This Life Of Brian


By David Heulfryn




Part Four


I have to admit that I spent most of the night surfing that website that bloke gave me access to. So I was not awake the following morning when my parents were leaving for work. School had finished so my parents weren't too bothered that I had been up so late and needed the lie-in.

     After I heard them go to bed, last night, I really got stuck into the website and stripped off all my clothes so that I had unhindered access to my dick, which was, by this time permanently hard. I have to tell you that I wanked myself sore looking at the website and shot my load four times.

     I was fast asleep when me Mum came into me room and yanked the curtains open to let the morning sun into my room. As she looked out the window she told me that she was off to work and that me Dad had already left. Then she turned round and saw me.

     "For god's sake, Brian, cover yourself up." She barked at me.

     It was a warm night and all the tossing and turning I'd done while asleep had scrunched my quilt up and I'd wedged it between the wall and the end of my bed. I'd been sleeping in the nude for several years now and so without my quilt my Mum got an eyeful of my equipment, and not for the first time.

     Her barking woke me and I grumbled to her. "Just living up to the family name." I said as I grabbed my quilt and pulled over me. Alcock, an old joke but I'd been using it for some time whenever she got an eyeful. And no doubt me Dad used it to death before me.

     "Don't flatter yourself. It's not that much to look at." Mum said as she left. "I'm off now so your in on your own. See you later this afternoon. And be good."

     I tried to go back to sleep but just couldn't. The sun was streaming in now that my curtains were open and Mum shouting at me had woken my brain. Inevitably my restlessness and lack of motivation to get out of bed caused my hand to crawl down my body and play with dick. I am a teenager after-all and my main hobby is wanking, like every other teenage boy's hobby.

     After last night's wankathon, my balls were somewhat barren and my dick was still sore but it didn't stop me having a quickie and it only took a minute for me to cum. Well I say cum, only a tiny dribble leaked out my bell-end, barely enough to smear over me knob. But that orgasm did have its usual effect and I felt drowsy again and I dozed off with my hand still on my dry dick.

     Drifting awake, in what I think was about an hour later; I heard the clicking of a mouse. That bastard Oliver had let himself in and was on my computer.

     "What the fuck..." I called out and he looked over at me.

     "Mornin', sleepy-head."

     I had woken up in the same position I'd fallen asleep, flat on my back and giving Oliver a good view of my goods. As I sat up on the edge of my bed, I didn't bother to cover myself up as I had nothing else to hide from him and saw that he was on that porn site that bloke had emailed me yesterday.

     "This is a fucking good site. How'd ya pay for it, you couldn't have used your folks credit card?"

     I stood up behind him and leant over him. The back of Oliver's head was now resting against my chest and I covered the hand on my mouse with mine and opened up my email. Clicking on the email from that bloke I told him to read it.

     As he read the email he stood at his side so that he could see my groin out of the corner of his eye. His head flicked to this side to take in the view.

     "Bloody hell, that's fucking awesome. You gonna do it?" Oliver looked at me in the dick. "I could get me Dad's camcorder and film it."

     I didn't answer him straight away, but just on my bed and lay back down. "Dunno. Prolly not. He must be a perv."

     "But you've seen his site. This is professional stuff, you'd be a proper model. And think of the dough."

     I toyed with him some more. I knew damn well I'd give it a go, but wanted Oli to beg. And beg he did, he was desperate to film me again and properly this time. After about ten minutes of me feigning reluctance and Oli persuading me I gave in and made him an offer.

     "Ok, mate. I'll give it a go. Just this once to see if he still wants me. If he does then I'll have to think about it again."

     "And you'll let me film it?" Oli looked like a dog panting, eager to please.

     "On one condition."


     "You give me that blow job you mentioned last night."

     Oliver started to stammer as he explained that he was just bullshitting. But I was insistent and then he finally blurted out that he was still a virgin and had never blown anybody before. He went bright red. I told him that I ain't, either but was willing to give it a try and so should he. And if I was to be some great teen porn model, I should have some experience.

     Oliver came over to the bed and grabbed my dick. "Not now." I batted it away. "I'd just had a wank this morning. Later. beside I want a shower."

     I told Oliver to start thinking about what he wanted to film me doing and to research others on the website while I showered. I left him with his eyes glued to my computer screen, watching some young cute blond boy wanking on the sofa.





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