This Life Of Brian


By David Heulfryn




Part Nine


I didn't find out until later on that evening when both Oli and Charlie had gone home, that Oli had switched on the camcorder and had filmed the entire event of me fucking Charlie and taking his cherry. Oli had saved the vid on my computer and I just came across it while I was surfing and checking my emails. The vid was fucking hot and I wanked myself off within a few seconds.

     I sent a quick IM to Oli who said that it was just for us three and he promised he wouldn't post it on the net. Charlie would be mortified if a vid of him being fucked was being letched over by a load of pervs, me it turned me on and I know the vid turned on Oli, he'd wanked over it a couple of times already and was planning on one more before he went to bed.

     Oli was great, he knew me and him were just messing about and was pleased that Charlie was now mine, as long as I still serviced him occasionally, which I was happy to do. He wanted me to fuck him like I fucked Charlie and as we weren't some kinky threesome; I thought it better if we fucked without Charlie around. But I never said when. I considered teasing him all summer and then fucking him the last day before we went to college. He was going to a different college than me and Charlie; he was more academic and so went to a proper college with the other nerds. Me and Charlie we more mediocre and were going to do some vocational crap so that we didn't go on the dole and bump up the unemployment figures. I was going to train as a plumber and Charlie as an electrician. But this is boring crap and I need to tell you about that bloke with the website.

     I got a reply from him late that night; he'd watched it and enjoyed it. He emailed over some forms for me to print off and sign and scan and email back to him. He also wanted a copy of my passport to prove my age. As it was all being done by scanning and email it was easy to amend so that he wouldn't notice. My date of birth was rolled back two years although the passport picture itself was taken when I was fourteen and I looked very young.

     I set up myself a PayPal account and he promised to deposit the money in the next few days. It was only $50, US of course, not bloody much in proper English money, but he said he would see how the video went and may offer more if they liked me. But he did want more and asked for some stills as well, not just video.

     So, the next day I arranged for Oli to come round to film me again and take some photos. For the second time, it was really just more of the same as we didn't have time to plan anything else. But after I shot my load for the cameras I told him to keep it rolling and to take his clothes off. I had never seen clothes shed so quickly and he stood next to me grinning at the camcorder.

     As I was still recovering from my wank, I set about Oli's cock and started sucking him and playing with his arse. My finger slipped easily inside; he had obviously been playing with it recently and I wondered if he'd shoved anything up there. I hoped it was just his finger as I wanted my dick to be the first to take his virginity. His dick swelled in my mouth as I managed to slide two fingers inside him. My own dick had now recovered and was hard again. I was now ready to fuck him.

     As with Charlie, I laid Oli on my bed, draped his legs over my shoulders and my dick aimed for his red target. It was easier than Charlie and my dick slid all the way in first time. Oli groaned and held onto his dick and balls, he fondled them and started to stroke himself while I slid my dick in and out of his arse. It felt different than with Charlie, this time it was sheer pleasure, with Charlie it was pleasure and intimacy. I felt like I could pound Oli hard as we were fucking and not being intimate and he didn't object. My dick pounded his arse and we grunted in unison as my thighs slapped against his arse cheeks. His dick was rock solid, his knob flaring and red raw and I watched it as I carried on thrusting inside him while he erupted cum all over his belly.

     His limp dick lay against his pubes as I continued to pound him. Unlike with Charlie, when I came, I pulled my dick out and spewed my cum over Oli and his dick and balls. He loved that and rubbed my cream into his skin.

     We were both absolutely knackered afterwards but I had to get rid of him quick as Charlie was coming round.

     Charlie was not overly keen on my new job but as long as none of the pictures or videos were of him then he would live with it. He was also alright with Oli behind the camera, he never wanted to be there when it was being done, but he did like to see the pictures and the videos, he even took copies for himself.

     I suppose this is coming to an end now, you've learnt how my body became an internet hit and no doubt you have wanked over me at some point. Hell, if you're reading this then you most likely download porn and so have at least seen me if not wanked over me. It would be nice to think that you did though.

     The summer holidays were only eight weeks long and in that time, Oli took five videos of me and eleven photo sets. All the vids were just me wanking in various places, bed, the shower, kitchen and the photo sets were similar too. One time we ventured into some nearby woods and did an outdoor photo set and wank vid. Oli was shit scared we'd get caught but apart from a near miss we weren't noticed. That vid earned me the most $200.

     Before I sign off and leave you all to wank again over me, I want to tell one other thing, how Charlie took my cherry and he fucked me for the first time. But that can wait for the next, and final, instalment.


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