Through the rain


  This content may include homosexual activies and sex between guys as well. It also may contain sex between underaged guys. If you can't stand it don't read it. If reading this content is illegal for some reason in accord with the law of the place you live, don't read it. Otherwise I really hope you enjoy it.
  Any similarity is coincidende as it comes all from my imagination.
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  This is my first attempt to write. I'm doing it 'cause reading this kind of story was really important for me and in a way still is. It could really help me during down moments because of the feeling of hope and friendship I could get from it. That's what I'm trying to do in such attempt. I hope you like it.
  I got inspiration of such good authors and want to make clear I wouldn't copy, ever, any part of it, 'cause it's completely unfair in my opinion. This attempt is inspired in many stories I read but all of this comes from my imagition.
  Your good criticism and opinion will help me, so that your e-mails are really gonna be appreciated.

Through the rain

  Well, how can i start? Uhmmm... s'ok....Oh, first of all, `Hi'! My name is Shane. I'm 17 years old. Well, I'm kinda shy, I'm not really good with words. You know, I do much better in arts, math... and science I guess. I like reading, actually I've got a little bookshelf in my bedroom, it doesn't have many books in but it has to do, you know.

  Oh yeap, how do I look like?! I was forgetting this. I guess I'm just average, I don't think I stand in a crowd... if I did maybe I wouldn't be alone...sigh...ok, I'm losing the track... I'm 5"10, with light brown hair and grey eyes, I suppose, well, sometimes green, ok ok, I'm not sure, I guess I haven't decided it yet, hehe... there are a lot of things I haven't decided. You know, many of the guys say they are too short, they would do anything for at least 5"9, but I haven't asked for my height, there are things we long for so much more, I mean, I don't care for my height. If I could get a best friend this surely wouldn't matter, he could be short, skinny and I'd like him the same! Sorry, I'm kinda down today -- I guess you know by now -- and what else?...uhmmmm...

  "Shane, we're gonna be late, c'mon!" mom yelled from downstairs.

  "I'm going!"

  Just a last look in the mirror and that's it. Well, I don't look like that bad, after all I'm a guy in uniform!...just kidding, hehe... besides it's a school uniform. I just can't see why I still have to go to school, I'm almost 18. I can't stand going there anymore... day after day for nothing.

  "Shaaane, c'mooon!" It was mom again. "What do you want me to do, leave to school without you... to get there early? I would if I could, you know?"

  Why does she have to talk like that when it comes to be me? "Ooook..." I sighed. No, no Shane, no more sighes. Deep breath, c'mon... "Oh, my books..hehe" and with this I headed for the door.

  When I arrived at school -- not after taking an embrassing kiss on the cheek from my mom aaand "Be a good boy"...c'mon... -- sooo, when I arrived at school there was the usual crowd of students and there, near the door, there was Dustin. Maybe I had a good reason to go to school. I mean, it's good having someone cool to chat here and there, that's all.

  "Hey Shane! That's the guy." And with it he was by my side with his right hand squeezing my shoulder. There were greetings of all the guys Dustin was talking to while I got embrassed as usual. As I said, I know it's no big deal, I just know it, but it's not like I can help it either. I mumbled a `hi' and with this Dustin started walking inside letting go of my shoulder after entering the hall.

  Dustin's been studying in the same school I do since we started highschool, but just this year I managed to get classes with him, so he know a lot of guys... different of me, I mean, it's not like nobody knows me, of course my colleagues know me, but it's not like I talk to them in circles before the class either. So that, I knew him just for a few days - it's been the second week of school in eleventh year, you know -- but I can already tell he's cool. Well, he is cool with me.

  "So what classes do you have today?" he asked, and so I told him.

  "Cool. We have Lit in common. I see you at lunch, right?"

  "S'ok" I replied, and with that we took our separate ways to our respective classes.

  The period passed uneventful, the classes were boring, and as I said, my mood wasn't helping at the moment. I kept thinking of why did I have to stand there listening to all that absentmindedly? What was worthy for knowing who helped for the U.S. independence, or what are mols for? You know, I was aware I'd just arrive at home to listen to a lot of bullshit, do my homework, maybe listen to more bullshit and when dad arrives, then that's he who hears a lot. They don't fight anymore, sometimes mom gets tired of talking and finds something else to do or dad gets tired of hearing and go out. I can just shrug at this thought. They aren't pleasant expectations. I just want to get out of this damn school and go to a college thousands of miles away, maybe Seattle.

  Lunch time arrived and with that I crossed paths with Dustin again in the halls as we were heading for lunch break. Both of us chose bringing lunch from home, as the school's food tended to be `mysterious' and expensive by the way.

  "So, where are you having lunch today?" Dustin asked.

  "I'm heading outside. It seems I'm stuck here inside."

  "Duh! I know you're going outside" and with this I got poke in my arm. And I could just smile. You know, he can take at least a small smile of me, it doesn't matter my mood. He continued "So, where are you going to eat, in the grass, under a tree...???"

  "S'ok with me" and we headed for a tree, then we sat under its shadow and started eating our lunch.

  I took a first bite of my sandwich and so did Dustin, then he asked "So how did your period go?"

  "Just the usual, nothing different." I answered and kept eating my sandwich. Actually after two bites and a gulp of soda I sensed a pair of eyes staring at me. A pair of deep green eyes along with blond hair, in a shade of blond which varies from brown to golden. Dustin is at the same height and weight I am, but not so thin or so I assume. I was aware he as staring.

  "What?" I asked.

  "You barely talked to me today, you know. Did I do something which offended you or got you upset?"

  How could he do something to upset me or `offend' me?! Not him. He's the kindest person I managed to talk to lately. I mean, I know him only for a few days and when we talk it's like he always has the right things to say. He always can cheer me up. But the nicest thing is, when I talk to Dustin I can feel like I make sense, you know, it's not like when I talk to mom and she can't agree with anything I do but it doesn't feel like when someone goes along with anything you say just to make you feel better either. With Dustin I can talk and listen to agreement, disagreements, his points about it and you know, chat just fine.

  "Nooo, of course not!" And with all these thoughts all I could manage was a smile.

  "Good." he replied with a smile of his own.

  "You know when you said I was invited to go to your house `cause you want me to go and everything?" I nodded. "So, can I come over today?" he asked.

  I asked him to come over anytime `cause he was being so cool with me, besides, I know he isn't the kind of kid who put the hands in everything or don't have sense to come over without invitation. No way, he was so polite with everyone.

  "You know, if you already have something planned I understand, I mean, I should have asked previously." he said as he was looking to the ground. I might have took much time to answer. Well, that's me, lost in my thoughts.

  "Nooo!" I almost shouted. "It's ok, really. I'm really glad you can come over today."

  "Really?" he said expectant. Oooh, Dustin being bashful around it. C'mon, he isn't bashful. If it were me, then it'd be normal! And with this I could just laugh.

  "What?" he asked with a blank expression.

  "Nothing, never mind."

  "Ok, I won't. I'm just glad I could cheer you up. It looks like something was bothering you." After that we didn't have time to talk about many other things, actually we almost couldn't finish eating lunch. The bell rang and we managed to head back to the last classes. The last classes... for today! And, yeap, did you see it? It seems break is always sooo short!

  Well, I also don't know why, but he could really cheer me up. Not only because of this lunch event, but I mean, I could always feel better with him and, you know, everytime I arrived and he was with his group of friends he'd just leave them to talk to me. Cool, or maybe it's just me and my creative imagination.

  It was looking like the final bell wouldn't ring anymore. Why does the final bell always seem to take longer? Maybe the question is why was I so eager to head out of the school specially today? Well, it finally rang and I managed to get my stuff and get out of the room. Reaching the entrance stairs I found an out of breath Dustin who just managed to smile when he saw me approaching.

  "Were you running?" I asked.

  "I didn't want to make you wait, you know?" and with this he turned his face towards the street. I could see he blushing at his answer.. or maybe it was just my big imagination working again.

  "So you didn't. Let's go" I said and soon he put his arm across my back and placed his hand in my right shoulder and said "Let's go" letting go of my shoulder as we reached the sidewalk. He was definetely a `touchy' person. You know, I wasn't used to that, but maybe I was getting used to.

  As we reached home I went upstairs to my room with Dustin following me. I opened the door and let him in, then I got in as well and sat in the bed leaving my bag with the books and all the school stuff aside in the floor.

  "So, that's my bedroom."


  "So..., you can put your bag on the floor, or in the bed, or in the desk chair, wherever you feel like." I said as he was searching for something or so looked like.

  "Hold on, it's juuust a second..."

  I stood up and approached him to take a look of what was this `thing' he was searching. When I was approaching enough to overlook in his bag he said "Here!"

  "It's for you. I hope you like it." he said with a smile in his faced as he handed the package for me. It was packed in plain blue paper. It looked like a book as a gift.

  I opened it and it really was a book. It a brand new book which I was trying to save a few bucks to buy. I told him about it as we were chatting at school a few days ago, about this book, and I also told I was saving some money to buy it but I couldn't imagine I'd get it as a Dustin's gift.

  "Oh, thaaank you!!!" I said as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. He really was making me used to body contact. And it felt good. I mean, not the gift... well, of course the gift was something I really wanted, but the hug was really good. I never thought I could have a buddy to hug like that... nor to give me a gift like this.

  So that, he wrapped his arms around me, then it was a hug, and I could almost instantly feel him pressing tighter, I mean, I wasn't used to hugs, but he was definiltely pulling tighter than usual. Then he buried his face in my shoulder and I could feel his tears. He was crying. With this he let go of the hug.

  "Who am I trying to fool? Do I really think I'm gonna get something with a stupid book?! Gosh!" he was saying with his hands in his reddening face. I got just motionless with this whole feelings display, which I may say, at moment was really odd.

  "What are you saying?" I said as I tried to approach him to be backed away for his hand.

  "Don't! Don't get closer." Dustin said. Now I was lost and motionless with the book in hands.

  "Please Shane, don't hate me... Please!" he said as he started to cry even harder and covered his face with his hands again, still standing there in the very same place he stood since he reached my room.

  "Why would I?" is all I managed to say in response. And I really meant it. At the moment he was the last person I could hate. You know, he was being my best friend at school, helped me sometimes with the exercises in class, chatted with me always he could and bought me a gift and it wasn't my birthday or anything. Why on Earth would I dislike him?!

  "Shane, I'm gay!" he said with a hurt expression. My mind went blank at the moment. Then I thought to myself, why would someone hate him just because of this?! It didn't make sense for me. I get lost in my thoughts for one moment, but then I could hear Dustin running downstairs. I mean, he said I'd hate him without at least hearing what I'd say. Besides, I would say almost the opposite of what he was thinking, I knew I liked him sooo much.

  I just threw the book in my bed and ran to reach Dustin. I couldn't leave it like this. I didn't hate him at all and I had to tell him, surely I had! And I had to reach him `cause he was very upset and I don't really know what he could do in such stress. I mean, he could get crashed, he could do some bullshit, gosh!

  As I reached stairs I said "Wait!" ..actually I shouted. I shouted for a closing door as I ran to the door as well. "Damn it! It started raining heavily and we didn't even notice!" I thought as I hesitated by the door, but I couldn't hesitate, I couldn't get there, no! I had to run after Dustin... it had to be in that very moment and I knew it, so I just went out to get almost instantly soaked as I ran after him. He was running wildly, faster than I could manage with the rain soaking me. He was getting more distant.

  After a few blocks we approached the park -- he first -- and he dissaperared beyond a grassy hill in the park. I don't have to say there wasn't anyone in the park, `cause it's obvious as the rain was heavy. As I reached the top of the hill I could see Dustin a few feet away, sitting in the grass, holding his knees with his hands and with his face buried between them.

  I approached, put one hand in his back standing beside him. He looked at me. I could see his eyes were really red, he was still crying.

  "C'mon, stand up." I said as I outstreched a hand for him. And so he did. Both of us were still catching our breathes and when you're out of breath it's harder holding back your tears. I started crying of seeing his crying face. I couldn't manage it, I just couldn't manage see him suffering after all he was doing for me, being a good friend.

  "Don't you hate me?" he said looking deep into my eyes and I looking into his.

  "No." was my only reply as tears were still running down mixing with the rain in our faces.

  "Are you gay too?" he asked tentatively.

  "I figured it out right now." I said not letting of his eyes. I figured the much I liked him inside his eyes.

  We got closer mutually and our lips met and I couldn't believe what was going on. That was my very first kiss. A wet kiss...through the rain.

  Acknowlegdments and apologies
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  Thank you Comicality, David Heulfryn, David Lee, Fupduck, Iarwain, Jonathan, Josh Aterovis, Josh BtomandBack, Paul, Rob and TNachiker.   If I forgot you and I used to mail you 'cause of your story, please let me know and I'll make up for it.

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