Through the rain


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  That morning, the sun was shining bright, the sky was more colorful than usual, with all those shades which it assumes whenever the sun is low and shining. Despite it was a Monday morning I was happy to go to school, you know, I can't get it, why does the day have to start so early?!... it feels so good sleeping, do the people that force us to go along with it or those who invented it don't like sleeping?! Besides, the best TV programs are presented late in the night, then you have to get awaken to watch them. But in that very morning I wasn't like a crap. That Sunday, I went to bed early, this way I'd have time just to lie on the bed and think of Dustin. See? The guy does so good to me... he gives me reason to go along, reasons to go to school and even helps me go to bed in the right time.

  I had my usual routine and in those days I was spending extra time in front of the mirror, making sure I was beautiful to go to school... and see Dustin. Well, my `addiction' to him wasn't all helpful in the mornings before school... before having Dustin in my life I would spend time in my room feeling like I didn't wanna really go to school and now I'd spend time making sure I was ok enough for Dustin before leaving... hehe. But one thing didn't change, for one reason or another mom would yell at me to hurry.

  "Shaaaane, aren't you ever aware of time?!" mom was screaming at the bottom of the stairs as usual.

  On the way to school mom even said she was glad I was in a good mood this Monday for a change. I was glad as well `cause it sucks when someone ruins your morning with their bad mood and I didn't wanna do it to mom.

  "Shaaane! I thought you weren't coming anymore!" was the first thing Dustin said when I approached the doorsteps. There was only him waiting for me, like Friday. It was kind the way he wouldn't mind when all his friends would leave and he'd be alone waiting for me at the entrance.

  "Hey! I think we still say good morning and such things... at least `hi'!" I replied.

  "Ok, Hi, good morning." he said and then continued "Why did you take so long to arrive this morning?!" he asked.

  "Oooh, it seems someone was really anxious to see me, huh?!" I said triumphantly to his embarrassement. He tried to avoid his embarrassement looking at me repling me with another question and a challenging expression.

  "So... you didn't answer really why!" he persuaded. And he had a point as he was the reason of my delay, after all I got late choosing which t-shirt would go along fine with my light blue jeans.

  "Well..." I said as I averted my gaze "It was because I didn't know which t-shirt choose to match these jeans, you know..." I finished as I was blushing and I guess my attitude gave up my trying to be casual about it.

  "Awww for me?" he asked expectantly.

  "Yup." I mumbled sheepishly.

  "You get so good dressed in gray!" he said and lighly caressed the t-shirt's fabric onto my chest.

  I could just smile goofly at his comment, you know, after all, it was... for him somehow. The bell rang as almost everybody was already inside the school and let us aware we were getting late, and it was because we were starting an affection display right in front of the main entrance.

  We had Lit in common that day and as I reminded that right before the class, I admit, I ran to be there and get a sit beside Dustin, of course. But when I reached the classroom Dustin was already there aaand my last class was in the same hall. How Dustin managed to arrive first? Hehe...dunno.



  And with this the teacher entered the classroom and we had to shut up... As the class was going on Dustin sent me a little paper with a message.

  "Je t'ame" was written in it. It was extremely cute, he spending his French with me... hehe, besides it was `safe'. Better than English at least.

  "J'adore vous" I replied and threw it to him as he did to me. And we were giggling at our little fun in a so boring class.

  But, it happens that, all of a sudden the teacher was there, looking at us between our desks and asked for the papers! Well... we had to give him them and just pray for him not being good in French... but then I reminded English teachers use to know French and my expression was all like `Oh my god, oh my god' and Dustin had a blank expression. You know, he'd `discover us', we could get in deep trouble, my French misspellings included... hehe.

  "You two" he said with a very unpleased expression "Pay attention to the class!" and with this he fortunately threw the papers on the trash can. Both of us managed `sighs' and kept paying attention to the class... well, started paying attention to the class.

  This aside, the class was uneventful and it was especially boring that day. I suppose it was because it was the first Lit class I wanted and I could touch Dustin right there beside me and I couldn't. The bell rang and as everybody was standing up to leave, the first thing I did was touching Dustin lightly on his shoulder. It was like I needed to do that.

  "Let's go then?" Dustin asked.

  "Oh, we have P.E. now!" I said.

  "Yup... WE have." he replied.

  This was gonna be our first swimming class and I was loving it. `Finally I'm gonna beat those guys' I thought to myself as I suck in basketball, football, anything-ball... hehe.

  Dustin and I would also be able to have a few glances in the locker room as everybody would get naked and then get their swimming suits, which would be another sight to be appreciated, of course.

  The teacher would divide us in groups for the swimming... the teacher... then I didn't have the opportunity to join Dustin. We should swim for a few minutes then we could just watch the others do the same. I was eager to beat those guys then I did my best with crawl stokes.

  "Very good Shane, two pools ahead of the runner-up." The teacher told me and I was grinning at this comment while I was catching my breath.

  I watched beside Dustin the other guys' swim. His group was the last and with this the class would be over.

  I hadn't ever seen Dustin swimming but I assumed he was a good swimmer `cause he was fit. Well, I am a good swimmer, I've always liked to use the school's pool oftenly after classes.

  I just got amazed when I saw what he was doing. Dustin chose the butterfly stroke, differently of all the other guys me included , of course, as it was the most difficult stroke. It's breath-taking, you know, and I just had a few tries of it a few weeks ago of this sight, then I wasn't really good in it. I was having a few tries, `cause swimming like this was the most beautiful the athletes could do, little I knew it was so hard. But Dustin, he was just perfect. I was just staring at him, the way his slim waist would drop and his chest would rise, and his arms coming to the surface... it was like he was hugging the water. It was graceful, like a butterfly, although I think it's more alike a dolphin. And with this he got a good second place.

  "Hey!" I approached Dustin as the class was over.


  "You were very good." he said.

  "So were you." I replied.

  "Hey Shane, congrats." Sarah approached and said as she passed her hand across my back.

  "Thanks." I mumbled and got purple the embarrassed I was. And with this she was gone... but there was Dustin to tease me.

  "Hey stud, I see the girls also liked your performance." he `had' to say.

  "She's just my friend." I replied as I knew her since ninth grade and she always invited me to join her for the school works. "You know Dustin, I am just amazed. You swim butterfly sooo well!" I said changing subjects.

  "Oh, thanks." This was his turn to be a little embarrassed. But, you know, he deserved the compliments, he did so well. "You were really fine. It was impressive the way you beat those guys!" he continued.

  "Oh, there was nothing. Besides I was using the easiest stroke." I said.

  "Maybe it can be the easiest stroke but if you weren't good in it you wouldn't have done so good!" he persuaded.

  "You know, I got really impressed when I realized you chose the butterfly stroke to swim, it's hard to swim like that."

  "I kinda like it, it's beautiful."

  "Yeah, that's why I'm impressed. You did very well, it was very beautiful when you flowed through the water and the way your hips moved. You know, the way your waist would drop and your chest would raise, and the way your arms would pull the water, veeery good." I said all enthusiastic with gestures. I guess I just got carried away.

  "I wasn't the best in the water, I got only the second place, you are better." he said.

  "Oh no, you are better."

  The teacher held us with his arms around our necks surprising us from behind. He was a big man, very big, but with a warm smile, besides he was gorgeous... hehe, I admit, after all he was the P.E. teacher!

  "Ok then. Both are champions, now... to the lockers!" he said as there wasn't anybody else beside the pool `cause the class was over for awhile and we're there just arguing with each other who was the best.

  We just got a quick shower, far from each other `cause if we stared at eachother in the shower we could get `happy' and we didn't want it to happen in the school's stalls. After the shower, we got dressed again and headed for the main entrance.

  As we were walking we were still discussing who was the best swimmer, me or Dustin, and we wouldn't ever agree with each other and after some time the subject was fading.

  "Then, are you going to my house today?" I asked all expectant with a big grin.

  "Nope." Dustin replied. My gaze fell to the ground with all my expectations at his reply and I stopped walking.

  "Oh babe, no, don't be sad. I didn't mean it." Dustin said with his hand under my chin.

  "No, s'ok. " I said. I'm sure I wasn't convincing at all.

  "Hey!" he tried once more and this time I looked at his expression as he managed a sweet smile "We're going to `my' house today, ok,?"

  "Oh, ok." I said trying to sound casual but his invitation brought an smile back to my face. And we kept chatting until approach his house.

  "Moooom!" Dustin yelled as he entered his house. Well, it seems it wasn't only mom who liked to scream in the house.

  "I'm here in the kitchen Dustin, you don't need to scream, you know?" she answered.

  "Mom, this is my friend, Shane." he started to say approaching the kitchen and pulling me by my hand. I freaked out as I realized what he was doing. He was holding my hand in front of his mom! But I suppose he didn't realize it. Actually he nor his mom saw it like I was thinking, then it was just me overreacting.

  "Hi." I said and got all embarrassed, as I always do on this introductions occasions, and let go of his hand.

  "Hi, nice too meet you. I'm Grace, Dustin's mom." she replied.

  "Mom, we're going upstairs... ummm... do our homework, ok?" Dustin asked. And before a reply he was pulling me again, this time to his room.

  "So this is my room!" he said.

  "I know it's not tidy or anything... hehe. Actually I need to clean up." he continued.

  "Hey, no problem." I said.

  "Well, it has one bed and the two of us. Thinking better, I think it's almost perfect right now." he said locking the door and hugging me so tight.

  "I needed to do that, you know." he said.

  "Yeah, I guess I need that too." I said with my face buried on his shoulder.

  "Mmmm, it feels sooo good you caressing my back like that." I said "I'm getting too comfortable like this." I continued as I started to push my hips against his.

  He pushed me onto the bed and started kissing me furiously. I was brushing my lips on his and tasting his cheeks on the motion and his tasteful skin. He started kissing my neck and things were going out of control. I stopped it and gently pushed him so he wouldn't be leaning against me.

  "What? Did I do something wrong, I mean..." he started to say.

  "Shhhh." was my response with my index finger on his lips. And with this I changed positions. He was lying on the bed and I was leaning against him.

  "Can I do something?" I asked as I rested my hand on his bulge. He was googling puzzled at me. He was staring at me with those big green eyes which I love so much and which show his soul.

  "Well... I want to `taste' you. You know, it has to be good besides..." I was saying when he pulled me onto him and kissed me deeply on the lips. `It is a positive answer' I thought to myself.

  "I've been thinking of that too... you can, but with one condition." he said, staring sweetly into my eyes. This was my turn to goggle at him with expectant big gray eyes.

  "Only if I can have my turn." he said as a big and happy grin spread on his face.

  "Ok then, let me do what I want to." I said as I let go of the embrace and kneeled between his legs as he was staring at me and what I was doing.

  I unfastened his pants and took them off. Then I grabbed his cock through his briefs' fabric and he gasped. I could see the pleasure on his expression. I took his briefs off as well and grabbed his cock giving it a stroke. He couldn't keep looking anymore as he put his head back onto the mattress and moaned. I gently fondled his balls as he was moaning.

  "Oooh, oh my god." he said as I started licking the base of his shaft. Then I took the head of his cock in my mouth and could only hear him gasping from pleasure. I licked the head inside my mouth and it felt weird, then I tried to get a little more of the shaft inside my mouth. It seems it was feeling really good as Dustin was raising his hips and grabbing handfuls of the sheet. After that I found a sync to suck his cock. Another minute and he put his hand on my head.

  "Oh stop, I'm gonna cum." he said.

  "Oh, ok then." I said as I lay on the bed to get a better sight of it. With it he started stroking his cock. He did only two or three times and cum spread on his chest, his arms, on the wall... well, a complete mess. Then I kissed him gently on the lips.   "Hey, I liked it!" I said and giggled.

  "Oh... oh yeah, it was so good." was all he managed to say taking his breath.

  "Ok, now is myyy turn!" he said as he got up and took his t-shirt off, grinning like a kid with a ticket to go to the amusement park.

  "Ok then." I said as I lay onto the bed where he was, like he was. With my head near the wall and my feet on the floor.

  Dustin kneeled between my legs. He unfastened my pants and took them off. Then, he took my briefs off. My cock sprang and I could feel it pulsing. To my surprise he started licking my balls.

  "Oh, it feels good." I said and gave a look on what he was doing. He smiled at me and kissed my ballsack. Then he licked from there to the tip of my cock. I just shivered without any control. And then... he took the head of my cock into his mouth and sucked it. I almost could see stars. I loved the feeling.

  "Ummm, I love this feeling." I assured him huskily.

  He found a sync to suck it and after a while I had to warn him of what would happen soon.

  "Oh, stop, stop, I'm gonna cum."

  "Theeen, let me get here to see." he said as he lay on the bed.

  After a few strokes there was cum on my chin, my cheek, my chest, the pillow... well, everywhere.

  "It was veeery good! We definetly have to do it again!" I said with a big grin and to my surprise Dustin took some of the cum from my belly with his finger and sucked his finger to taste it.

  "It's not bad." he said. With this I kissed him on the shoulder and licked some dried cum.

  "Hehe, not bad." I assured him.

  "Well, we have to clean up." I said as I took off my t-shirt to clean up and he took his from the floor as well.

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