Through the rain


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My beloved

  "Shaaane, are you there?" I woke up with mom calling me as she got home. I was still laying onto Dustin chest and it seems he drifted off as well. He was still sleeping. I suppose we were so pleased with our fresh love feeling we could manage peaceful sleeps. His face was so cute while he slept and I could just caress it and...

  "Shaaane?!" mom said as I got lost in my thoughts once more and I didn't want to scream replying her because I'd wake Dustin up and his sleeping face was so contented but I so didn't want her to come to my room to check if I was there... you know, I was... with Dustin and that was enough for me not wanting her to approach!

  "Heeere mom!" I yelled back... well, I chose waking Dustin up... better than letting her approach to find us like that, sooo close.

  I turned my face to him again to get a brief kiss on the lips from a waking up Dustin.

  "Oh, it's sooo good waking up like this." he said as he rested his hands on my waist pressing me really tight against him.

  "Yeah." I replied as a smile spread in my face.

  "So, why were you screaming?" he continued.

  "Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't want to wake you up. You looked so beautiful sleeping..." I said and he grinned at my comment as if it was the most important opinion he had ever heard...hehe..."But mom just arrived home and screamed for me and I had to answer." I continued.

  "Oh my God, what are we gonna do?!" Dustin said as his smile disappeared and he got up in a jolt as I remained laying. I got up right after him to put my briefs on and lock the door, and grab him from behind.

  "See? Don't worry that much. Now we can put our clothes on again and head downstairs, ok?" I said as I wrapped my arms around his waist from behind in an embrace as he was already in briefs with his t-shirt in his hand... well my t-shirt...hehe.

  "I guess I can get my clothes now and get back home." Dustin said as he laid my t-shirt onto the bed, which was in his hand, and bent down to pick up his wet t-shirt laid on the floor with all the wet clothes.

  "Oh, don't!" I said as I took the t-shirt from his hand.

  "Are you sure? Won't your mom mind seeing me in your clothes?"

  "Of course not! Just wear the clothes I lent you, c'mon." I said as I took him by the hand towards the bed, where the t-shirt I lent him were laid what mom would say was one more reason for me not let him dress in his clothes. He got dressed and so did I. As I was approaching the door Dustin took me into an embrace turning me to look at his face.

  "Thank youuu!" he said as he squeezed me into the hug with a smile in his face. All I could do was getting my eyes wide open looking at him... and enjoy the closeness.

  "I'll be able to feel your scent in your clothes at home" he continued as he was inhaling with his nose buried on my neck. Then he let go of the embrace.

  "Ooookay..." I said lazily as he got behind me pushing me gently with both hands on my back while I didn't make too much effort to walk to the door and unlock it.

  "Hiii honey. I see you brought a friend home this afternoon." mom said when we approached the bottom of the stairs and she was there as she heard the paces of two people coming downstairs. I was so pleased for mom's kindness being polite. Sometimes I could think her problem was with me.

  "Oh... mom, this is Dustin, we've got some classes together at school." I said cautiously. You know, I wouldn't say `Mom, this is Dustin, my beloved' way!

  "Oh, I see. Nice to meet you Dustin. I'm Donna, Shane's mother, but you may've noticed it by now" she said as she smiled at him.

  "Nice to meet you too." he replied and looked at the floor once more. I might reckon he wasn't comfortable.

  "Oh..." mom started as she looked at me this time "I could notice you might got some rain on the way from school while I was at the grocer's shop. I so hope you could lend some dry clothes to Dustin. About changing your own clothes I don't even have to say anything, right?" she said.

  "No sweat, mom. I did it." I said with a little smile as I looked at Dustin with a look which meant something like `I told ya!'. He averted his gaze to the floor once more...hehe. With this I grabbed him by the hand back upstairs to my room.

  "Don't you wanna stay for dinner Dustin?" mom yelled at us.

  "No, thanks, I can't." he managed to say while I was pulling him.

  "I have to go now." he said after we entering my room as he was grabbing his schoolbag.

  "It's sad but I know you have to." I said looking at him... admiring him, trying to get every memory I could from that image right in front of me.

  I let go of his eyes and we headed downstairs. We got outside and I closed the door behind me. Once outside, Dustin took me into a bear hug.

  "I love you." he said looking into my eyes.

  "Me too." and with this I let go of the embrace and he started walking to his house.

  He was getting distant walking with his bag onto his right shoulder held by his hand and I was watching him from the doorstep. After a few more paces he stopped and turned back to wave at me. I knew he was smiling at me despite the evening light didn't let me see his face. I got a genuine smile spreading across my face as I saw him walking towards the opposite direction he was looking at, as he was looking at me. I waved at him and kept waving, and so did he. I waved until I couldn't see him anymore and he disappeared into the sunset.

  My last class before lunch was arts. We were supposed to make drawings using some really cool techniques the teacher had just taught us. I decided making a big heart on my sheet of paper, `cause that was related to what I was feeling at the moment and when you do something you feel like you can do it with more passion, as it was for arts I assumed it should work.   As the teacher were walking around in the classroom, watching us he approached my desk and bent.

  "It's getting really good." I directed my look at him with a smile, you know, it's always good hearing the compliments for a good work. "It must be for a girl, huh?!" he continued. I could just blush at his comment. Gladly, he just stood again and kept his watch. Some minutes later, the teacher was passing as he took our works and the bell rang. Before getting out, I approached his desk.

  "Teacher, may I take my drawing?" I asked.

  "Sure you may. You did a great work. I can take a note about it later." he said and handed the drawing for me. "So.. it is for a girl." and he smiled as I took it. I just smiled back and gladly took it, pretending I wasn't embrassed.

  This time I approached Dustin right in front of the classroom as I was getting out and both of us were going outside.

  "What's this?" he said looking at the paper I was holding.

  "It's for you." I whispered and smiled at him as I handed him the drawing.

  He took it in his hands and looked at it cautiously and read what was written below. There was a big red heart in the center of the paper and below, it was written "To my beloved... from your beloved". He put it cautiously inside a notebook he got from his bag and started to walk fastly.

  "Hey, where are you going in such a hurry?"

  "Bathroom, let's go." he answered and started increasing his pace even more. "This guy has to pee really bad." I thought to myself as I was trying to catch up with him. We reached the bathroom and it was empty. Dustin entered a stall grabbing me and shut the door behind me locking it.

  "What are you doing?" I asked as he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. He started kissing my neck and pressing my waist like there was no tomorrow.

  "I missed you so much since yesterday" he said and buried his face again on my neck and my shoulder as he inhaled heavily. "Think of it as a way to thank you for the drawing." he continued. Then, he stopped all of a sudden "It's sooo beautiful and it's for me!" he whispered looking deep into my eyes.

  "I gave you my heart." I replied, not letting go of his gaze.

  And with this he buried his face once again on my neck and started unzipping my pants. I was grabbing a handful of his hair with one hand and pulling his closer with my other hand against his back.

  "We can't do this...we shouldn't" I whispered huskily on his ear while he was unfastening my pants and kissing my neck.

  "I can't wait any longer!" he said as he grabbed my cock through my briefs. I felt a jolt with it.

  "I... I guess I can't either!" I said as I started unzipping his pants as well.

  He released my cock from its confinement and it sprang almost in the same instant. I also released his cock which sprang as well. We took hold of each other's cock and started rubbing it, desperate for the so yearned relief. As we were reaching the edge we took hold of your own cocks to lead them to the climax. We tried to slow the pace and take hold of it hardly, not to let it make a mess.

  As we released our loads we wiped it with some paper and fastened our pants. Dustin lay on me with both hands on the wall, one on each side of my head, and I wrapped my arms around his waist, this way we could recover. He smiled widely at me, staring at my features, with his heaving chest against mine.

  We were just smiling at each other as we heard people coming into the bathroom. Automatically, each one of us stood with our backs against a wall in the stall and stopped to hear the motion. There were only boys chatting. As we didn't hear the water flowing onto the sink anymore I opened the door and we got out of the stall. We had to get out before someone else come in `cause we just couldn't get out of a stall together with someone seeing it. I bent to the sink and let the water flow as I washed my face to cool down and so did Dustin.

  "You are crazy, you know that?!" I said after washing my face and drying it with my t-shirt.

  "We are crazy, you mean!" he said after washing and drying his face as well.

  "Shit, the break is already gone!" Dustin said as we heard the bell ring.

  "Let's go." I said as we headed to our respective classes.

  "Thank you for the drawing, really." he said already in the halls still walking in a hurry as we were getting late.

  "I got the book as a gift from you, you know. I didn't really have the chance to thank you. Besides, it doesn't stand a chance against your gift."

  "For me it does." he replied as he smiled and with this we took our separate ways to our classes.

  "I will arrive first this time to wait for Dustin!" I thought to myself as he approached the entrance first and was waiting for me the previous day. It was so cute, I wanted to make up for him!

  I ran off of the class as the bell rang. I was running in the halls to approach the entrance and all of a sudden I hit hard, reeeally hard, with someone who was apparently running as fast as I was in the opposite direction. I suppose to reach the main entrance as well...actually after a while I'd be pretty sure of that...I bent down and put a hand on my right shoulder which was aching because of the impact and then I looked up again.



  "Were you running to wait for me at the entrance?"

  "Yeap." was his only response as he averted his look to the floor. I blushed at the situation, you know, I reckoned it was dork running to meet him at the entrance. But Dustin... he became deep red, almost purple at my comment. I giggled at the sight and he giggled himself as well.

  "We're in the middle of the hall. Better get outta here. Let's go." I said as I started to move to feel a warm hand against my back. I just reminded at that moment, Dustin wasn't just my beloved, he was also my best friend.

  We walked in a silent walk for a few blocks as we were recovering of our early display.

  "So, can I come over, then we can do homework together?" Dustin asked with an expectant expression.

  "Of course you can. Actually I'm already counting on it." I answered. You know, I couldn't answer anything else even if I wanted to. I wouldn't bare seeing his dissapointed face if I said `no'.

  "You know, it's so cool you made a gift for me." Dustin said.

  "It wasn't anything so impressive. I just reminded of you." I replied.

  "I never thought I could have a friend like that... maybe it's `cause you're much more than a friend for me." he said.

  "So do you." I replied with a smile going along with the smile of my eyes at that wonderful thought.

  "Were you serious when you said you gave your heart for me?" he continued.

  "It's already yours." I answered sincerely. And we kept walking towards home chatting about our school day.

  As we reached home I realized that idea of being feed for love doesn't really work. You know, as we had our little display of craziness at lunch break I was starving as a man who just arrived from the war and so was Dustin, I assumed.

  "I'm starving `cause I didn't have lunch today... and as long as I remember so didn't you... let's eat ok?!"

  "Oh, you're sooo right, man I'm starving!" then he hesitated for a moment and continued "But there isn't any problem if I eat in your house and everything, you know...?"

  "Ooof course not, besides I don't think you can make it to your house if you're as hungry as I am!"

  "I guess you're right." and he giggled at his own comment. I could just smile at his cuteness.

  After eating several sandwiches and a lot of soda to feel very contented we did our homework together on the dining room table and as we finished mom was in the kitchen. I approached her with Dustin following me.

  "Mom, can Dustin sleepover? I mean, it's Friday and tomorrow isn't a school day and everything..." I asked as Dustin looked at me with a face like `what are you doing?!'

  "Surely he can, as I said yesterday, he's always welcome." she said looking at him "Did he ask his parents?" she continued looking back at me.

  "You know mom, it'd be easier if you called his mom." I said, more as a request than as an affirmation. Dustin gave her his phone number, not after I have to insist with him while he was saying it wasn't right, he didn't talked to his parents about it and all this politeness thing.

  While mom was talking to Dustin's mom we played some video games at the living room you know, mom would always say I shouldn't do it in the living room but dad would always tell me just not to sweat it and play...I can just grin at this thought.

  After a good half an hour mom finished her long talk with Dustin's mom. It looked like they got along really well. And then she approached the living room to make the great annoucements while we were playing. We stopped playing to hear the so expected `news'.

  "Guys, Dustin can stay. I already told his mom he can borrow some clothes from you, Shane. Now I have to make dinner." she finished and with this she headed to the kitchen.

  "Oh Shane, this is so cool! You shouldn't..." he said smiling widely.

  "Oh I should, you know, we're gonna sleep in the same bedroom. You can't imagine the way my dirty mind is working!" I said with a big grin refering to all my expectations for our first night together.

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