Chapter 13: Hank

I was so pissed off at Lor on Thanksgiving I was literally shaking with rage. Everything was going great. I was having a good time, Tim was having a good time. Then Lor started his shit again. I don't know what his problem is. He's always treated me like shit, bossing me around, making snide comments. Sure, I drink and smoke, but I don't do drugs and I'm not a street thug as he likes to call me. But when he called my Tim a cocksucker and made him cry, I was done with him. I threw his ass on the ground and wailed on him. Yeah, he recovered quickly and I got a bloody nose out of it, but he's gonna have a black eye for sure. I'd like to hear him explain that to his buddies at the station.

Ma and Dad were both livid. I have never seen Dad as mad at one of us as he was that day. Dad was shouting and cussing at Lor like I never heard and demanded that he apologize to Tim or leave. Lor refused and seemed genuinely surprised that no one was backing him. That was when I realized that Tim was gone. Knowing Tim, he was probably running home, so I took off after him. He didn't make it very far before I got him to stop and Dad convinced him to come back.

That night made up for all the shit. I got Tim onto my bed and after Vince interrupted our make out session to say goodbye, Tim gave me one of his first class blowjobs. But the best part was when he fell asleep cuddled up on my chest. Tim is so cute when he sleeps and he snuggles up on me. I could have slept like that all night, but Dad knocked on the door and woke me up when it was time to take Tim home.

Tim started hanging out at our house a lot more after that. That was really cool, because now we had his place and my place to chill and we could pick whichever one where we'd get more alone time. We ended up at my house a lot more because my parents cut me a lot of slack and Tim's parents didn't mind Tim being over because they knew my parents were home. Of course, they didn't know that Tim and I spent a lot time on my bed or in my bathroom fooling around.

During Christmas break, Tim and I spent all day together nearly every day. I wanted to spend time with him on Christmas day, but we couldn't get our parents to agree. So, the day after Christmas, I picked Tim up at his house and he walked out to my truck with a wrapped gift. After we went out to lunch, I drove him back to my house. I was ecstatic when I saw the note on the hall mirror that said everyone had gone out shopping and they'd be back before dinner. I took Tim's hand and we went up to my bedroom. I shut the door behind us and we sat down on my bed, where I had two gifts wrapped for Tim.

"Merry Christmas, Timmy."

"Merry Christmas, Hank," he said with a huge grin.

I leaned in and gave him a tender kiss.

I gave him the smaller sized gift first. I laughed as I watched him carefully unwrap the gift like he was trying not to rip the paper. It was a gold necklace like the one I wore when I got 'dressed up'. He loved it and I got a hug and a hot kiss out of it.

"I only got you one gift," Tim said to me. "I hope you like it."

Tim nervously gave me the wrapped box and I smiled at him. He laughed when I quickly and excitedly tore the paper off and revealed a large brown shoe box.

"That's how you're supposed to open a gift, Tim," I laughed.

When I opened the box, I almost fell off the bed. It was the pair of cowboy boots that I had been dying for. The exact style and the right size, 13.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed.

"Do you like them? They're the ones you wanted aren't they?"

"Timmy, baby, I love them. They're exactly the ones I wanted! I can't believe that you got me these."

I grabbed the back of Tim's neck and pulled him to me. I gave him a kiss so good he was panting by the time I pulled away.

"Okay, one more for you," I told him.

I gave him the second present and watched him open it with a big grin on my face. Tim slowly tore open the wrapping to reveal a plain white shirt box. He opened the box and pulled out the gray t-shirt. I was grinning big-time knowing that he was confused as to why I gave him a t-shirt with our school initials and mascot. He held it up and when he realized it was my varsity football team t-shirt with my name and number on it, his eyes welled up with tears.

"Thank you, Hank. I love it."

He held it to his face for a second and then leapt on top of me. He straddled my waist and sat on my crotch, and pushed me back onto the bed with his hands on my chest.

"Whoa, tiger," I chuckled.

Tim stared into my eyes and I saw sparkles of desire. As soon as he sat on my crotch, my dick began filling out. Now it was fully engorged.

"Do we have time to... you know?" he asked quietly.

Oh, shit. Tim never initiated and here he was slowly grinding on my crotch and rubbing his hands on my chest and stomach. At this point, I couldn't have cared less if Ma and Dad were standing in the room, but luckily we were the only ones home.

I grabbed him and rolled over so that I was on top. I bent down and kissed him hard. I thrust my tongue in his mouth and he sucked it as his arms wrapped around me and clawed at my back. As I made out with him, I ground my crotch into his and he wrapped his legs around me, locking his heels onto the bottom of my ass. I pulled away from him and he whimpered and grabbed for me, trying to pull me back down to him.

I grunted. "Fuck, you're hot for it today, Timmy."

"I need you, Hank," he said breathlessly.

I pulled Tim's shirt off and tossed it onto the floor, then his pants and underwear and socks. I finally had Tim naked in my bed. His dick was so hard and the head was red and shiny. I ran my hands up his flat stomach and chest. I brushed the hair off his forehead.

"Damn, baby, you're so cute."

Tim blushed and smiled at me.

I stood up and undressed while Tim watched me. His eyes roamed my body and I saw how much he liked what he saw and it really turned me on to be wanted so much.

"God, Hank, you're so hot... so perfect."

I climbed onto the bed and crawled on top of Tim. He spread his legs apart for me and I moved so my dick rubbed under his balls and into his crack. He put his hands on my furry chest and stroked his fingers through the hair. I licked my way down his neck and began sucking and lightly chewing with my teeth. He was whimpering and writhing underneath me.

Christ, I wanted to fuck Tim so bad. I wanted to bury my cock inside his virgin ass until he screamed from coming so hard.

I pulled up onto my knees between his legs. Tim ran his hands up my thighs and then cupped my cock and balls. I stared at his face as he glided his hand up and down my bone. He looked like he was in a trance as he stared at my meat. He subconsciously licked his lips, then looked up at me. We stared into each others eyes and I gave him a look that let him know how much I wanted him, how much I loved him. He let out a ragged breath and shuddered.

"Scooch down, Tim," I told him. He looked at me confused, so I grabbed his ankles and pulled him towards the foot of the bed. I turned around and laid next to him in a 69 position. I pulled him towards me and took his dick in my hand and ran my tongue along it. Tim gripped my shaft and began lapping at my balls. No one had ever done that to me before and it felt fucking amazing.

"Oh, yeah, babe," I groaned.

Tim licked and sucked my balls and then slid his tongue up my cock and began sucking me. I took Tim into my mouth and I heard him moan and his dick jerked in my mouth. I pulled off because I knew he was going to come way too quick. I lapped at his nuts and then moved below and licked under his sack. Tim whimpered and took my cock deeper into his mouth. I pulled him closer and snaked my tongue further down towards his tiny hole. I tentatively lapped at his pucker and Tim's body shuddered and he moaned. Tim was really working my dick up and down into his throat. I sucked on my middle finger and got it nice and wet. I circled Tim's tight hole and tapped it before slowly pressing my finger into him. Tim trembled and moaned around my dick.

He didn't make a move to stop me, so I slid out and pushed back in and twisted my finger around searching for the spot I had read about. When I wiggled my finger towards his belly and felt a bump, I rubbed and pressed it. Tim pulled his mouth off my cock and gasped loudly.

"Hank," he quivered.

I took Tim's dick into my mouth and began finger fucking him, making sure I poked his prostate with each push. Tim gasped again and grabbed my hip tightly and buried his face in my crotch.

"Oh, god! Hank!" he cried out. "Don't stop, I'm gonna come. Please, don't stop. Oh, Hank!"

Tim jerked wildly and his dick exploded into my mouth. My mouth filled with his come and I swallowed every drop. When his body stopped convulsing and his dick stopped spurting, I let him fall out of my mouth and I pulled my finger out of him.

I laid down on my back and pulled Tim's head towards my dick.

"Suck me, Tim," I whispered. "Finish me off."

Tim took me into his mouth and sucked and slurped, bobbing up and down. I gripped the back of his head and thrust my hips rapidly in and out of his mouth.

"Oh, yeah, baby. I'm coming, Tim, I'm coming! Oh, fuck, baby! Fuck!"

I held onto Tim's head as I blasted my load into his mouth. After I finished, I turned around and pulled Tim to my chest.

"That was fucking amazing, babe," I whispered.

"Amazing...," he whispered.

"I didn't hurt you, with my finger?"

"No," he blushed. "It... it felt really good."

He looked so shy and cute right then.

"Good," I said.

I gave him a kiss and whispered in his ear, "I'm glad you liked my finger. I gotta get you ready for something bigger."

He trembled in my arms and gently kissed my chest. I knew he wanted it, and that we would be going all the way soon. I would wait until he was ready.

"We should get dressed before my parents come home," I said.

We reluctantly got up and got dressed. We got back on the bed and Tim cuddled on me and we fell asleep together.