Through the rain


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Filling the void

  Next day, we were on a great mood, things were going on really well. It was one of those days when you feel everything is `flowing' fine. We were eating lunch, sitting under `our tree' through the fall's breeze.

  "Mmm.. k, let's start eating, I'm starving!" Austin said and got his sandwich from his bag.

  "Yeah, who can blame us? We're growing boys." Dustin said and giggled.

  That lunch break, especially, I wasn't chatting, nor they were talking really much... no, I wasn't starving, though I was hungry and eating... the point is, I was appreciating it all, you know, my friends, my peace of mind and the way Dustin filled my heart with love, and even Austin filled it some more with friendly love.

  I could surely say I was happy because I had so much love... and I know there are many kids who are sweethearts but don't have it, maybe `cause they can't let show how nice they are, maybe `cause they don't have the opportunities to do so and usually because people are so stupid and feel good and important giving a hard time to other people and...

  "Then, Shane doesn't want his..." Austin said to Dustin and shook his head lightly.

  "I can take all of it." Dustin replied.

  "What?!?!?!??!?!!!" I asked. I didn't have any clue. I was glad they didn't say an awful thing and asked me if I agreed, `cause I probably would have agreed... hehe.

  "It's just that Austin said he'd enter me with all his inches, and as I told ya, `I can take all of it' as you don't want any." he said and Austin googled for one moment.

  "Heeeeey, it's not what I said!" he said and punched Dustin in the arm.

  "Ouch! It hurts." Dustin replied and punched him back.

  "You're fine, you're punching me back!" Austin said and then continued "Ok then, I have a gift to you. That's what I was saying." He said and got two really nice blue bracelets from his bag.

  "Hey stud, where did you buy these?" I asked looking at the two shiny bracelets.

  "It's from arts class duh!" Dustin said to me.

  "How do you know?" I dumbly asked.

  "I also have one." he said and chuckled as he got one red bracelet from his bag.

  "Oh, wait!" I said as I realized `I' made one the previous day and completely forgot it inside my bag.

  "No way!" Dustin said as I got the red bracelet I made from my bag. "We're sooo creative!" he said and chuckled. The three of us laughed. It almost looked like we're gonna sell bracelets in that very spot.

  "So, guys, these bracelets are one to you..." Austin said giving me one "...and one to you." he said giving one to Dustin.

  I looked at Dustin and he looked back, our eyes met. Austin was there, kneeling with his bag, smiling, with his hair shining more than gold, with his eyes showing his very soul and so contented to be with us, and I was so contented to be with him. I just had to give something back to him... better, we had.

  "Well, as Dustin already have a bracelet, this is to you." I said handing the red bracelet I made yesterday, to Austin.

  "And this." Dustin said and smiled at me.

  Austin wore the bracelets as well, and had a goofy grin on his face. Showing his feelings like that, it was unbelievable he was so happy only `cause of bracelets, besides I may say the ones he gave us were much better than the one I made but he really didn't care and was really happy. It made me, made us happy as well. I so knew it was gonna be a good lunch time.

  In Literature class we could follow the explanation from the book in pairs, and I was glad I could sit with Dustin. It's not like I would do anything with Dustin in the class, besides we had to stay quiet and pay attention, but only being close to him and be able to look at him with his studying expression was enough for me not to miss him.

  The teacher was talking about Joseph Conrad, a well-concepted author in English writing. He told us this author was Polish, but he chose English as his writing language. It leads me to think of the guys out there who can write very well, maybe some foreigns. I'm doing better with writing along with being more talkative but I guess it's hard dealing well with numbers and writing, although it's a goal now.

  After that, last class was gone and we were leaving. We were reaching the sidewalk.

  "Ok then, guys. See ya tomorrow." Austin said.

  "Oooh no, you're coming with us!" I said pushing him with a hand on his back, already walking towards home.

  "But... it's just... I don't wanna disturb... er... interfer" he said almost sheepshly... he knew his arguments were finishing fast.

  "I love when Austin interfer... mmmmm..." Dustin said.

  "So, won't I interfer, really?" he asked.

  "No, `cause you're a hhhhot." I said making sure I exhaled in his ear to tickle, making him all bashful, looking to the ground with his hair falling over his face. Dustin to his futher embarrassment, kissed him on the cheek.

  We reached home, oh, and this time I reminded of my starving boys and my politeness, and we had a snack in the kitchen. Then, we went to my room.

  Surely I started stripping, as it was necessary to my `plans' and a push to the guys do the same, and I so appreciated their bare torsos and legs. We were only in briefs when Dustin pulled me into a deep passionate kiss. Austin hold me from behind and started caressing my tummy in circles. I was already hard, of course, and it was obvious in front of Dustin's briefs. I could feel Austin's hardon poking my butt as well as he kissed the back of my neck.

  Dustin put his hands on my face to pull me deeper into the kiss and Austin changed sides, and went behind Dustin to kiss his neck. And he started moan in approval, not letting go of our long kiss.

  I broke the kiss and looked at Austin. We pushed Dustin onto the bed. Austin knelt on the mattress behind Dustin's head and was bending down to kiss him upside down and running his hands all over his chest. I pulled his boxers down and went towards my target. I started sucking him very hard and grabbed his balls forcefully. It made him arch his back.

  They broke the kiss and Austin was kissing Dustin's tummy as I was sensing I was almost getting my reward. Dustin shivered and I felt his juices inside my mouth and didn't waste it while Austin sucked his bellybutton.

  I traded positions with Dustin, after all, I wanted that different kiss from Austin and I was already way aroused. Austin's tongue met mine from above as he had his nose on my chin and my eyes were facing his neck. I felt Dustin removing my briefs and had to break the kiss and jerked as he got my shaft inside his mouth in one motion.

  Austin started caressing my sides with his tongue inside my mouth as I shivered while Dustin sucked me running his hands over my inner thighs. It was quickly sending me to an edge. Austin broke the kiss and went towards my nipples. When he started sucking I shivered. He started licking the other and Dustin grabbed my balls. I shot my warm load deep into his throat and he took all of it.

  As Austin lay on the bed, Dustin and I were kneeling, facing each other. I winked at him and kissed the tip of Austin's cock. I looked at him and he had his eyes closed and a blissful expression. Dustin reached my lips to a french kiss, but I didn't move, so that, we were kissing Austin's shaft and he arched his back and moaned several times.

  I took it all inside my mouth as Dustin made his way to Austin's neck. I could taste his precum. Dustin reached his mouth to a kiss. I increased my sucking and as Austin broke the kiss, he took a deep breath and gave me all his load. It was really much, but I didn't waste any of it.

  "Wow!" was all Austin got to say, lying, spent.

  As Dustin was kneeling on one side of the mattress, I knelt on the other.

  "I love you." I said to him.

  "I love you." he replied with the sweetest smile.

  I looked at Austin and saw tears in his cheeks. He was looking at the ceiling. Dustin also looked at him, as we were kneeling one on each side of him.

  "Hey, what's wrong?" I asked, wiping the tears from his cheeks with my thumbs. Dustin started caressing his chest in circles.

  He started crying harder and I wrapped an arm around his neck and put my cheek closer to his. I was exhaling regularly near his ear with our cheeks touching while Dustin had his head on Austin's chest, hearing his heartbeat and caressing his tummy. We remained like this for a few minutes.

  "Sorry guys, I'm always the dumb one who starts crying." Austin said. I looked at Dustin and our eyes met. We reminded of the many times we cried together.

  "You're not, you're an amazing guy." I said above a whisper, by his side.

  I kissed him on the cheek and Dustin kissed the other side. I looked at Dustin, he was so beautiful and had a peaceful expression.

  "I wish I had someone only to me. I mean, you guys are awesome, I don't even know how to thank you, but I miss someone to love..." he said, looking from me to Dustin and back to me with his eyes full of feelings lying his head between us.

  "We know, we know..." Dustin said ruffling his hair gently "and you thank us enough just being who you are." he continued with a smile.

  "We love you, dear, don't we?" I said and looked at Dustin.

  "Of course we do." he assured.

  "It's just different." Austin said.

  "Surely it is, we're different people." I said.

  "I wish I had someone to sleep with, by his side, ya know?" Austin said.

  "Mm... this we can do for you." Dustin said and grinned. He pulled Austin into a sitting position and lay on the bed. I just got it and got comfy beside Dustin with one hand behind his neck and another on his chest.

  "Mmm... it' so good, won't you jump here, to join us?" I said with a tentative smile. I managed a smile from Austin and he lay onto us.

  "Besides, I'm feeling tired." Dustin said and yawned.

  "Mmhumm." I said with my cheek on his chest and closed my eyes.

  I felt Austin's breathing on my face and his hand on my back, and with this we drifted off.

  "Mmm... mornin' guys." I heard Dustin saying as I opened my eyes and saw Austin opening his. Austin stretched lying on us.

  "It's sooo good." Austin said huskily.

  "Hey, it's getting dark." Dustin said looking at the window.

  "Oh, I gotta go." Austin said and got up.

  "We gotta go." Dustin added.

  The three of us got up and got dressed. After we were dressed they were taking their bags to go.

  "Thank you guys, really." Austin said and was blushing kinda not knowing what else to say.

  "Hey, no need for that." Dustin said as he was bending down to get his bag.

  "Can we let you leave?" I said grabbing Austin by the waist looking at his face "Are you gonna be ok?" I asked.

  "Could you hug me too?" he said looking across his shoulder at Dustin with undeniable pleading eyes.

  Both of us were hugging him hard. Feeling our friendship in the warmth of that hug made me know there wasn't anything more important nor good.

  "Mmmmm... all better." he said.

  He smiled after letting go of the embrace. They made their way to their houses and I finished my day, one more amazing day, `cause I had such friends.

  Next day was taking its course, as the classes were passing by, I was learning and everything was going on fine on that sunny morning. As lunch time arrived I met Dustin in the halls and we went looking for Austin.

  We saw Austin and many big guys, probably from the football team.

  "Hey, what's up with ya man?" the biggest guy was saying to Austin.

  "Leave him alone." Austin said. Dustin and I were watching from some distance and of course we would interfer if necessary, but we didn't want to approach and put any pressure on the situation.

  "Why? Is it from your business?" the guy said to Austin.

  "I guess my touchdowns and intersections from last match still count." Austin said and rushed towards us. He was with another guy, smaller than him, not much, but who probably would have problems if Austin didn't interfer.

  "Hey guys." Austin waved. He had one hand on the guy's back as he approached us.

  "Are you ok?" Austin said to the guy as they stopped beside Dustin and me.

  "Yeah, thanks."

  "What's your name?" Austin asked.


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