Through the rain


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We're one

  I almost couldn't wait to see my beloved once more after feeling him inside me, me inside him.. well, you know, I just couldn't wait! And finally one more school day! Hehe, me wanting one more school day?! For Dustin, whatever!

  "Oooh, it seems someone is ready before I have to yell, for a change!" mom said. That day I would make it early to school, this way I could try to chat a little with Dustin and even with his friends!

  "You know mom, it's not like you always haaave to yell for me to get ready..." I replied.

  "Oh, I guess I like screaming just to fill the house with my voice in the morning!" she joked and I just smiled at her comment "Actually even with you already downstairs I think I should scream anyway!" she continued and laughed at her own commnent.

  "Oook, let's go!" I said. And we made it to school.

  "Heeey! `morning!" Dustin said squeezing my shoulder beside me "It seems someone managed to arrive early today." he said as he was arriving at the same moment.

  "If I arrive late you have to talk, if I arrive early you have to talk..." I said with a dramatical sigh looking at the ground.

  "Yup." he simply replied and we kept walking aaand I noticed, after a while, his hand was remaining on my shoulder since we were on the sidewalk and we were approaching his friends.

  "You know, we're walking `together' into the school." I said meaning about his hand on my shoulder.

  "After last afternoon, whatever!" he replied in my ear.

  "Wow." I thought to myself and I would start thinking another things which would come along with this comment but fortunately we approached his friends... well, actually I noticed better, it was only Austin leaning against the wall, near the door.

  "Hey." he said with a smile as we approached.

  Austin was a really beautiful guy. I know I shouldn't be noticing it beside Dustin, but I wasn't doing anything wrong... not really. I'd say he's 5"10 like me, he's blond but he doesn't have dark blond hair like Dustin, he's the pale blond kind, with his hair by the shoulders, he's definitely stronger than me with hazel eyes I guess, well, as the morning light was reaching us from the side I couldn't be sure. I guess he was at the football team.. Dustin said he'd apply for the water polo team this year. Austin was wearing a blue jeans matching with his blue t-shirt and...

  "Shane, what do you think?" Dustin asked me out of the blue. I mean, maybe not out of the blue really, I was zoning out actually.

  "Mmm, what?" I asked.

  "Yeah, you woke up to early today, that's it!" Dustin joked smiling and I just blushed embarrassed `cause he was saying it in front of his friend!

  "Oh, sorry. I am embarrassing you." Austin said to my further embarrassment. Oh yup, and he is kind as well.

  "Never mind. Theeen, what were you talking about?" I asked trying to focus back on the subject... which I had no clue at the moment... hehe.

  "Oh yup, I asked Austin if he would like to join me to do the chemistry work. He said he had already joined Melissa's group. Buuut I said he should join me `cause I'm way cooler!" he was saying prentending a perplexed expression and Austin was just listening and smiling to such display "Theen when I ask you for moral support you aren't even paying attention!"... Dustin pretending he was upset at me... cute!

  While he was asking for my moral support I was staring at his friend... hehe. But it isn't all my fault... he was asking for moral support to the most zoned out person he could choose and he supposed I was paying attetntion?!?! Ok, ok, I shouldn't be staring at his friend, maybe it was my fault hehe.

  "You know Dustin, you can be a stud and everything" Austin started to comment with a smile "but Melissa is... my girlfriend." Austin said. Now it was getting nuts... Dustin was pretending he was upset teasing me, Austin was justifying the obvious and I... well I was staring at him before but wasn't anymore, really!

  To finish my `nuts contact to Dustin's friends' the bell rang and Austin took his separate way of us.

  "I guess he has problems with the school works, I mean, he always has to be in his girlfriend's group, you know?" Dustin said as we were walking to our classes.

  "Yeah. Sarah was commenting Melissa declined her invitation to join us to do the biology work `cause she'd have to join Austin's group." I replied.

  "See ya at lunch." I said as I approached my classroom.

  "You better." Dustin replied smiling and took his way.

  The third class was biology aaand we had biology work. The teacher told us to form the groups and after all the noise with the desks there were we settled. As it was arranged I was in Sarah's group, then it was me and the girls. The work was only a few questions and some pictures from magazines actually, as the school year was only starting I may say it was only a `warming up work'.

  "Ok, now we can just relax!" I joked and with this I was leaning back on the chair and surely wasn't aware of the other group's circle right behind me.

  "Ouch!" I said and put my hand onto the back of my head, then turned to see what I hit.

  "Shane, sorry man." Austin said with one hand behind his head as well. "Hey, it hurts!"

  "Oh, I'm sooo sorry. It's my bad, really." I said turning purple.

  "Ahem... I guess we have work to do. The questions Shane."

  "Oh, ok." And I took the paper which was on my desk to start it hehe.

  "Austin, did you listen what I asked you?" I heard Melissa saying to him.

  "Yeah man, I guess we better start working." Austin said by my shoulder and directed his attention to Melissa.

  "Yeah." I replied with a giggle. And the work started getting shape as we were answering the questions, taking the pictures from the magazines, well, it was getting good indeed and I knew most of what was being asked, then it was ok.

  "Hey Shane?" Austin called me turning his head.


  "Can you help me with the three questions I skipped?"

  "Sure, no problem. Actually I was just finishing mine."

  "Did you hear it Melissa? Our work is gonna get better than yours." Sarah was teasing Melissa on the other group "I told you to join the best ones." she continued. `Oh my god! It's not only Dustin now!' I thought to myself.

  "Close your mouth and borrow me the glue, if you please." Melissa replied.

  "Do you have a marker?" Sarah replied with another question.

  We ended up finishing the work together. The girls took care of the cover and rewrote our notes `to get them better handwritten' as they made sure to tell us, while Austin and I were finishing the answers.

  It was finally lunch time and I was heading out. I'd be able to see my Dustin again! I sighted Dustin in the halls and I was approaching.

  "... aw, c'mon, why can't you join me?!" Dustin was pestering Austin. `Gosh, these people are going nuts with the school works!' I thought to myself as I was approaching.

  "I'd like to, a lot indeed. But I can't, really." Austin was saying and I just stood there, beside them with a smile. It was funny, definitely, hearing them arguing about a so dumb issue.

  "Heeey." Dustin said as he saw me with a punch in my arm.

  "Ouch. Quit it." I said.

  "It seems you can't take being hurt anymore today, huh?!" Austin said with a giggle refering to our previous `crash'.

  "Yeah, enough for today."

  `What happened?" Dustin asked as he didn't have any clue.

  And we filled him in. We told him we hit our heads, about the biology work and everything as we're heading outside. We stopped by the door as the laughter was fading.

  "Well guys, then..." Austin said looking at the ground "See ya, right?"

  "Oh, why don't you have lunch with us?" I asked, yup, I guess this time `it' was out of the blue, but I mean, the guy was leaving alone.

  "Well... I would be with Melissa and the girls but... Isn't there any problem?"

  "Of course not." Dustin said.

  "Then, where are you heading to?" Austin asked.

  We we sitting under the tree starting our lunch. It was a beautiful sunny day and there were even birds.

  "Sooo, Austin's handwriting was reproved for the girls..." I teased him while he was eating.

  "Yours was even worse!" he replied and with this he got a light punch in the arm.

  "Heeey." he said and with this I got a light punch behind my head.

  "These nowadays' kids!" Dustin said and shook his head jokingly looking at us. And he got a punch in the arm as well, besides he had punched my arm before, in the halls.

  "Who's the kid now?" I asked as he punched my arm back.

  "Maybe the three of us!" he replied and all of us laughed.

  We chatted a lot more and barely finished eating our lunch and the lunch break was over... as usual. With this we had to head back to our classes.

  "Austin is a cool guy. I guess he's a good friend." I commented.

  "Not really." Dustin simply replied.

  "Why not? He seems so cool to me." I asked.

  "He is cool indeed as you could see, but he's always busy with his girlfriend."

  "Oh, I see." I replied.

  "Mmm, Dustin, you didn't get mad at me `cause I invited him to join us, did ya?"

  "Nope. Why?"

  "You know, maybe you would `cause that's `our place'."

  "Oh, s'ok. Actually, I used to have lunch with him sometimes." he said "But lately he had refused my invitations `cause he's always with the girls. I was surprised he didn't decline yours."

  "Maybe he can't stand having lunch with the girls anymore." I joked.

  "Maybe." Dustin agreed and we laughed. With this we took our separate ways to our classes.

  We had our last classes and as the final bell rang I was heading outside. Finally one more school day gone... sigh. Ok ok, I couldn't complain about that day, it was being a good day, indeed.

  "Hey guys." Austin said approaching Dustin and I as we were reaching the sidewalk. "I bought some new video games and I thought you guys could come over if you are not busy or anything..." he continued.

  I had some other plans in mind with me and Dustin, but they could wait, I mean, there were new video games! I looked at Dustin and he looked at me. He smiled and nodded.

  "Sure." he replied.

  "Cool." I agreed and with this we took the way to his house.

  We had some juice and we started playing. He was very polite indeed. Dustin and Austin were really polite. Making friends like that I was feeling I had to become more polite myself... hehe.

  After a while I decided it was time to go, `cause I still had my other plans in mind. I really was looking forward to spend sometime with Dustin.

  "Oh, c'mon, stay a little more." Austin protested to my attempt of leaving followed by Dustin's.

  "Thanks but we gotta go, really." Dustin said.

  "Oh, ok then." Austin said not really happy "Thank you anyway. I had a great time. You know, it's no fun playing new games alone."

  "No problem, always when you have new games we `can help you'" I said and giggled.

  Dustin and I went to his house. After all, I guess he also had the same kind of plans I had in mind.

  As we entered the room and threw our bags on the floor Dustin grabbed me by the waist and we started kissing me like there was no tomorrow. He was pressing me against him caressing my back in circles through my t-shirt and I was resting my hands on his hips.

  "I miss it so much." he said after breaking the kiss.

  "I need ya." I said huskily in his ear and pushed him onto the bed. This time I started kissing him wildly.

  I broke the kiss and got up pulling him by the hand. I started taking his t-shirt off and with this he got a lick on the neck. He took my t-shirt off as well, staring at my chest.Then we decided to hurry taking the rest off by ourselves.

  I grabbed him once more and we started kissing again. We walked to the bed and I was lying on him and kissing his lips wildly with exploring hands on his torso. He had his hands caressing my back.

  To his surprise and delight, I started making my way down, kissing his chest, then I licked one of his nipples, then the other. He was moaning in approval. I started kissing his navel while I was rubbing his chest in circles with my hands.

  Then I made my way up to find his expectant lips once more. I invaded his mouth with my tongue and was tasting his mouth and then his cheeks. I started pulling my hips against his rubbing our cocks. The precum was making this a very pleasant motion as our cocks were being rubbed together.

  Dustin was kissing my neck passionately while I was exhaling in his ear with pleasure.

  "I'm getting close." I moaned in his ear.

  "Aahhhh, yeeeah." ws all I heard while he was cumming between our torsos. Feeling his cum with the motion was too much for me.

  "Love ya, ohhhhhhhh." I said as my load was making a mess between us.

  Dustin was kissing me on the lips while I kept my motion with all our load between us to make it more pleasant. He was pressing me against him with his hands on my back as I was keeping the motion.

  "Mmmm... mm." I came once more kissing him. I fell onto him taking my breath as he hugged me sooo tight. I put my hands under him to pull him against me and started to cry with my face buried in his shoulder.

  "What's wrong babe? It was awesome." he was gently asking in my ear.

  "Nothing, really. I'm a fool, that's all." I said.

  He was caressing my back in circles comforting me. After one minute or two I stopped crying and kisses his shoulder a few times.

  "I love you." I said with watery eyes and a big smile.

  "Love ya." he said and we kissed briefly.

  "Sorry, I'm so fool." I said smiling and looking into his eyes.

  "You're not, and I love ya." he reassured me he said with a smile of his own.

  "I was remembering the times I was alone, but now I have you, to hold me like this, to love me." I explained to him.

  "After all we've done, you're part of my life, you aren't gonna be alone anymore."

  "Yeah, I guess after having you inside me, being inside you..."

  "We're one when we make love dear." he said "I'm never gonna let you go." he said pressing me tighter and smiling.

  "I'm never gonna leave." I said "Well, thiking better, I guess you have to let me go, it's getting gross." I said, refering to the drying cum between us.

  "Can't you stay and do homework with me?" Dustin insisted as we were heading downstairs.

  "It's getting late. I'll do it at home." I replied as we were approaching the door.

  "Daaad!" Dustin said as his dad opened the door. He was arriving from work. I guess would freak out if he received me like that by the door... hehe.

  "Now you can invite Shane personally." Dustin said to him.

  "Hi, Shane." he said and shook my hand "I'm Robert, Dustin's father." he continued.

  "We're going to the National park this weekend, would you like to join us?" he asked "Let me tell you a secret, if you don't go this guy is gonna drive me crazy, it's all he talks about." he finished and it was clear Dustin was way ashamed. His cheeks were sooo pink. Oh, but now it was my turn to enjoy, after all my parents could embarrass me enough in front of him last time!

  "Is it really ok, I mean, it's your trip and everything..." I asked.

  "Of course it is. We really want you to go, as I said. I'll tell Grace to call your mom, k?" he reassured.

  "Oh, thank you so much." was all I managed to say.

  Dustin closed the door behind us and it was getting dark, with the sun low in the horizon. I hugged him forcefully. I was so happy.

  "Thank youuu dear." I said hugging him.

  "I thank you." he said.

  "I gotta go now." I said letting go of the embrace and making my way home.

  I was gonna travel with Dustin, I was gonna spend the weekend with him. It was awesome!

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