The White Rat – Chapter Fourteen

In this chapter we’ll see David starting to find out what can happen when a bunch of horny kids are free to amuse themselves with him in any way they want. And we’ll also see Jordan trying out one or two new things with his tame fifth-year slave…


David didn’t have a clock in his attic, and his watch was in the pocket of his shorts, and so was safely locked away in Molly’s wardrobe, so he had no idea what time it was when the light came on the following morning. The hatch opened within ten seconds of the light coming on and Joe climbed into the attic, still wearing his pyjamas.

You don’t have to get up yet,” Joe told him. “Tim’s friend Mark is coming over for breakfast, so you can have a bit of a lie-in until he gets here. But I thought you’d be lonely on your own, so I decided to come and keep you company. So, the first question is, is your little wee-wee all hard this morning?”

It was, and David tried to keep the sleeping-bag over him to hide the fact, but Joe pulled it off him fairly easily and then grabbed David’s wrists and pulled his hands away from his groin.

Thought so,” said Joe. “You just can’t control it at all, can you? Okay, move over.”

He pushed David to the far side of the mattress and lay down beside him, and then he began flicking David’s little erection, which was painful, and which also served to make it even harder.

I’ve been thinking of ways to stop you playing with this all the time,” said Joe, now pulling the erection downwards and letting go, so that it sprang back to its starting position. “I thought we could tie your hands behind your back before you go to sleep. I bet that would work. But it might be a bit uncomfortable. Or we could get one of those security cameras they use in shops and keep it pointed at you all night, so if you tried to fiddle with yourself we’d be able to see you. Except I bet they’re expensive, and even if we raided your savings we wouldn’t have enough. Of course, I could just force you to swear not to, and then make you put your hand on the Bible every morning and own up if you did – but I can’t trust you to tell the truth, even on the Bible. So, what are we going to do with you?”

I give up,” said David, sourly.

I suppose we could just cut it right off,” mused Joe, now tickling the tip of David’s foreskin and making his erection quiver. “Except then we couldn’t make fun of how small it is. Or we could cut your hands off, but then you wouldn’t be able to do all the housework for us. No, I reckon what we’ll have to do is to torture this little thing really badly – cut it a few times, stub some cigarettes out on it, that sort of thing. Then it would hurt far too badly if you tried rubbing it. I’ll suggest it to Tim later on.”

David wasn’t sure if he was serious, but by now he could believe that these horrible kids might just do something that bad to him.

Don’t,” he said, trying to control the tremble in his voice. “Please, Joe.”

I like making you beg,” said Joe. “What happened to the snobby little bastard who called us a load of Irish oiks, then?”

I’m sorry about that.”

No, you’re not, I can hear it in your voice. You still hate us, and you’d beat us up if you could. Except you can’t, ‘cos we’re in charge now. So, you’re nearly fifteen: let’s see if anything comes out of your baby wee-wee when you get all worked up.”

And Joe took hold of the small hard penis between finger and thumb and started to rub it.

Leave me alone!” cried David in outrage, trying to pull Joe’s hand away, but Joe just twisted his penis agonisingly.

Put your hands above your head, and keep them there,” ordered Joe, twisting again when David was slow to respond. David put his hands up, and Joe started masturbating him again.

Please, Joe, don’t,” he begged, but Joe just grinned at him.

I bet you don’t want me to find out you haven’t got any spunk,” he said. “Well, tough, ‘cos I’m going to.”

He went on rubbing steadily. David was absolutely mortified, and he realised that this must be how Osterley had felt when it had been done to him: something that was supposed to make you feel good was being done instead to mock and humiliate you, and although the physical sensation was still quite nice, this was far outweighed by the fact that, not only was it being done to him by another boy – which was disgusting enough on its own – but it was also being done by a much younger boy whom he hated. But there was nothing he could do about it: he could feel the moment approaching, and his body was betraying him by writhing about and thrusting against Joe’s hand.

Is little Gerbil getting all excited?” taunted Joe. “Then maybe we should wait for a bit. I wouldn’t want to spoil it by letting it happen to you before you’ve had time to enjoy it.” And he let go. “I bet if I’m careful I can keep doing this to you for hours without letting it happen to you. Shall we find out?”

David gritted his teeth and said nothing. Joe waited a couple of minutes and started again, though once more he stopped before David got too close.

After maybe fifteen minutes of this stop-start routine David had had enough.

Look, just fucking leave me alone!” he shouted, flailing out but not managing to connect.

Joe gave him a short hard punch in the ribs, and David gasped in pain and clutched at his side.

Tut, tut, naughty little Gerbil!” said Joe. “For that I’m definitely going to punish you later on. Now put your arms above your head again – and if you can’t behave I’ll tie you up.”

Cowed by his aching ribs, David complied, and Joe started playing with him again. David felt sick: he’d never been touched like this by another boy, and he never wanted to be again, either; but Joe was obviously thoroughly enjoying himself, and it seemed likely that he’d have to go through this again, and again…

Joe still wouldn’t let him finish, stopping every time he thought David was getting too close, and it was driving David mad: his penis was sore by now, and the frustration was almost making him cry. And then he heard Tim’s voice from the room below.

Up here,” called Joe.

Tim scrambled up the ladder into the attic, followed – and this made David’s heart sink – by Mark Sherwood.

Hello, Rat,” Sherwood greeted him. “You’re lucky – I was going to bring Ally McMillan with me, but he was going out, so he couldn’t come. Why’s he still in bed, Tim?”

“’Cos he’s lazy,” said Joe. “I’ve been teasing him a bit – come and have a look at this little tiny thing he’s got.”

Mark had seen David naked several times by now, but never with an erection, and he thought it was really funny. “Is that really as big as it gets?” he asked. “It looks tiny. How big is it?”

About an inch and three-quarters,” Joe told him. “Do you want to see him get excited? I bet he can’t make anything come out…”

And Joe started wanking the tiny organ again, only this time it was clear that he wasn’t going to stop. David made a frantic effort to drag Joe’s hand away, but Tim grabbed his arms and pulled them back over his head, and for good measure Sherwood grabbed his ankles so that he couldn’t kick. David wriggled and struggled, but he was held firm.

Stop!” he cried. “Leave me alone, you little bastard! Don’t… oh, shit… let go of me!”

But Joe just ignored him, and the other two watched with interest as David fought to hold back his orgasm, gasping, tensing his muscles, curling his toes and desperately trying to break free… and then he bucked hard, thrusting up involuntarily against Joe’s hand and letting out a high-pitched squeal as it got too much for him. Joe squeezed and slowed down as David first went rigid and then relaxed again, gasping, tears of shame leaking from his eyes.

Told you,” said Joe, touching his finger to the tip of David’s completely dry foreskin. “Nearly fifteen, and he hasn’t got any spunk at all. What a complete baby!”

Get yourself downstairs, Gerbil,” ordered Tim, letting go of David’s wrists. “Molly’s waiting, and there’s a lot of work for you to do after breakfast.”

David stumbled to the hatch and climbed down the ladder, and as he went he heard Mark asking Tim what Joe was talking about, and Tim beginning to answer him. But he couldn’t wait to listen, because he knew that if he kept Molly waiting he’d be in big trouble. He found her lying on her bed reading a comic.

You’re late, Gerbil,” she told him.

Joe wouldn’t let me come down before.”

I’ll check,” she warned him. “Anyway, get yourself in the bathroom, or breakfast will be cold before we get downstairs.”

He needed a pee, but he was pretty certain that Sherwood would be coming to watch in a minute, and he was determined not to do it in front of the first-year boy. So instead he put some water in the basin and started to wash his face. As usual, Molly wasn’t satisfied with his first efforts and made him do it again, and today she demanded that he take a face flannel and wash round his private parts.

You’ll probably have a bath later,” she told him, “but you haven’t got time for a shower now, so you’d better just wash it so it doesn’t get all stinky.”

He was still doing it when the three-boy audience came into the bathroom, and hearing them snorting with laughter as Molly ordered him to wash his “wee-wee” again was deeply embarrassing.

Finally she was satisfied and let him move on to brushing his teeth, and after that she took him back into his room and handed him a pair of cut-off jeans.

Where are my pants?” he asked. “And my shirt?”

You don’t need a shirt, it’s nice and warm. And you don’t need pants, either – like I said, you’ll be having a bath later on, and there’s no point in using up two clean pairs of pants in the same day. You only need the shorts.”

But… look, I can’t go without pants! I mean, people will be able to see up the leg of my jeans.”

It won’t do them any good without a microscope,” commented Tim. The others spluttered with laughter.

He’s right,” said Molly. You don’t need anything else.”

But… look, it’s not fair! I mean…”

You can give them back if you don’t like them,” said Molly. “But if you do, you’ll be spending the day all bare. Now go down to breakfast, or I’ll get Joe to beat you up.”

So, barefoot and wearing nothing but a pair of Tim’s old cut-offs, David went down to breakfast, followed by the others. Mrs Devlin didn’t make any comment about his costume, just serving him breakfast along with everyone else, and then checking her list and seeing that it was his turn to do the drying up today while Joe washed. He’d learned by now not to argue, just to do the jobs he was given, so he followed Joe through to the kitchen and did the drying up as he had been ordered.

They went back upstairs and sat down in Joe’s room.

I’ve got a list of jobs that need doing here,” said Tim, pulling a piece of paper from his pocket. “You’ll need to dust, tidy and vacuum Molly’s room, and Joe’s, and you’ll need to vacuum mine. You’d better sweep your room out, too – you can’t use the vacuum up there, the lead isn’t long enough. Then you need to clean the bathroom and scrub the toilet… I think that’ll do for now. After lunch there’s some stuff that needs doing in the garden. But before any of that, you were extremely rude to me last night, and you tried to steal stuff from my room.”

He swore at me this morning, too,” said Joe. “Lots of times. And he tried to hit me.”

Right, then I think we should punish you before you start work,” said Tim. “Go and bring the table down from the attic.”

Oh, no, please,” begged David. “I’m sorry about last night… but it was my bank book, and I thought… well…”

I know, you thought you could run away and leave us having to look after this place of yours on our own,” said Tim. “Sorry, I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen. Now go and get the table, and then I’ll show you the present that Mark brought for you.”

Reluctantly David went back up the ladder and brought the table down – he had to pass it down to Tim because he couldn’t manage it on his own. Then they tied him to it tightly, tying his wrists and knees to the table legs and also tying him to the table with a long piece of rope that went over his back just above his buttocks and was then tied tightly under the table.

See if you can move,” Tim told him, so he tried; but, apart from being able to move his feet a little he was completely immobilised.

Now show him what we bought for him,” Tim said to Mark, and Mark nipped back to Tim’s room and returned carrying a riding-crop.

We’re all paying for it – including you,” Tim told David. “I asked Mark to stop off in town and get it for us this morning, and we’ll be dividing up the cost and paying him back later. And, talking of paying someone back… I think you deserve this. Let’s see… attempted theft, rudeness, swearing, trying to hit my brother… I reckon twenty is a nice round number, so that gives us five goes each. So, Molly – ladies first, I think.”

Doesn’t he look funny?” commented Mark, as Molly took the riding crop. ‘You can see right up his bum, look. One of my mates told me that when they had the third-year boy tied up like this, they were going to beat him, too, but before they did a lot of them put their cocks up his arse.”

What third-year boy?”

It’s a kid the Rat here stitched up – he forced a couple of first-years to say this boy had been bullying them when he hadn’t, and then he arranged all sorts of horrible punishments for him. And a couple of times a load of kids in the second year, and some from mine, got the boy round by the assault course, stripped him, whipped him and had sex with him.”

And he hadn’t actually done anything wrong?” asked Tim.

Not unless you count annoying the Rat as doing something wrong.”

God, he really is a total bastard, isn’t he? Okay, Molly, let’s try out the new whip. Off you go.”

Molly gave the riding crop an experimental swish, and it made an interesting sound. Encouraged, she took aim at David’s bum and brought the whip down. It connected with an evil ‘crack!’ and David convulsed and cried out.

Wow, look at that mark,” said Joe. “I bet that hurts. Go on, Molly, give him some more!”

So Molly gave him four more, and each blow made David yell and writhe about. By the time she had finished there were five horizontal red lines across David’s buttocks.

That’s a pretty good whip,” commented Mark. “Maybe I should borrow that for Monday evening.”

No!” David managed to gasp.

Oh, I think we could agree to let Mark borrow it,” said Tim. “Just think, Gerbil, fifty boys giving you three each – I should think there’ll be nothing left of your arse but blood and bones after that. So, who wants to go next? Or maybe… you said they actually put their cocks inside this other kid, Mark? Then perhaps we ought to do that to him, just so he knows what it feels like.”

No!” cried David, struggling frantically but making no impression on his bonds.

Oh, I think we should. Maybe it doesn’t feel as bad when you actually deserve it as it would if you were innocent. So, Gerbil, has anyone ever fucked you before?”

No, of course not! I’m not a bloody pervert!”

We can soon change that. Now, what would be worst for him…? I reckon losing your virginity to a nine-year-old boy would be about as embarrassing as it gets. What about it, Joe? Fancy having a try?”

I dunno. I might catch some nasty disease from him.”

I reckon he’s clean enough – after all, nobody would ever want to do anything with him, so we can be certain he’s a virgin. Go on, Joe, I can’t wait to see his face when he feels it going into him.”

Well… okay, then. What do I do, just push it in him?”

I suppose so. I don’t know anything more about this than you do.”

So Joe threw off his pyjamas, revealing that he was already entirely in the mood to try this.

Hey, that’s not bad,” said Mark, looking at Joe’s groin. “Are you really only nine?”

He won’t be ten till the end of July,” Tim told him. “It certainly shows up our Gerbil, doesn’t it?”

It shows me up, too,” admitted Mark. “I’m not as big as that. Go on, then, Joe – ram it in!”

Joe lined up as best he could – fortunately this was a low table, so his legs were long enough – and shoved. David gave a muffled cry, but it didn’t go in. Joe tried again, and again, but he couldn’t force it in.

There’s a way round this,” said Tim. “Molly, nip down to the kitchen and find us a nice big carrot. We’ll shove that up him and that ought to open the way a bit.”

Molly came back a couple of minutes later with a very large carrot, which Tim took and placed against David’s hole. Then he started to push.

No, wait!” cried David – the idea of that monster carrot going inside him was too dreadful to contemplate, and even though the thought of Joe actually doing it to him was bad, the pain that the carrot would cause was sure to be worse. “You don’t need to use that! There’s an easier way. Just rub some Vaseline or something onto Joe’s thing, and then it’ll be able to slip in easily.”

Really? How do you know?”

Because it’s what the juniors used when they were doing it to Osterley. It helps it to slide in.”

Okay… I’ll go and see if there’s any in the bathroom cupboard.”

There wasn’t, but he realised that pretty much anything that would reduce friction would do equally well, so he grabbed a bottle of shampoo and returned to Joe’s room. He poured a little onto his brother’s erection, tipped a bit onto David’s bum for good measure, and then sat back on the bed with Mark and Molly and watched Joe line up again.

And this time when Joe pushed forward his penis slipped inside fairly easily. Both Joe and David gasped as it went in, but while it was obvious that David wasn’t happy about it, Joe’s face showed that he was in no hurry to end this experiment.

That feels brilliant!” he commented. “It’s all hot and tight. What do I do now?”

Now you pull back a bit and then shove it all the way in again. And then you keep going like that.”

Joe tried that but came back too far and it slipped right out. He pushed it in again and tried once more, but it took him a little while to work out how much he could actually move without slipping out. But once he got it worked out he was able to rock back and forwards steadily.

What’s it like?” asked his brother.

Amazing! It’s… well, I don’t know what it’s like, but it feels magic.”

David, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be enjoying it at all: he was struggling feebly against the ropes binding him to the table and whimpering, and each thrust of Joe’s penis made him gasp and groan.

Joe kept working away, and pretty soon he could feel things starting to happen to him. He held on to David’s hips and rocked away, and the feeling grew and grew until he couldn’t hold it back any further. He gave a couple of hard thrusts, cried out and then sagged down until he was lying across David’s back.

You have got to try that,” said Joe, his eyes shining. “It’s unbelievable – it’s twenty times better than rubbing it yourself.”

He stepped back, looking down at himself. His penis was still quite hard, but he made no attempt to hide it from the others as he walked to the door.

I’m going to have a wash and get dressed,” he said. “Can you wait till I get back before either of you does it to him? Only I want to watch.”

Hurry up, then,” said Tim, and Joe scampered out of the room.

Well, Gerbil,” Tim said. “You’re going to have to go through the rest of your life knowing that the first time you ever had sex it was being fucked by a nine-year-old boy. How do you feel?”

David didn’t answer, but in fact he was feeling almost suicidal: being fucked by that horrible Irish brat and not being able to do anything about it was the worst thing that had ever happened to him – even worse than his experiences on the assault course over the past couple of days. He thought boys who let themselves be fucked by other boys were disgusting, and yet here he was, no better than perverts like Larkin. Okay, he hadn’t exactly let himself be fucked, but it had happened nevertheless, and he’d have to live with it for the rest of his life, as Tim had said. And it seemed likely that it was going to happen again, too, but there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Five minutes later Joe came back, fully dressed.

Do you want a go?” Tim asked Mark.

Go on,” Joe encouraged him. “It feels unbelievable.”

Well… okay, then, I suppose I might as well try.” And Sherwood stood up and started to get undressed. He was a bit embarrassed that his penis was limp when he took his pants off, both because he would have to play with himself in front of his friend if he wanted to get it hard, and because he was aware that his was smaller than Joe’s, even though Joe was more than two years younger than him. But he wanted to try this, both because Joe said it felt good and because the Rat obviously hated it, so he turned his back on them and caressed himself for a minute or so until it was good and hard.

Hand me the shampoo, then,” he said, still keeping his back to them: it looked bigger now, of course, but although it was a bit fatter than Joe’s it was probably a good inch shorter.

He poured a little shampoo onto himself and lined up. It took several attempts before he managed to get it in, and even then it slipped straight out again; and despite several attempts he couldn’t keep it in long enough to get anything out of the experience. Eventually he gave up and stepped back.

What’s the matter, Sherwood?” asked David. “Not big enough?”

It’s four times the size of yours, Rat,” responded Sherwood, angrily. “Give me the whip, Tim – I want my go now.”

Still naked and stiff, he swung the riding crop against David’s bum as hard as he could, and David convulsed and screamed.

Not laughing now, are you, you bastard?” said Sherwood, and he plied the whip once more. By the time he had finished delivering his five blows David was howling like a baby once more, his bum criss-crossed with angry-looking red lines.

I think I’m going to try putting it in him,” said Tim. “Maybe it’ll take his mind off the state of his arse.”

He pulled his jeans and pants down and reached for the shampoo bottle.

Gosh, Tim, that hasn’t half grown,” said Mark, respectfully. “Last time I saw you – after swimming last July, remember? – it wasn’t a lot bigger than mine. And I know you told me you’d got some hair now, but… well, I thought it would just be a few really small ones, not proper ones like this. It looks amazing.”

You’ll probably start getting bigger pretty soon,” Tim told him. “I’m only four months older than you, remember? I just started growing up a bit earlier than usual, that’s all. Anyway, let’s see how Gerbil likes it. What do you reckon, Gerbil?”

He shuffled to one side so that David could see him, and David swallowed: it was a lot bigger than Joe’s. It was nowhere near the size of Garrett’s, of course, but he reckoned Tim’s must be at least four and a half inches long, and he was sure it was going to hurt.

Don’t, Tim, please,” he begged. “It’s too big.”

Tough,” said Tim, lining up. Being a bit taller than the others he had to bend his knees a bit, but soon he was in position. He pushed forwards gently. At first there was resistance, but suddenly something seemed to give way and the tip of his penis slipped inside, and at the same time David gave a loud gasp and his body tensed up. Tim paused with just his knob inside and waited for David to relax a little, and after a few seconds he did, allowing Tim to push his way a little further in. Taking it slowly and stopping frequently he finally got his entire length inside David’s hole.

How does that feel, Gerbil?” he asked.

Take it out, please,” begged David. “It hurts!”

Well, it’s bloody good from my point of view, so I don’t think I want to take it out just yet. Now let’s try the in and out bit.”

Carefully Tim pulled back a bit, making sure he didn’t let his knob slip past the rim, and then he slowly pushed it in again. This felt indescribably brilliant, so he did it again, and again, gradually speeding up but taking care not to let it slip right out. David was making whimpering noises with every thrust, and that made it seem even better to Tim, who picked up the speed a bit more, thrusting steadily against David’s bum.

The only downside was that this felt so good his orgasm arrived far too quickly, and he was so lost in the experience that he didn’t think to try holding it back until it was too late. Realising that it was going to happen he thrust hard again and again, until with an extra large push he felt himself shooting his sperm out into David’s arse. Gripping the other boy’s hips he forced himself as close as he could get, spurting two or three times before finally his excitement receded.

Fucking hell,” he breathed. “I had no idea I could have feelings like that. It’s the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had.”

Slowly he withdrew, his softening penis coming out easily. David’s hole didn’t close straight away, and the boys and Molly were able to see right inside him for a few seconds before it finally tightened up once more.

They cut him free and pulled him to his feet, and to his utter shame he realised that he had an erection. He couldn’t understand how: he felt filthy and used, and not remotely excited, but there it was, jutting out in front of him.

You fucking pervert,” said Tim, scornfully. “Look, he likes being fucked! What a queer!”

I don’t! I hated it! I don’t know why it’s hard, because it was horrible!”

Yeah, right. You dirty homo, Gerbil – getting fucked turns you on!”

It doesn’t!” insisted David, starting to cry tears of shame. “I swear it doesn’t!”

Trouble is, you’re such a liar that we know swearing doesn’t mean anything to you,” said Tim. “I reckon your little wee-wee’s telling the truth more than your mouth.”

David was crying properly now, and he huddled down onto the floor, wrapping his arms round himself. But he was given no chance to recover.

Now you’ve done all that dirty sex stuff you need a bath,” declared Molly, grabbing his arm and dragging him off towards the bathroom. He stumbled after her, still sobbing, and then stood quietly while she ran the bath and ordered him to get in. She then spent ten minutes thoroughly cleaning him, especially round his bum, while the three boys watched and mocked him. Finally she made him get out of the bath and then dried him before making lie on the floor to have talcum powder applied to his genitals and bum.

Okay, that’s enough lying about for one day,” said Tim. “Go and make a start at the cleaning. I’ll go downstairs to get the vacuum cleaner for you, and then we’ll leave you to get on with it. And by lunchtime I expect all three bedrooms to be clean and vacuumed, your room to be swept, and the bath, basin and toilet to be clean. Remember that Joe and I haven’t beaten you yet. If you do a decent job, maybe we’ll let you off; if you don’t, we’ll give you double. Now go and make a start on Molly’s room.”

Where are my shorts?” David asked, looking around to see if anyone had brought them through to the bathroom.

You don’t need them: nobody’s going to see you except us, and you don’t have any secrets from your friends and family, do you? Don’t worry, my mum won’t come upstairs: she’ll be busy in the kitchen. So you can let the air get at your sore bottom. Work hard, mind – we might pop up to see how you’re getting on now and again, and if we catch you lazing about you’ll be in trouble, okay?”

Molly nipped through to Joe’s room, picked up David’s shorts and locked them in the wardrobe in her room, and then all four of them went downstairs. Tim came back a couple of minutes later with the vacuum cleaner and a couple of dusters, which he dumped in Molly’s room, and then he went back down to join the others. Feeling sick and sore, David stumbled to Molly’s room, picked up a duster and mechanically started to dust her furniture.

That same Saturday morning Jordan, feeling (in complete contrast to David) on top of the world, walked off to the woods to meet Nigel Stephens, but when he reached their usual meeting place there was nobody there. He checked his watch and saw that he was almost exactly on time, which meant that Stephens was either late or he wasn’t coming, in which case Jordan thought that chain would be staying on for at least another month before he got another chance. He waited ten minutes, and was just thinking about going back home when Stephens came running through the trees.

Sorry,” he gasped, putting his hands on his knees and breathing heavily. “We were late finishing breakfast, and then my mum saw there was a hole in my jeans and made me go back to my room to change.”

You’re lucky,” Jordan told him. “Another couple of minutes and I’d have gone home, and then you’d have had to wait ages for another chance to get the chain off. Well, now you’re here you’d better get undressed, hadn’t you?”

Stephens threw his clothes off and knelt down with his back to the tree.

It’s okay,” said Jordan, “today you can just have the chain off straight away. After all, it’s been a while. Is it still stopping you from sleeping?”

Sometimes, but not every night. I suppose I’m getting a bit used to it – but it still really hurts every time I get hard.”

That’s what it’s supposed to do. Okay, lie down and let me get this chain on.”

Jordan chained Stephens’s left ankle to the tree as before, went into the woods briefly to ‘hide the key’, and then came back and knelt down beside the naked boy.

Are you sure you want the chain off?” he asked. “I mean, I bet it’s doing a lot of good, keeping you from fiddling with yourself all the time.”

Yes, but... please take it off, Fielding. I haven’t been able to… well, you know… for ages.”

Well, I suppose you do deserve it,” agreed Jordan, putting the little key into the padlock. “You haven’t complained about it at all since we were last here, so I suppose you should have a reward. How soon have you got to be back home?”

Not until one o’clock. Why?”

Well, I thought maybe I could let you have a couple of hours without the chain. And if you like I’ll help you by pretending to be Nils – you tell me exactly what you’d like to do if you and Nils were alone in the woods, and maybe I’ll agree to it. You said the first time I saw you that you were imagining Nils rubbing it for you, so I’ll do that if you want me to.”

Really? Why? I thought you liked watching me doing it myself.”

I do. You look funny. But… well, it might be a good laugh to join in for once, just for a change. And, like I said, I think you deserve a reward.”

And you’ll really do what I say?”

That depends. If your fantasy says you want to tie Nils down and whip him till he bleeds, then cut his balls off, I’m afraid you’re going to be unlucky. But if it’s stuff that doesn’t involve me getting hurt, then I think I’d be okay about giving it a try. So, what would you most like to do with him?”

Stephens looked at him, apparently trying to decide if he was serious. “You’ll just laugh if I tell you,” he said.

I can laugh at you any time,” Jordan reminded him. “And I already know what you’re like, so I don’t suppose I’m going to find out anything new about you to laugh at.”

Well… what if I asked you to get undressed?”

Okay, just as long as you don’t do anything stupid. Remember the key to that chain round your ankle is a long way out of reach.”

I know.”

Jordan undid the padlock and removed the chain around Stephens’s balls, and while Stephens was cradling his genitals Jordan began to get undressed, piling his clothes up next to Stephens’s.

Okay,” he said, removing his pants. “Now what?”

Well… I’ve never really thought about doing anything except having him rub it for me. But, if you really mean it about keeping the chain off for a while… well, could you just lie on top of me first? Then we could just hold each other for a while – I’ve never had a boyfriend, and I’d like to know what that feels like.”

Okay. Which way up do you want me?”

Facing me. Then we could both hold each other at the same time.”

Right. You’d better close your eyes, then, and I’ll pretend I’m Nils. I don’t think I can really do a Swedish accent, though… unless you want me to try to sound like the Swedish Chef in the Muppets? Flurp durp hurp een de eeereh!”

No, thanks,” said Stephens, grinning. “Just talk normally. I expect Nils can speak English, anyway, or he wouldn’t have come on holiday to England.”

Jordan lay down on top of Stephens, who put his arms round him and held him gently. Jordan couldn’t quite work out what to do with his own arms: he couldn’t actually put them round the other boy’s body without having them crushed against the ground, so he settled for just resting them on the ground. He could feel Stephens’s penis, which was already erect, poking against his balls, but it didn’t feel uncomfortable – in fact it felt quite nice. His own penis hardened, and he moved a little to allow it to point up between their bodies.

Stephens held him gently, stroking his back and nuzzling against his cheek, and Jordan thought that felt really nice: he would have to try doing this with Jeremy next time they were together, he decided.

What’s your first name?” Stephens asked him.

Jordan. Why?”

Well… it’d be easier to think of you as the real you, if that’s okay. Then I won’t have to keep my eyes closed or wonder why you’ve got curly brown hair instead of straight blond, and you won’t have to try to sound Swedish.”

Okay. But I’m not as good-looking as Nils, and I haven’t got any hair on my balls, either.”

That doesn’t matter. You’re as big as he is there, anyway. And… well… I think you are good-looking, actually.”

Now you’re just saying nice things to get me to keep the chain off.”

No, I’m not, I mean it. So, can I call you ‘Jordan’ instead of ‘Nils’?”

If you want to.”

Thanks… I mean, I’ve never had a boyfriend, like I said, and even when I see a boy I like, I’d never dare ask him to go out with me or anything. He’d just hit me and call me names. So I’ve never even done something like this, just being with another boy without any clothes on, and obviously I’ve never done anything… well, sexual. So being able to practice a bit with you like this almost makes it worth not being able to… you know, touch myself.”

I bet there are some boys in your year who wouldn’t mind doing this with you,” Jordan told him. “After all, you’re not bad-looking either, and they wouldn’t have to find out your willy’s a bit small until after you’d both got undressed…”

Shut up! It’s not that small… well, okay, it’s not very big, either. But I’d be terrified of asking the wrong person: I’d get beaten up, and everyone in the class would find out about me liking boys, and then life would be horrible.”

I suppose so. Well, I don’t mind us doing this sometimes, if you like, until you find a proper boyfriend.”

Thanks… look, Jordan… do you think… I mean, would it be okay if…”


Well… would you let me kiss you? Just to find out what it’s like?”

Jordan thought about it. It would be a bit queer… but then, cuddling another naked boy was pretty queer, too, so he supposed it wouldn’t do any harm. And he wondered what it would feel like, too. So he lowered his head and kissed Stephens gently on the lips.

Stephens gasped and then returned the kiss. At first neither opened his mouth, but then Stephens opened his a little, and Jordan thought that felt okay, so he did the same… Stephens started stroking Jordan’s bum at the same time as kissing him, and Jordan thought that felt good, too. He started wriggling a little, rubbing his erection between their bodies….

and suddenly Stephens convulsed beneath him and he felt liquid hitting his balls. Stephens bucked a couple of times and then went still, and he looked stricken.

Oh, God, I’m sorry,” he said. “I couldn’t help it.”

Jordan knelt up and saw that Stephens had ejaculated all over his balls and penis: they and the area round his groin had splashes of white stuff on them.

Wow, you really do think I’m sexy!” he said. “I never even touched you, Stephens… gosh, I didn’t know it could happen on its own!”

It’s never happened to me before, either. I suppose it’s because I haven’t touched it for about three weeks… I’m really sorry, Jordan.”

Lick it off,” demanded Jordan, sitting on Stephens’s chest and thrusting his wet genitals into the other boy’s face. “Every drip, or I’ll have to beat you.”

Stephens wasn’t very keen: he thought it would taste bad. But he knew how much it would hurt if he got beaten again, so he started to lick Jordan’s balls, and was happy to find that it tasted okay.

That tickles!” said Jordan, giggling. “Come on, every drop, or else! Put my balls right in your mouth and lick them clean… wow, that feels strange! Okay, now my cock… suck on it like I made you do before. That should clean me up.”

Stephens started sucking, and Jordan moved against him, pushing it in and out of the other boy’s mouth, and pretty soon he felt his orgasm approaching. But this felt too good to stop, so he ordered Stephens to keep going until he couldn’t hold it back any more…

Afterwards he stepped away behind some bushes and peed, and then came and lay down next to Stephens.

Aren’t you going to chain me up again?” Stephens asked him.

Not yet. If we wait a bit I can make it happen to you again, and then it’ll be much longer before you start going hard again. And we’ve got plenty of time…”

Okay, thanks… can I go and have a pee?”

As long as you don’t expect me to undo the chain.”

So Stephens went round behind the tree the chain was fixed to and peed, and then came back and lay down beside Jordan again.

So, when’s your first exam?” Jordan asked him.

Wednesday. I can’t do a lot of revision for that because it’s English Language, and I reckon I’m okay at that anyway. I’m a lot more worried about the Latin next week…”

They lay together talking for a while, until Jordan felt he was ready for Round Two.

Okay, now we’d better carry on with your sex education,” he said. “You already knew about rubbing it, and before Easter I taught you how to suck it – and you did that really nicely just now, by the way. Well, there’s one thing we haven’t tried yet, and it’s the best way of all to feel good. So, if you’d like to get on your hands and knees I’ll show you how it works.”

Stephens stared at him. “You’re not… no! You’re not talking about… well, putting it up my bum – are you?”

Yes I am. It feels amazing, and I’m not going to miss out on that.”

But doesn’t it get, well, dirty?”

Sometimes, but it cleans off easily.”

Yes, but… look, Jordan, I really don’t want you to!”

Why not?”

Because… well, loads of reasons. I’m sure it’ll hurt, for a start. And how do you think I’ll feel, having that done to me by a first-year boy? I mean, I’ve heard jokes about it and stuff, but… well… really, it’s a pretty disgusting thing to do.”

You thought sucking me was pretty disgusting, too, but that feels brilliant. And so does fucking. And it won’t hurt you, Stephens, because I’ll be really careful not to. I did it with a friend in my own year a little while ago, and it didn’t hurt him, and he’s smaller than you. And the best thing about it is that it doesn’t just make me feel good: you’ll like it, too. My friend liked it so much he got the sex feeling while I was doing it to him. And nobody will ever find out about you being fucked by a first-year: I haven’t told anyone about you and me yet, and I’m not going to, either.”

Yes, but…”

Look, Stephens, there’s nothing you can do about it: I’m going to fuck you, and that’s all there is to it. If you don’t let me you’ll be staying here, and maybe I’ll have to beat you, too. So I’m forcing you – it’s not like you’re choosing to be fucked, or anything, so you don’t have to feel bad about yourself because it happens to you.”

Stephens was silent for a few seconds. Then he looked at Jordan.

You swear it won’t hurt?” he said.

I swear I’ll do everything I can to stop it hurting. It is sometimes a bit sore when it goes in for the first time, but my friend said that once it was in it just felt good. So, get on your hands and knees and you can find out for yourself.”

Stephens looked at him mistrustfully, but then slowly got onto his hands and knees. Jordan pushed his knees further apart and then got out his little jar of Vaseline and rubbed some around Stephens’s hole. Then he hesitated for a moment: with Larkin and Dhif he had just rammed it in, and that had felt good, and probably he ought to treat Stephens the same, since the boy was really his slave. Except that he had promised it wouldn’t hurt, so maybe he ought to do what he had done with Jeremy and get Stephens ready one stage at a time…

He very carefully inserted a finger into Stephens’s bum, stopping the moment there was any resistance and telling the other boy to push back against him. When Jeremy had done that it had allowed his finger to slip in more easily, and it worked again now: Stephens gave a gasp as he felt the finger move further inside him.

Okay so far?” asked Jordan.

Yes. That feels really strange, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt.”

Good,” said Jordan, and he added a second finger. That took a little more getting used to for Stephens, but eventually he was able to relax a little as Jordan finger-fucked him. And then finally Jordan got into position to do it properly.

Now push out a bit, like you did with my finger, and this shouldn’t hurt,” he said, starting to apply pressure. And after a moment of resistance the head of his penis slipped past the opening, and after that he was able just to push gently until it was all the way in.

Okay?” he asked.

Well… it feels weird. But it doesn’t really hurt, I suppose.”

Good,” said Jordan, and he started to fuck him slowly.

After a bit Stephens started to wriggle about underneath him, much as Jeremy had done, and Jordan grinned to himself, wondering if he could make Stephens excited before he got there himself. But in the end he felt his own orgasm rushing towards him before Stephens reached the same point, and he gave two or three big thrusts as he climaxed, and then went still.

Don’t stop!” begged Stephens, writhing about. “That feels brilliant!”

Sorry, I’m finished,” said Jordan, moving back and out. “You’d better lie on your back and finish it yourself.”

So Stephens did that, but after a few seconds Jordan had got his breath back enough to be able to take hold of Stephens’s penis and finish him off: he wanted to see how much of that white stuff he could get out of his slave. It wasn’t as much as he had hoped, but of course Stephens had already produced one load less than half an hour previously, so perhaps that wasn’t surprising.

Jordan pulled a packet of tissues from his bag, took a couple to clean himself with and handed the packet to Stephens so that he could wipe himself down.

So, what was that like?” he asked, starting to get dressed once more.

Well… it’s hard to describe. But it was okay – I thought it was going to really hurt, but it didn’t. Actually it felt good. I think if you’d kept going a bit longer you’d have made my sperm come out.”

Maybe we’ll find out next time.”

Okay,” said Stephens, immediately.

Jordan finished getting dressed and pulled the ball chain from his pocket, and this time Stephens did nothing to interfere as it was reattached. Jordan went through the motions of going off into the trees and pretending to swap keys, and then came back and unchained Stephens’s ankle.

Okay, you can get dressed,” he said, putting the ankle chain away in his bag. “Are you free next weekend?”

I’m sure I’ll be free on Saturday. Not sure about Sunday yet. Look, Jordan…”


Is there any chance I could have the chain off while I’m doing my exams? I mean, it does still keep me awake at nights sometimes, and I’d like to be able to concentrate properly on my work. I’ll let you put it back on after the exams are over, I promise.''

Of course you would! Do I look stupid, or something?”

No, I mean it. I know it hurts, and sometimes I’ve wanted to scream because it was digging in so badly, but… well, it has stopped me playing with it all the time. And… well…”


Well, what we did today was loads better than anything I’ve ever done on my own. And if we can do that again sometimes, it’d be worth having the chain on.”

Really? Even being fucked by a little kid?”

You’re not all that little, Jordan, especially… you know, the important bit. And I didn’t mind you doing it to me, really: like I said, it was even sort of exciting. And holding you when we had nothing on felt brilliant. I’d really like to do it again, even if it means being chained up.”

Jordan looked at him sceptically. “You’d really prefer having the chain on and doing stuff with me occasionally to not having the chain on and being free to fiddle with it twenty times a day?” he said. “Excuse me if I find that hard to believe.”

It’s true! Okay, when you first caught me I hated every moment of it, but today was amazing, and I’d do pretty much anything to be allowed to do it again. Look, can you meet me after school on Wednesday – at the bus stop, I mean? My exam should be over by four, but I’ll wait for you if I get there before you. Then maybe I’ll be able to convince you I’m telling the truth about letting you put it back on me after the exams.”

Well, okay, I’ll be there,” said Jordan. “But I might take quite a lot of persuading…”


Jordan definitely seems to be mellowing a little, but I’d be surprised if he were actually to risk taking Stephens’ s chain off for the duration of the exams. In the next chapter we’ll see Joe come up with a new way to humiliate his pet Gerbil, we'll get to watch David trying the assault course again in front of an ever-growing audience, and we’ll also get a first sight of the joys Osterley has in store for him…

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