Chapter 16: Hank

When school started in the fall, I was a senior. My last year of high school.

I drove to Tim's house to pick him up for the first day of school. He wasn't ready yet, so I bullshitted around with Jeff until Tim came running down the stairs.

I groaned when I saw him. He was wearing a light blue Polo shirt and jeans. Both were tight enough to show off his hot little body.

Tim looked me up and down hungrily. I had on a black t-shirt, snug and worn jeans with the cowboy boots he had bought me. His eyes rested on my crotch. I saw the redness creep into his cheeks and he looked up at me.

I gave him a sly grin. "You like, Tim?"

He nodded and gulped. I grabbed and pulled him to me and gave him a quick kiss.

"You can see your muscles under your shirt. And your jeans are tight," he whispered. "I can see how big your dick is."

I nibbled his neck and growled in his ear. "You want it?"

Tim's body shuddered and he let out a quiet little whimper. I kissed him again, licking my tongue along his bottom lip. His mouth opened and I slowly snaked my tongue in and kissed him slowly and sensually. When I pulled away, he quivered and opened his eyes looked up at me. In that moment, the look in his eyes took my breath away. I saw how much he loved me, and I knew he would do anything for me. It was an amazing feeling. I knew right then that I would do anything for Tim.

It felt fucking good walking into school that first day. I had my arm around Tim's shoulders and I walked into the school like I owned the place. As I walked around greeting my buddies, Tim was right there by my side with a grin on his face. When he had to head to his first period class, which was band, I squeezed the back of his neck and looked down at him. It was all I could do to resist the urge to kiss him. I told him to have a good first day and he hurried off to class, turning around once to give me a big grin and a wave.

After school, I had football practice and Timmy had band practice. After that, I drove him home and he dragged me up to his bedroom. He practically ripped my clothes off as he whispered, "Hank, I need you."

Who was I to deny my boy?

I got the lube and a condom from his nightstand drawer and got him prepared with my fingers. He wrapped his legs around my ass and I pushed into him. When he reached between us and grabbed his cock, I had no choice but to grab his wrists and pin him down on the bed. He stared at me with his mouth agape, his needy eyes begging for it as he arched his back up to me. I held him down by the wrists and kissed him hard as I pounded the shit out of his ass. His gasps and whimpers only egged me on further.

His bed was creaking under us and as I got closer to busting my nut, the headboard thumped against the wall. When Tim arched his back and cried out my name and as I felt his hot juices spurting onto my stomach and his ass muscles squeezing my cock, I lost it. I blasted the biggest load of my life into that condom. My body jerked and shuddered and I released Tim's arms and collapsed on top of him. He wrapped his arms around me and gripped my back tightly.

"I love you, Hank... You're the best... ever...," he whispered between pants.

"I love you, too, Timmy."

I looked at the clock and cursed and climbed off him. I tossed the condom into the trash and pulled Tim off the bed. We grabbed our clothes and cleaned up in the bathroom across the hall, got dressed and went downstairs.

I was surprised to see Jeff sitting at the kitchen table eating a peanut butter sandwich. Tim let out a little gasp when he saw that Jeff was home.

"Hey, man. What's up?" I asked him.

"Not much. Want one?" he asked as he took a bite of his sandwich.

"Yeah, I'm starved," I said.

"I'll make it for you," Tim said.

Tim made both of us a peanut butter sandwich and got both of us a glass of milk and we sat down at the table with Jeff.

"Thanks, babe," I said with a wink.

"You're welcome."

"So, what were you guys doing upstairs?" Jeff asked with a chuckle.

"Um... I was showing Hank, um, the new DVD I got," Tim said with a blush, while staring down at his sandwich.

I grinned and chuckled at his embarrassment.

"Yeah? Which one?" Jeff asked Tim.

"Um... 'Heroes'," Tim offered.

"Oh, yeah? How was it Hank?" Jeff asked me.

"Best ever," I said with a smirk. Jeff and I bumped fists and laughed and Tim smiled shyly.


My sophomore year of high school was great. I had a hot boyfriend who loved me and we were out at school and people didn't care. If they did care, they sure as hell wouldn't say with Hank and Jeff to protect me.

The football team did awesome this year and so did the band. We even placed first at band fest! The symphony band did very well also. We got all ones again and I made all-state bassoon. Of course, all-state bassoon wasn't very difficult to do since there weren't that many bassoon players, but still I was excited. Hank came to all of my concerts with Mom and Dad.

After my 16th birthday party in May, I noticed that Hank had started smoking again and he seemed a little bit moody. I knew he was upset about college scholarships and stuff, but when I tried to talk to him about it, he kind of shrugged me off and I would just tell him that I loved him.

A couple days later, I came down to the family room and Jeff was talking to Mom and Dad. Mom was crying but Dad seemed very happy. I heard him tell Jeff that he had never been prouder of him than he was now.

"What's going on?" I asked.

Everyone clammed up and they traded nervous glances.

"Aw, nothing," Jeff said dismissively. "They're just happy I'm graduating instead of flunking out."

I was pretty sure he was lying, but we both laughed. Jeff then gave me a big, long hug.

"I love you, Tim," he whispered.

"I loved you, too," I whispered back.

As we moved apart, I looked at him like he was crazy. I looked over at Mom and Dad. Mom quickly got up off the couch and took my hand.

"Come help me make dinner, Tim," she said.


I knew that they were hiding something from me, but I put it out of my mind.


I played in the band at graduation of course and I was so proud and happy to see Jeff and Hank walk across the stage and get their diplomas. Mom and Dad took lots of pictures. I have a picture of Hank in his cap and gown, one by himself and one with his arm around me. I also have a picture of the two of us with Hank wearing a shirt and tie without the graduation gown. I printed it out and framed it and put it on my nightstand next to the other picture I have of Hank in his football uniform.

The day before Hank and Jeff's graduation party, Hank took me out to dinner and then we went over to my house. He seemed really nervous, but I knew we'd be alone for a while since Mom and Dad were taking Jeff out to celebrate. I knew what would calm Hank's nerves, so I took him upstairs and we sat on the bed.

"Tim, I need to talk to you about something," he said quietly.

His voice was quivering and I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. Hank doesn't really get nervous like this. Whatever it was was going to be bad. I shook my head and cleared my throat.

"Hank, you're so nervous," I said. "Let me help you."

I stood up and knelt in front of him and pushed his legs apart.


"Shh," I said as I unbuckled his belt and pulled his cargo shorts and boxers down. I pulled them off his feet and tossed them aside. I stood up and lifted his t-shirt off and then knelt back down. I was surprised that his penis was still flaccid. He was usually ready to go. I took it in my hand and pulled the foreskin back and sucked him into my mouth. It wasn't long before it was fully hard.

"Scoot up on the bed," I said.

Hank moved up so that he was laying in the middle of the bed. I pulled open the nightstand drawer and found a condom. I rolled the large-sized condom onto Hank's wet and hard bone. I took the lube and got it nice and slick. I squirted some more onto my hand and put my hand between my legs and smeared the lube onto my asshole.

I stared into Hank's eyes as I straddled his groin. While holding his dick straight up, I lowered myself onto him. I closed my eyes briefly while I adjusted to the feeling. When I opened my eyes, I saw a tear fall from Hank's eye.

"I love you, Timmy," he said. "I love you so much."

"I love you, Hank."

I put my hands on Hank's torso and began slowly moving up and down his shaft. Once I got used to it and found the right angle, I began moving up and down faster and harder. Hank grabbed my hips and bucked up into me.

When he grabbed me tight and then rolled me over onto my back without even pulling out, I gasped as his display of strength.

I wrapped my legs around his ass and grabbed around his strong shoulders and pulled him down to me to kiss me.

"Mmm, Hank, oh god!"

I came right away and he kept going. When he finally got close, he grabbed my slimy dick and jerked me off and we both came together.

We laid down next to each other and kissed and gently touched each other. He told me over and over how much he loved me.

Hank pushed up and sat on the edge of the bed. "I need a smoke, babe."

We got up and cleaned up in the bathroom, got dressed and headed outside. We sat at the patio table and Hank put an arm around me and held me while he smoked two cigarettes in a row. He took my hand and we returned inside and went to the family room. He sat down on the couch and I moved to cuddle up next to him, but he stopped me.

"I have to talk to you, Timmy. Please."

I could see the pain in his eyes and I knew it was going to be something bad. I moved away from him and sat on the couch cross legged, facing him. Hank took a deep breath and slowly let it out.

"Tim... I enlisted in the Marines. Jeff and I signed up together. We fly out on Sunday."

I was stunned. I sat there in a daze while Hank explained to me how he'd be gone for at least four years and listed all of the reasons why he needed to do it, how it was going to make a man out of him.

"Tim. Say something."

The tears started streaming from my eyes. "Please, Hank. Please don't leave me."

I sobbed and Hank held me tightly.

"I'm sorry," he said. His voice was quivering. He was crying, too.

I managed to spit out "I... I love you, Hank" between sobs. I'm not sure how long we sat there holding each other, but it seemed like I bawled for almost an hour while he held me.

"You're gonna have to move on, Tim. You can't wait for me. You've still got two years of high school left, then college. You're gonna meet new friends... You're a great guy and so fucking cute... the guys are gonna be all over you," Hank said with a laugh, even though he was crying.

I started crying so hard it was like I couldn't even make a sound. I didn't fully realize what was happening. Not only was Hank leaving, he was breaking up with me.

Mom, Dad and Jeff came home a few minutes later. Hank stood up and pulled me up with him. He hugged me tight one last time.

"I gotta go now, Tim," he said. "I'll see you at the party tomorrow. I do love you, Tim. I always will."

Hank let out a sob and then ran out of the house. I looked up at Mom, Dad and Jeff. They were looking at me with pity. None of them looked surprised. They all knew. They knew what Hank was going to do. And they let him. I pushed past them and ran to my room and slammed the door shut.

I laid down on the bed and stared at Hank's teddy. A few minutes later, there was knock on my door.

"Go away," I cried.

The door opened and Jeff walked in and shut it behind him. He leaned against the door and just stared at me.

"Get out!"

"Tim, you need--"

"It's all your fault!" I shouted. "You talked him into it, didn't you? Hank would never leave me. He loves me. Just because Heather is going off to college and leaving you behind, you can't stand for us to be happy. I hate you!"

Jeff narrowed his eyes at me and lowered his voice. "You're a selfish little prick, you know that? Why don't you think about how Hank feels for once?"

My jaw dropped and Jeff opened the door and walked out, slamming it hard behind him. I grabbed Teddy and pulled him into bed with me. I hugged him and squeezed my eyes shut hoping it would keep the tears in.

A knock on the door startled me.

"Leave me alone!"

The door opened and Dad walked in and shut it behind him. He sat on the bed and put his arm on me and I lost it. I pulled myself to him, wrapping my arms around his brawny chest, and sobbed uncontrollably. Dad rubbed my arm and back until I had no more tears to cry.

My throat was so sore, it hurt to swallow.

"Dad, I love him so much. How can he just leave me like this?"

"Tim. I know it hurts, but you should be very proud of Hank. He hurts so much inside knowing he has to leave you, knowing how much he has hurt you. But I believe Hank and Jeff are both doing the right thing, the best thing for them. One day you'll see it. Someday you'll meet someone and fall in love all over again."

"I don't want to meet anyone else!" I cried. "How could I ever love someone else like I love Hank? He's my soul mate. We were supposed to be together forever. The thought of loving anyone else... or the thought of anyone else inside me... it makes me want to throw up."

Dad cringed and shifted uncomfortably.

I gasped and covered my mouth. "Oh my god. I'm sorry."

"Yeah... I was well aware that you and Hank were having sex. I saw the used condoms occasionally when I was collecting the trash cans on trash day. But it'd be best if your mother didn't know about it."

"But I love him, Dad. And he loves me. I know he does."

"I know, son. When you go to the party tomorrow, you'll be supportive of Hank and Jeff, won't you?"

I sniffled and managed to say, "Yes."

"Good. Now, why don't you get some sleep? I'm sure you must be exhausted."

Dad tucked me into bed and pushed the hair off my forehead and ran his hand over my head.

"I love you, Tim. Be strong."

I nodded and he turned off the lamp on my nightstand and left the room. I cuddled with Hank's Teddy and cried myself to sleep.


Our football team cleaned up this season. We kicked ass and made it to the playoffs. We didn't win, but it was still awesome. The band did good this year as well. They made 'ones' which Tim said was the best and they took first place at the band festival.

In January, I turned 18 and it kind of freaked me out a little bit. What sucked was that I didn't get any good football scholarships. I knew it was a long shot and I'd never get a scholarship for my grades. The thing is, I didn't even really want to go to college. I didn't know what the hell I was going to do when I graduated.

As the end of the school year approached, I started freaking out. I started smoking again. I'd get quiet and moody. When Tim would ask me what was wrong, I shrugged it off. He would just smile at me and tell me he loved me. I could tell he was worried, but didn't want to press me.

A few weeks before school got out, Jeff called me up and wanted to talk. We got together and come to find out, he was in the same boat as me. When he told me that he was thinking about enlisting in the Marines and wanted to talk to my dad who was active duty for eight years, I was completely shocked. I called my dad and asked him if he had time to talk to Jeff about the Marines.

We headed back to my house and Dad brought us into his den. Jeff asked him a bunch of questions and I just listened. Before they were done, I already knew what Jeff was going to do. And I knew what I needed to do.

Jeff and I talked it over and we were going to join up together. Jeff was interested in infantry, while I was leaning more towards military police like Dad.

The thing is, it was going to kill Tim, and that broke my heart. I just hoped that he would understand.

Graduation was the week after Tim's birthday. I couldn't face telling Tim. I put it off for days. After graduation, Jeff and I went down to the recruiter's office and enlisted. The next Saturday Jeff and I were having a joint graduation party at my house, which was also our going away party. Sunday afternoon, Jeff and I would be flying out to South Carolina.

I arranged with Jeff and his parents to have that Friday evening alone with Tim at their house. I was going tell him that I was joining the Marines and would be away for at least four years. I would be telling him that he needed to move on. I would be telling him goodbye.