Chapter 10: Tim

Now that Jeff knew about me and Hank, things got a lot easier. My parents always liked Hank and he was always around the house a lot, so it was an easy transition on their part to Hank going from Jeff's best friend to my boyfriend. Hank started driving me home from school every day and usually hung out at the house for a bit until he had to go home for dinner. He even stayed at our house for dinner a few times.

I finally came out to my friends, Matt, Amy and Dee. They already figured it out from the rumors, but were glad that I finally said something. Matt was a little bit upset at first because I kept it a secret. I should have known that would happen from the way Jeff reacted when he found out about Hank. After a couple of days of the silent treatment, Matt and I were back to normal. I didn't say anything about dating Hank at first because I thought I'd let them get used to me being open about being gay first, but it was pretty obvious to them that I was dating Hank and that I was in love with him.

We also got more chances to fool around, and that was nice. I think if Dad knew what Hank and I did, he would probably freak out. He and Mom both think I'm sweet and innocent.

God, Hank was such an awesome kisser. And he was really good at other things with his mouth as well. I loved going down on his big uncut dick. There was no better feeling in the world than giving him such intense pleasure. He always said I was the best he ever had, which was a huge boost to my ego.

Heather quickly found out about us and Jeff swore her to secrecy. He didn't want to have to deal with Hank's bitch of an ex-girlfriend's craziness or anyone else at school. Jeff had become even more protective of me lately. Heather had toned down her attitude towards me by this time, but I could tell that she didn't like me and was just doing it for Jeff.

When Hank got invited to a Jessie's Halloween party, he wanted me to go with him. It would be the first time we were out together where it might be obvious I was more than his best friend's little brother. I know that people were already starting to whisper about how much time we spent together, so I was understandably nervous.

Hank wanted our costumes to coordinate, and came up with a bunch of goofy ideas: Batman and Robin, football player and cheerleader, firefighter and rescue victim, cop and jailbait, doctor and nurse. He then came up with a Roman gladiator for him and a Roman emperor for me. I finally relented and said 'yes' and made the mistake of letting him buy the costumes.

When he showed up Saturday, we went out to dinner with Jeff and Heather. When we got back to our house, we changed into our costumes. Heather went up and got dressed first. She was so very original and wore a sexy nurse costume. I looked at Hank and rolled my eyes he tried not to laugh. Jeff borrowed one of Hank's brother's firefighter uniforms. When he came down the stairs, my mouth fell open. He looked really hot. Jeff laughed at my expression and winked at me. Heather told him he was hot and was all over him, rubbing and kissing him.

Hank and I went up to my bedroom and we stripped down to our underwear. Hank kissed and fondled me for a bit until I squirmed away.

"You're gonna make me come if you don't stop," I whispered.

"And what's wrong with that?" he leered.

"We're supposed to be getting dressed."

"All right. Here you go."

Hank handed me a bag and pulled out a bag for himself.

In the bag was a white ancient Roman style tunic with gold braided trim. I pulled the tunic over my head and pulled it down. It didn't even go down to my knees.

"Geez, Hank, it's too short!"

"No, it's not. It's just right. Here, put this on."

Hank wrapped a belt around my waist and then placed a red cloth sash over my shoulder. He took the crown and put it on my head.

"Perfect," he said. "It really shows off your nice arms and legs. Now put some sandals on and you'll be set."

"I'm gonna be cold is what I'm gonna be. It's like a mini skirt. People will see my underwear."

"Stop exaggerating. Besides, we'll mostly be inside and I'm not gonna let anyone get close enough to see your underwear."

I looked in the mirror. "I guess it's not too bad."

Hank grinned and pulled on his costume. He put on a gladiator skirt and wrist guards and shin guards made of fake leather. A chest piece and sword and shield completed the costume. The chest piece did nothing to hide his hot hairy chest. He looked so damned sexy, I started to panic a little and feel insecure.

"Hank, I don't know if you should wear that."

"Why not? Don't I look okay?" He asked as he looked himself over in the mirror.

"You look freakin' hot as hell. I don't want everyone eying you. All the girls are gonna be all over you."

He looked at me and saw the distressed look on my face and pulled me in for a hug.

"Hey, you know I only want you," he whispered. "I'm not gonna let anyone get that close to me, and I'm sure as hell not gonna let anyone get that close to you. You're mine and I'm yours. There's no one else. Okay?"

I nodded. Hank leaned down and kissed me. I wrapped my hands around his bare shoulders and he slipped his tongue into my mouth. We wrestled our tongues around and I sucked on his. As he moved away from my mouth, he nipped at my bottom lip. I licked his goatee and moaned when he began kissing along my jaw line to my neck.

"Mmm. Easy access," he whispered as his hand moved under my tunic and into the waistband of my boxer briefs. He sucked hard on my neck as he stroked my dick. I was leaking pre-come and the slickness allowed him to move his hand up and down the shaft and over the head. My breathing quickened and I felt the tingling.

Hank continued his assault on my neck and I whispered, "I'm close, Hank."

Hank moved to look me in the eye as he jerked me off. He then dropped to his knees and lifted the tunic and took me into his mouth. As soon as I felt his hot sucking mouth on me, I came. I gripped his shoulders and my body shuddered and jerked as I shot into his mouth.

Hank stood and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I felt warm liquid slide off his tongue into my mouth and I tasted my own come. I moaned and swallowed it. We kissed passionately and then I dropped to my knees. I lifted the front of Hank's skirt and pulled his boxers down to his knees. I gripped his throbbing and swollen dick and took it into my mouth. I slowly descended down the shaft, suppressing my gag reflex by swallowing, until the entire eight inches was buried in my throat. I inhaled through my nose and smelled his wonderful musky scent. Hank gripped my head and groaned loudly.

"Oh my fucking god..."

I moved back up so only the head was in my mouth and then slowly moved back down to the root. Hank held my head and he began pumping in and out of my mouth. I held my head still and let him use my mouth. After a few minutes, my jaw began to tire, but then Hank sped up his thrusting and let out a stifled a grunt as the first blast of semen shot down the back of my throat. I pulled off a bit so the remaining blasts would shoot into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed his load and then gently licked his shaft all over to get him nice and clean.

I sat back on my heels and looked up at him. His head was thrown back and his eyes were closed. He opened his bright blue eyes and looked down at me. I smiled at him and he laughed a little. He stroked my face with one hand and stroked my cheek with his thumb and whispered, "I love you, Tim."

He helped me up to my feet and I hugged him and told him, "I love you, too, Hank."

I sniffled and tears fell down my cheeks and Hank held me tight. He held my face with his hands and wiped my tears with his thumbs, then gave me a light kiss on the lips.

He looked up at the clock. "Shit, we'd better get downstairs. They're probably wondering what's taking us so long."

We adjusted ourselves and put our sandals on. We headed out into the hallway to go downstairs when Hank stopped outside Jeff's bedroom door. I turned back at him and he held his index finger over his mouth to indicate for me to be quiet.

I listened and heard quiet moaning and a rhythmic squeaking and realized that Jeff and Heather were doing it. I grimaced and shook my head. Hank stifled a laugh and we went downstairs to wait for them.

We were standing in the kitchen sharing a Coke when Mom and Dad came in from their dinner date. Mom gave both me and Hank a hug and said, "Don't you two look nice!"

"That costume's a little skimpy, don't you think?" Dad said with a frown as he looked me up and down.

"See? I told you it was too short," I whispered to Hank.

"Don't worry, Mr. Matthews, I'll protect him," Hank said as he swung and jabbed with his sword.

Dad laughed loudly and slapped Hank on the back. Hank smiled at Dad and then looked at me proudly. Wow. I never thought Hank could charm my dad like that.

Jeff and Heather came down the stairs. Heather was blushing and Jeff had a satisfied smirk on his face. Mom complimented Jeff on his outfit and simply said 'hello' to Heather. You didn't have to read her mind to know that she didn't approve of the sexy nurse outfit.

Dad slowly shook his head and said, "Have fun, kids. Tim, you can stay out until 1:00."

Dad pointed at Hank, "One o'clock. Not a minute after."

"Yes, sir."

"Same for you, Jeff."

"Yes, sir."

We headed out to the driveway. Jeff and Hank decided to drive separately in case we wanted to split up or leave at different times.

When we pulled in front of Jessie's house and got out of the truck, I told Hank I was really nervous.

"It's fine, babe. Just relax."

Hank put his arm around my shoulders and squeezed me tight. He pulled back and looked at my neck and smiled.

"Whoops," he chuckled. "It looks like I left a mark."

I gasped and reached up for my neck. Hank took my index finger in his hand and rubbed it on a spot near the base of my neck on the left side.

"That's a sensitive spot for you," he whispered. "You go crazy when I lick and suck there."

"Do you think Mom and Dad saw it?"

"If they did, they didn't show it."

I opened the truck door and pulled down the visor. I looked at my neck and gasped. There was a dark red mark that was clearly visible. There was also another lighter one on the other side. I looked at Hank and blushed and he laughed.

"Come on," he said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the truck, slamming the door shut behind him.

Jeff and Heather had pulled up behind us and we followed them into the house.

Hank went over and got us both a cup of beer. He chugged his first one and then refilled his cup and grinned and winked at me. I laughed quietly at how goofy he could be sometimes.

I stuck by Hank's side as we wandered through the house.

"Hank B!" someone growled. I looked up and saw that it was Mitch Scott, the quarterback and team captain. He was a senior and was very popular and very good looking. Mitch and Hank shook hands and then pulled in close and slapped each other on the back.

"Mitch," Hank said with a nod of head towards me. "This is Tim Matthews."

Mitch shook my hand. He squeezed it so hard it almost hurt.

"Mitch Scott," he said -- like everyone in the county didn't know who he was. I mumbled, "Yeah..."

"You related to Jeff?" he asked me.

"He's my brother."

"What are you, a freshman?"


Mitch looked back and forth between me and Hank a couple of times and his eyes settled on my neck for a second and I tensed up and gulped. He turned back to Hank and asked, "So... are the two of you...?" He motioned his index finger back and forth between us.

I thought I was going to pass out. My heart was beating so hard I thought it might explode. Hank paused for a second and simply said, "Yeah. Tim's my boyfriend."

Mitch thought for a second and then said, "Huh. Okay. Well, I don't get it. But whatever makes you happy."

Mitch slapped Hank on the shoulder and walked off to get a beer. My jaw fell to the floor. I looked up at Hank and he laughed. He tapped under my chin with his index finger to close my mouth and said, "See. I told you not to worry."

"You were worried, too. I could tell."

"Yeah, maybe a little. But I wasn't going to lie."

Jeff appeared out of nowhere. "Dude, did you just out yourself to Mitch fucking Scott?" he asked Hank.

"Yeah. I did."

Jeff and Hank laughed.

"Damn, dude," Jeff said as he shook his head. "You've got some balls."

It didn't take long for the news to travel through the party. Almost everyone was cool about it. I guess it helped because Hank and Jeff were both so popular.

I also found out that after Heather and Carrie told some people that 'Jeff Matthews's little brother is a fag' and the rumors and trash talk started, Jeff defended me and even got into a couple of fights because of it.

That was the point when I stopped thinking of my older brother as a jerk and I realized how much he really cared about me.

I was talking to a couple of girls who were also dating guys on the football team when Hank told me he was going to go outside to grab a smoke. As he left, he slapped my ass, causing me to jump and blush and he walked away laughing.

I talked with the girls a while and they were really nice to me. Claire was a sophomore and Layne was a junior. It was really surreal. They chatted with me like I was their new gay best friend. We talked about the guys on the football team, which ones were hot. We all agreed that Mitch was hot. Naturally, I said that Hank was the hottest guy on the team, because he was. Layne said my brother was the hottest guy on the team, to which I replied, "ew!" and the three of us laughed. They both said that Carrie was a total bitch and was glad that Hank dumped her. Claire told me to watch out for Carrie because she was at the party with Andy Baker, one of the linebackers... the one she cheated on Hank with. It was common knowledge by now what happened between Hank and Carrie.

I told Carrie and Layne I was going to find Hank and I'd catch up with them later. I walked out to the huge back yard. It was dark and there were lots of scary Halloween decorations everywhere. Several tiki-style torches were placed around the yard for lighting. A fog machine pumped fog all over the yard. I shivered from the cold weather and made my way around a wood casket holding a plastic skeleton and walked over to a group of guys who were smoking. I walked up to Sam, one of the guys on the football team. I asked him about Hank, and Sam said he was around, but had just wandered off.

As I looked around, I thought I saw my big guy over by the tool shed. I walked back there, but he was gone. It was really dark in the corner back here, so I whispered, "Hank?"

"Over here," a whisper came from the dark behind the shed.

I stepped closer and said, "Hank? What are you doing over here? Where are you?"

He grabbed my arm and pulled me to him behind the shed. "Ow!" I shouted. He then turned me around so my back was up against his chest. His left arm wrapped around my chest tightly and his right hand clapped over my mouth as he dragged me further behind the shed.

I realized then that this wasn't Hank. I grabbed his arms and tried to pull them off me and off my mouth, but he was way too strong. I didn't know who he was, but he was built like a bodybuilder. I struggled and tried to scream. I looked up and another large muscular figure approached me. Even through the Frankenstein costume, I easily recognized him. It was Andy Baker.

"Do it!" I heard a girl whisper from behind Andy.

I struggled as Andy moved closer to me. He hauled back and punched me in the gut as hard as he could. It knocked the wind out of me and it hurt so bad. I cried out, but with the other guy holding me and covering my mouth, it was useless. I was trembling and crying hard.

"Again! In his face!" she whispered.

"Not where it'll leave marks," Andy growled.

He then got right up into my face and punched my side, then punched my gut again. I cried out and collapsed back against my captor. The guy holding me let me go and pushed me forward and I fell onto my knees. Andy snorted and then spit it my face. His thick snot dripped down my cheek and chin and he growled, "fuckin' faggot."

Then they were gone. I bent forward and sobbed in pain and humiliation.

I crawled to the fence and pulled myself up. My stomach, side and back throbbed in pain. I wiped my face and leaned against the tool shed and stepped towards the house. I heard some people calling my name and I struggled to walk towards them.

I turned the corner around the shed and Sam saw me and said, "There you are. Hank and Jeff are looking for you. Hey, what's wrong? What happened?"

I stepped away from the shed and fell onto Sam with a groan and blacked out.