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Chapter ONE

The last thing I remember was falling into my bed. As I lay there almost asleep I remember what I was feeling. The sensation had ran through my mind over and over again. The way that it moved, the way that I was at its mercy as it came for me. Just a few hours ago I was experiencing a new feeling that I have always wanted to feel. The touch of a these thoughts ran through my head I fell into a deep sleep.

My name is Alex, Alex Vertag. I live in Boston, Massachusetts . I go to Jefferson High. I live in a very large house with my mother, Diana Vertag. I am 5 11" and I had light brown hair and I have very emerald green eyes. I have always been the drooling doll of the girls in my school.

I have a younger brother too. His name is Jason Vertag. Jason is 15. Jason was my mothers pride and joy. I swear...well I'll get to that later.

My mother was married to my father, Michael Vertag, but when I was six he died by overdose of his medicine. My mother was never really sad about it. But when he was in the hospital I remember having to live with my grandma for a while because my mom didn't have enough money to support us. After my dad died my mother found out that he had life insurance and it was worth over 3 million dollars. She always tells us that she almost died that day of a heart attack.

With the money we were set for life. My mom had college funds put up for us. My mom said that there was no need to go all snobby and buy everything that we see. So we bought a new house in the same town. She kept working so there was still a little money coming in the house. She never wanted to touch the money unless we really need to.

Well after we moved in to our new house. My mother started to act like she was always down in the ground. She would go to work and come home. I think that we order out so much that the pizza shop calls us before we called them. Well Jason and I were always getting along so we really didn't argue a lot. I would always help Jason with his school problems since I was a Senior and was very popular. With me at his side he was set after I left school.

Jason was really never comfortable with himself, either he was to fat or to skinny. He was off course just as good looking as I was, and that's saying something. He was about 5 `2 and he had dark blonde hair and very deep blue eyes. I think that her was uncomfortable with his looks because whenever he was getting close to a girl she always said that she liked me and that they could be friends. That had always took a bit effect on him. I had always felt bad when I found out, but really what can I do.

Well today started like any other day that I would go to school. The alarm rang and it was six o'clock. It was Monday and I am still tired. So I get up about five minutes later and jump in my shower that connected to my room.

I jump in the shower and washed my hair. I started to wash my body, but I dropped the washcloth. When I bent down to pick it up I couldn't find it. Then I looked down again and saw it hanging on my dick. My dick was fully hard. My friends called it "morning-wood". Well I contemplated on jacking-off. I haven't done it in a while, but what happen last night... I figured I was in a rush and there might be someone in my room that could hear my moaning. I got out of the shower and dried off. I went to my closet when I saw her.

She was sitting on my bed with all her things in her pink backpack. This was my girlfriend at the time. Her name was Nicole, Nicole Anderson. She was very good looking and she had light blonde hair and she was very tan. She was the same height as Jason. I think that he had a crush on her at sometime too...She had very nice breasts too.

"So surprised to see me?", she asked. As she did she got up and un-did her shirt. And walked towards me and slip down the towel.

"Well not really" I said, not knowing how rude I was being. As I wrapped the towel around my body and walked to my closet door and started to pick out my out fir. I could tell that she was really pissed off. I really didn't care.

"Well fine...I was trying not to do this, but I thought that we could make it happen. I want to..", she said as I interrupted her.

"Breakup? Fine I was thinking the same fucking thing. Just leave and find your own damn ride to school.!" I screamed at her. I have never been dumped by a girl and I never plan to have it happen.

She grabbed her shit and ran down the steps. I was thinking that I probably made a big mistake, but I didn't care.

I looked deep in to my closet and I saw a shirt that I got for Christmas and that I have never worn.

It was a deep blue shirt and I had a pair a nice blue jeans that I thought I would look hot in. Then it hit me did I just say that I would look hot in it? Was a rating myself? Was I turning gay? I have been battling with that situation over a few days, ever since I met Jacob...




... Two days earlier...



"Sure I will go to the movies with you Alex," Nicole said as we were on the phone together, " what movie did u want to go see? I was thinking that we could go see the movie Alfie? I thought that I looked go in the previews..."

As she spoke I grew annoyed by her voice but I thought that I should be nice enough to break up after the date. So I said my good byes and waited for the nest day of school.

When I walked in in my first hour , which was Senior Seminar, my two friends Ethan and Derek were both in the back with their varsity jackets on and when I walked in they started cheering the "dog pound" anthem and looking at me. I started to blush and walk toward them as they stopped.

Ethan was shorter that me about three inches and had short brown hair that he spiked and he was very pale when you look directly at him. I use to tease him about using fake tanning lotion and getting fake spray-on-tans at his mom's beauty shop until I found out that he had a disease that caused him not to get enough iron in his blood. Which if he didn't watch could kill him. He usually had special food made for him and it was fine since he was rich as well. He was very muscular and hadn't had to many girlfriends he just had "flings" as he would say, their much easier.

Derek on the other hand was the same height as me and had light black hair and he wore it in a shaggy-bowl cut. Most girls say that he looks like Ryan on the O.C on Fox 17.* He was the strongest in the Senior Class and he had only a few girlfriends. Derek on the other hand was very emotional. When he got his heart broke he cries on the nearest shoulder. He was always sticking up for women when people would call them bitches or hoes. He was very nice but annoying at the same time, but he always stood my me so I didn't complain.

"So we heard that you got the nerve to ask Nicole out?", Ethan said as he did a weird handshake to me. When he asked I stood still there for a minute and sat down. I was thinking of the right words to say.

When I got the nerve to say something the bell rang and it signaled that the class has started and I told them to wait till lunch. After three hours I dragged my self to the Arbys restaurant across town to the same booth that we always used. When I got there I was there by myself so I decided that I would go up there and order. When I got to the Service Counter I heard loud voices coming in and then I looked and saw that it was Derek, Ethan, and some of the new girls that came from Canada.

I waved that I was ordering. When I turned around the first thing that I saw was a name tag. Jacob. He was very clean. He had the hat of Arbys on so I really didn't get a good look at his hair. I saw from the side that it was a dark-blonde. He had the best eyes that I could ever see. They were made of what looked like gray clouds in a very blue sky that you could stare at all day and never get worried about anything else in the world. He was lightly tan and was a few inches shorter that I was and he had a very big smile but looked like he was exhausted.



After a few moments I realized that I was string in his eyes and he started to blush. I was really embarrassed when I heard the word gay used a few times in the back of the line. So I went a fast I has I could to order and talk.

"What would you like?" he asked. As he said that he smiled so bright. That I was lost again in his eyes for a few moments the I heard gay again and I was fixed out of it.

"What would you like?" he repeated. When he said this his smiled got brighter. So hung my head to talk.

"Ummmm...three large orders of your mozzarella sticks...and that's it.", I said with a little more confidence with every second. I think that I even smiled a little.

"That will be fourteen fifty. Thanks for the compliment.", he said and I rose my head and smiled. I looked at him and said, "What compliment?". Starting to look confused he said, "When you got lost in my eyes. It happens all the time. I just take it as a compliment. Thanks."

"I'm sorry but I have to go my shift is over," Jacob said to me to break the silence after few moments, "I'll be back tomorrow if you want to talk?"

As he said that I was happy. "Yeah...," as I said that it hit me that I was starting to come on to a guy. I was shocked. I put the money down an the counter and beckoned for my food.

Jacob knew what I was saying with out using any words and told the new clerk to give me my food when it was ready. As he took off his robes I shook his hand and said good-bye and he walked out the door.

I took my food and walked to my booth thinking that I was a freak and I was very confused. When I got to the table I sat down and people started grabbing at my food.

"Like I said. How could you call someone a foreign exchange student when their country and town is less that three hundred miles away. That is just cheap and wrong.", As Derek said this all three girls started laughing.

"So where are you taking Nicole tonight?", asked Ethan. A he said this every one looked at me. I started to get my senses back from being gay. And spoke.

"I think that I'm taking her to go see the new movie Alfie at the South Bison Theatre. She wants to see that movie and it's a big theater. We could be alone and we could talk.", I said as I started to fell happier.

"Or, on the other hand you could fuck. Its better that you keep it simple.". said Ethan with a smile. As he spoke very one around him started to laugh a lot.

As the boys went back to school and then Alex went home and got ready for his date. First he went to his moms office and asked her for $150 dollars for his date and so that he could get flowers and a hair cut.

He went to the barbershop and got his hair trimmed and highlighted and then got a dozen of roses that he put on his bed as he picked out his outfit. He walked into his double-closet. He had more cloths than most girls.

Almost every weekend he would go to the mall to hang about with friends and he would almost certainly buy some cloths. So his closet was full of stuff that he would never wear.

After a while he decided on a red shirt. Also a pair of dark blue jeans. He walked in the bathroom and did his hair again. He grabbed his bag and money. He made his way down to his car.

As he walked up to the door to Nicole's house and knocked. He waited for her a while and then walked in. She was just about to open the door and she was breathtaking. I was dressed up and she was dressed down and still looked better.

She was in a solid white tank top and wore some jeans that were a little worn out but still looked good. At the time she had light blonde hair. He worn it up in a short of messy pony tail. As I walked forward she smiled.

"Dressed up?", she said as I step forward. Then looked at me and kissed me on the check. I blushed and kissed her back.

"Maybe a little to much I guess," I said looking down at my outfit. She must have noticed this because she rescued my self a steam.

"Oh know you miss understood me, I love walking with a real life Abercrombie Add. I'm just messing with you so ready to go. The movie starts in an hour. I want to sit in the front row." she said as we walked to the car.


We talk a little on the way to theaters but I only took about 15 minutes to get there. I parked the car and we walked into the theater. She insisted on telling me jokes.

"Alright heres another. How do you drowned a blonde.?" she said. I didn't know so I shock my head smiling cause I knew that it would make me laugh again.

"You put a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom of the pool. Get it?", she said by the time she said that I was laughing and by that time we were at the desk. So I decided to tell her the irony of her joke.

"Your blonde though...", I said. At that moment I had lost control of my thoughts. And I was lost in to the gray clouds again.

"Now you know why I never go swimming.", she said. Nicole must of know because she was slowly stop laughing. She looked at me and at the clerk.

"You have the most beautiful eyes. Do you know each other?", she said. glancing at me and the clerk. It took a few moments for one of us to talk. Those eyes could stop my thoughts at all time.

"We met earlier today at my other job. My name is Jacob." he said as he shook her hand. She tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention again from him.

"Helloooo, anyone home?", Nicole said laughing. I finally came out of my trance and got a hold of my self. I know that its weird that I want to just stare at the eyes forever, but I was with Nicole. It was un heard of to be with a guy. I really don't think that I have the nerve to be with one. The shame of being that way. He couldn't even say it. Gay

After a few moments I realized that I was holding up that line to the movie. So I shook his hand as well. I tried my hardest to avoid his gray eyes.

"Nice to see you again. We would like two tickets to see Alfie. I would like two chili dogs with cheese. What do u want babe?", I said with much confidence and sound more masculine then ever. Nicole picked that up really quick and started to laugh.

"Okay, robot. I would like every thing he had plus a diet coke. Two large orders of butter popcorn. That's it.", she said simply.

"Well nice to see you again. Heres your food and I hope you enjoy the movie.", Jacob said pushing the food towards Nicole and I. I paid for the food and tickets and started to walk up the stairs to the theater. When you get to the top of the stairs you can either go left or right. Left went to the balcony that over looked everybody and was only use to watch for bootleggers and to take breaks. The right way takes you down to the lower levels and down to the movie screen.

As we walked in it was really dark and I got her to settle for the bottom booth. No one but the workers were allowed on the top balcony. After about 30 minutes in the theater I ran out of my coke so I went to get some more.

As I got up to counter I asked for a refill and started to go back up the stairs. The stairs came to a halt and I accidentally went left not remembering where I was going. When I didn't start to go down on an incline I suddenly realized I was lost in the dark. As I walked forward I saw a person sitting by the edge. It was Jacob. He was taking a break and watching the movie.

As I step forward he looked at me and smiled. He stood up and came near me. I was getting nervous by the second.

"Found my hiding spot have you?", as he spoke he chuckled. He sat near in a new seat on my right. He beckoned me to sit down to.

"My date is waiting for me"

"I have seen this movie a dozen times already, its too interesting to know if you were gone 3 minute or 30 minutes. Please sit so we can talk."

So I sat down and put my drink in the cup holder on my left. He told me he works to jobs and that he goes to night school and my school. I told him all about my family story. He was taken away from his family because his dad beat him because he walk in on him jacking-off to a gay magazine. YES HE WAS GAY.

As I was getting to know this beautiful person I realized that I really did like him. Then out of the blue I got the nerve and kissed him. He was like a rocket and I was the fuse. He was waiting for me to go to him. Jacob got to his knees and slowly undid my shirt and liked my chest clean. He took of my K-Swiss shoes and my socks. Then undid his belt and took my pants off. With only a pair of boxers on I was lost in his eyes-just for a moment that time- I looked down and saw my large 8 inch dick pocking through my boxers pee hole. He looked at me and smile.

"Can I?", Jacob asked. As he looked at me and kissed me on my neck, then on my cheeks, then on my lips. I had no will I had to say no.

"I would love you too...", as I spoke to him those were the last words of the night, as he took all of me in his mouth and swallowed my load.

The last thing I remember was falling into my bed. As I lay there almost asleep I remember what I was feeling. The sensation had ran through my mind over and over again. The way that it moved, the way that I was at its mercy as it came for me. Just a few hours ago I was experiencing a new feeling that I have always wanted to feel. The touch of a these thoughts ran through my head I fell into a deep sleep.