Through the rain


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Our friend

  It was Monday again and I was so happy cause I'd be with Dustin at school again. I had been with him just the previous day, but to me it was too long. I had slept so well... I mean, I arrived from our trip and just fell onto the bed until dinner time, then I had dinner and drifted off again. I went downstairs to have breakfast.

  I finished my breakfast, made sure I wasn't too humble to go to school... hehe and I was sitting on the couch with my schoolbag, waiting for mom.

  "Whoa, who's here already downstairs?!" she said with a joking puzzled expression putting her earring.

  "Hang on, I'm gonna take my bag and we're leaving." she said making her way upstairs quickly.

  "Soon, I'm gonna be waiting for you to wake me up." she was yelling from upstairs as she was getting back.

  "You're already asking too much." I told her as she approached the door.

  I arrived at school and found near the entrance only Austin sitting on the grass, having some of the morning light. He had his legs on the ground and was supporting himself on his hands, on his sides. As I approached him, stopping in front of him, he adjusted himself to a proper sitting position and put one hand in his forehead to see me due to the light coming from behind me.

  "Good morning, Austin." I said with a big smile.

  "Hey, Shane." he said and just as he was making a motion to get up I sat beside him, getting my bag on my lap.

  "You arrived early today." he said.

  "So, did you." I replied "Do you arrive early waiting for Melissa?" I continued.

  "Not really. She's always with the girls cause of `something important'." he said and shrugged.

  We remained silent, looking at the sunrise, sitting on the grass. Actually many students were passing in front of us but as I was zoning out I wasn't really noticing them. I looked at Austin and he was zoning out as well. His hair was brushing against his cheeks, he looked like calm. If he wasn't, he didn't show so. There are people who don't show their feelings openly, you know. I know I panic easily... hehe.

  "Austin, have you seen Dustin today?" I asked him.

  "I guess he didn't arrive yet." he answered. With this the bell rang.

  "We gotta go now." I said getting up.

  "Yeah." he replied and got up as well.

  "Talking about Dustin..." I said and looked at him approaching as we got up.

  "Hey guys. I guess I overslept today." he said and smiled.

  "Yeah, let's go." I replied and we made our ways to our respective classes.

  Before lunch I had math class with Austin. The teacher gave us some exercises and told us to make them in pairs. I just turned my head to look for someone to pair with.

  "Hey, Shane, can I join you?" Austin rushed to ask me.

  "Sure." I said with a large smile.

  We were in pairs but each one with his own book, notebook, then I was paying attention to my notebook. The exercises weren't difficult, I like math and I guess I have said it before. I assumed I could finish the exercises quickly and then I had Austin beside me to chat with. I smiled at this thought and continued doing the activity. There were five exercises. As I was doing the forth, Austin called me.

  "Mm.. Shane, can you help me?" he asked. I looked at him and he had his hands on his hair and was exhaling heavily. I looked at the notebook and he was trying to do the second exercise.

  "Hey, what's the matter?" I asked him.

  "I can't do it." he said and sighed. "I wish I were smart like you." he continued.

  "Of course you can, let me see." I said to him and got closer to approach his notes.

  As I was explaining things to him, he had one expression of someone who's making an effort to understand and I was glad I could help. I explained him the second and the third exercises.

  As I finished explaining it to him I looked at him and he was looking at me. I got closer as I was talking and didn't even notice. I felt his exhaling coming out of his mouth and at the same moment I realized things weren't leading me to a good ending. If he only what I was thinking he'd back away, surely. I averted my gaze to my notebook, where I should be looking at actually, and kept my work.

  The teacher was calling people to resolve the exercises in the blackboard as we checked them in our notebooks. It was Austin's turn and as he approached the blackboard he would resolve one exercise at the top. As he was writing with his arm raised I could see his t-shirt loose on his waist. The t-shirt was small but I could see it was loose as his waist was narrow and I could see the pockets in his jeans... As I realized what I was thinking I just shook my head.

  Then, it was my turn and I went to the blackboard to resolve another exercise. As I turned to approach my desk I saw Austin grabbing a book in a rush and kinda buring his head in it.

  "Mmm... Austin?" I asked.

  "Ah.. what?" he replied looking at me.

  "Isn't it a history book?" I asked. He flushed and I didn't understand why he grabbed a history book in a math's class... I didn't understand if I had embarrassed him. Gladly, the bell rang and we headed out for lunch.

  "Hey." I said to Dustin as he approached us in front of the classroom.

  "Then, we have another chemistry work upcoming, will you join me this time?" Dustin asked Austin as we were heading outside.

  "Gosh, Dustin. The teacher just said it today. We have almost one month to do it." Austin said.

  "I know, that's why I'm asking now. At least I can say I asked first!" he said with a grin. I just shook my head.

  As we were eating lunch Dustin started talking about P.E.

  "Mm, Shane, we could stay a little after P.E to swim a few extra laps, what do you think?" he asked me.

  "Nice." I replied.

  "I saw you two swimming last class. You are really good." Austin said "I guess I can't swim really well." he continued.

  "Of course you can, champ." I said and slapped his back. Then I just giggled.

  "Heeey." he said pushing me lightly on the arm. I made sure to bend towards Dustin pushing him as well.

  "Hey." Dustin said giggling as he pushed me back to the other side and I bent towards Austin and with this the three of us were laughing. With this we finished our lunches and the bell rang.

  Last class was P.E. and as Dustin and I have changed to our swimming suits Austin joined us. We headed to the pool and formed groups to swim our laps in the pool. I remained with Dustin this time. In our turn, both of us chose the crawl stroke and could cover several pools's length. I was the first one, for one arm's length from Dustin, who was the runner-up.

  "Very good, boys. The teacher said to both of us as we got out of the pool.

  "Mm, teacher, can we stay after class to have a few extra laps?" Dustin asked as the teacher was already talking to us.

  "You can stay a little more after class. Just don't do any mess, ok?" the teacher asked.

  We just nodded and it was Austin's group turn. He managed his laps with crawl strokes and didn't really cover many pools's length, but at least he wasn't splashing water everywhere. He was flowing fairly. He was slim and his black swimming suit fit his butt really well, aaand...

  "Hey, you're staring at Austin." Dustin said.

  "So are you!" I replied.

  "Yeah." he admitted and we were laughing as Austin finished his swimming and approached us.

  "Hey guys, what's so funny?" he asked with a puzzled expression. With this I managed a serious expression again and started talking.

  "Oh, it's only cause Dustin...Ouch!" I started saying as Dustin poked my ribs forcefully with his elbow "Nothing." I finished. Austin was still puzzled with it.

  "Aren't you leaving guys?" he asked as everybody was making their ways to the lockers.

  "Oh, we're gonna stay to have a few extra laps." Dustin answered.

  "Oh, ok. See ya guys." Austin said and headed to the lockers.

  "Did you see? We can keep the same pace swimming." I said changing subjects.

  "Yeah, but you still won." Dustin said.

  "It was only for a little bit." I said "So, what are we gonna do?" I asked.

  "I'll try a few of each stroke, what do you think?" Dustin asked me.

  "That's fine." I replied and we headed to the pool.

  We did a few of each stroke and we didn't even realized the time flew by. We took our showers quickly and made our way outside.

  "Then, what are you up to this afternoon?" I asked Dustin as we were walking.

  "Mmm... I don't knooow..." he replied prentending a thoughtful expression.

  "What a shame. I have thought of so cool things... including you..." I said and smiled looking at him.

  "Really? What kind of things?" he asked with a smile.

  "I'll say just like that... the ideas I'm having are making me hard." I said and smiled.

  "Mmm... then I guess we're thinking of the same kind of things." he said and chuckled and so did I.

  We reached home and I noticed there was nobody at home. As I closed the door I threw my bag away and started kissing Dustin passionately. We managed reaching the couch, kissing. He left his bag on the couch and was running his hands on my back. I had my hands on his neck, on his hair.

  "Mmmm..." I said as I stopped to take my breath and he pulled me to another kiss with his hand on my neck. As I had my hands on his t-shirt to take it off the doorbell rang. I almost fell from the couch.

  "Oh, gosh." I said taking my breath. Dustin was combing his hair with his fingers. I got up and approached the door with Dustin behind me.

  As I opened the door it was Austin. He had one hand on the wall and was taking his breath. Then he looked at me and I saw the tears falling on his face. I assumed he might be upset with something as he was breathing heavily and crying.

  "Come in." I said and put one hand on his back leading him inside. I assumed it might be something serious.

  "Let's go to my room." I said to him and looked at Dustin. His expression showed he was worried as well.

  As we reached my room we got in and I closed the door. Dustin sat beside Austin on the bed and put one arm on his shoulder across his back. Austin was looking at the floor and his hair was falling all over his face. I knelt in front of him.

  "I'm sorry guys." he said and sobbed.

  "Don't be sorry, we're your friends." Dustin said in a light tone, sitting beside him.

  "Hey, what happened?" I asked and put one hand on his knee and with the other I lifted his chin. As he looked at me I could see the tears still falling from his eyes.

  "I'm gay." he said with the saddest eyes I've ever seen. "I should leave now." he said and got up.

  "Wait." I said and took his hand.

  He turned and hugged me tightly. I put my hands on his back and he started crying helplessly buring his face in my shoulder. I looked across his shoulder and Dustin was getting up and went towards us. He gently put one hand on my shoulder. I looked at him and he gave me a nod.

  He managed his sobs and let go of the embrace. He was looking with a blank expression at me and then at Dustin, who was standing beside me.

  "There's something we want to tell you." I said and after a deep breath. I took his hand in my hands. I looked at Dustin and he took the other.

  "Dustin and I... we're boyfriends." I told him. He had big eyes.

  "Really?" he said with a surprised expression.

  "Yeah." Dustin replied "Now, are you gonna tell us what happened since the beginning?" he asked Austin pulling him by the hand. With this Austin sat on the bed and we sat beside him, one on each side.

  "Mmm... ok. Do you remember when I left you after P.E., right?" he said looking at me then at Dustin. We nodded.

  "Then... I was heading to Melissa's house from school. She asked me if I could help her studying history after school today." he said. "I even had my history book with me." he was saying. I was looking at him and occasionally at Dustin and he was paying attention as well.

  "Well, when we arrived at her house, she told me to go upstairs with her and I followed her." he continued saying and I saw his lips were starting to tremble and I put one hand on his shoulder.   "She closed the door and started kissing me. I really didn't expect that, but I kissed her back and then she started unfastening my pants." he said and I would say from the expression in his watery eyes, he was seeing it all again as he was telling us.

  "I panicked, I mean, I was trying to be `right', you know, I was really trying and she pushed things like that and I don't know if I'm wrong or if she is or ..." he was saying in a hurry and started sobbing "or..." and he put his hands on his face and started crying again.

  I took him in a embrace sitting beside him as Dustin was caressing his back on the other side. He cried helplessly after letting it go from his chest. I was really glad he told me... he told us. He was trembling as Dustin and I were caressing him. He was so helpless, so vulnerable, he was barely the calm and strong Austin I knew... and actually he was Austin, deep down.

  As I was holding him I had watery eyes, I mean, it was so moving seeing my friend so helpless and I was pleased we could be there for him. I looked at watered-eyes Dustin.

  Austin was stopping crying and starting to take his breath. I looked at Dustin again and raised my eyebrows, I bent my head pointing to Austin and I guess he got the message as he smiled. I smiled back.

  He held Austin from the other side and it became a double embrace. I kissed him on the cheek, near his ear and I heard Dustin kissing the other side.

  "Thank you guys." he said "It tickles." he said and bent his head forward as it was tickling and giggled. I pushed him to the bed with Dustin's help and put one hand on his chest.

  "Are you feeling better?" I asked as I looked at Dustin and winked. A huge smile spread over his face. `Oh my god, he had the same greeeat idea I did!' I thought to myself with a smile as well.

  "Yeah, thank you, really." he said with a smile this time.

  "Well, we'd like to make you feel much, much better..." I said with big gray eyes staring at his eyes "...unless you don't want to..." I said pretending a disappointed expression. I looked at Dustin and smiled, he smiled as well. We were looking at Austin. His big eyes were looking between Dustin and me.

  "Would you do that?" he asked in an expectant way with shiny eyes.

  I ran my palm under his t-shirt and he moaned. I started taking his t-shirt off aaand when I look at Dustin...mmm, where's Dustin?!... he's kneeling and unfastening Austin pants. I just gave him a meaningful look. He shrugged like `someone has to do this part of the work' and giggled.

  I started kissing Austin. Our tongues met and he was really enjoying the kiss with his face under mine. He was bending his head forward. Then, he broke the kiss all of a sudden and shivered. I looked and Dustin was sucking him. I worked my hands on his chest and sides. He closed his eyes and was moaning.

  I also wanted `my turn' then I got up from the bed and traded positions with Dustin. He was kissing Austin as I fondled his balls and then started sucking. Then, Dustin started kissing him until reaching his navel.

  "Oh, stop, stop." He said. We stopped and looked at him "I'm gonna cum."

  With this Dustin sat behind Austin with his legs spread and made room for him between them. He leaned against Dustin and I knelt on the bed. I started stroking him and I grabbed his balls. I stroked a few more times and there was an arch of cum landing on his chest, then another two smaller. He dribbled some more on my hand and his breathing was heavy. While he was taking his breath I took a t-shirt of mine from a chair and cleaned his torso.

  "Thank you guys, it was so cool." he said with a contented smile. Dustin put his arms around Austin's chest and squeezed.

  "We're your friends." Dustin said and kissed Austin's head. I kissed his cheek and then kissed Dustin on the lips.

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