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Monday Madness

Ever have one of those night where you randomly wake up in the middle for no apparent reason? No? Just me?... Ok... But seriously, why does that happen? If anyone knows. Please, tell me. Anyways... so yeah...I just randomly woke up. It could be because Chris and I aren't in our usual position, but I have no idea.

So what's different this time? Well... instead of the usual where Chris snuggles up against me with my arms wrapped around him in a fetal position. This time, I'm actually on my back with Chris hugging the air out of me. His right cheek is pressed up against my chest, with his leg draping over me. Kinda cute if you ask me.

Me? I have my left arm cradling his lean body while my right arm is resting below my head. Hmm... now that I think about it, my arms are getting a bit sore from this position. Maybe that's why I woke up.

I look over at the digital clock on the little table next to us, shining its dull, red light at my face. 4:12... great... I glance down Chris and couldn't help but smile. He looks so peaceful and happy, if that's possible while your sleeping.

But that smile quickly loses face as the reality of my sore arms hit me. Rolling my eyes, I gently move my arms to a more comfortable position. Consequentially, this causes Chris to stir.

"Nnn..." he sighs deeply, covering more of my body with his and nuzzling his cheek up against me. "Kiss me Dylan..." he mutters.

Aww... he's dreaming... that's cute. I lift my head up to kiss him gently on the forehead. A smile reforms on my face as I lay my hands lovingly reach around his body... for a second or two.

To this day, I still feel like I'm not invading his body enough. Call me a pedophile or pervert, but you have to admit, Chris has one of the most, if not the most, sexiest body known to man. Unable to contain myself, I delicately brush eight out of my ten fingers away from each other on Chris's shoulder blades.

After a few test trials- for fear of waking my beautiful love up, I get a little bolder. Resting my palms on his shoulder blades, I glide down his smooth, hairless back, glorifying his flawless arch, to his plump, bubble butt. Once my hands halt at those bowed full moons, I give them a couple of light squeezes and stroke the crack with my middle finger.

This causes Chris to tense up a little and hug me tighter. I freeze at the sudden contact and just lay there. Should I feign sleep if he wakes up? Did he wake up? I hold my breath for a few seconds, trying to get a sense of Chris's presence.

He soon relaxes his muscles and I sigh a quiet breath of relief. I wiggle the same finger around his tight little hole a few times and then remove my hands from his butt. Wouldn't want him to actually wake up now do we? But man, was he hot down there! I bet that can be my heater during the winter.

I give him another loving kiss on the forehead and hug his petite body again, slowly drifting back into dreamless slumber. After all, why do I need to dream when reality with Chris is so much better.

Did I mention how reality is so much better than dreams? Well it is, especially when you face the reality of having your boyfriend sucking your dick as you wake up to the awesome sensation.

"Hmm... uh..." I groan as I automatically spread my legs apart more, giving Chris more access to my junk. "Mmm... that's right Chris... suck it... suck it good..."

He picks up the speed, and I feel my climax building up.

"Oh shit..." I pant out softly, "Oh fuck Chris!" I jerk upward and fire my creamy load into his hot mouth. I guess it's because I still need to recharge from last night, but the nectar was less in volume this morning. Regardless though, Chris contently slurps it all up and finishes polishing my cock before scooting back up to my chest area.

"Good morning Dylan, did you like my morning present?" he croaks with his breath smelling of cum and germs.

I huff once while smiling and give him a morning kiss, licking up some of the residue sticking in his mouth. "Of course I loved it. Anything from you is bound to be good."

"As long as you enjoyed it," he grins back.

"So... how's about I return the favor?" I ask with a devious smile.

"Nah... to be honest, my dick is still sore," he complains while squeezing it with his hands, "You made me cum one too many times this past weekend."

"Well, that's what you get for seducing me like that."

"I never said I regret it," he pouts, "just that it sort of hurts."

"Aw... want me to kiss it to make it feel better?" I bulge my lips out as I speak.

"Shut up... jeeze, you're impossible," he rolls his eyes.

"Am I really?" I snicker.

"Yes, you are... at times," he giggles goofily.

"Wow... that hurts Chris..."

"Ok fine... I'm sorry. How's about I make up to you by giving you a blow job?" he jokes.

"No thank you. One's enough."

We break out of our characters by snickering at each other.

"So... what time is it?" I managed out after controlling my breathing.

"Seven I think?"

"Ah... so we have 30 minutes."

"Dylan?" he asks innocently.

"Yes Snuggle Bug?" I coo back.

"...Can we skip school today?"

"I wish... but you have finals coming up next week... and we promised Heather we'd help her today about Winter Formal."

"Tsk... on a Monday too..."

"I know Chris... I know..."

"Ok..." he sighs, "well, we better get up then..."

"What are you talking about?" I shake my head, "If I'm looking at the clock correctly, it's only 6:50. We have a good ten minutes before we need to get ready."

"Yeah, but I'm hungry..." he whines.

"Fine..." I sigh and sit up.

"Where are you going?" he asks.

"Breakfast isn't going to make itself now is it?" I yawn as I put on some clothes.

"For me?" he gleefully raises his voice.

"What do you think? Now come on, get your lazy ass out of bed while I go use the bathroom."


While he's busy shoving some clothes on, I head out of the room and into the bathroom. After relieving my morning bladder and brushing my teeth, I offer the bathroom to Chris as I head down the stairs and into the kitchen. Eh... I guess the classic eggs, bacon, sausage, and muffin will do. I turn on the fire and open the fridge for the necessary ingredients.

"Mmm... that smells nice," Chris emerges from the stairs and pops up behind me. "Feels nice too," he coos as he rubs his hands on my chest.

"Jeeze Chris... didn't you have enough earlier?" I scold him while flipping the scramble eggs.

"Yeah but..." he pouts poking his two index fingers at each other.

I sigh back and roll my eyes. "Ok fine... but try not to hurt yourself. Or worse, me."

He smiles and hugs me while I continue working. Sheesh, the things I do for him. Anyways, I finish the eggs and split it in half onto two plates. I then toss onto the pan some bacon and sausages.

"You know Dylan..." Chris mumbles out quietly, "I wonder how turned on I would be if you were naked while cooking."

I couldn't help but burst out giggling. "Oh my god Chris... so random and out-of-nowhere."

"What? Can't a guy imagine that?" he defends himself while letting go of me.

"Yeah you can, but still..." I snicker, "Still funny you'd think that."

"Whatever. Just do it for me one day k? K thanks," he answers for me.

"Sure... whatever you say Chris... whatever you say..."

I scrape the bacon and sausages onto the plates and hand one of the dish to Chris. "Here you go, don't forget the salt and pepper!"

"Got it!" he replies back, grabbing it from the countertop, and sits down. I turn off the stove and ventilator and sit right next to him.

"So about me being naked..."

Chris chokes on his piece of egg and coughs after swallowing. "We're still on about this?"

"Of course. Now where was I?... Oh yeah, naked. I'll do it, but only if you get naked with me."

"Deal," he grins and takes another bite, "Mmm... I missed your cooking Dylan..."

"Well... if you said something sooner, I would've cooked some fabulous food for you," I flick my gay-wrist at him.

"Oh stop it you..." he smiles.

"By the way..." I talk with my mouth full, "where's your mom and dad?... Usually, they'd be up by now."

"Hmm... I don't know."

"We're right here..." Betty replies.

"Morning Mom," Chris greets.

"Morning... Ah... it's too early in the morning for this..." she groans towards no one in particular.

"What happened?" Chris asks.

"Let's just say, you're mom and I have a bit too much on our plate these few days..." Wayne shrugs in. "Coffee..."

"I'm on it dear..." Betty yawns while turning on the coffee maker. "Aren't you boys going to be late for school?"

"Oh shoot, she's right." I quickly suck the last of my food and rush up the stairs to grab our backpacks. "Come on Chris! We're going to be late!"

"Alright sheesh... can't even enjoy my food..." he mumbles to himself while swallowing the last of it. He puts both plates into the sink and slips off the stool. I toss him his backpack after putting on my shoes and out we go!

"Bye Mom! I'll be home later today!" Chris shouts as he slams the door behind him.

"Oh yeah... gotta visit my dad today huh?" I suddenly remember.

"Yep. If everything goes well, he should be out by tomorrow," Chris reminds me.

"Mhm. Now then, let's see what we need to do to make Heather win Winter Formal."

"Knowing you, I'd say you've already got a plan going."

"So... what's the plan?"

"I don't know Joey, why don't you ask Dylan yourself?" Matt replies back, a bit too testy if you ask me.

Hmm, I wonder what's wrong. Oh yeah, shit... all eyes are on me. "Uh... what's the event today anyways?" I ask for a clarification.

"Carrie suggested to ASB that we hold a Sumo contest. We agreed upon it..." Heather trails off.

"But?" I raise an eyebrow.

"But... we don't know how to line up the six candidates."

"I see..." I mutter softly while thinking of some possible possibilities. "Hmm...... Oh! I got it!"

"What?" Caleb asks.

"Yes, do tell Dylan," Matt replies strikingly. Jeeze, what's wrong with Matt today? Guess I'll have to pry a little later on today.

"Why not have a free-for-all?" I suggested, "You know. have all six girls go up against each other."

"...Why are you not in ASB again?" Bryan asks.

"Because I'm lazy."

"Yeah, and yet, here you are," Joey brings up slyly.

"Yeah-yeah I know. You guys know my reasons for doing this," I shoo the jokes aside.

"Ok, I'll tell Carrie for this," Heather states, bringing the attention back onto the matter, "See you guys at lunch then."

"Ok... break," I call out just as the bell rings.

"Have fun in class!~" Caleb smirks as we depart from each other.

"You shouldn't talking with those grades you have!" I shout back, having the last word.

Ok, well classes were boring, as usual. I mean, who would want to hear me ramble on about math? Eww right? So... skipping forward to lunch, because everybody loves food. Note to self though, try and figure out just what the hell is wrong with Matt. He has a really pissy look on his face, and I wanna know why. But that'll have to wait; we have a sumo match to laugh at.

"Ahem..." I cough into the microphone, "Good afternoon every! Are you bored right now? Want to see something so wrong that its hilarious? Want to have that adrenaline rush go into your head as you cheer for you favorite Winter Formal princess?! Well then come over to the quad right now and experience the laugh of a lifetime! You've guessed it! Our lovely princesses will be performing an all-out, bloody death match! But wait, there's more! Just when you couldn't think possible, we've managed to turn it into an all out sumo match! So come on over! Hurry! We start in five minutes!"

I shut off the mike and the music returns to full blast. A bright idea suddenly strikes and I signal Andrew to lower the sound again. He doesn't look too happy about it, but whatever, senior privileges.

"One more thing! If the audience can raise 40 dollars in 30 minutes, we will have the winner fight against our ASB president!... Ok, that is all."

"What?" Carrie shouts off to the side against the blasting music, "I never agreed to this!"

"Aw come on, think of it this way, ASB gets money, and you get to have some fun while you're at it," I defend my plan. "And besides, Oliver's already brought out a table to accept donations.

Carrie looks over to her side. "You're going to regret this Dylan, I swear!"

"Sure, now are the girls ready?"

"Hold on!" Bryan shouts, "Some of them are having trouble inflating the suits!"

"No! Not there!" I hear Caleb shout inside the office.

"Do me a favor Chris and go help them..."

"Aw, but I was gonna donate," he whines. Carrie shoots him a dirty look and he just dashes off, flashing his cheeky grin at us.

Moments later, Bryan and Joey wave their thumbs up signal at me and I return back onto the stand with Carrie.

"Ok! Introducing, the Winter Formal Court this year!" I holler into the mike as six princesses come out in their sumo suits. "Looking fabulous ladies," I joke.

"So! Starting from my left and going clockwise, we have Diana, Kelly, Winnie, Elle, Heather, and Brandy," Carrie announces next to me.

"So the rules are, no claws, nails, biting, or hair grabbing. You are to act like sumos and push the others out of the ring. Other than that, good luck and have fun," I tell the girls after having them waddle up to me. I nod to Carrie and we both step aside.

"On your marks ladies!" Carrie begins,

"Wait!" I intercept, "Don't forget to donate so we can see Carrie tumble with the winner!" Carrie, again, gives me that look, but I ignore it and continue, "3!... 2!... 1!... Start!"

So... imagine six girls in oversized, inflated suits trying to run up against each other. Now add to that the fierce, competitive looks girls have when they want something. Now put those two together and you get something similar to fat penguins charging up against each other. Oh! I should mention when someone falls, it's fucking hilarious when she tries to stand back up. Oh boy... flailing arms and feet, struggling while trying to flip around, etc.

And then we have Heather, who was smart enough to just stand on the side and watch everyone else fight. Eventually, it's just down to her and Brandy. Of course... it just had to be Brandy...

"So Heather..." Brandy pants, "Ready to be defeated?"

"Oh. Is it time already?" Heather acts dumb, "Ok, guess I'll have to finish this."

Brandy charges up against Heather, but Heather gets into a stance and faces Brandy head on.

"Holy shit!" Joey shouts, watching his girlfriend go at it, "You go girl!"

The commotion gets bigger and grander as Brandy and Heather push against each other, trying their best to knock the other out of bounds.

"Come on Heather! I've seen you push harder than this when you're mad at me!" Joey shouts like a football coach. I stifle a giggle out at my dirty thoughts. Chris catches me and I flirt at him with a wink. Then, it happens.

"Whoa! And it looks like Brandy's out for the count!" Carrie announces into the mike as I turn around to see what the cheering was all about.

There lies Brandy on the floor and out of the makeshift ring composed of blue masking tape. Wow... Heather actually won the match. Not that I didn't doubt in the first place. But still...

Carrie takes control and walks up to ring, holding Heather's hand high in the air. "We have a winner!" she shouts and the crowd goes nuts.

Meanwhile, Oliver walks up to me and hands me the box filled with money. Wow... we've managed to get close to 80 dollars! Ok, time to uphold our promise.

I struggle into the center of the ring and grab the mike from Carrie. "Ahem. So... with everyone's generosity, we've managed to raise 80 dollars! So you guys know what that means!... So, give us five minutes to get things ready."

Carrie shoots at me an extremely dirty look. I respond with one of Chris's special grins at her and dash off into the ASB office. The last thing I see if Heather walking up to Brandy and helping her up. Aww, such good sportsmanship.

"I'm going to kill you Dylan!" Carrie shouts at me when she walks in.

"Oh there you are Carrie," Andrew intercepts, saving my ass. "Come, come. Your suit's right here."

Before Carrie can react, Andrew and company drag her away and fit her into the sumo suit. In no time, the gang inflates it to full blast and pushes her out of the office and onto the ring. Oh boy, I can't wait to see this match.

I rush back out and grab the mike from the table. "Alright everybody! The moment you've all been waiting for! Introducing, the charming, the aspiring, the courageous duo!... Your ASB president and vice-president, Carrie and Heather!"

The audience cheers profoundly, getting all pumped up for the match as Carrie waddles into the circle.

"How you feeling Carrie?" Heather giggles.

"I've been better..." she sighs back, "Hey, I've got an idea..."

"On your marks ladies... andddd go!" I shout and step away from the circle.

The two run up against each other and start pushing against each other. I could've sworn though, Carrie was secretly telling Heather something as they're fighting... like they're planning something. Hmm...

Well eventually, Heather was able to knock Carrie off out of the ring. I think Carrie let her win though. Whatever... I walk up next to Heather and raise her arm up high.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, your ASB vice-president and winner!... Heather!" I shout as the crowd goes nuts.

Carrie gets back up and stands next to me. "Ready Heather?"

"Of course," she replies with a mischievous look on her face.

Shit! I knew it! The jump run up against me and smushes me in between the two sumo suits. Luckily, my reflexes are fast and stop them with my palms. I then use all my strength to push them away, kinda like a person exploding out of a cocoon or something.

"Jeeze... how fat are you guys?" I tease.

"Argh!" Carrie groans, defeated.

Well, one of the main reasons why I didn't want to be in ASB, cleaning up shit... Jeeze, why is tape so hard to remove? And why did they have to bring out the big speakers?... So that took away the rest of lunch. Thank god the adult staff was nice enough to excuse us from 6th period so we can eat.

So somebody ordered to-go rice bowls, and here we are, enjoying our bowls. Of course, Chris sits next to me as we all joke around and poke fun at each other. Oh poor Caleb... but still, he knows that we all love him unconditionally, except for Matt.

Speaking of Matt... why is still mad? And at what exactly? Jeeze... I swear, I'm going to get to the bottom of this mystery. And I'm going to start with interrogating Caleb.

Perfect timing too, the bell just rang. Everyone packs up their bags and starts heading out to wherever it is they need to go. I tap Chris on the shoulder and give him a nod. He returns the gesture and quickly follows me out the door before Caleb can see.

"You noticed how Matt's been right?" I ask as we walk towards our next class.

"Yeah... he seemed mad for some reason..." Chris states, fortifying my thoughts.

"So, I'm gonna ask Caleb. Don't try to gang up on him and whatnot ok?"

"Ok? I don't know what you mean by that, but..."

"I'll nudge you beneath the table to tell you to stop, ok?" I suggest.


"Wow guys! Thanks for waiting for me!" Caleb shouts as he runs up to us.

"Sorry," I shrug, "I needed to talk to Chris about something. You know, in private?"

"Oh, I see. Anyways, I need your help with something Dylan.," Caleb asks of me.

"School related?"

"Not really..." he replies. "I'll show you once we're inside."

We head on in and sit down at our usual table in the back.

"So, what is it?" I ask.

"Well... it sorta needs to be in private..." he pokes his two index fingers together. Wow... just like Chris...

"Chris, do you mind?" I look at him.

"Ok fine... I'll go to the restroom again... but you owe me Dylan."

"Sure. I'll give it to you after school if you want," I wink at him.

He rolls his eyes and leaves out the door.

"So, what is it that you need?"

"Here..." he hands me a folded up piece of paper.

"What this?..." I raise an eyebrow as I unfold it.

Ok Dylan, I'm too scared and nervous to ask you this in person. So I decided to write it out and let you read it. So... please don't gasp or shout or anything, but I have two fantasies to ask of you.

One is: I want to have a double sex night with Matt, Chris, and you. You know, swap partners and stuff. Maybe you can fuck me deep and hard while Matt does the same to Chris.

The second one is harder, but... I want to have an orgy with all the guys. I don't know why, but the thought of being used by all of you is so hot to me!

Please don't think I'm weird for asking this, AND please don't tell anyone about this, although I don't think you will...

"Ok... Where do I begin?..." I sigh deeply after finishing reading the letter. "Ok first of all..." I rip the paper to shreds, "Don't worry Caleb, I'm merely destroying evidence."

He sighs a breath of relief upon hearing that.

"So... the first one is easier to deal with. We can do this. However, I need to get the thumbs up sign from Chris first. Second of all, there is no fucking way Matt is invading Chris like that," I look around and lean forward, "Chris's ass is mine to use only."

"Ok," Caleb giggles, feeling better about himself, "But you're ok with it right?"

"Yeah I'm ok with it. But again, it's all up to Chris, and Matt too," I add the last part quickly. "Now the second one is a little harder. What do you mean by orgy?"

"Oh... do you know what a bukake is?" he whispers softly.

"Oh..." I realize what he wants, "So that's what you want..."

"Yeah... Like I said, I want to be used," he blushes at his words.

"Ok... I'll see what I can do... no promises though.," I reassure him.

"Thanks Dylan..." he lowers his gaze, feeling ashamed about himself.

"Hey... you're exploring new possibilities. Nothing to be ashamed of."

"Yeah... but I haven't told Matt about this yet. So I don't know what he's going to think..." he answers back.

"Speaking of Matt," I bring up. "What's wrong with him lately? Do you know?"

"I don't know man... He's been shutting me out lately. I've been stalking around him for some answers, but no one has them."

"Did you ask his parents?" I ask.

"No, but I don't know them too well..." he trails off.

"Hmm..." Do I dare continue what Caleb's been doing so far?

"Hmm indeed," Chris pops back. "So, you guys done talking?"

"Hmm? Oh! Oh yeah," I realize what he meant. "We finished," I answer on Caleb's behalf.

"Anyways... we're talking about Matt," Caleb brings Chris up to date.

"Ok, so here's what I'm going to do," I conclude my thoughts, "Caleb, I'm going to need you to stop stalking him and let me take over."

"Got it. You're a better person for the job anyways."

"Gee, thanks..."

"It was a compliment," Caleb defends himself.

"Ok, anyways... I need to tell me what you've got so far. Chris, take notes for me."

"That's two favors you owe me then," Chris grins.

"Yeah-yeah. I already know what you want anyways," I shoo him aside.

"Well..." Caleb begins, "All I can get from it is that he's been really off lately. He's stressed for some reason, pissy mood too. Lets see... Oh! He usually answers all the questions in class, but for some reason, when I was peeking into one of his classes, he just sat in the back, being quiet and all. Other than that, I don't know much else."

"No, that's plenty actually," I tell him. "Hmm... I think I know what's going on, but I'll need to information to make sure."

"What?" Caleb asks.

"No... it's too early to tell," I reply back to Caleb. "I'll get back to you ASAP ok?"

"Sure. Do whatever you can to get into that skull of his."

"Now then, homework time?" I suggest, bringing all of us back to school-related work.

Well, study hall ends not soon enough. Jeeze Caleb... I swear, what are you going to do after I leave? Oh yeah, this is why I have Chris. Teehee, always plan for the future (total BS on my part). But yeah, we say our goodbyes to each other and go our separate ways.

After getting out of the school and onto the freeway (I'm visiting my dad today remember?), I bring up the conversation I had with Caleb earlier.

"So Chris..."

"What's up?"

"It's about Caleb... He wants... a double date night with us," I try to explain to him, hoping that he'd get it.

"Like going out to dinner kind of thing?" he asks. Yup, I was right... he's clueless in these kinds of things.

"No. I mean, a double date night," I stress this time. "Meaning you know... woohoo," I whistle.

"Ohhh!... he wants that kind of night," Chris nods his head slowly.

"You have no idea what I'm talking about do you?"

"No idea," he grins.

I sigh and oppress the need to laugh. Ok I had this coming at me. I mean, I've been together with him for how long now? "Caleb wants the four of us to have sex together."

"Oh... Oh!!! So that what's you meant by night..." he blushes after realizing what I was hinting at.

"Jeeze, so... you want in?"

"Hmm... will it mess up our relationship?" he asks.

"What? No..." I exasperate. "As long as nobody but me invades that sexy ass of yours, I'm good. Well, that and you have to be willing also."

"Aw... someone's protective over me," Chris teases.

"Nah, I'm only over protective of that butt of yours. The rest?... Eh..." I joke back.

"Wow! So that's what you think of me?"

"Of course not!... Snuggle Bug," I grin wickedly at him.

"Jeeze... why don't you just scream it out to the public?" he sighs.

"Ok, lemme just roll down the window and-"

"No! It was a joke!" he opposes.

"Just messing with ya," I chuckle. "Anyways, you haven't answer the question."

"Yeah, I guess I'm willing. I mean, I am interested if he's grown since the last time we saw."

"Oh jeeze... you still remember that?"

"Of course! My favorite memory was his limpy dick being smaller than mine," Chris proudly states.

"It's not the size that matters; it's how it's used," I remind Chris.

"Sure... whatever you say," he forms a smile on the corners of his lips.

I roll my eyes and get off the freeway. "Anyways... we'll discuss more about this later. Right now, we have a father to visit."

"Isn't he suppose to come out soon?" Chris asks as I turn into the parking lot.

"Sometime this week; can't remember when though."

"I see."

"Anyways... let's go," I tell him after parking the car as close as possible to the hospital.

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