This Life Of Brian


By David Heulfryn




Part Six


The next morning I wanted a wank so badly. It was a routine for me during the weekends and when I wasn't at school. Hell, even on schooldays I wanted a morning wank but most days I just didn't have the time and the constant barrage from my Mum telling me to get up is not exactly conducive to shooting your load.

     Every so often my hand would find its way to my dick and gently stroke it, but I stopped myself each time. I had to wait until Oliver got here.

     I stayed in bed until I heard his knock on the door, dashing naked to the top of our stairs I yelled down for him to come in and he opened the door and peered inside. He saw me and came all the way in.

     "Nice to see you ready for me. You didn't wank this morning did you?"

     "Don't be daft. But I fucking wanted to. Come on and let's get this thing set up."

     I slipped on some boxer shorts as Oliver set up the tripod and attached the tiny camcorder. "That's a bit small init?" The device was no larger than a fist.

     "It's top of the range, high resolution digital camcorder. Me Dad only buys the best; he's a bit of a techno-bore. But it's good. You just point and shoot."

     "Isn't that what you want me to do?" I sniggered.

     "Ha, ha. Just get ready."

     I went into my wardrobe and started putting on my old school uniform.

     "I knew you'd have a use for it. I'll have to thank Charlie for saving it."

     "Yeah, and tell him I want me pants back."

     "What!" Oliver gasped.

     I hadn't meant to tell Oli that Charlie had kept my underpants the other day, it just slipped out. I knew Charlie would be mortified if he knew that he'd been rumbled and irt would be even worse if he knew I'd been spreading it around. I made Oli promise not to say a word as I wanted to have some fun with him first about it. Then I'd let him in on it. As usual all I needed was to use my dick as persuasion.

     Ready in my uniform, Oli told me to go downstairs and get ready for him to say 'action'. He was taking this very seriously.

     "You ready, Bri?" He asked.


     "Don't forget, I want a loud slam and a good shout so that the camera gets it."


     "And... Action."

     I slammed the front door hard and shouted. "Mum, I'm home!" I paused and then dashed upstairs and went into my bedroom saying. "Great, she's not here." The camera picked me up at the top of the stairs through my open bedroom door and panned with me as I sat on my bed. I tried not to look at the camera but felt so selfconscious I couldn't help it.

     "Cut." Oliver shouted. "Don't look over here, you're alone remember. Now let's do it again."

     "Okay, Sir." He was really taking this seriously.

     The next take was better, I was sitting on my bed and started to untie my tie and kick off my shoes. I threw them on the floor and started to take my off shirt. That too went on the floor and I stood up to unbutton my trousers. I opened the fly and pushed my hand inside, feeling myself and making myself hard. Istarted moaning like I was enjoying it. All the other boys on the videos moaned at the slightest touch, I thought I'd do the same. My dick was now half-hard and I let it tent my boxershorts as I pulled my trousers down and kicked them off my feet. Both hands now went inside my boxers, stroking my dick and cupping my balls, the waistband was pulled out and down slightly so that my pubes were visable. Oliver zoomed in to the area to get a good shot.

     I was now rock hard and Oliver got a great full length shot of me with my dick sticking straight out from my crotch, straining my loose boxers. I teased the down, letting the base of my dick come into view, then lower and lower until it slapped against my belly and my boxers fell to the floor.

     While still standing, I began to pump my dick, my other hand stroking my body, my nipples, my navel, my balls. Lying down, I continued to stroke my dick and tug on my balls but I slowed down so that Oliver could zoom in and get a good shot of my dick as I wanked, my foreskin rolling over my knob and the head of my dick emerging and the drip of the pre-cum onto my belly. It was imagining watching this later that got me over-excited and I started pounding my dick and moaning very load. "Shit!" I yelled as my hand went still and my dick throbbed. Oliver zoomed in to catch the ropes of my cum spurt from my dick and land out of shot. After the first shot he slowly panned out to catch the other shots as they merged and land on my chest. As my dick calmed, I began the slow wanking again to drain the last few remnants out and allowed them to dribble over my hand.

     The last shot was of my playing with the cum on my chest between my fingers and, it wasn't scripted, the impulse just came to me, but I brought my fingers to my lips and licked the cum off and swallowed with a huge smile on my face.

     "And cut!"

     Oliver's hand went straight into his jeans and I heard him moan and buck his hips. He came after the first touch of his dick, it was all he needed to send over the edge and give him the relief he had wanted throughout the filming.





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