The White Rat – Chapter Nineteen

In this chapter things seem to be improving a bit for the Rat, although starring in the Red Six's S&M film maybe isn't quite what he would have chosen to do. But his relationship with the Devlins seems to be getting better, and now he's got Michael Stagg on his side, so surely his life is bound to improve a bit...



David was woken up the following morning by Michael moving about, and as he opened his eyes he saw Michael get out of bed and stand up.

Is it time to get up?” he asked, sleepily.

Not yet. Sorry – I was trying not to wake you up.”

What's wrong, then?”

Well...” Michael turned the bedside light on. “It's a bit embarrassing... see, I've... I've had a wet dream.”

Oh. What was it about?”

I can't remember now,” said Michael, though he couldn't meet David's eyes as he said it. Fortunately for him, David didn't notice.

And... what, you've actually had stuff come out in your shorts? I mean, I've heard that it happens... I didn't realise it would wake you up, though.”

Of course it does – it makes you all wet.”

Let's see, then.”

Well... okay, seeing as how I woke you up.” And Michael slipped his shorts down, and David could see spunk on his groin and in his ginger pubes.

I suppose that'll happen to me one day, if I ever reach puberty,” said David. “Well, go and clean yourself up, and I'll keep the bed warm.”

Michael went to the bathroom and came back naked, slipping back into bed and turning the light back off.

We've got another hour or so before we have to get up,” he said. “I haven't got another pair of shorts, but it won't happen to me twice in one night. Still, I bet you're glad I was wearing shorts to start with, or it might have shot all over you.”

Yes, that would have been pretty disgusting. Is that why you started wearing shorts in the summer?”

Yes – after I'd made a mess on the sheets a couple of times I thought it would be safer. It was really embarrassing, thinking about mum changing the bed and seeing... well, you get the idea. But if it's just my spare PE shorts I don't think she'll notice.”

I suppose not.” David just wished it was an issue for him, too, but at his current rate of progress he reckoned Joe Devlin would reach puberty before he did. Sighing, he settled back to sleep.

He woke up again when Michael's alarm went off. Michael woke up too and turned it off.

Morning, David,” he said.

Morning, Michael. Again.”

Yes... look, don't tell Jules about me having a wet dream, will you? He'd fall about laughing at me. I mean, he knows I have them, because he caught me cleaning up one morning and I told him about it – I don't keep secrets from my brother. But if he knew it had happened to me while you were sharing my bed... well, you can imagine what he'd say.”

I won't.”

Thanks. Oh, well, I suppose we should get up... look, David, don't laugh, but I've got an erection.”

What, even after.... Okay, I won't laugh.”

Michael got out of bed, his erection jutting in front of him, and David – who was stiff himself, as he was most mornings, but who hoped the shorts would conceal it, climbed out after him. But the shorts obviously didn't do a good enough job.

You, too, I see,” said Michael, looking at his waist. “Go on, then, take the shorts off and let me see.”

David obviously didn't want to, but it was hard to refuse when Michael was already naked himself, and he really didn't want to do anything that might put an end to his evenings away from the Devlins. So he slipped the shorts off and straightened up, allowing Michael to see him.

Crumbs,” said Michael. “That's... well....”

Tiny,” finished David. “Thanks, but I already know that.”

Sorry. I just thought maybe it would get a bit bigger when you got hard... still, everything's there, and you're bound to start growing soon....” He seemed unable to tear his eyes away from David's little penis, but eventually he blinked and said, “Come on, then – let's go and grab the bathroom before Jules gets there.”

By the time they reached the bathroom Michael's penis had subsided and he was able to pee without any problem, though David's was still hard and so he had to wait. They washed and cleaned their teeth, and then finally David was able to pee, though he wasn't comfortable doing it in front of Michael, even though he regularly had to pee in public at home, often with Molly and Joe staring at him.

I'll go and get dressed,” said Michael, tactfully, and that allowed David to pee in peace. He rinsed his hands once more and followed Michael back to the bedroom.

He wore the clothes Michael had lent him down to breakfast, changing into the girls’ uniform afterwards, by which time Michael's parents had both left to go to work. And when he finally reached his form room, having first reported to Osterley and changed into his shorts, he found that Michael had already sat down in the seat next to his.

I reckon if I show you a bit of moral support, the others might ease back on you a bit,” he explained.

Okay. Thanks, Michael.”

Today it was 2A's turn again at break, and as they had previously they confined their attention to stripping David off and taunting him, and he thought he could handle that. And at lunchtime things got even better: when he got to the music block he found Osterley on his own.

Look, Rat,” Osterley told him, “you've still got another two and a bit weeks to go, but... frankly, I'm getting a bit bored with it. And to be honest you've taken it all pretty well, too – oh, I know you've moaned and whinged, but you've turned up for every single break, which is more than I expected at the start. So... from next week I'm going to ease back on you a bit. You'll finish the current round, so that every form has had a chance to deal with you twice, but after that your breaks will be free. At lunchtimes you have to come here at the start of the break, but if none of us has turned up after five minutes, you can go.”

Oh... well... thanks, Osterley. I really mean it – that's really good of you...”

Yes, well, maybe I'm not as sadistic as you. There is one snag, though: Pope wants a bit more time with you, so you'll have to do what he wants before you're free – well, of course you've still got Dhif after half term, so you won't be free as such, but you won't have to worry about me any more. Pope's coming here in a few minutes, and he'll tell you what he wants then. And I might decide to fuck you some more before half term – that's fun, after all. But... if I am going to let you off some of your punishment, I want you to swear you'll never grass kids up at this school again.”

I swear,” said David, without hesitation – after all, he knew Blackman certainly wouldn't want his input during his year in charge.

Okay. I should tell you that Bertie thinks I'm mad, letting you off, and he might want to beat you a few times before half term, but I'll try to stop him overdoing it. Downing and Lithgow are happy to let you off, but I think Sherwood and McMillan might want another couple of sessions with you... Okay, stay here and I'll go and see if I can find Pope.”

He went out, and David sat down to think. After what he had done to Osterley last term, he'd never expected the third-year boy to settle for less than his full four weeks' worth of retribution, so this was a real surprise, and very welcome. He knew that if he'd been in Osterley's place there would have been no question of anything less than maximum punishment. He thought Osterley was a fool for not enforcing that himself, but at the same time he was deeply grateful, and that felt strange, too: he'd never have believed he could feel gratitude to someone he'd hated as much as he had hated Osterley.

Five minutes later Osterley came back with Pope.

Ian tells me he’s thinking of letting you off some of your punishments,” Pope told him. “I don’t think you deserve to be let off anything, but if that’s what Ian wants… Still, he says I can have you for a little while yet, so once you’ve finished with the other forms next week you can come back and see us again. See, so far nine of us have managed to shag you, and it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the form if they didn’t get a chance to do the same thing, would it?”

But…” began David, looking horrified: there were twenty-eight boys in 2C, and the thought of being publicly fucked by nineteen more was appalling.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to keep doing it over the teacher’s desk,” Pope went on. “Some of them are too shy to do it like that. So we’re going to put you in the book store, and we’ll send them in to see you, one by one. You won’t be held down or tied up or anything: you’ll just have to co-operate. If you don’t, we’ll whip you till you bleed and then the whole form will get another three goes each, so you’d better do whatever they tell you.

The problem is that I can't remember who's already done stuff to you and who hasn't, so we're all going to have a turn. But I reckon not too many will actually want to fuck you. Some might prefer to have themselves sucked, which Ian says he’s made you do once or twice, and some might just want you to rub it for them. And some probably won’t want to do anything with you at all, but you’re going to give them the chance, all the same. As soon as you’ve done it for every boy in 2C we’ll let you go. You can start next Thursday, because Ian says you’ll have finished with all the other forms by then. Okay?”

It certainly wasn’t okay, but David didn’t think it would do any good to say so, so instead he just shrugged.

Good,” said Pope. “And now, since I’m here, you can show me what it feels like to be sucked. Ian says it feels really nice.”

He pulled his trousers and pants down and sat on the edge of the table, and David, who was still completely dressed – nobody had ordered him to strip – knelt in front of him and began to suck it. And Pope enjoyed every moment of it.

That’s excellent,” he said, doing his trousers up afterwards. “It’s almost as good as shagging you. I’m sure I’ll want you to do that again before we let you go.” And he grinned at Osterley and left the room.

Okay, see you after school,” said Osterley. “Oh, one other thing: once you’ve seen 1C on Wednesday we won’t bother with the girl’s uniform any more, you can just wear the shorts full-time. That’ll save me having to come here every morning and after school to get you changed. I’ll tell Sherwood, and he can tell the kids who live with you.”

Thanks, Osterley,” said David, gratefully: that would mean no more horrible bus trips, having his skirt pulled up by boys – and worse, girls – from other schools. He thought that maybe he would survive to half-term, after all.

That lunchtime Jordan bumped into Baker in the yard.

So, did everything work out with you and Stephens?” he asked.

Yes, it was brilliant – thanks, Jordan! It turns out that it was his sixteenth birthday on Monday, and it’s my fourteenth today, so at the weekend we’re going to get together and celebrate. We’re going to the cinema, and afterwards we thought we might go for another walk in the woods…”

So you’re actually going on a date after all, even though you said you didn’t think you’d want to do stuff like that?”

That was before I got to know him. He’s really nice, Jordan – and you were right: he’s happy to do anything I want. After you went on Saturday he asked if I wanted to… you know, put it in him, and when I said I’d like that but didn’t think I’d want him to do it to me, he said, ‘Oh, that’s okay – I don’t want to do it to you, anyway. It felt so good when Jordan did it to me that that’s all I really want to do – as long as you don’t mind, of course.’ So I did it to him, and we both really, really enjoyed it, and he said he’d like us to do it like that whenever we get together. It’s really like I’m the older one, not him. And I’m bigger than him, too – okay, only by a little bit, but mine is definitely longer, and a bit thicker, too, and he says that that’s why I should do the boy stuff when we have sex while he does the girl stuff. I think we’re going to be really good friends, Jordan, and it’s all down to you. So if you want to come and watch us doing stuff together, you can, whenever you want.”

I might do that, but not until you’re properly used to being together. Really this sort of stuff ought to be private – I mean, I know my friend Jeremy wouldn’t want us to do stuff together if anyone was watching us.”

Well, I certainly don’t mind, and Nigel says he doesn’t, either – after all, if it hadn’t been for you, we’d never have got together.”

Baker walked away happily, leaving Jordan thinking that it might be fun to go and watch them sometime, but that actually it was more fun doing stuff than just watching other people doing it. He decided it was time that he and Jeremy spent some more time together – and if Charlie wanted to come along as well, that would be even better. They hadn’t actually done anything sexual with Charlie yet apart from that one session at Charlie’s house: maybe it was time to see how Charlie would react to the idea of being fucked…

1A let David down lightly again, just making him tidy their form room in his girls’ clothes, and at lunchtime the only person to turn up at the music block was Little Collins.

I’ve told Ian he’s mad to let you off,” Little Collins told him. “You wouldn’t have let him off early, would you?”

To be honest, no, I wouldn’t,” admitted David. “Which I suppose makes him a much better person than me.”

Dead right, he is! If it had been up to me I’d have had you whipped naked in front of the whole school, every day.”

Yes, but if you’d done that the teachers would have been sure to stop it,” David pointed out. “At least by keeping it under cover you can make it last longer.”

I suppose. But I still don’t think you’ve had anything like enough punishment to make up for what you did to him.”

You really like him, don’t you?”

So what?”

No, I mean that’s a good thing. Okay, he had a really shit time last term, but he’s made a really good friend at the same time.”

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be punished properly.”

I know. Look, Collins, for what it’s worth I agree with you. I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday. I don’t regret for a moment reporting all those kids who were actually breaking school rules, but in Osterley’s case… well, he hadn’t done anything wrong, and I dropped him in it really badly. And now that I’ve had a chance to see what he’s really like, I am sorry about it. You might not believe me, but it’s true.”

It’s not easy believing anything you say,” said Little Collins. “And frankly I don’t care what you say now: I was there last term, and I saw what you were like then. And that’s why I think you still need to be punished. Get undressed.”

David removed his clothes, and Little Collins took his off at the same time.

I still can’t believe you’re two years older than me,” said Little Collins, once they were both naked. “Anyone looking at us now would think we’re the same age… we’re the same height, our cocks and balls are the same size, we’re both skinny, and we’re both pretty crap at anything physical… can you fight?”

David shook his head.

Me, neither,” said Little Collins. “Okay, then, I’ll give you a chance: we’ll wrestle. If you win I’ll let you off; if I win, you get whipped, and I’ll make you suck me, too. Okay?”

David knew he couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag, but Collins wasn’t exactly over-endowed with muscle, either, so: “Okay,” he agreed.

They moved the table out of the way and grabbed each other. Fighting another boy who was also completely naked was something David hadn’t done before, and it felt strange, especially after Collins got an erection: feeling the hard little organ rubbing against his body felt really weird. They were fairly evenly matched, but after a couple of minutes Collins managed to get on top of him and pin him down.

Now submit,” the second-year demanded, and once his ear had been twisted a couple of times David capitulated.

Good. Now you can give me a nice suck. If I really enjoy it and think you’ve tried hard to make me feel nice, maybe I won’t whip you so hard.”

Little Collins rolled over onto his back, and David took up a position between his legs and started to suck on the rigid little organ. Although by now he’d been forced to do this for a lot of different boys, David still hated it, but if he had to choose he’d much rather do it for a boy with a really small one and no spunk, like Little Collins, than for one with a big one that would fill his mouth with the horrible stuff, like Tim or Michael. So he did his absolute best, using his hands as well, and the younger boy wriggled and writhed beneath him, obviously enjoying every moment.

Stop!” cried Little Collins, after four or five minutes, and he pushed David away.

Was that okay?” asked David.

It hasn’t happened to me yet, and I don’t want it to happen too quickly, either: that’s why I stopped you. We’ll wait for a bit and then you can start again. But you’re doing pretty well so far – keep going like that and I won’t complain.”

By keeping a careful eye on his watch and stopping every time he got too close, Little Collins was able to make David keep sucking him for almost the whole break. When he finally allowed David to finish him off it was as good an orgasm as he had yet experienced, and consequently once he was dressed he only beat David three times with his belt, and nothing like as hard as he could have done it, either.

Get dressed,” he said, threading his belt back onto his trousers. “You did that really well, so I’m not going to beat you any more than that.”

David put his clothes back on gratefully, and Little Collins ushered him back out into the yard, and that was another school week successfully survived: two more weeks and he’d be free… well, okay, there was still Dhif to come, but he wasn’t too worried about that, because after all, apart from that short session after the Prefects’ Meal, he hadn’t actually done anything to Dhif. He expected to be beaten, and maybe given a couple of quick sex punishments to make up for Dhif being fucked by Fielding and having to suck Southgate, and he thought he could survive that – and then it really would all be over.

Of course, this week wasn’t quite finished, because tonight was cubs night, and after school David had to go to the Devlins’ house and accompany Joe to the meeting as usual. Again, the actual meeting was okay, and although his fellow Reds did tease him quietly, they treated him properly in front of the other sixes and the leaders. But once the meeting was over he was taken back to the Devlins’ house, and then things went steeply downhill.

For a start, Roger had managed to get his hands on his father’s videocam. These were fairly new on the market and quite expensive, so David had hoped Roger had been bluffing, and he was very disappointed to find out that the camera really existed. And apparently Roger fancied himself as a film director, too, because he got the camera set up and then immediately took charge.

First I want to film Gerbil getting undressed,” he said. “George, I want you to take the riding crop and hit him with it if he refuses to strip… hang on, maybe we can make this look even better…”

He thought for a moment, popped a cassette into a cassette recorder he’d brought with him and checked that the microphone was pointing the right way.

Now we can have sound too,” he said. “Okay, now… Gerbil, go and wait in the kitchen. The rest of you, come here and I’ll explain what I want to do.”

So David went to the kitchen and waited there until Philip came to collect him.

Right, Gerbil,” said Joe. “Roger’s going to film this sort of like it’s a proper story – you’re being punished for letting us all down. There’s a little bit on the front of the film that explains that bit, and we did it while you were in the kitchen, so you haven’t got to worry about it. Now obviously you could mess this up really easily if you wanted – moving away from the camera, fighting back when you’re not supposed to, loads of stuff like that. But if you help us to make a good film, for the next two weeks none of this lot will punish you – so you won’t have to suck, you won’t get fucked and nobody will whip you. Of course, that doesn’t include me, but then we’re family, and what we do at home is nothing to do with cubs.

If you do mess it up, we’ll invite the whole pack to come round here next Friday, and we’ll make sure that you get whipped and fucked really badly every Tuesday and Friday from now on, understand?”

That wasn’t much of a choice, so David said, “Yes, I’ve got it. What do I have to do?”

Brilliant! Well done, Gerbil – this is going to be really good… okay, first we’re going to drag you in here. You’re allowed to struggle as much as you like, right up to the point where we make you submit. After that you have to do whatever you’re told. We’ll want you to refuse a couple of times, but each time George will whip you, and you have to drop to your knees and beg him to stop, promising to be good in future. Once you’re naked we’ll force you to let the camera film you all over, and then… then we’ll stop and I’ll explain the next bit, okay?”

David nodded, knowing there was really no choice here. The resulting film was never going to win an Oscar, but David played his part really well, struggling at the start, refusing to undress until George beat him, refusing to remove his pants (he’d been allowed to put a pair on specially for the film) until George hit him even harder, and then acting ashamed when they all laughed at him once he was naked. He was forced to put his hands on his head and turn slowly round until Roger was satisfied that he had every inch of him on film.

Then he was made to suck everyone except Roger, who was of course working the camera, and Benny. He didn’t like that at all, and had to be whipped for real to force him to comply, and the fact that he was actually crying tears of shame by the time he started on George, who was fourth in line, simply made it even better: Roger made him face the camera, tears rolling down his cheeks, and beg to be allowed to stop, only to be forced to carry on.

Next he was tied over the footstool and whipped by everyone, the camera zooming in on the red lines that criss-crossed his buttocks and the microphone faithfully recording every howl and plea for mercy. And then came the big finish: Benedict performed another strip-tease for the camera, which lingered lovingly on his massive erection, and then Roger paused to line up the most important shot.

We really need two cameras,” he said, “one to watch Benny doing it to him, and one to watch his face. I’m going to start by filming it going in, then move to film his face while Benny’s doing it to him.”

Do you think I’ll be able to make it go in?” asked Benedict. “He’s got a really little hole.”

We’ll rub lots of cream in,” said Joe, who had come equipped. And while the camera was turned off he applied plenty of cream to David’s hole, and then got Benedict to rub some more of it onto his hard penis.

Now, once I get the camera running, push it into him really slowly,” said Roger. “Gerbil, you’re doing brilliantly so far, though I suppose most of it isn’t really acting… still, if you want to beg and plead with Benny, telling him he’s too big and stuff like that, it would help. Okay, ready everyone? Then… action!”

Benedict did have a job getting it to penetrate, but suddenly he got it in exactly the right place. David, knowing it would hurt even more if he didn’t try to help, pushed back against him, and the knob slipped inside. Benedict gave a yelp of surprise, and David gave a hiss of pain – this really did feel bigger than any of the others that he’d had inside him so far. And then Benedict pushed steadily forward and David began to struggle and beg, pleading with him to take it out, and he wasn’t acting at all: it really hurt.

Benedict ignored him, pressing on until his entire length was buried inside David’s hole and David was frantically and uselessly trying to expel it.

Now what do I do?” asked Benedict.

Pull it about halfway back and then shove it right in again,” Joe told him.

So he did that, and David cried out in pain, and Roger let Benedict get into a rhythm and then, still filming, moved the camera up to focus on David’s face for a bit.

David struggled helplessly, begging them to stop and crying out that it was splitting him in half, and of course they all ignored him completely. He remembered how long it had taken to bring Benedict to orgasm the previous week and didn’t think he could stand it if this took the same amount of time: each thrust was really hurting him, forcing his hole wide open and ramming up against his innards… and it was doing something else, too, because he suddenly realised he had an erection. He was hurting really badly, so he couldn’t begin to imagine why he was hard, and he felt a desperate wave of shame sweep over him to accompany the pain.

Benedict began to get excited, thrusting harder and pulling David against him, and Roger moved again so that he could get both David’s face and Benedict’s in the same shot, and when the last couple of huge thrusts came as Benedict’s orgasm arrived, he was rewarded with a contrast between David’s agony and Benedict’s ecstasy.

Roger moved again so that he could film Benedict’s penis as it withdrew, and then he cut filming until Benedict had cleaned himself up and got dressed. Finally he filmed the last scene, which started with a close-up of David’s abused bottom and then filmed as he was cut free and put onto his knees with the rest of the six, fully dressed, gathered around him. The only plus point for David was that his erection had subsided once more.

Now, Gerbil,” asked Joe, “are you sorry you let us down?”

David nodded tearfully.

And you’ll never let us down again?”

No, I swear!” sobbed David. “I’ll be really good in future – you’ll never have to punish me again!”

Good. Then you can get dressed. Get your clothes and go and put them on in the kitchen – you’d better wipe your bottom with a tissue first…”

David went into the kitchen, and so missed Joe’s closing speech to camera, in which he said that now his naughty cousin had learned his lesson and would never let the six down again.

Cut!” said Roger, rather pointlessly, since he was operating the camera himself. He turned the microphone off as well, rewinding the cassette.

I’ll get the tape tidied up tomorrow while my parents are out shopping,” he told them. “We can watch the film next week after cubs – but I reckon it’s going to come out nicely.”

They all headed for home, and Joe supported David, whose bottom was hurting, as far as the bus stop. By the time they got home he was feeling a bit better, but he didn’t think he could face having that happen to him again.

Did you mean it, about not punishing me for the next two Fridays?” he asked.

And Tuesdays. None of the others will do anything bad to you until half term,” Joe told him. “You did really well, so for the next two weeks you’ll just be a proper member of the Reds. And you should get your necker next week, too, so then you’ll really be one of us. Of course, when we go to camp at half term things will be a bit different…

Different how?”

You’ll see.” And that was all Joe was prepared to tell him.

The rest of the evening passed quietly.

I think I might come and sleep with you tonight,” said Joe at bedtime. “After all, that way I won’t have to come and wake you up in the morning, like I’ve been doing on Saturdays.”

Okay. But… please don’t fuck me tonight, Joe. My bum is really sore.”

I know,” said Joe, giggling. “He has got a big one, hasn’t he? We measured it a couple of weeks ago and found it’s nearly five and a half inches. Can you imagine how big it’ll be when he’s fifteen? You’d better hope we don’t make you come up to Scouts with us…”

David got washed under Molly’s supervision as usual, no longer as self-conscious about it as he had been a month ago, and went up to his attic obediently when Joe told him it was time for bed. Joe came up himself half an hour later, and tonight he pushed the hatch into place once he was inside the attic. He was wearing only his underpants.

I’ve told Tim he’ll need to come and wake us up for breakfast,” he said. “Now… I was going to make you suck me before we go to sleep, but I suppose you have already done it once tonight, so maybe I’ll let you off. You can just kiss it good night instead.”

And he removed his underpants, tossing them to the floor at the bottom of the mattress, and flourished his erection in David’s face. David kissed it on the tip, thinking as he did so that being ordered to do this a month ago would have probably made him puke, and now he could do it easily. It’s amazing what you can get used to, he thought.

Joe turned the light out and lay down beside him, snuggling up close and putting his arm round David’s shoulders.

Now the light’s out and we’re almost asleep, so we can stop hating each other for a bit,” he said. “If that’s okay with you, of course?”

Sure,” said David, who really just wanted to try to forget his sore bottom and go to sleep.

I really think you’re changing,” Joe told him. “Oh, I know you still hate us – every now and then you sort of forget we’re watching and let it show in your expression – but I haven’t heard you swear once this week, and you’ve done everything we’ve told you without trying to get out of it. I was talking to Molly earlier, and she says that since you peed in your shorts last week you’ve been really polite to her. Okay, maybe it’s because you don’t want to be punished, but you’ve still been really good. I reckon before too much longer we might not need to punish you any more, as long as you go on being good.

If I said you might be allowed to come and use the spare bed in my room instead of the attic, would you want to? Or are you happier being up here out of everyone’s way?”

Well… it would be nice to have a proper bed again. And to be able to go to bed a bit later, even if it’s only at the same time as you.”

And you wouldn’t mind sharing a room with me?”

Not really. It’d be better than being locked away up here every night, anyway.”

Then if you keep being good until we get back from cub camp at half term, I’ll ask Tim if you can come and share my room. Okay?”

Yes. Thanks, Joe.”

David caught himself feeling grateful for being allowed to share a small bedroom, when a couple of months ago he’d had a large one entirely to himself. Maybe he was adapting to his new situation a bit, even if it was obviously completely unfair for him to be in this position.

Good. Of course, if you mess me about after you’ve moved, I’ll still have to punish you, and if you do it more than once you’ll have to come back up here to sleep. But I reckon we’ll be okay together. As long as you remember who’s in charge, that is.”

David rolled onto his side facing the wall, but Joe hadn’t quite finished with him yet: he started stroking David’s bum, feeling all the ridges caused by the riding crop.

Bet that hurt,” he said, stroking gently. “Is it feeling better yet?”

More or less. My hole still aches a bit, though. Get him to fuck you some time, then you’ll see what it’s like.”

No, thanks. Nobody’s ever going to fuck me. Round here I do the fucking. Anyway, I know what it felt like from the look on your face when it was going in, and I don’t want to feel like that, ever. I’m only ever going to have nice sex feelings, like when you suck me or when I put it up your bum. You’re only allowed to have bad sex feelings… though maybe if you’re good I might wank you sometime. That feels nice, having it done by someone else.”

I don’t think so: I had it done to me in front of a whole class of second-year kids who couldn’t stop laughing at me, and I absolutely hated it.”

Well, obviously – anyone would hate that. But me and Roger have rubbed each other a couple of times when we’ve been on our own, and that feels really nice. It’s miles different being touched by someone you can trust… so maybe I’ll do that for you one day.”

No, thanks. I don’t want to do any sex stuff with boys, because that’s perverted, and I’m not like that. That’s why I hate it when you lot force me to have sex with you, because it makes me act queer, and I’m not, okay?”

I know you’re not – but then Roger and I aren’t, either. It’s just having a bit of fun, that’s all. We’re both going to get girlfriends when we’re old enough. And Tim likes girls, but he still enjoyed giving you one, because it felt good. There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun with your mates and getting nice feelings. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be a poof when you grow up.”

David was silent. As far as he was concerned, anyone who did stuff with another boy was a pervert – even being forced into it made him feel bad about himself, and the idea of touching another boy’s genitals voluntarily made him feel sick. If Joe thought it was okay, that was his business, but David didn’t think anyone would ever be able to convince him that it was anything other than a filthy, disgusting practice.

Joe was obviously still in a good mood with him when he woke up, because he was able to enjoy a quiet weekend without anyone making him do anything he didn’t want. Okay, he was only allowed to wear his cut-off jeans, and Molly still supervised him while he was getting washed, but otherwise he was treated almost like a proper member of the family. They let him come and watch TV with them – in fact, Tim actually invited him to come and watch the sport on Saturday afternoon. And when Joe suggested letting David move down into the bedroom after half term, Tim didn’t object at all.

Monday and Tuesday passed fairly well, too: 1B and 2B didn’t go too far over the top at break, and although Osterley made him suck on the Tuesday, he was otherwise left alone at lunchtimes, too. And on the Tuesday evening he wasn’t made to do anything except housework.

Wednesday’s break was less comfortable, as Harwood sent Larkin away at the start of break before Jordan could intervene, and then David was made to go to the tuck shop for them, still wearing his female uniform. That gave a large section of the school population a chance to laugh at him, but by now mere laughter was nothing like as bad as some of the other things he had gone through.

When he got back to 1C's room he was stripped and whipped, though because there were by now some fairly impressive bruises appearing on his buttocks Jordan was able to persuade his form-mates not to overdo it: “If he ends up in hospital, we’ll all be in trouble,” he pointed out. And that was the end of his junior school punishments - except for Pope and his form, of course….

At lunchtime McMillan said he wanted to try fucking him. He was the only one of the junior members of Osterley’s circle who was long enough, but because his penis was quite thin it didn’t hurt that much: McMillan was a lot smaller than Benedict. He was made to suck Sherwood while McMillan was inside him, which allowed the two friends to enjoy sex at the same time, but even that could have been worse, he decided: Sherwood was quite small, and he didn’t have any spunk, either.

Once they had finished with him Osterley packed the female uniform into his bag and handed David his shorts.

Okay, from now on you can just wear these, and you’ll only have to come here at lunch times,” he said. “I expect we’ll still want to do stuff to you now and again, but not every day.”

David could see Little Collins scowling at him: clearly the smaller boy still didn’t think David should get off this easily. And that made him feel genuinely grateful to Osterley, so once he was dressed he turned to the third-year boy.

Look, Osterley… thanks. I really mean it. And… well… now I really am sorry about last term, too. I know Collins won’t believe me, but I was wrong to set you up like that, and I wish I hadn’t. Actually, I agree with Collins: I think you’ve let me down easily, so if there’s ever anything I can do for you, I will. Okay?”

I can’t imagine ever needing your help, but… well… okay, thanks for offering, anyway.”

And Collins? I’m really glad you were around at the end of last term. You probably don’t believe that, either, but I’m glad there was someone to stand beside him. So, I owe you, too.”

Little Collins didn’t answer that – plainly he was still unconvinced – so David just picked up his bag and went out. Maybe Joe was right, he thought: maybe he really was changing a bit. He didn’t think he would ever have been capable of regretting what had happened to Osterley until very recently: perhaps you had to go through bad stuff yourself to find out how the other person feels…

After school he went home with Michael. Once again Michael lent him some long trousers, though of course at least now he could keep wearing his own shirt. And once again he had a really nice, relaxed evening with the Staggs,

At bedtime he changed into his own PE shorts, which he’d brought along specially, and Michael undressed, hesitating before pulling his own shorts on.

Maybe I’ll sleep naked tonight,” he suggested. “That way if I have one of those dreams it’ll shoot out all over you. Of course, if you were to suck me first – or even better, let me put it up your bum – I’d be too spent to have a dream like that, and you’d be safe. What do you think?”

David looked at him, not knowing how to say ‘fuck off!’ without offending him, and Michael looked at his face, laughed and pulled his shorts on.

I’m teasing, you idiot,” he said. “I told you last week I wouldn’t make you do anything you don’t want to, and I meant it. Of course, if you volunteer I won’t say no – I’d love to know how it feels to fuck someone. But I’ve promised I won’t make you, and I won’t. Now get into bed.”

So they got into bed and settled down, and they talked for a while about school – Michael was still passing most of David’s marks on to Tim via Sherwood, but he’d suppressed a couple of really low marks, and in fact now that some of the pressure was off David’s marks were actually improving a bit. Michael also told him that Tim had agreed to letting David come round on Mondays as well as Wednesdays from next week. He intended telling his parents that David’s mother was away working in London, and letting his stay over a couple of times a week would make up for the lack of family life at home.

David settled down happily: he knew he could trust Michael by now, and the idea of two nights in a proper bed, not to mention being allowed to stay up until ten o’clock watching TV, was really attractive.

In the event Michael didn’t suffer a wet dream that night, and so they were able to sleep undisturbed until the alarm went off.

At break he reported, with a great deal of trepidation, to Pope.

Okay,” Pope told him. “I want you to go into the book store and strip naked. There’s a desk in there you can bend over if you need to. Once you’re ready, every boy in the class will come in to see you, one at a time, in alphabetical order, and you’ll do whatever they tell you – and afterwards you’ll keep it to yourself, too: you don’t tell anyone what you did, not even me, or you’ll get whipped, okay?”

David nodded, allowing himself to be ushered into the book store, a large cupboard about eight feet deep by six feet wide, with a desk in the middle. He undressed, putting his clothes into his bag, and then stuck his head outside the door and told Pope he was ready. And a few seconds later the first boy came in.

My name’s Allen,” he said. “And… look, are you sure you’re not going to tell anyone out there about this? Only I’d hate anyone to find out.”

They won’t,” said David. “I promise – and you heard Pope: even he can’t make me tell.”

Right. Only… Pope says we can… you know, fuck you, like happened to you last time, or make you suck on it, which Pope says is really nice, or make you rub it – and that’s supposed to feel good, too. Or we’re allowed just to hurt you if we want instead.”

David hadn’t known about that bit, but it was a bit late to argue now.

So what do you want to do?” he asked.

I don’t know… I don’t think I want to put it up your bum, ‘cos that seems a bit… well, too dirty. What do you think I should do?”

It’s up to you,” said David, who certainly wasn’t going to volunteer to do anything. He was a bit surprised: Allen was quite tall, and well-built, and was very much the sort of boy he’d expect to be very enthusiastic about fucking him. But instead Allen said, timidly, “Well, would it be okay if I put it in your mouth, then?”

Obviously David couldn’t actually say no, so he dropped to his knees in front of the table, and Allen nervously pulled down his trousers and pants, revealing a quite well-grown organ that even had a few wisps of hair round the base. It was limp, and it took David a while to stiffen it up, but he knew what would happen if he didn’t do what he was told, so he gave it his best effort, and soon it was nice and hard and about four and a half inches long.

David sucked it, and it didn’t take long, and when it happened some stuff came out, making David cough, but Allen didn’t seem to care.

Gosh, that was… special,” he said, pulling his trousers back up. “Thanks, Rat.”

And he went out, leaving David spitting into his handkerchief.

Before the bell went he had masturbated Bell, sucked Brigham and been fucked by Carlton, so that left him with four done and twenty-four still to do. It looked as if this would be over well before half-term, which was good, but he was still unhappy about this: okay, at least now he was being forced to behave like a pervert in private, rather than in front of forty jeering kids, but it was still really hard to make himself do this stuff, and he emerged from the cupboard feeling sick.

Well done, Rat, no complaints,” said Pope. “See you again tomorrow.”

And the next day he dealt with Clements, Clifford, Crampton and Daniels, wanking two and sucking two, and then at lunch time when he went to the music block he found Pope there instead of Osterley, and Pope took him back to 2C’s form room so that he could carry on. He sucked Evans, let Farrington fuck him…and then came a pause, at the end of which the door was pulled open and, to the sound of cheering, a completely naked boy was pushed into the cupboard and the door slammed behind him. The boy turned, heaving at the door and shouting to be let out, but to no avail. Eventually he slumped down onto the floor.

Are you Fraser?” asked David, consulting the form list he had been given.

The boy on the floor nodded.

You don’t want to be here, do you?”

Fraser shook his head.

That’s okay – I don’t, either. Come on, just come and sit down for a bit. We’ll wait three or four minutes and then they’ll let you out. We can say you made me do… whatever you want, and then they’ll leave you alone.”

The boy stood up, holding his hands in front of his groin. He came over to the table and sat down on it, still hiding his genitals.

Why did they make you come in if you didn’t want to?”

Pope says everyone has to have a go. I said I didn’t want to, I thought it was dirty, and they just laughed at me, stripped me and threw me in here. Pope said I wouldn’t think it was dirty when I found out how good it feels, but I don’t want to find out. It’s filthy, doing stuff like that.”

I agree with you. I certainly wouldn’t be here if I had a choice,” David told him.

The boy looked up at him. He was a skinny kid, obviously not much good at anything athletic, and it was easy to imagine him being picked on by someone like Pope.

You’re not going to make me, then?” he asked.

God, no! I’m only too glad not to have to do stuff with you!”

Oh, good,” said the boy, relaxing a little.

David sat down next to him, and the boy flinched a little.

It’s okay,” said David. “It’s just… well, I know Pope. He might well look in, and if he does I want him to think I’m playing with yours, because if he sees us doing nothing they might make us do stuff out there with everyone watching.”

And he was right: half a minute later the door opened. David had time to move his hand to Fraser’s lap before Pope came in, and that allowed him to say, “Hey, Pope, this is supposed to be private – get out and let me rub him in peace!”

Okay,” said Pope. “Just checking, that’s all.”

And chuck his clothes in here,” added David. “He shouldn’t have to come out there naked afterwards.”

A minute later the door opened again and Fraser’s clothes were dropped on the floor. David kept his hand where it was until the door closed again.

Thanks,” said Fraser. “Sorry, but I just think all this sex stuff is sick. Thanks for not giving me away.”

Any time,” said David.

They waited another couple of minutes, and then Fraser got dressed and left.

Gilmore came in and fucked him – and he was quite big for a second-year, so it hurt a bit, even though he wasn’t quite in Benedict’s league – and then Grahame came in and wanted them to feel each other up, which David agreed to unenthusiastically. They stroked each other for a bit, and then Grahame looked at his watch and said that they’d better stop, the bell would be going in a couple of minutes. He got dressed and pulled David out into the room with him – and of course the way Grahame had been handling him meant that David had an erection. That got a huge cheer, and made David blush bright red with shame.

Glad you’re enjoying it, Rat,” said Pope, staring at his groin.

There was no answer to that, so David just threw his clothes on and fled.

After cubs that evening (and David did manage to recite the Law and the Promise and so on perfectly, and so was presented with his neckerchief, making him a proper member of the pack) they all went back to the Devlins’ house and watched Roger’s video, and it was pretty good, even though he couldn’t quite get the sound in sync with the video tape. The camera wobbled a bit, and the focus slipped occasionally, but generally it was good, and the boys all seemed to enjoy it a lot. David winced when he watched himself being whipped, and just seeing Benedict lining up on the film was enough to make his buttocks clench.

Good film, Roger,” said Joe, once it was over. “We’ll have to get some copies made of the tape if we can – it would be a real shame if anything happened to it before the whole pack has seen it – and everyone from our school, of course!”

David stared at him in horror.

I’m joking,” said Joe. “This is Red Six stuff – nobody else gets to see it. Besides, if we showed it to too many people someone would be sure to talk about it in front of grown-ups, and then we’d all be in trouble.

Now, I said last week that we’d go easy on Gerbil this week and next if he helped us make the film, so we’re going to do that. That’s why I haven’t made him strip tonight, and why we’re not going to next week, either. Of course, after that we’ll be away at camp, and then it’ll be back to normal…”

David still didn’t like the sound of that, but he didn’t think he’d get an answer if he asked. And he didn’t, even when he raised the issue in private that night in the attic – Joe had chosen to sleep with him again.

You’ll find out when you get there,” Joe told him. “But we’ll try not to be too nasty to you.” And that was all he would say.

Another quiet weekend rolled past, and over the two breaks on Monday David managed to deal with another nine members of 2C (two who wanted to fuck him, four who wanted to be sucked, one who wanted to be wanked, and two who didn’t want to do anything at all but, mindful of what had happened to Fraser, were both sensible enough not to say so before they got into the cupboard). That left only four still to be dealt with, not including Pope and Little Collins, both of whom had missed their turn alphabetically, and when David went home with Michael after school he was confident that the end was finally in sight – except for Dhif, of course, but he still wasn’t anticipating any serious problems there.

However, one unanticipated problem reared its head while Michael was helping his mother get the table ready for supper: Julian grabbed David and pulled him into his room, closing the door behind him.

Now look,” he began, “Mikey’s being really good to you…”

I know,” said David, wondering where this was going. “And I’m really grateful.”

Good, because I want you to show him how grateful you are. Next time he suggests doing sex stuff with you, you’re going to say ‘yes’, understand?”

But… but he said he wouldn’t make me do anything like that!”

And he won’t, which is why you’ll have to volunteer. Look, Villiers-Gore, Mikey’s really nice, and since you went to that party with him it’s obvious that he really likes you, though I’m not quite sure why: I suppose he must be able to see something in you that the rest of us can’t. Anyway, I know how much he’d like to be able to do stuff with you, because he’s told me, but he’d never break his word by making you do it – and actually I don’t think he’d enjoy it if he thought you didn’t want to do it. So I want you to offer to let him. He deserves it, don’t you think?”

Yes, but… God, Julian, I hate that stuff!”

I know. But frankly I don’t care: I just want my brother to be happy, and after all he’s done to help you, I think you owe him. So you’re going to do this. I’d prefer you to do it because you think he’s earned it, but if not you can do it because otherwise I’ll talk to Sherwood and get you whipped naked in the yard at school. It’s up to you.”

And he went back downstairs, leaving David thinking and wondering if there was a way out of this situation.

He was quiet all the way through supper, and while they were watching TV afterwards. He knew that Julian was right: Michael had rescued him from a couple of nights at home, even though in fact he seemed to be getting on better with the Devlins recently, and so really he did owe him something. But he still hated the idea of having to do sex stuff with boys…

A couple of months previously this would have been an easy decision: Michael was a council estate oik, and there would have been no circumstances in which David would have felt indebted to him. But lately his views had changed a little: maybe he did have a sense of honour after all, even though it had been atrophied for the whole of his life so far.

You’ve been really quiet this evening,” commented Michael when they went up to his room to get ready for bed. “Are you okay?”

Yes, I’m fine. I was just thinking, that’s all.”

About how you could possibly go on resisting my perfect body?” teased Michael.

David took a deep breath. “Well, sort of,” he said.

Michael stared at him. “Huh?”

Look, Michael… suppose I said…” He swallowed. “Suppose I said I might be thinking about… you know, doing… stuff… with you…”

Wow! Are you?”

Sort of.”

God, David, I never thought…. I mean, seriously?”

David managed to make himself nod.

Bloody hell… that’s… I mean… I’d really like that. But only if you’re sure.”

I’m sure,” lied David, through gritted teeth. “But… just the once, okay?”

Yes, sure, whatever you say. So… what do you want to do?”

What do you want?”

Well… it felt absolutely amazing when you sucked it, but… I don’t suppose… that is… could you… I mean, would you… would you actually let me… fuck you?”

David hesitated. Getting Michael’s stuff shooting out into his mouth was sure to make him puke, like it had the first time. Getting fucked… well, he thought Michael was a little bit smaller than Benedict, but it would still hurt like hell, unless…

If I said yes, would you swear to be careful and to try not to hurt me too much?”

God, yes – I’d be really gentle, I promise. And I’d stop if it started hurting you.”

You promise?” asked David, eyeing the growing bulge in Michael’s trousers nervously.

I promise. Look, David, you’re sort of a friend now, and I’d never do anything to hurt you, okay?”

Then… okay, we’ll do it. You’ll need something to help it go in – hand cream, or shampoo, or Vaseline, or something like that. Can you find some?”

You bet!” cried Michael, and ran out, coming back with a tube of hand cream. “Will this do?”

I should think so. Let’s get undressed, and then you’ll have to rub some of that onto your thing, and some round my hole… there’s no chance of anyone coming in while we’re doing it, is there?”

No, but I’ll pull the chest of drawers in front of the door to make sure.”

They got undressed, and Michael rubbed a little cream onto his already extremely hard erection, and David lay across the edge of the bed and spread his legs as far as he could, praying that this would be over quickly. Michael squeezed a little of the cream onto David’s hole and rubbed it around his entrance with his forefinger, and then knelt down behind him.

Are you really sure about this, David?” he asked.

Just do it,” said David, closing his eyes and trying to prepare himself.

He felt the tip of Michael’s foreskin touch his hole and pressed back, as he had learned to do by now, and Michael tentatively pushed a little.

You’ll have to push a bit harder,” David told him, “or you won’t get past the entrance.”

Okay, but… you must promise to tell me if it hurts.”

I will. Now go on.”

Michael pushed a bit harder, and David tried to open up for him, and then the knob was able to force its way past the rim. David gasped.

Okay?” asked Michael.

Fine. Carry on – but do it slowly.”

Michael pushed a bit more, and slowly more and more of his weapon slid inside, until finally David could feel the pubic hair touching his bum.

I think that’s as far as it’ll go,” said Michael. “Are you okay?”

Yes, I’m fine,” said David, and indeed he was: this didn’t hurt anything like as much as Benedict’s had done.

What do I do now?”

Pull back a bit and then push forward again.”

Michael pulled back a bit too far and it came right out. “Damn!” he said.

That’s okay, just put it in again. Slowly.”

Michael did that, carefully pushed it all the way in, and then withdrew once more, and this time he stopped before it went too far. He pushed it in again, withdrew, pushed forward…

God, this feels amazing,” he said. “I’d never have believed how warm you are inside… Are you sure you’re okay?”

Fine. Try speeding up a bit,” said David, anxious to get this over with, “and I’ll squeeze a bit, and that ought to feel even better.”

To judge from the noises Michael made, it did feel better – a lot better. He got into a rhythm, not too fast, but steady, and David tensed and relaxed with him, thinking that this didn’t really hurt – actually, it wasn’t too bad at all… in fact…

Oh, fuck,” he breathed, because he realised he’d gone hard again – not only that, but his whole groin area felt warm and nice.

Are you okay?” asked Michael, again, disconcerted by that sotto voce profanity.

Yes, I’m… I’m okay. Keep going.”

So Michael kept going, and David was faced with the inescapable realisation that, not only did this feel good, but it was actually getting him excited. Far too excited, in fact: he thought that if this kept going for another minute or so he was actually going to have an orgasm.

He desperately wanted to make Michael stop before that happened, but he didn’t see how he could without ruining things for him – and he wasn’t sure that Michael would be able to stop now, anyway: the way he was gasping as he thrust forward suggested that he wasn’t too far away from an orgasm of his own. He struggled to contain the feelings, praying that Michael would get there first… but the feeling grew and grew, and all the wriggling and writhing in the world couldn’t hold it back. At last he lost the struggle and the orgasm swept over him, and his thrashing about dragged Michael over the edge, too, and for several seconds their climax went on and on, until David was convinced that it would never end and he was going to die here, drowned in excitement and pinned down under another boy’s body.

At last the feeling started to recede, and Michael collapsed on top of him.

Oh, my God, David,” he gasped, “That’s the most unbelievable feeling I’ve ever had in my life… I thought it was good when you sucked on it, but that was ten times as good…. I thought it was never going to end… Are you okay?”

Yes, I think so,” said David, struggling to control his voice.

It didn’t hurt too much, did it?”

It didn’t hurt at all.”

Oh, brilliant! I’m really glad… God, that was incredible…wow!”

He moved back, his now limp penis slipping out easily.

I suppose I ought to go and have a wash,” he said, looking down at himself. “And you’d better come, too – there’s cream and… stuff… round your bum.”

Better check there’s nobody on the landing,” advised David, grabbing his shorts and throwing Michael’s pair to him.

The landing was clear, and they made it to the bathroom unobserved, cleaning themselves up and then putting their shorts on for the return trip. They got into bed, turned the light out and settled down, and Michael seemed to go to sleep really quickly. But David lay next to him with his eyes wide open, his brain in absolute turmoil. How could he have possibly have got excited doing something as perverted as that? He knew he wasn’t a queer – the whole idea of sex with other boys disgusted him. And yet, being fucked had not only turned him on, it had made him have an orgasm – and without even touching his penis! So that had to mean that he was a poof, because only a poof would want to be fucked… but he hadn’t wanted it! But it had happened, and he had got excited… but he hated queers! But if he had orgasms while having sex with a boy, he must be queer himself… but he just couldn’t be – queers were disgusting…

The thoughts chased each other round and round his head, but there was no resolution to the problem, and when he finally fell asleep, exhausted, at about two in the morning, he still felt absolutely awful. How could he have liked doing that? Because even if his head had hated every moment, it was obvious that his body had loved it, and might even want to do it again. His final thought before falling asleep was that he must be going insane…


So now David has a new enemy: himself. Is there any way for him to sort this out in his head without it exploding?

In the next chapter we'll see how he copes with the aftermath of this event. Also coming over the horizon is the cub camp – and if he gets past that in one piece, the final challenge will be waiting for him, and it's one he has horribly underestimated...

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