This Life Of Brian


By David Heulfryn




Part Six


We immediately downloaded the video on to my computer, after I put on some clothes of course, and watched it back. It looked fantastic, very clear and Oli got some great shots of my dick and bollocks. And the cum shot looked brilliant. Just watching it again was making my dick plump up and I placed my hand on Oli's crotch as he sat on my chair to check to see if it had the same effect on him. It did.

     I kept on rubbing and began to feel the dampness from his cum which was staining his underpants. I twisted the chair around and started to unbutton his jeans. As his bulging underpants came into view my nose was assaulted by the stench of his cum and I breathed deeply to savour the scent. My hand now rubbed his bulge and was coated with his white juice. Oli lifted his arse from the chair as I pulled his jeans and pants off together. His dick slapped against his belly and his scent became stronger. I sat back on my haunches as I wanked him and saw the smile on his face, his lips parted slightly and eyes closed. It was now my turn to do to him what he did to me yesterday. He wasn't expecting it but I wanted to do it so I pulled his hard dick away from his belly and slipped my lips down his shaft. Oli's eyes snapped open as he watched me blow him and I tasted my first cock. For me it was extra special as my first cock was coated with Oli's load and as my saliva mixed with his old cum it trickled down the back of my throat.

     Oli spread his legs wide and I slipped my hand underneath, my finger paving the way until it reached his arsehole. Teasing the orifice, it began to twitch and allowed my fingertip to enter. As it slipped in, Oli groaned loudly and his dick twitched inside my mouth. I pushed inside deeper, lifting his arse from the chair and his thighs flexed and took the strain of his weight. While furiously sucking his dick, my finger pistoned in and out of him, his groaning became constant and I knew he was about to cum. I kept his dick firmly between my lips as his arse clamped down on my finger and his dick pulsated, moments later I felt his cum squirt from him and hit the back of my throat.

     Oli was panting as he rested back down on the chair, my finger was still inside him and I wiggled it as I slowly withdrew it.

     Looking at him from between his legs and his deflating cock, I sniffed my finger. "You stink." And thrust my finger under his nose.

     "Don't care, man. That was awesome."

     "Well, at least you taste better than you smell." I then stripped naked and dragged Oli into the bathroom where we showered together. Nothing happened in the shower, well I say nothing, we just soaped each other up and fondled each other. There was no more sucking or finger fucking. What I did not know was that nosey bugger Charlie had let himself in. He says that he just tried the door when he got no answer and finding it open he thought he'd better check everything was alright. Well, what he didn't bargain for was to find me and Oli in the shower soaping up each other's hardons. I noticed him when the door opened and he stood there, eyes ready to pop out of his head and jaw almost hitting the floor.

     "Hiya, Charlie." I quickly rinsed myself off and grabbed my towel. Dripping wet I went into my bedroom, followed by Charlie. "You alright?"

     "What the fuck is going on?"

     Oli had now emerged, also dripping and wrapped in a towel. He started to dry himself, exposing himself again to Charlie. I couldn't help but notice that his dick had not totally gone down.

     I followed Oli's example and began to dry myself off as I explained to Charlie that me and Oli had decided to have some fun together during the summer before we started college. I thought it a great chance to try and persuade Charlie to join us, so when dry I went to my draw and looked for some underwear. "I ain't got no pants left. I should have at least one pair left. I wonder where they went."

     Charlie bowed his head and went crimson.

     "I suppose I'll just not have to wear any today." I stood in front of Charlie. "You seen my vid on the web yet. Oli posted it and it's had thousand of hits."

     "Yeah, Oli emailed the link to me."

     "You wank over it? Oli did. Hell, I even did." Charlie stayed quiet. "Are you wearing my pants?" I approached Charlie and started to unbutton his jeans. They fell to the floor and he was wearing a pair of cute tight, white briefs. "Nice." I rubbed his bulge and then started to pull them down. "I suppose you owe me a pair, I'll take these and will always think of you when I sniff them."

     Charlie now stood naked from the waist down, only wearing a loose t-shirt which partially covered his crotch.

     I took things nice and slow with Charlie and started with a tender kiss. I kept on kissing him until he relaxed and responded and I was able to push my tongue into his mouth. I felt his dick rise between us and scrape against my balls.

     Ever since I'd grown pubes and could shoot spunk I'd wanted Charlie and I'd finally got my wish. He allowed me to enjoy his body and I gave him the best blow job I could. Oli just stood watching us, wanking and shooting his load over my bedroom carpet.

     Afterwards, I gave Charlie a long tight hug. And I told Oli to clean up the mess he'd made on my carpet. The dirty sod.





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