This Life Of Brian


By David Heulfryn




Part Eight


Charlie was sceptical when I told him about the bloke who wanted me to send him a video of me as a screen test for being a 'model' on his website. I'd been so excited about it that I didn't think twice but he was right, you had to be eighteen, at least, to do porn. Yes, some looked younger but we were always assured that they were eighteen. He must have known I was only sixteen, after all everyone knows that we finish comp school at sixteen, don't they? But I suppose if he's foreign, a yank or something then they might not know. I don't know what the problem is. I can legally have sex and have done several times with Oli and only once with Charlie, but I aim to rectify that this summer.

     We three must have looked a sight. Three stark bollock naked boys in my bedroom all crowded round my computer, playing the video Oli had filmed over and over again and trying to write an email to this bloke to find out if he knew how old I was. The vid had only been sent that morning so we didn't expect a reply anytime soon but sent a second email anyway asking what proof of ID he would require if I were to go on his site.

     I'd already decided that if I could away with it I would lie and say I was eighteen. The thrill of having thousands of queer blokes wanking over me was too irresistible.

     After sending the email, I started playing with Charlie's cock again. It was silky and soft, his foreskin curled cutely at the end of his knob and expanded as I pulled it down over the tip. The red tip was still moist and sensitive from my blow job but his dick managed to respond and go hard, anticipating my lips again. Oli didn't want to be left out this time and so muscled in on my action and began teasing Charlie's nipples and kissing his smooth torso. As Oli dared to venture to Charlie arse cheeks, I slapped them away. I wanted those first and turned Charlie round and spread his cheeks wide. Oli had a go on his cock, while I started licking his clean hole. My tongue lapped at his hole, my saliva coating it so it shined. I stiffened my tongue and started poking his hole, it was tight but I eased it open so that my tongue touched his insides. My nose was now rammed tight against his crack as my tongue ventured deeper inside him and I heard Charlie asking me to fuck him.

     I'd wanted to fuck him for ages and was glad that he asked. I had wanted him to be my first fuck. I would have wanted him to be my first blow job, but you can't complain when a dick as cute as Oli's is dangled in front of you and I never thought Charlie would be so easily recruited. It just goes to show how we can all keep our desires locked up for so long.

     I pulled Oli off Charlie's dick and laid Charlie on my bed. I felt sorry for Oli as he was just the bystander, getting the scraps of Charlie when I'd let him and he taking any advantage when I was playing with another part of Charlie.

     I lifted Charlie's legs and put myself between them, my hard dick pointing towards his exposed hole. I draped his legs over my shoulders and pushed forward. I went slow and struggled to get my knob passed his tight muscle. But it yielded and I waited until it gradually loosened and didn't pinch my dick so much. Charlie was panting, struggling with the pain and excitement but never told me to stop. he had a determined look on his face that he was allow me inside him and was relieved that I was being so kind.

     Charlie grimaced as I slid inside further; I pulled out slightly but then pushed back and waited. While I eased my dick inside Charlie inch by inch, Oli sucked and bit on his nipples and fondled his soft cock. After all, you can't keep a hardon when you're being fucked for the first time. No matter how hard Oli tried, he could manage to get Charlie dick to harden. I suppose the sensations of my dick and the pain was too overwhelming and besides, sex is not just about the dick.

     I felt Charlie's arse loosen and I had finally managed to push my dick completely inside him. Charlie seemed to release a sigh of relief but he soon got worked up again when I started to pull out and fuck him. It was slow and steady to start with as he still got accustomed to being invaded. But before long I was fucking him hard and we were moaning and grunting in unison. Oli was still playing with Charlie's cock which had finally inflated but he couldn't suck it as I was fucking him too hard.

     Before long, Charlie was thrashing on my bed and let loose a huge volley of cum which landed on his face and Oli's face. His orgasm ripped through his body and he clamped down on my dick. I was fucking him frenetically and finally erupted inside his backside. I kept my dick buried deep inside him as I spewed cum in his rectum.

     I fell beside Charlie on my bed and cuddled up to him as we caught our breath. My dick slipped from inside his and he sighed.

     Poor old Oli was left on my floor, with a huge hardon and no-one to make him blow his load. He sat on my computer chair and watched us as we gradually dozed, his dick softening without release.





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