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Chapter 33 Some Time Alone

So... lemme be the first to say this. ALL ABOARD THE S.S SENIOR! Woo!!! I'm officially on the final stretch for high school! Just five more months, and I am out of here. Today would've been perfect. But... somebody decided to leave me hanging in school today for being sick.

Yup, Chris has completely healed from his common cold over the weekend. BUT, he decides to feign sickness for just one day more and not come to school. That bastard... and I was looking forward to seeing him again since I couldn't over the weekend. (You know, crowded in his house and all that).

Whatever... all that matters now is that I'm just about to turn in to his house and visit him for the first time in two days. Hey, just because I'm mad at him doesn't mean I don't miss him. I'm going through withdrawals of not having Chris with me. What am I gonna do when I leave for college?...

In any case, I park my car and head inside. Thank god Matt had some sort of after school meeting for his AP class today. Which means, Chris and I have the whole house to ourselves. The moment I enter, a mash of black and white runs toward me.

I crouch down and scratch his belly. "Ok Shadow ok... shhh boy... let's go see Chris yeah?"

"Woof!" he barks eagerly, wagging his tail sporadically. He then attacks the stairs, desperately clawing up each step. I shake my head at Shadow and walk pass him. He quickly catches up and rushes to Chris's door.

I quietly open the door and peek in. Chris hastily shuts his laptop and cursorily covers his lower half with his blanket. His dumbfounded eyes look up at me before sighing a breath of relief. "Whew... it's only you Dylan..."

"You little fucker..." I pounce on him and grab him. "Jacking off without me huh?!"

"What? No I wasn't..." he sheepishly states while discreetly shuffling boxers back on.

I quickly grab hold his hands. "Oh really?" I slyly. "So I shouldn't be able to see your tiny dick under here huh?" I glide my fingers down his covered stomach and reach for the blanket. I yank them aside and see his exposed cock, hard as a rock and standing at full mast. "Ah... still as tiny as ever..."

"Hey!" he breaks away from my grip and moves his laptop aside. "First of all, it's not tiny. And second of all, why didn't you knock?"

"Because Shadow and I missed you," I pout my lips.


"See, Shadow agrees with me."

Chris just rolls his eyes at me. Shadow wags his tail in affirmation and pants, taking a few steps back before sitting down.

"Alright Shadow... I need some quality time with my boyfriend with the tiny dick," I say as I lead him out the door. "I'll come get you later ok?"

I hear him barking and rushing down the stairs as I close the door. Probably a cat or something outside. In any case, I lock it and lounge myself back onto the bed.

"So Chris..." I grin as I slither towards him, "Wanna tell me why you weren't in school today? I missed seeing you..."

"Because I'm still sick, remember?"

"Really... you're still sick." That was a statement, not a question.


"Darn... then I guess I shouldn't have sex with you then... can't risk getting contaminated."

"Wait!" he grabs my arm. "... I am getting better..."

I couldn't help but laugh at him. "Oh Chris... you're such a bad liar..."

He sucks in his cheeks and pushes his lips out. I lean back down next to him and kiss him on the forehead. "You know... your tiny dicks still out here."

"For the last time, it's not tiny!" he pouts, "And it's out for a reason."

"Oh? And what might that reason be?" I ask.

"I was jacking off, remember?"

"Ye-ah... and without me!" I sulk.

"That's cause I was fucking horny for the past weekend!"

"Well then... I think we should fix that, shouldn't we?" I get up and begin taking off my shirt.


"Now what?" I groan.

"Can we... just cuddle for a while?" Chris asks as he puts on his boxers.

"Why the sudden change?"

"Because..." his face reddens and looks away.

"What happened..." I roll my entire head instead of my eyes this time.

"It's just... do you feel like our relationship's too based off of sex?"

"Where's all this coming from?" I ask as I pull down my shirt.

"I don't know. It's just... I was looking on the internet, and I see all these happy couples. They seem happy without having sex... It made me think of us..."

I lean forward and kiss him on the lips. "Chris... I seldom say this, but... fuck them." "No seriously, stop giggling. There are times when you have to say 'fuck off' to others and not give into peer pressure."

Chris giggles subsides, "Are you saying that only because you want to get in my pants?"

"Uhh... sorta. But seriously, I think what we have is pretty fucking amazing. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Yeah... yeah I guess..." he slowly sees sense in my words. "But..."

I kiss him again. "If you wanna cuddle, we still can."

"...Can we?"

I shift us around so that we're on our side. I scoot him close to me and hug time -left around scooping around his chest and right arm over his stomach.

"Do you wanna talk or just cuddle?" I whisper into his ear before laying back down, gently feeling his twink-like body.

No response. I'll take that as a just cuddle. I continue feeling up his stomach and gently play with his nipples. Not in a sexual way though -more like a tender and loving way. As I'm caressing him though, I still can't help but notice his growing features. His boyish body is changing so rapidly. I can feel his stomach tightening ever so slightly along with his defining sternum.

"God Chris... you're growing up so fast... and I've only got to see five months of it..." I mumble to him.

He giggles while he's relaxing. "Well... can't do anything about that now can we?"

"Just promise me one thing Chris..." I say as I glide down to his pubic area.

"Yeah-yeah... keep the body smooth for just a bit longer."

"You know me so well," I grin at him, even though he can't see it.

"Truth be told, I don't like fusses either. Well... not too much at least."

"Do I have too much hair?" I ask.

"Nah..." he turns around and stares into my eyes. "You're perfect," he whispers bad.

I couldn't help but break away the eye contact and giggle. "Sorry Chris... but it's weird seeing you like this."

"What..." he pouts as he sits up. I roll away, but he's quick and pounces on top of me. I sigh as he wraps his arms over my shoulders. I spread my legs so that his are in between mine.

"Dylan..." Chris mumbles with his cheek pressed against my back.

"Yes Chris?" I reply back as I rest my head on my arms.

"...Nothing..." he sighs.

"Ok then... do me a favor yeah?"

"What is it?" he asks genuinely.

"Give me a back rub."

"What? No way."

I turn my head around and give him my best pair of puppy eyes.

"...Oh alright..." he gives in. "The things I do for you Dylan..."

"Thanks Snuggle Bug," I grin at him as he sits up. He straddles my butt with his knees and cracks his fingers. He places both palms down by my armpits and leisurely glides down my sides, stopping at my hips.

"Mmm... that feels nice..." I moan out. "Wanna massage my neck too while your at it?"

"Sure..." he sighs, feigning annoyance. He does it anyway.

"Thanks Chris... I'll make you some food later."

"Ooo, Dylan's cooking," he astonishes. He tries not to show it, but his hand movements show just a tad more enthusiasm. Amazing what incentives can do.

After about twenty minutes, Chris's body shifts away, and I feel his hands squeeze my two ass cheeks. He holds still for just a brief moment. Just then, I feel something soft and warm slide up my crack and stopping at my hole.

"Whoa!..." I gasp out as I arch my back upwards. I turn my upper body around and see Chris's face buried deep in between my buns. He makes eye contact with me as he probes his tongue deep into my pucker.

"Oooo!... God that feels good..." I moan. I lay back down and spread my legs a bit further apart. I attempt reaching down to help Chris by holding my butt for him, but he slaps them away. He continues invading my hot hole with his tongue for about five minutes, occasionally sucking out his spit built up around it.

"Mmm... what's gotten into you Chris?..." I coo out. He departs from my backside, but doesn't say anything. He lifts one of my legs and turns me onto my back, exposing my 7 inch boner for the world to see. Still being silent, he spreads my legs and engulfs my crotch entirely.

"Oh shit!" I hiss out. I feel a digit force its way in between my loose sphincter muscles. It turns around and pushes up against my prostate. "Oh fuck!...." I pant out. I rest my weight onto my arms and look at Chris. Looks like he's really into it for whatever reason.

But the good feelings were short lived. After about five minutes, he pulls out and retrieves his hot mouth while I'm still throbbing for sweet release. However, he climbs back on top of me, straddling my sides with his legs again. He grabs hold of my leaking, pulsating dick and lines it up against his quavering hole. Ever so slowly, he sits down and pries open his asshole for my awaiting dick.

"Ohhhh fuuuuuck!" I moan out like a bitch. Shit does his ass feel so good right now! I swear, if Chris doesn't stop for a few seconds, I might just blow my load right there.

Thankfully, he does. Once he's all the way in, he bends over and kisses me passionately on the lips. My hands subconsciously find their way down to his butt cheeks, groping them and pulling them even further apart so that my dick can enter even more. He wraps his arms around my neck and, while still kissing me, he pulls me up to a sitting position. He then starts bouncing up and down on my prick.

"Mmm!... Ahh!... Ahh-Mmnnnn..." he moans like a bitch in heat before I silence him with another deep kiss. I drive my tongue into the very mouth that invaded both of my private parts. Chris just lets go.

I break free of our kiss and pull out my dick. I push him backwards so he falls down onto the bed. But I give him no time to recoup as I lift his knees up and reinsert my dick into his gaping tunnel. It accepts me faster this time, and I waste no time in continuing to pound my boyfriend.

"Mmm..." Chris whimpers, "Harder... please..." I comply with his wishes and force myself deeper and harsher. "Nmm... ahh!..." Chris yells in pleasure, or at least that's what I think it is.

"Ahh... I'm gonna cum Chris..." I warn him. "Oh god... Mmm! Nmm!" I grunt with my twisted face, "Oh shit! Here it comes!" I arch my back and curl my toes as I release my overdue load of cum. Feeling spent, I collapse down on top of Chris and slowly pull my dick out. Just as I'm about to kiss him again, I notice his eyes getting watery.

"What's wrong Chris?" I pant as I kiss him on the nose. He hugs me tightly and sniffles a few times. "Chris... tell me, what's wrong now? Did I hurt you?"

He shakes his head and looks at me with those sad puppy eyes of his. "...We just had sex..."

"Yeah, so?" I wasn't sure what he meant by that.

"I thought I could control myself... but seeing you so relaxed and exposed... I couldn't..." he trails off and sniffles deeply again.

"Ok... I'm still not following. So you didn't like the sex?"

"No... it's not that... it's just... remember what I said about our relationship being too based off of our sex?"

"Oh... so lemme get this straight. You thought we were having too much sex, so you decided not to have sex today. But then you saw my sexy ass and couldn't help it. Now your actions have only strengthened your doubts. Am I wrong?"

He shakes his head and hugs me again.

"Jeeze Chris... now it's your turn to remember what I said afterwards."

"I know... but-"

"No buts," I cut him off. "I love you Chris. No matter what ever happens. Okay?"

"...Okay..." he sighs.

"When did all these doubts start coming anyway?"

"......Laptop..." he manages out.

I reach for it and open it. The screen loads and I see a typical LGBT blog page with a bunch of twinks showing off, some random people giving advice (hetero or homo), and other miscellaneous items.

"Ohh? You jack off to this kind of stuff too?" I humor Chris a little. He looks at me sheepishly; I sigh deeply to lower my frustration with him. "Wanna tell me what's going on now?"

"Here..." he croaks out, pointing at a particular post.

Remember guys and gals. Love isn't always about sex. If you're having sex with your guy for more than three times a week, he probably doesn't love you. He just wants to get in your pants for TEMPORARY relief. That's right folks. Your so-called lover only wants to have some stress relief before leaving you to get dressed yourself. You might as well call yourself a whore at this point. That's why I only allow my boyfriend to touch me at most, two times a week. The other five days, he can go fuck himself for all I care. So just remember everyone, if you want love, follow my way and just maybe, you can have what I have.

---Beth Atwood

"Oookay..." I remark sarcastically. "Give me a minute Chris..."

"Wait... what are you doing?" he finally speaks normally for once.

"Dear Beth Atwood..." I mumble to myself as I furiously type up a reply. "Who are you... to define love... based on... how much sex a couple has?"

"Wait what?!" Chris yells, "Are you actually typing this out?" He reaches for the computer as I'm typing.

"No Chris!" I laugh as I continue typing, "I'm almost done!"

While he's desperately clawing at the laptop, I steer it away from him and move the pointer to the send button.

"There, I've submitted it."

"Wow... fuck you Dylan."

"What? It's submitted as anonymous," I defend my post. "Here, take a read at it."

Chris takes the laptop and stares at the screen.

Dear Beth Atwood,

Who are you to define love? What made you base love on how much sex a couple has? My boyfriend and I have been going strong for the past five months, and I have to say, we've had sex more times than you can count. According to you, I must be a slut. Last I checked though, he was the only partner that I've ever had. In fact, he's the one who I lost my virginity to. So what I don't understand is how do I fit the definition of a slut -one who has sex loosely with anyone.

Now I don't know about you, but I don't seem to recall having sex "just to relief stress." We use sex a great amplifier to show our intimacy for each other, not as a shortcut to getting rid of acne. God forbid your boyfriend doesn't fuck himself. He just might enjoy it and leave you for a man. Best of luck when that happens.

"You're such a dick Dylan!" Chris exclaims after reading it.

"What?... She had it coming," I state as a matter of fact. "In any case, did you get the message?"


I shake my head and sigh again. "I was making a statement to you! You're the only partner that I've ever had, and I don't seem to recall ever using sex to get rid of stress."


"Look... what I'm saying is, don't look too much into this whole sex thing. There are some really crazy people out there who think sex is the ultimate taboo. Just enjoy what we have now and what we'll have in the future, okay?"

"But how do I know the difference between us having sex and making love?"

"That's easy... Snuggle Bug," I snicker out.

"What's that suppose to mean?" he nags.

"What it's suppose to mean stupid. It's a nickname. You're the only one who's ever gotten a nickname from me. I'd say that's pretty damn special, don't you think?"

It is true. That name has stuck by since day one. No amount of sex or toys can beat that name. That's because this very name holds everything together. It is the glue that binds everything Chris and I've shared together into what call love today.

"...I guess..." Chris admits defeat, even though he hates the name.

"Just remember Chris, whenever you start doubting yourself, that special name I gave you will always be there. Okay?"

"...Okay..." he smiles, "Sorry about this whole emotional baggage..."

"That's ok Chris. It's good for you to express your emotions. And besides, I think this is nothing compared to what Beth has to go through with her boyfriend every day."

"Oh yeah... man do I feel sad for him..." Chris sulks.

"He probably doesn't even exists."

"Wow that's a little mean."

"Is it?" I ask.

"...Nah..." Chris giggles. He sets the laptop aside again and lays on top of me. "Can you call me that more often then?" he whispers as he plays with my rosebuds.

"In private right?"


"Sure thing... Snuggle Bug." I kiss him on the forehead and cradle his butt. "...So what made you go on that site?"

He looks up at me. "I was googling something new to jack off too. I happened to stumble upon that..."

"I see... Should've just waited for me then..."

"Yeah... but I was so fucking horny. I couldn't help myself," he smiles.

"Which reminds me Chris... You haven't cummed yet, have you?" I grin impishly at him while giving his pole a quick squeeze.

"Mhm... what do you think we should do with it?" he returns the gesture.

"Well... I have two options for you," I slur naughtily. "I can suck you off slowly while fucking you with a dildo or..."

"Or?" Chris eagerly interrupts.

"Or... you can fuck me. Your choice," I grin at him.

"Wow... tough choices... you rarely ask me to fuck you... but that image of a dildo up my ass is too fucking hot... hmm..." He scratches the back of his head and flops down on the bed. "It's close, but that image of you sucking me off is just too fucking hot."

"Alright Chris," I chortle a little as I reach in the drawer for the dildo. I quickly lube it up then lay down to Chris's left side with head resting on his lower stomach. He lifts his right foot closer to his body, and I scoot my right hand under his body.

"Mmm..." he grunts as I delicately penetrate his gaping hole with the dildo. His digit starts growing to full mast, poking me on the cheek. I lick the mushroom tip and give it a little kiss.

The dildo reaches its end, and I wiggle it around, stimulating Chris's body even more. Holding his throbbing 6 inch of goodness with my other hand, I swallow it whole.

"Ahh..." Chris whimpers and writhes around a little.

As I'm sucking his to completion, my thumb and middle finger pull out the dildo, only to have my index finger ram it back in.

"Nnn... ahh!" Chris snivels, "Sss... Nmm!" Oh if only I can see the look on this face. Must be extremely sexy to see.

But I can't; I'm far too busy milking out every last drop of his precious boy juice. As I suck harder and faster, his dildo fucking increases in intensity. Not only that, my left hand even starts massaging his tender testes. I gently tug his ball sack away from his body, occasionally fondling one of them.

"Mmmmmm!" he moans as he arches his back, panting heavily like a bitch in heat. "Oh Dylan!... Ah!... More!..."

I decide to go against his wishes and torment him just a little bit longer. I slow down his mouth, but increase the suction rate, creating a near perfect vacuum between my mouth and his dick. I also pull the dildo 99% of the way out with only the tip just barely prying his hole and slowly push it back in using coordinated swirly motions. All the while, I make a ring with my left middle finger and thumb and wrap it around his nut sack. Tugging it away from us, I have my index finger daintily brush his glossy patch of skin.

"Nmmm!" he groans in both frustration and pleasure. "Hah... hah!... Oh god!" He desperately tries to hump his body into my face. Too bad I'm not directly on top of him. "Oh please Dylan!... Let me cum!" I guess he's had enough of a rollercoaster ride today.

I resume back to my original process and even speed up my process.

"Oh yeah! Thank you Dylan! Oh god! Oh... Oh!... Oh!" he hollers out. "Let me cum-let me cum-let me cum- Oh fuck! I'm cumming!"

He arches his back, although it doesn't go far since I'm on top of him. But boy oh boy did he cum. I got not one or two, but five healthy, thick squirts from scalding dick.

"Oohhhhh..." Chris coos as his orgasm ends. His dick is still throbbing, but nothing's coming out for the moment. I finish polishing him off, and his dick oozes out the last drop, signaling the true end of his orgasm. I scoot back up to meet Chris's face. He grabs hold me by surprise and kiss me deeply.

"Mmm..." I let out through our contact. My toes curl a little and I feel his tongue invade my cum-filled mouth. He virtually licks everything clean before flicking his tongue against mine. Wow did that kiss feel wonderful!

He falls back down onto the bed and sighs deeply. "That was the best blowjob every Dylan..." he giggles and smiles.

"I aim to please," I smirk. "Still feel like we have sex too much?"

"Nah," he quickly responds, "I learned today to never take anything for granted."

"That's good a lesson to learn."

He turns over and lay his body on top of me. "Only because I have such a great boyfriend to look after me."

"Okay..." I exasperate, flicking my wrist like the gay man I am.

"Dylan... when is Matt suppose to come back?" Chris asks while snuggling closer to me.

"He said 6:30, but who knows for sure?"

"Ok... that means we have an hour and a half before he gets back..."

"Speaking of Matt... are you still up for the... thingy?" I ask, scratching my head due to the brain fart.

"Mhm... why do you ask?"

"Just making sure so you don't regret it later. Well that and..."

He sits up and looks at me. "What?"

"...I have a favor to ask..." I trail off.

"What is it?"

"Tsk..." I click my tongue, "I guess the best way to explain this is... that I'm a bit hesitant to share you... It's not that I don't want to do it-"

"I get you," Chris smiles, "You don't want to see me become like a whore or slut. Is that right?"

"Yeah... yeah..." I repeat. Aww... he gets me. "So. Can we set up some rules?"

"Of course Dylan. What do not want me to do?"

"Hmm... Ok, this ass is mine, and only mine to use," I start while grabbing his plump ass.

"Mmk. I wasn't plan on anyone else fuck me but you anyways Dylan," Chris smiles again.

"Aww... I'm special. Anyways... my second favor I guess is more specific to the orgy. I want you fuck Caleb while he's in a doggy position. I really don't care what you do after that. Just do that for me ok?"

"Why?" Chris makes a puzzling face.

"Because, I think it'd be extremely hot to have Matt and I watch you hump Caleb. I loved seeing your assertive side today," I wink at him, "It made me horny as fuck."

"Aw jeeze... it was like a one time thing," he replies, embarrassed.

"So, think you can do that for me?"

"I guess?"

"Don't worry, we'll go over this with them when we have the chance."

"Alright... anything else?"

"Please tell me if anything feels too uncomfortable ok?" I plea.

"Ok Dylan..." he assures me.

"Ok..." I sigh a breath of relief. "Now do you have any rules for me?"

"Can you have Caleb suck you off while I'm fucking him," he asks curiously.

"Of course," I state. "That'd be really hot too actually."

"Can you fuck Matt afterwards then while Caleb and I watch?"

"Sure, you can join us afterwards if you want too. Although I might need a breather in between Caleb blowing me and fucking Matt."

"Do you think they'll go with the plan?" Chris starts doubting a little.

"Well, it's either Caleb goes with our wishes or he won't be having his little orgy. And Matt's just going along with Caleb if you haven't noticed by now."

"...You think Matt doesn't want to do this?"

"...Nah... he kinda needs it too. You know, kinda like a stress reliever for him with all his shit going on."

"True..." Chris slowly agrees.

"In any case... I do believe I owe a special someone some food."

"Ooo!" Chris oofs as he sprints out of bed. Without putting on any clothes, he just strolls out his room and down the stairs.

"Are you sure you want to be out in your birthday suite like that?" I shout for him while getting out of bed.

"Nobody's home! And Matt won't be back for about another two hours or so!" he yells back.

I sigh and get out of bed. I guess if he's naked, I'll join him too so he doesn't feel awkward. I head down the stairs and into the kitchen, only to see a naked boy sitting by the stools with a very happy dog next to him.

"So, you gonna help me or what?" I ask as I put on an apron. Can't have my dick being burned off now can we?

"But what about Shadow?" he pouts his lower lip, "He needs some attention."

"Ok fine..." I sigh, "I'm gonna secretly put egg shells in your food now."

"Wow... fine, be mean." He sticks out his tongue. I roll my eyes at him and go into the fridge. Now what to make... Hmm...

"Do you want something sweet or actual food?" I ask while sticking my butt out at Chris and my head buried deep in the fridge.

"Umm... hmm... Oh I know! How about some cookies?!"

"Cookies?" I cringe my face a little. "Why cookies?"

"Because you never baked for me..." Chris responds with his puppy eyes. "And I get jealous whenever I see girls bake for their boyfriend."

I shake my head at him and sigh deeply. "Alright... I make you cookies... never thought you'd be jealous about this..." I mumbled the last part to myself.

"What's up?" Chris questions nonchalantly while playing with Shadow.

"Oh nothing, just wondering if we had chocolate chips. Otherwise, it'll be raisins."

"Eww, raisins. Chocolate chips should be in the pantry drawer. If not, we always have Hershey's."

"It'll taste a bit weird with Hershey's, but I guess we can use them if we don't have any chocolate chips," I remark. Hmm... this is gonna be interesting. I look through the drawers, and thankfully, there one last pack of chocolate chips.

I set that on the table along with the other ingredients and start mixing them together. As I'm transforming the liquid into a doughy texture, I glance over at Chris. He left the countertop and is on the floor, playing with Shadow in his pride and glory.

"Be careful Chris. Wouldn't want your jewels to break now would we?" I shake my head at him.

"I'll be fine... right Shadow?"


I continue shaking my head and continue whipping the bowl with the egg beater. I feel the dough and decide it was good enough. I grab the aluminum sheet, butter it up with not-stick oil, and form tiny cookie dough onto it.

"Do you want regular or bite sized?" I ask the rough-housing boy.

"Bite sized. That way, we have more," he grins back at me with Shadow on top of him. I turn on the oven to preheat and quickly adjust my cookie sizes.

The oven beeps after ten minutes just as I finish mashing the last of the dough together. I quickly shove the tray into the scorching box and close it's only way out. Just as I stand back up, I feel someone pushing his back up against me with his arms wrapped around me.

"Yes Chris?" I ask him, not moving a muscle.

"...Just showing you how much I love you..." he replies, snuggling up against my bare back. "Plus... I like feeling you up like this," he whispers while rubbing my chest with his perverted hands.

"Naughty boy," I whisper back. "Love me?"

"Love you..." he reaffirms, hugging tighter.

Suddenly, the door rattles, and Shadow dashes towards the door. "Chris? You feeling better?"

"Oh shit! Your parents!" I hiss as Chris lets go of me. We quickly sprint up the stairs and into our room. Hopefully, nobody saw anything that they shouldn't have.

"That was close," Chris giggles as he closes the door. We quickly throw on some clothes and open the door.

"Oh there you are," Wayne pops right in front of our door. "We have something to discuss. It's about Matt and his parents."

"Oh... did something happen?" Chris asks.

"...Let's just say, it's not an ideal outcome. Let's go to the living room. Matt and Caleb are waiting."

"Wait... I thought Matt was still at school," I say.

"He finished early, and... he'll tell you the rest." Wayne ushers us down the stairs.

"Hey..." Matt greets sulkily.

"What happened?" I ask, sitting down with enough room for Chris.

"...My mom has been arguing with my dad for past few weeks, ever since that night. As they kept arguing, she found out that my dad's actually been heavily drinking lately. Last night, they almost made contact, and my mom called the police. So my dad's basically in rehab now and trying to recover."

"So substance abuse..." I mutter under my breath. Thankfully, no one heard me cause Chris butt in.

"Wow... so what does this mean now?" Chris asks.

"Well... I can move back in for the time being. You know, help my mom around the house and stuff. Things were said, and stuff was thrown around," Matt sulks.

"Well look on the bright side," I try my best to cheer him up, "At least your dad is getting the help he needs now and not sometime later, where something really bad might have happened."

"Like what?" he asks, sitting on the edge.

"Like actually hitting your mom for one," I conclude. "Look, what's done is done. The only thing we can do support him in any way that we can. And of course, help around whenever we can. Right guys?"

"What Dylan said is right Matt," Caleb supports me. "No one is perfect, but we'll all help you get through this."


"Oh no! My cookies!" Chris suddenly realizes, making a dash for the kitchen.

"Be careful!" I shout back at him. "Matt, I know this is gonna be hard, but just remember, we're all here for you, okay?"

"...Okay..." he smiles back at me.

"If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here for you ok?"

"So will I!" Caleb jumps in.

"So will Caleb," I repeat.

"...Okay..." he says again. "...Dylan?"


"Thank you."

"That's what stubborn friends like me are for right?" I joke, alluding to my not-so-distant past in 7th grade.

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