Through the rain


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No more voids

  On Thursday there wasn’t anything eventful nor that I wanted to know… hehe… ok ok, I was ‘itching’ to know what happened between Austin and Josh and, ok, I also admit I was overreacting as nothing special could have happened. It was math class and Austin was coming in.

  “Hey, hi Shane, how are you?” Austin asked with a smile.

  “Owww, no politeness, tell me!” I asked almost jumping onto him… hehe.

  “What?” he asked pretending a puzzled expression getting a poke in the rib because of that.

  “Ok, ok. I tell you!” he said and with this we sat down.

  “Well…” he started and took a deep breath “… Josh came over, we played a few video games and mmm… well, we also had juice.” he said looking at the floor. I approached him closer and saw a smile spreading on his face even with him averting his gaze.

  “That’s all?!?!!!!” I asked.

  “What do you think?” he replied looking at me with shiny eyes and bitting his lower lip.

  “Ooooh, I can even imagine what kind of juice you guys had!” I said with a triumphant smile. He reddened.

  “Ok, ok, I am itching to tell it!” he said and giggled. “Oh, but I wanna tell you guys with Josh, it all again, at lunch time, ‘cause it ain’t right telling it without him, right?” he said. I nodded.

  “Oh, it was awesome!” he said with a huge smile.

  “Really? Then tell me!” I said with the curiosity taking the best of me.

  “You two, pay attention to the class, I guess you have exercises to do!” the teacher said. I bet if he knew what we were talking about he would like paying attention to it!

  “Ok, copy it and go thinking of it all with details to tell me!” I said to Austin above a whisper as we kept copying the exercises. After that, the teacher wasn’t really paying attention to us anymore, as everybody was talking to resolve the exercises.

  “So?” I turned to Austin and asked.

  “Oh… well, we reached home and by the moment I opened the door my heart was throbbing, I mean, the closer we were from home, I was getting more excited with ideas popping in my head. When we came in I could say Josh was nervous, looking at the sides, and not knowing where placing his hands nor where standing still.” he was saying.

  “I can imagine.” I said and chuckled. He giggled as well.

  “So, we had juice and then I went showing him my video games, and ok, I admit I kinda lied to him saying they were new, because the last ones I bought were those I played with you guys…” he was telling me while I was almost eating him with my eyes paying attention to everything.

  “We kept playing for like half an hour and I saw I was winning. So I teased Josh telling him I would leave the joystick on the floor until he could reach my score and with this I got a punch in the arm with a ‘hey’.” He was telling me and I could already imagine where it would lead them to.

  “I punched back and he wrapped his arm around my neck, with this I pushed him onto the floor and our eyes met with him under me, there, I mean, with those sweet lips there, for me, only to reach and kiss, ya know?” he asked with shining eyes, like he was seeing it again.

  “Oooh, I know!” I replied enthusiastic and reassuring.

  “And as I was thinking of it, almost dreaming of it, looking at this happening in the blue of Josh’s eyes, he bent his head forward and our lips met.” He said with shiny eyes.

  ”I guess he was hesitant at first but then, I pulled him closer and we went to my room after that! And, oh, it was sooo cool. I undressed him, I could run my fingers all over his skin and I sucked him! He also did it to me.”

  “Did you finish the exercises?” the teacher stopped beside us and asked. We almost jumped out of our skins, I mean, what if he had heard it all! With this he just kept walking around.

  “Aaargh, the teacher approaching like that… he almost killed me!” Austin said “Wellll, as I was telling ya, it was awesome!” he said with a contented grin.

  ”Yeah, I bet it was.” I replied.

  Lunch time arrived and I met Austin in the halls and we sighted Dustin and Josh approaching.

  “Shaaane, you won’t believe it!” Dustin said all enthusiastic.

  “Oh, that Josh and Austin were playing video games yesterday aaand…” I said with a grin.

  “Hey, how do you know?” Dustin asked as Josh was redenning.

  “Well, Austin told me during math class. And, how do ‘you’ know?” I replied.

  “Well, I had french class with Josh.” he said with his large smile.

  We were sitting under the tree, unpacking our lunches and I noticed the way Austin and Josh were sitting really close, arms touching.

  They discussed about the things they told us as each one of them told to Dustin and me, so we were getting the ‘full view’ of it. Then, as I have sense… mmm, well I think I have hehe… I asked something about school, because I didn’t wanna make the boys uncomfortable with this nor pester then about it. As I had my try, Dustin started talking.

  “Mm, Josh, did Austin tell you about us?” Dustin asked.

  “Oh, that you’re boyfriends, I think that’s awesome guys, really.” Josh said smiling with his beautiful smile.

  “Well, guys, I couldn’t help telling… I mean, did you want to tell yourselves to him?” he asked with a kinda puzzled expression.

  “Hey, no problem. We’re glad you can share it with Josh.” I said reasurring Austin and getting his smiling expression back.

  “Oh, nooo, not just that.” Dustin said with a smile and I got puzzled looking at him “I’m asking if he told ya we think he’s way hot in bed!” he finished with a big grin.

  “Really?!” Josh asked with a big smile and shiny eyes. I sensed he was ‘really interested’ in it, I may say.

  Oh, Austin wanted to fill him in everything we did together. It was funny the way Austin talked about Dustin and me as super models describing us and the way he said things, it seemed we were experts in sex…

  He was telling Josh, since when he reached home and told us he was gay and we were ‘amazing to him’ as he said and what we did in the following times occasionally asking me some confirmation. I tried assuring Austin was overreacting, but he didn’t let me and I think Josh was prone to believe all Austin was saying!

  Dustin was constantly redenning with Austin’s carried away descriptions. I was getting a little embarrassed as well, but was mostly chuckling at it.

  “Oh, guys and there’s one more thing.” Austin started saying “Now that you’re all here, I want to give Josh one of the bracelets, as I have two, because this is way he ‘joins us’, k?” he asked kinda expectant.

  “Oh, right... I also have our bracelets here Shane.” Dustin said as he was looking for it in his bag.

  We were all with our bracelets and Josh got the same goofy grin Austin did when we gave the bracelets to him. Of course, it’s only garbage, but the feeling in it means much more than the bracelets themselves.

  It seems Austin did some good to Josh. Seeing him at that moment, you couldn’t say he was the same shy kid from the previous day. And, the most important, I guess, is that Josh was doing some good to Austin too, as I noticed he didn’t have that sorrow in his eyes when he got quiet, because he knew he had got someone to him.

  I got busy with a few things on last class, so that, when I reached outside, the guys were already there waiting for me.

  “Are we going home today?” I asked with a grin.

  “You bet!” Dustin said enthusiastic.

  “You’ll join us, right?” Dustin asked the guys “We’re er… curious, ya know.” he said and averted his gaze, I saw him blushing.

  “Isn’t there any problem, I mean, I don’t wanna bother, I don’t know if you have other plans…” Josh was saying.

  “All right then, home!” I said.

  “Oh, Austin, is it ok with ya too?” Josh asked to him.

  “Mmm… no.” he said smiling and winked at Dustin, not giving him a chance to return to his ‘normal color’… hehe.

  “Then, what happened in your last classes?” I asked the guys and with this we kept talking all the way home.

  We reached home and we all came in. It was way cool having all the guys at home, and well, I had to remember of my politeness, I guess.

  “Do you want a snack?” I asked.

  “Oh, I want the big snack.” Dustin said putting one arm on my shoulder across my back. Austin and Josh blushed at this comment.

  I looked at the guys and thought better talking to them about it too, ya know.

  “Is this ok with ya?” I said to them.

  They nodded, they were smiling, and were so cute together. I got closer to Josh and took his hands in mine.

  “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, right?” I asked to him with a big smile with big gray eyes. He smiled with his shiny eyes and I got a kiss on the cheek.

  “On the other hand, if you waaant…” I said flashing a grin.

  “Hey, I also want a kiss!” Dustin protested. Josh made his way towards Dustin and he got a kiss on the cheek as well.

  “Don’t I get one?” Austin asked.

  “Sorry dear, you found a too cute boyfriend.” Dustin said and chuckled. It made me giggle as well, besides it was true. I realized in that very moment I had beautiful friends, and it was only true because they were all beautiful inside, which only added to their attractive features.

  “Mmm… you can get as many as you want.” Josh replied huskily at Austin and their lips met.

  “Ok ok, upstairs.” Dustin said and with this we all rushed to my room.

  As we reached my room and I closed the door I grabbed Dustin in an embrace and then, facing him, started stripping in a hurry, and so did he.

  “Shall we?” Josh asked as Austin was taking his t-shirt off.

  “You must!” Dustin said with a grin.

  Dustin and I finished taking our clothes off, with brief kisses and were only in our briefs while Austin and Josh were kissing passionately with their bare chests touching. They finished undressing and there were we, all of us in briefs, a priceless view!

  “Ya know guys, Austin had to reassure me like a thousand times yesterday that you guys thought I’m beautiful, because I told him I wasn’t sure… and ya know?” Josh said blushing.

  “Oh yeah, we do, reeeally much.” Dustin assured him “May I?” he asked Austin wrapping an arm around Josh’s slim waist.

  “Right, I can borrow one here too!” Austin said taking me by the waist.

  Dustin pulled them closer and they lips met in a heated kiss. Josh was running his palms all over Dustin’s back and well, I had Austin to kiss!

  He pulled me closer, facing me with those shiny hazel eyes and our lips met with his hair gently brushing my face. I had my hands in his large back rubbing in circles. I exhaled in his ear. He shivered.

  “You’re a stud, do you know that?” I asked in his ear.

  “Mmm.. and you taste great.” he said and kissed my neck.

  With this Austin kept holding me and we were watching what the guys were doing. Josh and Dustin broke the kiss, then Dustin exhaled in his ear.

  “Do you like it?” Dustin said.

  “Yeah.” Josh replied putting his hands on Dustin’s butt over the briefs’s fabric. With this, Dustin looked at us.

  “Ok, Austin, you can have your boyfriend back.” he said and giggled.

  The tents in our briefs were obvious.

  “I guess you’re needing him now.” Dustin said looking at Austin’s bulge.

  “Yeah.” Austin replied.

  With this, Dustin took me pushing me onto the bed while Austin knelt in front of Josh taking his briefs off allowing his manhood to spring to life. Dustin took my shaft in his mouth and I moaned not looking at what anyone else was doing anymore.

  It was too much for me, with all these guys naked, loving, and my shaft in Dustin’s mouth. I just eruped in his mouth. We traded positions and I kissed Dustin from the neck to the cock.

  Reaching his expectant cock, I took what he was offering me, all in my mouth and started sucking it, whilfe fondling his balls. He was moaning in pleasure, when I heard a louder moan and I see Josh supporting himself on Austin’s sholders. Then, they started sharing a deep kiss.

  The next thing I felt was my mouth being filled with Dustin’s juices. I took it all. Then, I made my way up to get a kiss, lying on him.

  Austin was sitting on the computer’s chair with his legs spread while Josh sucked him. He had a pure pleasure expression and a heaving chest, as Dustin’s where I was lying on.

  Dustin and I were lying and watching them. Austin shivered and Josh took all his cum and then made his way up to get a kiss.

  “Why don’t you join us here?” Dustin said patting the mattress and that was a great idea.

  We sat on the bed. I was leaning on Dustin’s torso. As the guys sat, Josh was leaning against Austin’s bare chest. I got closer to Josh to share one kiss with him.

  I broke the kiss and hugged Dustin tightly buring my head in his shoulder. I started crying, but this time I was crying of joy. I was afraid in the beginning, and in that moment I had three friends there, for me.

  “Hey, why are you crying?” Dustin asked smiling at me.

  “Oh, never mind.” I said managing my sobs.

  “Hey, tell us babe.” Austin said caressing my cheek with his hand.

  “Well, I’m crying of joy, because once I had nothing and now I have the three best friends in the world.” I said as I felt a tear falling on my shoulder. It was Dustin with watered eyes. Josh and Austin had watered eyes as well.

  Dustin lay on the bed and I got comfy holding him, lying on his bare torso.

  “Hey, don’t get like this. We’re all happy.” Josh said in my ear hugging me from behind.

  “Yeah.” Austin said as he joined the big hug, kissing my cheek.

  “I love you.” Dustin said.

  “I love you all.” I said tightening the hug as much as I could.

  I had Dustin, my beloved, who went with me through the rain, who was the sun that made my life shining again. And I had the best friends.

The End

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