The White Rat – Chapter Eleven

OK, so finally the Rat's situation is looking wobbly (and not before time, many would say). But before we follow the results of Blackman's enquiries we should go back to the start of the Easter holiday and find out what Jordan got up to...


David might have viewed the beginning of the Easter holidays as being an unfortunate interruption to his position of authority at school, but Jordan was looking forward to them enthusiastically: he had a number of things planned, all of which involved tightening his hold a little on the various members of his personal stable. And, of course, he also had the prospect of adding a new member to that collection: he had arranged to go and visit Mrs Baxter-Cauldwell on the first Monday of the holidays in order to meet her son Philip.

Philip Baxter-Cauldwell had been lounging on his bed practising on an unplugged electric guitar when Jordan was shown up to his room. He was a fairly tall, skinny seventeen-year-old with long, greasy-looking black hair. He was wearing an old, faded, patched pair of jeans and a black tee-shirt, and there was an air of stale cigarette smoke clinging to him. He looked up without interest when Jordan came into the room, and then went back to his guitar.

Hello,” said Jordan, politely.

Hello,” replied Philip, without looking up again. “Who are you, then?”

My name’s Jordan Fielding and I’m in 1C at King Edward. Your mum’s asked me to make sure you work really hard this term and pass all your mocks.”

Now Philip did raise his head. He appraised the small, bespectacled boy in front of him in disbelief.

I know,” said Jordan, interpreting his look. “Silly, isn’t it? But I promised I’d do it, so here I am.”

Go away,” said Philip, getting back to his guitar. “Those exams are a waste of time. I’ve no intention of going to university: me and my mates are going to make money with our band, and I don’t need to turn my brains to mush doing A levels for that. So you’d better go and tell my mother she must have been insane to send you here. Close the door behind you.”

Okay. I’ll pop back a little later in the week, just to make sure you haven’t changed your mind. Bye!”

And he went out and closed the door behind him and then went back downstairs to talk to Philip’s mother.

You did say I had a free hand, didn’t you?” he asked. “I mean, you don’t care what it takes as long as he starts working properly?”

That’s right. But I can’t imagine how you’re going to do it.”

Don’t worry, I think I’ve got an idea. I’ll come back a bit later this week, and I’ll have a friend with me. I’m sure Philip will get down to some work after we’ve both spoken to him.”

He cycled back home, dug Marcus Garrett’s phone number out and called him, asking if he could borrow his services one day that week. Garrett agreed that he could probably find an hour or so, though when Jordan explained what he wanted him to do he liked the idea so much that he said he wouldn’t mind if it took a little longer, so they arranged that Garrett would come and collect Jordan from home on the Wednesday afternoon.

On the Tuesday Jordan got on his bike again and cycled out to Larkin’s house. He’d told the older boy he’d be coming round to check up on him at some point during the first week of the holidays. Larkin had been unenthusiastic, but had been in no position to argue.

But when Jordan arrived at the address Larkin had given him he found that his victim wasn’t at home. When he asked where he was, a much younger boy playing with some toy soldiers in the front garden grinned at him.

I sent him to the shop to buy me some Coke,” he said.

You sent him? How come – I mean, why didn’t he tell you to get lost, or beat you up, or something?”

My brother’s a weed. Besides, he has to do what I tell him or he’ll find himself in terrible trouble.”

How do you work that out?”

Well, I’m not really supposed to say – it is sort of private.”

Oh, go on – it sounds really interesting. I mean, he must be at least three years older than you…”

Four and a quarter,” Billy told him. But… well… okay, I suppose I could tell you, except… why are you looking for him? Is he a friend of yours, or something?”

Not exactly. It’s to do with school. In fact, if you tell me why he has to do what you tell him, I’ll tell you why I’m looking for him, okay?”

Okay. Well, what happened is that he got into trouble at school, and as part of his punishment he had to wear some girl’s clothes. And I caught him wearing them and took a photo, and later I took some more of him with nothing on. So now if he doesn’t do exactly what I tell him I can show the photos to all my friends – and all his friends, too.”

That’s brilliant!” said Jordan. “See, I was the one who made him wear the bra and knickers in the first place.”

How did you do that?” asked Billy. “You’re too young to be in his form.”

Oh, I’ve got some friends further up the school – the head boy in particular. He lets me help out with punishing bad boys. So, tell me what you make your brother do, and I’ll tell you what we do to him at school.”

When Steven Larkin got home ten minutes later he found the two boys rolling round on the ground laughing, and when they looked up, saw him and started laughing even louder he knew that he was what they were laughing about. His heart sank: he really hadn’t wanted Billy and Fielding to meet. He’d intended intercepting Fielding the moment he appeared and taking him off for a walk or something so that Billy couldn’t hear what they were saying. But it looked as if they had already been comparing notes, and that couldn’t be good.

Have you got the Coke?” asked Billy.

Steven held up the shopping bag.

Good. Now go and put it in the fridge, and then go up to your room and strip. We’ll be up in a minute, just as soon as I’ve called Nathan to find out if he can come round.”

Steven put the bottles in the fridge and then trudged up to his room and took his clothes off. He lay on the bed, discouraged still further by the laughter of the two younger boys, who had moved to Billy’s room and were now apparently looking at some of the photos Billy had taken.

I can’t show you all of them because Nathan is looking after some of them for me,” Billy told Jordan as they came into Steven’s room. “It wouldn’t be safe to keep them all here.”

I suppose not. Look, is there any chance of me borrowing the camera for a couple of days? I really need one like it for something I have to do.”

It's Steven's camera, so of course you can borrow it,” said Billy, grinning. “So, what are we going to do to him?”

Well, first I need to check that he isn’t growing any hair, just in case he’s got lazy now he doesn’t have to go to school every day. Stand up, bend over and spread your legs, Larkin,” he ordered, and Steven stood up.

He hasn’t got any hair,” Billy told Jordan. “I use that cream stuff on him every three or four days, and we only did it yesterday, so I know he’s all smooth. Steven, you didn’t tell me it was a first-year boy who made you lose your hair!”

Steven shrugged and spread his legs for inspection, and Jordan saw at once that Billy was right: the older boy was completely smooth.

You should make him keep using the cream right through the holidays,” he advised Billy.

Oh, I’m going to. And the summer holidays, too. I’ve told him he can have some hair again when me and Nathan have both got some, but not till then.”

Brilliant! Now, do you know about making him do sex stuff?”

Oh, no, please, Fielding!” cried Steven. “Look, he’s too young for that – he’s only ten!”

I’m only eleven, and I don’t think I’m too young,” replied Jordan. “So, Billy, there are ways you can make him do sex. Do you want to see?”

God, yes – but can you wait ten minutes? Nathan should be here by then, and I want him to see, too.”

So they waited until Nathan arrived (it was actually only about six minutes – Nathan was very keen to join in the fun). Steven spent most of that time trying to talk them out of it, at least until Jordan got fed up with it and told him to shut up. Billy went downstairs to let Nathan in and they both came running up the stairs.

Can I pee all over him again?” Nathan was saying as they came into Steven’s room. “That’s fun… who’s this, Billy?”

This is Jordan. He’s in charge of my brother while he’s at school, just like we are when he’s at home.”

Great! Do you pee on him, too?”

Sometimes,” admitted Jordan.

It’s fun, isn’t it? I like looking at his face when I’m doing it – he looks so annoyed, but he knows he can’t do anything about it. So, shall we do it now?”

Not yet,” said Billy. “Jordan wants to show us some more stuff we can do to him.”

Goodee!” said Nathan, enthusiastically. “Like what?”

Well… for a start, you can make him do this,” said Jordan, undoing his jeans and pushing them and his pants down. He was already stiff.

Wow, that’s massive!” said Nathan. “How old are you, Jordan?”

Eleven,” said Jordan. “Now, what you do is this – show them, Larkin.”

Do I have to?”

Depends if you want to be whipped naked in the middle of the yard every day next term.”

Steven just opened his mouth resignedly and shuffled forward on his knees until he was able to start sucking it.

Are you going to pee in his mouth?” asked Nathan.

No… well, not yet, anyway. No, this feels really amazing – it gives you a sex feeling. I’ll make him do it to you in a minute and you can find out for yourselves how nice it feels… come on, Larkin, you can do it better than that!”

Reluctantly Steven started doing it properly, and Jordan enjoyed the sensation for a minute or so and then stepped back before he was driven too close to the edge.

Okay, Billy, you try it,” he said. “And if you don’t make your brother feel brilliant, you’re in big trouble, Larkin, okay?”

Billy wasn’t entirely sure about this and hesitated for a moment.

I’ll go first if you don’t want to,” volunteered Nathan. “I like doing bad stuff to your brother.”

No, it’s okay, I’ll go first,” said Billy, not wanting to miss out. He undid his jeans and pushed them and his pants down to his knees, though his uncertainty manifested itself in a complete lack of erection: his little white penis dangled down uselessly.

You’re going to have to work a bit harder here,” Jordan commented to Steven. “Get on with it, then.”

Unhappily, Steven slipped his brother’s little limp penis into his mouth and began to lick at it, squeezing with his lips.

Woo-ah, that feels weird!” said Billy, though he made no attempt to step back.

Steven felt his ministrations starting to bear fruit: what he had in his mouth was getting bigger and harder. Soon he was able to start sucking on it properly in the way that Jordan had taught him. It didn’t feel as big as Jordan’s, and after a minute or so Steven slipped it out his mouth so that he could see for himself – after all, although he’d made his little brother strip a few times he had never seen it stiff. He thought it actually looked quite good: it was straight and hard and at least three and a half inches long, the foreskin completely retracted by his efforts. There was of course no trace of hair and Billy’s balls were still fairly small, but Steven thought it looked really nice. And then his brother asked why he had stopped and shoved it against his mouth, and at that point he was forced to stop admiring it and start sucking again.

What’s it like?” asked Nathan.

Nice,” said Billy. “It’s sort of hard to describe, but I like it.”

Can I have a go?”

Not yet,” said Jordan. “Billy’s going to feel even better fairly soon, and you need to wait until after that before you have a go.”

What do you mean?” asked Billy.

Never mind, just keep going. You’ll find out soon enough.”

So Steven kept going, and soon Billy reached the point of feeling ‘a bit strange’, and Jordan told him to keep going, and then he felt ‘really strange, I think I’d better stop,’ but Jordan again told him to keep going, and then

Aaah! Aaaahhhh! Aaaaarghhhhhhhhh!!!” went Billy, convulsing and thrusting his body against his brother’s head.

Steven actually almost felt good about bringing his brother to his first orgasm. Okay, this was deeply humiliating, but underneath it all he still loved Billy, and making him feel nice seemed okay. However, Nathan was a whole different matter: he thought Billy’s best friend was a nasty, irritating little kid, and the idea of being made to suck him was utterly repellent. But of course no sooner had Billy stepped back, staring at himself and asking the usual “Wow, what the hell was that?” questions than Nathan had pushed past him and was flourishing a stiff little prick in Steven’s face.

You’re not as big as my brother,” Steven commented, hoping to annoy the little bastard, especially as he knew that Nathan was a month older. But Nathan just shoved it in his face and ordered, “Go on, then, Baldy, do it to me, whatever it is. And if I don’t enjoy it I’ll give you the belt afterwards.”

The younger boys hadn’t beaten Steven at all yet, bar a very light spank now and again, and the idea of being given a proper beating by Nathan – one that might even make him cry, to judge from how he had felt being caned in Garrett’s study – didn’t appeal at all. So he slipped the whole of Nathan’s three and a bit incher into his mouth and set to work on it.

Nathan decided very quickly that this felt nice, and he grabbed hold of a couple of handfuls of Steven’s hair and used them to pull the older boy’s head hard against him.

It took quite a while, but eventually Nathan arrived at the same place as his friend, and the reaction was much the same.

Crikey,” he said, “I don’t know what happened, but I really liked it. I feel a bit strange now, though… I think I need a pee. So maybe you’d better go through and lie in the bath, hadn’t you, Steven?”

Oh, come on, not today, please?” begged Steven, but it didn’t do any good: a couple of minutes later he was lying on his back in the bath while all three younger boys pissed al over him. Then they turned on the cold tap and made him rinse himself down.

I’ll get him dry,” said Jordan. “You two might as well go and get dressed.”

Billy and Nathan went back to the bedroom, while Jordan handed Steven a towel and then closed the bathroom door so that the two younger boys couldn’t hear them.

So,” he said, “what shall we show them next? We could either make you show them what happens when you play with yourself, or I could teach them how to fuck. I bet you’d love getting fucked by your kid brother, especially if Nathan pushed his into your mouth at the same time…”

Don’t tell them that, please,” begged Steven. “I mean, I can just about put up with Billy doing stuff to me, but not Nathan. He’s such a little bastard – he’d never let me stop.”

Well, maybe we could come to some agreement,” conceded Jordan. “If you were to go on with running errands for my form next term, and letting me and Baker fuck you sometimes, maybe I could be talked into not telling them about fucking.”

But Garrett said our punishment was over after the meal!”

Not yours, I’m afraid. It’s far too much fun doing stuff to you – and of course now I know about the photos… well, let’s just say I don’t suppose you’d want them appearing on the school notice-boards, would you? So, like I told you last Friday, you’re just going to have to put up with it a bit longer. So what about it?”

Steven contemplated the future. It looked pretty certain he’d have to go on doing what Jordan wanted for a while yet anyway, and at least if he went along with that it would save him from suffering an even worse fate at home.

Well… okay, I agree,” he said.

I knew you would. And remember, let me down just once and I’ll be handing your brother a jar of Vaseline and telling him how to use it, okay?”

They went back through to the bedroom.

Steven and I have agreed that his punishment at school will go on to the end of term,” Jordan told the younger boys. “After that it will depend on how he behaves. But if he messes you two about, or is disobedient to you, I’ll add time on at school as well. I’ll make sure Billy’s got my phone number so he can let me know – and I expect I’ll come round and help you do stuff to him sometimes anyway. And if he messes around at school I’ll tell you, so you can make sure he pays for it at home, too.”

He’s going to go on getting punished well after the end of next term, isn’t he, Billy?” said Nathan. “Because if me and Billy pass our eleven plus next term we’ll be coming to King Edward, too, and then we can do stuff to him at home and at school.”

Steven didn’t look happy, which wasn’t surprising. He knew both Billy and Nathan were pretty bright and so would probably pass the exam, and that would mean a future of Jordan’s second form and Billy’s first form making fun of him every day from September onwards. But he could see absolutely no way out of his predicament.

Jordan cycled back home feeling thoroughly happy with the morning’s work: he now had Larkin totally under his thumb, because the older boy would be desperate for Nathan in particular to be kept in the dark about fucking. Though of course Jordan thought he would have to tell them about it sooner or later anyway, no matter how well Larkin behaved: the idea of watching him getting fucked by his kid brother was too good to miss.

On the Wednesday afternoon Garrett came and picked Jordan up from home, drove him to his favourite shop in Cheltenham and then took him on to the Baxter-Cauldwell residence. Mrs Baxter-Cauldwell recognised Garrett, of course, and the fact that Jordan had been able to recruit the head boy to his scheme immediately boosted Jordan’s worth in her eyes.

Now you might hear a certain amount of shouting and screaming,” he warned her. “Just ignore it – everything will be under control.”

He led Garrett up to Philip’s room and marched straight in.

Oh, it’s you again,” said the wannabe rock star. “Now what do you want?”

Same thing, I’m afraid. Would you like to put the guitar out of the way? It might get damaged otherwise.”

Huh?” Before he could react Garrett had taken the guitar and propped it against the wall by the door. And then he jumped on Philip, immobilising him fairly easily (Garrett was heavier and fitter, and he didn’t smoke, which probably helped) and holding each arm in turn down long enough for Jordan to be able to tie the wrist to the headboard of the bed. Finally Jordan tied Philip’s ankles together.

One question,” said Jordan, watching the older boy vainly trying to free himself, “have you got a girlfriend?”

Not at the moment. Why?”

Well, I’d hate you to have to disappoint anyone.”

What the hell are you talking about? Untie me!”

In about five minutes,” promised Jordan. “There are a couple of things we need to do first, I’m afraid, starting with this.” And he started to undo Philip’s belt.

What the hell do you think you’re doing?” asked Philip, pulling vainly against the bonds on his wrists. “Leave me alone, you little pervert! Garrett, get him off me!”

Sorry,” said Garrett. “This is his business, not mine. I’m just here to help him get things going.”

Jordan pulled Philip’s jeans and underwear right down to his ankles and then pushed his tee shirt up to his armpits, revealing the older boy’s genitals, which seemed about average for his age. There was quite a lot of thick black pubic hair.

It’s a good thing you’ve got all that hair,” commented Jordan, pulling a length of chain from his pocket. “It should help to stop this digging in too much.”

Within a minute he had equipped Philip with a chain and padlock just like Stephens’s, making sure it was done up as tightly as possible without preventing urination. Throughout this minute Philip ranted and raved and called Jordan every name he could think of, threatening him with violent death as soon as his wrists were free. Jordan just ignored him and got on with it.

Finally he pulled Larkin’s Polaroid camera out of his bag and took a couple of photographs, waiting until they were developed to make sure they had come out properly.

Okay,” he said, once he was happy with the photographs. “Here’s what happens: you do some serious revision – Garrett’s going to look over your work from time to time to make sure you’re doing it properly. If you knuckle down and make a proper effort we’ll take the chain off once a week – believe me, after a couple of days you’ll be desperate for us to take it off.

As long as you do what we tell you, nobody else is going to find out about this: you can still get together with your mates to play your guitar whenever you want, as long as you make sure your schoolwork is done first. But if you prefer to mess about the chain stays on. And if you try to get it off – and you’d find it difficult – we’ll do two things: we’ll pour superglue into the lock and throw the keys away, and we’ll put copies of these photos up at school or maybe send them to your mates. So it’s up to you: accept the situation and do some work, or get used to wearing that thing for the rest of your life, and to having the whole school know what you look like in the nude.”

Philip swore and threatened some more, and after a bit Jordan just said, “Okay, we’ll leave you to think about it. Tomorrow I’ll drop by again – maybe by then you’ll understand a bit better.”

He cut Philip’s left wrist free and then he and Garrett beat a hasty retreat while Philip was struggling to undo the knots on his other wrist.

So what’s that all about?” asked Garrett, as they got back into his car. “What’s the point of the chain?”

''Next time he gets an erection he’ll find out,” Jordan told him. “It’ll dig right in and hurt like hell – I’ve tried this before on someone else, so I know it works. He won’t be able to even think about sex – obviously he can’t let a girl see him like that – and it’ll hurt so much he won’t even be able to… you know, play with it himself. And it won’t come off, either, unless he’s prepared to risk a really huge pair of bolt-cutters – and think what would happen if they slipped! No, by this time tomorrow he’ll have realised that he’s got no choice. I’d like you around tomorrow, and the first time I take the chain off, just in case he loses it and tried to strangle me, but once he accepts the situation I should be able to manage him on my own.”

Nice one, Jordan,” said Garrett, approvingly. “I’m glad you and I are on the same side…”

When they went back the following day they found Philip almost climbing the walls. “Get this fucking thing off me!” was his opening gambit as soon as they entered his room.

Done any homework?” Jordan asked him, and was met with a torrent of abuse and foul language.

Okay, then, if that’s how you feel,'’ he said, when Philip’s diatribe had finally run out of steam. “We’ll come back around the end of next week. Bye!”

No, wait!” cried Philip as Garrett opened the door. “Look, for fuck’s sake, Garrett, get this little toerag to give me the key, can’t you?”

“’Fraid not,” said Garrett. “If you want the key, you’re going to have to do what he says. Sorry, but I’m all for boys at KEV working hard and getting good A levels – I mean, the head boy is supposed to encourage a good work ethic, isn’t he?” And he grinned at Philip and leaned on the door.

But… look… fuck, you just can’t leave me like this! I hardly slept at all last night…”

It gets easier once you get used to it, apparently,” Jordan told him. “And once you start working I can arrange to take it off for you from time to time. But you have to start working first.”

Philip looked to be on the point of hurling himself at Jordan, but Garrett’s presence held him back.

I think I ought to check it’s still on properly,” Jordan went on. “Maybe it’s a bit too tight, too…”

He knew it wasn’t, but he thought this might just persuade Philip to let him check the chain, and he was right: grudgingly the older boy lowered his jeans and pants and lifted his tee shirt out of the way. Jordan got him to lie on the bed and then sat down next to him, examining the chain.

You’ve been trying to get this off,” he accused, noticing some light scratches on one link. “Oh, dear. Got the superglue, Garrett?”

No!” yelled Philip frantically, pushing Jordan out of the way and holding his hands over his genitals and the chain. “For fuck’s sake, don’t do that! I’m sorry! I won’t try again, I swear! It just hurt so much, I had to try… don’t glue it up, please!”

Well… are you going to do some school-work, then?”

Okay! Just put the glue away!”

By now Jordan was holding the small tube of superglue that Garrett had passed him and was toying with the top. “Swear it,” he said.

Okay, I swear I’ll do some school-work!”

Not just some – swear you’ll do your best to get good grades at your mocks.”

Philip hesitated long enough for Jordan to take the top off the tube, but then the thought of being stuck like this permanently did its job. He’d tried taking a pair of wire-cutters to the chain but had barely marked it, and he couldn’t think of any way to get the chain off that didn’t involve either a much larger pair of bolt-cutters (which he didn’t have access to, and which he wouldn’t want to risk using right next to his balls anyway), or going to a locksmith and hoping the man didn’t die laughing – and that solution would still result in the photos appearing all over the place. Socially, he’d be ruined. And that was more than he could face, so he mumbled, “I swear I’ll work hard this term and try to get good grades. Satisfied?”

I should think so,” said Jordan, putting the top back on the tube.

Then get this thing off me!”

Oh, we can’t do that yet. I mean, once it’s off we’d lose our main bargaining point, wouldn’t we? No, it stays. Work hard and I’ll take it off for you sometimes, but that’s all.”

Philip swore some more, but shut up quickly when the top came back off the superglue, and once he’d made his point Jordan stood up and put the glue away in his pocket.

We’ll come round to see you sometime next week,” he said. “We’ll want to see some good work by then – Garrett can test you, and if you don’t do well enough, maybe I’ll have to use the glue after all. See you next week!”

And he and Garrett, left, leaving Philip with his jeans and pants round his ankles.

On the Friday evening Jordan got a phone call from Charlie Barnett.

Mummy and Daddy are going out on Monday, and they want to know if you can come and baby-sit for me,” Charlie asked. “Please say yes! If you do, I’m allowed to ask Jeremy round as well, so we can all play together…” (he lowered his voice) “…and maybe you can teach us… you know, stuff.”

Okay,” agreed Jordan at once. “Sounds like fun.”

Brilliant! Okay, Mummy wants to speak to you…”

Mrs Barnett came on and said that because Monday was a Bank Holiday she and her husband were going out to a show in Birmingham. It would mean leaving straight after lunch and if possible they wanted to stay in a hotel in Birmingham after the show, rather than travelling back very late at night.

It means you’d have to stay overnight,” she told him. “We wouldn’t be back until lunchtime on Tuesday. Do you think you could manage that?”

Of course,” Jordan assured her. “Just make sure Charlie and Jeremy know I’m in charge. Charlie was really good last time, so I’m sure he’ll do as he’s told as long as you remind him I’m in charge.”

I will. Come over for lunch on Monday, then, and I’ll make sure everything’s ready for you.”

So he put on his smart clothes, including his long trousers, packed some older clothes for mucking about in and his washing kit and cycled over to Charlie’s house. Jeremy Sadler was already there, also smartly dressed in long trousers – like Jordan, he was even wearing a tie. Charlie was wearing his shorts and ankle socks as usual.

After lunch Mrs Barnett took Jordan to one side, gave him the telephone number of the hotel, reminded him that Mrs Batley next door would help in an emergency, and told him that Charlie had to be in bed at eight o’clock as usual, and that he was to have a bath before going to bed. Jordan assured her solemnly that he’d take care of it.

The three boys watched the Barnett’s car drive away and then Charlie jumped into the air and shouted ‘Yippee! Now we can have some fun – and today there isn’t even any washing up to do, either. What are we going to do?”

Let’s learn about sex,” said Jeremy, straight away.

Oh, we’ve got ages for that. We can do it this evening,” said Jordan. “Let’s go out and play outdoors while the weather’s nice. Have you brought any old clothes, Jeremy?”

Jeremy had, so he and Jordan changed into jeans and old shirts. Charlie said, predictably, that he didn’t have any jeans, but he had a pair of old shorts he wore to play in the garden, so he put those on, together with an older tee shirt. Then they went downstairs.

Have you got a key to the front door?” Jordan asked, but Charlie shook his head.

Mummy’s always here when I get home, so I don’t need one,” he said. “And if anything happened and she had to go out, Mrs Batley’s got a spare key.”

Well, I suppose we could ask her… but maybe we can use the back door instead.” Jordan led them through to the kitchen and found that the back door did indeed have its key, a Chubb type, in the lock, so he led them out into the garden, locked the door and put the key in his pocket.

Why are you locking the door?” asked Charlie. “We’re only going to be in the garden, aren’t we?”

No, I thought we’d go and explore the woods,” said Jordan, pointing at the trees beyond the back fence.

But I’m not supposed to go out of the garden on my own.”

You’re not on your own, you’ve got your big brother with you. Come on.” And Jordan climbed over the fence and strode off into the wood. Jeremy followed him, and that left Charlie with little choice but to tag along.

But once in the wood he relaxed a bit, and soon they were having fun, climbing trees, chasing each other, playing war games and wrestling. Jordan didn’t know Jeremy Sadler very well, but quickly decided that he liked him: the boy was absolutely fearless, scampering up tall trees without a second thought, jumping across a wide stream that even Jordan baulked at, and hurling himself into wrestling matches enthusiastically. And after a bit this rubbed off on Charlie so that even he began to play like a normal kid instead of a cosseted mummy’s boy.

After a couple of hours the sky darkened, and then it started to rain. None of them was really dressed for bad weather, and by the time they had run back to Charlie’s house they were all very wet.

We’d better not trail wet marks through the house,” said Jordan as they stood just inside the kitchen. “Take off everything except your pants, and I’ll go and find some towels.”

He quickly stripped to his underwear and ran off to the bathroom, where he dried himself off. Then he stopped at Charlie’s bedroom and put his smart clothes back on before going back downstairs and handing the other two a towel each. They dried themselves and went and put some dry clothes on, while Jordan spread their wet things out on a clothes horse he found in the kitchen cupboard.

Now what shall we do?” asked Charlie. “We could play some board games if you like.”

Let’s play cards,” suggested Jeremy. “I brought my pack specially.”

Okay,” said Jordan. “What are we going to play?”

Let’s play Strip Pontoon!” said Jeremy, enthusiastically. “Then when one of us is bare Jordan can teach us about sex!”

Okay,” agreed Charlie.

So Jeremy got his cards out, putting on a pair of glasses as he sat down on the carpet.

I need them for reading,” he said. “I suppose it makes us more like brothers: Jordan wears glasses all the time, I wear them some of the time, and Charlie doesn’t wear them at all.”

That would mean that you and Charlie aren’t twins, then,” said Jordan. “Probably you’d be older than him – after all, I’m the oldest, so you need glasses as you get older.”

Okay,” agreed Jeremy straight away. “That makes Charlie my baby brother.”

That’s not fair,” protested Charlie. “I’m really older than Jeremy. He won’t be twelve until next month.”

Actual age isn’t important,” said Jordan. “After all, I won’t be twelve until August, but you’re both happy for me to be your big brother. Anyway, Charlie, he’s taller than you, and he can beat you in a fight, so it’s only fair to treat him as older. But don’t worry, I’ll treat you both fairly. Who’s going to deal?”

They cut for it, and Charlie dealt, and the game progressed steadily. Jeremy got more and more excited as clothes were removed, and Charlie got more and more nervous every time he had to take something off. But he didn’t have to worry, because Jeremy lost his final piece of clothing while Charlie was still in his shorts.

I’m not taking them off!” announced Jeremy, gripping the waistband of his dark blue underpants firmly. “You’ll have to make me!”

Come on, Charlie, we can’t let him get away with that,” said Jordan, throwing himself on top of Jeremy and grabbing his wrists. He got the other boy onto his back and prised his grip free from his underwear.

Pull them off him, Charlie!” he instructed, and Charlie grabbed the pants and started to pull them down. Jeremy squealed and wriggled, giggling, but slowly the pants came down until his penis sprang free: it was about three inches long and extremely stiff, quivering as he continued to struggle. Charlie stared at it excitedly.

It’s all hard,” he commented. “Come on, Jordan, you promised to tell us why that happens.”

Okay,” agreed Jordan. “Did you keep a note of when it happened to you like I asked you to?”

Charlie nodded. “It’s hidden in my bedroom,” he said.

Let’s go upstairs, then.”

By now Jeremy had stopped struggling and happily followed Charlie upstairs, even though he was completely naked except for his glasses. He and Jordan sat on Charlie’s bed while Charlie went and rummaged in a cupboard, emerging with a small notebook.

I think I remembered to write it down most times,” he said. “It happens when I wake up quite a lot for some reason. I suppose I have naughty dreams or something.”

Can you remember any of them?” asked Jordan.

No,” said Charlie, blushing heavily and looking away.

I think you can. Come on, Charlie, we’re your brothers – you shouldn’t tell lies to us. You know you can trust us, don’t you?”

Well… there’s only one. It happened just after you came last time – I dreamed we were at school, and we were getting changed for PE, and you saw that I’d peed in my pants a little. And you said I’d have to be punished. And I wanted to run away, but I couldn’t move – and then I realised that my pants had vanished and I didn’t have anything on, and all the boys in the class were looking at me. And you came and put me over your lap to spank me… and I woke up, and found that it was all hard. I don’t know why, because that isn’t really a good dream at all, is it? I’d hate the boys at school to see me undressed.”

Dreams are weird,” said Jeremy. “I have some really strange ones – like sometimes I just sort of float away off the ground. That’s nice to start with, but it gets scary because I can’t control it, and I just float higher and higher…that’s when I wake up. It doesn’t make my willy stick up, though – but sometimes it does happen when I’m in bed.”

Me, too,” said Charlie. “It happened last night when I was thinking about you two coming to stay, but I don’t know why.”

When else has it happened?” Jordan asked him.

Charlie consulted his notebook. “Three times when I’ve been watching television – just ordinary programmes, nothing to do with sex. And four times in class, though maybe that’s because my shorts are a bit too tight. And twice on the bus on the way home. And it happened just now in the woods when we were wrestling, too.”

And to me,” admitted Jeremy.

Okay,” said Jordan. “Well, I don’t know why it happens so much, but… well… Jeremy, lie on your back a moment.”

Jeremy did that, and Jordan started to stroke his erection for him. It twitched and jerked, and Jeremy giggled as he looked at it.

Feel it,” Jordan said to Charlie. “It’s okay, you’ll be having a bath soon, so you needn’t worry about germs.”

Yes, but... well, we shouldn’t. It’s dirty, doing stuff like this.”

Yes, but it’s fun, too. Go on, Charlie, see what it feels like.”

Slowly Charlie put out a finger and prodded Jeremy’s erection, which quivered.

Feel it properly, like this,” said Jordan, stroking it again. “He likes that – don’t you, Jeremy?”

Yes, it’s nice,” agreed the naked boy.

Charlie took hold and let it slip through his fingers, and Jeremy gave a groan of pleasure.

That feels really good, Charlie,” he said. “Don’t stop.”

Charlie looked uncertain, but stoked it for a few more seconds before letting go and wiping his hand on his shorts.

Now,” said Jordan, caressing Jeremy’s balls instead. “Do either of you know what these are for?”

They didn’t, so carefully he explained the basic mechanics of sex, what went where and why the penis had to go stiff in order to get in. His audience was fascinated.

But I don’t want to make a girl have a baby – in fact, I can’t stand girls,” said Jeremy. “So why does mine keep sticking up?”

Maybe we’ll start liking girls when we get older, and our things are just sort of practising for then,” Jordan told him. “But you can do some sex things with boys, too, so you don’t have to wait until you start liking girls to try stuff out.”

Really? What kind of things?” asked Jeremy, his eyes shining.

Well… look, obviously we’re not supposed to do any sex stuff at our age, so you’d have to swear not to tell anyone.”

I swear,” said Jeremy immediately.

Me, too,” agreed Charlie.

Okay. Well, you saw what some of the boys were doing to the third-year boy behind the rifle range, didn’t you?”

You mean when they put their willies into his bum?” asked Jeremy.

That’s right. Well, that’s how you fuck a boy, and it’s supposed to feel as nice as fucking a girl – in fact some people think it’s better.”

But we couldn’t do that to each other,” objected Jeremy. “It must really hurt, having it done to you. The third-year boy hated it. I’d never let anyone do that to me.”

It doesn’t hurt if you’re careful. It was more because he was embarrassed and ashamed that Osterley was crying, not because it hurt. Actually, it doesn’t hurt that much, and sometimes it even feels nice having it done.”

How do you know? Has someone done it to you?”

God, no. But I’ve done it to Larkin a few times, and he says it doesn’t hurt – and the last time I did it to him it even made him go hard. I think if you were to do it with a friend, and if you were really careful and gentle, it might feel quite nice.”

You think?” asked Jeremy, looking thoroughly unconvinced.

Yes. But you don’t have to do that straight away – if I keep stroking yours for you it’ll make you feel nice, too. Do you want me to show you?”

Go on, then.”

So Jordan started to masturbate Jeremy slowly, and Jeremy writhed around on the bed gasping and groaning and saying how nice it felt while Charlie stared at them, his own tiny penis rock-hard inside his shorts. Slowly Jordan speeded up, and Jeremy’s wriggling and gasping got more pronounced, until in the end he bucked up hard against Jordan’s hand and gave a high cry as the feeling swept over him.

Wow, Charlie, that’s incredible,” he said as he recovered. “You’ve got to try that. So is that what proper sex feels like?”

Proper sex is better,” said Jordan. “But this isn’t bad. Come on, Charlie, your turn.”

I don’t want to.”

Yes, you do. Come on, I’ve seen you before, and Jeremy’s your best friend, so we’re not going to tease you. It isn’t very big,” he added to Jeremy, “but there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Come on, Charlie, it feels really, really good,” said Jeremy. “And Jordan’s right: I’m not going to tease you.”

It took a bit more persuasion, but eventually Charlie was talked into removing the rest of his clothes. His erection had subsided while he was arguing, so his penis was really tiny and soft when it first appeared, and Jordan could see that Jeremy was having to bite his tongue to stop himself from commenting on it.

They made him lie on his back between them, and then they both started caressing his body, taking it in turns to work on the little penis until it was fully erect, and then Jordan showed Jeremy how to rub his friend. And after a bit Charlie decided that this wasn’t so bad after all. They worked away at him for a while until Jordan thought he was getting close, and then he stopped to see what would happen.

Oh, please keep going,” begged Charlie. “That feels really, really good…”

So Jordan started working again, and this time he kept going even when Charlie began to look nervous.

I’m going to wee on myself,” he said, trying to get up.

No, you’re not,” said Jordan. “It just feels that way. Trust me, and try to hold it back – it’ll make the feeling better.”

He slowed right down so as to prolong Charlie’s struggle, because the way the little boy gasped and writhed and squeaked and wriggled looked so funny. He was able to hold it back for a really long time, but eventually the dam gave way and he convulsed with a high-pitched squeal. Jordan held the little penis tightly until the boy’s orgasm was finally over, and then he let go and looked at Charlie’s face.

Was that nice?” he asked.

That was brilliant, Jordan. You’re the best big brother ever,” Charlie told him. “But… look, I need to go to the toilet. Wait here – I’ll be back in a moment.”

I’ll give you a piggy-back,” said Jordan, hoisting the smaller boy onto his back. Charlie looked uncertain, but then seemed to realise that Jordan had seen him in the loo before, and at that point his relaxed. Or at least, he relaxed until Jordan said, “Come on, Jeremy.”

But… he can’t come!” protested Charlie.

Yes, he can. We’re your brothers, after all. And I expect he needs a pee himself – don’t you, Jeremy?”

Well, yes, actually.”

Good. Come on, then.”

He carried the naked Charlie into the bathroom, and Jeremy, who hadn’t bothered to put on anything more than his pants, followed them in.

You go first,” Jordan invited Jeremy, hoping he’d judged the boy correctly. And he had: Jeremy pushed his pants to his ankles, lifted the toilet seat, took hold of himself and started to pee.

See, Charlie? Jeremy knows he can trust us, even when he’s doing really personal stuff. And you can trust him, too – can’t he, Jeremy?”

Of course he can,” said Jeremy, shaking himself off. “He’s my best friend – and my little brother now, too.”

Good. Because Charlie’s very shy about this.”

He doesn’t need to be,” Jeremy assured him, pulling up his pants.

I keep telling him that. Go on, then, Charlie, the toilet’s all yours.”

But… can’t you wait outside? Please?”

You know I can’t, Charlie – I explained that last time. Now, sit down and get on with it. Jeremy’s going to get upset if he thinks you can’t trust him.”

Reluctantly Charlie sat on the seat and began to pee, and once he was committed Jordan came and sat on the floor in front of him.

Charlie doesn’t like to touch himself,” Jordan said. “He’s worried about germs. But the problem is that if he doesn’t touch himself he can’t get rid of the last drips, and then his pants get wet, and probably smelly. But because he’s my brother and I don’t want anyone laughing at him I’ve promised to help, and it would be good if you could as well…”

Oh, no, he doesn’t need…” said Charlie, writhing with shame and blushing like a tomato.

No, but I’m sure he’d want to help,” said Jordan. “That’s what friends are for. Okay, finished, Charlie?”

Still blushing, Charlie gave a short nod.

Okay, come here, Jeremy,” said Jordan, taking hold of Charlie’s little soft member. “When he’s finished, whichever of us is helping him squeezes out the last drops, like this,” (he pulled the little organ and shook it a couple of times), “then if there’s any toilet paper we can dry him off a bit like this,” (and he took a piece of paper and wiped the tip of the humiliated boy‘s foreskin), “and then he won’t stain his pants and nobody will tease him. You won’t mind helping sometimes, will you?”

Not at all,” said Jeremy at once – he liked seeing Charlie naked, and this would allow him to do that frequently.

See? And he won’t ever tell anyone about it, either – will you, Jeremy?”

Of course not!”

Good. Now, Jeremy and I are going to wash our hands… actually, you’d better wash yours, too, because you touched Jeremy earlier, didn’t you? Come on, then.”

The three boys jostled each other for a place in front of the washbasin, and by the time they’d all managed to wash their hands Charlie was feeling a bit less embarrassed, even though he was naked and the other two at least had pants on.

When they were finished Jordan gave Charlie another piggy-back, but instead of taking him back to his bedroom he carried him downstairs and pretended that he was going to take him out into the garden. Charlie squealed and pleaded, and at the last minute Jordan diverted to the living room instead and put Charlie down on the sofa. Jeremy came and sat on the other side, and between them they tickled the naked boy into submission.

What shall we do now?” asked Jeremy.

Can I go and get dressed?” asked Charlie.

What do you think, Jeremy – should we let him?” asked Jordan.

No, let’s keep him all bare.”

But after teasing Charlie for a minute or so they all went back upstairs and got dressed again, and afterwards they came back to the living room and watched television for a while – there was a film on that kept them interested for a couple of hours. Charlie started by cuddling up against Jordan, as he had done on Jordan’s previous visit, but by the end of the film he was alternating between his two ‘brothers’, now sitting on Jordan’s lap, now lying on the sofa with his head on Jeremy’s lap. Jordan kept them all supplied with lemonade through the film, and after it had finished he went to the kitchen to get tea ready. Charlie said he had to go to the toilet, and when Jordan told Jeremy to go and help Charlie didn’t really argue against it, especially when Jeremy offered him a piggy-back ride upstairs, and he didn’t seem too unhappy when they came back down afterwards, either.

Jordan brought the sandwiches and cakes that Mrs Barnett had left for them through to the living room, and afterwards Charlie immediately volunteered to do the washing up – clearly he didn’t want to risk another spanking. So they left him in the kitchen with his hands in the sink while Jordan took Jeremy out into the hall where they could talk without Charlie hearing them.

You don’t mind doing that toilet thing with him, do you?” asked Jordan.

God, no – it’s sort of fun.”

It is, isn’t it? I mean, I like Charlie, but he’s such a baby sometimes – don’t you think?”

Jeremy shrugged. “He is pretty childish sometimes, but I suppose that’s mostly his mum’s fault for never letting him do anything. He’s a good friend – he always shares his sweets and stuff with me, so I don’t mind if he acts a bit young sometimes.”

So you don’t mind us teasing him a bit?”

No, it’s fun. But… I don’t want to do anything to upset him at school, or anything. It’s different when it’s just us – then I don’t mind us teasing him and undressing him and stuff. But we mustn’t let anyone else make fun of him. That would be nasty.”

I agree. Just when we’re on our own. But then I think we should treat him as our little brother – like he’s about eight years old, say?”

His willy’s too small for eight. Maybe about three?”

True – but I think eight is fairer. So we supervise him whenever he’s in the bath, or on the toilet, or anything else like that, okay?”

Definitely! Are we going to help him on the toilet at school as well?”

If we can. He’s got this really silly idea that he can’t touch his willy without getting covered in germs, so he’ll let us do it all the time once he gets used to it. I think we should try to find ways to make it funnier for us – making him wear a nappy, or something, or sitting on a potty to do his business.”

Jeremy spluttered with laughter. “We couldn’t do that at school, though – it would be too cruel.”

I suppose not. Still, perhaps we can think of some other stuff to do at school – but I agree that we should keep it just the three of us. It wouldn’t be fair to let the others laugh at him.”

Okay. Er, Jordan… if you’re our big brother and Charlie’s eight – how old are you going to treat me?”

What do you think would be fair?”

Well, eleven – I mean, I actually am eleven and I don’t act at all babyish – do I?”

No, not at all. But I’m supposed to be your big brother, and I’m only eleven.”

Yes, but you act more grown up. Suppose we said that when the three of us are being brothers you could be thirteen, I’m eleven and Charlie’s eight. Would that be okay?”

Jordan liked that idea: the thought that he was already acting like a teenager, at least as far as Jeremy and Charlie were concerned, pleased him immensely.

Okay,” he said. “Maybe we could let Charlie be nine, and then there would be two years between me and you and two years between you and him. That would be fairer, don’t you think?”

Okay,” agreed Jeremy. “So… if you’re older than me, does that mean you’re going to supervise me in my bath and stuff too? I mean, not the toilet – you’ve seen I don’t need that, and that is sort of embarrassing. But I wouldn’t mind you checking to see if I’ve washed behind my ears and stuff.”

If I find you haven’t I’d have to spank you,” Jordan warned him.

Jeremy giggled. “You wouldn’t,” he said.

I would, too. Ask Charlie – I spanked him last time I baby-sat for him. And I did it properly, too: it made him cry.”

Jeremy was silent, wondering what that would feel like. He’d never been spanked, but he thought that maybe having Jordan do it to him might be sort of interesting.

Come on, we’d better go and help with the drying up,” said Jordan, heading back for the kitchen. Jeremy followed him, thinking that this game of brothers was going to be fun, and that being the middle brother might be the most fun of all.

On checking the Radio Times they found that there was another film on that evening that wasn’t due to finish until half-past nine. Charlie begged and pleaded to be allowed to watch it, and Jordan agreed that they could all stay up as long as they had both had their bath first. Charlie went first, and once again Jordan bathed him, though this time with Jeremy watching, and Jordan made sure Jeremy also had a go at washing his baby brother’s bottom and genitals, so that he would be able to do it in future if Jordan himself wasn’t around. By the time they’d both finished washing him Charlie’s small erection was painfully stiff once more.

They sent him off to get his pyjamas on while Jordan bathed Jeremy and that was a lot of fun, because while Charlie was still shy and embarrassed at being bathed, Jeremy loved it, insisting that his private parts needed more washing and splashing Jordan when he tried to move on elsewhere. Jordan threatened him with a spanking, and Jeremy just grinned and splashed him some more, until eventually Jordan said that was it, he’d had enough. He made Jeremy get out of the bath and dry himself, and then took him through to the bedroom, where Charlie was obediently waiting for them.

Jeremy’s been really disobedient, and he’s getting spanked,” he told Charlie. “And I’m going to let you watch, just to embarrass him. And I’m not letting him put his pyjamas on – he’ll have to come and watch the film bare.”

Brilliant!” enthused Charlie. “Are you going to really spank him, Jordan, like you did me?”

Yes, he needs to know he can’t cheek me like that in future. Let’s see, how can we do this…”

There was a hard-backed chair where Charlie sat to do his homework, and Jordan positioned it beside the bed and pulled Jeremy over his knee, his feet trapped between the chair and the bed so that he couldn’t kick out. Then he pulled Jeremy’s hands up behind his back and told Charlie to hang on to his wrists.

Jeremy… this is going to hurt, okay? I’m serious. Are you sure you don’t want to apologise?”

Jeremy really wanted to know what this would feel like, so he just made a rude noise, and so Jordan started to spank him. And it hurt, more than Jeremy could have imagined: soon his bum felt as if it was on fire. He struggled and wriggled to no avail, and soon each blow was eliciting a cry of pain, and by the seventh blow his eyes were watering, and by the tenth he was howling like a baby. Jordan gave him twelve and then let him stand up, and he hopped about, clutching his bum with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Jordan was a bit worried that he might have overdone this, and that must have shown in his face, because Jeremy put his arms round him and hugged him.

S… sorry, b… big brother,” he stammered. “I w… won’t be ch… ch… cheeky again, I p… promise.”

Jordan hugged him back. “Are you sure you’re not mad at me?” he said.

Jeremy shook his head. “I deserved it,” he said. “Of course I’m not m… mad at you.”

Good. Then let’s go and watch telly.”

This time the naked Jeremy sat in the middle, between the fully-dressed Jordan and the pyjama-clad Charlie, cuddling both of them and occasionally digging Jordan in the ribs to provoke a response. Jordan’s response was to give Jeremy an erection and then to tease it for the next half hour or so.

Once the film was over they tidied up and went upstairs.

Mummy says you and Jeremy can use the bed in her room,” Charlie said. “It’s better than sleeping on the floor. Except… well… it’s a really big bed – do you think we could all sleep together? That way I wouldn’t be left on my own.”

Okay,” agreed Jordan, once he had seen how big the bed in Charlie’s parents’ room was. “We’ll have to mess up your bed a bit, so it looks as if it’s been slept in. Go and get into your own bed to start with. I’ll come and tuck you in, and then when you’ve wriggled about a bit it’ll look as if you’ve been in it all night.”

So he tucked Charlie in, read him the next chapter of ‘The Hobbit’, and then moved him (and his teddy-bear) to his parents’ bed. Jeremy got in with him, still bare.

Aren’t you going to put your pyjamas on?” asked Jordan.

I don’t think I deserve them,” said Jeremy.

Well… okay, but we’ll have to crinkle your pyjamas up so they look as if they’ve been slept in, or your mum will ask questions. So, you two lie there and behave, and I’ll go and check the doors are locked and everything’s put away, and then I’ll come and join you.”

So he had a last look round downstairs and then went back to Charlie’s room and changed into his pyjamas. He went and had a pee, cleaned his teeth, checked that all the lights in the house were out and went to the main bedroom, to find that his ‘brothers’ were sleeping at the sides of the bed.

You’re in the middle,” Jeremy told him.

So he turned the light out and climbed in between them, and they snuggled up to him.

You know something?” said Jeremy, sleepily. “I like having brothers.”

Me, too,” said Charlie.

Even when I spank you?” he asked them.

Even then,” said Jeremy. “But I won’t make you do that too often.”

Jordan woke up next morning to find Charlie cuddled up close against him, his teddy-bear trapped between them. Jordan wriggled the other way a little and found Jeremy sprawled on his back, taking up at least half the bed. Jordan lifted the covers and looked in, and saw that Jeremy had a solid morning erection – as Jordan did himself, come to that. He couldn’t tell if Charlie did as well because his youngest ‘brother’ was curled up on his side. Gently he shook Jeremy awake, making ‘shhh!’ gestures to him as soon as he surfaced.

Time to get up,” he said. “Try not to wake Charlie up, though: little boys need more sleep than big boys like us.”

Jeremy rolled out of bed, apparently unconcerned by his excited state, and so when Jordan got out after him he made no attempt to hide the bulge in his pyjamas, either.

You, too, I see,” commented Jeremy.

Come on,” said Jordan, “let’s go and wash. We’ll get Charlie up when it’s time for breakfast.”

So they went to the bathroom, and as soon as he got a chance Jeremy pulled Jordan’s pyjama bottoms down, allowing his semi-hard penis to spring free.

Wow, you’re big, aren’t you?” said Jeremy. “I thought it looked big the night you… you know, fucked the third-year boy, but it looks even bigger close to.”

If you pull my trousers down like that again, maybe I’ll fuck you, too,” Jordan threatened.

Jeremy looked at him. “What you said last night,” he said. “About it not always hurting, I mean, and maybe even feeling nice… well… if you did do it to me, you’d try not to hurt me, wouldn’t you?”

Do you think I should do it to you?”

Well… you’re my big brother, and I obviously didn’t learn my lesson last night even though you spanked me, or I wouldn’t have pulled your trousers down… so maybe I should have a worse punishment. Except… could we do it some other time, when Charlie isn’t around?”

I expect so. But maybe I ought to let him watch you being punished, so he sees what happens to naughty boys. Or maybe not… after all, maybe if he’s naughty we might both have to do it to him…”

Jeremy looked at him and grinned. “That might be fun… but only if he agrees, okay?” he said. “And if it hurts me, I won’t let you do it to him. He’s smaller than me and I have to protect him.”

You’re a good brother, then. Come on, let’s finish up here and then go and get breakfast ready.”

So they washed and dressed and went and started preparing breakfast, setting the table, getting some toast in the toaster and so on. After a bit Jordan left Jeremy minding the toaster while he went back upstairs to get Charlie up. He woke him up gently, and then picked him up and carried him back to his own room, putting him down on the bed.

Take your pyjamas off and put them under the pillow and then come through to the bathroom and get washed,” he said. “Jeremy’s getting breakfast ready, so don’t take too long.”

When Charlie came into the bathroom completely naked Jordan knew he’d moved the other boy’s training along that bit further, and when Charlie just sat straight on the toilet without hesitation and began to pee, it simply confirmed it. Jordan squeezed the last drops out and dried the tip, and then washed his hands while Charlie waited patiently for his turn at the wash-basin. And when Charlie had finished his ablutions he came and showed Jordan that his hands were clean and his teeth brushed without even being asked.

By the time Charlie’s parents came home the beds had been made, the washing up done, the kitchen tidied and the whole house was looking as neat as it had done the previous night. They found the three boys in their tidy clothes sitting on the sofa and watching television together, and Mrs Barnett was delighted. She gave Jordan his baby-sitting money and told him she would have no hesitation in asking him to come round and look after Charlie any time she was going out.

Jordan cycled home happily: not only was Charlie apparently now completely prepared to act as an obedient little brother, but Jeremy had actually more or less volunteered to be fucked, offering yet another way for him to enjoy sex. Life, he thought, was good.

On Wednesday of the following week he and Garrett went to visit Philip Baxter-Cauldwell and found a totally submissive boy who eagerly showed Garrett the work he had been doing over the Easter weekend, and who swore he’d do whatever it took if he could have the chain removed. Once Garrett had confirmed that some decent work had been done Jordan ordered Philip to strip naked and lie on his bed, and once he had, albeit reluctantly, obeyed he tied his wrists and ankles firmly to the headboard and legs of the bed and sat down beside him. He produced a small key, undid the padlock and removed the chain, and Philip gave a gasp of relief. Jordan examined the chain and the padlock carefully but could find no other trace of interference with either.

Next, and to Philip’s dismay, he started checking the older boy’s genitals to make sure that the chain hadn’t actually damaged the skin, but Philip’s thick pubic hair seemed to have provided just enough padding. Of course, Philip hadn’t been able to masturbate for over a week, and Jordan handling his balls looking for signs of damage was all it took: to his immense shame he started to get an erection.

Leave me alone!” he cried, but the damage was done, and steadily his penis grew to its full length of about six and a quarter inches.

Not bad,” said Jordan, appraisingly. “So, do you want me to rub it for you?”

What?! No, of course I don’t, you fucking pervert!”

Okay, suit yourself. Only the longer you go without emptying your balls, the more often it’s going to get hard, and the more it’ll hurt. Just don’t say I didn’t offer. Now, we’ll give you a few minutes to relax… well, after I’ve taken the photo you can relax, anyway,” (and he pulled out the camera and took another photo – this one was of course worse because in this one Philip was fully erect).

They left him alone while Garrett had a go on Philip’s guitar – he could play a bit, but not really very well – and after about ten minutes they saw that Philip’s erection had subsided, so – despite the older boy’s panicked struggles – Jordan put the chain back on.

Okay, next check next week,” Jordan said, tucking the key into his pocket. “Two points: don’t think you can grab me at school and get the key back, because I won’t have it with me, and it won’t be anywhere at school, either, unless I give it to Garrett to look after. And if you do try something like that we’ll be back with the superglue, okay? Second point, I meant what I said before: as long as you play the game and keep working, we won’t tell a soul about this, and nobody will see the photos, either. So it’s up to you: work hard and nobody will know what’s happened. Don’t, and your balls will ache for weeks, okay?”

And they untied his feet and his left hand and left him to it.


Well, in Fielding's world everything is progressing smoothly, it would seem. But will the regime change at school drag him under with the Rat? The next chapter will go some way towards answering that question.....

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