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Chapter 34 "Hump Day"

Munch, munch, munch.

"Oh my god Chris! Can you please stop munching your cookies in front of me?" Caleb distresses while starting at his little book.

"Oh, does it bother you?" Chris teases before munching on another one next to his ear. "Or are you jealous that Dylan baked them for me and not you?"

"Hey now Chris. Play nice," I warn him.

"Fine..." Chris pouts before stuffing another cookie in his mouth. God, if I weren't so madly in love with him... so help me God...

"Hey guys, when parking downhill, do you turn the wheel towards the curb or away?" Caleb asks while scratching the back of his head.

"Towards the curb," Chris confidently replies without hesitation.

I raise an eyebrow at him. "How did you know that?"

"Oops..." Chris responds sheepishly at the lunch table. "It was supposed to be a surprise."

"What is?" Joey asks.

"I powered through the last third of my online courses yesterday. I'm waiting for the certificate to come in so I can take the test."

"Wha-?" I question, dumbfounded a little. "When did you start driver's ed?"

"Roughly a week ago, trying to power through everything without you knowing," Chris smiles.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I ask, faking feeling offended.

"I wanted it to be a surprise. So that... you know..." he trails off and looks down on my region.

"Ohkay..." I roll my eyes. I kiss him on the cheek and quickly whisper in his ear, "There's plenty of time for that when we get back home."

He blushes a little and looks away. Aww... so cute.

"So that what?" Caleb asks.

"Huh?" Chris dazes.

"Why do you want it to be a surprise?"

"Because... my dad uh, has a huge surprise for the both of us when I do get my license. Yeah..." Chris quickly states. Hmm... Something's off about this. I don't know what, but I'm getting this vibe. (That was sarcasm, if you didn't notice.)

"What's the surprise?" Caleb urges.

"Well I can't tell you now..." Chris looks at me and then whispers loudly, "Dylan might find out." I roll my eyes and shake my head at him. Again, if I weren't so madly in love with him...

"Anyway... when are you taking your test?" I ask, to get Chris out of the sticky situation.

"If the paper comes in on time, I'll try to schedule it next Tuesday or something," he responds, "How far are you Caleb?"

"Chapter 4... Out of ten..." Caleb sighs deeply.

"Just remember Caleb, the longest answer is probably true," Bryan jokes.

"And remember, red means stop, and green means go," Joey adds

"Oh come on now guys, stop messing with him," Heather interrupts.

"Yeah, I seem to remember a certain someone failing twice on the written section before passing," Carrie sings.

"Shhhh!!!!" Bryan shushes loudly, "What he doesn't know won't hurt him." Everyone cracks up at situation, including Bryan himself.

The rest of lunch turns out to be uneventful. Except for the very, very end, when one of the deans walk up to us.

"Which one of you is Christopher Tanner?" he asks.

"Uhh... me?"

"Come with me. The principal wants to see you."

Chris looks at me; I look back, concerned.

"I'm coming too." I immediately stand up.

"You, young man, are to head to class. This is a private matter that doesn't involve you," the dean states calmly.

"Well then, Chris here, isn't going anywhere," I respond as a matter of fact.

The dean sighs and beeps in his radio. "Boss, what do we do? The kid refuses to come in unless his friend joins."

*Beep* "Is the other kid Dylan?" the radio replies, presumably the principal on the other end.

"What your name?" the dean interrogates me.

"I'm Dylan."

"Yeah boss, it's Dylan," the dean relays back to the radio.

*Beep* "Alright, let him come."

I give the dean a smug look as Chris and I grab our belongings. We say our goodbyes to our company and follow the dean to the office. "Everything will be fine Chris," I reassure more for myself than for him.

We arrive just as the lunch bell rings. With everyone getting up, cursorily shoving everything in their backpacks. Chris and I, on the other hand, have urgent business to attend to. I'm still wondering why Mr. Gray wanted to see us.

In any case, the secretary directs us to sit in front of his office. The late bell rings, and Chris and I lock eyes. I smile back at him and scruff his hair. He rolls his eyes and sulks a little. I pat his back reassuringly and sigh. The door to the office opens and the secretary points us in.

"Chris, Dylan," Mr. Gray greets us. "Please, have a seat. And no, you're not in trouble Chris."

We both sigh a breath of relief. "Then why am I here?" Chris asks.

"I just need to make follow protocol. Where were you during lunch and what were you doing?"

"I was with Dylan and my friends at our usual lunch table. We were making fun of Caleb for slacking to the last minute with his driver's ed."

"I can vouch for that," I bolster Chris's words with more integrity.

"It's ok Dylan... I believe you," Mr. Gray reassures me. "Next question, do you know anything about Brandy? Has she been bothering you, or know anyone that's been bothering her?"

"Umm... Not that I know of. Was that incident the last time we've heard of her Dylan?" Chris asks for clarification.

"Yeah, I don't think she's been anywhere near us Mr. Gray. Why do you ask?"

Mr. Gray sighs deeply and leans back on his chair. "Apparently, someone's tagged her locker. The catch is, it's tagged with Chris's name."

I raise an eyebrow.

"Now, now. I know what you're thinking, and I know. Chris, an honor student, isn't that stupid."


Mr. Gray ignores Chris's comment and continues. "However, as I said before, it is our only lead and I have to follow protocol and bring the person in for questioning." He pauses for a moment and then looks at me. "Dylan... you're very well verse in the school right?"


"If you do ever hear anything, will you please let me know? I've been swamped with work and this is the last thing I need."

"I'll keep my ears open I guess..." I reply.

"Thank you Dylan. You two are free to go. Just ask Mrs. Harris outside for passes."

We say our goodbyes and head out of the office, not without our passes of course. However, instead of going to class, I pull Chris aside into a hallway.

"I'm curious, let's go see Brandy's locker." Return to the scene of the crime as they say.

"Ok, lead the way though, because I have no idea where her locker even is."

We cautiously and quietly walk down the endless hallways and classrooms, eventually stopping just a few lockers away from Brandy's. Let's just say, it was a pretty sight- I mean, not a pretty sight. It was painted with a bright yellow color with Chris's name horribly written on it in hot pink. Quite crude-like if you ask me.

I walk up to it and take a good look at it. "Hmm... there's no way this was done during lunch. The yellow doesn't look like spray paint, more like regular paint... It wouldn't have dried in such a short time. Not to mention having to write your name on it in such a short time also..."

"Who do you think did this?" Chris asks.

"Hmm..." This was most likely done some time earlier in the day, and probably with more than one person. "I don't know Chris. Like I said before, I'll keep my ears open."

"Ooo, a mystery on our hands," Chris smiles, "And the great Sherlock Holme's is looking for clues."

"If I'm Holme's, then you're John Watson. So come Watson, we have much to do, like going for a potty break," I reply back in my horrible British accent.

He giggles in respond and follows me to the nearest, clean bathroom. We all know how nasty boys can be in public restrooms. I wonder why we do this sometimes... Luckily for us, I know certain bathrooms that nobody ever goes to because it's too far and out of the way, but perfect for us since it was near Brandy's locker.

"Why are we going into to this one?" Chris asks.

"You want to go to the one by the 500 buildings? The one where someone's probably shit in the urinal and thrown a wad of paper towels over it to hide it?"

"...Good point..." he realizes as he steps.

"Besides... there was another reason why I picked this bathroom," I bring up.

"Why's that?" he asks nonchalantly.

"So we don't be disturbed when I do this ." I quickly push him against the wall and forcibly kiss him, hard.

"Mmm!..." he grunts, opening his mouth momentarily after. He gasp for air as a thin line of spit breaks the connection of our gaping mouths. "Dylan..."

"Now is plenty of time," I reference back to our conversation at lunch. "Now why don't you drop that backpack of yours?"

He struggles to loosen his bag and drops it to the ground. At the same time, I crouch down and unzip his pants, revealing a big bulge constrained by some colorful boxers.

"Excited already Chris? Just by one kiss?" I lustfully say while groping his crotch.

"Nnnn..." he struggles out, a loss for words.

I pull down both pieces of clothing and hungrily stare at his 6.5 in piece of hot steel. I couldn't stop myself any longer as I swallow the thing whole. Hey, it's always been a fantasy of mine to have sex at school. I'm not gonna let this chance slip by.

"...Dylan!..." Chris gasps sharply.

"Sh... People can still hear us if we are too loud," I warn him. God this is so hot. At any moment, someone could come in and see me sucking Chris off. Not to mention the loud groans we'd be making. I never knew feeling so naughty can be so exhilarating.

"Ah!" he pips falsetto-like and shudders.

I lift his shirt up, and he bites it with his teeth to muffle his sounds. While I'm groping every part of his smooth chest, his knees buckles and inverts towards each other. I guess my tongue swirling around his foreskin isn't helping much either.

"I'm not gonna make it!" Chris grits through his teeth, whimpering while grabbing a full mash of my hair. He gasps, bucks his forward sporadically and shoots his thick, gooey boy-juice --which prematurely might I add to my disappointment.

In any case, I swallow it all and finish polishing his dick. His hands loosen their death grip on my hair, and he slumps down a little, mouth open, tongue out, and giggling with half dazed eyes.

"You shot too early..." I pout my lips.

"You're just too good..." he smiles while squatting down. "Now my turn."

I stand up for him to unzip my pants and reveals my hidden prize for him. "Give me a facial," he whispers lustfully with those beady eyes of his.

"Lick my balls," I hoarse back to him. He does so eagerly while I start beating my meat.

"Slap me with your juicy cock Dylan," Chris begs with his mouth wide open. I happily oblige and slap his cheeks, splatting pre-cum all over him. I shove my pecker in his mouth a few times to get it nice and wet before slapping him with it again.

"Yeah... you like that Chris?" I groan at him, "You like it when I slap my cock at you?"

"Mhm..." he responds before engulfing it whole. He goes to town with my cock, worshipping like it's some god granting asylum to the gates of heaven.

Chris occasionally takes my dick out of his mouth and slaps himself on the face before nursing it back into his mouth, driving me beyond crazy.

"Oh god Chris... I'm gonna nut soon..." I warn him.

He takes the cue and stop sucking me. With the moisture, my dick feels chilly for a split second before Chris's delicate hand grasps it, furiously jacking me off.

"Oh god!... Here it comes!" I grit. Chris licks the pee slit, and I lose all control. I don't know if it's something we ate or what, but I start shooting uncontrollably and unexpectedly. Of course, Chris just keeps on polishing my knob and lets my creamy sauce hit his face with some into his gaping mouth.

My climax subsides with my dick going limp and me panting for breath. "Wow... that was really intense... for some reason..."

"Dylan... want to do something really naughty?" Chris impishly implies.

"What... is it?" I ask, slumping down to kiss him, while taking some of my cum.

"Watch," he smile devilishly and rubs the rest of my residue all over his face and chest.

"Aww... you nasty boy!"

He giggles and smiles.

"You better wash that off."

"No..." He pushes my hands away, "Let me be naughty for a while, please!!!"

"Ok fine... but we better hurry back to class. We have about 20 minutes left before study hall."

We quickly pull up our pants, double check to make sure we didn't leave any evidence behind, and rush back to our respective classrooms.

Well, long story short, we enter back into our sixth period, with about ten minutes left of class. My teacher gave me a funny look; I just shrugged at him and sat down. He quickly finishes the last of his teaching materials for the day just as the bell rings. I meet Chris outside, seeing him with his goofy and naughty grin of his. I sigh and shake my head at him like usual, only for him to grin even wider. Did I hear him giggling?!

Anyways... we head to study hall and meet up with Caleb.

"What's with the grin?" he asks.

"Oh come on... is it that obvious?" Chris pouts.

"Well yeah... so uh, why?"

"Oh nothing... just really happy is all," Chris grins back.


"Yes, happy."

I roll my eyes and rest my head on table. "Wake me up when something interesting happens..."

"What if the interesting thing happened in the past?" Chris pokes.

I tilt my head and glare at him. Suddenly, I regret having a quickie with him in the bathroom. He gets the memo to drop it (or at least I hope so), and pulls out his homework for the day.

"Alright Caleb... what do you need help with?" I yawn.

"This..." he hands me his notebook and points at a particular line. I pull myself up and look at the question.

This isn't really a question, but I just wanted to plan the special date, if you know what I mean.

Great... first I get a naughty boy sitting across from me, now I get an equally horny boy asking me when the orgy is.

"Oh ok, this question is easy Caleb," I start to say to keep the attention away from us. Meanwhile, I write below his message.

Does this weekend work? I know Chris's parents are going somewhere business related. You can probably stay over on Friday night and leave with us for school.

Uh... Sure. I think that should be fine. I'll just tell my Mom that I'm visiting you or something for help on a project.

"Oh it'll be a project alright..." I think to myself.

Ok, don't let Chris know though. I'm gonna surprise him.

Mmk. Thx Dylan.

"Why are you guys so quiet?" Chris curiously inquires, breaking our intense, written conversation.

"Oh nothing, Caleb's just stuck on the problem and needs to think it through," I lie to cover us our hidden message. "In fact, he messed up completely. Here, start over." I tear the page out of his notebook and rip it in half. There, no evidence of us.

"Ok... whatever you say..." Chris mumbles before staring at his work again.

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