This Life Of Brian


By David Heulfryn




Part Ten


I don't know why, but I was nervous on the morning I'd arranged for Charlie to come round. It was a couple of days after I'd fucked him while Oli watched, but we'd talked incessantly either on the phone or through instant messenger. I knew what was in store for us that day, but Charlie was none the wiser. I didn't want to promise anything to him just in case I chickened out. But that morning I was determined to go through with it.

     When Charlie came round I was just wearing a tee-shirt and shorts, I didn't bother to wear any underwear and let my dick just run down the leg of my unlined shorts.

     I won't bother you with the details as I know you just want me to get to the best bits, so I won't go through the drinks we had, the telly we watched while we talked, the light touching and holding hands while sitting on the sofa. Nor will I mention the teasing kisses we planted on each other's lips.

     So, let's get it started. As I mentioned, we did some teasing on the sofa, eventually that got out of hand. Well, serious at any rate. The teasing became intense, tongue delving, breath-sapping, dick inflating snogging. Our lips were firmly connected and our tongues danced around each other. Our hands caressed each other and our hands quickly found the two hard poles that were bound within our clothes.

     Charlie was the first to break away, I was so into him that he had to put some force behind his push to break us apart. He fell backwards on the sofa, panting heavily and telling me he needed to get his breath back.

     I smiled at him and kept my hand on his denim covered crotch. His dick was hard but his balls were soft and fleshy. I pulled down his fly and slipped my hand inside. My palm felt the warmth of his cotton briefs as I played with his balls.

     Slowly Charlie caught his breath and leant forward to kiss me again, I pulled back and told him no. He looked like a puppy who'd just been told off but he soon smiled when I told him we ought to go upstairs. With my hand still inside his jeans, I pulled him off the sofa and led him upstairs just like that naughty puppy.

     In my bedroom I stripped Charlie naked while he stood staring into my eyes. I loved the feeling of being the only one fully clothed, the one in control. With my hand kneading his buttocks, I swallowed Charlie's hard dick. He threw his head back and closed his eyes as my lips and tongue brought him close to the end. My fingers teasingly crept to his arsehole, rubbing and prodding the red hole until it opened and allowed me inside.

     Standing up, my fingers left his hole and my mouth released his dick. I needed him to recover so he wouldn't cum too soon. After a brief bout of kissing, I told him to lie on the bed while I seductively pulled my tee-shirt over head. I pulled up the leg of my shorts and let my dick head poke out, Charlie smiled when he saw it. Then I slowly pulled them down and let my hard cock slap against my belly. Charlie flinched as a drop of pre-cum flew from my dick and hit him on the face. My dick was leaking like a tap and I brought it to his face so he could suck out my pre-cum.

     It was now time.

     I pulled my dick from Charlie's lips and straddled his body as he lay flat on his back. I felt his cock rub against my crack and I wiggled my arse. Charlie asked me to fuck him so I pulled his legs up and started rimming his sweet hole. It winked at me, eager to feel me inside but all I put in were my fingers to keep it satisfied. I lowered his legs slightly and sucked his balls until they were so wet they dripped onto my duvet cover. Then I did the same to his cock. It shone with the slick coating of my saliva and I pulled myself back up and raised my hips so his dick would stand beneath me. Using my hand I gripped his wet cock and aimed it at my arse. I had no time to prepare myself, so I was pretty tight but I was willing. His knobhead rested against my pucker and I relaxed my arse and firmly lowered myself. It was difficult but it eventually popped through my hole. But boy did it hurt. I grimaced as Charlie's knob throbbed just inside my hole and I took in several deep breaths. Soon, my muscles relaxed enough so that the pain went and it just felt a bit funny.

     Ever so slowly, I lowered myself until all of Charlie's hard cock was inside me and I felt his pubes tickled the underside of my balls. That almost made me laugh and squirm like a kid, but it took my attention away from the pain until I grew accustomed to having a dick in my arse.

     We looked at each other with that expression that you can only give a lover and I asked him how he liked it. Charlie, the cheeky sod said that I was so tight and it felt so great that he would no longer be the bottom in our relationship. If he thinks that I am no longer going to fuck his cute arse then he's got another think coming, he laughed and said we could take turned. His little wink told me that he was joking and that he certainly loved getting fucked and would never give that up, but now he might like to fuck me occasionally. And, to be honest, the feeling was great (after I got used to it).

     I steadily began riding Charlie, raising and lowering myself on and off his hard cock, my own cock kept slapping against Charlie's belly and left slimy pre-cum trails.

     My slow humping started to speed up and our groaning got louder, thankfully my window was closed and I doubt the neighbours could hear us. It felt fucking fantastic and soon my dick was throbbing, the slapping against Charlie wanking me over the edge. I kept on humping as my dick spewed cum onto Charlie's chest. My orgasm seemed to last much longer as I fucked myself on Charlie's cock and even though I saw cumming, I didn't stop, it was hitting that spot inside me which sent me wild, whoever thought a button could give so much pleasure.

     Charlie started thrashing and I felt his cock pulsate inside me and thicken. I slowed down but kept humping and I felt his cum ooze out of my arse. Charlie started breathing heavy and grabbed my hips, stopping me from humping his cock. I sat back, his dick still inside me and his cum squelching between us.

     I leant forward and kissed him, our chests now squelched together from my cum. I fell sideways and his cock slipped from inside me. I felt weird now, I wanted it back, but I was exhausted and we just lay silent and still in each other's arms.

The End


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