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Time for Fun

"What are you planning?"

"Nothing," Chris sings innocently back as we walk down the park hand in hand.

"Come on... If I know you, and I think I do, I know that you're planning something," I continue to pry.

"Even if there were anything, which there isn't, I wouldn't tell you anyway," he replies.

I sigh loudly and walk off to the side. I pick a random tree and plop my round tushy on the floor, patting the spot in between my open legs. Chris smirks a little and joins me in my little relaxation at the park.

"So you're not gonna tell me huh?" I whisper softly as I stroke his hair.

"Nope," he signs back and closes his eyes.

"Ok..." I pout. Little does he know, I already figured out what he's planning. It's going to be a surprise party probably at his house with all our friends. That'd explain his reasoning for coming out to the park on a Saturday. Then, he'll probably drag me upstairs and make some hot, passionate love to me. Yeah... pretty obvious Chris... but you don't need to know that.

"Isn't this a nice day?" he asks out of the blue, breaking my little daydreaming.

"Yeah... yeah, it's good," I respond to cover up my wandering mind.

"What are you thinking?" he lifts his head up.

"Oh nothing... just how lucky I am to have you."


"But then again..." I tease.


"You do snore at times..."

"I do not!" he gasps.

"Yeah, you're right. You don't snore, you play a march with your nostrils," I snicker.

He bulges out his lower lips and huffs once. "Well then."

"Come on Snuggle Bug," I reassure him while pulling him closer to me, "I think we need some cuddling time to make for last week."

"Yeah... I missed you... four days is far too long" he whispers. "How's your dad by the way?"

"He's fine..." I retort, "But this isn't about him. This is about you and your little secret. I'm going to find out what it is," I lied. "And yes, four days is far too long."

"I keep telling you, there's nothing to find," he giggles while scooting closer into me.

I sigh again and wrap my arms around him, enjoying his company. Why can't life be this easy and nice... Sometimes, I just want to flip the bird to the world and just let everything go, you know? That'd be great...

"Dylan..." Chris asks after some quiet time.

"Yes Snuggle Bug?"

"Happy birthday..."

"...Thanks buddy..."

"......What do you think about us?" he asks blatantly out of the blue.

"...What do you mean?"

"I mean, do you see us together in the future?"

"Chris... why would you ask something like that? I've waited 17 years of life for someone like you. I think that alone, tells you the answer."

"Ok... it's just that... I still think this whole thing is a dream, and I'm probably going to wake up any moment now."

"Well then, when you do wake up, I'll be by your side, telling you all the wonderful memories we've had during past five months."

"Thanks Dylan... I love you, you know that?"

"No, I didn't," I joke.

"Well, I really do love you," he states again.

"I love you too Snuggle Bug..."

Eventually, we get up and start heading back. Hey, it can get cold here in spoiled southern California. We retrace our steps and quickly get into my car.

"Brr..." Chris shivers, "I'm gonna turn on the heater."

"Sure, but all you'll get is cold air for a while."

"True... I'll just blow it onto the windows."

"Go for it," I reply back as I pull my car out of the parking lot. One of these days, I'm going to have a picnic with Chris here. Just the two of us, and nobody else. We can have a blanket under us, some sandwiches, drinks, snacks, etc. Ah... that's a nice day to look forward to. In addition, we can maybe stare off onto the lake, absorbing all of the glory it has to offer. Stupid I know, but it works!

In any case, time to head on home! And to my "surprise" party.

"Surprise! Happy birthday!" everyone chants in unison.

"Arf! Arf!" Shadow joins in shortly after.

The douche bag in me wanted to say Chris blew it up, but I decided to forgive my little man. So instead, I feign my shock and attempt the Brandy.

"Wow... thanks guys. I had no idea... Who's idea was this?"

"It was everybody's. We all decided to wish you a happy 18th birthday!" my mom states. "I'm sorry your dad couldn't be here."

"Oh that's fine... it's not like he's out doing anything busy or anything... oh wait," I grin.

Everybody laughs at the comment. Ah... he must be sneezing right now...

"Anyways, come on Dylan! We have a party going on in the backyard!" Caleb rushes over to me and grabs my arm, leading me outside with Shadow following close behind me. Ah Shadow... you're suppose to be Chris's dog, and yet, here you are, following me everywhere.

Anyways, let the party begin! There's party trays everywhere, music blasting in the background, just your typical party. But what really amazed me is gigantic stack of presents piled up into a pyramid. Wow... they really went overboard this year.

"Now before you say anything, this is to catch up on all those birthdays before," my mom states, knowing full well what I was thinking.

"What ever do you mean?" I reply innocent and all.

"I know what you're thinking. Too much hassle, why so many presents, blah blah blah."

"What? No... why would you say that?" I exasperate, "I love it, really."

"You better!" Chris exclaims, "I had to plan the whole thing behind your back."

"Yeah... about that..." I scratch the back of my head.

"You already knew?!" Chris accuses me.

"Why else would you need four days to yourself?" I smirk.

"...Fine... I'll just have to try harder next time."

"Well... you'll have to try pretty hard to surprise me," I joke.

"Don't worry," he plays it off, "I have some tricks up my sleeves." hint hint

Shadow whines a little and scratches his paw on my leg. I crouch down to him and jeers his head a little to the side.

"Yeah boy?"

Since he can't talk back for obvious reasons, he stands on his hind legs and places his paws on my knees.

"Aww... you wanna hug don't you boy?" I smile at him while rubbing his head.

He sticks out his tongue and squints his eyes a little. I grab him from under the legs and cradle him on my chest.

"You know Shadow... when you get bigger, I won't be able to carry you anymore."

What am I doing?! I'm talking to a dog as if it were a child! Jeeze! No wonder there are those 40 year old virgins who have like 70 cats in their house. (No offense to anyone like that!)

The thing about dogs; they are attention magnets. I swear, if you ever need to get some attention, adopt a dog. They do wonders with everyone around saying "Aww" or "Oh, he's so cute..." I barely had to time even check out the party!

And no, I can't put him down... Why? Because he's so damn cute! Well, that and because he'll just follow me wherever I go anyways if I do let him down. So, might as well carry him and not risk anyone stepping over him by accident.

Some time after, I pass Shadow along to Heather and Carrie and wander around the backyard. The dads were busy arguing over who gets to work the grill while the moms are busy chatting away about their husbands. Ok, I know where to stay away from. As for my friends, we were spread about the house. Matt and Bryan are in the living room playing with the T.V., Carrie is with Heather playing with the dog, and Chris, Joey, and Caleb are discussing about God knows what.

But before I can squander on over, the moms come forward and announce that it was time to cut the cake. Well I guess that works for me. Come on, it's cake!

"So... what's the cake this time?" I ask.

"Since we have so many people. Betty and I decided to chip in and bake one for Dylan's special day."

Wayne couldn't control himself and blurts out, "Betty? Cooking? Everyone stand back. We need to call poison control."

Everyone laughs at the comment, but the table shifts when Betty shoots back, "Explains why no one is eating your food."


"I deserved that one," Wayne chuckles. "Anyways, jokes aside. Just like we planned. 1, 2, 3!"

Betty and my mom quickly rushed inside to grab the cake while everyone else starts to sing,

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Dylan......
Happy birthday to you!

"Now make a wish and blow out the candle!" Caleb yells.

I wish for... hmm... what do I wish for... I have everything I need... Chris, a loving family... I wish for... everybody around me to be happy... Oh! That and my dad to get better soon!

With that wish in my mind, I blow out all 20 candles with one breath. Enjoy the spit guys... sorry.

"Ok! Now time to cut the cake!" Chris gleefully shouts as he hands me the knife. Jeeze, him and his sweets.

I cut out the first piece and hand it to him. Wow... chocolate with some sort of berry filling. Sort of like a black forest cake, but different.

After I cut a final piece for me, I ask, "Everyone got a piece right?"

No response as everyone is busy stuffing their faces.

Ok... time to dig in to my cake. And after that, PRESENTS!

"Bye everyone! Thanks for coming!" Chris shouts like a little kid as everyone gets ready to leave.

"Bye Mom! I'll be home Monday night with Chris probably!" I yell as she gets into the car.

She smiles at me and gets ready to go back home. I feel bad for her... both my little sisters are at their friends house sleeping over. I would've gone home, but Chris insisted that I stay for the night because he had another present to give me. Even an innocent kid can figure out what we're going to do later...

Anyways, we say our good nights to his parents, remind them that Shadow is doing some business outside in the backyard, and head upstairs and into his room. (PS It's only 9:00, so yeah...)

Chris locks the door behind him and grabs a big box wrapped up in decorative paper. "Here you go Dylan! Happy birthday!"

"Aww, thanks Chris." I reply as I sit down on the bed.

"Before you open it though. I need you to close your eyes for a second."

"Ok?" Hesitantly, I shut my eyes and hear him shuffling his clothes off.

"Ok, you can open your eyes now," he giggles.

I do, and the sight before me shocks me like never before. Shit... when he mentioned having tricks up his sleeve, he really meant it...

"Surprise!" he smiles as he wiggles his nakedness at me. I just sit there, gawking at the sight before me with my mouth wide open.

"When did... who did... what?!" I struggle to complete some sentences.

"What? It's just a chastity device."

"Ok... where's the key?!" I demand, startled to say the least.

"If you open your present..."

I look down at the box he gave me. After a delay in my movement, I cursorily tear open the wrapping paper and open the lid. In it contained various little trinkets and toys for BDSM pleasure. My jaws drop again as I look into the box.

"Ok Chris... two things. One, are you out of your mind?!"

"No... Oh come on Dylan," he whines. "This was suppose to be a happy birthday gift for you. I thought you'd be proud of the fact that I trust you this much."

I sigh deeply. "Ok. Fine... I should be glad. But two, how the hell did you get all of these?! It must've cost a fortune!" I protest while fumbling through the contents of the box.

"It was only 250," he pouts, "There was a huge sale. So... yeah," he grins.

"Bullshit. The thing you're wearing right now costs about that much."

"No really, I think it was because the store was closing down or something. It said everything must go so... Anyways, are we doing this or not?" he questions while hopping onto the bed.

"...Fine... but only because you went through all this trouble."

"Yay!" he glees and lies down on his back. "Ok, the rules are. You have to use everything in the box, and you have to be creative. So no simple use me then we're done ok?"

"And if I don't?"

"Then I won't sleep with you ever again," he threatens.

"Wow... harsh."

"Mhm. And one more thing, but I doubt you'll do it to me."

"What's that?"

"Don't keep me locked up after we're done."

"Why would you think anything like that?"

"Yeah... hence why I said I doubt that you'll do it."

"Ok... do you want role play or just straight up heavy stuff?" I ask.

"You get to do whatever you want. It is your birthday after all."

"Ok... well then..."

I pull out four black leather cuffs and secure them onto Chris's wrists and ankles. I then take out the 1.5 inch leather collar and snap it onto his neck.

"You ok?" I whisper into his ear.

"Yeah, never better," he grins back.

"Ok... you're safe word is I love you ok? I don't want you to do anything you're too uncomfortable with ok?"

"I love you. Got it."

"Ok, from how on, you are my slave. And slaves have to do whatever their masters tell them do to."

"Yes master," he giggles back.

"Oh I like that. From now on, you are to call me master or sir, nothing else ok?"

"Yes sir!" he confirms.

"Now then... let's cover those eyes of yours."

I reach for the blind folds and wrap it around his head, covering his eyes. With his sight blocked off, I grab the front of his collar and pull him up to a sitting position. Using one of those big ring clips, I hook his wrists cuffs together behind his back. I quickly the repeat process with his ankles.

For the final touches, I pull out the nipple clamps with a chain connecting the two and attach them onto his little rosy buds. Finally, I reach for the butt plug vibrator and push him back down onto the bed. I lift his legs high up and gently push the plug into his love hole. Mmm... how I wanted to eat it up right now, but I'm missing one more thing.

"Ok slave. Sit up," I command.

Chris fumbles around and manages to get up in a sitting position with his legs straight out.

"Don't you dare move a muscle. I'll be right back." And with that, I slip out the door, making sure that it's closed on the way out. Can't have his parents or Shadow barging in now can we. I quietly zoom downstairs, grab a cup of ice, and glide back up the stairs and back into the room.

I lock the door behind me and sigh softly. I glance over at Chris; he's still in the same position. Aww... such a good boy.

I place the cup on the bed stand and quickly strip out of my clothes. I hook on our cuffs onto my leather and dig around the box. At the very bottom, I find the key, presumably for his cock cage. I pick it up and grab another clip and some bondage rope while I'm at it.

"Stand up slave." With some help after freeing his legs, he manages to stand up next to bed.

I sneak up behind him and scoot up so that his bounded hands are wrapped around me. I lift him up and sit back down on the bed with him on my lap. I scoot us over so that we're in the middle of the bed with my back up against the wall.

"Give me your legs," I whisper into his ear.

He shudders and pulls up his knees. I match mine with his and hook my ankles with his. Then, I reach for the rope and wrap it around both our waist. Now, he's completely under my control, with no possible way to buck or hump or do anything rash.

"So slave... how long did you have this chastity device on?" I murmur into his ear as I rub his crotch, stimulating his dick. Too bad it's entrapped by the plastic covering.

"Three days master..." he moans softly.

"I see... that means you have three days worth of cum built up in you, right?" I continue to grope those delicate marbles of his.

"Yes sir..." he groans, probably from his dick straining to grow to full size.

"And you shaved off your pubes, why is that?"

"Because I read that the device can snap onto your hair and that'll hurt. So I just decided to shave off my pubes master."

"Ah... ok..." I reach for the key and unlock his chastity device. As soon as it comes off, his little dick springs to its full mast of 6.5 inches. I grab it with my right hand and slowly start to stroke it.

"Mmm... Arg..." he groans, trying to buck his hips forward. But with the rope tying us together, he couldn't do much.

"Shh..." I hushed at him. I continue to stroke his full mast very very slowly.

"Arg... Master please!" he begs.

"Ah ah ah... you've been a very bad boy slave... And bad boys need to be punished."

"What did I do?"

"Well for one thing, you didn't reply with master. And two, you spent so much money on this stuff..."

"...I'm sorry master... Sss..." he apologizes while groaning.

I pick up the speed by just a little, causing Chris to moan even louder. To bad after about ten strokes, I slow back down. He groans in complaint, but couldn't do much. His legs were spread wide open because of my own, and his body's stuck onto me due to the rope binding us together.

"Please master! I'll make it up to you somehow," he grimaces. Well, I guess he's had enough of this torture, but there's no way I'm going to let this pass up. No, I'm far too horny know to see to reason (to a certain extent).

"Ok slave... I'll stop torturing you."

"Thank you master..."

I guess he took it the wrong way as I just let go of his throbbing chunk of steel. I then reach for the cup of ice and some tissues. I wrap some tissues around an ice cube and stroke it around his throbbing cock. When the ice melted I grab a second one and repeat the process until his dick's all numb and shrunk down to its flaccid state. I then quickly lock him back up and free myself.

"So slave, that was part one of your punishment. Ready for part two?"

"Yes... master," he adds quickly.

I break from the role playing for a second and whisper into his ear. "If you want to stop, the safe word's still out there."

"It's ok... I know you won't do anything to hurt me. And plus, I don't want to ruin your birthday present."

"Ok," I smile at him, even though he can't see it. "Well then slave. Assume the doggy position. I think you need a spanking for being such a bad boy."

Chris shifts around and ends up on all fours.

"No, not like that... Face on the bed with your hands next to your ankles," I order. He assumes the new position I ordered, and I clip his wrists with his ankles.

I look back into the box and find something that catches my eye. I pull out the little paddle along with the other item.

"Oh you naughty boy Chris... you went full out huh?"

"What do you mean master?"

"I mean, this!" I grab hold of his balls and attach the humbler. Oh if you only you guys can see the beauty I can see. His ass is high in the air with his balls stuck out right there for the taking.

"Ok slave. How much money did you spend on this?" I ask while swinging around the paddle.

"250 dollars sir," he replies.

"Ok then, you'll get 125 stokes on each ass. But to make things more interesting... every time I slap on you this cheek, you are to thank me. And every time I spank this one, you are to beg harder. Is that clear?"

"Yes master," Chris replies while wiggling his ass at me.

"And keep count. If you lose it, we start over, understand?"

"Yes master- Ow!" he jolts when my paddle connects with his left cheek. "Thank you master."

I remove the paddle from his ass and spank the other side. "Uh!... Harder master!" he grits.

Slap again, "Thank you master..." Slap again, "Harder master!"


"Harder master."


"Harder master!"



I toss the paddle aside and go to his closest. I pull out the longer one that he bought a while back and stand next to the bed.


"Uhh... thank you master."

"What number are we on slave?"

"Ten sir."

"Wrong." I slap him again. "I said 125 on each cheek. Guess we're starting over."

"124... Harder master!... 123 Thank you master... 124 Thank you sir!... 125 harder master!... 125 Thank you master!"

Whew, we finally finished his 250 punishment. And he only messed up twice. I turn off the vibrator stuck in his ass (I turned it on sometime halfway as punishment for messing up).

Wow is his ass red. I pull out the butt plug and mount his hole. Hey, he's already in the position. Might as well take advantage of it. With one go, I slip my dick all the way into his ass. Mmm... his tunnel is always perfect... always lubed, always nice and tight, always so fucking hot!

"Mmm... you like that boy?"

"Yes master!..." Chris hisses back, "Mmm! Hurry up and fuck me!" he groans.

"So impatient..." I really shouldn't be saying anything though... I'm fucking horny as hell too, but I couldn't help myself but tease Chris for just a bit longer. I slowly pull back out and push back in once, causing him to groan in misery.

"Oh come on!" he grunts in frustration. He tries to push back and hump me, but he's kinda in an enclosed position.

I lean forward and nibble on his ear. "The louder you beg, the more I'll fuck..."

"Oh please master! Fuck me hard!" he immediately pleas. "Fucking ram your juicy, fat cock up my spliced ass!"

"That's more like it," I gruff back as I start drilling his ass.

"Oh yes! Yes master! Fucking give it to me! Please!"

"Oh yeah? You like that huh?... You love this cock deep in you huh."

"Sss!... Harder master! Harder!" he squeals.

"Oh yeah... your ass is so tight Chris!... Mmm!"

"Ah... Oh god! Oh shit!" he gasps loudly. I guess I hit is prostate. So... time to find it and torture him some more. Hey, he brought it upon himself when he locked up his beautiful dick.

I dig deep, forcing every last inch of my 7 inch hardness into his love tunnel and flex it a few times. I reach down and carefully remove the humbler attached onto Chris's balls and free his wrists from his ankles.

"Get into a doggy position," I ordered.

Without messing up my formation, he arches his back and evens his back to the bed. I then grab the little paddle and straighten my back.

"Master? What are you doing?" Chris asks urgently.

"You're punishment isn't done yet, remember?" I make contact on his right cheek with the paddle, causing him to jolt by surprise. Holy shit why didn't I do this before... that moment when his sphincter muscle squeezes when I spanked him... Oh my god I've gotta do this more often (with his permission of course).

"Master?" he asks again, concerned.

"Don't worry... I just thought of something amazing we could do..."

"And what might that be?"

"I'm going to fuck you... while tanning that red ass of yours."

"As you wish masterrrrr-Ah!" he gasps when the paddle slams onto his bubble butt. "Oh!... Ah shit!"

"Mmm..." I moan in pleasure as I continue fucking him. "Oh yeah... that feels fucking good..." Every so often, I'd spank his butt, and in return, he'd squeeze those tight buns of his.

"Ah... Oh!... Mmm! Dylan!..." he moans as I abuse his cute body, "Faster... Harder even... Please!...... Oh god yes!" he thanks me when I pick up the speed of the humps and the strength of my arms.

"Oh fuck!" I hiss out, "Keep milking my cock Chris... Oh shit! Get ready for your master's cum! Shit! FUCK!" I scream as my dick uncontrollably spasms. Waves of pleasure fly throughout every cell of my body as my dick explodes deep into Chris's bowels. I finish my little trip to cloud 9 and drop on top of him.

"Ow..." he whimpers.

"Why... did you... saying that for?" I pant.

"Oh... just my dick trying to get some release, but it's starting to hurt a little from bumping up against the plastic," he whispers back.

"Safe word," I smile at him.

"No, I refuse," he states back.

"Ok... but just so you know, I'm not quite done yet," I tease back, still exhausted from that orgasm.

"Haha, very funny."

"I'm serious," I quip back, "Now don't move." I grab the butt plug from off the side and carefully pull my dick out of his ass. As soon as I free myself, I slide the plug back into his ass and swat his butt for good measures.

"Part four of your punishment," I grin at him. "Lean up against the wall. I'm going to fuck the brains out of your mouth."

As soon as he does, I straddle his sides with my knees and flick my semi-hard dick a few times. Ever so gently, I whack Chris's cheeks with my slimy cock before shoving it into his throat.

"Oh yeah..." I moan out in pleasure. I grab hold of his head and begin pulling out slowly. "If you want me to stop, swat my ass, ok Chris?"

He gives me the thumbs up sign, and I begin pumping away, causing Chris to make loud, noisy slurping sounds with his mouth.

"Mmm... suck it bitch..." I push my cock all the way in, digging a little deeper this time down his amazing throat.

"Oh fuck yeah... you love that cock, don't you slave?"

"Mmm-mmm-pmm!" he chokes back.

No time to ask what he said; I'm too in the zone. I lock grip my hands on the back of his head and start ramming my piece of steel like no tomorrow. God, I swear... if his thick skull wasn't broken before by me, it must've cracked or something today. I was going in deep and rough; just how he wanted it.

"Uh... you suck that cock boy... and you better swallow every last drop of cum I offer you... yeah... fucking take it," I rasp out in a low, gruff voice. "Mmm..."

I can hear my balls slapping up against his chin, producing a wet, resonating sound... Sexy as hell. But what really drove me over is the thought of Chris being helpless and just taking it like a bitch in heat. I don't know why, but as soon as that thought came out, my body reaches the point of no return, and I slam my entire body against Chris, forcing every last bit of my sweat cock down his mouth.

"Oh fuck!..." I grimace out, "Shit!... Holy fucking shit!... God that felt amazing..." I release my second batch of cum for the night and feel myself getting lightheaded. Wow was that amazing... With my horrible coordination, I managed to get remove myself off of Chris and catch my breath.

"Arms... behind your back Chris..." I instruct him to do.

"Still not done?" he asks, with a smug look on his face.

"Don't test me... I still have some tricks up my sleeves..." I pant back. He flashes that look again and puts his hands behind his back. I grab a clip, hook his wrists together again, and then push him back down onto the bed.

"Ok... last part of your punishment, some more blue-balling before we end the night."

"Yes master..." he replies sadly back into role-play.

"Now then... time for you to groan in frustration." I place his legs on my shoulders and say, "No matter what you do, you are not allowed to remove your legs. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes master."

"Good... now let's begin." With one go, I slurp up his right nut and gently suckle it with my lips. Mmm... sweaty with a hint of his boy musk, just how I like it.

"Uh..." he groans back, true to my words. He tries to free his legs, but I wrap my arms around them just in time.

"What did I just say?"

"Sorry master... but this is unbearable..." he whines.

"Safe word," I tease and then go back to suckling his left nut now.

"...Nnn!... Mmm!... Arg! Ok fine! I love you! There, I said it!" he groans, squirming around like no tomorrow.

I smirk at him devilishly. "About time you said it."

I grab the key and unlock his little cocklet from its cage. Almost immediately, it springs full into life again with its purple head throbbing. With its head pulsating, longing for attention, I engulf it whole with my mouth and work it with my tongue.

"Oh fuck yes! Suck it Dylan!... Suck it hard!" Chris pants loudly. I really do hope his walls are sound proof... But anyways.

I eagerly slurp up all of his delicious prick and all of the contents it has to offer: precum, sweat, etc. Oh how I missed his little dick... I have to worship it at times you know. The best part? He's hairless! Man, how fucking hot is that?!

"Oh shit!... Oh shit oh shit oh shit! Get ready Dylan!... I'm gonna fucking cum!" he screams at the top of his lungs.

He thrusts forward and deluges me in his savory, scrumptious, boy nectar. Yummy... simple yummy... I happily slurp up every last drop from the eruption. Man, I've never seen him spew out this much; I bet it's enough to fill up two shots worth of Vodka or something. He finishes his explosion and the last bits of his cum oozes out. I suck that up too and pull out.

"If you think we're done, think again Chris."

"What... do... you... mean?..."

"We have three days worth of cum to release out of you," I grin devilishly back at time.

"Oh no..."

"Oh yes Chris... now get ready." I turn on the vibrator that was in his ass and go back to sucking his dick.

Much to his protesting and groaning, his dick manages to grow back to full size. Before he can say anything, I halt my worshipping on his cock and get on top of him. Matching his dick to my ass, I push it all way down into my ass.

"Ahh... how I missed this feeling..." I sigh as I begin rocking back and forth. I look over to see Chris wincing and squirming from the sensation. "Alright Chris, day two's worth of cum better be coming out."

He looked like he was about to say something, but then stops and moans when I begin riding him.

"Oh Dylannnn..." he cries out, "Ah!... Mmm!..."

"Oh yeah... make love to me Chris... oh... oh yeah... Fuck!... Give it to me harder!"

"Mmm..." he produces a grimacing look on his face and squirms around even more. "Ah... Sss!... Oh god!"

"Fuck yeah... come on snuggle bug, cum for me... cum deep into my ass baby," I plead.

"Nnng! Mmm! Ah... I'm... Oh shit! It's coming!" he screams as I bounce on his tool even faster, milking every last boy essence he has to offer well, not quite, but you get the point. "MMM! OH YEAH! FUCK! OH GOD!"

He fills my ass with his boy cream damn, he's spewing just as much, if not more, than the last time! and slumps his back all the way down onto the bed, exhausted from the workout. I pull myself off of him and force him onto his stomach. I unclip his wrists and pull his ass to his knees.

"Doggy position Chris. We still have one more round to complete."

Reluctantly, he struggles himself up, panting like a bitch in heat well, actually from exhaustion... but you get the point. I grasp his limp dick with a backhand stroke and remove the still buzzing butt plug from his ass.

"Mmm-mmm. I'm gonna have some boy pusseh now. If yah don't mind," I imitate horribly as a farmer.

Just like the past two sessions, before Chris can protest, I bury my face in between his smoking hot buns and furiously stroke his cock while eating him out.

"OH FUCK!" he screams, "HOLY SHIT!"

It was a bit of a struggle, but I managed to get his dick back to full size after a couple of tugs. But that's not what's important. What is important is me eating out his delicious ass. Man is it intoxicating. The aroma, the taste... hell, even the sight of it was more than enough to drive anyone crazy. And I want more.

I desperately try to suck up every last drop of my cum deep in his ass. Man, why did I plant it so deep? Ah well, at least I'm getting some of it out, not to mention some of the anal juice. But enough of me; lets back to Chris.

"Ah!... Shit Dylan!" He squirms in agonizing pain/pleasure. "Oh fuck!..." he rasps out in a whimper. "I'm... oh god! I'm gonna spew again!"

And he did, although this time, only a few drops of his nectar oozed out. Guess his baby making machine is at its limit. Some of it stays on my hand; the rest dribble down onto the sheets.

He shaky arms fail him and he drops completely limp onto the bed. Only I prevent his butt from doing so by grabbing onto them. I continue lapping up his ass tenderly a few more times before licking upwards. Ever so slowly, I flick my tongue up his spine, stopping at the nape of his neck, then retracing my steps back down to his tail bone. I give both cheeks a loving kiss and flip him around away from the bed stains.

I quickly suck up those little amounts Hey! I can't let them go to waste! and face my way onto Chris's limp body, kissing him hard on the lips as I do. Soon, a make out session happens.

And boy... did we make out... here we are... groping, sucking, biting even... nibbling- anything you can of, we did it probably.

"I love you..." he groans in between kisses.

"Less talking, more kissing!" I hush him in a gruff voice and kiss him hard again.





Well, the kissing session eventually comes to a halt with the two of us panting like a bunch of madmans.

"So Dylan... did you like it?" Chris asks, tired from the night. And I'm not talking about the party either.


"What? Why?!"

"Because I loved it," I point at him. "Best. Birthday. Ever."

He smiles widely and kisses me on the lips again.

"However!" I intercept, "We are not doing this again."

"Aww, why?" he struggles to lift himself up, but his whimsy arms refuses to cooperate.

"Because... I don't want to make it too much of a habit between us. Too much kinkiness can't be a good thing."

"Fine... but we get to do it once in a while."

"That's fine by me."

"Ok, anything else?"

"Yes... this chastity device? I'm taking it with me."

"What?!" he whines.

"You heard me. I don't want you locking up your cock for no apparent reason; especially when we're at school."

He pouts his lower lip and stares at me with those puppy eyes of his.

"It's for our own good Chris... I'm technically 18 now. If they find us doing anything like what we did today, I'll probably go to jail."

"True... but still..." he replies sullenly.

"Yeah I know... it sucks... but that doesn't mean you can't use it. Just... keep it within our houses. Deal?"

"Ok, deal. But!" he argues, "I want to keep here at my house. That way, I can use it over the weekend."

"Fine..." I give in. Those eyes of his, even more powerful than mine sometimes...

"Yay!" he grins. "Anything else?"

"Actually, yes," I begin, "See this part?" I rub my hands up again his hairless, smooth crotch. "I'd really love it if this stayed this way sometimes."

"Done," he grins. "Jeeze Dylan... and you call me kinky."

"What? I love how cute and yummy you look right now. You look like the perfect twink basically."


"Yeah, you know... those cute boys you see in porn sites."

"Oh... so that's what that category meant..."

"What? You didn't know?" I ask.

"Well now I do... so blonde hair, boyish face, skinny, feminine, hairless, etc. right?"

"Basically," I smile back at him, "Now what do you say we go and clean ourselves off. I don't know about you, but I need a shower after all that sweat I produced."

"And some drinking water too," he adds on.

"Yep, now let's go, and don't let Shadow in just yet. We have to remove the bed sheets."


"And... take off those cuffs. I wouldn't want you parents seeing that now would we?"

He blushes at the thought of his parents catching him with bondage materials and hastily unbuckle them, tossing them onto the bed.

"Ok then. Now let's go shower."