Through the rain


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Feeling his touch

  Dustin and I would spend the whole night together! I couldn't believe this thought. It was awesome! And my feelings about it were clear on my face and no wander they were clear on Dustin's, he was smiling with his eyes at the news.

  "Let's help your mom setting the table." Dustin said.

  "Oh, do we really have to?" I asked with a lazy expression.

  "Yup, we do." he said as he took both of my hands in his and pulled me up.

  We helped mom, then she told me to settle things better in my room as it was a mess... despite the fact it wasn't a mess, well it wasn't tidy either but it's normal, isn't it? However, I was really glad to go to my room for a while before dinner with Dustin. You know, everything was fun with Dustin, homework, setting the table, even cleaning my room.

  With this we went to my room, you know, indeed there were a few things to put in place, besides, Dustin was gonna spend the night there, then I'd really like to make it tidier.

  "Mmmmm. That's good. What did I do to get it?" Dustin said after letting go of the kiss and the hug I gave him as I closed the my room's door.

  "Being yourself." I replied.

  "Ok, now I have to clean things up a little." I said to him meaning he should let me go of the embrace.

  "Do you want any help?" he asked.

  "Don't worry, ok? Why don't you just lie there onto the bed? This way we can talk while I clean the mess."

  "Ok then." he agreed and with this he lay onto the bed with his hands behind his head watching me.

  "You know Shane, I've been thinking about us a lot." Dustin said.

  "Me too." I replied as I kept replacing things and taking some clothes from the floor.

  "Actually, it's all I've been thinking of since yesterday." he continued. I completely understood as it was all I had been thinking of as well.

  "Do you think we can be friends forever? Like... if nothing can take us apart?"

  "Well, I didn't think of that... but I guess so."

  "I've been thinking of you a lot before yesterday, actually." he admited.

  "Really? Cool." I said as I turned to face sharing my attention between what I was doing and Dustin. He was so beautiful resting peacefully onto my bed with both hands behind his head and his legs stretched.

  "Yup. Before, I didn't want to think of you the way I do, you know." I nodded "but it wasn't like I could help it either." he continued "I remember some nights I cried before sleep, thinking of it as something wrong. I felt somehow guilty thinking of you like this." he continued after another pause.

  "Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me." I said as I wrapped him in a hug lying onto him.

  "Boys, dinner is ready." We heard mom yelling at us.

  "It's better we go now." Dustin said.

  "Yeah." I said as I let him go. Then we reached the dining room to have dinner and everything looked like really good.

  Before start dinner I introduced Dustin to dad and he was pleased as mom meeting him. We had dinner while mom and dad got Dustin's attention most of the time asking about school and such things, and occasionally also asking me something. After dinner we offered to do the dishes... actually Dustin did and I had to go along... but mom refused politely telling us we didn't have to as we had already helped and had a full day. She suggested us to watch some TV with dad as she'd be there in short.

  Dustin and I talked to dad while he watched the news and then we ended up watching a movie as mom joined us. After the movie ending, I said mom and dad we were going to sleep and with this Dustin and I brushed our teeth and went to my bedroom.

  I put one mattress on the floor after getting two more sheets and one more pillow from the closet, and Dustin was just watching me, he was next to the door. When we had one place to sleep on the floor and another on the bed, I approached a sad Dustin at the door looking at me and I just read his expression.

  "No, we're gonna sleep together." I said with a smile while he was looking at the bed and took him into a tight embrace.

  "I thought you wouldn't like to as I watched you settling things to sleep apart." he said sheepishly after letting go of the embrace.

  "Don't you see? One is to mess around, the other is to sleep!" I said pointing to the bed and the mattress respectively, and with this I kissed him on the lips "You know, it's better looking like we're gonna sleep apart, that's all."

  I took my clothes off and I was only in my briefs when I looked back at Dustin, still fully clothed.

  "You can get only in your briefs. That's ok." I said and nodded at him reassuring him, and with this he took his clothes off as well.

  "Can we do something?" he asked.

  "Yes." I answered before thinking.

  "Lie on your stomach on the floor. There, on the mattress." he said.

  "Ok." and with this I lay like he said. Suddenly I realized I should have asked him what he was gonna do, but when I realized that, he was already sitting on my butt with one knee on each side of me. I felt his hard cock pressing onto my butt through our boxers briefs.

  "Ummm... Dustin, I guess we should talk first, you know, I don't think..."

  "Just relax, babe." he said pressing my shoulders with his hands "I've always wanted to do that." he whispered on my ear.

  "Dustin, stop it!" I said as I changed to a kneeling position onto the mattress.

  "What?" he said, concern filling his expression and his eyes as he asked.

  "You know, I love you, but... I'm not ready for that." I answered.

  "That, what?" he asked with a puzzled expression "Oooooh, no babe, it's not that, nooo!" he said as he googled at me "It's not `that''s only a massage, you know, a back rub and everything..."

  "So, you weren't thinking of doing `that'?" I asked sheepishly.

  "Of course not! Do you really think I would do something like that without asking you? Besides, I don't really think we're ready for that." he answered.

  I averted my gaze to the floor and felt my cheeks getting really warm. I was so ashamed of thinking something like that of Dustin!

  "I'm sooo sorry." I said as I hugged him, both of us kneeling on the mattress.

  "So, do you want the rub or not?" he asked on my ear.

  "I wouldn't miss it for the world!" I answered with a smile on my face as I let go of the embrace.

  "Ok, then lie on your stomach." Dustin requested once more.

  He sat on my butt and started rubbing my shoulders and my neck, then his hands reached my back.

  "Oooh, it feels so good." I said with my face buried on the pillow. I could feel the pre cum dribbling out from the tip of my cock as I was feeling so much pleasure with his touch.

  He continued the rub my back, then on my legs. Then, he stopped and knelt beside me.

  "I feel so much better." I assured him after managing a kneeling position once more "Now, it's your turn."

  "Oh, you know, I'm already really... happy." he said looking at the small wet spot in his brief due to his dribbling pre cum.

  "Oooh, no way, I want my turn!" I said as I approached behind him pushing him forcefully on his stomach onto the mattress. With this I sat on his butt as he did to me and started rubbing his neck.

  "Uuuhh, it's sooo good." he said as I felt him shiver under me.

  I kept rubbing his neck and shoulders. Then I rubbed his back cautiously, I spent sometime there. And finally his legs. With this the wet spot in my briefs had increased and my cock was already throbbing. I lay on my back beside him and Dustin turned on his back as well placing his right hand on my cock through my briefs.

  "You know, this rub thing is so cool, it's like you can make the pain go away only with your touch!" Dustin said.

  "Dustin, you could touch my heart and make all my pain go away." I said looking deep into his eyes. With this he applied more pressure to my throbbing cock.

  "Uhmmmmm." was all I managed to say pushing on his hand but it was only lightly resting onto my briefs.

  "I can't wait anymore, it's getting painful man!" Dustin said as he took his briefs off. I took mine off as well. Dustin took hold of his cock.

  "Wait!" I said as I took his hand away of his cock while he looked at his cock, and my hand now. He got the hint and took hold of my cock too. I held my breath as I felt his fingers delicately touch my cock. I started to apply more pressure to his cock with my hand because his cock felt so good in my hand and because I wanted him to do the same for me.

  "Oh Dustin, please!" I said him to make him sure I wasn't able to hold my wish anymore, I really had to go for it. And with this he started stroking my cock increasing the pace as he was reaching his orgasm. I was also increasing the stroke reaching my own orgasm.

  "Arhhhhh." I partially inhaled and partially said as I felt the cum hit my chest and then dribble over Dustin's hand. As my orgasm subsided I started stroking Dustin's cock again with one hand and caressing his stomach in circles with the other.

  "Ohhh..ooooh." he managed to say and cum spread all over his chest, belly and my hand.

  "We really make a mess!" I said still breathing heavily.

  "Yeah." he chuckled.

  "Ok then, let me clean it up." I said and got up to look for a discarded t-shirt. After that I drifted off into Dustin's embrace.

  I woke up in the middle of the night `cause I needed to go to the bathroom. As I tried to let go of Dustin's embrace I guess I woke him up.

  "I have to go to the bathroom." I said

  "I guess I have to go too."

  "Can you hug me this time?" Dustin asked when we were back onto the mattress to sleep, again.

  "I guess you need it, huh?" I replied.

  "Umhummm." Was all he answered while he took my hands in his own hands to get more comfy and make the embrace tighter.

  "Hey, wake up lazy!" I whispered patting Dustin's butt as I woke up with my arms around him and my chest against his warm back.

  "G'morning babe." he answered.

  "Let's go." I said patting his butt again.

  "You surely like my butt." he said.

  "Yeah." I said with a smile on his shoulder patting several more times.

  "Okaaaay." he said and we got up.

  We went to the bathroom to relieve our bladders and brush our teeth and so we did.

  "Now I can get my good morning kiss!" I said and kissed Dustin briefly on the lips after we brush our teeth.

  We had breakfast and after that I had to mow the lawn in accord with dad. Well, me and Dustin... as he volunteered to help me. I managed to finish faster than I expected as he was helping me. We finished it and after many glasses of lemonade we really needed a shower.

  "Are you aware we can't shower together because my parents are home today? Ok?" I said to Dustin.

  "As long as I can take a shower it's fine. I really need one now."

  We took our showers separately and it was already lunch time. Dustin called his mom to make sure he could stay for lunch. His mom told him it was ok, as she had already talked to my mom about it but he had to make sure he'd be home in the evening.

  Lunch was fine, as mom and dad didn't have so many questions for us like in the previous day and it was really good as it was a Saturday's lunch and we ate really well because of all the hard work in the morning, and because we're growing boys.. hehe.

  After lunch, we went to my bedroom, just to stay lain on the bed. We were on our backs, with our feet on the floor and holding each other's hand, side by side.

  "Are you happy?" I asked Dustin after a few silent minutes.

  "More than ever, and you?" he answered.

  "Me too, I guess." I replied and giggled. He giggled as well. It was so good to be in love.

  "Are we boyfriends?" I asked him.

  "I guess so." he answered "If you want us to be boyfriends, then we are!" he continued.

  "Then we are." I echoed and gave him a kiss on the cheek, that smooth cheek which was mine now. And I got one back to be contented as well.

  After a while he had to go. Then, I'd hug him on the doorsteps, he'd wave at me until disappear into the sunset and instead of seeing the sunset taking him I'd rather to think he'd go but come back soon. I was still delighted for the idea I could have him for me like... everyday!

  On Sunday we spent the day at grandma's. Then, we got back home and I settled things to another school day, took a shower, well, I did the lazy `ending Sunday's tasks'. I really wanted to talk to Dustin but it looked like too goofy for me to call him only one day after he spent the whole day with me! Besides, I didn't wanna pester him, you know. Well, then the phone rang.

  "Shaaaaaaane, it's Dustin." mom yelled.

  "I'm going!" I replied.

  "Hello?" I said after running downstairs.

  "Hi." Dustin said sheepishly.

  "Ah, uhmm, you know, if you're busy now I can call later." he said after an awkward silence.

  "No!" I quickly replied him.

  "You know, I know it's goofy, but I'm calling just `cause I miss you." he said. I could `see' him blushing at his comment. I just giggled.

  "I know, I was eager to hear your voice. I thought of calling you but didn't do it `cause I thought it'd be goofy too." Now it was my turn to blush.

  After that, our conversation went just fine. Actually, it was so fine I could hear his mom yelling at him to leave the phone. It was the first Sunday in a long time I really wanted to go to school, it's not like I'd feel lonely although being among that lot of people, I had Dustin.

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