This Life Of Brian


By David Heulfryn




Part Five


After I came out of the shower, I just threw my towel over my shoulder and stood in the doorway of my bedroom. Well I wasn't going to cover myself up as I was really enjoying Oliver looking at me and besides I wanted his soft lips over my dick.

     I could see Oliver hunched over my desk and the screen showed two young lads fucking each other. The top was thin and lanky and had a cock to match, with each thrust he would pull out what looked like seven inches of cock before ramming back up his mates arse. Oliver was furiously wanking his dick and was oblivious to me standing there. It was a hot scene and it caused my dick to fluff up a little.

     In a deep and booming voice I demanded that he does not cum. This shocked him and made him jump. His arse literally jumped a couple of inches off the chair and he began to turn round to see who had caught him wanking. It was obvious it was me but he was acting on instinct. As he twisted and his arse fell back to the chair he landed near the edge and the chair slipped from under him and he landed with a loud thump on the floor.

     I couldn't help laughing as the beet-red faced boy lay crumpled on the carpet with his hard dick poking out of his fly.

     "Oh, fuck, fuck." Oliver jumped up clutching his groin. He lifted his dick straight upwards and gently eased his fly zip down. "My dick caught on me zip, you bastard."

     "Come 'ere. Let me check it out and make sure it's alright."

     "Fuck off."

     "Well don't put it away. Finish what you started." But Oliver declined and the video had finished on the computer and just showed a black screen. I watched as his tucking his dick back inside his jeans and pull his fly up.

     Lying back on my bed I told Oliver that I was ready for the blowjob and started to fondle myself to pump up my dick. But Oliver was still unsure and slowly crept over to me and sat on the edge of my bed. I told him to stroke me, to make me hard, which he did. His touch was soft and gentle and it quickly got me hard as a rock. As he continued to wank me I told him to fondle my balls. He needed telling everything for the moment, he was in new territory and needed guidance. Hell, it was new for me, no-one had ever touched my dick or wanked me off before. I watched Oliver's face as he gradually became comforatble touching my dick and a smile emerged on his face. His smile didn't disappear when I told him to keep wanking me but to just like my knob. His tongue darted from his lips and gave me a little lick. Again I told him and got a longer lick. Stop wanking, I said and told him to just put my bell-end in his mouth.

     His lips wrapped themselves around my dick and then he needed no more instructed. One suck and he was a cock-sucker. He easily took my dick in his mouth and massged it between his lips and with his tongue. Now it was there, I felt that Oli would never let it go and I relaxed and let him do whatever he wanted with my dick. I felt his hand cup my balls as he continued sucking me, he rolled them around between his fingers and I felt one of his digits rub behind them, almost making its way to my arsehole. It felt amazing and my dick started to throb and my balls began to ache. I started thrashing my head against my pillow and I bit my lip to prevent me from screaming in delight. This was fucking fantastic and I was about to cum. I wanted to tell him but I just couldn't form the words, only strange grunts and whimpers emerged from my throat.

     Then I exploded. My dick gushed cum into Oliver's mouth. He started to choke as it hit the back of his throat but to his credit he kept my dick firmly between his lips as it throbbed and spewed more come into him.

     I heard him swallow, a sound that made my balls contract and my dick try to eject more cum, but I was now dry.

     After giving my deflating dick a couple more stokes between his lips, Oliver let it slip out and slap against my balls.

     "Fucking hell, that was amazing." I stared at the ceiling as I recovered. "That was the best, I never want to go back to wanking after that."

     "So not bad for my first go at it." Oliver stated.

     "Not bad, you were born to suck cock." Oliver blushed. "So what ideas do you have for my first video?"


     We worked out the scenario and Oliver promised to come back tomorrow with his Dad's camcorder.





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