The White Rat – Chapter Twenty-One

This chapter is going to be a bit unusual – David is nowhere to be seen, because this is where we catch up with what Jordan has been doing since the start of the Summer Term. And because this is the all-new Jordan, who has found out how nice it is to do stuff with your friends as equals, there's going to be nothing (with one small exception) going on in this chapter that isn't entirely consensual. Fear not – normal service will be resumed in Chapter Twenty-Two.


Jeremy had been enthusiastic about getting together with Jordan and Charlie again, but getting the idea past Charlie’s mother wasn’t quite so easy: she wasn’t prepared to let Charlie stay out overnight during term time, though she said it would be possible at half term, which was another couple of weeks away. However, she did agree to letting Charlie come to visit Jordan one Sunday afternoon, provided that he was home again no later than seven p.m., so they fixed it up for the afternoon of May 22nd.

Jeremy came round in the morning and stayed for lunch, and as it was Jordan’s house he was coming to and not Charlie’s he turned up in jeans and a tee-shirt, rather than collar and tie.

Sorry I couldn’t come last weekend,” he said. “But, like I told you, it was my birthday on the thirteenth, and my parents wanted to take me out for a meal.”

Jordan knew about the birthday, of course, and had given Jeremy a present, a carriage for his train set.

That’s okay. Charlie couldn’t have come last week, anyway, and we really need him here – it’s not the same without our baby brother.”

Jeremy grinned. “Of course, now you’re the only one who is still eleven,” he pointed out. “Perhaps we should treat you like the baby this week.”

You could try, if you want to be spanked again.”

Jeremy thought about that – actually, he liked it when Jordan stripped him and spanked him, though he’d liked it even more when Jordan had fucked him, and he wanted another go at that.

Spanking’s too easy,” he said. “You’d have to give me a proper punishment if you wanted me to behave.”

Jordan knew what he meant, and he liked that idea, too.

Just watch it, or I will,” he said. “I might even do it with Charlie watching.”

Jeremy looked a bit less sure. “Well… I don’t know. Aren’t you afraid he’d react badly if he saw us doing that?”

Well, perhaps. But I’d quite like to do it to him as well, and I think if he sees how much you enjoy it he’d be far more likely to let me.”

What, you think I enjoy being punished?” asked Jeremy, grinning.

No, I’m sure you hate every moment. Look, Charlie says he’ll be allowed to sleep over with one of us during half term, so once he gets here we’ll have to find a couple of days when we’re both free, because I don’t want to miss a chance for the three of us to sleep together again. That was fun.”

I’m not doing anything at all at half term at the moment, so any day will be fine with me.”

I’ve got one or two things I need to do, but I’m sure we can find a couple of days. Now, I might decide to punish you again when Charlie gets here, but I still think you deserve a spanking right now. Unless you’d like to apologise for calling me a baby, of course.”

Jeremy made a rude noise at him, so Jordan chased him round the bedroom, caught him, threw him onto the bed and pinned him down.

So, are you going to apologise, or am I going to have to spank you?” he asked.

Apologise to you? Certainly not!”

So Jordan began to strip him, and Jeremy resisted as best he could, laughing and trying to hang on to his clothes for as long as possible. But eventually his pants came off, and it was immediately obvious that he was enjoying this.

Perhaps I should do something about that,” said Jordan, taking hold of it and squeezing gently.

Jeremy stopped struggling and looked at him. “Go on, then,” he said, softly. “I dare you!”

What do you think I should do to it?”

It’s up to you. But perhaps you should try to find out if it still makes me feel strange when you rub it.”

"Oh, I don’t suppose that’s changed, so I really don’t need to check again.”

You never know. I’m pretty unusual – maybe that sort of thing doesn’t always work on me. I think you ought to check, just to make sure.”

Well, you’re right about you being strange…so, how does this feel?”


Nice? But I’m supposed to be punishing you – punishments shouldn’t feel nice!”

You can punish me later. Right now you have to check that I still get interesting feelings when you rub it for me.”

So Jordan went on checking, and it turned out that Jeremy did still get interesting feelings. And afterwards Jordan let him get dressed (without spanking him), and they played with Jordan’s toy soldiers until lunchtime.

Charlie arrived after lunch, dressed as if he was going to church, in collar and tie, his shorts neatly pressed and his shoes shiny and clean. They waited until his mother had finally left – she seemed unsure that it would really be safe to leave her precious boy away from home all afternoon – and then took him up to Jordan’s room and started to look for a change of clothes for him – “After all,” Jordan pointed out, “if you go home with dirty clothes you’ll never be allowed to come again, and we can’t have that. Now, get those nice shiny church clothes off and I’ll see what I can find for you.”

So Charlie took off everything except his pants and socks and Jeremy folded the discarded clothes up neatly and put them on top of Jordan’s bookcase. Jordan found a tee shirt that would probably be a little too big on Charlie, but would do the job well enough, and his school rugby shorts, which he wouldn’t need again until September anyway.

You’ll have to keep your own shoes on,” he said, “because mine would be too big for you. We’ll clean them before your mum comes back to pick you up. But it won’t matter if these things of mine get dirty, so we’ll be able to go and play in the woods again, like we did at your place. So get them on and then let’s go!”

Charlie pulled the borrowed clothes on, and they were a little too big, but the shorts had a draw-string, so it didn’t matter too much that they were a size or two larger than his own.

Once he was ready Jordan led them off into the woods. He thought about going to see if Nigel and John were using the clearing, and maybe if it had just been him and Jeremy he might have. But he didn’t want to expose Charlie to that sort of thing just yet, so he stayed away from that part of the woods, just keeping going until he found a good area with no undergrowth. And for the next couple of hours they played soldiers, or hide and seek, or climbed trees. And this time Charlie seemed to lose his inhibitions much more quickly, joining in happily, wrestling with them, climbing trees that he wouldn’t have dared to try a couple of months previously, and generally enjoying himself.

I wish I could come and play with you more often,” he said when they stopped for a rest. “I’m not usually allowed to do stuff like this.”

Doesn’t it bother you?” asked Jordan. “The way your mum keeps you wrapped in cotton wool all the time, I mean.”

Well… a bit, I suppose. But not too much. See, I know it’s really because Mummy doesn’t want me to grow up too quickly. Something went wrong when I was born, and she couldn’t have any more children. That’s why I haven’t got any brothers or sisters. She likes me being a little boy, and I don’t mind, because it makes me feel sort of safe.”

Yes, but… crumbs, Charlie, you’ll be thirteen in September. You can’t go on with you and your mum both pretending you’re about six much longer. After all, you’re bound to start growing soon, and you’ll get spots, and your voice will break, and then she’ll have to admit you’re a teenager, not a child.”

I know. But I don’t think it’ll happen for a while yet – I mean, I’m pretty titchy for twelve, aren’t I? Anyway, I don’t want spots, or a croaky voice. I like being how I am. And if I suddenly got tall and spotty I couldn’t be your little brother any more, and I like playing that game.”

Even when we tease you and make you go to bed before us?”

Even then… in fact, big brothers are supposed to tease little brothers, so you have to do it if we’re going to play the game right. I really liked it when we slept together, because then it felt to me like we really were brothers.”

Good, because we’re going to do that again at half term – your mum says she’ll let you sleep over with one of us.”

Yippee! Then I can be a proper baby brother, and you’ll both have to look after me and show me how much…”


No, it doesn’t matter. So, whose house are we going to stay at?”

Well, you could both come to mine,” said Jeremy. “But my sister will be around, so if we could come here it would be better.”

I expect that would be okay,” said Jordan. “But we won’t all be able to fit into my bed, and my parents will be using theirs… unless… hey, maybe we could camp in the garden – or even the field behind the garden? Then we could zip a couple of sleeping bags together and share that.”

That’d be fun!” agreed Jeremy.

Yes, it would, but I’m not sure if I’d be allowed,” said Charlie. “So you’d better not say anything about camping when you speak to Mummy – just tell her I’ll be sleeping in your bedroom in a sleeping bag, or something.”

Okay. Now, let’s see if we can find some more trees to climb…”

By the time Charlie’s mum came to pick him up again after tea he had changed back into his nice clothes, and his shoes had been cleaned so that they looked as smart as they had when he arrived. Jordan and Jeremy both put on smart shirts and ties as well, Jeremy borrowing some of Jordan’s clothes, so they made a good impression on Mrs Barnett, and so she was happy to confirm that Charlie could come for a couple of days at half-term, and they settled on the Monday and Tuesday. Charlie went away smiling happily.

Jordan had a few other things lined up for half term, as he had said. First he had to go and see how Philip Baxter-Cauldwell was getting on with his revision. He’d been checking up on the sixth-former every couple of weeks, and by now the older boy was more or less resigned to his situation – at least, he didn’t shout and swear any longer. Once he was more or less used to the chain Jordan came to an agreement with him: every time he came round he would tie Baxter-Cauldwell’s ankles and left wrist to the bed, then remove the chain and allow him to masturbate – on the strict understanding that he would then be allowed to put the chain back on afterwards.

If you refuse, or try to fight me off, three things will happen,” Jordan had warned him. “First, I’m going to whip you as hard as I can to try to get you to change your mind. If that doesn’t work, and I can’t get the chain back on you, then second, those photos start doing the rounds. And third, I’ll get Garrett and a couple of his friends to come and help me – or maybe they’ll grab you at school – and the chain will go back on, and we’ll seal the lock with superglue and chuck the keys in the river. So it’s up to you – play the game and you’ll be fine, and I’ll agree to come round and let you play with yourself every week. Don’t, and you’re in deep trouble.”

You know I could kill you while you’re here, don’t you?” Philip had asked him one day.

Sure, but you won’t, no matter how much you want to, because you’d go to prison for life. And a few more weeks’ discomfort isn’t worth that, is it? I mean, you’re not stupid, or you wouldn’t be at KEV in the first place.”

And of course Philip knew he was right. So when Jordan went round on the first Saturday of half term he showed the younger boy what he had been working on (it meant very little to Jordan, of course, but he made a note of the subjects so that he could check with Garrett later) and then allowed himself to be tied to the bed, with his right arm left free. Then Jordan removed the chain and sat back to watch.

The first time he had done this Philip had asked him to at least have the decency to look the other way, but Jordan had said that he needed to keep an eye so that he could tell if Philip tried to untie his other wrist or something, and he had refused to change his mind. So every two weeks since he had been able to watch the seventeen-year-old masturbating, which he found most entertaining.

What are you thinking about?” he asked on this occasion.

Strangling you,” replied Philip, sourly.

No, seriously, I’d like to know."

Well, there’s a girl lives just up the road. She goes to the Ladies’ College, and she is really hot. She thinks she’s far too good for me, of course, but if I ever had a chance I’d like to give her one. Or more than one.”

Cool,” said Jordan. “Carry on, then.”

So Philip carried on.

You can slow down, if you like,” Jordan told him after a few more seconds. “I haven’t got to rush off, so you can take as long as you like. Just enjoy it.”

It’s hard to enjoy it with a snot-nosed kid gawking at me.”

I suppose so. Look, if you like I’ll do it for you: that way if you close your eyes you can pretend it’s the CLC girl doing it instead.”

No, thanks. I might be able to fool myself while you’re doing it, but afterwards I’d be lying here thinking, ‘Fuck, Philip, you just let a twelve-year-old boy toss you off. Are you queer now, or what?’”

I’m eleven. But it’s up to you – if you change your mind, just let me know.”

I won’t. Now shut up and let me concentrate.”

So Jordan kept his mouth shut and watched the older boy rubbing himself, enjoying the moment when he lost control and spurt after spurt of thick white spunk shot out of his penis and landed on his chest and stomach. When it was over he handed Philip the box of tissues from the bedside table and watched him mopping up, and then he put the chain back on, pocketed the key and turned to go.

I can come back later in the week if you like,” he said. “Thursday or Friday, perhaps? Then you won’t have to wait quite so long for your next wank.”

Yes, okay – I’m not going anywhere on Friday.”

See you on Friday, then.” And Jordan left him trying to untie his left wrist.

It was fun having Baxter-Cauldwell under his thumb like this, and it looked as if it was going to be pretty lucrative, too, because last time he had spoken to Garrett, the head boy had told him that Baxter-Cauldwell was definitely knuckling down to some serious work. With a bit of luck the end of term exams would show the improvement Philip’s mother was looking for, and then he’d be £50 better off – and there was an awful lot of fun he’d be able to have with that sort of money in his pocket.

Jeremy came round on the Sunday afternoon, having managed to talk his parents into giving him an extra night at Jordan’s house. That suited both of them perfectly: it would allow them to have some fun together on their own before Charlie came to join them. So when Jeremy suggested that they might go and play in the woods, Jordan said that this would be an excellent idea, provided that Jeremy promised to behave himself and respect his big brother. And, of course, the look on Jeremy’s face suggested that this was probably not going to be what actually happened.

He behaved himself properly at first, as they explored the woods and practised advancing slowly from tree to tree, like soldiers on a reconnaissance patrol, but it wasn’t too long before he made a joke about Jordan’s curly hair, and that led to a wrestling match.

Okay, so you’re on top,” admitted Jeremy as he ended up pinned down as usual. “So what are you going to do about it?”

Well, I could strip you bare and make you play naked for the next hour or so.”

Jeremy thought about that and decided that it sounded like fun.

You wouldn’t dare!” he said, provocatively.

Five minutes later he was stark naked and his clothes were stuffed into Jordan’s bag, though after he had taken three steps and got a thorn in his foot Jordan gave him his shoes back.

And you can stay like that until you apologise,” said Jordan, hoisting his bag onto his back.

Sorry, but it’s against the law to apologise to four-eyed morons.”

Then you‘d better hope it doesn’t start raining, or you’re going to get cold and wet. Come on.”

They patrolled a little further, and then Jeremy made another reference to Jordan’s curls, and that led to him being dragged over to a fallen tree trunk, pushed face down over it and getting a spanking which, since Jordan held back sufficiently, Jeremy enjoyed.

They resumed their advance, stopping to climb an inviting-looking tree, and once they were high in the branches Jeremy started getting lippy again.

You must really enjoy getting spanked,” said Jordan. “When we get down I’m going to have to beat you till your bum goes bright red.”

I’m not getting down. I like it up here.”

Okay, but once I’m down I’m heading for home, so unless you want to stay out here in the woods on your own with no clothes on, you’ll have to come with me.”

I wouldn’t mind staying here. I could pretend to be Tarzan.”

You’d get really cold at night, though.”

I suppose. And it is more fun sharing a bed with you than it would be trying to sleep up a tree. Okay, maybe I will come down, then.”

And he did, but as soon as Jordan reached the ground after him Jeremy took off, running away into the woods. Jordan chased him, pursuing him on into the trees until Jeremy’s path was blocked by a stream. He turned and ran off upstream, and Jordan caught up with him just as he reached the clearing, because this was the same stream. The clearing was unoccupied, so Jordan grabbed his friend, gave him a very light spanking and then just lay on his back watching the sky. Jeremy lay down beside him.

It’s nice here,” he said. “Actually, if the weather was always like this I wouldn’t mind being Tarzan. It feels good having nothing on.”

Really?” asked Jordan. “Aren’t you cold?”

No, not at all. Try it, and you’ll see what I mean. I dare you.”

Okay,” said Jordan, and he stood up and took his own clothes off. And Jeremy was right: it did feel nice. He lay down again, and Jeremy rolled over on top of him, so that they were face to face. Jeremy still had an erection, which didn’t seem to have gone down since he had been stripped almost half an hour previously, and having his naked friend lying on top of him like that soon made Jordan get one, too.

This is nice,” said Jeremy, nuzzling at his cheek.

It is, isn’t it?” agreed Jordan, putting his arms round him.

For at least five minutes they lay quietly. Then Jeremy asked, “So, are we going to teach Charlie about fucking tomorrow, then?”

I think so. But I think we should just tell him how nice it feels, and not pretend it’s a punishment.”

Who’s pretending? It’s a horrible thing to do to someone!” said Jeremy, grinning hugely.

Yeah, of course it is. Seriously, though, I think if we tell him how much fun it is and how nice it feels, he won’t mind trying. But maybe you should do it to him first.”

Me? But…I’ve never done it before! What if I mess it up?”

You won’t. It’s just that you’re a bit smaller than me, and I don’t want to hurt him. If he likes you doing it to him, maybe he’ll let me try, too.”

Well… okay, if you’re sure. But in that case… well, if I’m going to do it to Charlie tomorrow, maybe I should practise on you first?”

Jordan thought about that. He’d never envisaged being on the receiving end: after all, when he had first been introduced to the concept of fucking, it was always something that dominant boys did to weak, pathetic, submissive boys like Larkin. But somehow doing it with Jeremy felt different: with him it was much more like sharing something nice, rather than having fun at someone else’s expense. And Jeremy had really enjoyed being on the receiving end, so maybe it would be okay to try…

Well, okay, then,” he said. “As long as you don’t start thinking this makes any difference to which of us is in charge.”

Oh, it won’t. I’ve always known I’m in charge.”

They wrestled for a bit, but soon relaxed back into the same position, but this time with Jordan on top. Jordan felt really good like this, naked, with his best friend holding him and idly stroking his back and bum. It was really relaxing, and he was almost on the point of falling asleep when a voice from the edge of the clearing dragged him sharply back into consciousness.

Is that the one you told me about?” said the voice.

Jordan turned to face it and saw John Baker grinning at him.

He relaxed: for a ghastly moment he had thought they’d been caught by a total stranger.

Yes. Jeremy, this is my friend John Baker. John, this is Jeremy.”

Hello,” said John. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’m supposed to be meeting Nigel here, and I wasn’t sure if you’d want to get dressed before he arrives.”

I don’t think we really need to,” said Jordan. “After all, he’s seen me like this a few times. And I don’t suppose Jeremy minds, either – after all, there’s nothing wrong with him. In fact, I think he looks good naked.”

Do you really? Thanks, Jordan,” said Jeremy. “Still… I don’t normally meet new people with nothing on...”

Perhaps you’re right. Let’s get dressed, then.”

So they got dressed, and they were just doing their laces up when Nigel arrived.

Oh!” he said, finding a rather larger gathering than he had been expecting. “Hello, Jordan! I didn’t know you were coming…”

We didn’t know you were, either,” Jordan told him. “We’ll have to stick a sign up saying ‘Do not disturb’, or something. This is my friend Jeremy. We’ll go and leave you in peace.”

You don’t have to,” said John. “We said we wouldn’t mind you being here while we… well, you know.”

I know, but… I’m sure you’d prefer a bit of privacy.”

Well… perhaps as there are two of you, it would be better. Still, there is something I’d like you to see first. Go on, Nigel, show him.”

Nigel looked a bit reluctant, but after a moment he undid his trousers.

No, you might as well take everything off,” John told him. “After all, you’ll need to as soon as they’ve gone, anyway.”

Again Nigel hesitated, but then he nodded and started to strip. And once he was naked Jordan was immediately aware of what was different: all of Nigel’s pubic hair had disappeared.

What do you think?” John asked. “I think he looks nicer like that. It’s like you said after you did it to Larkin: now I’m the only one with hair, so I’m the big boy and I do the boy stuff when we’re together. And as Nigel prefers it that way anyway, we’re both happy.”

It’s not going to be so good when the chain goes back on, though,” Jordan pointed out. “Now there’s no hair to cushion it, it’ll be more uncomfortable.”

I hadn’t thought of that. Perhaps I’d better let him grow it again, then, because I don’t want him to be uncomfortable.”

It’s okay, I don’t mind,” said Nigel. “I know you prefer me like this, so I’ll stay like it. I don’t suppose the chain will be too much worse like this.”

I might not make you keep it on for long, anyway,” said Jordan. “Are you still managing not to play with it?”

Nigel nodded. “It feels so much better when John does it, or when he gets me excited by… well, you know, doing it to me,” he said, looking at Jeremy a bit nervously.

It’s okay, Jeremy and I do that, too,” Jordan reassured him.

Oh. Well, that’s why I don’t do it to myself any more, even without having the chain on.”

Great! In that case, I should think you can certainly have the chain off at the end of term. It wouldn’t really be fair to make you keep wearing it right through the summer holidays, anyway. So, when is your last exam?”

June the thirteenth.”

Okay. Wait for me after school that day and we’ll sort the chain out again. And John, if you can come with him… well, I’ll tell you then.”

Okay,” said John, and he stepped forward and took hold of Nigel’s now hairless penis and started to stroke it, and almost at once it stiffened up. Nigel put his arms round him, and Jordan noticed that the hair under his arms had disappeared, too.

We’ll leave you to it,” he said, shoving a reluctant Jeremy in the direction of the stream. “Have fun.”

They were kissing by now, and broke off long enough to mumble a farewell.

I’d have liked to stay and watch that,” complained Jeremy. “They said they didn’t mind.”

I know, but we’d still have put them off. But if they think we’ve gone, they’ll just carry on the way they usually do.”

“’If they think we’ve gone’?” queried Jeremy.

Yes. Now keep really quiet and don’t step on any twigs.”

Carefully Jordan circled around, finally approaching the clearing from the opposite side, where he had noticed a fallen tree. They crept up as far as this tree, and found that if they lay flat they could see underneath it into the clearing, while there was virtually no chance of either of the boys in the clearing seeing them.

John was just finishing removing his clothes, and once he was naked Nigel dropped to his knees in front of him and started sucking him.

Eurghhh! What’s he doing?” whispered Jeremy, sounding both disgusted and fascinated.

He’s sucking it for him. It feels really nice having it done, like having it rubbed, but better.”

Yes, but how can he actually do that? I don’t think I could ever put another boy’s thing in my mouth.”

You could if I made you.”

"Oh, no! That’s one punishment you’re not giving me!”

You’d better behave, then. Actually, everyone says it tastes okay: Larkin’s done it for me loads of times, and he doesn’t seem to mind so much now.”

I don’t believe you. You’re just trying to persuade me to do it to you, so you can pee in my mouth.”

I wouldn’t do that.”

Yeah, I bet!”


Okay, prove it: you let me put mine in your mouth first.”

Jordan was silent. He knew he would never do that for anyone else – except maybe Charlie. He would certainly never do it for a boy who was old enough to have spunk come out. But Jeremy didn’t have any spunk…

Okay,” he whispered. “I’ll do it when we get back home.”


Really. Now shut up and watch.”

After a bit Nigel stopped sucking and got down on his hands and knees, and very slowly John started to fuck him. By now Jordan was painfully stiff, so he turned carefully onto his side, undid his jeans and pushed them and his pants down a bit so that he could get hold of himself. He started to squeeze his erection gently, but then his hand was pushed away and Jeremy took over.

Let me do that,” whispered Jeremy. “You can play with mine. It’ll be nicer that way.”

Jeremy had also lowered his jeans and pants to his knees, so Jordan took hold of him and started to caress it, and they spent the next ten minutes or so fondling each other while watching John fucking Nigel.

Nigel had his climax first, crying out and moving his body, and Jordan saw the older boy ejaculating onto the ground. It took John another minute or so to reach his own orgasm, but it seemed to be a good one. Eventually they separated, cleaned themselves up and then lay down together for a cuddle.

That’s what we were doing,” said Jeremy. “Shall we do it again?”

Well… maybe not here. Let’s go back home – I think those two have pretty much finished now, anyway.”

So they got dressed and crept away until they were out of earshot, and then they ran back to Jordan’s house, went to his bedroom and shut the door.

Are you really going to put mine in your mouth?” asked Jeremy as they got undressed.

If you want. I mean, okay, I’m supposed to be the older brother, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do stuff to make my little brothers feel nice, does it?”

Great – so what do I have to do?”

Nothing. You just lie on the bed and I’ll do it for you. But if you pee in my mouth I’ll kill you, okay? And I’m not joking, either.”

So Jeremy reclined on the bed and Jordan lay down between his legs and started to suck, trying to do all the things that Larkin and Nigel had done when he had been on the receiving end. And Jeremy loved it, wriggling about and pushing Jordan’s head down against him, and before too long he had a brilliant climax.

Oh, wow, Jordan, that was amazing,” he said. “Thanks. So, swap places and I’ll do it to you.”

I thought you’d never let a boy do that to you?”

I wouldn’t – at least, I wouldn’t let any other boy do it. But we’re brothers, and best friends, so it’s different. Now you’ll have to tell me how to do it…”

So Jordan did, and it was wonderful.

They spent that night sharing Jordan’s bed. Jeremy teased Jordan on and off for most of the evening, and at bedtime Jordan told him that as a punishment he wasn’t going to be allowed to wear his pyjamas, but would have to sleep naked.

Okay,” said Jeremy at once. “Actually, I’ve been sleeping naked at home since that night at Charlie’s – I think it feels a lot nicer than getting all tangled up in pyjamas. Why don’t you sleep naked, too? Then you’ll see how much better it feels.”

So Jordan did, and he had to admit that it did feel nice, especially when you had a friend to wrestle with and to do other stuff with. And when they were both finally tired enough to go to sleep they settled down cuddled up together, and that felt nicer still.

So,” said Jordan, when they woke up the following morning, “do you want to try putting it up my bum? Only it seems to be really hard this morning.”

It’s really hard most mornings. But… well, if you’re really sure about this, I might as well give it a try.”

So Jordan got out of bed long enough to find his jar of Vaseline and box of tissues, and then he got back into bed and started applying the Vaseline to both of them in the places where it would do most good. Then he pushed the blankets back and knelt up, spreading his legs.

It took a while, and a few changes of position, but eventually they found that when Jordan knelt on the floor and bent over the bed Jeremy was able to get it in. His penis was a bit shorter than Jordan’s, and so he had to be careful not to pull back too much, but in the end he worked out the best way to do it, and they settled into a rhythm.

So?” Jordan asked, after a couple of minutes of this, “What do you think?”

It’s nice. I’m not sure that it’s really a lot better than when you put it in your mouth yesterday, but I still like it. It’s not hurting you, is it?”

No, it’s fine… mind you, nobody has ever done this to me before, so I’ve got nothing to compare it to, but it feels good to me. I wonder if Charlie will agree to us trying this with him?”

I should think so – I reckon we could talk him into almost anything.”

Maybe not – I don’t think we ought to do what we did yesterday with him. After all, he’s got this thing about having germs all over his cock, so if we start talking about sucking, I think it’ll make him feel sick. But I think we might be able to do this with him… don’t stop, Jeremy, that feels nice.”

Just taking a little break – I don’t want to get excited too quickly.”

Okay, but we’ll have to go down to breakfast before too long.”

Right. We’d better not let your mum come in and catch us like this.”

The door’s locked, but still…”

So Jeremy started moving again. Jordan thought it did feel nice, but he didn’t actually get excited: Jeremy reached his climax before that ever looked likely. But Jordan still thought he wouldn’t mind doing this again if Jeremy wanted to.

Charlie arrived in time for lunch, and once they had eaten they took the tent Jordan’s dad had found for them (actually he’d borrowed it from a friend at his office) and got it set up at the bottom of the garden. There was just about enough room in it for a double sleeping bag, but since they didn’t need anything else – they would be eating and washing indoors – that was all they cared about.

Today Charlie had brought some old clothes to change into (he’d smuggled them out of his house at the bottom of the bag that held his clean clothes, towel and washing kit), so when they went to chase each other through the woods that afternoon he was able to roll about on the ground and scramble up trees without worrying about getting his clothes dirty. And today he joined in everything enthusiastically: he seemed to have completely escaped from his mother’s influence for once.

After they had been in the woods for a couple of hours he told them that he needed to pee.

Shouldn’t have had that third glass of lemonade at lunch time,” Jordan told him.

I know. But… well, now I need to go.”

What would you do if we weren’t here?”

I’d just go behind a tree, pull my shorts and pants down and do it, I suppose. I mean, I can’t really sit down to do it out here.”

Yes, you can,” said Jordan, looking around. “There’s a tree stump over there. Come on.”

He led Charlie over to the stump, and Jeremy followed them.

Now, you can perch on the edge of the stump,” Jordan said. “Except it would probably be best if you took your shorts and pants right off, because otherwise you might pee on them.”

What, out here?” asked Charlie, nervously.

Don’t worry, there’s nobody about. Yesterday Jeremy was cheeky to me, so I stripped him bare and made him play completely naked for almost an hour.”

Wow! Really? No clothes at all?”

Just my shoes,” Jeremy confirmed. “I shouldn’t have been allowed those really, but there were too many brambles about on the path. Actually, it was sort of fun, having nothing on outdoors.”

Well… okay, then,” said Charlie, demonstrating that he really had come a long way since the first time Jordan had visited him. Jordan decided to see how far.

You’d better take off your shoes and socks, too,” he said. “There’s a bit of a breeze, and it might blow your pee onto your foot, and you don’t want to be stuck in wet socks all afternoon.”

I suppose not,” agreed Charlie, and he stood on the stump and removed everything except his watch and his tee shirt. Then he perched on the edge of the stump and spread his legs.

Hold on a moment,” said Jeremy. “Yesterday I went bare – let’s see if you’re brave enough to do the same. I dare you to take your shirt off, too.”

Okay, but if I do, you’ve both to strip some time before I go home.”

Fair enough,” agreed Jeremy, and Jordan nodded, so Charlie pulled the shirt over his head and handed it to Jordan, who was already holding his other clothes.

Charlie spread his legs again and started to pee, and when he had finished Jordan took a tissue from his pocket and dried the tip of Charlie’s penis with it.

I don’t know, Jordan,” said Jeremy. “Do you think he deserves to get his clothes back? I think we ought to hang on to them for a bit – until he’s climbed a tree, say.”

Well… perhaps you’re right. Let’s keep him bare until we find a good tree for him to try.”

A month ago Charlie would have gone berserk at that suggestion, but now he just grinned at them. Jordan gave him his shoes back and they walked a little further into the wood until they came to a suitably climbable tree, and then Charlie scrambled up into it, getting quite a long way up.

We could just go home now and leave him here, couldn’t we?” suggested Jeremy, loudly.

I suppose we could. Do you think we should?” replied Jordan. But Charlie wouldn’t bite: he stayed where he was for a few seconds longer, and then climbed back down, slowly and unconcernedly.

How did you know we wouldn’t?” Jeremy asked him.

Because you’re my friends, and my brothers. I trust you. Don’t you know that by now?”

One day I might just run off with your clothes anyway, just to see your face,” said Jeremy. “But not today. You can get dressed again.”

I don’t mind staying bare a bit longer. You were right – it is fun. It feels sort of interesting when the breeze blows round my willy…”

Aren’t you afraid we’re going to tease you about having a small one?” asked Jeremy.

Not really. Okay, I got all embarrassed the first couple of times you saw me undressed, but now I don’t really mind any more. Brothers are allowed to tease each other, so you can both tease me as much as you like. As long as you don’t mind me making jokes about your glasses.”

That depends whether or not you mind getting spanked,” Jeremy said, advancing on him. Charlie gave a mock squeal of terror and ran away, but Jeremy caught him fairly quickly, dragged him back as far as the path and spanked him lightly.

They walked on into the wood, and after a bit Charlie did get dressed again, but only because he was being bothered by flies: at least with his clothes on there were less bits of him they could get at. But after a bit longer they decided that it would be better to go back, because the flies were becoming a nuisance to all of them.

How did it feel, having to pee with no clothes on?” Jordan asked, as they headed back towards his house.

Charlie shrugged. “It was okay,” he said. “Actually, it felt sort of interesting. I’ve never done anything like that before – not outdoors, anyway. Obviously I sometimes pee indoors without any clothes on, like if I’m about to have a bath, or something. But…I don’t know, I sort of liked doing it out here in the woods like that.”

You’d never have done anything like that before the Easter holidays.”

I know. But you’ve changed me a bit. I don’t feel quite so shy now – at least, not with you two. I wouldn’t want anyone else to see me, though.”

After tea they watched TV for a while until it was time for bed, and then they went and got washed, collected their pyjamas and went out to the tent.

The good news is that Mum’s going shopping in the morning,” Jordan told them. “That means we don’t have to get up until we feel like it. Of course, if we stay here too long we’ll have to get our own breakfast, but I don’t mind that too much. So: we already know that Jeremy isn’t allowed to wear anything in bed, because he’s too cheeky. So the question, is, are we going to let Charlie wear his pyjamas, or not?”

Not,” said Jeremy, firmly.

Charlie looked a bit uncertain. “Well…” he said, “okay, I won’t wear any, either. But only if Jordan sleeps bare as well. That way it’ll be fair for all of us.”

That seems fair,” said Jeremy, before Jordan could argue – though in fact Jordan had no intention of arguing: he thought it would be fun if they all slept naked. So they all got undressed and had a three-way wrestle on top of the sleeping bag. Charlie seemed a bit nervous at first, flinching away when either of the other two touched him with their genitals, but Jordan said that they could all have a bath the following morning, and that he really shouldn’t worry too much about a few germs when the bath would safely wipe them all out within a few hours.

Once they were sufficiently tired they opened the sleeping bag.

Charlie’s turn in the middle, I think,” said Jordan, and Jeremy backed him up, so they installed Charlie in the middle and climbed in on either side of him, pulling the sleeping bag over them and cuddling up to him.

This feels really cosy,” said Charlie. “I bet we could even do this in the winter, because we’d keep each other nice and warm like this.”

I think we might need a thicker sleeping bag. Still, it’s certainly warm enough for this time of year,” Jordan told him.

I should have brought my book, so you could read me a bedtime story before we go to sleep,” said Charlie.

I’m sure you’ll manage without for once. Or I could tell you a story about a boy who had two cheeky little brothers, and when they wouldn’t go to sleep he had to spank them until they were too sore to stay awake.”

And then one day the two younger brothers rebelled and spanked the nasty bullying big brother so hard that he couldn’t sleep for a month,” said Jeremy.

Try it and see what happens.”

No, I can’t be bothered right now. Maybe tomorrow.”

And maybe not. Let’s just go to sleep.”

But an hour or so later he was woken up by a terrific thunderstorm: the rain was beating on the canvas and there were occasional flashes of lightning and cracks of thunder. Jordan didn’t mind thunderstorms, but he wondered if Charlie would be scared. But Charlie just lay on his back looking completely unconcerned.

This feels really good,” he said. “It’s raining really hard out there, but we’re cosy and warm and dry. I don’t think I’d like it quite so much if I was on my own, but with you two here it feels good.”

What do you think, Jeremy?” asked Jordan, but somehow Jeremy was still asleep: the thunder hadn’t woken him up at all.

That proves how much he trusts us,” said Charlie. “If he can relax enough to sleep through all that noise he must be really sure we’ll look after him.”

Well, he’s right, but he must be deaf, as well as relaxed. I don’t see how anyone could sleep thorough all that racket.”

They lay together listening to the rain on the canvas. Charlie snuggled up close and put his arm round Jordan’s shoulders, and soon he was asleep again. It took Jordan a little longer to drop off, but eventually, with the storm dying away, he too fell asleep.

He was woken up the following morning by Jeremy tickling him, though as soon as Jordan opened his eyes Jeremy immediately stopped and tried to look angelically innocent. Jordan thought about starting a wrestling match, but he decided that it could wait, so instead he rolled over onto his back. The rain had stopped and the sun was shining – at least, it seemed pretty bright outside to judge from the roof of the tent.

So, what are we going to do today?” Jeremy asked him.

Apart from beating you up, you mean?

Apart from you wasting your time trying to catch me, yes.”

Well… I think maybe we should teach Charlie a bit more about sex.”

Goodee!” said Charlie, who was obviously also wide awake. “What am I going to learn?”

We’ll show you once we get indoors. There’s a bit more room in my bedroom than there is here.”

So once they had eaten breakfast and Jordan’s mother had left to go shopping they went up to Jordan’s bedroom and got undressed once more.

So, what are you going to teach me?” Charlie asked again.

Well, you remember last time, how I told you a bit about fucking? Well, me and Jeremy have tried it a couple of times, and we’ve found that it doesn’t hurt – in fact, it feels really nice. And we thought maybe you’d like to find out what it’s like.”

Oh. Well… I’m not sure if I do,” said Charlie, doubtfully.

Obviously you don’t have to if you don’t want, but… well, we like it, and we thought it would be nice to share what it feels like with you.”

Well… okay, then. But you have to stop if I tell you to. So which of you is going to… you know… do it?”

We thought perhaps you’d prefer Jeremy first, because he’s not quite as big as me, and obviously he’s your best friend, so it should be him really.”

Okay, then. What do I have to do?”

Well, you kneel down over the edge of the bed. We’ll need to get you ready first…”

Jordan got out his tissues and his Vaseline, and once Charlie was in position he started running his finger gently round Charlie’s hole, then very carefully penetrating it a little, then pushing it as far in as it would go. Charlie didn’t mind any of this and in fact he said it felt quite nice, though when Jordan added a second finger it did hurt a bit and he said so. So Jordan withdrew it and kept working with one finger for a bit longer, and only when he was sure Charlie was ready did he try the second finger once more. And this time Charlie said it didn’t hurt so much.

Eventually Jordan thought he was ready, so he applied a little more Vaseline and told Jeremy to try doing it for real – and once it was inside Charlie said it didn’t hurt at all.

Jeremy fucked him steadily for five or six minutes before reaching his orgasm, and once it was over he withdrew.

That was okay,” said Charlie. “I quite liked it – and it’s made me go hard, look. Can you do it for a bit longer?”

Sorry. I’ll need to wait for a bit before I can do it again. But I expect Jordan could take over, if you like.”

Charlie looked Jordan’s erection a little doubtfully.

Well... I suppose so, if he’s careful,” he said.

Brilliant!” said Jordan, reaching for the Vaseline and starting to rub some onto his penis.

Jeremy took a couple of tissues and wiped himself, and then nipped to the toilet, telling them to wait until he got back, and when he did he found Jordan carefully anointing Charlie’s bum with the lubricant.

Can we try doing this a bit differently?” Jeremy asked. “Suppose I lie on my back, and Charlie lies on top of me facing me, and then Jordan can lie on top of Charlie and do it to him. That way I can hold Charlie and make sure he’s okay while it’s happening.”

Okay,” said Jordan. “We can try it like that if you like.”

So Jeremy lay on his back on the bed, and Charlie lay down on top of him, facing him. For a moment he seemed a little nervous about having Jeremy’s penis touching his balls, but then he remembered that he would be having a bath straight after this, and after that he was able to relax.

Jordan got him to spread his legs, so that his knees were on either side of Jeremy’s thighs, and then he rubbed a little more Vaseline onto Charlie’s entrance and got onto the bed himself. It was hard to get into position at first, but after a bit of manoeuvring he managed to get where he needed to be.

Okay, Charlie, try to push back a bit, as if you were trying to have a shit,” he said.

Charlie got the idea, and Jordan pushed, and Charlie let out a sort of muffled squeak.

Okay?” asked Jordan, pausing.

Yes – you’re just a bit bigger than Jeremy, that’s all. Carry on.”

So Jordan carried on, and eventually it was all the way in and he was able to start moving.

Oh, wow!” said Charlie, as Jordan’s penis began to massage his prostate. “That feels really nice!”

What about you, Jeremy – we’re not too heavy, are we?”

Jeremy shook his head. “Charlie’s pretty light, and anyway, I’m super-strong.”

Yeah, right. That’s why I always win our fights.”

Only because I let you.”

Maybe we’ll see later on. Charlie, you’re not getting too squashed, are you?”

No, it feels sort of cosy. It’s nice having you on both sides of me.”

We’re a Charlie sandwich,” said Jeremy, which made Jordan laugh so much that his penis slipped out and he had to go through the business of getting it in once more.

He got back into his rhythm, and soon Charlie was wriggling about.

I’m getting that funny feeling again,” he said. “Like last time, when I thought I was going to pee but didn’t.”

You’d better not, not while I’m underneath you,” said Jeremy.

You’d better be nice to me, then,” said Charlie.

His wriggling about and gasping got more pronounced, and suddenly he gave a cry and stopped moving. Jordan kept thrusting, but slowly, wanting Charlie to get the most out of this, and only when he felt Charlie relax beneath him did he speed up again.

Is it okay if I keep going?” he asked, pausing. “I mean, if it feels uncomfortable now it’s happened to you, I’ll stop.”

No, it’s okay. It still feels nice.”

Great! Thanks, Charlie.” And Jordan started up again, keeping going steadily until he felt the moment approaching. He slowed down a little, wanting to make it last, but soon he couldn't hold it back any longer.

Charlie gave a gasp as Jordan's last couple of thrusts were harder and deeper than most of what had gone before – and then it was over, and Jordan relaxed on top of him, breathing heavily.

You can do it some more if you want,” Charlie told him. “It still feels nice – in fact, I think if you do it a little bit more I'll get that weird feeling again.”

Sorry, Charlie,” said Jordan, pushing himself up and out. “I can't do it any more. But maybe Jeremy could rub it for you while I get cleaned up.”

Jeremy thought that was a good idea, and so he rolled Charlie off him, pushed him onto his back and started to rub the little penis. Jordan wiped himself down and went to the bathroom for a pee, after which he started running the bath.

He got back just as Charlie was experiencing another orgasm, giving a series of little high cries as it happened to him.

Okay,” he said when it was over, “it's bath time. Youngest first – come on, Charlie.”

They followed him into the bathroom. Charlie had a pee first, letting Jeremy wipe his penis afterwards, and then got into the bath and let them wash him thoroughly, making sure that his bottom in particular was clean. Then, while Jordan was drying Charlie off, Jeremy got into the bath and just sat there.

Come on, big brother,” he said. “You're supposed to be washing me, too.”

So Jordan washed him, making sure he was suitably rough around Jeremy's sensitive areas, but Jeremy didn't seem to mind at all, continuing to insult Jordan throughout, no matter how sharply Jordan twisted his erection.

Finally Jordan ran a little more hot water and got into the bath himself, and that of course gave Jeremy a chance for revenge, though he did make sure Jordan was thoroughly washed at the same time.

When Jordan's mother got home from the shops she found them all wearing clean clothes and looking sweet and innocent, playing Monopoly round the dining room table. Appearances can be so deceptive…


Okay, so everything in Jordan’s world is sweetness and light. But after this side expedition into the world of happy, consensual activity we need to return to the main thread of the narrative, and that means that we'll have to get back to David, who is about to discover that Dhif isn't going to let him off after all. On the contrary...

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