got out and drove Frank’s car to his house.

To Be Continued…