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Chapter 30 Winter Formal

"Dylan!... I'm bored!..." Chris whines in frustration. I was too busy playing with my phone on my bed to answer him. He stands up from the computer and slumps down beside me, " Didn't you hear me?"

"Yeah I heard you. What do you want me to do about it though?" I ask.

"Can we do something, oh I don't know... frisky?" he flirts while reaching for my crotch.

"Chris... you know why we can't do it here..." I grimace. Fuck is this hard! It's been a week since we did anything in bed. Yeah I know, who the fuck that has will power right? Well when you have somewhat thin walls and a big family, you soon learn that it gets awkward when trying to do stuff. Plus, the fact that my dad might call on me at any moment doesn't help either. God damn it I'm horny! My hands in the shower can do much!

"Oh come of Dylan..." Chris seduces while rubbing my dick through the cloth, "It'll be quick... all you have to do is spread your legs and let me do all the work."

"...No..." I manage out and push him away while sitting up.

"Fine. Be that way," he pouts.

"Sorry babe, but you know perfectly well the reasons as to why I'm saying no."

"Yeah but..." he looks around and whispers, "I'm horny as fuck..."

"I know Chris I know... me too..." I sigh. "Maybe we can do something later tonight after the dance."

"Where though?" he pouts his lower lips.

"Let's just go back to your place for the night then. I mean, we do need to check up on the place again."

"Ok, but you promised! And can we not bring Shadow? I want you to myself without anyone for once..."

"Sure..." I reassure him by kissing him on the forehead. And speak of the devil, Shadow comes running along and into our room. Well, by the door at least since it's closed. The moment I open the door, Shadow comes scrambling in and quickly jumps onto my bed.

"What's wrong Shadow?" Chris asks. "Eww, what the hell is this? Make up?"

Soon enough, my sisters come running. "Hey! Where's the dog?!"

Oh boy... "Ok... what did you guys do?" I ask.

"Just giving the dog a makeover, duh," Teresa replies.

"Ok... first of all, he's a dog. And second of all, he's a guy dog..." Chris defends Shadow. "Isn't that right boy?"

"So? I mean, guys do make up too," Jasmine points out.

"Hate to break it to you Jasmine, but here are two gay boys who don't put on makeup," I snap my fingers at her.

Chris cracks up laughing. "Yeah, and yet, we can still probably do better make up than you two."

"Oh snap!" I return laughing.

"Ugh! Whatever... just give him back so we can finish his nails," Jasmine complains.

"Umm, I don't think so."

"Why the hell not?" Teresa challenges, "He's our dog too!"

"Uh actually," I break in, "Shadow's ownership is under Chris... So technically, he belongs to the Tanner family, not the Wolfe family."

"Ugh! Ok fine! We'll just finish it when you guys leave. Come on Teresa." Jasmine grabs Teresa's hand and shuts the door behind them.

"Great... what are we gonna do about this?" Chris asks.

"I'm sure we can work something out," I grin.

"Oh... you have that look on your face."

"What face?" I play innocently.

"That face when you start scheming," Chris responds by twitching his eyebrows.


"Yes, ohhh," he flirts back before we bust up giggling.

"Anyway... we should start getting ready. We need to meet up with the others at 6."

"What time is it now?"

"Close to five," I respond. "Do you want to shower first, or should I?"

"Can we at least shower together? Please?" Chris beseeches.

"...Sure..." I give in to those sparkly puppy eyes of his.

"Yes!" he hisses.

"But no funny business okay? We need to save it up for tonight," I wink.

"Fingers crossed."

So, we both run into the bathroom and have a quick shower. Yeah I know... it's extremely tempting to do stuff in there. But we made a promise. No sex until after the dance. God this is frustrating. But yeah, we finish showering, trying to keep our hands off each other as much as possible. We dry ourselves off and head back to my room.

"Your stuff is in the closet in case you forgot," I remind Chris.

"Yeah, I remember."

A few days ago, we headed back to Chris's place to get his formal wear as well as some other stuff we might need, particularly for Shadow. In about ten minutes, we finished dressing, putting on cologne, and start heading for the door.

"Wait!" my mom shouts from the other room. "I need pictures!"

"Jeeze Mom!" I moan, "We're going to be late!"

"Nonsense! Ever heard of showing up fashionably late?"

"She's right you know," my dad points out at the couch.

"Ok-ok... let me just get out my phone... now huddle together boys... Say, cheese."

"Cheese!" Chris grins goofily. I roll my eyes and fake a smile.

After a couple of shots, my mom finally lets us go. "Have a fun time!" she sings.

"Oh yeah. Mom, we're going to check up on Chris's place after the dance, so we'll probably just spend the night."

"Ok darling."

"And, can you please make sure that Shadow doesn't get a creepy makeover from the girls?"

"Oh I can do that!" my dad interrupts. "Shadow!"

In an instant, Shadow comes running out of my room and sits in front of me with his tail wagging.

"Still in love with Dylan I see..." my dad points out.

"Come on boy, go over to him," I instruct him playfully. "No-no... that way. Yes, good boy!"

With Shadow by my dad's side, I quickly head out the door and shut it before the dog changes his mind. The last I hear is my dad scuffing his belly and making baby talks to him.

"Shadow's in good hands," I tell Chris as I get in the driver's seat.

"That's good to hear."

I start up the car and pull out the drive way. Now if I remember correctly, we are to meet at Bryan's place.

"Oye! Hurry up will you?!" Bryan shouts as Chris and I enter his house. Cozy place he has. A little on the smaller side, but still, cozy.

"Enough with the shouting already!" his mom shouts as she lets us in.

"Well sorry for trying to get Carrie and Heather to hurry up!" Bryan shouts back.

"Hey! We're trying our best over here! Heather's gotta look perfect for tonight when she wins Winter Formal Queen," Carrie shoots back.

"Jeeze... why did we ever agree to meet them here?" I ponder to myself.

"Do they always do this?" Chris asks, sitting down on the couch.

"Pretty much," Bryan's dad replies, flipping the channel for something adequate to watch.

"Yup, one big happy family for us basically," I say nonchalantly.

"You know it's family when they argue 24/7..." Bryan's mom sighs while shaking her head.

"Bryan! Do me a favor and get the box for me in your room!" Carrie shouts from a room.

"Oh my god Carrie! Can't you see that I'm busy getting ready too?" he yells back.

"No! And quite frankly, I don't care! I need that box to finish her hair!"

"Fine! I'll just get Joey to get it for you then!"

"Can't! He has to wait for me to finish before seeing her!"

"Oh my god woman!"

"Ok! All of you, shut up!" I nag in despair as I walk into Bryan's room. "Where's the box?" I ask.

"Right there," Joey points out while he and Bryan are only in their boxers.

"Nice..." I comment and grab the box and head out to the bathroom where Carrie is. "Need anything else?"

"No. Thanks Dylan, at least you're helpful, UNLIKE SOMEONE!" she exaggerates the last point.

"Well sorry for being busy too!" Bryan shouts back.

"Don't be too hard on him. He needs to get ready too," Heather tries to calm Carrie down.

"I know. It's just... Ugh!" she groans in frustration.

"Ok, just try to hurry up. We need to be ready in twenty minutes," I remind her.

"Don't worry. I'm almost done!" Carrie grunts as she pulls out bobby pins from the box. I head back out and see Chris by Bryan's doorway.

"Whatcha doing?" I ask him as I'm approaching.

"Oh nothing," Chris responds.

"He's checking us out, that's what," Bryan teases.

"Nah, just comparing you two to Dylan," Chris smiles.

"And?" Joey pries a little to far for them.

"Well... let's just say that I'm a little disappointed in what I'm seeing right now, especially down there in the lower department," Chris smirks.

"Ooo... Shot's fired," I call them out.

"Oh please, I highly doubt you're amazing downstairs too," Bryan challenges.

"Oh you might not want to say that," I point out.

"Oh really?" Joey stops buttoning his shirt and looks at us, curious. "How big are you down there Chris?"

"Getting curious now are we?" Chris flirts, "Or is it showing your true colors?"

"Nah, just curious."

"Well let's just say, it doesn't disappoint Dylan in bed."

"Oh god..." I groan out, "Jeeze Chris, as if you weren't bad enough already."

"What?" He asked.

"Yeah, but still..."

"Aww, somebody's embarrassed," Bryan hollers.

"Shut the fuck up."

Bryan holds up his arms in defeat and goes back to buttoning his shirt.

"So Chris, how big is it?" Joey asks again.

"Jeeze, last I checked, it was 6 and a half."

"Hmm, now that you mention it, it has been a while, huh Chris?" I bring up.

"Shit Bryan! He's got something proud down there," Joey compliments.

"Thanks Joey, don't be jealous now," Chris giggles.

Long story short, everybody else finishes within the next ten minutes. Half way through that huge mess, Caleb and Matt pop in with their quirky self as usual from separate cars. Matt's been better, but I can still see that sense of insecurity in his eyes. As much as I want to tell his parents for him, it's his life. Damn is this complicated...

"Finally!" Bryan's mom sighs, "Now just a couple of pictures and you guys can go." We quickly arrange ourselves with our dates and manage to get a few shots in.

"Ok mom!" Bryan exasperates, "Enough with the pictures. We're going to be late!"

"Alright-alright... take the fun out of it," she responds.

"Ok let's go guys."

"Have fun everyone!" Bryan's mom shouts at the door.

We separate into two cars, one for gay couples and the other for straight couples. Good luck to Bryan and Joey with their noisy girlfriends.

We arrive at our destination in about twenty minutes. As tradition would have it, ASB books a place outside of school and haves the dance out instead. This year, the theme is Mardi Gras. Yeah I know, cheesy and overused. But hey, it gets the job done, and the theme ties in well with the ballroom that we booked.

As we walk down the red carpet into the place, we present our student IDs to the staff, who then give us bracelets to wear.

"Yeah-yeah, we know the spill..." Carrie sighs before the staff can speak, "Don't do anything stupid, no alcohol, don't PDA... did I miss anything?"

"Seems you got the majority down," the person replies.

"Ok, we'll be on our way then."

Wow, it's nice to be friends with the ASB president. (Remember what I said about connections?)

So in we go into the ballroom. Again, ASB manages to completely transform the place into a majestic place. Complete with lighting and a crystal chancellor, the place can be best described as the movie Beauty and the Beast.

"Wow..." Chris gazes in amazement as we walk down the place.

"Here you go." someone off to the side hands us each a mask.

"What's this for?" Chris asks.

"It's Mardi Gras Chris," I chortle a little at him. "The theme is to wear masks and each a lot."

"Oh... Funny how it's not even close to April though..." he mumbles to himself.

"Try not to think too much into and have fun," I grasp his shoulders. He smiles back and we each put on our respective masks.

"So lemme guess Carrie, you're going to have a game of 'find your loved one." I ponder against her.

"Only for the Winter Formal Court," she responds. "You know, a little game for them find each other before we announce the winner."

"And we all know who the winner is, don't we Dylan," Bryan butts in, holding me in a head lock.

"Yes Bryan, now let go before I kick your ass."

"Psh, you can try," he teases, but decides to let go. I'm not sure if he was truly afraid of me or not, but oh well.

"So, food, dance, or what first?" Joey asks.

"A'ight everybody!" the DJ hollers deeply, "Who's up for a night worth of partying?!"

The crowd cheers and the music pumps up even louder.

"Drop the bass!" someone shouts in the back.

Our little group looks at each other and we all bust up laughing. Did I mention how much I hate dubstep? Yeah... So! I grab Chris's hand and sneak into the backyard of the place. We settle in a dark corner and commence operation "Making the Hell Out of my Boyfriend."

"Mmm!..." he moans through our kiss as I grope his body.

"Shh... we can't have the staff finding us, or else they'll probably kick us out," I shush at him.

"Sorry... but your kisses are making me horny as fuck," he whispers.

"Well I gotta get you all nice and horny for tonight somehow," I tease.

"You little fucker."

"Really? I think I'm the big fucker between the two of us," I smirk. Before he can reply, I plant my lips on his again and send him on a round trip to cloud 9 and back.

"Dylan... s-s-stop..." he grimaces softly while I nibble on his earlobe. "If you keep that up... I think I'm gonna blow my wad right here..." Reluctantly, I withdraw from him and flips around.

He grins at me devilishly and flips around to sit on my lap. "My turn!" Before I can protest, he starts giving me a lap dance, grinding his ass all over my lap.

"Oh god..." I stammer out.

"That's what you get for teasing me," he sighs. Little does he know, lap dancing is a double edged sword. It doesn't last long though, because I stop him and told him to hush up. With my ears heightened, I strain them to peer into my surroundings.

In the 2 o'clock direction, maybe about five feet from where we are, I hear faint footsteps getting louder with each passing second.

"Shh Chris... and hold your breath if you can," I instruct him. I feel his chest rising and slowing deflating.

It's a good thing I picked this area, the bushes and trees should block us up for the most part. Now if we can just stay still, hopefully, whoever's up there won't notice us and continue along.

True to my words, a security guard comes along with a flashlight. He waves it around the place a few seconds before going back in and making his rounds. After his footsteps are out of hearing range, Chris lets go of his breath and looks at me.

"I can see why you did this. It's exciting when it's dangerous," he smiles.

"Glad you liked it. Now let's get back in before the rest of the gang notices that we've gone missing."

"Don't you think they already know?"

"If I know them, I highly doubt it."

"Wanna bet on it?" Chris challenges as we stroll back down the hallway.

"What's the bet?" I ask.

"If I'm right and they noticed that we're gone, I get to do whatever I want later in bed tonight."

"Ok, and if I win, I get to do whatever I want later tonight."

"Deal." He holds out his hand and we shake on it.

"You are so gonna lose," I laugh at him.

"What? How can they not notice us being gone?"

"Oh you'll see."

We head inside just as the last song finishes. Chris runs up to the peeps and taps Caleb on the shoulder.

"Oh hey Chris! Did you like the song?" he shouts over the transition music.

"Oh yeah, awesome song guys!" I yell back in response. "Killer moves Bryan, by the way."

"Thanks dude!"

Chris gives me a dirty look, but I just shrug it off and continue where I left off. "Man, that last song! Fucking amazing!"

"Oh hell yeah!" Joey agrees, "We should take a break though! I think my throat's losing it."

And so, we all walk off to the side, chattering away like the girls we are. Chris though, pulls me aside for just a second.


"I've known them for how long now Chris?" I scruff up his hair and continue along our way. He doesn't seem to happy with the answer though... Oh well, guess I won the bet either way.

We reach the buffet line and cut ahead to where the drinks are. Joey grabs a Coke bottle and gulps it down.

"Ah... that hit the spot..."

"Hey Carrie..." Heather nudges.

"Huh? Oh! It's time!" Carrie realizes and glees. "Joey! Get ready!"

"What? Already?"


"Wait, what?" Caleb asks.

"Winter formal queen, duh!" Heather replies.

"Ohh... Well we already know who won," Caleb replies.

"Naturally, all thanks to Dylan's help," Matt adds.

"What? No..."

"Um, what yes," Bryan replies. "Who was it that did all the campaigning and forcing everyone to vote?"

"...Ok fine, guilty as charged," I sigh. "Don't you have to be somewhere right now?"

"He's right. Let's go you two," Carries nudges. As soon as the two leave, the rest of us start heading back into the main dance room.

"Alright everybody! Guess. What. Time. It. Is!!!!" the DJ bellows out. "That's right! It's time, for your Winter Formal Queen!!!"

The crowd goes nuts.

"So! Without further ado! Your ASB Pres, Carrie Taylor!"

"Hello everyone! Who's enjoying the dance so far?!" Carrie asks through the mike.

Everyone cheers loudly again approvingly.

"That's great to hear! So... our lovely princesses and princes are doing something right now for all you guys. So if you can just hang tight for a couple of minutes, we'll get everything ready. So yeah..."

She turns off the mike and rushes back into the other room. In about two minutes, she comes back out with the court walking out with their masks on, only with a catch.

"Ok! So, on behalf of ASB, we decided to have one last game for the court before announcing this years Winter Formal Queen. Each person up here has a completely different mask without their partner knowing. Their task is to find each other, and each come up to me for a piece of paper. After everyone is done, we'll announce this years Queen! Ready Winter Formal Court? And... begin!"

What I forgot to mention before is that the court all wore the same outfit. As courtesy of extra budget, we decided to get the four couples matching dresses and suits. I guess that way, none of them will stick out like a sore thumb when three of them lost.

But, no surprise there, the four pairs find each other rather quickly as each and every one of them slowly ascend up towards Carrie. She hands each pair a slip of paper and instruct them to stand in a line.

"Ok! So, if you guys can open the read what's inside into the mike..." Carrie hold the mike in between the first two.

"After tallying up the votes..."

"We are proud to present this years Winter Formal King and Queen..."

"As none other than the two lovely pairs of..."

"Joey and Heather..." Brandy concludes, somewhat in shock after reading her paper. Aw jeeze... did Carrie plan this all along?...

The crowd goes nuts as music goes off, and Joey and Heather walk up to the stage to be crowned.

"Congratulations you two!" Carrie announces.

"Thank you everybody! For supporting us and voting for the best decision!" Heather shouts over the crowd's cheers.

I glance over at Brandy and see her put on her measly smile and look. Yeah that's right bitch! I told you I'd make your life miserable. This is what happens when you try to hurt my friends- no... my boyfriend!

Anyway, Carrie directs the court back down into the crowd. In one moment, Brandy just storms off into her group of friends. Jeeze, now I feel kinda bad for her. Kinda...

"Did you plan all that with Brandy?" I ask Carrie when she gets off the stage.

"Nah, but then she tried to trip me backstage, so... a little payback from me," she smirks.

"Ah, I see..."

"Aww... do you feel bad for a her?" she teases.

"Just a little. I'm suppose to be the one getting revenge, not you," I pout at her.

"No Dylan! You're doing it wrong!" Chris bumps in. "Here, lemme do it to her." Chris then pulls off his perfect puppy eyes for me, making Carrie giggle in respond.

"Wow, that's pretty good..."

"Pretty good?" he snaps back all sassy-like, "Bitch please. These eyes are fail proof in getting me anything."

"I'll take your word for it," Carrie chuckles.

"So, Mrs. Winter Formal Queen," Joey holds out his hand, "Shall we dance?"

"It would be my honor, Mr. Winter Formal King," Heather badly acts back.

The rest of us cracks up laughing as the two make it to the dance floor. Settling down my giggles, I turn to Chris.

"May I have this dance?" I hold out my hand and bow to Chris.

"Of course you may." He places his hands on mine and I lead us onto the dance floor. Along the way, I hear Matt awkwardly asking Caleb to join us.

"C-c-can I dance with you?" he asks discreetly, blushing and looking away.

Caleb stifles a giggle and grabs his hand. "Come on big boy. We can't like Joey and Heather hog all the limelight."

Matt sighs a breath of relief. "Not to mention Dylan and Chris..."


Soon, everyone on sight is grabbing their dates and joining the dance floor for the slow song. As for Chris and I, we just hold each other tight and perform the classic step-step dance. You know, the one where you step to the right, feet together, then to the left, feet together, and repeat.

"Love you Dylan..."

"Love you too," I peck him on the forehead and hold him closer. He rests his head on my chest, and we continue dancing.

"Dylan?" Chris mumbles while we're still dancing.

"Yeah?" I refrain myself from adding his cute nickname since we technically in public.

"Brandy," he flatly states.

"Can we not spoil this moment right now?" I groan at him.

"I'm only asking because she's staring us down off to the side."


"I don't know... I guess I find it a bit creepy."

"Well if you want, we can stare her back," I suggest.

"...Nah... you're right, let's not ruin the moment... sorry."

"Hey, don't be sorry for Brandy," I scold him playfully.

We stop talking and just enjoy the moment. We let our bodies just sway side to side to the music without care. The song ends eventually, but we stay there just a tad bit longer, soaking in the moment.

The next music starts playing, so we eventually head off to the side where the rest of our friends are.

"Hogging the limelight I see," Bryan teases.

"Well, what can I say. I gotta get some moments to myself after all I've done tonight," I rest my hands on the nape of my neck in a chill fashion. "Messing with Brandy isn't as easy as it looks."

"Speaking of Brandy..." Caleb trails off.

"Yeah-yeah. Was she staring you down too?" I ask.

"Mhm," everyone nods in agreement somewhat.

"We can always stare back at her awkwardly," Matt suggests.

"That's what I said... Chris!" I jerk.

"What? I never said it was a bad idea."

"Everybody up for it?" I grin, "It'll be a great story to tell when we get old."

Well, our little stare down ended up in failure. Damn Brandy, way to hold a grudge, oh wait... I'm holding one on you too... But yeah, with that ended in utter failure, we went back to the dance and made ourselves look like idiots for the rest of the dance. There was rave-like music, slow ones, fast ones, etc. By the end, I think Chris and I lost our voices from all the cheering and screaming.

"Alright everybody! This is the last song for the night."

The crowd groans.

"I know, I know... but your teachers will have my head if we stay any longer. So, enjoy, and have a wonderful night everybody!" The DJ plays the final song and stands back, getting ready to pack up.

"Last dance? Or are you too tired?" I ask Chris.

"Dude! Last call for food before they start cleaning up!" Bryan shouts over the music.

Chris and I look at each other and grin widely. "Wait up Bryan!"

The three of us scramble over and pick up whatever was left. For Chris and I, it was ice cream. As for Bryan, well... an athletes gotta eat right?

"Jeeze Bryan, how do you eat so much?" Chris states, astonished.

"When you burn off 4000 calories a day, you learn fast on regaining it back," he replies with a full mouth.

"Fair enough..."

"Yo Bryan!" Joey calls out, "After parrttay!!!"

"Dude! Where?!"

"Anna's place!"


"Yeah, her parents are out of a trip! Dylan, she requested the two gay couples to join too!"

"Yeah... I think I'll pass on it," I respond.

"Suit yourself, she'll be pretty bummed though," Joey responds.

"There are you guys are," Heather calls out, "So about the party."

"Yeah, Dylan isn't going."

"Aw, why?"

"Because this kid hasn't drink before," I elbow Chris playfully, "And I don't want him to regret saying anything or doing something ridiculous."

Chris blushes and smiles meekly.

"Oh... well then. I guess we'll need to do that sometime soon don't we?" Bryan asks.

"No comment..." I answer back.

The last song ends and the teachers start gushing people out. Jeeze, lighten up guys, we'll all leave... eventually. Oh well, I guess they need their sleep too.

We go our separate ways once at the parking lot. Caleb and Matt will have to squeeze in Bryan's car since they want to go to the party too. Guess Anna will get what she wanted all along.

"See you guys on Monday!" Chris shouts.

"Bye you two!" Carrie yells back.

"Dylan?" he asks when we pull out of the lot.

"Yeah Dylan?"

"Is it that bad that I've never gotten drunk before?" he asks timidly.

"Nah, don't worry about it too much. If you want to get drunk, I won't stop you, but please be careful."

"Yeah I know... I guess I'm just a little scared is all."

"It's not that big of a deal. Trust me," I reassure him. "Now let's focus on our night after we get home."

"Oh... hehehe," he giggles, realizing that the dances already over. "Can you drive a little faster?"

I push further down on the gas pedal a little more, but not by much. Can't the police pulling me over now can we?

The moment we close the front door, Chris jumps on me and kisses me like he's never kissed me before. He jumps up and I catch him by the legs. Without breaking our kiss, I drag his sorry butt up the stairs and into our room.

"Wait Dylan..." he halts me on the bed. "It's been a week since I douched and lubed. Want me to freshen up in the bathroom?"

"Sure..." I pout in disappointment. He's right though... wouldn't want to hurt him or gross us out now.

I reluctantly let him go into the restroom. Might as well be productive and set up the room... I pull out the candles from the drawers and light them up. In addition, I start picking up some of the dirty clothes around. I swear, we're gonna need to set up some ground rules from now on.

In just a few minutes, Chris comes back into the room. "Ok, I'm done."

"Might as well let me use the bathroom." I lock the bathroom door behind me and pull out the douche that he used. As quickly and gently as I can, I clean out the gunk from my ass. I intend on using Chris to his fullest extent tonight. Hey, I did win that bet earlier!

After cleaning my privates and lubing up in an estimated time of five minutes, I walk back into a pleasant surprise.

"Hey Dylan!~" Chris flirts on the bed in nothing but his sexy black Speedos and bowtie. "I know you won the bet, but you wanna do this tonight?"

"Hmm... I was thinking something along the lines of this, but with a kinky twist," I smirk at him as I strip of my clothes except my boxers.

"Oh? Like what?" he asks, sitting up into an Indian style.

I push him down onto the bed and straddle him with my body. "Oh I don't know..." I tease while kissing him. "Maybe my little hands can visit some parts you might find- oh I don't know... sensitive?!"

Before he can react, I jab my fingers into his sides, causing Chris to writhe around like a snake on sand.

"Oh fuck!" he screams in laughter. "God damn it Dylan! Hahahaha..."

"What? I did say it with a twist," I smirk at my little pun as I twist his sides with my fingers.

"Holy shit!" he curses.

"Wow... such a naughty mouth. I think we need to fix that." I stop tickling him and flip him on to his back. "Get on our arms and knees."

He complies and I squeeze his only article of clothing in between his ass cheeks, giving him a wedgie and exposing his milky, pump cheeks to the open.

"What are you gonna do?" he acts timidly.

"I'm gonna teach you know to cuss in front of me," I scold him while spanking his ass.

"Ah!..." he moans.

"Have you learned your lesson?"

"Nope," he grins as I slap him again.

"Hmm... this is serious. I think we'll need to think of new ways to punish you."

"Oh? Like what?" he pries.

"Now where would be fun in telling you that?"

I pull him up into a kneeling position and reach in the drawer for his collar. I replace his bowtie with the collar and give him a quick kiss. I then stand up on the bed and pull down my boxers.

"Ready to suck this thing?" I ask, see him licking his lips.

"Oh yeah..."

I step closer to him, stroking my cock lazily before pressing his cheek against my abdomen. He opens his mouth, wanting to nurse it, but I instead slap his face with my limp monster cock.

"A-a-a..." he mouths.

"Yeah... you like that don't you? Getting bitch slapped by my cock..." I rasp, "Now suck it."

Without hesitating, Chris engulfs the whole thing and immediately deep throats me.

"Oh yeah... fuck yeah..." I hiss. "Now do my balls..."

Chris obliges and kisses my testes a few times. He then suckles them individually, gently tugging on them. Without losing momentum, he kisses the base of my dick and continues way up until he hits the mushroom tip again.

"Hah... Ah... Come closer again..." I grab his hair with one hand to hold him in place and use my other to slap his cheeks again with my wet dick. The precum oozes out and sticks onto him. Fucking hot!

"Ready to be face fucked?"

He opens his mouth and I shove all 7 inches down his throat. It still amazes me how the fuck can he do that so easily. I mean shit, it's 7 inches. 7, fucking inches! Chris makes some wet, sloppy sounds. Wow is he amazing at this...

I grab his hair tighter and thrust harder. "Fuck yeah!... Ah... Sss... You like huh bitch?"

"Mmm-hmm-mmm!" he moans back, stroking his cock in one hand and tickling my balls with the other. He then pushes me away for a second to breath. "Gah..." he coughs, "So big..."

"Want me to stop?"

"God no!" he argues, a little to quickly. "I fucking love it when you be rough on me."

"Well then, less talking for sucking bitch."

He opens his mouth again and engulfs the whole thing. This time though, I let him control the pace. Wouldn't want any of his hair falling completely now would we?

"Shit!..." I pant out, "Mmm... ah... ah... uh!..."

Chris, while fondling my family jewels with his fingers, continues to twist his head whenever pulling out of my cock. In addition, he would swirl his soft tongue around my foreskin, driving me crazy.

I feel that tingly feeling coming up deep in my balls. I pull out, grab hold of his face, and vigorously jack myself off in front of him. He leans forward with his mouth open, wanting to continue sucking off, but I don't let him.

"Ah shit!" I grimace, and pull back my foreskin while at the same time, shooting one of my bigger loads all over his face. Some of my baby batter makes it into Chris mouth, but the majority of it is sprayed all about his face.

"Oh yeah..." I sigh as I slap his face a few more time with dick. I don't why, but I find it extremely hot whenever I do that. I think it's because I know for a fact that he loves it.

"Dylan! Why'd you do that?" he whines after swallowing his miniscule amount of jizz.

"Because it's so fucking hot seeing your face covered in my cum. Now hold still." I kneel down and use my hands to smear the cum all over his face and chest. "There, now everyone else will know you're mine due to my cum's scent."

"Okay, whatever you say," he giggles.

"Next order of business, get on all fours," I command.

"Yes sir!" he acts back.

"Hey... no master/slave acts today, just horny kinky shit going on."

"Then explain the collar you gave me," he smirks, "and the spanking you gave me earlier."

"If you keep that up, I'll give you another one."

"I wouldn't mind," he grins while turning around to a doggy position.

I slap his right cheek once for good measures before spreading them, causing him to giggle some more. "You lubed up right?"

"Yeah, want to do some naughty things with this?" he flirts while shaking his bubble butt at me.

"Depends if you find this naughty." I duck down and slowly lick up his ass crack, continuing my way up his back by brushing against his spine.

"Huh..." he shudders, shaking his head vibrantly.

I reach the nape of his neck and kiss him until I reach his ear. "Ready for your reward?"

"Ooo... I like rewards," he moans back. I stroke my cock a few times to get it back to a semi and whack the area where Chris's butt cheeks starting meet with it. I then tease him a little by poking only the tip in a few times.

"...Stop being such a tease and fuck me already!" he asserts after I do that few times.

"Getting impatient now are we?"

"In case you've forgotten, I haven't cummed yet!" he replies in a gruff voice.

"Alright-alright. Sorry," I apologize humorously. "How's about I make you cum by fucking you restless?"

"That'd be fucking amazing," he grits his teeth, "Now enough talk! I've been waiting this for a week!"

"Ok-ok," I chuckle back while slowly pushing in. "Mmm... loosen up a little Chris... I'm getting resistance."

"That's what you get for not tapping it for a week," he groans. He somehow loosens himself up a bit more. I try again to push all the way in. Once there, I grab hold his butt and ask, "Ready?"

"Just hurry up and fuck me-e-e!" he grouses loudly. "Yes!... OH FUCK YES!" he screams when I pull out and ram my dick back into him. "Oh fuck yeah! Drill my hole baby!"

While continuing to fuck him senseless, I bend over and wrap my arms around his chest, twisting his pointy nibbles. I hope he can hold up my weight.

"Oh Dylan!" he howls, "Kiss me!" he gasps, turning his head back. I reach forward and give him what he asked for. After how long, passionate kiss, his head goes limp for a second, only for him to pull it back up and moan loudly.

I awkwardly hug him and kiss the back of his neck while continue to grind his plump cheeks. I switch from fucking him restlessly to a more slower, passionate grind. Each thrust, I put my entire weight into it, causing Chris to rock with me. After finishing kissing his neck, I bite his collar and tug on it gently, "choking" him a little.

"Ah... ah... ah..." Chris whimpers in response to each plunge. "Dylan!..." he snivels, "Ah..."

With my palms on his chest, I slowly pull him up into a kneeling position with his arms pointing straight down and hands on the bed (just think of how a dog sits). I hug him tighter and pick up my fucking speed.

"Uh... uh... Sss!..." Chris returns back to moaning loudly.

As I'm splicing his ass in half, I'd occasionally kiss him somewhere on his neck or back. Otherwise, I'd be nibbling on his ear. All the while, my hand slowly lowers itself down to his privates and start jacking him off.

"Tell me you like it," I whisper into his ear hoarsely.

"Hah...... I love it," he yells in ecstasy. "I fucking love it."

"Do you want more?" I pant, having a few beads of sweat around my body.

"Please!" he pleads.

"Let's switch positions then. I wouldn't want to change the bed sheets if you cum all over it."

"Fine..." he exasperates. "I was really close too..."

I quickly flip him onto his back, straddle his knees to his chest, and stick my rigid steel rod back into his hungry hole. Chris, in turn, places his legs on my shoulders and flails his arms next head, palms up. With the preliminary setup in place, I commence fucking him crazy. And when I mean crazy, I mean like an oil pump gone haywire.

With my body towering over him, I spread my legs into a V-shape for a better stance and fuck the cum out of him, literally. If you were to have a view of a camera on the bed, you'd be able to get a clear view of my dick drilling deeply into Chris's hairless ass. Wow, just the thought of image is more than enough to make me cum again.

"Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh..." he hums back to the speed of my humps, "Oh-h-h-h-h... f-f-f-u-u-u-c-c-c-k-k-k..." He spreads his legs wide apart, dangling them in the air. "Oh fuck!!! Harder Dylan! Ah!... Talk dirty to me..."

"Just look at you..." I grit back while continuing to invade his ass, "Taking it like a bitch in heat..."

"Ah!... Call me a slut!" he begs.

"Oh no... you're just a slut," I spank his ass once, "You're my slut. And I'm gonna use my slut to the max."

"Oh fuck!" he screams at the top of his lungs and bumps his cute bubble butt up in the air. "Mmph! Oh shit! Oh shit- oh shit- oh shit!" he swears as he pumps wave after wave of jizz all over his body.

Damn can this guy spew. His first shot out resembles somewhat of a dynamite, exploding everywhere. The second shot as a better aim as it goes straight his nipples; the rest just spread aimlessly around his stomach. I guess calling him my slut drove him over the edge.

What I forget to mention before though, is that with his sphincter muscles contracting, my dick couldn't withstand that blissful sensation and erupted its second load deep inside Chris's ass.

"Mmm!... Oh fuck yeah!... Deep in my ass Dylan... I hope I get pregnant from your cum..." he sighs, still recovering from his wonderful orgasm.

"Jeeze Chris... how much did you shoot?"

"Enough... to cover my body... apparently..." he adds the last part a bit late, giggling from the high. I slowly pull out since my dick is extremely sensitive from cumming twice in a row.

Chris whimpers from the sudden emptiness in his anal canal, but soon stops when I give him a kiss. His legs slump down onto the bed; I don't think he's moving anytime soon.

"Now then... about your sperm..." Using my palms, I spread it across his torsos, making sure to cover every inch from his chest to his abdomen.

"Aww... I was hoping you'd suck it up."

"Nah... I want you to be a walking sperm bank by the time we're done tonight."

"Wait... there's more?" he asks, curious.

"Of course, hope you're ready for your round two."

"I'm a bit scared as to what round two is..."

I spread his legs and get in between them. Without a second to waste, I engulf his dick in my mouth and begin worshipping it. While I'm sucking it off, my right hand jacks it off, trying desperately to make it hard again.

"OH!... Shit! Can't you give me a minute here?" he grimaces from the sensitivity.

"Nope," I grin back before going back to his semi hard pole. I swirl my tongue all around his purple mushroom tip, causing it to inflame a little in size.

"Sss..." his face twists and his body tenses up a little.

Well, I guess almost hard will have to do. I stop sucking his beautiful dick and straddle his sides with my knees. I grab his dick and position it behind me. Ever so slowly, I sit down with his cock impaling my tight hole.

"Oh yeah..." I sigh as it sinks deep down my love tunnel. The deeper it goes, the harder Chris's dick becomes. I knew he still had it in him.

"Mmm..." Chris closes his eyes and sighs.

Once I feel my bum touching his groin area, I squeeze my sphincter muscles tight and pull up slowly.

"Oh god!..." he grimaces, "Do that again!..."

I completely relax my doorways and force my way down again, loosening my tunnel as much as possible. Once at the bottom again, I tighten my entrance as much as possible and pull up, trying to milk out every last drop of Chris's delicious cum for my famished hole.

"Oh fuck... yeah... ride that cock Dylan..."

I let my hands go limp and start riding his cock. With me on my knees, it wasn't hard to bounce repetitively on his dick.

"Mmm..." I moan, letting my head droop to the side. I then arch my back and tilt my head back with a dangling jaw. "Ah... ah... oh yeah..." I huff out.

Chris grabs hold my hips for support and looks at my cock hungrily. See, it's all nice and hard again and flicking up and down, occasionally slapping his lean stomach.

"Want me to jack you off?" he pants.

"Sure..." I manage to respond, too into the intense feeling of having Chris's pulsing dick in my ass. "Can you also squeeze my buds?"

Chris responds by masturbating my dick with his right hand and pinching my nipple with his leg.

"I love your body Dylan... it's so lean and firm..." he coos. "No beefy muscles, yet still sexy as fuck..."

"Thanks Chris- oh fuck!" I gasp when his dick hits my prostate. I pick up my bouncing speed a bit more and sure enough, I hit my prostate again with his pole. "Jack me off faster Chris!" I rasp.

"Ok..." he beats me off faster and lets out a low moan from the ride I'm giving him.

"Ah... ah... ah..." I stick out my tongue and flick it around in the air. Mmm! I hit my prostate again. Oh shit! There it is again!

"Dylan!... I'm... I'm close..." Chris groans. He arches his back and starts pushing his dick in me simultaneously.

"Me... Me too..." I feel the tingly feeling coming up again. Shit is my dick gonna hurt tomorrow... Oh well, no regrets. "Hold my hips Chris!" I grimace, "I'm... I'm gonna cum!"

Chris stops playing with my chest and dick and grabs hold my hips. I try to hold that point-of-no-return for as long as possible before letting go.

"OH FUCK!" I yell a bit too loudly. I hope I don't wake up the neighbors. My dick pulsates for the third time tonight. Not much comes out, obviously, but still, a few, last bit oozes out onto Chris's body.

"Oh-h-h Dylan!... I'm... I'm gonna cum too!" Chris bucks his hips upward once more and I feel something hot and sticky shoot straight into my ass. Man is that hot... that feeling when your boyfriend unloads his load into your ass... That's one feeling I won't be missing anytime soon.

Once the two of us finish cumming, I collapse on top of Chris, with my legs shaking uncontrollably.

"Dylan... you're gonna have to carry me to the bathroom..." Chris states, his voice quavering.

"That's impossible Chris..." I manage back.


"Because my legs are too shaky to even get off of you right now..." I giggle from out of sheer exhaustion.

"Well then... how are we going to clean up?" he asks softly.

I force my body to move and at the very least free my ass up. Without a dick holding me back, I scoot my legs down in between Chris's and then kiss him passionately on the lips. I stick my tongue into his and suck up his mouth.

He stifles out a moan and his entire body goes limp. He opens him mouth completely and even sucks on my tongue, as if I'm not giving him enough. Meanwhile, our body constantly rubs against each other, smearing my tiny amount of cum about our body with his dried up discharge.

"Hey Chris..." I whisper after breaking our kiss. "You still with me?"

"Hehehehe..." he giggles back high, "you kissed me..."

I roll my eyes and struggle to get myself up. No dice. Hmm... what are we gonna do? As much as I want to just sleep, we need to get cleaned up. All this sweat, cum, not to mention the dance we had before.

"Hey Chris... what do you feel about crawling over to the bathroom?"

"...Sure... why the hell not?" he shrugs. He then stifles that cute laugh of his.


"Oh just thinking. This'll be a great story to tell in the future."

"I guess," I reply, seeing it his way. Oh you know... our sex was so intense that we had to crawl into the restroom to get cleaned up.

In any case, we plop onto the floor and try our best to limp over to the bathroom. Thank god one: nobody was home, and two: the bathroom was right there.

Once in, I turn on the water to get it warm and push myself to sit on the side of the cold ceramic tub. I pull Chris up and let him sit on my lap. I wrap my arms around his waist and cradle him.

"I love you, you know that?"

"Not if I love you more," he replies. I reach for a kiss on his back, but then notice his collar is still on him.

"Oh, better remove this. Wouldn't want it ruined from the water now to we?" I unclick it and toss it to the corner by the door.

"...You like it when I'm your little slave boy don't you?" Chris snickers.

"What? No..."

"You're lying," he sings.

"Ok fine... maybe a little. But nothing too serious."

"Yeah I know. And I also know that you'll never do anything to hurt me. That's why I trust you to do these kinds of things with me."

"That's sweet... I think."

"Well... that and because it really heightens my sex drive whenever we have these role-playing."

"Next time, we're gonna play doctor on each other," I whisper into his ear flirtatiously while rubbing his crusty body.

"Mmm... Dr. Wolfe, I think I need my daily medicine of spermocilin."

"I bet you do Chris... I bet you do... Now let's get into the shower."

I pull aside the curtains and flip around. Using the wall as support, we manage to stand up without falling down. We quickly shampoo each other. While one does his own hair, the other would lather up the other's body. I made extra sure that every last bit of cum was off of Chris's beautiful body.

I have to say, he's gotten skinnier over the past few months, not that he wasn't skinny before. No... his body's becoming more defined. Those last traces of body fat are finally disappearing. His bones are also growing. Now let's just hope his special bone grows some more, if you catch my drift. He's still hairless, which is great since it makes him the perfect twink.


"Hmm?" he grunts with his head under the water.

"...Don't ever grow up... you seem so perfect right now..."

"Well that's kind of hard to do." He flashes me one of those cheeky grins of his and goes to turn off the water. He steps out to grab the towel, and I follow him close behind.

"Yeah I guess... Ok new require. Keep your body like the way it is now."

"What do you mean?" he asks while drying his hair.

"I mean, like what you said before, don't build too much muscle, keep that twink-like body of yours, and try your best to remain as hairless as possible, especially downstairs."

"I think I can manage that," he smiles. "I do prefer the way I look right now."

"Ok, now come on, I think we need to get to bed." I grab his hands and lead him back into the bathroom. We settle ourselves back down on the bed and pull the covers over us.

"I'm tired..." Chris yawns.

"Tell me about it... Now come here so I can cuddle with my Snuggle Bug."

"Actually, can we try something new this time?" he asks.

"Sure, what is it?"

"Lay on your back," he instructs. I do and he drapes his body over me, hugging me tight with his head on my chest. In response, I wrap my right arm around him and tug him in closer to me.

"Love you Dylan..." he yawns again. "Good night..."

"Night Chris..." I kiss him on the forehead, "Sweet dreams."

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