Through the rain


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The bond

  I guess Dustin and I made a good work as friends, I mean, Austin came home crying and was leaving with a smile. The three of us were by the door.

  "Thank you guys, really. I mean, you made me feel good." Austin said.

  "No sweat, dude." Dustin said and smiled.

  "Can I hug you again before leaving? I know it sounds corny but..." Austin was saying as he was interrupted when Dustin buried Austin's face in his shoulder. Nothing needed to be said as Austin took me into a tight hug as well.

  "You know, Shane, I guess I should get going as well." Dustin said

.   "Oooh, no. You stay." I said and grabbed his hand.

  "Well guys, then I don't wanna interfer. See ya tomorrow." Austin said and left.

  Once inside again, I closed the door and led Dustin upstairs to my room. He sat on the bed as I closed the door. I sat beside him and took his hands looking at him.

  "What, babe?" Dustin asked.

  "Are you really ok about what we did with Austin?" I asked.

  "Yeah, why?" he asked.

  "I know it sounds silly, but I thought we should say it to each other. It sounded right to me." I said.

  "I would like having someone to do what we did to him, when I was alone, you know." he assured me.

  "Thank you, babe." I said and pullled him to get up with me.

  I hugged him forcefully burying my face in his shoulder, feeling his scent, feeling I could hold my beloved as much as I felt like. He buried his face in my shoulder and we got like that for a while.

  Dustin started kissing my neck. He had his tongue in it and I was enjoying the feeling a lot. I licked his earlobe and pressed us tighter together.

  "Ah... stop it." he said as he let go of the embrace "I didn't cum yet, you know, I am holding it back."

  "So didn't I." I said as I started taking my t-shirt off. He got the message and started taking his clothes off in a rush as well.

  Once naked I grabbed him and we started trembling together. I started running my hands on his arms quickly and so he did to me. I buried my mouth in his shoulder, tasting him, feeling his closeness.

  "Oh, I'm already leaking. Why can't it last?" he asked huskily in my ear.

  "I don't know. I'll skip this one." I said and pushed him onto the bed.

  The way Austin made us aroused and the precum making our cocks rub vigorously was getting too much as I was lying on Dustin. I was moving my hips against his. I was kissing him like there was no tomorrow, not even stopping to breath.

  Dustin broke the kiss to take his breath and as he kissed my shoulder I felt his warm cum spread all between our torsos. I was exhaling in his shoulder and felt my own cum mixing to his. I was so horny, his scent, his soft skin touching mine were having their effects. I licked his neck and then our lips met in a wet kiss.

  We kept kissing and I noticed our cocks kept hard as well. I wanted him so much, I loved him so much.

  "I want you." I said as I broke the kiss and looked deep in his eyes.

  "I want you more." he said "Let's clean this mess first." he said with a t-shirt in his hand cleaning our torsos.

  "I want to be the first this time." he said lying on his stomach.

  "Are you sure you wanna do this?" I asked in his ear.

  "Mmm... I need you." he said. It made me need to do it.

  "My cock has cum all over it. Should I clean it first?" I asked.

  "No, this way it may enter easily. Try it." He said as he knelt on the mattress.

  And I was so horny I didn't need further encouragement. I mean, he was there kneeling, nude, so cute and wanting me. I was kneeling with his butt in front of me and my heart was racing.

  I tried my cock inside him and it was entering, he was so relaxed and I think it was because of our previous cumming. Oh, and due to it the head of my cock was kinda sensitive and I almost saw stars when it got inside him.

  "Ahhhh." he said and pulled his butt against my cock.

  I bent against his back holding him and kissing his neck. I was so contented and it felt so good. While holding him I found a motion and it was bringing me to a climax quickly as I was increasing the pace and I was starting get swet.

  "I love ya." I said huskily in his ear as I felt I was cumming.

  "I want ya." he said.

  As we were trading positions and he knelt on the mattress I could see his leaking cock throbbing.

  "You really want me, babe." I said as I knelt.

  He put his hands on my sides and was entering me easily as his cock had a lot of cum and precum in it. He bent himself on me as I did before.

  "I love you, babe." he said in my ear. I didn't manage replying as I was lost in the good feeling of having him inside me after a climax and he was increasing the pace.

  "I need you so much." he said even putting some weight on me as he was cumming and I was feeling his load filling me.

  With this he landed on my back and was resting on my back. He held me tight, then, as the both of us were taking our breath, loving each other, together.

  We had swum, walked, been nice to Austin, so that, we had a tiring day. We drifted off like that. It felt so comfy sleeping under my beloved, holding me.

  "Shaaaaane?!" mom was screaming from downstairs.

  "Mm..." I said huskily opening my eyes "I'm heeere, in my room." I yelled.

  "Oh, ok." she replied.

  "Mmm... what was that?" Dustin asked in my ear as he was waking up.

  "It was mom calling me." I told him.

  "What?!" he said as he got up in a jolt grabbing his clothes and started getting dressed.

  "Oh my god! Why do you always get upset when I say mom called me?" I said as I stopped him from dressing and embraced him from behind. I kissed the back of his neck. "She aaalways calls me." I continued and giggled.

  "Mmmm... ok." he said as he got his control back and leaned against me.

  "Now, get dressed as well." he said and patted my butt.

  Dustin made his way to his house. That night I'd have a lot to think about. My dreams still belonged to Dustin, but it wasn't like I could dream of Austin as well... hehe. Well, everything was so cool!

  Next morning, as I arrived at school the bell was ringing but Dustin and Austin were waiting for me near the entrance. Both of them were so beautiful. Austin was really smiling today. I loved Dustin as he was my beloved. And I guess I loved Austin as a friend... did I love Austin as well? In a different way? Well, of course, but those were things which I had to have a thought about.

  In biology class we had some questions to do and Austin rushed to pair with me. As he was really cute that morning, I didn't really mind...

  "You know, Shane, thank you really for yesterday." Austin said as we were doing the exercises.

  "Hey, no sweat... besides, it was so nice." I said and giggled.

  "Yeah." he replied with a sweet smile.

  The exercises weren't really difficult and Austin asked me a few things. Then, we could chat some more as we finished it.

  "You know, Melissa didn't do anything bad as I was worried about. She just didn't talk to me, but I don't think she's gonna tell anything about yesterday to anyone." he said.

  "See? You don't have to worry, besides, it wouldn't sound good to her saying something like that." I told him. Then after a little silence he started talking again.

  "Can I ask you something?" Austin said and I noticed he was flushing as his hair was falling on his face and he was averting his gaze to the side.

  "Sure." I said with a smile.

  "Mmm... I don't wanna be nosy or anything..." he said and paused.

  "For god's sake. Ask!!!" I said. Now he was making me curious.

  "Mmm... ok... well, you know, you and Dustin..." he started saying as I was looking at him. "... did you do something after I leave?" he asked. By the time he finished the sentence he was almost purple. I noticed he was being bashful but it was only confirming it.

  "Yeah, we did. It was really good." I told him sincerely.

  "You know, it's `cause I thought you guys got horny and only I got my rocks off and everything..." he said not daring looking at me with some hair on his face.

  "Heeey! No sweat, dude." I told him as I squeezed him putting my hand on his shoulder across his back. He giggled and a smile spread on his face. It made me smile as well, the way he was being bashful around it and the fact he was happy, of course. With this the bell rang and I had arts.

  During art class we learnt a few cool techniques and had material avaliable. I thought about making a bracelet, and thought of Dustin to give it to, of course.

  "All the gifts I give him are things from art class... he's gonna be sick of getting garbage." I thought to myself and giggled as I was making it.

  Lunch time arrived and as the three of us were having lunch I was only noticing the way Austin was being cute and how beautiful and shiny Dustin was. I realized I was so lucky.

  "Mm... Dustin?" Austin started saying as we were eating lunch. I was only paying attention. "As I told Shane today, before, I wanted to say again thank you, you guys were really cool with me."

  "Oh dude, you don't have to say it agaaain. As I told ya, we're friends, right?" he asked with a smile. I could only see again why I loved Dustin.

  "You know, I also was talking to Shane, and I asked him if you guys did something after I leave, `cause I mean, I didn't even realize you were cool but didn't do anything... and I didn't do anything back to you, and..." he didn't finish the sentence and got all embarrassed.

  "Oooh yeah, we did. It was awesome." Dustin said with a big smile. I just sensed there was something when he looked at me while he talked. "He got in all fours and as I was pumping on him he was screaming `yeah, more, mooore.'" he was saying and smiling, getting all carried away gesturing the movements.

  I was blushing at his comments and poor Austin was turning purple after his comments.

  "Hey, it wasn't like that!" I protested and punched Dustin in the arm as he was laughing.

  "Hey, you don't have to be like that." Dustin said to Austin as he was so embarrassed. He squeezed Austin putting one hand on his shoulder across his back while he was returning to his `normal color'.

  I was sitting beside Dustin and got up to sit on the other side, beside Austin. I thought he would like being in the middle a little... and I remembered one thing.

  "Don't you want to be beside me anymore?" Dustin asked while we were eating as he realized I got beside Austin.

  "Nope. I don't want another punch in my rib." I replied.

  "Austin, do you remember yesterday, after swimming class, when you asked what was so funny?" I asked him.

  "Yeah. Actually you didn't tell me." he said, paying attention with his hazel eyes looking at me.

  "Ooow, you have to tell, don't you?" Dustin interrupted me. Austin looked at his protest and then turned his attention back to me as I continued.

  "Duuustin was staring at you while you were swimming!" I said triumphantly. Austin got big eyes at me.

  "You were staring too." Dustin protested. It made him google even more.

  "Really?!" he asked puzzled.

  "Yeah, I replied."

  "I don't have anything special... I'm too average I guess, that's all." he simply said.

  "Of course not. You're beautiful, and cute." Dustin said trying to reassure him. He looked at me and I just nodded confirming him I shared this opinion.

  "Awww... Dustin thinks I'm cute." he said with a smile as he put his head on Dustin's shoulder and sighed. It was our turn to laugh and his turn to blush!

  As time to go arrived we were in front of the school to make our way home... well, to Dustin's house, as he said this time it was `his turn'.

  "Then, I guess I should get going." Austin said as he was turning his back.

  Dustin put one hand on his shoulder across his back and turned him to us again. I noticed the way Dustin was being nice and `touchy' with Austin. I had noticed as well he was this way only with me... well and with Austin so far. I thought Dustin was a `touchy person' before but at that moment I realized he was this way only with the ones he cared for... I had been so silly.

  "I guess you `should get coming'... with us." he said and smiled.

  "Definitely!" I said and giggled.

  We were talking all the way home. It seems we were really talkative that day, besides as the three of us had different classes, we had parts of the day when we weren't together and we were telling each other about it all. And we were happy thinking of what we would do really soon, aaand if three happy giggling teenagers don't talk a lot, who's gonna do it?!

  As we were in Dustin's house we had juice and biscuits. Then, he led us to his room.

  "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm already undressing." Dustin said with a smile as he closed the door.

  He was already taking his pants off as I decided I should do the same and took my t-shirt off. With this he was only on his briefs and I was taking my pants off as well, ending up only in briefs as well. Austin was still fully dressed.

  "Hey, we wanna see you undressed as well, we like it, you know?" Dustin said to Austin.

  "It's just that... I haven't seen you like this yet." he said.

  "Oh, then didn't you like it?" Dustin asked pretending a puzzled expression. I was just watching.

  "Oh, yeah, I'm appreaciating..." he said and was getting embarrassed.

  "Well?" Dustin asked.

  "Okaaay." he said as he started undressing. As he was undressing I smiled at Dustin and he winked at me.

  "Can I ask something?" Austin said.

  "Yes, you can fuck me first!" Dustin said with a grin.

  "Ooooh. It's not that." Austin said even putting his hands on his face for a moment.

  "We knooow." I said and gave Dustin a meaningful look. He sent me a kiss in reply.

  "Can I feel you, I mean, touch you everywhere, you know?" he asked.

  "Of course you can." I said as I approached him.

  "We'll get hard, no problem?" Dustin asked as he approached him from behind.

  "Mmm... none, at all." he replied, now with one hand on my neck and another on Dustin's side.

  He ran his hands on my chest and arms. We were getting hard and it was getting noticiable through our briefs. Then he put one hand on Dustin's neck behind him as he got another on my torso.

  "It's cool." he said and was all smiles.

  "Mmm.. yeah." Dustin said and exhaled in his ear. Austin shivered.

  Dustin took his briefs off and his cock sprang to life. He lay on the bed and that was a offer too good to be wasted. I took my briefs off and looked at Austin. He took his briefs off and his manhood sprang. He was really beautiful. I pulled Austin by the hand and he was standing beside the bed as I knelt on the mattress.

  Dustin invited him for a kiss. Austin knelt beside him and Dustin pulled him into a deep kiss. I took his shaft in my mouth not wasting time. I grabbed his balls with the other hand and he moaned. I licked the head and looked at them. They were kissing really good.

  I got it inside my mouth again and started sucking it. I could taste his precum. I increased the sucking as I ran my hands on his tummy. It was too much for him and I felt his load hitting my throat. I got all of it as he was giving me more of his juice.

  I made my way up to share it with Dustin in a passionate kiss while Austin watched with an amazed expression.

  "It's your turn." Dustin said to Austin, getting up from the bed. I got up as well.

  Austin lay on the bed and Dustin knelt on the mattress. I reached Austin's mouth, after all, I wanted my kissing turn. Dustin started kissing Austin's bare chest making his way down as I was kissing Austin deeply on the lips. Austin broke the kiss and inhaled deeply as Dustin took his cock in his mouth. He contracted his ab and closed his eyes. It seems he was really enjoying it. I smiled as I ruffled his hair.

  As Dustin was sucking it, I made my way to his neck. Austin was moaning, more and more. Then I stopped as I felt he was getting close and while he came I kissed his cheek.

  "Oh, that was awesome." he said. He got one more kiss on the cheek from me and one kiss on the tummy from Dustin.

  "There's still Shane. I have one idea!" he said and grinned.

  He sat on the bed and spread his legs. He patted his thigh and looked at me. I grinned and in no time was comfy leaning against his torso, and leaking precum as well.

  Austin grabbed my cock with one hand and fondled my balls with the other in his embrace. I moaned in pleasure. As Dustin was kneeling on the mattress he approached me to kiss me on the lips, passionately, while Austin was stroking my shaft, I was in heaven.

  Then, Dustin broke the kiss and reached my shaft to suck it. Austin was kissing my neck. I couldn't last any longer and gave Dustin all the load I had to offer him cumming in his mouth.

  "Do you want a kiss?" Dustin asked Austin after sucking me, still with cum in his mouth.

  "Well, yeah." Austin said and shrugged.

  They shared a long kiss and then Dustin kissed me. Then I kissed Austin and Dustin didn't miss the opportunity to exhale in his neck.

  "It's weird." Austin said and giggled.

  "But, did you like it?" Dustin asked with a grin. I turned my head to look at them.

  "Yeah." he said and giggled.

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