Through the rain


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A storm

  I had just sucked Dustin! It was so awesome, and the best part is he liked and he liked so much he did it to me... and I could realize why he had liked it so much!

  "Mmmm, it seems you're not pleased yet..." I managed to say while Dustin was trying to kiss me on the lips. Then he grabbed me by the hips and pressed us together forcefully and then I had to surrender to the kiss.

  "Mmmm, good `cause I'm not either!" I answered huskily with my face buried in his shoulder.

  He leaded me to lie on the bed while kissing me passionatedly. He was lying onto me. We were naked. After the kiss, Dustin kneeled with his kness one on each side of me onto the mattress.

  "What?" I said as he was staring at me, kneeling upon me.

  "You're so beautiful." he said with a dreamly gaze, staring at me like he could see a landscape onto my face.

  "So do you." I replied with a big smile.

  "Can we do something?" he said as he approached more, now with his elbows beside my head and with his nose almost touching mine.

  "If it's gonna be as good as what we were doing..." I said and made a thoughtful expression then continued. "...definetly!"

  "Did you hear about the sixty-nine position?" he asked and I could see he was turning red. He averted his gaze and continued.

  "Gosh! Can't I ask you something without being all bashful?!" he complained, more to himself than to me, indeed.

  "Hehe, I'm also like that. I have one idea. Why don't you lie with your head towards my feet!" I said with a grin, changing subjects, or better, not losing the track of the subject I was interested at the moment.

  He licked the tip of my cock and I grabbed his balls.

  "Mmmmmm, it's cool!" Dustin said.

  Then, in one motion I put his cock inside my mouth.

  "Ohhh, ahhhhh..." he inhaled. And with this approval I sucked a few times, buuut he wasn't doing the same, you know, I was enjoying to please him, but if he didn't do it as well, it wouldn't be a sixty-nine!

  "Hey, you do the same!" I said taking his cock out of my mouth.

  "Oh, sorry babe, k." and with this he took all of my cock inside of his mouth and I almost... almost... forgot I had his cock right in front of my face... well, I could understand why he forgot what we were doing, I almost did the same.

  While sucking his cock, I was fondling his balls and he was moaning with my cock into his mouth. And he started caressing my inner thighs with his fingers all over it, and I shivered several times.

  "Ahh, ooooooh, Dustin it's sooo good!" I said and took his cock into my mouth once more.

  I started rubbing his buttocks and then kept fondling his balls. I increased the suck and he started to breathe heavier and stopped sucking me. I kept sucking, I wanted so much to give him pleasure. Dustin was everything for me at that moment, he deserved all the pleasure in the world.

  "Oh, aaaahh..." was all he managed to say while he cummed all of his load into my mouth, I did my best to take all he was offering. At least he was cumming for the second time, then it wasn't that much. I could take it all. I loved the feeling I was giving him so much pleasure.

  "Oh..." he said taking his breath "Sorry babe, sorry, I didn't have time to warn you. Did you take it all?"

  "Yup. Now... I didn't cum yet, you know." I said.

  He didn't need further encouragement, as he started to suck my cock again vigorously, it was like he wanted to get all of my load. And it wouldn't be a hard task as I was so close.

  "Oh god, I'm cuuuumm..." I said "Uh..." I inhaled and with this I gave all my load to Dustin.

  "Mm.. mm..." he was moaning as he was taking all of it. He was even moaning, it seems he was really enjoying it.

  "Uh!" I said after he licking the sensitive base of my shaft after licking all my cock clean.

  "Awesome!" was all Dustin said with his breath still on my cock.

  "Ok, now come here." I said wanting him to be face to face with me again. And he adjusted his position, now lying onto my torso.

  "Thank you." I said after a peck on his lips.

  "Anytime, you bet!" he said and returned my peck with another one.

  "I love ya." I said and with this I started crying on his shoulder and buried my face in it. While I was sobbing he was ruffling my hair.

  "Sorry," I said "I'm a big dork," and continued "Dustin." I managed to say between sobs.

  "S'ok, I'm here." he said still onto me and with this he gave me a passionate kiss which made all the sorrow go away. Then, he changed his position and managed to be behind me and spooned me.

  "Thank you." I said grabbing his hands into mine to hold tighly.

  "I love you, Shane, with all my heart." he whispered in my ear and it brought a smile back to my face and then I was giggling. He was nuzzling my neck. This guy just knows how to bring a smile to my face! He makes me laugh.

  "Is it like this being married? What do you reckon?" I asked cuddled into his embrace.

  "I don't think so, you know, married people don't get lying on the bed all the day like this!" he said and giggled. This costed him a poke on the ribs.

  "Ouch, ok ok. Seriously, I think it must be better, it must be dreaming, you know?!"

  "Yeah." I said.

  "Can I feel you breathing, Shane? Like this with my chest on your back?"

  "Yeah, I'll be rubbing your hands with mine, there's nowhere else I'd like to be now, you know."

  "Yeah." he answered and we remained like that, silent hearing each other's breathe.

  "You know, I have to go." Dustin said after a few minutes, after our `connection moment'.

  "Really?" I said lazily into his embrace and I grabbed his hands tigher.

  "Yeah, he whispered in my ear. As he let go of the embrace and was getting up to get his clothes.

  "You know, we have our homeworks to do and it's getting late." He said as he was getting dressed.

  "You always can do your homework here, with meee." I replied.

  "It's late. Better I go home." he insisted.

  "Ok, but you have to know I'll miss you until tomorrow."

  "Me too... me too." he said as he took me into a hug.

  "Ok then, before you go, let's get some juice in the kitchen, k?"

  "Ok, but then I have to go, really."

  We had our juice and Dustin headed his house, not after our doorstep scene. The rest of the afternoon went by uneventfully as I had only homework to do.

  Next day, when I arrived at school, everybody was already inside, Dustin included and I had to run to catch my first class. And the time was going by so slowly. I wanted so much the lunch time to arrive. Then I'd be able to see Dustin a little more, and even touch him again after our incredible afternoon at the previous day.

  Finally lunch time arrived and as I was in a hurry to find Dustin, Sarah approached me.

  "Mmm Shane... hi."


  "You know, the biology work for next week?" she asked.


  "Would you like to join me to do it?"

  "Sure." I answered.

  "Ok then, see ya later." she said.

  And with this I kept in a hurry to reach `my Dustin' under the tree to have my precious few minutes with him.

  "Hey!" he said with a big smile as I approached him "I thought you haven't came to school today."

  "I'm here, aren't I?" I said. "See?" I said as I opened my arms and smiled at him.

  "Ok, I guess you are, now sit here." he said patting his hand on the spot next to him.

  "I told ya I miss you!" he said. I just smiled as I was eating.

  We chatted a lot while we were eating... maybe that's why lunch time never is enough... hehe. Then, it was time to go back to the classes.

  "Which is your last class, Shane?" Dustin asked as we were getting up to leave.

  "It's Geography."

  "Oh ok, I'll meet you there then."

  "K." I confimed and with this we headed back to our classes.

  Time wasn't going by again. All I wanted was being able to see Dustin again, his beautiful face, his dreamy eyes, his smile... you know, him. It'd been only a few minutes from lunch and I already missed him, but I was comforting myself with the idea I was gonna be able to see him right after the final bell and we'd have a great time after school.

  "Shane!" Sarah approached me as I was leaving the class "Can we talk for a minute?" and with I was leaning against the hall's wall beside a locker as the students were leaving.

  "Are we friends Shane?" she started asking.

  "Of course, you know that, you're among my best friends." Actually she's a good friend, she's not like Dustin or anything, but a friend, you know, we share the works, chat a little during class, she's a pleasant person indeed.

  "Can I ask you something?" she continued.

  "Sure, Anything." I answered with a smile.

  With this she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips! It was so cool. It wasn't like Dustin, it was different. I mean, she was a girl, I was supposed to kiss girls, and without realizing I was resting my hands on her hips and she had one hand on my shoulder, another moment and she had the other lightly touching my chest.

  Her hips were smooth, her motions were all delicate, actually we were barely touching our lips and her lips were so smooth. Her hair was brushing gently.

  "Shane!" I heard the scream.

  "Dustin!" was all I said as I let go of the kiss and turned my face towards him. He was froze in the hall with a hurt look into his big green eyes.

  "Wait!" I shouted as I saw the tears starting to fall on his cheeks, but he was gone in one montion, running through the hall.

  "What was that?" Sarah asked, still with a contented gaze looking at my features as she moved a few further and then we were in the middle of the hall as all the people had already left.

  "Can I ask you something now?" I said with a serious look and she realized it.

  "Sure. I mean, shouldn't I have...?" she asked without finishing the sentence.

  "As you said we're still friends, right?" I asked and she only nodded paying attention "I liked the kiss, I enjoyed it very much, maybe as much as you, but we have to be only friends, ok?"

  "It's cool with me. The kiss was really good indeed. No regrets, right?" she said. Well, about this I couldn't be so positive like her.

  "Thanks Sarah, really." I said and with this she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

  "Biology work tomorrow then?" she said as she was already leaving.

  I just nodded and then had a mental sigh of relief. At least I wouldn't have problems with her. Maybe I had to taste how's like kissing a girl. Well, it's different, but it doesn't have the feeling it has with Dustin, no way! I had to see him again, I had, but I so didn't know what to do, nor what to say, I mean, I was wrong, completely wrong and I knew that. As the reality hit me I started crying. I cried all the way home.

  "It had been years for me to find a real friend, and with this friend I found love, unconditional love and I threw it away, all of it, now I have nothing, I am nothing!" I concluded at that moment.

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