Chapter 15: Hank

I woke up feeling awesome. Today was my 17th birthday and yesterday was the best day of my life. I felt like I was on top of the world. Timmy gave me the best present he could have given me: himself. I can't believe that yesterday we fucked three times, plus he gave me a blowjob. That had to be a record of some kind. Okay, maybe not, but it was a personal record for me.

Jeff, Heather and Tim showed up early for the party today. My dick got rock hard as soon as I saw Tim. I gave him a kiss and a hug and he looked up at me in shock when he felt my dick pressed up against him.

"See what you do to me?" I whispered into his ear, which caused him to blush furiously. "I can't stop thinking about your hot little ass."

"Hank!" Tim pushed me away in disgust, but the shy little grin on his face told me he was very pleased.

When my brother Vince showed up, I took him aside.

"Hey, bro. Thanks for helping Tim out."

He looked at me knowingly. "I take it you enjoyed your gift then?"

"Hell, yeah, I did!" I said with a big grin.

"You are bad, little brother," he laughed. "Corrupting that sweet innocent little thing like that."

"He may be little and he may be sweet, but he ain't innocent."

"Well, not anymore," Vince said.

Vince laughed and shook his head and walked off to get a beer.

Tim came up behind me and gave me a little nudge.

"I got you a Coke," he said as he handed me a cup.

"You put any Jack in it?" I asked with a mischievous grin.

"No," he giggled, then lowered his voice. "I would have, but your parents were standing there."

"You're a good boyfriend, Timmy. The best."

I grabbed Tim around the neck and pulled him to me and kissed the top of his head. He giggled and kissed my shoulder.

I groaned inwardly when I saw that my brother Lor and his fiancée, Theresa, had arrived at the party. I was standing there with my arm around Tim's shoulder when they walked up to me.

"Happy birthday, Hank," Lor said simply.

He and Theresa then walked past me, blatantly ignoring Tim. Theresa didn't even speak. I looked down at Tim and he had his head down. It really pissed me off that he hurt Tim's feelings. Again. I wanted to say something, but I bit my tongue. I didn't want to cause a scene at my own birthday party.

I tapped my finger under Tim's chin. "Lift your head up, baby. Don't let him get to you."

Tim looked up at me and he looked so vulnerable and so cute. I bent down and kissed him on the lips and a happy grin spread across his face.

"There's my baby's smile," I said and grinned back at him.

"You're the best, Hank," he said and he pushed up and kissed my goatee. I ran my hand over the top of his head and squeezed the back of his neck. I took his hand and we mingled with my guests.

Lor and Theresa avoided me for the rest of the party. That was perfectly fine with me. I didn't want them to come anyway and I was glad when they left early.

All of my friends came. There were so many people, it was crazy. We had great food and I got a lot of awesome presents. Everyone sang happy birthday and we had cake, of course.

I kept Tim by my side for almost the whole party. I couldn't keep my hands off him. If I didn't have my arm around his shoulders, I had my hand on his neck or his back. When we would get a little privacy, he'd would cuddle up to me and I'd nuzzle his neck and give him little kisses.

I even dragged him out to the back deck when I needed to smoke. He just bundled up in his winter coat without a complaint.

Later in the afternoon, I dragged Timmy outside for another smoke and Jeff joined me. I had my arm resting on Tim's shoulder as I smoked my cigarette. Jeff was eying us suspiciously.

"There's something different about you two," Jeff said.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You. You haven't taken your hands off Tim the whole day. You've been dragging him around the house and Tim has been following you around like a lovesick puppy dog."

"Whatever, dude. We're just extra playful today, right Timmy?"

"Yeah," Tim said with a blush.

"Tim hates the cold and he's out here in his winter coat just so you can smoke?"

Jeff narrowed his eyes at us, then his eyes suddenly widened. "You guys started fucking, didn't you?"

Tim gasped. "Jeff!"

"I saw all those hickeys on your neck and shoulders this morning, Tim. You little slut!" Jeff laughed.

"Jeff, stop..."

Tim cheeks were bright red and his eyes were glistening with tears. I put my arm around Tim and squeezed his shoulder to comfort him.

"Hey. Dude, knock it off," I said to Jeff.

"Sorry, Tim," Jeff apologized. "I was just teasing ya."

Tim sniffled and whispered, "Don't tell anyone, okay?"

Jeff chuckled, "Don't worry, little brother, I won't tell anyone. So, how was it?"

"Jeff," Tim whined.

"Dude. It was fuckin' awesome," I laughed. "Best I ever had. Seriously, dude. Best. Ever."

Jeff held out his fist and I bumped it. Tim smacked my arm and Jeff and I laughed as Tim groaned and tried to hide behind my back.

After Jeff and I had another smoke, we went back inside and rejoined the party. I knew that Tim had to be leaving soon, but I was able to drag him upstairs to my room for a quickie. I pulled him into my bathroom and shut and locked the door. I bent down and kissed him passionately and he responded by wrapping his arms around me and kissing back.

"I want you, Tim," I said into his ear.

"Yes, Hank," he panted.

I unbuckled Tim's pants and pushed them down to the ground with his boxer briefs. I picked him up and set him on the bathroom counter. I unbuckled my pants and pulled out my hard cock then fished around the bathroom drawer and pulled out a rubber and a tube of KY. As I kissed Tim, I smeared the KY and around his hole and pushed my fingers in. He whimpered and scratched his fingers through my chest hair while he tenderly kissed along my neck.

I quickly got in a second finger, and then a third to stretch him out. I put on the condom and lubed up and slowly pushed into him.

"Push out, baby," I whispered. "Relax..."

I slowly slid into him. I knew Tim was in pain and trying to hide it. He held on tight to me and buried his head in my neck. I held still until his breathing evened and his body relaxed. When I started slowly pumping in and out of his tight ass, Tim gasped quietly as I brushed over his prostate. I knew we were gonna have to be quick, so I got a blob of KY on my hand and then wrapped it around Tim's cock. I stroked him in rhythm with my thrusts as we kissed. Within a minute he was moaning into my mouth and I felt his dick shooting warm come all over my hand.

"Ungh, fuck," I quietly grunted as his ass squeezed and milked my dick.

That pushed me over the edge and I blasted my load into the condom. I let out a deep breath and I pulled out of Tim and stepped back. He looked down in wonder at my half-hard cock, with the condom still on it. It was heavy and full of my thick white come. I pulled it off and showed it to Tim.

"Wow," he whispered.

I chuckled at his reaction, then tossed it into the toilet. I helped Tim off the counter. He was shaking like his knees were weak, so I held him by the arm to steady him as he pulled up his underwear and pants. I looked at the clock and saw we had been gone 10 minutes.

After we washed up at the sink, I gave Timmy a kiss and we headed back downstairs. No one seemed to miss us and Tim and I went into the kitchen to grab a drink. Ma walked in and looked at Tim with concern.

"Tim, sweetie, are you okay? Your face is a little flush," she said. She held her hand to his forehead. "You feel a little warm. I think you have a bit of a fever."

I stood behind Ma and looked at Tim with a huge grin on my face and tried not to laugh. Tim looked absolutely mortified.

"I-I-I'm fine, Mrs. Ballatori," Tim stammered.

"You drink lots of water and get plenty of rest tonight, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Ma left the kitchen and I busted out laughing and Tim gave me a dirty look. I gave him a hot juicy kiss on the lips and his frown melted away and he wrapped his arms around me and held onto me tightly. I nuzzled my nose in his hair and gave him a kiss on the top of his head.

"I love you, Hank," he whispered. "Happy birthday."

"I love you, Timmy."


The Monday after Hank's birthday party, we returned to school from Christmas break. Weight conditioning replaced football for Hank and symphony band replaced marching band for me. This gave us more time in our schedules and we were able to spend a lot more time together after school. When Mom was working day shifts, I was home alone by myself until Mom and Dad got home from work. Jeff was usually out with Heather, so Hank came over a lot.

During those five months until school got out for the summer, Hank and I had a lot of sex. I think we must have gone through four boxes of condoms at least. I gladly gave it up whenever Hank wanted it and if we went without doing it for two or three days, I thought I'd go crazy. Hank always initiated sex since I think he was horny 24 hours a day. But if he didn't ask for it, I would have to start. Usually, I nuzzled my nose and lips on his goatee as I brushed my body up against him. That always seemed to really turn him on and before long, he'd be buried inside me. By then, I was used to him and could take him inside me without experiencing any real pain.

Hank had pretty much quit smoking. I was very proud of him. I knew he quit because he thought that I didn't like it. But the thing is, I love Hank and if he smoked, it didn't really bother me since I simply loved everything else about him and I would never want him to change.

In May, I had my 15th birthday. I didn't want a party, so Mom made dinner for the family and Hank was invited, of course.

After dinner, cake and presents, I snuck Hank up to my room. We shut the door and started making out. I pushed Hank's hand down to my crotch.

"You're bad," he whispered as he squeezed my hard dick.

"It's my birthday," I giggled.

As he kissed me, he unbuckled my shorts and reached his hand into my briefs. He pushed me onto the bed. He had me squirming and writhing on the bed as he sucked my dick and finger banged my ass. I covered my face with the pillow to stifle my moans and whimpers.

After he swallowed my load, I pushed him off the bed and got down on my knees in front of him. I unzipped his jeans and reached in and pulled his dick out of the fly and took it into my throat. I knew we had to hurry, so I gave him lots of tongue and hand action as I slurped up and down his dick.

"Fuck, Timmy," he whispered. "You're working my cock like a fucking pro."

I looked up at Hank and licked my tongue up the bottom of his dick. "I love your big dick, Hank."

I licked and kissed the head and along the edge of his foreskin, then took him back in my mouth. I bobbed my head and twisted my hand up and down. It wasn't long before he was close.

"I'm coming, baby," he whispered.

Hank's knees buckled and he let out a grunt and my mouth filled with his hot come. I swallowed repeatedly until he stopped coming. He let out a deep breath and stepped back and put his dick away and buttoned up his pants.

As he bent down and kissed me, there was a knock on the door.

I quickly stepped back from Hank and said, "Come in."

Dad opened the door.

"Tim, I need you to keep the door open please."


Dad looked between the two of us suspiciously, then left.

My face felt like it was on fire. I had a panicked look on my face as I turned to Hank and whispered, "Do you think he knew that we were...?"

"Nah. Don't sweat it, baby."

He bent down and kissed me and we headed downstairs.


I was so excited for the summer because I thought that I'd get to spend even more time with Hank.

Unfortunately, Dad gave Hank a job with Jeff. They were both basically gophers on one of Dad's big construction job sites. We still got to see each other almost every day, though.

We didn't get as much alone time as we did after school, but when we did, it was absolutely amazing. God, Hank was an awesome lover. Not only was he the perfect boyfriend, but he was also my best friend in the world. I grew more in love with him every day.