The Three Parkaboys

by Spuggie []

This story is a work of fiction (but based on several true events) involving explicit acts between consenting male teenagers. If you are under 18, do not read this material. If it is illegal where you live, do not read this material. If you find the thought of consenting sex between young males objectionable, then do not read this material.

It was a warm spring day and the start of the school lunch break. I didn't smoke but I had a couple of friends who enjoyed the odd cig, so we'd ventured out to "smokers corner" at the start of break. Every school has a smokers corner and ours was well away from the school buildings in a small wooded area behind the tennis courts. It was set down in a hollow, so the teachers couldn't see what was going on, but we all knew they were aware this was smokers corner; fortunately they just chose to overlook the fact.

Although it was a warm day, the British weather has a habit of changing very rapidly, so we all had our coats with us even though we didn't really need them at that moment. Mine was a nice old blue nylon snorkel parka with orange lining and these were really popular at the time with probably over 50% of the guys having them. My two friends were also wearing their parkas.

My parka was in quite good condition, being only a year old, but my friends parkas were older. Richards parka was a couple of years old, and had nice dirty lining, but other than that it was in fine condition. Bryan's parka on the other hand was at the end of its life. He was the third guy in his family to wear it as it had been handed down by his two older brothers. The fur on the hood was dirty and matted, the blue nylon was very shiny and going purple in places, and the orange nylon lining was more or less totally covered in dirt; I don't think it had ever been washed by any of the three brothers.

I'd noticed it seemed to be deteriorating fast now and had got noticeably dirtier and tattier over the last month or so. The seams were fraying and actually starting to come apart on one arm and on one body seam. They weren't badly split, just a few centimeters, but they made the parka look really scruffy. Bryan had got a new parka for Christmas, but had continued to wear his old one to school. I guessed it was just because his old one was too big for him and as he came from a poor family he wanted to get as much wear out of his old parka as possible. It was really frustrating for me to see him wearing it because I always just wanted to grab it off him and use it for some fun.

We sat down under a tree and started chatting about school stuff for a while whilst Richard and Bryan lit up their cigs. Bryan finished his first and said he wanted to go for a quick snooze and moved away to another tree for some quiet. We were used to Bryan doing this sort of thing. He was a bit of a loner, and since he'd announced to the school a few months earlier that he was gay, he'd become even more reclusive.

There were a few other guys there smoking and a few came over to chat with Rich and I until the lunch bell went about 15 minutes later. That meant that the dining hall was now open and it was time to eat. They always did a second sitting later on, but most people went to the first one as the choice was usually better. The other guys drifted off to lunch, leaving only Rich, myself and the snoozing Bryan.

"You wanna go for lunch now?" I asked Rich.

"Nah, we'll wait for second sitting" he said, indicating Bryan who was fast asleep propped up against a tree trunk.

"Besides, I want to have some fun with him" he added with a wry smile.

I knew Rich was also gay, but wasn't out publically. I also knew he and Bryan had something going, but I never wanted to pry into their relationship. As far as I was concerned, if they were gay that was their business, and it certainly didn't give me any problems. I'd seen them snogging a few timed, but never anything more, so I was intrigued by what Rich meant by some fun.

"Fun?" I enquired gingerly.

Rich smiled again "Yea ... and I think you'll enjoy it too".

"I will?". Obviously the look on my face showed I was worried about what he was planning.

"Hey, don't worry man." said Rich. "You don't have to do it if you don't wanna ... but it involves his parka, so I thought you'd wanna be involved".

Rich knew about my secret parka fetish, but fortunately had kept it to himself. He'd actually caught me wanking in his parka when I'd stopped over at his house one night, and he'd made me tell him everything. He knew I liked really old dirty parkas best and that I enjoyed ripping them as well. After he'd made me tell him everything, he admitted that he'd also wanked in his parka, but only a few times and he'd never thought about ripping one.

And then the coolest thing of all was he'd let me finish my wank in his parka. He'd even put on my parka and jerked off watching me wank in his. As I came and spewed cum all over the front of his parka, he'd stood over me and came on it too, our cum joining together and soaking the front of his parka. That was so horny. And every week since then, when he came round to my house when my parents were out, he'd let me wank in his parka. I know he enjoyed watching me do it.

"What you got in mind?" I asked.

His eyes narrowed, and he produced his wonderful 'evil grin'. "Just watch and find out ... then join in when you want".

He lit a fresh cigarette and we both stood up and moved quietly over to Bryan's tree. He was sound asleep sat propped up with his back to the tree. He was wearing his parka with it about three quarters zipped up, and had the hood scrunched up behind his head as a sort of pillow. He looked so cute.

Rich moved right in next to Bryan, took a drag on his cig, then took it out of his mouth. He tapped off the ash so the red hot burning tobacco was relealed, then touched it to Byran's parka. Within a couple of seconds it had burned a hole through the nylon on one of the sleeves and into the white padding. It wasn't hot enough the start the nylon burning, but it melted it easily. Rich's eyes widened and his nostrils flared as he melted a second hole. I could also see a growing bulge in his tight school trousers and realised that this show wasn't just being put on for my benefit. He glanced up at me for approval, and obviously enjoyed the amazed look on my face and the growing tent in my trousers.

He stood up and handed me the cig indicating I should have a go. I thought about the trouble we could get into, but only for a second, and then my decision was made, this was too horny to refuse. I knelt down next to Bryan's other arm and burned a small hole. This was amazing! My head was spinning I was so horny, and I had no thought for what Bryan's reaction would be when he woke up. My cock was at full extension and straining to be released, but I knew I couldn't. That didn't stop me playing with it through my trousers though.

I touched the cigarette to his parka again, but this time, instead of removing it once it had melted a small hole through, I kept it there and moved it slowly up the arm, producing about a 5cm long hole and more smoke.

Bryan stirred then woke up. "Whats that smell" he said openning his eyes to take stock of the situation.

I pulled the cigarette away from his parka, but knew I'd been caught. Still in the process of waking up Bryan looked at me in confusion, and then at the sleeve of his parka. Then his eyes opened wide and he looked straight back at me.

"What the fuck's going on here?" he exclaimed.

"I .... I ..." I stammered trying to think of what to say.

"Don't fuckin try and explain" he screamed "I can fuckin see what you were doin' ".

Bryan grabbed me from my kneeling position and pushed me onto my back. Within a second he was sat on top of me, his legs either side of my chest pinning my arms. Bryan quickly determined the method for his revenge.

"Now it's my turn you little cunt" he spat picking up the cigarette that had been knocked out of my hand. Shit! He was going to burn my parka now. I tried to struggle free, but Bryan was bigger and heavier than me and easily held me down.

"Bryan ..." started Rich.

"Fuck off" said Bryan cutting him off. "You could have fuckin stopped him". Slowly but surely he moved the cigarette closer to my parka savouring the look of terror in my eyes.

"BRYAN ... NO!" said Rich stepping towards us. "Remember what we talked about a few weeks ago?" Bryan flashed a look at Rich as if he were going to pass another cutting remark, then stopped for a second as if thinking. Then he burst out laughing.

"Bloody hell Rich, its a good job you reminded me". He threw the cigarette away and got up off me. "Sorry 'bout that mate" he said as he stood next to Rich. They were both grinning as I levered my body off the floor. Then it registered with me.

"Hang on ... why are YOU saying sorry?" I asked confused. Sure, he'd frightened me, but in the circumstances, I'd deserved what he'd threatened. Bryan looked at Rich and they smiled at each other.

"Are you gonna tell him or shall I?" Bryan asked Rich.

"I think it would be better from me" said Rich and then looked at me. "You know your thing about parkas and how it was our little secret and how I said I wouldn't tell anyone?" My stomach tightened into a knot.

"Yea" I replied dreading what was coming next.

"I lied about not telling anyone" said Rich. That was the line I'd been dreading. "But I only told one person ... Bryan" he said after a few seconds. I sighed in relief. "And I didn't tell him straight away. You told me ... well it must have been over a year ago, and I only told Bryan a few weeks ago." he added.

"But ... why?" I asked.

"Well Bryan and I were looking for some new sex games to play together, and I'd always enjoyed what I did with you, so I mentioned it to Bryan" Rich said. "But you didn't have to tell him about me" I growled.

"Well no, I guess not" said Rich shifting uneasily and looking at the ground, "But it sort of slipped out, and once I'd started I couldn't stop."

"So what did you tell him" I asked glancing at Bryan.

"Everything" said Rich who was now feeling really guilty.

"Everthing?" I asked again.

"Yea, everything" he replied not daring to look at me.

"And?" I enquired.

"And I though it was fuckin brilliant" said Bryan with a big grin on his face. Well that wasn't what I'd expected.

"Really?" I asked.

"Too right" said Bryan. "I had this old thing which was ready for the bin" he indicated his old parka, "and your ideas gave it a new lease of life. Rich and I have been cumming over it every night for the last month. A couple of weeks ago, we thought it would be good to try one of the rips you talked about, but ... well ... we wanted you to show us but didn't know how to ask". I stared at the pair of them open mouthed.

"You ok?" Rich asked.

" ... err ... yea ... " I stumbled. "I just can't believe what I'm hearing. So you planned this together?"

"Yea" he grinned back.

"Ok" I said gathering my thoughts. "But I haven't got a parka I can rip right now".

"Oh get with the programme buddy!" said Bryan, "I'm wearing it". A smile spread slowly across my face. My dream coat was going to be mine.

"I guess that smile means yes then" said Rich.

"Stupid fuckin' question ... of course it does" I replied.

"Oh yea!" said Rich doing a little dance and kissing Bryan on the cheek. "Looks like our little plan worked". We all laughed.

"So how 'bout tonight?" I asked. "My parents are off to the theatre, so we'll have plenty of time alone".

"Yea fine by me" said Bryan looking at Rich who also nodded.

"Great. Come round about 7, my parents will be leaving about then" I said. Just then the bell for the second lunch sitting rang.

"Time for lunch" said Rich. "You coming?"

"You think I'm hungry with the prospect of having Bryan's parka tonight?" I jested.

"Yea, your hungry for my parka" laughed Bryan. He slipped it off and threw it over to me.

"You'd better have it now before I change my mind. But promise me you won't do anything nasty to it until tonight." I could smell his scent on the parka, and the feel of the old shiny nylon was making me horny again.

"Well ..." I began. Bryan saw the look on my face and interrupted.

"Hey look you can wank in it all day it you want, just don't rip it. Ok?".

I grinned. "Deal. See you tonight" I replied.

Bryan and Rich turned and walked off to the lunch hall leaving me alone with his parka. I wanted to shred it there and then, but I'd promised I wouldn't. And this wasn't the place to play with it anyway, the others would be coming back for more smokes soon and it wouldn't do to be caught wanking in a parka. But I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate on lessons that afternoon, so I decided to skive off home. This had turned out to be a real fun day, and the afternoon and evening were going to be even better.

I arrived home about 1 oclock. It was only a short walk from the school, but it had seemed to take forever. I was horny as hell knowing Bryan's parka was in my school bag , and every minute of the walk home seemed like an eternity. I wanted it so badly, I couldn't think of anything else.

I locked the front door again behind me and rushed up to my bedroom. It would be a few hours yet before my parents got back from work, and I was going to make good use of that time. My trousers and underwear hit the floor seconds after I got into my room and my shirt followed quickly after it.

I picked my school bag up off my bed where I'd thrown it along with my own parka and carefully pulled back the bag zip to reveal the contents. I could see the blue and orange nylon of Bryan's parka squished up in my bag and I could smell it as well. It had that indescribable horny scent of all parkas worn longer than they should have been by school kids.

My heart was pounding. I hardly dared pull the parka out of the bag. I knew that after all my dreams about this parka is was finally mine, and I could hardly believe it. But then I knew Bryan wanted me to have fun with it, and it was ok by him, so gently I pulled it out. It had been well stuffed in the bag, but had only been in there for a matter of minutes, so the crumples dropped out with a little shake.

I drew the hood close to my face and inhaled its sweet scent. My cock twitched and stood even more to attention. I burried my face in the pile lining of the hood savouring the soft warm feel and the smell. If I hadn't stopped myself I would have cum in seconds, but I wanted my first cum with this parka to last longer than that and with great effort managed to hold back.

Slowly I pulled it on, sliding my arm carefully down each arm feeling the soft orange nylon slide cooly against my skin. I zipped it up to the neck and stood in front of my full length mirror to admire the beauty. I started to try and fasten the buttons on the storm flap and realised I was wasting my time. Of the 4 buttons for the flap, only 1 remained, and the loop on the flap to go round that one was broken.

I knew that during the summers, the parka had just spent its time hung on a hook near the window in Bryan's bedroom. It was obvious that the sun shone direcly onto it, because in places, the nylon was going that purple colour that you get when they've been in to much sunshine for too long and the blue dye starts to fade. The underside of the arms which were protected from the sun were still dark blue, but the nylon was old and worn very shiny, just as I liked.

The seams were also in poor condition, and I knew if Bryan had kept wearing it much longer it would have simply started to drop to bits. But now it wasn't going to get the opportunity to drop to bits its self; we were going to help it on the way. The burn holes made by the cigarrettes earlier looked really horny. Two on one sleeve made by Rich, and on the other sleeve an small one and a 5cm long one made by me. I remembered doing that and smiled. Rich and Bryan had planned that for me together. So nice.

The slash pockets both had two snaps, and most of the blue covering had worn off revealing the shiny silver metal underneath which had dulled with exposure. The nylon at the top and bottom of the pockets had been streched and it wouldn't take much pressure to rip. The flaps for the bottom pockets were in a similar condition. I wanted to grab them and rip them off there and then, but I'd made a promise not to rip it without Rich and Byran there and I wasn't about to upset the guys when they'd planned this for me.

I took my school bag off my bed and pushed up my own parka to one end use as a pillow. Lying down slowly, I pulled out the fur on the hood into a full snorkel and zipped it right up. Now I was enclosed in Bryan's parka, its scent intoxicating me, and I started one of the most fulfilling wanks of my life. Slowly caressing my cock through the padded nylon I was lost in another world; a world populated entirely by other hoorny young guys wearing nothing but dirty, old parkas.

Time passed quickly in my other world, and before I knew it, half an hour had passed and my cum was straining to be released. Another few strokes and I could feel the tension rising in my balls, then my cock exploded spewing hot cum over the inside of the parka and over my chest. Again and again my mind reeled and my cock continued to spurt, producing more cum than I thought possible.

I lay basking in the feeling for several minutes until my heart rate and breathing returned to normal. Unzipping the parka, I couldn't believe the huge volume of cum which now coated the lining. I wiped it up carefully just as I always did with my own parka. I didn't want it still to be sticky when it came to playing with it again with Rich and Bryan that evening.

I wanted to spend the whole afternoon jerking off in this wonderful old parka, but I knew if I did that I wouldn't be capable of doing anything in the evening, so I managed to resist. Instead I just wore it and savoured the feeling and the scent and remained hard all afternoon.

I dressed quarter of an hour before I knew my parents would be home and hid Bryan's parka under my bed. Normally I'd have hidden it better, but I knew it wouldn't be there for long and that my mum and dad were going out again that evening so would be too busy to even think about my bedroom. Mum arrived home first as usuall and immediately started making dinner. I went down and chatted to her about what I'd done at school today, lying of course about lunchtime and this afternoon.

15 minutes later I heard the familiar purr of a 5 litre Mercedes engine as Dad got home from the office. He walked in ruffled my hair and I had to go through my fictional school day with him again. I think I managed to keep my story the same. It must have been reasonable because Mum didn't say anything.

Dinner was on the table 10 minutes later and was eaten pretty quickly. My parents left me down stairs to clear up the plates and do the washing up whilst they went upstairs to get changed for their theatre trip. When I'd finished I went upstairs to my room to try and do some homework given out by the teachers in my morning classes. To be honest my mind wasn't on it, I just wanted to get out Bryan's horny parka from beneath my bed, but I knew it wouldn't be safe with my parents around.

Just before 7 I heard the doorbell ring and then Mum shouting up from downstair, "Darling! Come down, Richard and Bryan are here to see you". I ran downstairs to meet them, and wasn't surprised to see them both wearing parkas. Bryan was finally wearing his new one, and nice it looked too with the pristeen silver fur all still long and fluffy and the blue nylon shining brightly in the hallway lights.

"Hi guys" I said trying to act cool.

"Hi" they replied quietly in unison.

"Ok darling were off now" said Mum. "The play doesn't finish until quite late and then we'll probably stay for a drink with some of your Dad's colleagues, so don't wait up for us. Just don't forget to lock the door before you go to bed."

"Yes Mum" I replied wishing they'd just go.

"Play nicely with your friends and don't do anything I wouldn't do" said Dad as they stepped out and pulled the door closed behind them. I smiled. If only he knew.

I dropped the latch to make sure we were safe and heard the sound of Dads car starting and pulling out of the driveway. I turned to Rich and Bryan with a big grin on my face. They were grinning to.

"Like my new parka?" Bryan asked. "Stupid fuckin question" I replied. "Of course I do, but I like your old one better. It's so nice and old and dirty and it smells of you".

"Perv!" said Bryan smiling.

"Yep, I'm not denying it" I grinned back.

"Ok this way" I said starting up the stairs to my bedroom. I rushed up and was in my bedroom before Rich and Bryan had even taken the first few stairs. By the time they stepped through my bedroom door I was naked again and pulling out Bryan's parka from under my bed. I turned around and could see they were horny. Then tents in their trousers were a dead giveaway. I was half hard myself.

"Like what you see boys?" I asked.

"And you say I ask stupid questions" said Byran. "The view from the front is almost as good as the back" he smiled.

"Fuck you!" I said.

"Well if you're offering ... " said Byran laughing. I thought about what I'd said, and realised my mistake. I laughed, but more of a nervous laugh. Sure Rich had seen me naked before, and watched me wank in his parka more times than I could remember, but the fact that he was gay had never really come into it as far as I was concerned.

And I was very inexperienced on the sex front, in fact that was an over exageration, I was totally inexperienced. Sure I wanked off as often as I could, but I'd never had proper sex with anyone girl or boy. I wasn't even sure about my orientation. I liked some girls, I liked some boys. Rich and Bryan were among those I liked. But I'd never done anything about my feelings. Now I was alone at home with two horny gay guys who obviously found me attractive. And I was getting hard as well. It could have been the parkas, or it could have been something else. I was nervous, but I knew I was going to find out more that evening than I had the rest of my life.

"Ok then guys, what are your waiting for. Get undressed ... or are your witing for your valet?" I asked cheekily.

"Valet? What's cleaning cars got do do with it?" asked Bryan. Rich and I smiled and Rich poked Bryan in the ribs.

"Jesus Bryan! A valet is someone posh people have to undress them. I mean we know you ain't from a rich family, but I didn't think you were ignorant as well". Rich was playing with him.

"Oh. Well we don't exactly have valets living on a council housing estate" said Bryan sounding rather dejected, "But I like the sound of the idea" he said brightening up. He beckoned me "Oi, you ... servant ... take my clothes off".

"Yes your majesty" I laughed.

If this was the way he wanted to play it, that was fine by me. I'd never done anything like this before, but I was willing and eagre to learn. I stepped up in front of him and removed his parka from him to reveal a blue Adidas hooded jogging top below. I placed his new parka carefully on my bed, then returned to remove his jogging top. It was zipped down the front and the zip was pulled right up to neck level. I slowly pulled the zip down, looking at his face rather than the zip whilst I did it. I could see he was enjoying it.

Once the zip was undone, he shrugged it off his shoulders and it dropped easily down his arms and off onto the floor at his feet. I'd expected a T-shirt underneath, but he wasn't wearing anything, so I started work on his jeans. I kneeled down in front of him as I undid the top button and discovered a button fly. They are awkward to undo at the best of times and when a raging hardon is pressing against it, its even more awkward.

I looked up at him expecting him to help, but his look told me he wanted me to do it. I struggled a bit with the buttons but managed to undo them all after about 30 seconds - it seemed longer to me. I pulled his jeans down, revealing his tented boxer shorts with a wet patch around the top of his dick. I pulled down his boxers as well and they landed on how of this jeans around his ankles. It was then I got my first opportunity to see his dick.

"Fuckin' hell Bryan ... its huge!" was all I managed to say.

He nearly choked, then laughed. "I suppose so. Now you know why Rich loves me so much". We all laughed at that.

I left him to take his shoes off and step out of his trousers whilst I undressed Rich. A few minutes later they were both stood naked by my bed. They were both good looking, mid-teenage guys. They weren't athletes, but they weren't fat either. I admired their smooth slender bodies and their good sized dicks stood erect before me. Bryan's was definitely the biggest, and my dick was a similar size to Rich's. We were all a good size for our age. I realised I was enjoying this. They weren't wearing parkas, and I was enjoying it.

"Ok then, lets get on with it, or are you going to sit there dribbling over us all evening you big puff" said Bryan snapping me back to reality.

"Fuck off!" I said, "You two are the puffs not me".

"So why have you got a boner as well then?" he retorted. I didn't know what to say, and fortunately he didn't waste time waiting for an answer. "Come on Rich, put your parka on" he said grabbing both their parkas off the bed and throwing one to Rich.

"Hey, this is your new parka, you've got mine" said Rich. "Yea, I know" said Bryan with a glint in his eye and proceeded to put on Rich's parka anyway.

"Ok" said Rich smiling back. He threw Bryan's new parka back on the bed and picked up my parka, slipping it on quickly. Now we all had our parkas on, all unzipped at the front showing off a bit of orange lining. I was wearing Bryan's dirty old parka, Bryan was wearing Rich's parka and Rich was wearing my parka. I was so nice to see us all wearing each-others parkas.

The lining I could see on my parka that Rich was wearing was nice and dirty. I always went out of my way to get it as dirty as possible. My mum kept threatening to wash it, but I always 'just happened' to need it to go out at the time, so fortunately it hadn't been washed in the year I'd had it.

Rich's parka that Bryan was not wearing also had dirty lining, and being a couple of years old, the blue outer was starting to get shiny in places as well. Of course there was also some staining on the front of it as well where Rich and I came over it every week in our little games, but other than that there was loads of wear left in it.

"So what now guys?" I asked.

Bryan sat down on the edge of my bed."Come here" he said and I obliged moving to stand in front of him. Using both hands, he slowly and gently ran them up the inside of my thighs. My cock twitched. Reaching the level of the bottom of my parka he notched up the zip and slowly zipped it up to neck level standing up in the process.

He was stood only a few inches in front of me and as he lent forward to pull up my hood I kissed him on the cheek. It was only a little kiss and at first I thought he hadn't noticed as he continued to pull up my hood and fold back the fur. Then he lent forward again and kissed me tenderly on the lips. Only a small kiss again, but enough to make things clear. We both smiled at each other, we didn't need to say anything.

"Don't I get one too?" a voice said in my ear. I turned to Rich and kissed him too. This was the first time I'd kissed any guys and it was great. I'd kissed a few girls, but it was never as good as this.

"I think I might be gay" I blurted out trying to express my feelings. That was another first for me. I hadn't told anyone I wasn't sure of my orientation before.

"We know" said Rich.

"What do you mean 'We know' ?" I asked.

"Well we've thought you might be gay for a long time" he replied.

"Oh ... why?" I enquired.

"Nothing definite really, just a feeling we had I suppose. They call it 'gaydar' " he said.

"Oh yea. I've heard of that" I said. "Thats when one guy can tell another is gay, sort of ESP".

"Yea that's it" Rich said smiling.

"But I'm not really sure if I'm gay" I said.

"Well only you can decide that" said Bryan smiling. "But we can help you find out".

"Yea ... how?" I asked. "Well, we can try some things later" he said grinning broadly.

I grinned back. "Later ... after what?"

"Duh ... stoopid. Why did we come tonight?" he said. "My parka ... ripping!"

"Oh yea ... that" I said and grinned again.

I stood for a while stroking Byran's old parka, savouring the cool silky feel of the nylon and enjoying the way the shiny worn nylon caught the light. I admired the two boys stood in front of me. Two horny young boys wearing nothing but parkas and slowly stroking their dicks infront of me. I though I'd died and gone to heaven.

I continued to stroke Bryans lovely old parka I was wearing, and my fingers found the hole in the right hand sleeve I'd burned earlier in the day. It was only just large enough to squeeze 3 fingers through with difficulty and I felt the soft, warm, cotton wool like padding inside. My fingers tightened round the hole and I looked at Bryan.

He smiled and simply said "Go for it".

I pulled, slowly but steadily and after a few seconds the nylon gave way. RRRIIIPPP! The sound of tearing nylon filled the silence of the room. A wonderful sound, I loved to hear. Instantly, my dick jumped to full attention and became as hard as steel. I continued pulling and ripped the sleeve half its length.

I hadn't noticed Bryan step up next to me, but felt his warm hands against mine as he inserted his hands into the rip. I looked into his eyes, then kissed him on the lips. As we kissed Bryan pulled, and the nylon gave way, ripping the sleeve top to bottom. This was incredible, not only was I ripping Bryan's old parka as I'd dreampt of doing for ages, but he was here helping me and enjoying it too.

Rich stepped up and embraced us both. We stood there for a minute or two savouring the warm, loving feeling. I could feel their hard dicks pressing against my thighs through the parkas. I reached down with both hands and stroked their crotches, Bryan with my right hand and Rich with my left. They both moaned loudly. That was another first for me; I'd never touched another guys dick before. I rolled their balls around with my fingers and smiled at the heavenly looks on their faces.

"I've got another idea" I said after a few more moments of crotch play. I dodged into my little en-suite bathroom and returned a few seconds later with a box of razor blades. I wasn't shaving regularly yet, only once or twice a month, but I hadn't really bought the blades for shaving. I carefully took two out of the box, handing one to Rich and one to Bryan.

"Ok guys, here's what to do" I explained. "Use the blades and make some small cuts on the sleeves, then I want both of you to rip the cuts at the same time, one on each side. Ok?"

They both grinned eagerly and set to work. Bryan made a cut further around the sleeve than the rip we'd made minutes earlier and rich used the blade to make one of the cigarrette holes on the left hand sleeve bigger, big enough to get 3 or 4 fingers in. Then we went and laid down on my bed, me in the middle, facing the ceiling, and Rich and Bryan on either side facing in towards me. They safely put their blades on the bedside cabinets, out of danger but within easy reach, then prepared for fun.

Rich reached down and grabbed my cock through the parka and slowly massaged it, then returned his hands to the sleeve. He stroked it gently and his fingers easily found the waiting cut. Bryan was already waiting, and a second later they both pulled. It only lasted maybe 10 seconds, but it was the most amazing 10 seconds of my life up to that point. The loud ripping sound coming from both sides, like stereo was fantastic. Much as I didn't want to cum yet, I couldn't stop myself.

I was overwhelmed by the largest orgasm I had ever had and flooded the inside of Bryan's old parka with my cum. I could feel the familiar warm , sticky sensation against my chest. My heart pounded like it was trying to escape, and my loins just kept contracting and spewing out more and more cum until the ripping sound stopped. I lay exhausted on the bed, eyes closed in total ecstacy. After a while my heart slowed and my breathing calmed and I opened my eyes again, to look straight up at Bryan.

"Fuckin hell, you've cum already?" he asked.

"Err ... yea ... sorry guys" I said, but really I wasn't sorry at all.

"Oh well, at least lets see what you shot" Bryan said and pulled down the zip of my parka, opening it up to reveal the lining and my chest. "Shit man, you've shot about 5 gallons here!" he said in amazement seeing my soaked chest and parka lining.

He raised one of the soaked open parka front flaps to his nose and inhaled. "Smells good though" he grinned, then started to lick it up. I was amazed. I'd never seen anyone do anything like that before and thought Bryan must be some kind of wierdo. Then Rich picked up the open flap on his side and also started to lick it clean. I wasn't ready for this, but what the hell, go with the flow. I'd just had the best orgasm of my life, and I wasn't about to let anything put me off.

I lay back and let them lick up all my cum from my parka and chest. The feeling of them licking my chest was unusual, but strangely pleasurable and I even started to get hard again. I closed my eyes and just laid here, soaking up the feeling. It took them about 10 minutes to finish licking me clean, and by the time they had finished, I was half hard again.

The next thing I knew I felt a warm feeling engulf my dick. I opened my eyes and saw a parka hood bobbing up and down on my cock.

"What the fuck ..." I said.

Rich looked up from his work and let my cock slip out of his mouth. He smiled "Well you fell asleep whilst we were cleaning you up" he said. "You've been asleep for about 20 minutes, but you've been getting harder all the time, so I was just giving you a wake up call".

I laughed a little nervously. "Oh .. ok".

"God I've wanted to get your cock in my mouth ever since I caught you wanking in my parka months ago" he said, "But I never dared ask".

"You didn't ask this time either!" I said.

"Oh ... err ... sorry. I've stopped now anyway" he stuttered.

"And did I tell you to stop?" I asked smiling down at him.

"What? ... err ... Oh I see" he said the realisation dawning. He grinned, then dove back down on my cock. Well this was certainly turning out to be an evening of first for me. I'd thought it was just going to be a nice horny rip of Bryan's old parka, and now I had one of my best friends and one of the best looking guys in the school giving me a blow job.

He had the parka hood up over his head, so all I could see was a hood bouncing my and down rhythmically on my dick. Every time he went down, the fur on the hood tickled my balls. He was in a 69 position, and I leaned over onto my side and stroked his bum. His still hard cock twitched, and I realised it was only an inch from my face. He was cut, like me, and had such a cute dick I though.

I stuck out my tongue and touched the end to the head of his erection. Not too bad I though, and moved a little closer to give it a better lick. A muffled "Oh yea baby" was all I heard from Rich, and he moved his crotch forward allowing me to get part of his dick in my mouth. I wasn't sure what to expect, but he didn't produce much precum, so there wasn't really much taste.

Rich was certainly an expert. He could take the whole of my dick into his mouth, gently squeezing it with this tongue and lips and then pulling off and swirling around the head with his tongue, sometimes almost appearing to fuck my piss slit with this tongue. He repeated the process every few seconds and I could feel the warm air jetting out of his nostrils and against my balls, the fur on the hood caressing them as he reached the bottom of his stroke.

I on the other hand was far from expert. I could only manage an inch or two of Rich's dick in my mouth and certainly didn't have the squeezing and twirling technique. But it was my first time as Rich knew and he wasn't exactly complaining.

Rich and I continued sucking each other for quite a while, completely oblivious to Bryan who was wanking whilst watching us. It must have been quite a sight, two horny young parka clad boys in a 69 position, hoods up and sucking for all we were worth.

I felt Bryan lay down of the bed behind me and could hear his heavy breathing as he leant over to nibble my ear through the hood. I could feel his rigid cock pressing against the back of my parka which still covered my virgin arse. I reached behind me with my free hand and squeezed his cock. Bryan was still nibbling my ear and I hear him moan "Oh yea ..." as I squeezed.

As I released Bryan's cock, he slid it down a little and then under my parka. I could feel its warm moist tip rubbing against my arse cheeks. I knew what Bryan wanted, and I knew I wanted it too, but I needed to be sure, and I wasn't there yet. "No" I said in muffled tones without taking Rich's cock out of my mouth.

"Ok babe" said Bryan, confirming he understood. He continued to rub his dick against my arse cheeks, but I knew he would go no further which was what I wanted at the moment. I'd already come so far so quickly that night I didn't want to ruin it.

Rich continued his great blow job on me and I wished I could be as good as him. Maybe in time I would be I thought. I could also feel Bryan stroking the arm and back of my parka whilst slowly caressing my arse cheeks with his cock. What more could a parka boy ask for? This was my idea of heaven.

I felt Bryan lean away for a couple of seconds, then return to stroking my parka, or should I say his parka because after all it was his old parka I was wearing. After a minute or two I felt Bryan lean away again then return seconds later. What was he doing I wondered, but I wasn't about to let Rich's cock out of my mouth to find out.

Then a few seconds later, I found out. RRRRIIIIIPPPP!!! I felt the outer nylong shell at the back of my parka ripping apart as Bryan laughed and pulled. RRRIIIPPP again! And again! The noise was more than I could stand and I exploded into Rich's mouth, quite to his surprise, then enjoyment.

The taste of my cum set Rich off and I felt his body tense in orgasm. I managed to pull off his dick in time. I may have enjoyed sucking him, but I didn't want my first blow job to end with a mouth full of cum. But there wasn't far I could go, with Rich orgasming in front of me and Bryan behind, I could only move a couple of inches off his dick, and he shot straight into my face about 4 times. I tried to turn away, but my limited movement meant I just succeeded in providing a different part of my face for him to cover along with the lining of the hood. When he'd finished I looked like someone had thrown a soggy snowball in my face.

To be continued ... ???

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