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Chapter 32 "Of All Days..."

* ~ * ~ Dylan:

So... after Matt's little incident, we've decided to talk to Chris's parents. Naturally, they were understanding and allowed Matt to stay over at Chris's house for the next few days while we all worked this out. To dampen the days though, finals were coming up, or already did actually.

See, it's Friday, the last day of finals. So guess who's been freaking out without his books to study. Mhm, Matt... I keep telling him that he'll be fine since he's pretty much at the top of the class. But we all know what it's like to have a friend like Matt; they always assume the worst will happen. Whatever... I'm 100% sure that he'll be fine.

But with Matt at Chris's house, I've decided to stay back at home. Of course, it'll give me less distractions for studying... Implying that I actually study though... But more importantly, Chris's house is gonna be crowded for the next few days, and I don't want to contribute any more to that. Well, also because my dad still needs a bit of help moving around ever since that accident. He is getting better though -should be back to normal health within the next few days.

Now as for Chris, something's been off with him. He seems more tired lately, not to mention his eyes are red and droopy. Whenever I ask him though, he says he's fine and goes along his way before I can say anything else.

Hmm... I should get to the bottom of this today in our Study Hall final. I swear, why have a final for that class? Ok let me clarify. I don't have to show up it since I'm the tutor of the class. However, the students still have to show up for the final, even though it's basically a waste of time for everyone -including the teacher. I mean, she doesn't even take attendance; she just pulls out her phone and let's everybody do their thing. But whatever, I'm still gonna show up and ask Chris what's up.

Speaking of Chris... my phone rings at 7:30 AM with his nickname on it. I better hear a good morning or something from you for calling this early Chris!

* ~ * ~ Chris:

"Chris! It's time to get up or else you'll be late!... Chris!"

"Mom... I don't feel so good..." I groan out. Shit do I feel shit...

"Oh... What's wrong?" my mom sits down on my bedside and puts her hand on my forehead. "Wow that's hot!"

I cough back in response and groan again. "I think the fever's finally peaked..."

"Fever? When did you get sick?" Mom asks.

"What's all the fuss about?" Dad walks in curious.

"Apparently, Chris has a fever, or has had to be correct," Mom responds. "When did you get it?"

"About a week ago..." I hack out. "God... I thought it would go away, and I didn't want to worry you. So..."

"Tsk... what are we going to do then?" my mom sighs.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine at home," I meekly smile at her. "Go to work, and Dad..."

"Yeah son?"

"Matt's probably sneaking out of the house by now. I heard the door open."

"Now on my watch!" He then rushes down the stairs to catch up to Matt. Jeeze Matt... just let my dad take you to school; it's not that big a deal.

"You sure you'll be ok without me at home? I can always cancel the meeting..."

"No... don't do that..." I whine, "I just need bed rest. And besides... Shadow will keep me company," I turn over to my side and cuddle into a little ball. Almost immediately, Shadow's ears perk up and jumps onto the bed.

"This dog of yours..." my mom sighs loudly. "Do you need me to write a note or anything?"

"No... they don't even take roll during Study Hall. So it'll be fine..."

"Alright... if you're sure... need anything before I leave?" she asks me one more time.

"Can you call Dylan and tell him that I won't be at school today?"

"Sure thing."

While she makes the phone call by the stairs, I drag myself off the bed. No matter how sick I am, I still gotta piss. It's been years, but I put on a pair of PJs and attempt trudging towards the bathroom.

After relieving myself, I manage to get myself near my bed and just plop face-first back down onto the bed. I then worm myself over to Dylan's side since his side is cooler and neater. I catch a whiff of his scent on the pillow... God I miss him right now. I should get a teddy bear to hug- oh wait... I do have a teddy bear that Dylan won for me!

"Alright Chris, Dylan knows. You sure you don't want me home?"

"Nnn..." I growl out while on my back. I just too tired and sick to even reply.

"Ok... you know where the medicine is if you need it, drink plenty of water, and remember to take your temperature from time to time you hear me?" my mom lectures me.

I lift my arm up to show her a thumbs up sign before knocking out again. I hear her sigh loudly and murmuring to herself. "Honestly... a fever at this time..."

She heads out of my room and soon, I hear the door opening and shutting a second time. Ahh... peace and quiet now... I roll back to my side of the bed and grab Dylan's pillow to cuddle with. I know it's not the same- not by a long shot, but it's still his, so at least I'll be somewhat content just by clinging onto it.

I managed to get some sleep for about thirty minutes before I hear the doorbell. I swear... the one bad habit my mom never got over with, being too paranoid... I sigh deeply and slowly get out of bed. Using the railings, I slowly head down the stairs and turn right to the front door with Shadow falling close behind. I swear, dogs are freaking smart... It's like as if he knows that I'm sick or something.

I peek out the little hole, but don't anyone. Hmm... I open the door and a tall person pounces on me, pushing us inside while the door closes.

"Hey Snuggle Bug..." he smirks.

"Dylan!..." I cough after saying his name.

"Ah jeeze... I knew something was wrong! Why did you say anything?"

I suppress my hacking as he pats my back. "What are you doing here?" I manage out.

"Taking care of you, duh. Why else would I be here?"

I look up and stare into his eyes for a while before smiling like an idiot. He came all the way just to take care of me... He's always so nice to me... Love... makes people do crazy shit I guess. So I guess I'll pay him back somehow... someday.

"Why are you smiling?" He raises an eyebrow.

"Oh nothing... just thinking about some random stuff," I reply.

"Okay? Anyways... Let's get you back in bed." He drops his backpack while simultaneously scoops me into his arms before I can react. He quickly flies up the stairs and into my room. He gently sets me back down onto the bed and tucks me in.

"Dylan? Can you grab Snowflake for me?"

"Sure thing." He reaches for it and tosses next to me.

I place him under the covers and hug him tight. "Thanks..."

"Ok. I'm gonna go downstairs to make some soup for you. So you just stay here and try to get some sleep okay?"

"Okay..." I whisper back. "Dylan?..."


"Thanks... for everything..."

I hear him sigh and kisses me lightly on the forehead. "No problem Snuggle Bug... Now then. To making soup! I even bought some ingredients to make it."

And he was off as I hear him whisk down the stairs while playing with Shadow. I scoff a little to myself before turning to my side. A smile subconsciously forms on my mouth as I try to drift off into an uncomfortable slumber.

*~*~ Dylan:

Boy did his head feel hot... I hope it's nothing too serious. Anyway, I head back to the front door to grab my backpack with all my stuff in it. After doing that, I walk into the kitchen with Shadow still following me close behind.

"Hey boy... wanna help me so Chris will get better faster?" I ask him.

"Arf!" Shadow affirms back by wagging his tail. Now that you get a look at him, he's grown bigger since we've brought him home. Wonder how much longer before he's fully grown.

In any case, I grab out all the ingredients from my bag and dump it onto the countertop. It's been a while since I last made chicken noodle soup... Hope I remember how...

After about half an hour, the timer dings and go back to check on the soup with Shadow following close behind. I turn off the fire and have a taste test. It tasted great, if I do say so myself. And I'm not being narcissistic. I pour some into a bowl and look in the pantry for some medicine as well as the thermometer. All the while, Shadow's jumping and wagging his tail, wanting my divine attention.

"No Shadow. I'm busy."

Shadow whimpers back and sits down, staring at me with his eyes.

"Jeeze... you're worse than Chris sometimes, you know that?"

"Arf!" he barks in affirmation, jumping at me again.

"Alright... lets go see Chris. Okay?"

Shadow pants back eagerly and walks towards the stairs, occasionally looking back to make sure that I was following.

We eventually make it to the top with my tray of food without any mistakes. I open the door and squeeze through. Inside, I see my delicate angel sleeping, snoring a little with each breathe. I couldn't help but chuckle a little to myself. Unfortunately, his peaceful slumber was disturbed by Shadow jumping on top of him.

"Nnn... Shadow!..." Chris grimaces.

"Waky-waky," I smile at Chris. I set the tray aside and prop up Chris's pillow so that he's comfortable. "Feeling better?"

"Now really..."

"Well maybe this will make you feel better," I smile at him as I place the tray of soup in front of him.

"Thanks Dylan..." he weakly replies.

"Before we do that though, here. Don't move." I stick the ear thermometer into one of his ears and press the button. "Hmm... 100.5. Let's try the other ear Chris."

He tilts his head and I stick the thermometer to the other end. After a few seconds, the device beeps, and I take it out of Chris's ear. "Oh ok, it's not too bad. 101.7."

"But I still feel like shit..." he groans.

"Well... maybe the soup will make you feel better." I peck him gently on the forehead and sit next to him. Shadow jumps at the chance and pounces onto me. "Oof... Shadow... you're getting heavy..."

He looks off to the side with his head sticking out. Guess he wants the food.

"Wow ok Shadow... ignore me just because Chris has food."

"Woof!" he barks once. God damn-it is he smart...

Chris giggles silently and sips a spoonful of noodles. "Mmm... I sure this would taste good if my nose isn't clogged."

"It's not about the taste... it's about you getting better. Now hurry and finish so you can take the medicine."

Chris manages to stomach down the bowl of soup in about five minutes and belches to signify the end. "Ok... if I remember correctly, it's two pills, right Dylan?"

"Umm... let's see." I grab the bottle from him and skim over the labels. "...Yeah, take two if you're 13 and over."

Chris plops two out of the bottle and swallows it with some water.

"Ok... now get some rest. Do you want me here or do you want some privacy?" I ask him.

"You can stay here if you want... I kinda want a shower though..."

"Think you can manage yourself? Or do you need help?"

"Some help would be nice..." he answers nasally before hacking all over the place.

"Alright... let's go Chris."

He throws the blanket off of him and sits up with his feet resting on the ground next to the bed. I get behind him and slowly peel off his shirt. Might as well I guess. I mean, he is sweating a bit. I toss the shirt to the corner and get in front of him. I look at him and he smiles. He lifts his butt up and I quickly tug off his shorts and boxers.

"So that's where my little toy's been," I joke around to lighten the mood.

"Hey... it's not little..." he meekly shoots back.

I grin at him and help him up. "Yeah you're right. It's actually puny."

"Shuddup," he chortles.

I crouch down to allow him onto my back. With him piggybacking on me, we head down the short trip out of his room and into his parent's bathroom.

"Umm Dylan?" he begins to ask.

"Yeah-yeah I know. But we're using your parent's hot tub so I actually have room to scrub you down."

"Oh, that makes sense."

We shortly arrive with Shadow gleefully jumping from behind. "Shadow, I don't think you'd want to be here," I snicker at him. He sits down and tilts his head at me a little.

I shake my head at him and after placing Chris down in the tub, I turn on the faucet. Shadow, upon hearing the water flowing, makes a dash for the door. Chris and I look at each other and couldn't help but laugh.

"Come on Chris, let's get you cleaned up." Once the water fills up all the way, I shut the water off and grab the shampoo.

"I can do it myself Dylan."

"And let this chance of touching my boyfriend slip away? No thank you," I grin at him.


"A pervert huh? Then I'm sure you won't get a boner after I'm done with you. Now hold still." I squeeze out a healthy glob of shampoo and rub it around Chris's beautiful, golden locks. As I clean up his hair, Chris tilts his body back a little and starts purring. "Hmm. Perverted my ass..." I mumble quietly.

"Mmm..." Chris continues to coo as I massage his scalp, and I do mean massage. This should clear up his head a little. After giving his head a rub down, I grab the ladle and rinse off the suds. Once that was done, I grab the body wash and squeeze a glob onto my palm.

"Sit on one of the higher steps Chris," I whisper to him. He scoots over to where the steps are and sits on the highest on.

I quickly lather up his shoulders, massaging them too for a while, and slowly flowing down to the rest of his body. I stop at his stomach and separate my hands, going around to his back. Chris reacts to the delicate touches and shudders. I smile at him and glance over at his crotch.

"Somebody's excited," I tease as I wash his back. After that's done, I tell him to submerge into the water to wash off the body soap. He then stands up and I quickly lather up his legs. Hey, he is sick and water does make you cold. I do, however, leave the best for last.

"Sit back down Chris..." I tell him seductively.

Puzzled, he sits back down, washing off the last of the soap into the water. I drag a towel over his upper body and reach over him. I grab hold his penis and start stroking it slowly. Chris jolts at the touch and begins his unpersuasive protest.

"No Dylan..." he groans, trying with all his will to push me hands away. "Nnn... ah..."

"Shh..." I nuzzle into his ear. "When was the last time you cummed?"

"...Stop..." he forces his head back and bites his lower lip.

I blow into his ear gently as I continue to stroke his steel rod. "I think... It's been a while since you last blew your wad... isn't that right?"

With each stroke, his enlarged mushroom head disappears and then reemerges out of foreskin. And since it's already lubed up with water, it makes things so much easier to please his junior.

"Ah...Sss..." he grimaces. He begins humping his body into my head. "...Nnn... Faster!... Please!"

I grip his dick slightly harder and stroke it faster. Meanwhile, my other hand wraps around his lithe body and pinches his nipple. And let's not forget about his head shall we? My lips find their way to Chris's ear and begin lightly nibbling on it,

"Ah!... Oh shit Dylan!... I'm... not gonna last long..."

I take that as an invitation to stroke faster and beat harder on his dick. Chris starts bucking his hips back and forth, with his face twisted in between pain and pleasure. He pulls his body back one last time before arching forward, spraying seven thick shots of his juice onto all over his body. All the while, he cries out in waves of joy.

"Damn Chris... how long has it been?" I remark as I continue to stroke him slowly, milking out that last bit of jizz left in him. "Feel a little bit better now?"

He remains speechless, only giggling occasionally from his sudden explosion.

"Jeeze Chris..." I kiss him on the neck. "If you needed what an old-fashion, you could've just said something."

"...Shut... shut up..." he shoots back before giggling like a madman again.

"Alright. Well, lets get you back in the water to clean off your gunk."

I remove the towel from him and he slouches himself back down into the water to wash off the cum on his body. He then sinks lower so that his mouth is below the water, blowing bubbles like an innocent little boy.

"What are you doing?" I chuckle a little at his actions.

He sits and up smiles. "I do feel a little better..."

"Alright horndog. Let's get you out of the water and back into bed."

He gets out of the tub after pulling the plug and I help him dry off his hair. After that's done, I guide him towards the makeup area and pull out the hairdryer. Hey, he's sick, remember?

As the hot air is drying Chris's beautiful flaxen locks, I couldn't help but notice his lithe little body becoming more defined. Ah... the sweet age of development... Chris is no longer the little boy that I once knew, even if it wasn't too long ago.

"Dylan? Don't forget to comb it as you're drying my hair. Otherwise, it'll look like a mess."

"Oh. Right..." I grab the comb and begin untangling his hair it dries. "There, better?"


"Think you can stand?" I ask.

"Umm..." He tries to stand up and manages two steps before getting all wobbly on me.

"Alright... let's go." I swoop him up off the floor.

Acting quickly, I carry him back into the bedroom. Once there, I gently lay him down onto the bed and go into his closet. He gives me a puzzled look as I toss him a pair of boxers.

"Just in case your parents come back and you're still asleep," I smile at him.

"Oh," he understands mildly. He cursorily slips them on, and I pull the covers over him again.

"Now get some rest. I want my healthy, cheerful Chris back in my life."

"I'll try..." he yawns before turning to his side. "I wish I can kiss you right now though..."

"Here..." I lean down and give him a quick peck on the forehead. "Something that you've always liked."

"Yeah..." he yawns again.

"Want me to stay in here or..."

"Stay... and bring Shadow back too... Oh! Where's Snowflake?" He looks around and pulls his teddy bear back under his blanket.

"Alright. Now sleep for real now. I'll be right back with Shadow."

I head out the door and down the stairs to look for Shadow. I find him down by the back door. He whines and scratches the door with his paw. I get the memo and open the door for him. Shadow seizes the moment and dashes out the door, walking around in circles on the lawn before lifting his hind leg up.

After he finishes his business, he runs back in and stares me down. He then pushes towards the stairs, urging me to follow him up the stairs. I walk up to him and bend down.

"I know what you're thinking Shadow. You want to go up don't you?" I ask while scratching his head. His tail pops up and starts wagging like a metronome set on presto. "Alright, let's go." Shadow takes the invitation and sprints up the stairs. I follow close behind to open the door for him.

Once inside, I peek into the room to see Chris soundly asleep. Shadow barges in and jumps on the bed. Again, he circles around a few times and then settles down on my side of the bed. Jeeze... this dog... just taking up my spot without batting an eye.

I wander over and notice Chris's cute, peaceful face as he's sleeping, clutching Snowflake with his arms. I smile at the image and grab my hidden sketch pad from the desk. Well, hidden might not be the best way to describe it.

It's actually Chris's; I'm merely borrowing it. I grab the chair and position myself at an angle from Chris and Shadow. Capturing the picture before my eyes, my pencil starts furiously scratching onto the pad, recreating the view before me.

"There... done," I whisper to myself as I hold up the sketch pad.

I have to say; I've outdone myself this time. I've managed to capture Chris's cute essence onto paper with Shadow curled up at his side. He's gonna hate me for this isn't he? Oh well, it'll be a great surprise to him when I show him it.

I glance over at the clock. "1:50... So roughly an hour before school ends," I mutter again. Shadow perks up his head up and whines a little. He shakes his head for a few seconds and then slumps back down, sighing heavily.

Hmm... I quietly grab Chris's laptop and plug in my ear buds. I have nothing to do... might as well derp around the internet. Let's see... I think I need to catch up on some of my memes, not to mention posting some stupid stuff on Chris's Facebook!

Before I know it, the hour passes by and I hear someone -or rather, two people- opening the door. One of them must be Matt; who's the other though? Chris's parents have work today until 5 at the very earliest. Could it be Caleb? Shadow's head perks up and stare at the door.

"Anyone home?" Yup. That's Caleb's voice.

Shadow loses it and makes a dash for the door, barking and scratching at it.

"Shh! Down boy!" I hiss at him while opening Chris's door so he can run out. Jeeze, doesn't he know that Chris is sleeping?

Once Shadow's out of the room, I slip out and gently close the door behind me. "Up here," I call out while gliding down the stairs.

"Who's a good boy?" Caleb blows with his puffy cheeks while scratching Shadow's head. "Oh Dylan! We missed you today!"

"Yeah-yeah. But it was study hall," I wave it aside nonchalantly.

"Still... it was boring without anyone to talk to for three hours..." Caleb pouts.

"Sorry, but Chris's sickness finally got the better of him."

"How bad is he?" Matt asks after finishing a cup of water.

"He's doing better. Just a nasty cold is all," I reply while scratching Shadow's belly.

"Can I go see him?"

"There's not much to see... He's sleeping, but that's about it."

"And besides," Matt adds, "Don't you have your grades to worry about?"

"Hence why I need the distraction," Caleb shoots back. "In any case, I'm going up ahead."

"Wait!" I yell while following after him. If I know Caleb, he's planning something bad. And it's my job as Chris's boyfriend to stop these things from happening.

Caleb sees me chasing after him and makes a run for it, giggling like the naughty boy he is.

"Don't think I don't know what you're up to Caleb!" I catch up to him and grab hold of him. He laughs and squirms, trying to get away from me.

"Alright already! I promise I won't do anything to him," he shouts.

"For your sake, I hope so." I let go of him and cautiously open the door.

"Aww... he looks cute when he's sleeping," Caleb comments while walking in.

"...Fuck you too Caleb..." Chris groggily replies while turning away from us.

"Damn it. He was awake this whole time," Caleb snaps his fingers.

"How can I not when all I hear is your screaming?"

"He's right you know," Matt replies from the door. Shadow then intrudes pass all of us and hops on the bed, scratching Chris's body.

"Nnn... stop that Shadow..." Chris groans.

"Feeling better?" I ask Chris.

He sits up and sighs, exposing that sexy body of his. "I don't feel like dying now, that's for sure."

"That's good. Maybe now you can have Matt suck off," I joke.

"Wait, what?" Matt responds, startled.

"Dylan!" Caleb hisses at me, eying and slightly nudging in Matt's direction.

"Wait-wait-wait... You still haven't asked him?"

"Ask me what?" Matt pries.

"Nothing!" Caleb blushes.

"Ah jeeze... want me to ask him then?" I offer.

"No!!......" Caleb exasperates. I give him the stare-down look. "...Ok fine... do it for me,"

"Caleb wants to have a foursome with all the guys currently in the house."

"Oh..." Matt eyes widen a little.

"Chris and I have agreed with certain boundaries of course, so all that's left is for you to agree," I continue.

"You don't have to if you don't want to though!" Caleb asks quickly.

"Hmm..." Matt glances at me, wonders over to Chris and his exposed body, and then finally to deep into Caleb's beady eyes. "Ok sure. Why not."

"Really?!" Caleb quips rather highly.

"Yes. Really."

"Yes!!!!" Caleb cheers. "Woo! I have one fantasy fulfilled!"

"One fantasy?" Matt catches.

"I'll tell you the other one later," Caleb quickly concludes before going back to cheering.

I look over at Chris and see him shaking his head. I walk over and sit down next to him. I kiss him on the forehead to feel his temperature. "Your head isn't burning as much anymore."

"That's good..." Chris nods. "Hey Matt... any word on your parents?"

"...Nothing much really..." Matt answers slowly.

"Want to talk about it?" I offer. "It'll help get whatever's on your chest."

Matt thinks over it for a few minutes before grabbing the chair by the table. "Sure... as long as Caleb shuts up about his little orgy over there."

Caleb settles down and sits next to me. "Speaking of orgy... How big are you Dylan?" he reaches down for my crotch, but I stop him.

"Hands off buddy. You'll get to see it when the time comes. So don't get too excited just yet," I warn him while rubbing his crotch up all nice and hard instead. I give it one last squeeze before letting go of it.

"You tease," he moans.

"What about me Dylan?" Chris pouts, trying to be funny.

"You already had yours today, remember?"

Chris blushes at the memory and smiles. "Oh yeah..."

"Anyways... Matt. Fill us in on what's going on," I ask of him while handing Chris a shirt to put on.

"Ok let's see... Chris's parents have talked to them and apparently..."

"...And that's pretty much up-to-date," Matt concludes.

"Oh... well at least it's progress," I reassure him.

"Yeah... it's just frustrating with my parents constantly arguing against each other, pointing fingers at each other."

"It's only nature," Caleb comforts Matt. "If anything, they're arguing because they care about you."

"Hey Chris, you feeling better?" Wayne asks as he passes. "Oh hey boys. Didn't know you were here."

"Hi Wayne/dad/Mr. Tanner," we each greet respectively.

"I'm feeling better Dad; Dylan came by to take care of me," Chris smiles.

"That's good to hear. Thanks Dylan."

"No problem Wayne."

"Oh yeah! While you're here. Good news, you've been approved by HR. You can start working during the summer."

"That's great news! Can't wait to start."

"I'll keep you updated. Now if you'll excuse me, I want to take a shower." He leaves the room.

"Work?" Caleb asks.

"I've been asked to intern under Wayne during the summer," I answer back.

"That's cool," Matt states.

"Anyways... let's talk about something brighter, like plans for our little orgy," Caleb brings up the second the part softer so the adults can't hear.

"Well one thing's for sure. We need to wait for Chris to get better first," I remind everyone.

"Don't worry... I'll be fine by next week."

"I hope so Chris. I miss that perky personality of yours already," I pout at him.

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