Through the rain


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The sun is shining again

  The kiss was tentative at first. We briefly broke the kiss to look into eachother's eyes and smiled. Our lips met again. This time the kiss was much more passionate... for a moment it was like all the fear and hesitation were gone... this time Dustin tried to invade my mouth with his tongue and I was scared at first but then I just let my thoughts wonder and our tongues met. I might say they almost laced as sign of the bond we were conceiving in that moment. As our kiss were becoming more passionate I let my hands explore Dustin's wet hair and then go to his neck to provide more closeness to our lips. Dustin also had exploring hands, going from my neck way down. When his hands reached my slight waist we broke the kiss.

  "Wow!" Dustin said as he was taking his breath after letting go of the embrace. I just smiled at his comment with one hand on my chest as I was out-of-breath as well. Then he managed a smile himself.

  "See? The sun is shining again." I said pointing to the sky, where the clouds were just going away and which, of all the shades, was becoming blue again, as it was supposed to be.

  "My sun is right here in front of me" Dustin said.

  "Let's get back home. We are really soaked and we need to change our clothes." I said turning my head towards the way back, as I was blushing at his comment and didn't want him to notice.

  "I outta go home."

  "Besides, you forgot your schoolbag in my bedroom after your display." I continued. This was his turn to blush but I just looked away and pretended I didn't notice it.

  As we were walking back home not much was said, we're just enjoy eachother's company. We went to my bedroom as we reached home. Mom wasn't there, I suppose she was buying something and crossed with some friend of hers or something like that... lucky me. We went to my bedroom, so that I could get some dry clothes and borrow some to Dustin.

  "These may fit. Is that ok with you?" I asked as I took some clothes for Dustin after taking mine as well.

  "Oh Shane, it's way cool!" he answered smiling widely. Was he that excited about a so ordinary thing or was it only my imagination?! I reckoned it was only my imagination.

  "Ok then, I don't know whether they're gonna be as good as yours and everything but..." I was saying taking the clothes to the bed but I completely stopped talking when I turned to see Dustin with a deadly serious expression.

  "Thank you Shane, I mean it, really." Now it was getting awkward... I mean, he didn't have that much to be thankful. That was only a set of clothes. I didn't answer as I didn't really understand what he was meaning with that.

  "Ok then. Now we have to take a shower, you know, we were in the rain, we are still wearing our wet clothes..." I said as an incomplete sentence because I was waiting for him to complete the thought like `You first' or `I'll wait here' or even `Can I go first' despite the fact that I yerned to take a shower together with him, to be able to see his nude body, maybe even touch it.

  "Shane... Can I ask you something? Promise me you aren't gonna get mad with me, ok?" Dustin asked. Oooh, I so didn't like this pause as if it was gonna be a big deal.

  "What?" I said expectantly and somehow freaked.

  "Can we shower together? I mean, I'd like to see `you', you know" he said as his cheeks became red, and then he averted his gaze. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. I knew I'd chicken out to ask him for this, even though it was what I wanted the most at that moment. And he continued "...but there's no problem if you don't want to, I mean, I shouldn't have asked and..." and I didn't let him finish the sentence as I wrapped my arms around him in a tight hug as a smile spread in my face.

  "Oooh, I'd like sooo much to do it... but I didn't have the courage to ask." I answered. It was my turn to blush. I'm glad we were in a hug, so that he couldn't see my face on his shoulder. I replied with my face on his shoulder looking to the window as he didn't let go of the hug. It seemed Dustin needed it even more than I did, so I just enjoyed the closeness for a while.

  "Ok, let's go." I said as I unwrapped my arms of him. I took our clothes and we headed for the bathroom. I entered the bathroom, after Dustin, and locked the door. I shivered inside, you know, in the morning I would only approach Dustin and be all embrassed, now we're gonna take a shower together! It was being so cool.

  "Do you want me not to look? I don't want to make you embrassed or anything..." Dustin said as I grabbed my t-shirt to take it off.

  "No problem, let's take these soaked clothes off." I answered him with a reassuring smile. What was going on?! Was I making it to the overconfident Dustin? Besides, of course there wasn't any problem, I mean, I was gonna take a shower with ...him!!!

  We waited for the warming water to get warm enough, one on each side of the stream. When I reckoned the water was pleasant I got under the stream and I could notice Dustin beside it, in the same very place. I looked at him.

  "Can we hug under the stream, Shane?" he asked.

  "Definetly!" I replied as wrapped my arms around him and pulled him under the warm water with me.

  We were both under the warm water flowing through our bodies Dustin reached my lips and we kissed once again as our body warmth mached with the water's warmth.

  "Can I take a look at you?" Dustin whispered in my ear after parting our lips. We let go of the hug and got out of the stream. As he looked at me I looked at his as well. The wet blond hair which Dustin would comb behind his ears with his fingers, his beautiful face with deep green eyes, his cute nose, his wet invinting lips. I stared at his bare chest, so smooth, but not really thin, his arms, not strong, not fit, just perfect for him, his slim waist, which made his chest look wider, that got larger as approached his tights and legs, then the feet. And I couldn't help noticing his cock, hard by mine. I didn't try anything. I didn't want to do anything in a hurry, I didn't want to ruin everythng, Dustin was being sooo cool and I don't know whether he'd like to do it or not. Besides, I admit, I didn't have the courage.

  I took the soap and got under the water as I soaped cautiously his chest...oh, it felt so good, his tummy, arms, legs, mentally tracing his shape which I could feel with my hands exploring and touching everything. Then I stood again and soaped his face, using my hands this time not the soap, so that I could trace his beautiful features and then I'd take the soap and I wash his butt and his cock very clean, you know, it was the first time I was touching someone else `there'. Then we traded places. He did the same things I did soaping me... it felt sooo good, you know, feeling his touch all over my body, a caring touch, making me clean. As he was washing my face I could feel his caring hands like he was tracing every single trace of it. Then he washed my butt, and I may say he liked it as he spend some time with his exploring hands caressing it. Oh, then he washed my cock and balls as I did for him, he was touching my cock! I washed his hair massaging it with shampoo and combed it with my fingers helping the shampoo go away and so he did to me.

  We dried eachother and I just loved drying Dustin's hair and ears as he sat there like a child. Then he dried me with the same care or maybe more. Then we dressed in the clothes I brought to the bathroom for us and headed back to my room after combing our hair.

  Both of us sat on the bed and collapsed side by side supported by our feet on the floor and our backs on the mattress. Then I grabbed Dustin's right hand with my left one and got them beside our heads in the mattress. We laid there for a while, then I said what I was thinking.

  "Dustin, how come this morning I was thinking my day would suck and now I have you?!" I said to him and I turned my face to his side to see Dustin staring with his green eyes at me. He was looking at me paying attention to every word. Somehow it encouraged me to talk. His look was so intense it looked like he was looking into my soul.

  "I wish I was like you. You have so many friends." I continued.

  "It's not like that, you know... when you talk to many people it doesn't mean they're your friends. Actually, I think when you talk to everybody it's like you're nobody's friend." he answered and with it he changed his position to be sat again. As I was still laying beside him I started caressing his back through the t-shirt's fabric. After one silent moment I could feel his sobs with the movements of his back. His sobs were increasing and suddenly he was crying again.

  I managed a sat position beside him and wrapped my left arm around his neck pulling him closer to my shoulder, then resting his head on my lap.

  "What's wrong Dustin? Tell me."

  "You know, I've never had a friend like care about me, to understand me... when we talk it's like you can support me without judging me or expect something from me, you know?" He looked at me and I nodded "I've never had a friend to be `a friend' this" he continued as I was combing his blond, now dry, hair with my fingers while he was talking and with this I used my other hand to grab both of his hands and press them tight reassuring him.

  "Why are you being so kind to me? I mean, I'm so sorry for earlier." He said as his pair of deep green eyes stared expectantly at me.

  I pulled him sat in his previous position and kneeled on his lap, facing him, with my kness in the mattress, one on each side of him. I rested my hands on his smooth sides and our eyes met. We kissed again, passionately.

  As we parted the kiss I pushed him onto the bed and laid on him supported by my kness on his sides and now my hands near his head on the mattress as my hair feel near my eyes and his were on the mattress like gold sun rays lightening his face. He parted the kiss and managed to stand up beside the bed. He outstreched me a hand and I got up as well.

  He took off my t-shirt and let me take his off then he kneeled to take my sneakers off and I quickly removed the socks. Then, he removed my shorts. I kneeled to remove his sneakers and his shorts as well. We stood only in our briefs and removed then as well.

  "Am I not pushing anything, are you sure you wanna do this?" he whispered hoarsely kissing my neck and near my ear.

  "Umhummm" was all I could manage in response to his question as I pressed tighter to assure him I wanted it so much.

  I gently pushed him onto the bed and he laid on the bed with a contented face as I kneeled with my kness on his sides and lowered myself onto him. As I lowered him onto the bed I started kissing his drying tears on his cheeks.

  "Everytime you cry I'll be there to kiss your tears away." I said because it was what I felt like saying coming from my heart as I smiled at him with my eyes.

  "You so don't know how much it means to me." he said with watery eyes once more.

  "Don't...don't cry." I whispered to him "I sooo know how to make you feel better" I said in a husky tone and started moving my hips.

  "Oh, this is sooo good" he said as the motion was rubbing our cocks together at an increasing pace.

  "I could cum like that." Dustin managed to say as our breathing was getting heavier and our faces were reddening because of our passionate motions not because of shame, this time.

  "Go for it." was all I managed to say and all the encouragement he needed to move with me, moving his hips until we were getting there.

  "I'm cumming, uhmmmmm." he said as his cum erupted between us.

  "Me too, oh, uhmmmm, oooh..." I said as I cummed right after him mixing our cums in our bare bellies and chests.

  "Oh, this is sooo good." he said pressing me tighter onto him still recovering from his orgasm.


  "I could lay like this forever."

  "Me too, but we have to clean this mess." I said as I got up to get one t-shirt on the floor to clean our bellies. I cleaned mine as I was standing then cleaned Dustin's torso as he was laying on my bed.

  As I finished cleaning him he pulled me back onto him. There I was, laying on his chest, then I pressed my right ear onto his chest to hear his breath and his heartbeat.

  "I love you Shane" he whispered ruffling my hair.

  "I love you too." I said as I couldn't believe it...This was the day I found my beloved.

  With these comforting thoughts I drifted off in a so peaceful sleep onto Dustin's chest while he ruffled my hair with a care that only he could have for me.

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