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Chapter 29 Monday's Just Never End

"Hello there Dylan. Chris," the nurse greets us as we enter the front door.

"Hello Mrs. Gaven," Chris greets, "How are you?"

"I'm doing fine thanks for asking," she smiles back at him. "Your dad's in the same room as always Dylan."

"Thanks. Come on Chris, let's go." That moment when you visit the hospital so many times that the staff knows your name... Whatever, they've been extremely nice, but my dad's coming out of the hospital tomorrow, so yeah... Speaking of which.

"Hey Dad."

"Oh hey Dylan," my dad replies while shutting of the TV. "You came just in time. There wasn't much on the TV."

"Excited to leave tomorrow Mr. Wolfe?" Chris asks.

"Chris... how many times do I have to tell you? Call me dad or, at the very least, Greg."

"Sorry, but it's so weird calling you my dad," Chris smiles awkwardly.

"Hence why you need to get used to it now so it's not awkward later when you two get married," he jokes.

"Daaad!" I complain, rolling my eyes.

"What? Am I wrong to assume?" he says defensively.

"Well... no," I answer carefully, "But this isn't something to joke about. Jeeze..."

"Ok-ok, I get it," my dad holds his palms up, "It's a touchy subject for someone, isn't that right Chris?"

"Of course, Dylan's just too afraid to admit how much he loves me," he continues prying.

I sigh and roll my eyes again. "Keep that up and I'll make Mom my best man."


"I can see where Dylan got his personality."

"Where?" I ask.

"From your dad of course," Chris answers back.


"I mean, when you poke fun at people, the two of you are so alike, it's almost scary." I look at my dad and he looks at me. After a brief moment, we both crack up laughing. "What?..." Chris pouts.

"Oh nothing..." my dad responds.

"So then she goes about and tries to knock me out, but of course-"

The doctor intrudes partway of my story and knocks on the open door. "Excuse me, sorry. I need to perform some post tests with Mr. Wolfe here if he is to leave tomorrow."

"Oh ok. Well then, I'll see you tomorrow at home then Dad."

"Bye Dylan. Try not to get too frisky there," he teases.

I roll my eyes and shake my head again. "Bye dad."

"Bye Mr. Wolfe-woops. I mean... Dad," Chris awkwardly corrects. Before anyone can say anything, I grab Chris's hands and head out to the main office. "See seems fine," Chris brings up as we head out the door.

"Now all we need to do is wait for him to fully recover at home."


"Now where did I park my car... Aha! There it is!" I unlock it and get in with Chris entering from the other side.

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot to tell you!" Chris glees.

"What is it?"

"I'm going to take my written test this weekend!"

"What?! When and how?" I ask, astonished. When did he take online courses?

"I was secretly taking the online courses. I wanted to surprise you sometime over the weekend, but I forgot since we were having a bit too much fun," he giggles.

"You little fucker..."

"What? Aren't you happy for me?"

"Of course I am... I just thought... no secrets between us," I pout my lips at him while waiting for the mosh of cars to exit the lot.

"Oh... well... uh..."

"I'm just kidding," I loosen up. "Everybody has their secrets to keep. Some should never come out."

"Oh... ok..."

"Now all you need to do is pass. You know what? Let's have an early celebration," I announce.

"Hmm?" he ears perk up.

"Interested in some bed time stories?" I hint.

"Oooo, I do like bed time stories," he smiles, getting the innuendo.

The ride back to Chris's house was a quick one. Let's just say, neither of us were willing to wait. As soon as we entered the house though, Shadow naturally barges at us and pounces my leg.

"Hey Shadow," I crouch down and scratch his ear.

"Arf!" he barks, followed by a whimper.

"What is it boy? Bathroom?" I question.

"Arf!" he quips again. Wow I'm getting good at this. I should be a dog whisperer.

"Ok-ok Shadow... Down boy!... Good, now let's get you outside."

"Huh? Dylan, can I stay over at your house for a few days?" Chris calls from the kitchen.

"Uh sure. Why?" I ask as I let Shadow into the backyard.

"Here." he hands me a note while gulping down some juice.

"Da-da-da... yadda-yadda-yadda" I mumble to myself as I read the letter.

    Gone out to a last minute trip with your father. I think we need some time alone with each other.     There's food in the fridge, and knowing Dylan, he'll find a way to make them better. Try not to get     too frisky now you hear me Chris?!

       Love and kisses, Mom and Dad

"And they tell us not to get too frisky? Jeeze... this basically is screaming heavy sex sessions with each other!"

"So can I?" Chris asks.

"Of course you can. We might have to bring Shadow along with us too then..."

"Ooo! Can we?" his eyes sparkle at me.

"Jeeze, do I need to get a leash on you too?" I joke.

"I wouldn't mind that!" he holds me up to it.

"Ah jeeze..."

"Anyway... come on Dylan!.. you promised me a bed time story," he role plays a five year old boy, whining at me while tugging my arms.

"Ok-ok... Let's go give you your bed time story," I smirk at him. Without a second to waste, we both rush upstairs and into our room. It didn't take us long to strip down our boxers. Heck, we started stripping back at the stairs.

"So Chris, what do you want to do?" I ask.

"You tell me," he grins as he flashes me by taking off his boxers.

"God damn it Chris... What did I say about doing that?"

"What? It makes me hornier."

"What if you get caught?..."

"They won't catch me... and if they did. I'd just say I put it on myself after stealing it from my parent's room. Relax Dylan..."

I sigh sit down on the bed next to him. "How long have you had it on?"

"Just earlier this morning. You know, when you went down to make breakfast."

"And where is the key?"

"Well one of them is on your key ring..." That sneaky bastard! "And one's hidden away in my closet in case you lose yours."

"Ok... new rule Chris. Every time you wanna lock up your dick, you gotta tell me beforehand ok? At this rate, you're gonna give me a heart attack."

"Ok fine... Should I take it off?" he asks honestly.

"...No... I think... you need to be punished for doing this."

"Oh... story time," he grins, "What do you want to do?"

"Oh I know just the thing..." I reach out for the toy box-as we call it now- and pull out the collar marked with the letters S.L.A.V.E. "Bad little boys need to be retrained into becoming good little boys again." I snap the collar in place and kiss him roughly on the lips.

"Nnn..." Chris whimpers as our lips meet. I tug him away and push him onto the bed.

"On your stomach with your fingers squeezing your butt," I ordered.

While Chris is holding that position, I reach inside the toy box for two pair of hand cuffs. I pull his hands up against his back cuff and straddle him with my legs.

"Naughty boys don't get to use their hands when their masters using them," I remind him as I lock his wrists together up against his back.

I then grab the second pair and link one end of it onto the first cuff's chains. With that end finished, I attach the other end to the D-ring of Chris's collar where the leash is suppose to go. Now his arms are restrained, disabling him from covering his private parts or butt. The best I can describe where his hands are right now is like when you play that game uncle where you push the victims arms up against his back. It's basically like that, but with both arms instead of one.

"Remember your safe words?" I ask Chris as I flip him around before straddling him again.


"You know Chris... not only do you look very cute like this... you also look very... vulnerable," I smirk at him.

"What do you-oh..." he realizes as I wiggle my fingers in front of him. "Please Dylan? Anything but that?" he pleas.

"But Chris... it's not every day where I get to do this," I smile evilly at him.

"No... No please!" he begs desperately one last time before my cold, prickly fingers contact his skin. "Please Dylan! HAHAHAHAHA!" he laughs away as I ruthlessly tickle him "NO PLEASE! STOP!"

I simply ignore him and invade all his tender parts. I begin by jabbing at his sides, causing him to squirm and lithe around relentlessly. As he's trying to desperately escape, I switch positions to another area-otherwise known as the knees and thighs.

"PLEASE DYLAN!... WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!-HAHAHA!" he screams in between laughs.

"Oh know perfectly well why you deserve this... And not to mention this too." I stop torturing him momentarily to scoot down and grab his legs.

"Oh no..." he gasps.

"Oh yes Chris... you're most sacred part," I leer at him.

"No please..."

"Too late!" I grin maliciously as I scratch away on the soles of his feet.

Chris loses it and wails his entire body around, using all his strength to try and get away. Too bad his arms are tied up and unable to held him in any way. He managed to free himself and flip onto his stomach though. Perfect timing too. I let go of his bare feet and reach in the toy box while he's recovering.

"Had enough?" I tease.

"...Hah... hah..." he pants.

"Ok..." I reach for the item I wanted and then go over to the other side to grab his pillow. "Here, lift your butt up."

He obliges and I scoot the pillow underneath him. Now his butt is risen up and stuck out like a sore thumb.

"Ready to continue?" I ask.

"As long it's not tickling..."

"Oh relax Chris..." I smirk at him again, "I think you'll like this one." With his butt high up in the air, I mount him and slowly pry open his hole with my steel rod.

"Ah..." he moans, "Oh yeah... fucking give it to me..."

"Shh..." I hush him gently as I painstakingly invade his boy hole. Once all the way in, I reach for the item that I originally grabbed for and position myself.

"Remember that time when I spanked you while fucking you?"

"Yeah... why?" he asks.

I smack one of his cheek with the paddle, "I think we need to do that again."

"Oh yeah... harder Dylan... and fuck me, please!" he beseeches.

"Oh I'll give you a fucking alright, and a spanking at that too," I reassure him by paddling his other cheek.

"Hmm... harder master... oh yeah... fuck me hard baby..." he moans as I induce my punishment on him.

"Oh... oh fuck yeah... your hole is so tight Chris..." I moan out in a low growl.

"Uh... Oh!" he jolts when I slap his cheek. "Oh yeah!... Harder Dylan!" he growls, "Fucking destroy my boy pussy!"

"I'm going to..." I pant back, "And then, I'm going to fucking obliterate it again after I'm done..."

"Oh that sounds fucking hot!... Come on Dylan! Make it fucking hurt!" he begs.

I take my cue and start thrusting my entire body onto-and into- his body. Every few penetrations or so, I'd make a resonating sound with the paddle connecting to one of his cheeks.

"Uh!... Oh fuck!" he cries in pleasure, "Oh fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!..."

"I can only do so much..." I remind him as I continue pushing.

"Uh! Sss! Come on Dylan!... Cum for me! I want your seed deep in my ass!" he importunes, "Ah!... Oh come on baby!..."

Jeeze... when did he ever call me baby? Ah well, he does sound cute like that. But yeah... this feeling is fucking amazing! It still feels like the first time we made love to each other.

I grab him by the sides and lift him up to a kneeling position. With my hands pinching and playing with his nipples, I hug him as tight as possible and thrust mercilessly into his hungry hole.

"Oooohhh yeeeeaaaah Dylan... Oh fuck yes! Holy shit!" he yells again as I repetitively drill his love tunnel. "Mmmmmm!"

"Uh... oh yeah Chris... I think... I think I'm gonna cum soon!" I grimace my face and try my best to restrain my fingers from digging into Chris's milky body. In doing so, I actually reach the point of no return. Oh how I wanted it to last for just a bit longer...

"Shit Chris!.. Brace yourself!" I warn him as I go into rapid humping mode. My face twists and jeers as I try and hold off the orgasm for just that much longer. Hey, every last bit counts!

Finally, unable to contain it any longer, I let out a cry of pleasure and transfer all of seed banks into Chris's anal storage.

"Oh fuck!" I scream as I spew load after load into his hot tunnel. "Holy shit!..." My entire body goes limp and we both fall onto the bed. "Shit Chris... it gets better every time..."

"Ah..." is all he replies with. "Oh Dylan... that felt fucking amazing... But you didn't spank me enough..."

"Jeeze Chris... as if... you weren't naughty enough already..."

"That's why you need to!" he whines.

"What is it with you and spanking?..."

"I don't like. I like the feeling I guess..."

"Okay... well as punishment, I'm not spanking you. So there," I exerted. "Now give me a minute to recover, then we can continue."

I carefully pull myself out of him and lift myself off of him. I then flip Chris around and pull him to the edge of the bed with his feet spread apart and flat on the ground.

"Don't move," I command him as I leave to grab the key from the closet. After rummaging around for a bit, I find it stowed away in the drawers and walk back to the bed.

"Aww... does this have to end already?" he whines.

"Well if you look at your dick, it's all blue balled. I think you need some relief, whether you like it or not." I unlock his chastity device and his cock springs into full mast in a couple of seconds. "Wow. Getting a bit too excited are we?" I tease.

"Shut up..." he snaps back.

"Oh? Need I remind you that you are still in punishment?" I remind him. "I think the naughty boy needs to be edged a little first."

"No please!... anything but that," he smirks back subtly. Yeah, I saw that Chris!

I dive down and first start with his plump little orbs. Taking one of them in, I gently tug at it with my lips as I suckle it.

"Mmm!..." Chris groans in response.

"Did I hurt you?" I ask, concerned as to why he groaned so early.

His face looses up a little and he looks at me funny. "I don't know why, but my balls feel heavy..."

"I see..." Shit, he's been blue-balled for too long. "Ok Chris. I guess we have no other choice."


"Just tell me if it continues to hurt." With that, I gulp down his shaft and one go and vigorously suck him off hard.

"Holy shit!" he screams. "Oh fuck! Oh don't stop Dylan!... Mmm!... Ah!... Shit!"

There was so much more that I wanted to do with him before he could cum... but I can't see to it that he's in unwanted pain. Jeeze... being blue-balled. I wonder why it's only happening now though. But I digress.

"Fuck-fuck-fuck!... FUCK!" he screams at the top of his lungs as I slurp up his cock. "Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum Dylan! Oh shit!"

In about...eh, two seconds after he announces it, his dick explodes in a fiery explosion of guzzling cum. Yum, I love it with he produces a big load for me. It is my nectar of the gods after all.

"Oh fuck!... shit!..." he pants heavily, having spend all his energy.

I suck up the last bit of his cum and lick myself up his belly button and continue on until I reach my prize, his mouth.

"Mmm..." he moans as I cover him in a wet, sloppy kiss, roaming my tongue all about his teeth and mouth. "More..." he whimpers when I leave him.

"Sure..." I chuckle silently as I return to kiss him some more. Meanwhile, I unbuckle his collar and struggle to free his bounded hands. Hey, it's actually challenging when you have a hot boyfriend distracting you.

The moment his hands are free though, they go all about and grab me tight, as if they were afraid of losing me. Chris's hands continue molesting my body and grabbing handfuls of my messy blonde hair.

"Still hurting down there?" I grin at him for just a mere second, before going back on attacking his lips.

"No... why did they hurt anyway?"

"Because you got blue-balled," I explain to him.

"Oh... but then why not before?"

"One too many times? I don't know," I shrug at him and then venture down to nibble his nipples.

"Sss..." he hisses.

"Maybe now you'll understand why I don't like you doing these sort of things..."

"Nope," he smiles at me. I sigh and swirl my finger around his belly button. "Hey... that tickles," he giggles.

"Oh really?" I tease while itching it even more.


I lean up to kiss him again before sitting up. Chris copies me and sits cross-legged, leaning onto my back. "You know that I love you right?"

"Of course," I reply back. "Now go and shower while I go check on Shadow."

"You won't join me?" he pouts.

"I would, but Shadow man... he's probably begging to come back in by now."

"True..." he slowly agrees. "Ok, I'll let you go once, but I want you to come in asap."

"I'll try, no promises though," I grin before standing up. Before Chris can add anything to stall, I slip out the room and dash downstairs in the nude. Hey, it's not like anybody's gonna be watching.

True to my words, as soon as I come into Shadow's view, he stands on his hind legs, scratching the glass doors.

"Ok boy!... Down boy!" I laugh as I open the door.

The baby husky rushes in and into the kitchen for water. After gulping some liquids down, he runs back to where I'm standing and leans down on his front paws. He then stands up and pulls his hind legs straight back separately, stretching his body.

"Jeeze Shadow, you're not even old yet."

He yawns back in response and hops up the stairs. I shake my head and follow him up. I let him slip into Chris's room before I sneak into the bathroom. Without Chris noticing, I ninja my way inside and slide behind him under the shower.

"Surprise!" I whisper into his ear as I lean over his shoulder.

He gasps and jumps a little. "Oh... it's just you..." he sighs.

"Who else?"

"I don't know..."

"You wash your hair yet?" I coo gently, grabbing the bottle of shampoo.

"...No..." he whispers back. I squeeze out a healthy dosage onto my palms and lather up his messy hair. He whimpers at my touch and leans back a little, enjoying his moment of being spoiled.

Well, let's just say our shower was cut short since there wasn't much fooling around. Hey, my bank needs me to deposit some more protein before they can start investing again. And I think Chris is on the same boat as me.

So anyway, we step out of the shower and quickly dry ourselves off. Once done, we waddle our dam bodies into a lovely sight.

"Ah!..." Chris gasps, "No Shadow! Bad boy!"

Oh what a lovely sight it is as I laugh. I guess Shadow's still a puppy at heart.

"Come on Shadow! Let go of Snowflake!" Chris grits as he tussles with Shadow's jaw.

Not wanting Chris to suffer any more, I quickly walk over and scratch Shadow's ears. This causes him to relax his grip and nuzzle up against me.

"Eww... it's all wet and slimy now..." Chris complains.

"Don't worry, we'll wash it along with our dirty clothes."

"Heh..." he sighs, "What am I going to do with you Shadow?..."

"Love him, duh," I reply; he gives me a dirty look. "Oh come on, can you say no to this wittle face?" I ask with puffy lips while showing Shadow's puppy eyes.

"...No..." he sighs in response, "But still... what about Snowflake?"

"Just put him higher and out of reach I guess. I mean, Shadow is a growing boy. His teeth needs something to gnaw on. Isn't that right Shadow?"


"Fine, don't take my side," Chris pouts.

"Anyway... let's go get our clothes and Snowflake washed. While I'm doing that, you go ahead and start packing. And no funny business!" I warn him.

"What do you mean?"

"You know perfectly well with what I mean. Now come on Shadow, let's go get our clothes cleaned."

I quickly throw on some clean clothes and take all our soiled ones downstairs. Of course, I didn't forget Snowflake. Chris will never let me hear the end of it if I didn't clean it. As I head out the door, I hear the pitter-patter of claws against the floor board rushing up to me. With Shadow right beside me, we both fly down the stairs. Once at the laundry room, I throw the clothes in along with detergent and press start.

"Ok Shadow, let's go pack some of your things."

Shadow merely pants back at me and leads the way. Damn, he's smart... wonder if I can teach him some tricks or something.

"Now let's see..." I mumble to myself as I look around the place. Shadow definitely needs his bowl and some dog food. I guess he can sleep on my bed or something. Hmm...

I grab the essentials first and place them by the front door. That way, I won't forget. I then head back upstairs to check up on Chris.

"You ready?" I peep into the room.

"Not yet! I still need to pack some sexy boxers for my boyfriend to see," he flirts.

"Ok, while you're doing that, tell me what else do we need for Shadow."

"What do you mean?" Chris asks while tossing some clothes into his luggage.

"Like what do you think we'll need for him this coming week when he stay's over."

"Hmm..." he hums while picking out his clothes carefully. "Ok there we go; I think that's enough clothes. And to answer your question, I think it's just the essentials."

"Hmm, ok. So I guess I didn't miss anything."

While we were waiting for dryer to finish, we just spent the hour playing BioShock 2 on the XBox 360. Yeah... not much to do. I mean, I'm about to be a second semester senior... so yeah... As for Chris, he's smart... I'm sure he'll be fine come finals next week. In any case, the dryer finally finishes and I bring back up it up.

"Here you go Chris," I state, tossing Snowflake at him. "Keep him somewhere out of reach this time."

"Hmm... I guess we can keep up on top of the bed cushions... Then I can hug it to sleep every night," he grins mischievously.

"Whatever floats your boat."

"Ok, I'm ready to go!" he sings nonchalantly, shoving his hands into his pockets.

"Ok... take off your pants Chris..." I sigh.

"What? Why?"

I walk over to him and yank his pants down before he can react. "Remember what I said about funny business?" I remind him while pointing at his crotch.

"Aw come on Dylan!" he whines, "Why should it matter to you?"

"Because... what if my parents find out. Or worse... my sisters? Huh?"

"Fine... take out all the fun in this," he pouts and allows me to unlock his chastity device. Sheesh... how did he put it on so fast? I was gone for like three minutes at most.

"Ok. Now that the funny businesses are aside, let's get going."

We head downstairs, grab all our stuff, and head into the car. We push everything into trunk and/or backseats before going back to the house.

"You got everything?" I ask.

"I think so. If not, we can always come back and get it."


"Now come on Shadow!" Chris calls out to the house. "You get to finally sleep with us at a different house for once."

"Arf!" Shadow replies happily.

We all hope onto my car with Shadow on Chris's lap. With one last check, we finally head out the road and onwards to my house. Hmm... having a dog and sick patient at my house. I wonder what's going to happen?

"Ready to visit Dylan's house for once Shadow?"

"Arf!" Shadow barks back. Guess at least someone's excited to visit my house.

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