This Life Of Brian


By David Heulfryn




Part Two


Charlie's face were a right picture. Well, if you'd just seen your best mate strip off stark bollock naked on the streets and you were a prude, then you'd look like Charlie.

     Being naked I didn't have my door key on me, so I just used the spare that Mum put under the plant pot by the door. She really is a stupid cow, that is the first place any burglar would look but you can't tell her anything. She still thinks we live in this fantasy world from the forties and fifties where neighbours watched out for one another and you could leave your doors unlocked.

     I flopped down on the sofa and Charlie tentatively sat on a nearby chair. He asked me if I wanted my clothes back and all I said was that I'd done with me school uniform and he could keep it if he wanted. He just looked at me with a permanent frown on his face. He had never seen me act so cavalier like this and he was confused.

     He looked so adorable I just carried on teasing him. "Christ, I feel so horny after that." I said to Charlie and my hand started rubbing my limp dick. I tried not to look directly at him but just stole glimpses from the corner of my eye; his mouth was so slack-jawed he could have got a dangerous carpet burn if he wasn't too careful. It was the reaction I had hoped for and expected. Even though he was shocked at watching me wank myself to a full blown hard-on in front him, he couldn't stop staring.

     I slid my arse down the sofa so that I could wank myself in my usual slouched position, and spread my legs wider so that balls hung low and swung with each stroke rather than resting on my thighs and banging into my fist every time I pumped my dick. It was beginning to hurt in that position and I was in danger of bruising my balls and as a teenager I didn't want to damage my favourite toys.

     "Oh fuck, Bri. Can't you wait? I should go; your Mum will be back soon." But Charlie never moved a muscle.

     "So what if she sees me, I don't care." Charlie knew that my Mum would always be back from work about ten minutes I got back from school and he was mortified that she might see me wanking and also him just watching, and enjoying it.

     While I stoked myself with one hand, the other I used to cradle my balls, squeeze them and pull down lightly on them. I felt fucking fantastic and the extra pair of eyes on me just made it even better.

     My dick began leaking as I got closer, leaving slime trails over my belly as I kept pounding. I now barely even noticed Charlie and the growing lump in his crotch as I got closer to showing him my dick spewing its spunk all over my chest. And boy was he going to get a good show very soon.

     I tugged down harder on my balls as I felt them start to ache, gearing up for moment I was preparing them for. My eyes closed as I became lost in the feelings emanating from my groin and my dick swelled even harder. Without having to look down, I just knew that my piss-slit was flaring and poking through my foreskin. My dick got even more moist as my pre-cum leaked and was smeared all down the shaft by my hand. The wetter it got the noisier it became and I would hear the squelching as my pumping became even more vigorous.

     The moment had now arrived and I quickly opened my eyes to steal a quick glance at Charlie who was now gently rubbing his bulge. He abruptly stopped when he noticed me looking.

     But it was just a quick glance as I needed to close my eyes again as my dick erupted. The first shot flew upwards and splashed on my neck, coating my pronounced adam's apple. The remaining shots hit my chest and then went lower and lower each time until my dick only oozed its cum as I rhythmically squeezed my knob.

     As my breathing eased back to normal, I opened my eyes and looked over to Charlie. "That was fucking fantastic. You should've joined me."

     He shot up from his chair and placed my clothes on the seat. "I'd better go." he said as he rushed out the house.

     "Ring me tomorrow, mate!" I called out after him.

     Grabbing my clothes I dashed upstairs just in time to hear my Mum come through the front door. Charlie must have passed her as he left. His face must have looked a picture.

     Flinging my clothes in my dirty linen basket I noticed that my underwear was missing. That little perv Charlie must have nicked them. Mind you I did say he could.






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