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Good News, Bad News

"What do you mean he's in the hospital?!"

Joey puts a hand on Bryan's shoulder. "Come down dude! At least let Dylan explain before you jump at him."

"Thanks Joey... so as I was saying..." I continue where I left off, "I came out to my parents, and my dad didn't take it so well at first. He went on his fishing trip, and he trip and fell with some injuries."

"How is he?" Bryan asks, anxious about this whole thing.

"He's fine right now. Still got that annoying personality of his," I smirk. "Anyways, I'm going to visit him after school today."

"Ok..." Bryan lets the whole thing go, "Wait! Did he accept you?"

"Get this, the reason he fell is because he was too happy as to why he couldn't accept me in the first place."

"Huh?" Matt asks.

"He found out why he couldn't accept Chris and me together, got too happy that he found out why, and slipped on a rock."

"Pffft," Caleb chokes on his milk and bursts out laughing. "I'm sorry! But that's hilarious!"

"So... he's cool with you now?" Matt asks, irritated at Caleb's behavior.

"Yeah... he even called me his son," Chris blushes at his words.

"Aww... look at his cute wittle face!" Carrie squeals. "Chris, you have to remain that cute forever."

"Yeah!" Heather butts in, "He just needs to stop growing."

"Stop being such a Brandy you guys," I intercept the two.

"Ok-ok... but seriously, no growing up," Heather reminds him.

"Anyways... what's the good news?" Matt asks.

"Huh?" I question back.

"You said there was good news and bad news."

"Oh! My time to shine!" Chris glimmers his eyes. "I've created a plan for Dylan's birthday! Yeah I know guys... not the greatest time to be having one, but at least this'll get everyone's mind off the accident."

"Okay?... So what do you have in mind?" Caleb asks.

"Shhh! I'll send you guys an email or text sometime today. That way, Dylan can't find out."

I roll my eyes at him and sigh.

"Oh don't be like that Dylan," Heather nags at me.

"You guys know I don't celebrate my birthday... it makes me feel old."

"Well think of it as your first birthday with me then," Chris butts in.

"So anyways..." Bryan trails off into another subject for us for the rest of lunch.

"Bye guys! See you tomorrow!" Caleb shouts as he leaves us from study hall.

"So... Off to the hospital?"

"Mhm. I wonder how he's doing now," Chris wonders.

"Probably cracking some lame joke at the nurse. Either that or he's grumbling about his pain."

"Wow... such extreme differences."

"Eh, that's how he is. Now let's go," I said while getting into the car.

"Right behind you."

From the school to the hospital takes about 40 minutes, if you're lucky that is... Fucking LA traffic, seriously guys, extend more lanes on the 5! At least they're trying; that freeway's expansion finish date is projected to be 2016. Woo... only two more years to go.

Anyways, while I'm on the 605, trying desperately to change onto the right lane to get on the five, let me explain the horrid of California, particularly Los Angeles, traffic. Expect your car not move at certain times of the day. Hell, sometimes, cars stop moving for no reason at all. And don't get me started about lane changes.

Just imagine, countless cars as far as the eye can see (and beyond that even!) constantly shifting from lane-to-lane in a matter of seconds. If that isn't bad enough, one bad turn, and you're in uncharted territory. And it's almost impossible for non-natives to know the hundreds of freeways we have: the 5, the 10, the 605, the 60, the 405, etc. (Shut up about the 'the'; I'm Californian!) So yeah, welcome to Los Angeles, where traffic ranks number one on people's list of fears (number two being earthquakes).

Well, thank the gods that there wasn't any traffic as of right now. Direction has something to do with it also, but that gets complicated. Anyways, I'm off; that's all that matters. I make a left turn and continue down the road for a few more minutes before the hospital comes into sight.

"Wow, look at all those cars..." Chris says sarcastically. In reality, the lot's nearly empty.

"I know right, looks like we'll have to park in front of the hospital," I mimic back while picking my spot.

After parking my car as close as possible to the hospital, we step out and reach the front desk in a matter of minutes.

"Hello," I greeted, "What room is Gregory Wolfe in?"

"One minute..." the lady in the little cubicle halts me and types in the computer. "Ah, he's in room 863. So 8th floor, and you can figure out the rest."

"Thank you."

"Oh, one thing young man," she brings up, stopping us. "He might be doing some exercises with a nurse to get his body moving. Might not want to see something you don't want to now do we?"

She winks at us and Chris blushes a little. "Thanks Miss, we'll keep that in mind."

Ok... awkward... So let's make haste and leave before things get too complicated. I grab Chris's hand and guide us towards the elevator. I get us in, push for floor eight, and wait for the door to close.The moment it does and I feel the box moving, I burst up laughing.

"Oh you should've seen the look on your face Chris!"

"What?... Her comment was awkward..."

"But still!" I try to control my wheezing, "Priceless when your face turned red with excitement. 'Thanks Miss... we'll keep that in mind," I mimic him in a mocking tone.

"Shut up..." he groans, trying to punch me in the arm.

I easily grab it though, and pull him towards me. "It's ok Chris. At least you're thinking like a teenager now," I grin.

"Psh..." he scoffs and breaks free from me. "Come on... the door's opening.

True to his words, the elevator door opens with the over speaker announcing what floor we're on. We step out and glance at the directory right across from us.

"Hmm... it says we're here, and room 863 is down the hall..." Chris mutters to himself while staring at the map.

"Dude, just follow the numbers, now let's go," I urge Chris to move away from the board. Sheesh... the point of the numbers is to make things simpler to find. All we have to do is follow the numbers at the hallway and we'll eventually find the room. Although I don't think Chris is fond of my idea... Oh well, too bad.

Because with my method, we were able to find the room in a matter seconds. Well, I guess I should point out that I noticed the hallway we were at started on the number 860. So by going down to the left, we'd eventually hit 863 just 4 doors down. Oops... Oh well, what Chris doesn't know won't hurt him.

Anyways, I knock on the door. "Dad? Are you decent?"

"Oh, looks like you have visitors," another voice calls out.

"Yes Dylan, of course I'm decent... Why wouldn't I be?" my dad calls out.

I open the door and peer inside first for safety measures. can never be too sure with my dad around. "Ok, the coast is clear Chris."

"What's with all this commotion?" the nurse, probably that voice from before mentions.

"Sorry, it's just that Chris was embarrassed if he walked in on you naked or something since the lady at the front desk said to be careful," I explain to Dad.

"Oh my god Dylan! Just scream it out to the whole world why don't you?" Chris pouts and throws his hands onto the roof.


"Welcome back son!"

"Thanks Mom! Now if you'll excuse us, we'll be up in my room!"

"Ok! And thanks Matt, for helping Caleb with his homework."

"Oh no problem Mrs. Young. Just trying to help is all," Matt replies and heads into Caleb's room.

"What took you so long?" Caleb asks while taking off his shirt.

"Sorry, you're mom was thanking me about helping you with homework," he replies while locking the door behind him. Can't having anyone walking on them now can they?

"Oh? Well I think I should be thanking you something else too," Caleb seductively swoons as he reaches for Matt's hands.


"Shh..." Caleb hushes back and leans in for a kiss. "Everything's going to be just fine..."

"But that's just it... What if it doesn't?" Matt sighs all depressed.

"Hey... It'll all work out... All of our friend's are with you, remember that."

"I guess... But still..."

"Jeeze Matt, can you stop being so depressing for just a second here and appreciate what you have?" Caleb grunts, a bit testy at Matt's attitude. "Now I'm going to lay on the bed. If you want some attention, you know where to go." With that, Caleb plops his entire body onto his bed. He scoots a pillow under his chest and hugs it, squeezing his cheek onto the pillow.

"Caleb..." Matt apologizes as he sits down next to Caleb. He rubs his hand on Caleb's back and leans down. "I'm sorry, it's just... you know how my dad can be."

"Then just fucking tell him you are who you are, and if he can't see that..." Caleb trails off. "I don't know what we'll do, but it'll work, trust me."

Matt smirks and chuckles to himself, eventually developing into laughter. "You're impossible sometimes...But you're right, I shouldn't be too worried about him."

"I'm glad you see it my way," Caleb grins. "So... about me being half naked here..."

"All right you horn dog; what do you want?" Matt flirts while stuffing his fingers in the cracks of Caleb's ass.

"Hmm... What do you think I want?" Caleb moans.

Matt takes his hands out and flips Caleb around. "I think... you want some dick up your ass, slowly and painfully splitting your tight, plump hole."

"Mmm... that's sounds sexy and soo hot..."

"Shh... I also think that you want my dick deep down your throat, choking you until my thick babies slowly force their way down to your stomach," Matt whispers into Caleb's ear as he slowly unbuttons both pants.

"I would love that very much," Caleb hoarsely rasps. By then, Matt's already shredded off his clothes and begun ripping off Caleb's boxers.

"Oh? Pink briefs? Feeling naughty now are we?" Matt points out.

"Just for you," Caleb smirks as he lifts his butt so Matt can take off that last piece of clothing.

"Ooo, I like what I see..."

"Then take it instead of staring you're eyes off," Caleb giggles, wiggling his pelvic area. Matt wastes no time and engulfs Caleb's 6-inch whole, slurping up the delicate pole of deliciousness.

"Ohh Matt... Suck harder..." Caleb moans out like a bitch.

"Shh Caleb, you're mom's still in the house," Matt hisses and then goes back to worshipping.

"Sorry..." he grimaces back, "But you're suck an amazing cocksucker..."

"Mmm..." Matt grunts as he continues pleasing Caleb's bulge.

As he slowly licks the scalding piece of rigid steel, savioring every drop of precum and sweat into his mouth, Caleb stifles out soft moans, afraid of his parents barging in on them. Yet, the excitement of possibly getting caught is what makes it extremely erotic for Caleb. That adrenaline rushing into his thick little skull is plenty enough to drive him over the edge at time.

"Oooh Matt... I'm not gonna last long..." Caleb pants out, slightly bucking his hips, trying to shove his entire dick down Matt's hot mouth.

Matt decides to just take it and milk out Caleb's cock for what it's worth. He picks up the pace exponentially and squeezes his lips together even harder, refusing to let even the tiniest air molecule in between his mouth and Caleb's material.

"Oh... Oh!... Oh..." Caleb moans. "Uh... Mmm... Matt!... I'm gonna... I'm gonna cum!" He arches his back so much that his hips actually move forward deep into Matt's mouth and spews his load like a volcano blowing its head off (pun intended). "Shit!... Ah god!..." he half screams/half moans.

Matt, being the amazing cocksucker that he is, swallows every last drop like it was nothing. In fact, he craves for more. Like the rest of us, he just can't seem to get enough of his lover's boy juice. It's strange how we see our significant other's as nothing less than perfect. That's love I guess. Regardless, Matt finishes polishing the prick, making absolute sure that not one drop of cum was missed. I mean, you wouldn't want to miss one too would you?

"Mmm... That was amazing Matt..." Caleb complements, "You never fail to amaze me..."

"I aim to please. Now about being pleased," Matt whispers back, leaning in for a kiss.

"One, two, or three?" Caleb breathes back softly.

"Let's do one since we're basically set."

"Deal." Caleb scoots down and opens his legs wide enough to squeeze Matt in between them.

Matt gently lifts Caleb's feet off the bed and rests them on his shoulder. Being on his knees, he then scoots forward and leans down, staring deeply into Caleb's eyes. "Ready?" he asks.

"I was born ready," Caleb grins cockily (again, pun intended).

"Ok then, time to rock your world." Matt grabs the lotion off Caleb's stand, quickly applies it onto his own dick, and slowly pushes it into Caleb's love tunnel.

"Oh..." Caleb sighs and groans, "I feel completely again Matt..."

"Mmm," Matt grunts back in response. Once he was all the way in, he spreads Caleb's legs and leans down to kiss him. As their lips and tongue battle against each other, Matt begins humping Caleb, hard.

"Uh... Oh yeah... fuck me big boy..." Caleb challenges, "Fuck me hard..."

"As you wish," Matt accepts. He kneels upright again, grabs both of Caleb's legs into a V-shape with his butt slightly off the bed, and begins thrusting uncontrollably like a madman.

"Oh yeah... Come on baby, is that all you got?!" Caleb growls. "Come on! Harder! I want you to rip my ass open!"

"Shit!... You need to learn how to be quiet Caleb... Ah yeah..."

"Sorry... but still! Fuck me harder!"

"Oh I'm gonna make you eat those words," Matt responds, and begins digging deep. He starts pounding on his lover boy's hole like never before. "Mmm... Oh yeah... just look at you Caleb... you're like a bitch... my bitch!" he spats.

"Pfft... this bitch isn't getting enough from your tiny-ass prick. Now come on! Give it to me!" Caleb pants.

Matt ignores the comment and pushes even harder. The room soon is filled with the smell of sex and sweat, with the sound of Matt's stomach slapping loudly against Caleb's plump ass.

"Maybe I should just spank you a few times. Maybe that'll make you submit."

"No... please don't Matt. I'll be a good boy now," Caleb sarcastically remarks, "I'm sorry big boy... you have a big cock, and I love you calling me a bitch."

"That's right bitch... Now shut up and take it like the whore you are," Matt sneers as he fucks his boyfriend.

"Uh... Oh yeah... Fuck me hard Matt..." Caleb grunts. If one were to see the scene from an aerial view, he would see Caleb's entire body rocking to Matt's rhythm otherwise known as his thrusts.

"Uh... you've got such a nice tunnel Caleb... and it's all mine now..."

"Mmm... I love you Matt... I fucking love you..."

"I do too... Fuck! This feels amazing still..." Matt gasps in response. "Shit dude! I'm not gonna last long at this rate..."

"Go ahead and cum in baby," Caleb begs, "Plant your seed deep in me..."

"Uh... Hmm! Oh! Oh yeah... Ah!... Caleb! I'm... I'm cumming!" Matt screams, a bit too loudly at that. He bites his tongue and squints his eyes shut as he pierces Caleb's hole one last time.

"Ahh..." Caleb whimpers as his body contracts, sending another wave of pleasure all over his body. With the sensation being too great, his body responds once again and lets loose another big load of cream all over his chest and stomach.

"Fuck Caleb... Cumming twice in a row!... I think I'll be enjoying more that from now on..." Matt pants as he collapses after his little trip to Cloud 9.

"Damn..." Caleb swears, "That was fucking amazing..."

"Tell me about it..." Matt whispers back, "Now let's get you cleaned up..." He slowly pulls his dick out and winces at the sensitivity. Just as he's about to lick clean the mess, someone pounds on the door. Matt freezes and doesn't dare move a muscle.

"Caleb~ How's the studying going?" his mom asks.

"Oh shit!" Caleb hisses. "Uh, we're doing ok."

"That's good. Can I come in? Why did you lock the door?" she asks, rattling at the door.

"Go go go!" Caleb urges Matt to get off of him and quickly wipes off the cum off his body. "Why? Do you need something?" he asks to stall for time.

"Oh no. I was just wondering if you guys needed some snacks or anything. What's with all the commotion inside? Did you unlock the door yet?"

Matt finishes putting on the last of his clothing and scrambles to help Caleb get his pants on. "Uh, no. We're fine Mrs. Y. We're almost done anyway."

"Ok! We're good!" Caleb hushes out and hops over to open the door. Meanwhile, Matt makes a jump for Caleb's backpack and pulls something out while sitting on the chair. Caleb unlocks the door and looks at his mom.

"...What is that smell?!" Mrs. Young asks as she sniffs around.

"Oh sorry Mom, I think it's time I cleaned my room huh?" Caleb brings out.

"Here, lemme open the window," Matt offers as he stands up.

"Ok... anyways," Mrs. Young starts slowly, "You sure you don't need anything? I've got some fresh fruit and juice."

"We're fine Mom!" Caleb whines, attempting to mimic Chris's pitch. "Now can you please leave so we can finish?! We were so close."

Matt tries his best to cover his laugh at Caleb's comment. Mrs. Y looks at him funny, while Caleb shoots him a dude, what the fuck look. Thankfully, Matt's able to think quickly on his feet.

"Sorry, but Caleb said finishing soon. He still has math and science. I'm amazed Dylan was able to get through history and some of English with him."

"Wow... low blow..." Caleb pouts.

"Ok-ok... I see. Well, if you need anything, I'm right here," Mrs. Young says.

"Oh Mom, bye!~" Caleb bids while pushing her out. He then shuts the door and locks it, slumping down with a huge sigh along the way. "Nice one Matt..."

"Well next time, choose your words more carefully," he smirks.

"Yeah I guess..."


"Yeah... wait" he stops and strains to listen outside. "She still might be there eavesdropping on us," he whispers.

"Well go out and pretend you're going to the restroom or something then," he hushes back.

Caleb opens the door, acting nonchalantly as he could, and strolls out to the bathroom. With nobody in sight, he enters the bathroom to wash his hands and then quickly heads back. "Nope, she's not here."

"Ok..." Matt sighs a breath of relief. "Man... so close to lapping you up..."

"Ok pervert..." he mocks, "What do you say we try and get something productive done now?"

"Who are you and what have you done to my sweet Caleb?" Matt jokes.

"Haha, very funny... No, when I mean productive, I mean something along the lines of cuddling."

"Ok, I can do that," Matt smiles and hops on the bed. Caleb soon joins him and the two sigh deeply. "I love you..." Matt speaks first as he gently rubs Caleb's stomach. "Sorry for being such a worry wart."

"That's ok... Sorry for being annoying at times."

"That's fine; I like it when you push Bryan's button at times. It's pretty funny," Matt smiles at the thought.

"So... are you gonna tell your parents soon?"

"I don't know... are you?" he asks back to Caleb.

"Maybe... how's about this. We'll make a deal."

"Oh? What kind of deal?"

"You stick by me when I tell my parents, and I'll stick by you when you tell yours."


"Ok... Now we just have to figure out when..." Caleb trails off.

"Well... now's as good as any I guess..." Matt suggests.

So!... I thought it'd be interesting getting to see Caleb and Matt's side of the story for once. You know, see how things are going for them. Now before you ask, no I am not gonna right a part about Bryan and Joey and their respective girlfriends. Come on guys, we're gay (or at least I am); sex with a girl doesn't appeal to me.

But yeah... thanks to all how helped me get through my troubles!

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