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The Way Life Goes

Previously…Sam came back with some tea for Michael and we stayed with Lincoln for another hour until we finally had to go. I kissed him and told him as soon as school is over I will be back and we will finish his paper. Just as we were saying our goodbye a volunteer came in pushing Frank in a wheelchair. He smiled at Lincoln and they hugged and then Michael, Sam, Frank and me left for Michael and Sam’s house, on the way we stopped at my old house that still had police tape on the door Sam got out and drove Frank’s car to his house.

The Way Life Goes 7

We stopped and at Church’s Chicken and got dinner that night. Michael still seemed down about what happen to the patient that died. Frank fell asleep on the couch right after dinner and Sam grabbed a blanket and covered him up. I saw Michael slip out the back door. I followed him outside and asked if I could sit down on the bench next to him. He nodded yes then he looked at me and smiled. “Sometimes I wish I did have super speed or any type of super powers then I could stop all this abuse and hatred on you youth” he said wiping tears from his eyes. I put my hand on his knee “You know you do not need super powers to make a difference to be honest I don’t know where I would be if you weren’t referred to me by Dr. Monroe. Yea I have Lincoln but you helped me get through some really hard times Michael. I honestly would probably be in a coffin myself from suicide if it wasn’t for you. Yes you may not be able to help every single person but what about the ones you have been able to help. Just remember neither Batman nor the Green Hornet had superpowers and they did great things” I said patting his knee. Michael shook his head and let out a good laugh and told me I am right he thanked me for talk and I jokingly came back and said I hope your HMO covers this session. We both began to laugh, Sam came out and asked what was so funny and Michael filled him in. I gave them both hugs and thanked them again for letting us stay here and headed to bed.

Last night I didn’t sleep much at all I woke up several times in the middle of the night from nightmares. Around 7am I finally decided to drag my ass out of the bed and to the shower. As I stood there letting the water run down my body my mind kept running all the nightmares from last night through it. I sighed and got out of the shower and got dressed, I decided that today I wouldn’t wear my braces for my legs I was feeling pretty good. I did however still use my crutches for a little more support. As I came into the living room I saw Frank sleeping there on the couch sometime in the middle of the night he had removed his t-shirt. I saw his perfectly chiseled chest and I felt my cock hardening up in my pants. I quickly made my way to the kitchen but I couldn’t help but turn around for one more look. Sam saw me looking and he smiled and said “Dang if I was in a relationship I would so go for that stud” we laughed and when Mike came in he asked what was so funny and we said we were talking about our men in our lives. Mike went and shook Frank awake since we needed to get to school. Sam made some eggs and toast for all of us then asked if Frank and I wanted a ride. Frank insisted that he wanted to drive and he offered me to ride with him.

School was boring and uneventful, although we did have an assembly on zero tolerance for hate and discrimination. Just as the assembly was over and I made my way towards the cafeteria someone said “Too bad about your boyfriend next time he will not be so lucky and neither shall you” I quickly turned around to see who it was but the person already left. All of a sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder and I grabbed it and twisted it. I heard Frank cry out “Ouch dude what the heck” I felt really bad and apologized. I told him how sorry I was and then told him what happened. He walked beside me and grabbed his football buddies to circle around us to protect me. He insisted that I tell Principal Allen about what got said so I did. Principal Allen asked me if I recognized the voice and I told him no not really. The rest of the day seemed to go by extremely slow, but I was glad when the final bell rang.

I called Michael’s office and told his receptionist that Frank and I are going to be heading to the hospital to see Lincoln. She told us that she will let him know right away and I thanked her and hung up. Mike and Rachel came with us but they said they could only stay a half hour. We all arrived at the hospital and checked in with the officer on guard duty. He almost didn’t let Rachel and Mike in but we told them that they are friends and he finally caved in and let us all pass. Lincoln looked better than yesterday and he was so happy to see us. He said that his chest still hurt a little when he breathed inwards. Mike and Rachel finally had to leave even though none of us wanted him too. Frank told me he will be back after he drops them off at their house. We gave each other hugs and we they left leaving me and Lincoln alone. Lincoln smirked but I told him we really needed to get his paper done and he jokingly pouted okay. With all his notes and input he already had we finished his paper in an hour. I put my laptop away and sat next to Lincoln on his bed and began sucking on his dick. His Precum was like honey that filled my soul and when he had cummed my body greedily enjoyed it all.

Michael and Sam came into the room around 6pm finding us asleep in Lincoln’s bed. Sam gently shook me awake and I looked at the clock and asked where Frank was. Michael told me that Frank called and said he will be at Andrew’s house. Michael looked at Sam and asked him how he was feeling and Lincoln admitted that his chest hurt some but other than that he feels okay and that he is very hungry. We all laughed at the last part and Sam said he would be right back. Three minutes later he came back smiling saying that the nurse looked at his chart and Dr. Monroe had approved him to be able to try eating regular food. Michael looked at the clock and said “Well I am sure the cafeteria is just about to close. So why don’t Sam and I go pick up some Chinese food”. We quickly agreed on some chow mien, sweet and sour pork, and some spring egg rolls. Sam and Michael told us they will be back and left to get dinner. Sam looked at me oddly and said “Hey Ty are you okay you seem to be a little distracted today and you have dark circles under your eyes babe”. I smiled softly and told him just been worried about him and missing him in bed”. He kissed me and said that he has missed me so much as well. I didn’t want to tell him about the dreams I have been having because I didn’t want to stress him out.

Michael and Sam arrived back about twenty minutes after they left, and just as they walked in Frank called me on my cell. I answered it and he apologized for not letting me know he was going to Andrew’s but I told him that’s okay. He then told me that if I could let Michael and Sam knows that he and Andrew are going out to dinner then he will be home. I laughed and told him no problem. I hung up and told Michael and Sam what Frank had said. Lincoln ate just a small amount but he admitted that this dinner tasted so much better than the food here at the hospital. We stayed for another hour until we finally had to leave. I kissed Lincoln and told him to get some rest so he can heal and get released soon. On the way home I dozed off and when we got home Michael woke me up. He asked me if I was okay and I smiled and told him just tired. Just as we entered the house Frank pulled up in his car and had the biggest smile ever. I laughed and whispered to Sam and Michael someone had gotten lucky which made us all laugh.

Once we all got inside I told everyone I was going to go do my homework in my room. I got to my room and sat my book bag down near the desk and finished the rest of my homework which thank goodness wasn’t too much. I undressed down to my boxers and lay down on my bed. Someone knocked on my door and I told them to come in. Michael came in with two cups of Hot Cocoa and handed me one. “Listen, even though I am now your guardian Tyler it doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep me out of the loop when something happens. I am sorry if I have been a bit out of it the last couple days. I admit I am still sad about the patient who I lost. He was doing so great and his mom had accepted him being gay. But his father was one who didn’t, now how about you tell me why you didn’t sleep much last night”. I looked at him and sighed and pulled myself out of the bed and sat with him at the edge of the bed. “I ended up having several really bad nightmares last night. Some was about what had happen to my brother and Lisa while the other was about me being in the clinic that my parents put me in” I said sadly. Michael put his left arm around me and told me that when I have these dreams that I need to write them down so we can work on them. I told him okay. I finished my hot cocoa and Michael left leaving me alone in my room.

As I sat there in my bed I knew tomorrow was supposed to John and Lisa’s funeral. My mother and father had made sure I was not to be allowed to come to the funeral. I really miss them and even though I have been told it’s not my fault by Frank, Lincoln, Sam and Michael I still feel like it is my fault they are dead. My mind raced back to the words that someone said to me at school saying that next time Lincoln and I will not be so lucky. I finally dozed off but was woken up from another nightmare, this time it was about John coming to me covered in blood and telling me it is my entire fault that he and Lisa were dead. I sat there and cried I must have woken Michael up because he came running into my room and wrapped his arms around me telling me that everything is okay that it was just a dream. I continued to cry and told him about my dream. I then told him I didn’t even get a chance to tell them good bye. Michael just sat there holding me stroking my hair trying to get me to calm down.

I must have fallen back asleep because I found myself covered up in bed and my alarm clock telling me it was time to get up. I made my way to the bathroom and got into the shower. My cock was aching for attention so I decided to rub one out. I thought about Lincoln and how sexy he looked in his hospital gown. I shot my load and finished washing my body clean. I got dressed and came downstairs and found everyone already having breakfast. Sam softly came up to me and asked how I was. I told him I have been better but I am going to try and stay strong. He smiled and told me to have a seat and he will get me some cereal. I had just finished my bowl of cereal when the phone rang. Michael answered it and talked for a few minutes on it. He hung up and looked at Frank and I. It appears you both are in luck school has been canceled the school has suffered a fire and thank goodness no one was there. They said in about a week they will have a temporary school set up for all the students. In the meantime I want you guys to be careful since you will be alone during the day.

I asked him if I could go spend the day with Lincoln then. He smiled and said he can drop me off on his way to the office. Frank decided to give Andrew a call and see if he wanted to hang out. He came back smiling; he told us he was heading to Andrew’s since no one was at his place. Sam looked at him sternly “Young man you are to be home by 11pm tonight and do not do anything I wouldn’t do”. Michael burst out laughing and looked at Sam “Sam you do realize you have given him permission to do anything sexual his body can do, and I am sorry babe you sounded like a concerned mother”. We all burst out laughing while Sam jokingly put his hands on his hips and flicked his hair and pretended to walk away. Once I washed my bowl and put it away I then quickly went to my room grabbed my laptop and my x-men trilogy DVD set. I came back into the living room where Michael was putting his jacket on he smiled at me and asked if I was ready. I told him yes and we got into his car and drove to the hospital.

As we drove Michael and I talked some more about last night and he asked if I had been taking my anti-depressants I told him no they are at my old house. He insured me that he would get them for me today. Once we got to the hospital I got out and Michael handed me forty dollars. He told me that was for lunch for us if I wanted something. I thanked him for everything and I headed towards Lincoln’s room. When I got there I saw Lincoln sleeping he looked like he had a rough night. The police officer stood up and opened the door for me. I thanked him and quietly took the chair and slid it to the side of Lincoln’s bed and sat there watching him sleep. I took a book from my book bag and began to read it. I fell asleep with my head resting at the edge of the bed. A nurse came in and startled me awake, she told me to shoo that she needed to change Lincoln’s bandage and clean him up. I told her I was not leaving and she angrily said either I leave now or she will have me escorted out of this hospital. Her shouting woke Lincoln up and he told her I stay and if she doesn’t like it then he wants another nurse. She threw her hands up in the air and stormed out yelling “Stupid Faggots You All Should Die and Burn in Hell” she said slamming the door. I went to the door and asked the officer to please make sure she doesn’t come back into the room. He smiled and told us no problem at all.

The Charge Nurse came in and asked us what had happen and I told her exactly what had occurred. She apologized deeply for the nurse’s attitude and her vulgar words. Lincoln told her that he doesn’t want her as his nurse and the Charge Nurse smiled and then she said with a smile that she forgot to introduce herself. Her name was Allison Kowalis, and she then asked if Lincoln would mind her being his nurse. Lincoln gratefully accepted it and she told him she would be right back. After she left he looked at me and asked why I wasn’t at school. I told him what happened that someone burned the school and we both laughed at it.

Allison came back in with a smile and she then asked Lincoln how he felt on a scale from one to ten, one being no pain to where ten is extremely bad. Lincoln looked down and said a nine as for pain. She shook her head okay and grabbed a syringe and gave him a shot of pain medicine. She then called for a CNA to come help clean him up but there wasn’t one available. I told her I could help her and she gratefully accepted. She asked how Lincoln and I know one another and Lincoln and I exchanged smiles and Allison giggled and said she got it. She told us that even though she is Mormon she doesn’t feel it’s anyone’s place to judge someone for whom they are. She told us that she has a son who was sent home from his mission because he admitted he was gay. She then told us her husband was furious and was about to send him to a clinic but she flat out sad no and she divorced her husband. She then told us that her son is going to BYU at the moment to become a counselor for troubled teens. I couldn’t help but notice as she talked about her son that she had a twinkle in her eyes and you could tell she was proud of him. Lincoln and I told her a little about us and I told what my parents did and what happen with my brother and sister-in-law. She gave me a hug and told me how sorry she was to hear that. We got Lincoln cleaned up and I couldn’t help but spot his dick hardening up under the sheet. Allison then told us she would be right back with some bandages to change his dressing on his wound. She quickly came back and asked if I wanted to help her and I told her okay. His wound was still red around the stitches and Allison informed us that she is going to bring this up to the doctor immediately. She took out her cell phone and asked someone at the nurse’s station to bring the camera in and contact Dr. Monroe for her. A young woman no more than eighteen came in with the camera and Allison took a picture of Lincoln’s wound. She told us that she took the picture just in case the wound was infected.

Allison had finished changing Lincoln’s dressing and he was beginning to fall back asleep. She told me that it was because of the pain medicine. She looked at her watch and said that it is nearing her break and her son will be coming soon to bring her lunch. She then offered me to join her and her son, I told her I didn’t want to impose and she smiled and told me non-sense. I left Lincoln a note telling him I will be back that I was going to go have some lunch. Allison checked out for lunch and we headed to the main entrance of the hospital where I came to meet her son. He was about 6’6 had a nice tight shirt on him that made his muscles on his body bulge out. His body was so muscular but not over muscular if you know what I mean. His skin was a hot sexy olive tanned color. He had hazel green eyes and like his mom he had strawberry blonde hair. Allison introduced me and he shook his hand and smiled “Nice to meet you Tyler, I am Troy. My mom tells me you will be joining us for lunch I hope you don’t mind Italian Wedding Soup with Meatballs. It’s what my partner made he is a chef at a local Italian restaurant”. I shook my head and told him I do not mind at all. We went to the patio near the cafeteria and sat down and Troy opened a bag pulled out some bowls and the soup in a container. He then pulled out some breadsticks to go with our soup. I asked Troy if he and his partner were out about being Gay and he smiled and said yes they are. We talked about Lincoln and me and what brought me here today. I was a little shocked when he came over and hugged me. He told me that if Lincoln and I ever wanted to come over and visit him and Stefan than to give him a call. The soup was so delicious and the breadsticks were to die for.

Allison looked at her watch and said that she needed to get back to work. She smiled and told me if I wanted to stay and talk with her son than she will tell Lincoln for me. I told her thank you and Troy handed her the rest of the soup and breadsticks and told her to give it to Lincoln. She told us she will do that and pushed her seat in and left the two of us alone. Troy and I talked some more and I told him what my parents did and he shook his head in disgust and like me he doesn’t know why parents do things like that. I then told him that my brother and sister-in-laws funeral is today and I wasn’t allowed to attend. I don’t know what it was but there was something in Troy that made me feel relaxed. His phone went off and he answered it, he hung up and told me that Stefan his partner was coming over in a few minutes he is done at work. Stefan came through the cafeteria to the patio. I watched as Troy got up and kissed him hello, and I couldn’t help but smile. What they had is what I want with Lincoln. Stefan came over to me and gave me a big hug. I told him his soup was delicious and he laughed and said that his food isn’t that great. Troy gave him a playful shove then told him “see me and mom aren’t the only one outside the restaurant who likes your food”. Stefan began to blush and Troy laughed and whispered to me that he is hard on himself. I asked them if they wanted to meet Lincoln and Troy looked at his watch and said he has about another half hour before heading back to school.

We headed towards Lincoln’s room and I told the officer that Troy and Stefan are with me and he smiled and nodded then opened the door for us. Lincoln was sitting up in bed eating his soup. He saw me and his face lightened up. I introduced Troy and Stefan to Lincoln. We all talked for a little while but it came time for Troy to head to his class. He gave us both a hug and he and Stefan left. Allison came in with Dr. Monroe “Lincoln, Tyler hope you boys are having a good day. I hear you got some of Allison’s son-in-law’s cooking. You lucky dogs I have been to the restaurant and he is a great chef. Anyways to you Mr. Lincoln, I need to look at your chest wound because Allison here is worried you might have a small surgical infection”. Dr. Monroe put some gloves on and looked at the wound then carefully replaced the dressing. “Well from what I can tell it does look a little red, so what I am going to do is get you on some antibiotics and get some blood cultures ordered. I am sorry to say until I get the lab results back and I can see that the area around the wound isn’t red. Also we are going to be moving you up to the fifth floor of the hospital. It’s all private rooms and you have to check in with a security officer to see the patients. We will be moving you most likely this afternoon. I have already talked to security and they have a list of people who are not allowed to see you. If there aren’t any other questions I will see you again tomorrow”. We told him that we had no questions and he shook our hands and left the room.

I texted Michael and Sam about what Dr. Monroe said and we will be going up to the fifth floor this afternoon. Sam called about five minutes after I texted him and asked what size did Lincoln wear and I told him and he said thank you and hung up. I sat up my laptop and we began to watch X-men. We both agreed that the guy who played Bobby could have us any day. This caused us both to get hard. I reached under the sheets and grabbed Lincoln’s dick and he undid my belt and unfastened my pants. I pulled my pants down and we began to jerk one another off. I was in heaven because my body seems to melt when he wrapped his hands around my dick. We shot our loads and I grabbed the box of Kleenex and wiped us both clean. I pulled my pants back up and soon we were sound asleep in the hospital bed. Allison came in and saw us asleep and even though she didn’t want to wake us she shook us awake and told us that she was going to be taking us to Lincoln’s new room. I quickly gathered everything including Lincoln’s big teddy bear and we headed to his new room. We got up to the floor and Allison told me what the room was but I need to check in with security. I went to the guy sitting at a desk and told him what room. He looked on a computer then wrote my name on a badge and the room number.

By the time I got to the room Allison had made sure Lincoln was comfortable and she was now giving the new nurse all the details. As I walked passed her she stopped me and introduced me to Dottie and she told me this will be Lincoln’s new nurse. I smiled and shook her hand and headed to the room. Lincoln was flipping through the channels on the Television. I looked around for a chair and saw a recliner style chair so I pulled it over next to Lincoln’s bed and we watched Teen Wolf on MTV. Allison and Dottie came in and Dottie right away asked if we have had some lunch. We told her we have and she smiled and said very well and if we get hungry and need a snack than to let her know. My cell phone rang and I couldn’t help but stare at the screen it was my brother’s work. I answered the phone and was told to please hold for the CEO of Hartford Accounting Services. Before I could answer it a man came on and introduced himself as Patrick Conley he told me that he was so sorry to hear about John, and for calling. He told me that John’s lawyer has been trying to get a hold of me and he managed to get my cell phone number from an Officer Sebastian. I told him to give the lawyer my number and I will meet with him. He thanked me and hung up. I told Lincoln about the phone call and we both agreed that I needed to talk to Michael and see if this lawyer does want to meet with me that he can come with me.

We put X-Men back on and watched it. Lincoln fell asleep half way through it and I tried to stay awake but in the end I ended up losing that battle myself. Frank came into the room and softly shook us awake; I woke up and saw Andrew was with him. Andrew brought a bouquet of flowers and a get well card and sat them next to the bed. Lincoln smiled and thanked him so much for the get well card and gift. Frank and Andrew sat on the bench together near the window in the room and held hands. We talked about school and about school being canceled. I looked at Andrew and Frank’s hands and noticed they had matching rings on. I decided I would let them tell us about that when they are ready. Michael and Sam came in with some pizza and to my surprise it was Lincoln’s favorite Mushroom, Sausage, and Ham. We all talked as we ate our pizza. Finally visiting hours were coming to an end and I really didn’t want to leave Lincoln because I felt lonely in bed without him.

We got home and I got online to see if either James or Mark was online and I saw Mark on. We chatted for a half hour he told me James was in bed sick with the flu. He asked how I was and I told him I am trying to stay strong but it is hard at times. As we talked he told me that James is going to be looking at colleges and Universities soon. I asked if he was going to be checking out BYU and he said yes but they really didn’t want anything to do with the Mormon Church. I told him I could really understand that. We decided that when they do come out here we will have to meet up. We got offline and I went and showered and was just about to crawl into bed when Frank knocked on my door asking if I felt like talking. I smiled and told him to grab a corner of the bed. “I drove by my parents’ house and there is a for sale sign up in the front yard. I am going to lose my brother and sister Tyler. I really wish both my parents and your parents weren’t so anti-gay. I met Andrew’s mom the other day and she shocked me when she said she knows about Andrew and me. She told me that she has nothing against us and she will support us no matter what. That meant so much to me Tyler that someone does actually care about who we are. Andrew’s dad left her and she has had it rough because she is the one filed for the divorce. The church has really put a severe pressure on her for doing this. Andrew and I have come to agreement about our relationship. We set some ground rules and everything, he is the peanut butter to my jelly” he said then finally saying he was heading to bed and thanks for the talk.

I laid there in bed and stared at the ceiling thinking about everything that has happened to me so far in my life. That’s when I came to conclusion that its time I cut the ties to my old life and focus on my new life with Lincoln. I love him and I want nothing else but to be with him forever. I woke up early the next morning and noticed it snowed again last night the ground looked so peaceful looking so white and pure. I noticed Frank wasn’t on the couch so I went and grabbed my notebook I had written everything bad about what has happen to me and began tearing out the pages and placing them in the fireplace to use to start a fire. Michael came down in his bathroom and asked what I was doing and I told him what I had decided and he smiled and asked if I wanted some help. I told him no this was something I need to do alone. He told me that he is very proud of me that this is a huge step forward and he couldn’t be any happier. I tore the last page out and threw it in the fireplace and then sat some wood in it and lit the fireplace. I watched as the fire spread from one page to another and I couldn’t help but feel the tightness in my chest that I have been carrying for so long disappear as each piece of paper was devoured by fire. I looked at my notebook and the only page that was left was the one I wrote to see if Lincoln is the love of my life.

The smell of pancakes and coffee began to come from the kitchen and my stomach growled from hunger. I got up from the floor and headed into the kitchen where Michael was making breakfast for us all. I grabbed the plates and silverware and sat the table. I sat there at the table and waited until Sam and Frank joined Michael and me for breakfast. Once we finished breakfast Frank and Sam insisted to do the dishes so I went upstairs to take a shower and get dress. I sat there and decided and to wear some long underwear under my pants and long sleeve flannel shirt. I just put on my shoes when my cell went off. I answered it and it was the lawyer who was in charge of my brother’s affairs. He asked me if we can meet today at 3pm, I told him one second and I went to ask Michael if he can come with me. He checked his calendar on his phone and he told me he can. I told the Lawyer I can meet with him and he asked where a good place was and Michael mouthed his office. I told him Michael’s office since he is my guardian now. He thanked me and we hung up. I grabbed some clean boxers and some pajama pants for Lincoln.

After Sam dropped me off at the hospital I stopped in the gift shop and picked up a travel size deodorant of AXE and a deck of cards for Lincoln. I checked in with security and then I walked to Lincoln’s room. I found him sound asleep so I carefully slid into bed beside and carefully slid my arms around him. As I lay here in bed with him, I decide to just watch him sleep. Lincoln woke up and smiled when he saw my face lying on his pillow “Mm I have missed seeing you when I first wake up in the morning”. I kissed him and told him I miss him as well. We both laughed when we kissed because he had serious morning breathe. There was a knock on the door and his nurse came in and introduced himself “Hello my name is Rob and I will be your nurse today Lincoln, and I am guessing this is Tyler. I am taking Dottie’s place for a couple days if you don’t mind. I have been reading your charts and I see that you are being given an antibiotic for a surgical infection. I will be getting that for you in a few minutes, also Lincoln I need to know if you are in pain” he said smiling at us both. Lincoln told him that he wasn’t in too much pain this morning. Rob smiled and said okay no problem to just let him know if he needed the medicine. He then said he wanted to get Lincoln cleaned up and I told him I will help him on that. Rob gratefully accepted my help and then said he will be back in about 15 minutes. Once he left Lincoln and I went back to our kissing. We finally decided to stop because he was getting horny.

Rob came back in with a clean hospital gown and some sheets and towels. Rob suggested since I knew Lincoln the most that I should clean his lower part. We all laughed and I began to help Lincoln clean up. As I cleaned his dick I wanted so bad to have it in my mouth but I didn’t because Rob was in the room with us. Once we were done with washing Lincoln up he put on his boxers and pajama pants I brought him. Lincoln wanted to walk around for a little bit, Rob checked Lincoln’s chart and he smiled and told us to go ahead. He gave us an IV pole that Lincoln could push around. Lincoln and I made it to the nurse’s station and back. Once we got back we noticed Rob had the bed made and was waiting for us. Lincoln got back in his bed and Rob checked his wound and smiled saying it looks like the antibiotic was doing its job. Rob showed me how to clean the wound and dress it. Lincoln asked him if he could get his pain medicine now. Rob smiled and said he kind of figured he would need to it after the walk so he went and got it for him. Rob left after giving Lincoln his medicines. I pulled out the deck of cards and we began to play a game of crazy eights. I told Lincoln about my appointment about with the Lawyer at 3pm and how Michael will be coming at 2pm to come pick me up. Frank and Andrew came to see Lincoln around noon and brought us all Sonics. Before I knew it Michael arrived asking if I was ready to go. I sighed and told him yes let’s get this over with. I kissed Lincoln goodbye and told him I will let him know what is said. He kissed me and told me to think about him tonight in bed and I told him I always do.

Michael and I arrived at his office at 2:30 and his receptionist told us that she will let us know when the Lawyer arrives. About 15 minutes later the receptionist knocked on the door informing us that the Lawyer was here. Michael told her to tell him to come in. We stood up as he entered he was around his early 30s had a look that said he had just been out of Law School for a couple years. He stretched out his hand “Hello I am Jack Highland and I am the one who is handling all your brother’s affairs” he said shaking my hand. We sat down and Michael asked if he would like anything to drink, and we all decided on some coffee. “Like I said Tyler I am handling your bother John and Lisa’s affairs and he has you mentioned in his will and I would like to go over it with you”. I nodded okay and he handed me and Michael a copy of the Will to go over. Jack took a sip of his coffee and cleared his throat “Okay first off you notice that the Will mentions about your brother and sister-in-law gaining full custody of you. Now it says here that your parents are to get absolute nothing from anything that is about to be mentioned in it. Now let’s see here oh yes the amount that Hazel left you, Lincoln, John and Lisa is to be signed over to you immediately and it will be put in an account where you will receive a monthly allowance from it. Your brother had two other accounts one was his work account that his checks got deposited in and it has a savings account that has an automatic interest set up for it. The other account is money he would put in once a month and that is for you Tyler the amount at this moment equals out to $91,343.78. Now this account is to be also signed over to you but you are not allowed to touch it until your twenty-one. It does mention that Lincoln whom your brother highly talked about and you as well. So I know you two are a couple, it says in the Will that half of everything can be given to him if you both are together after your senior year” he sat his paper down and let me take in all this. I sat there thinking about everything I had just found out. I knew John loved me but for him and Lisa to do this was just amazing. Michael read through all the paper work I needed to sign and made a few suggestions on the paperwork. Jack wrote down everything he suggested and he then he said he will get this paperwork redone with all the suggestions. I smiled and told him that I really appreciate everything. Jack got up and told us he will have the new paperwork printed out with all the new suggestions ready by tomorrow.

After he left I began to cry not tears of sadness but of from the love John and Lisa had for me. Michael wrapped his arms around me and hugged me to comfort me. When I finally stopped crying we left his office and headed home. I noticed Frank’s car wasn’t there and figured he was with Andrew, we found Sam singing and cooking dinner. Michael and I laughed quietly and he slipped behind Sam and wrapped his arms around Sam and he told him if he makes another move he will get his ass violated. I burst out laughing because Sam moved quickly in excitement. I left them alone in the kitchen and went upstairs and called Lincoln’s room and we talked about the lawyer. Once we were done talking about my appointment with Jack I told him to hang on one second and I went to check to see what time dinner was over. I came back on the phone and told him I think dinner will be a little late. Lincoln began to talk me and I pulled my clothes off and he talked me into phone sex session. It felt so good almost just like Lincoln was with me in bed. I ended up shooting several massive loads all over my stomach. We told each other how much we love one another and I hung up. I went to the shower and washed up. I went downstairs and found both Sam and Michael smiling at one another. We sat down and had a nice dinner of chicken and rice. I cleaned up the dishes and decided I would watch Survivor.

Survivor ended and I was heading up to my room when Frank came home. He smiled at me and I told him good night. I noticed as he locked the front door that he had several Hickies on his neck. I laughed and he asked what and I told him that it looked like he got too close to the vacuum. We laughed and he said yea and the vacuum is so hot. I headed to my room and slid out of my clothes and went to bed. I went to sleep and had a beautiful dream of Lincoln and me alone on an island where we made love to one another right there on the beach. I woke up at 5:30am with a huge hard on. I quickly decided to jack myself off after I grabbed a pair of Lincoln’s boxers from the drawer and my mind brought a picture of Lincoln to my mind. I wiped myself clean with the boxers and fell back asleep. Michael came in at 9am telling me he was leaving for work and if I want a ride to the hospital I need to be ready for in ten minutes. I quickly got dress and headed towards the garage where Michael was waiting for me. He smiled at me as I got into the car and asked me if I wanted to stop and pick up some quick breakfast at IHOP. I told him I would like that very much.

Once we arrived to IHOP and sat down and ordered our meals. We sat there quietly for a few minutes until Michael looked at me. “If the Doctor gives the okay Lincoln gets to come home today. Also your Lawyer called and he said he has all the paperwork that we asked him to fix and he wants you to sign them this afternoon. We can do it at my office or I can bring him by the Hospital if you like”. I sat there thinking for a few minutes “If you don’t mind I would like to have him come to the hospital” I said smiling. Michael smiled and said he will make sure that’s taken care of and he will be there. The waitress brought us our pancakes and we dug into them. I left two for Lincoln along with a sausage link. I asked the waitress if I could get some syrup to go. She smiled and quickly left to go get me some syrup for Lincoln’s pancakes. As we continued to sit there I looked around and saw a lot of dad’s having breakfast with their sons. I felt emptiness in my chest because my dad never did this for me but I remember hearing stories from John, and Brigham about how dad always took them out for breakfast once a week. As if Michael had read my mind he looked at me “Tyler I know I am your Psychiatrist but I want you to know I am here for you if you need anything. Sam and I have always talked about adoption but it’s always been just talk. But now that we have you, Frank, and Lincoln living with us now we feel like you guys are our family”. He said smiling at me. I got up and went over to him and gave him a big hug and told him thank you so much.

The waitress came back with the syrup and the bill and Michael paid it and we headed to the hospital. Since Wal-Mart was a block away from the hospital I asked Michael if he minded dropping me off there so I could pick up some clothes for Lincoln. He smiled and dropped me off at Wal-Mart he reached into his wallet and handed me some money. I told him I had some myself but he told me to take the money and by something for Lincoln from him and Sam. I told him okay and I got out of the car and went inside to Wal-Mart. I picked him up some boxers, socks, hot looking jeans that would fit his ass nice and tight, and a t-shirt. I then got him a cap that had a monkey eating a banana on it. I paid for the clothes and headed to the hospital, as I got there I looked around and crossed my fingers that Lincoln will be getting out today. I stopped in the cafeteria and got me a cup of coffee and Lincoln a bottle of chocolate milk. I took the elevator to the fifth floor and the usual security guard was there. He smiled and told me to just go ahead. I thanked him and before I left I asked him if he had brought lunch. He shook his head no so I asked if he knew a good place to get a burrito he told me there was a small Mexican restaurant not too far from here. I handed him forty dollars and asked if he could pick up two super burritos with chicken and to make sure he gets whatever he wants. He smiled and wrote down the order and said he will do that. I came to Lincoln’s room and noticed the curtain was closed. I knocked on the door and the CNA told me to wait outside she was cleaning Lincoln. I waited and I finally was able to go in, I walked straight to him and planted my lips against his and once I was satisfied I broke from our kiss and told him Hello.

I smiled and noticed how great he looked; he looked more rested and healthier. I asked him how he was doing. “Well Dr. Monroe came in already and said that I can go home today. He said he will be back this afternoon to talk to Michael and Sam if they are here. He wants to go over my discharge instructions with them. He also told me no sex for another two weeks but I want you so bad Tyler that my dick aches for you”. I smirked and told him that he said sex nothing about blow jobs. Lincoln smiled from ear to ear and licked his lips. I grabbed my backpack and handed him the clothes he smiled and told me he so loves the hat. Lunch time came and the Security Guard came in with the burritos we invited him to sit down and eat with us. He told us he needs to get back to his post but thank you so much for the lunch.

To Be Continued…