This Life Of Brian


By David Heulfryn




Part Three


I had the usual grilling from my parents when they were both home about how my exam went. I just said what I had to so that they would be satisfied and after dinner I went into my bedroom to go on my computer. My parents were used to this; if I wasn't out with me mates I was shut up in my room on the computer. They had no idea what I got up to on it, thankfully.

     While I was surfing my favourite websites, I got an instant message.

     Oli212 «That show you put on earlier today has had over a thousand views already.»

     It was Oliver, the prat who filmed me stripping off on the way home from school.

     0eBri «What the crap are on about!»

     Oli212 «Look at this, it's amazing.»

     Oliver sent over a url which I clicked and watched as the page slowly loaded. It was one of the video sites where twats post videos of them arsing around and they think its funny to show it to the rest of the world. But this site was one I had not been on before. It had two sections, one for straight vid and one for gay. Before the page had loaded properly I sent a quick IM back to Oliver.

     0eBri «Didn't know you surfed queer stuff? You should have said earlier and I'd have let you suck me off!»

     Oli212 «Fuck off you twat, beside I don't suck pencil dicks. Just watch the vid.»

     The page had now fully loaded and I was now streaming the vid. The title was Schoolboy Strip and it was a bit jerky and the sound was crap, but it was the full twenty minute video of me stripping off as I walked home after the exam. The vid ended with the close up of my dick and then a great shot of my arse as I walked up my drive. I have to admit that it made me horny and my dick was starting to respond. I slipped my hand into my shorts gave my dick an appreciative couple of tugs.

     Looking the post, there were quite a few comments left, all of which telling Oliver they liked what they saw and most of them asked for more.

     0eBri «You fucking wanker, my dick is now all over the internet and you and a lot of queers are tossing off over it.»

     Oli212 «Just think how much cum has been spilt, you must be very proud. And this is just in a few hours. In a week you'll be an internet star.»

     It was then that I'd noticed in the description he gave all those pervs my hotmail address. I opened a fresh browser window and logged in. I was bloody furious. I had that much email It almost filled up my inbox. Looking at one of the first I could see it was from Oliver, sending me a copy of the video for me to keep.

     0eBri «What you give em my email for? I'm got loads of it.»

     Oli212 «You're a star Bri.»

     0eBri «Take that bloody thing off. I've got all sorts of pervs wanting me to do things.»

     Oli212 «Like wot?»

     0eBri «Well one wants to tie me up. Cut all my clothes off and rub oil all over my skin. Then he wants to shove all sorts of crap up my arse, cucumbers, dildoes, carrots. Then when I'm hard he wants to take a mould of me knob and make a dildo out of that and then shove that up me arse. All this and some whipping, paddling and hanging weights off me balls. And I'm not allowed to cum.»

     Oli212 «Ugh, nice. Wot else?»

     0eBri «After the weights on me balls he. ARE YOU WANKING OVER THIS.»

     Oli 212 «Sorry mate. It's making me so horny and watching your vid to it is just so damn hot. I might just take you up on your offer and come round and suck you off. I've wanted to for years.»

     I had always suspected Oli might be queer but now he had just come out to me proper. I think he knew about me too and that's why he did it. It was only fair to say something back.

     0eBri «I'd wished you had been for years. I wouldn't have said no. Even given you one back. But wot about Charlie?»

     Oli212 «Dunno, he's too shy to tell.»

     0eBri «I reckon he is, he just watched me wank and cum all over myself this arvo.»

     Oli212 «No shit. Wish I had got that on camera.»

     0eBri «Come on round 2morrow, gotta go. Parents are moving about.»

     I opened something which was perfectly innocent should they come in and start being nosey about what I was doing, but they didn't disturb me. Once I felt it was safe to do so, I started trawling through my emails, glancing at them and deleting the ones from pervs.

     But one email caught my attention. It started by saying that it was a serious offer and please consider it rather than trashing it like the thousands he expected me to receive. It was from a Mister Bob Arlo, so it must be serous if he is a mister, and he had seen my video and liked it, no surprise there, and that he thought I had a good body, again no surprise. Then he said that he ran a website and would I consider modeling, right here's the bullshit and he just wants me round his place so that he can fuck me. But as I read further, he gave me the url for the website and a free months access to see if I wanted to be one of the models. He also mentioned money, but not any figures. Then there was the rub. He wanted to see a better quality video of me before he made me a firm offer.







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