Through the rain


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The horizon

  On the two following days Austin managed to have lunch with me and Dustin. Maybe he realized he couldn't be a good friend being absent most of the time, in accord with Dustin's complaining, he was a good guy. Dustin also did his chemistry work, it was about batteries and it was very good as he told me. All I knew is by Saturday morning my batteries were full to the weekend. And of course, I was getting really prepared to my weekend, filling my bag.

  "Did you take toothpaste?" mom asked, yelling from the kitchen as usual.

  "Did you take decent briefs? Please Shane!" she yelled. `Gosh! Now mom was yelling about my briefs, what if Dustin arrives and hear that?!' I thought to myself. `Well, it's not like he doesn't enjoy yelling at home as I could notice in the last days.' I thought as I was just closing my bag. The doorbell rang.

  I heard mom greeting Dustin and heard his voice. Well, I was ready!

  "I'm going!" I said from upstairs. Ok, even I was screaming with this.

  "Duuustin!" I said with my bag on my shoulder, coming from the stairs, almost jumping onto him and taking him into a hug.

  "Hey!" he said with a big grin "Where did that come from?!" he said still smiling.

  "I learnt it seeing ya greeting your dad!" I replied triumphantly and got him embarrassed with my statement.

  "Mmm, ok. Let's go." he said changing subjects "Dad and mom are in the car."

  "Bye mom." I said and closed the door.

  "Then, did you take decent briefs, Shane?" Dustin asked me and chuckled as we were heading the car. Ok, he had his payback, this was my turn to be embarrassed. Gosh, I just knew someone would hear mom yelling such things!

  We talked a lot, about everything and everybody until reaching the park. Maybe we talked a lot cause... we talk a lot, as the trip was only about two hours. Reaching the park, Dustin's dad parked the car.

  "Now we have to take the bags and have a walk." he said as the four of us got out of the car and just went settle things about the car I guessed and then he joined us again.

  We reached the spot after a ten minutes walk. Ok, you may say `oh only a ten minutes walk' buuut it was a ten minutes walk carrying lots of bags, you know, clothes, sheets, food... mmm, my briefs, well, you got it... it was aaall. There were cabins there, they were very rudimentary, as they were supposed to be, I assume.

  "Well, here we are." Dustin's dad said as we reached the cabins to leave our things there.

  "Here's the deal." he said and took keys from his pocket "I got two cabins, then I thought... one for you guys and one for us." he said refering to him and Dustin's mom. He got grins from both of us.

  "But... I guess you don't like it this way." he said prentending a thoughtful expression "Then, if you wanna trade, s'ok with me."

  "Oh, then is it like this Robert?!" Grace said "You can `trade' me. This is what I get after all those years." she finished and all of us, she included, were laughing.

  "Well, I guess we'll take it." Dustin said getting one key and finishing it. I mean, of course we would.

  Well, they were wood cabins with two little beds, one on each side of the narrow room, just for you to leave your bag under the bed and sleep on the bed, that was about it, but as I said, I suppose it belonged to the natural appearance of the place, you know. As I was looking at the room Dustin started putting the sheets on the bed.

  "Awww, you're so cute organizing things." I said and grabbed him from behind, feeling him, holding him, it was so good.

  "Yup." he said as he turned to face me and gave me a quick peck on the lips "That's why I have a cute boyfriend." he said with a big smile.

  "Boys, lunch." his mom yelled from the outside.

  "You should organize your things as well." Dustin pointed slapping my butt.

  After organizing things we went outside to have lunch. His mom brought sandwiches and juice. She brought a towel as well. We were sitting under the tree, eating. I reckoned this wasn't really the most `natural' part of the park, with cabins, with the grass cut as where we were sitting, but it was a contact with the nature, actually it was the first contact with the nature that Dustin and I had together.

  "I know it isn't really the camping style thing, but Grace insisted we had to have `decent food'." Dustin's dad said just after taking one more sandwich as Dustin and I had just done. "But for dinner I guess we can have some beans, with fire, you know, more like the camping thing." He said and took a bite of his sandwich "Anyway, I guess it's nicer making some fire at night than now." he continued.

  "Shane, d'ya think we'll have these old people ideas when we get old?!... like making fire and cooking beans..." he said already smiling. I knew he was just teasing his dad, but I guess he couldn't miss the opportunity, he looked like too enthusiastic with the idea... hehe.

  "Oh, then I'm old?" his dad asked as we were eating. His mom was just smiling at our nuts conversation.

  "See Shane?! We haven't ever said it was him, he is saying he's old!" he said and we chuckled as he was smiling as well.

  "I'm gonna only finish this sandwhich and this juice and then, I'm gonna show ya who's old!" his dad replied.

  "Dad, you remembered... the ball!" Dustin said with a so cute grin. It was like a kid getting his new bike. "It's my new round enflected ball!" he said to me.

  "Sure champs." his dad replied. `Gosh, he said it in plural, I heard it. I don't play that well, actually I don't play any well' I concluded to myself only.

  "I guess he isn't old really, he's the youngest." mom said.

  "You're saying it cause you're too girly to play with us!" he replied.

  "Sure I am!" she said "I'm gonna lie here, read a book and I'm gonna be watching ya, I'll be wathching ya, did you hear that?!" she said and laughed.

  "I am not that good, you know." I said to Dustin, almost sheepishly after finishing my juice. I mean, I didn't want them to expect I was `a player'. And with this we got up.

  "Don't sweat it, k?!" he said.

  "Hey champ, don't be down!" his dad said in a sideways hug squeezing my shoulder "Any champ can toss a ball!" he continued. I just discovered where Dustin got his `touchy personality' from.

  We weren't really playing a football match, we were only tossing the ball as Dustin's dad assured me before. I assume it was just cause of me, and it was way kind of them, but I could even learn a few things indeed. And they were very patient indeed trying to teach me.

  "Like this?!" I asked. This time Dustin was teaching me `how to toss the ball properly'.

  "Nooo... let's try again." he said. And they kept showing me things but not losing the match's mood.

  As the afternoon was winding down I was actually having fun and true to his word, Dustin's dad wasn't old to play with us, actually he was the best player. He was letting us, first of all me... making some more points as the game was going on but I was sure he could do more, I mean, when someone lets you have the sensation you're winning it's cause they play very well.

  "Oh my god, I guess I'm too old indeed." Dustin's dad said as he fell on the floor on his back catching his breath as we were `finishing the match', I assumed.

  "Ow!" he said as Dustin jumped onto his torso.

  "C'mom Shane, will you let him win like that?!" Dustin said laughing lying on his dad. I was hesitant, it was his dad and it'd be rude of me and... and...

  "S'ok." were the words his dad mouthed to me as he looked at me from the ground. Ok, I admit I wanted to join them.

  "Ooouch!" his dad said as I jumped onto them. I was with my stomach on Dustin's back and he started to laugh even more along with his dad, and I was laughing as well.

  "Now I'm a dead old man!" his dad said under us.

  "No, you're not dead, you're only `dad' to me!" Dustin said as the laughter was fading.

  "Oh my god! I leave you alone for a few minutes... kids... and..." she said making sure to refer to the three os us as kids.

  "Babe, wanna join us?!" Dustin's dad asked.

  "No way! You don't dare approaching me before taking a shower!" she answered.

  I felll on the floor on my back so did Dustin. It was already getting dark. I was having so much fun I didn't notice the afternoon going by.

  "You heard what she said. I'm going first. Don't take long, ok boys?" he said getting up. We nodded as we were on our backs on the floor. Oh yup, there were the cabins and a shower stall as rudimentar as the cabins, but it wasn't that bad, just in accord with the place, the nature and everything, actually my weekend was going on too good, I wouldn't complain.

  We took our quick showers as well and when we got back we sought the fire. It seemed we were gonna have some `camping dinner' after all.

  "We're gonna have... our champs's dinner!"

  "Cool dad!" Dustin replied to his dad.

  "Oh, much better boys." his mom said.

  "Then, we have champs beverages... tah dah... soda!" he said and took a bottle from the bag.

  "Ah, Robert, you are a kid when you're with the kids, you know?!"

  "Why do you have to keep saying I'm a kid?!" Dustin said to his mom.

  "Because you are." she said with a smile and ruffled his hair.

  "Mooom, I have just combed it." he said trying to make it combed again. I could just laughing watching all of this.

  As we were eating our champs dinner, or if you prefer, beans and soda, Dustin's dad was telling us about the time he was part of the football team at school and then his mom was telling us the way he could be bashful around her when they were dating... hehe, even `he' had a turn to be embarrassed that day! You know, this was actually helping me not to feel bad cause of my shyness, besides I was learning to deal a little better with it.

  "We have to be quiet, k dear?" I said to Dustin as we were already naked inside the cabin.

  "Oh, ok."

  "Did you lock the door?" I asked him.

  "Of course."

  I lay onto him on the bed and started kissing him and caressing his sides as he was with his hands on my back. He was starting to push his hips against mine.

  "Oh, dear, our day was so cool." I said in his ear as we were keeping our motion.

  "Yeah, it was fun." he said and got one more kiss.

  "I enjoy so much spending time with ya." he said huskily in my ear.

  I made my way down and took his cock inside my mouth. He gasped but tried to be silent. I just kept sucking it and caressing his thighs. It was almost like I needed it. I needed his cock, I needed feeling his body, being able just to touch it.

  I felt his cum on my tongue and I was swallowing it. I was taking all of it, I really wanted to please him. He shivered after that. I made my way up with this and he held me tight.

  "It's your turn babe." he whispered in my ear and we shifted positions.

  He started sucking me and fondling my balls. I was so relaxed due to the pleasant afternoon and the peaceful place, you know, nothing about school, homework, people,... only Dustin, me and the nature, it was a great feeling. Oh yeah, and with Dustin sucking me it was way increased!

  I started breathing heavier and he started sucking harder. It seems he really wanted my load. So I hoped cause I was feeling I had a lot to offer. I was feeling I was gonna cum, it was so good, well, and I didn't really make noises this time.

  I was cumming and he was taking all of it, actually he was sucking it and it was the edge. I made great efforts not to scream, but it was worth, no wonder.

  Then, he reached my lips to get his so deserved kiss. He cuddled as I spooned him and we drifed off like that, quickly.

  We woke up the next morning with the sun already high in the sky. We slept a lot, it was a so peaceful and comforting sleep.

  "Morning." Dustin said as he turned his head to face me as I was still cuddling him.

  "Mornin'. Oh, wake up, I hadta pee, really bad." I said to him.

  "Ahh, me too." he said hurrying to wake up.

  "Shorts and t-shirt, fast." I told him, as we had to dress before head out. We ran to the first tree.

  "Ah, much better." I said as we were relieving ourselves.

  "I guess we slept a lot, huh?!" he said.

  "Yeah, I guess so. The sun is high, it's blinding."

  We brushed our teeth, put our sneakers on, well, the usual, then went to have breakfast where Dustin's parents had already settled a towel.

  "Morning guys. We hadta start without ya cause we are hungry, you know." Dustin's dad said in his captivating good mood.

  "'He' had to attack the food. `He' was hungry." his mom corrected with her own good mood.

  "Suuure." Dustin replied and with this we `attacked' as well. There was bread, jelly, peanut butter and juice. Simple and effective, and very attractive on a towel, under a tree, you know.

  "Ok, then what are we up to?!" Dustin said as we finished eating, with an enthusiastic grin.

  "Just one thing, guys. Go and enjoy, cause I'm still telling my back I'm not old!" he said.

  "Can I say `I told ya', Robert?" Dustin's mom asked.

  "No!" he said with a smile.

  "Ok then, I won't say it." She said and chuckled to herself seeing her husband's prentended `dead expression'.

  "Let's go then." Dustin said.

  "Don't forget getting back to have lunch, did you hear me?" his mom warned.

  "K mom, let's go." he said already grabbing my arm.

  "Theeen, what are we going to do?" I asked.

  "What do you think about running?" he asked and looked at me "I mean, it's a good way to take a look around, besides we have all this landscape, you know."

  "I like running, you didn't have to go all advertising." I said and giggled and with this we started running, not too fast, only keeping a good pace, good to the shape, good to appreciate the nature and each other's company.

  "You know, this weekend is being so nice." I said to Dustin as we were running. There was a track in the middle of the field. We were in a beautiful green field, maybe a little yellow. There were some trees and even a few pines far away and the sky was really blue. "And I'm not saying it just cause it's your family, ya know."

  "Then, I hope you invite me to travel with ya when your family plan something." Dustin said with a grin as we kept running.

  "I guess they're not like your parents." I said with a little disappointed tone as we kept our pace.

  "You know dear, you should loosen up a little. Give them a chance to be good parents the way they are, you know. I don't wanna be nosy, but all I want is seeing ya happy." he concluded.

  "Yeah, maybe." I answered.

  "What are you thinking so much about?" he asked me as we kept running.

  "You know, I was thinking... about guys like us, who can't find someone, who can't share their feelings with anyone... what it'd be like if I haven't found ya." I answered.

  "Yeah, but don't have these said thoughts, k sweet?" he asked with a smile.

  "K." I said with a smile to him.

  "Much better." he said.

  We were running and suddenly I stopped. I got paralyzed with the vision. I was seeing the landscape shining like gold beside us, really far as we were on a hill.

  "What?" Dustin asked a few steps ahead and he got back.

  "Are you seeing it? It's beautiful, isn't it?"

  "Yeah, let's take a seat over there." he said, refering to a better sight place, beside the track. We sat and took our t-shirts off as it was a landscape which belonged to a warm day.

  We were sitting and he took hold of my hand. There was a wild wheat field which we could see from the hill. There were some pines far away and a narrow river among the wheat. It was all shiny.

  "See, the horizon all shiny?! It's beautiful." I said to him.

  "Yeah." he simply replied.

  "My horizon got wider and shiny when you came into my life." I said with a smile looking in his deep green eyes.

  He knelt in front of me and put both hands beside me as he was leaning forward and kissing me. I lay on the floor and let be taken for the feelings. We managed to take our shorts off and we were lying on the grass naked. With our sweating bodies together tasting each other, inhaling each other.

  Nothing needed to be said. That was a moment in which our love connected with the nature. He was thrusting his hips onto mine. He was looking in my eyes lying on me. The sunlight was making his hair shine golden like the wheat field and his features were right there, in front of my eyes to be appreciated.

  His look became more intense, his thrusts became faster. He kissed me and we mixed our cums, there, in the middle of the fields, under the sunlight.

  "I love ya." Dustin said.

  "So do I. More and more each day on." I replied.

  We got back to have lunch, shirtless, not after taking a shower as his mom made sure to remind us. After lunch we had to head back home. I'd ask to have Dustin with me cause we were together the whole weekend and I'd miss him, but I reckoned we were gonna just drift off the spent we were. I'd love just sleep beside him, but I think we could take more advantage of it another time.

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  If we think we're a global society who lives together, Earth is our only house. Besides, if we destroy it all, scenes like those I wrote won't be possible.
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