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"Damn it Matt!"

So... every have one of those mornings where your entire body is sore from last night? Yeah... that's me right now. And it doesn't help the fact that a text from somebody work me up. Should I answer it?... Nah... I have a cute boy to cuddle with.

Funny thing though, I guess Chris loves being spooned too much. Yep, we ended up back in that position. Ah well, I prefer wrapping my arms around his lithe body anyways. Now if I can do something about this aching body, that'd be fucking great...

So... that text... I should probably read it, but I'm too tired to care right now. So whoever the fuck woke me up at 7 in the morning, fuck you! I place my phone back onto the lamp stand and snuggle closer to Chris. But... The phone buzzes again. I groan and flip around again, reaching for the phone. This better be important...

Dylan! Can you try calling Matt? I'm worried about him since last night...

Dylan?! I know youre there! Plz!

Jeeze Caleb... it's only seven and you're already worried about him?

"What... do... you... mean?..." I mumble to myself as I struggle to text him back.

The phone buzzes continuously after a few seconds. God damn it Caleb... I text you, and you give me a call?

"Hello?..." I groggily answer.

"He had a bit too much to drink. And when we sent him back home, his houses lights were still on. I'm just scared about what happened."

"What time did you guys get back?" I ask.

"At around 2:30..." Caleb trails off.

"Alright..." I groan as I free myself from Chris, causing him to stir.

"Nnn... no, water will be fine thank you..." he murmurs.

I giggle at his dream talk and focus my attention back onto Caleb. "Alright... did you call him already?"

"Of course, but he refuses to pick up."

"Calm down Caleb... Lemme give him a call ok?"

"Ok... what if he doesn't pick up?" Caleb asks, a little frantic at that horrible thought.

"Then I'll call you back and we'll work something out from there ok?"

"...Ok..." he whispers back.

"Ok, now lemme call him." I hung up and dial Matt's cell number. After five or six rings, the voicemail speech comes up. Hmm... he could be passed out. Matt has also been one who can't take his alcohol well.

I call him again for safe measures. No dice... still voicemail. A bit frustrated and hazy from last night, I dial Caleb's number again.

After a couple of rings, Caleb's voice comes on, "Did he answer?"

"No. Listen, Caleb... how many drinks did he have?" I ask.

"Only a few. I think he took three shots, and that was it."

"Hmm... are you parents still asleep?" I ask him. There's no way Matt's passed out with only that little alcohol in him. So I'm sure he would've heard both Caleb and my phone calls.

"Yeah... why?"

"I can't shake this bad feeling that something's happened. Write a note or something to let your parents that I took you out for breakfast or something. I'll come pick you up in twenty minutes ok?"

"Ok... thanks Dylan..."

"No problem. Friends gotta stick out for each other right? Anyway, lemme get Chris up, and I'll see you in twenty minutes ok?"


I hang up and nudge Chris. "Snuggle Bug... I know you want to sleep, but we've got trouble..."

"Nnn..." he stirs, "Someone better be dying..."

"Not that serious... but I think something's wrong with Matt."

He flips onto his back and sighs. "Yeah... your phone call woke me up... I heard most of it..."

"Come on... let's get ready. We have to pick up Caleb up in twenty minutes."

"Fine..." he groans. "Taking away my sleep time..."

"I know... we'll go back to bed after we make sure that nothing's wrong, okay?" I comfort him.


We both get up and quickly relieve our morning duties. Like always, while one uses the bathroom, the other brushes his teeth. We then switch our roles and rush back into the room. Damn is it chilly today. We cursorily put on some clothes and head downstairs for makeshift breakfast. After making the toast, we head out with them in our mouth.

"There he is!" Chris notices and points at Caleb by his doorway.

I stop the car in front of his little driveway and unlock the door for Caleb to hop in.

"So... any ideas where he might be?" I ask.

"Can we try his house first? Bryan managed to drop him off at his house."

"Alright, he's not far from you." I shift into drive and pull back onto the street. We go down a few blocks and reach Matt's house. Hey, my town's freaking small, remember?

"Ok, let's go."

I park my car in their driveway, and we all walk towards Matt's front door. Chris rings the doorbell, and after a few moments, Matt's mom answers the door.

"Oh hey Dylan, what brings you here?" she yawns.

"Hey, is Matt here?" I ask.

"Umm... no?" she raises her eyebrow.

Good thing I'm extremely good at noticing these things. Thinking quick on my feet, I come up with a plot to raise suspicion.

"See, told you he was at Bryan's house Caleb..." I sign and shake my head at him.

"Huh, what? Bryan dropped him off here though..." Caleb trails off.

"Jeeze... he probably had too much to drink," I laugh it off. "Well, sorry to bother you," I apologize to Matt's mom. "Come on guys, let's get going to Bryan's house. I'm sure everyone there's hung over beyond repair."

I flick my hands at the two younger boys, shooing them towards the car with me close behind. We quickly get in the car, and I pull out the driveway and away from Matt's mom's view.

"Sorry about that Caleb. Matt's mom had no idea if he returned home last night. And I don't want her to worry, so..."

"You used me as a scapegoat," Caleb finishes for me.

"Yep, pretty much," I reply back as I make a left. "So, any ideas where he might be?"

"I really don't know... Wait!" Caleb shouts, "He might be there..."

"Where?" Chris asks.

"Make a right at the next stop light," Caleb instructs.

"Ok, turn left into that park," Caleb concludes with his set of instructions.

"Jeeze... out of all places, here?" I complain. You better be here Matt, otherwise... I'm gonna kick your ass, after kicking your ass for making me wake up this early to find you.

"Come on!" Caleb shouts at us as he dashes ahead to the park. Well, 'park' in quotes. It's actually more of a flood control area for that just in case. Although, it's southern California... it rarely rains that heavy here.

We travel along the dirt road by the lake into the park. Huh... this isn't such a bad place now that I look at it. Wonder how did Caleb and Matt stumble upon the place.

"This way!" Caleb guides us into the woods after making left. After bobbing and weaving some more, we come across a picnic table with a few benches set up facing the lake. On one of them lies a knocked-out Matt.

"Well... we found him," I awkwardly slur out as I walk up to him. "Hey Matt," I nudge him by poking his sides with a finger. No dice. Caleb tries to wake him up too.

"Here, let me try." Chris pushes us aside and shakes Matt violently. "So. Help. Me. Matt... If you don't wait up... I'll get Dylan to kick you ass."

"Wait-wait-wait," I stop Chris, "Let's try this..." Chris sets him back down and I forcibly pinch the skin between Matt's two nostrils.

His eyes blast wide open and he screams. "OWWW!!!! What was that for?!!"

"There we go," I smirk, feeling accomplished that I woke him up.

"UGH!... Where am I?... And why does my head hurt?..." Matt groans.

"Oh Matt! I was so worried about you!" Caleb rushes pass me hugs Matt.

"Oof!... Can somebody tell me why the hell am I here?" Matt asks again, groaning at his massive hung over.

"You're at our special place..." Caleb answers. "And we should be the ones asking why you're here... What do you remember?"

"Hmm... I remember getting in the car with Bryan to head back home... I then get home to see my dad- Oh shit!..." Matt hisses as he ducks his head down.

"What? What's wrong?" Caleb asks.

"Everything!... Ugh!..."

"What do you mean?" I question him for more information.

"Tsk... I blew off my dad because he got mad at me for being out this late..." Matt groans. "We fought and he basically kicked me out..."

"Then how did you get over here?" Chris asks.

"I... I don't remember..." he trails off, "I... I remember thinking about Caleb... I guess that's what brought me here... I think-I'm sorry. I really can't remember."

"Alright! Let's save our sob story for later. Right now, I think Matt needs a hot shower, some food, and some time to think before telling us everything," I conclude. "That sound with everyone?"



"Wait... where will I go?" Matt interjects, "Gah! This throat is killing me!..."

"At my place of course," Chris pipes in. "Don't worry, my parents won't mind after hearing your story. Right Dylan?"

"You sure? I don't want to impose."

"Nah... feel free to stay over for a while. Judging from what you're telling me, it's nothing as simple as a fight with your dad," I add on to what Chris said.

"If you say so... thanks guys..."

"Hey, what are friends for? Now come on! It's kind of chilly out here," I state as I rub my shoulders with my hands.

I quickly help support Matt up as we waddle back to my car. During the entire time, he has one hand on his head. Jeeze... talk about hung-over. Glad I didn't go through that. In any case, we manage to get to my car. I start it up and rush back to Chris's place. Can't wait to be back in bed!

"Yay! We're back!" Chris cheers as we enter the house. Once I close the door behind me, Chris starts stripping.

"Um... Chris?" I awkward stammer out, "We have company?"

"So?" He continues removing his clothes, "I don't know what you guys are doing, but I'm going back to bed," he yawns, "Matt, you can use the guest bedroom with Caleb after showering." He yawns again and walks up the stairs. Halfway through, he takes off his boxers and I catch a glimpse of his cute bubble butt wiggling its way up to the room.

"Well then... Guess he's not shy about his body anymore," I chortle a little.

"I heard that!" he shouts from the second floor before shutting the door shut. The three of us downstairs laugh a little at his remark.

"Well, you heard him. Make yourself at home. Although I recommend taking a shower first Matt," I comment while pinching my nose. I lead them up the stairs and show them the bathroom and bedroom. With them settled in, I enter into Chris's room and lock the door behind me.

"Oh Chris~" I sing as I walk towards the bed. "Somebody's been a little naughty... showing his cute butt to everyone in the house."

"Nnn... not now Dylan..." He tosses my hand off him and goes back to sleep.

"Wow... cranky now are we?" I rest my hands on his curves again and gently caress them.

"Sorry... but I'm tired..."

"It's ok, I'm tired too," I yawn. I take off all my clothes and get under the bed sheets again. I cradle Chris's lithe body with mine and gently drift back into sleep. Well, half sleep. The last thing I remember is the sound of the shower being turned on. Guess Matt's finally showering.

*        *        *        

"That felt nice... now if I can do something about this massive headache..."

"What was that?" Caleb yawns in response while sleeping on the guest bed.

"Oh nothing..." Matt replies as he walks towards the bed with nothing but a towel on. "Shit!"


"I have no clothes to wear."

"That's ok," Caleb grins naughtily. "I think Dylan will have some clothes for you wear later. Besides, I prefer you this way... all natural-like."

Matt sighs deeply and crawls under the bed cover to join Caleb. "Sorry Caleb... I'm not in the mood..."

"...Is it still because of your parents?" Caleb asks.

"Half of it..."

"What do you mean?" Caleb questions again, intrigued by Matt's answer.

"I mean... half of the reason why I'm pissed off is because of my parent, meaning my dad. The other half is because of this major headache that refuses to go away!..." Matt scowls in detest.

"Jeeze do you suck at drinking," Caleb giggles. "How many did you have? Three?"

"Five, for your information," Matt shoots back, taking pride in that.

"That's still not much..." Caleb rolls his eyes, "Anyways, what about your dad? How did you end up in the park? Tell me what happened after we dropped you off."

"Ok-ok... calm down and let me explain... sheesh..."

The room goes quiet for a few minutes while Matt gathers his thoughts.

"Ok... so after you guys dropped me off, I enter my house, only to see my dad waiting in the main hallway. Apparently, he was mad at me for something. I can't remember what though."

"Mhm... go on..."

"So he starts shouting at me, and I, of course, am tipsy and not in the best to reply coherently."

"...What did you do?..." Caleb sighs.

"I told him off and started arguing with him. He didn't take it well... Basically, I told him that he was a lousy father and was never there when I needed him. To him, it's always about him, and only him... And somehow, the argument goes back to me still being single and not having a girlfriend and blah-blah-blah. So I flipped him off. I remember that clearly."

"...He then kicked you out didn't he?..." Caleb whispers.

"I think so. Quite honestly, I don't remember much after that. I think I just left after finishing what I had to say."



"...Yeah?" he sniffles back in response.

"Are you crying?"

"No... something just got in my eye," he replies while rubbing away the tears with his arm.

Matt sighs deeply again and lies down on the bed. "You know Caleb... the reason why I was at the park was because the last thought I had on my mind was you." Caleb leans over and looks at Matt. "Guess that special place was what I remembered about you... so I somehow made it over there."

Silence... More silence...

"Caleb?" Matt breaks the dull sound in the room.

"Yeah, I'm here... I was just so worried about you..." Caleb sniffles back. He wipes his eyes again. "Stupid dust..."

Matt couldn't help but snicker at Caleb. He might be an annoying kid at times, but he's my annoying kid...

"So... now what?" Caleb inquires.

"I... I don't know..." Matt sighs, "I'm sure we'll figure something out. Now how about you help me recover faster by being my teddy bear?"

"Sure..." Caleb manages to smile again and scoot up against Matt.

"Boy do we suck at this... this boyfriend thing I mean," Matt chuckles.

"Still feel awkward?" Caleb asks.

"A little... but I think it's because we're not out yet like Dylan and Chris are..."

"No rush... whenever you feel ready..." Caleb yawns.

"Yeah... whenever I'm ready..." If I'll ever be ready...


"Yeah Caleb?"

"...Is this the drunk you or the sober you talking?"

"The sober me of course. You saw how I act drunk... regrettably," Matt scoffs to himself. "Why do you ask?"

"Just making sure... wouldn't want you regretting even more by blurting something you didn't want me to hear."


*        *        *        

I wake up abruptly and notice Chris gone from the room. Funny, his clothes from earlier are still scattered about the room. Hmm... I put on my clothes and grab his boxers before heading out of the room. As soon as I open the door, a waft of breakfast smells hit my nose. Guess where he is?...

I head downstairs and notice his naked butt shaking at me as he's cooking up some eggs. I shake my head and go up to him.

"As much as I appreciate you fulfilling a fantasy of mine, I think you should at least have some courtesy for our guests," I whispers into his ear as I wrap my arms around his shoulder.

He jolts a little and gasps silently. "Jeeze... don't scare me like that..." he sighs.

"Here..." I say, handing him his boxers.

"Aww... why?" he pouts.

"Did you hear what I said before?"

"Something about showing courtesy right?"

"Yeah. Well that and also because I don't want some sausage accidentally being cooked," I smirk at him, reaching for my special sausage that no one else can have.

"Hey! Hands off the merchandize!" he steers away, "And besides, that's what the apron's for."

"Never hurt to be too careful. You never know... somebody might snatch up the roll and eat it all for himself," I snicker.

"Jeeze... you're worse than me at times," he replies while slipping on the undergarment.

"Uh Chris?"


"Your eggs."

"Oh crap!" He quickly turns around and puts them on a plate. "Woo... they were almost burnt."

I couldn't help but giggle at his playful personality.

"What smells good?" Caleb pops down.

"Just eggs," Chris replies.

"Cool! Wanna make me some?"

Chris rolls his eyes and cracks over two more eggs. "Might as well make breakfast for everyone."

"By the way, digging the outfit Chris," Caleb grins.

"Jealous that you don't have this sexy body?" Chris smiles equally back while shaking his ass towards Caleb.

"Oh yeah, Matt's looking for you Dylan."

"Oh? Ok," I reply. "Be back soon you guys. And don't burn anything Chris!"

"Yeah-yeah, I know!" he shouts as I hop up the stairs.

"Matt?" I peer in after knocking the door.

"Oh, you here. Wait! Don't look!" Matt warns me.

"What are youuuuuu oh..." I trail off. Matt's standing in front of me, stark naked with his hands covering his boy bits, or man bits in this case.

"Umm... Dylan?" he breaks my trance, staring at me awkwardly.

"Huh? Oh yeah. You need clothes. Umm... lemme go see what I can do." I back away from the door and scoff to myself. I head into my room (Still weird saying that!) and grab some of my clothes for Matt.

"Here," I toss them in with my eyes closed. "Just come down when you're done."

"Hey Dylan?"


"I've never seen you so shy before," he giggles.

"Shut it," I sneer. "I just don't want Caleb getting jealous."

"Oh really? Wanna come in and tell me that in person?" he challenges.

I walk back in. "I just don't wannntt..." Great, I fell into his trap. There he is... showing off his hard on for me to see with his hands on his hips. Luckily, I think quick on my feet. "...Wow... so tiny Matt. How do you please Caleb with that?"

"Fuck you!"

I bust up laughing and continue acting my revenge on him. "Jeeze... if you wanna show off, at least have something to. Well, you know, show off."

"Again, fuck you," he blushes and quickly puts on a pair of boxers while facing away from me. He turns around again and looks at the wide grin on my face. He gets the joke and cracks up laughing with me.

"Well, just hurry down when you're done. I don't think we can trust Caleb and Chris down there along. Who knows, they might start cheating on us," I joke.

"Then I guess the only way to get them back is to cheat on them," Matt snickers.

"Maybe, just maybe... Anyways, I'm gonna go check up on them. There's a spare toothbrush in the drawer under the sink."

I head down the stairs and see the two younger boys trying to cook something together.

"Dylan! Can you tell Caleb that he's cooking it all wrong?" Chris whines.

"No way dude! You were doing it wrong this whole time," Caleb argues back, trying to take the pan away.

"Whoa-whoa! Calm down you two. I don't want anyone trying to get hurt," I caution them while stepping forward. "Ok, why don't you two go sit down and I'll finish cooking?"

"Fine. But first, tell Caleb that he's wrong," Chris pouts.

"Nu-uh, you were wrong," Caleb pouts in response.

I couldn't help but stifle a giggle at the two. I swear, they're both six years old or something. "Both of you were wrong. Happy?"

"No!" the two say back simultaneously.

I shake my head and shoo them away. Manning the stove, I finally see what the ruckus was all about. They were trying to make an omelet. The outer egg base's already burnt, good thing the only other thing in the pan was cheese.

"Wow... I was right. Both of you were wrong." I toss the contents and reapply some oil onto the pan. "So who forgot to turn the fire down to a low?"


"And who forgot to rip the cheese into bits?"

Again, silence from the two. I shake my head and snicker a little to myself. Well, at least they didn't burn down the house or something.

"Alright, go sit down and I'll get this ready in a few."

After a few minutes, I finish making four omelets. Just in time too, since Matt came down with his hand still on his head. Hangovers... not even once. I give him a glass of water to help with the headache and sit down with them. We eat while Matt recalls what exactly happened last night.

I have to say, not even I know what to do at this point. I guess the only thing we can do is allow Matt to stay over at Chris's house for the next few days. Chris says its fine, so I'm sure it'll be ok after we explain the situation to Betty and Wayne. Maybe they can give us some advice.

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