Chapter 23: Hank


After four years active duty in the Marines, I was finally back to civilian life. I spent a month at my parents' home, lounging around and hanging out with my best friend, Jeff Matthews.

Jeff was doing what he knew he'd be doing his whole life. He was working for his dad's construction business. He was also taking some business classes at the community college.

It was great that after all this time, we picked up right where we left off. Except now we were 21 years old and could legally hang out at bars and drink. We could spend hours together talking and laughing and hanging out. Not counting Tim, I've never been as close to another person as I am to Jeff.

The only problem with the bars is that Jeff would occasionally ditch me for a one night stand. I actually got hit on a lot, and even flirted back sometimes, but it was only for fun. I wasn't interested in women and I didn't lead them on.

There weren't any other gay guys in the bars I went to with Jeff, at least not any out guys. And there certainly weren't any gay bars here, so my options were pretty dead as far as hooking up.

While in the Marines, I took the "don't ask, don't tell" policy pretty seriously, even though I think it's complete bullshit. I was very careful not to let any of my buddies know that I was gay. Sometimes I felt a little guilty because I felt like I was essentially lying to them, but I wasn't going to risk getting bashed or kicked out of the service. They may not ask, but all it takes is one asshole to tell and you're out.

The fact of the matter is that I never got over Tim. I'm still in love with Tim and I think about him every day. Hell, I haven't had sex with anyone since the last night I spent with Tim. I still think about that night when I jack off. In the two years I was with Tim, we fucked around a lot. I mean a lot. It was kind of a shock to go from getting it regularly to not getting any at all. But all of those memories kept my right hand busy when I got horny.

When I saw Tim at Christmas time, he looked so fucking good. My dick stiffened in my jeans instantly. It was all I could do to not grab him and hold him down and fuck the shit out of him. He had grown a little taller and filled out a little bit. He was still cute as all fuck. He was no longer a cute teenage boy, though. Now he was a fucking hottie. Of course, I may be a little biased.

All of the old feelings came rushing back to me. One look in his eyes and I was sure he felt it too. I was so nervous about seeing him, but I was so glad I got to catch up with him and I'm glad he's doing well in school. The best thing about seeing Tim was that I knew he didn't hate me or resent me for leaving. It felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders that I didn't even know I was carrying.

But that's Tim. He's genuinely kind. The nicest guy I've ever met. He never stays mad or holds a grudge. He so wants to be liked that he will give anyone the benefit of the doubt. Even my asshole brother Lor. Maybe it's a little naïve of him, but like I said. That's Tim.

Now that I was inactive, I enrolled in the Grand Rapids Community College criminal justice program. It'll take me two years to complete, but when I'm done, I'll have an Associate in Arts degree and be licensed for law enforcement. Their program consists of academic classes and police academy classes. When I graduate, I'll be able to go right to work as a cop. I'm feeling really good about this. And when I'm done, I'll have a college degree, something my fuckwad brother Lor doesn't have.

Speaking of Lor, we got into a fight yet again. Ma and Dad had a family get-together for me the weekend before I left for college. He and his pregnant wife showed up and he didn't even pretend to be civil. Ma keeps inviting him to my family functions expecting that he's going to act like an adult, but that apparently is against his nature.

Vince and I were having a drink and a smoke in the backyard, when he walked up to us.

"Hey, Vince," Lor said to Vince, then turned to me. "Hey, fag."

I growled and clenched my fists while glowering at him. "I'm gonna let that go because Ma is on the deck."

"You still hanging out with your little fairy girlfriend?"

"Knock it off, Lor," Vince said exasperatedly.

I tossed my cigarette butt and set my drink on the picnic table. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself.

"Don't fuckin' talk about Tim like that," I warned him.

"I'll say whatever the fuck I want," he said with a dismissive shrug.

"What the fuck is your problem?" I said, taking a step closer.

Lor shoved my chest hard. "You're my problem, punk. I had to work my ass off to get where I am and you just get everything handed to you on a fucking silver platter. Growing up it was always 'Hank this, Hank that'. You're stupid and lazy and fucking worthless, but Ma and Dad think your shit don't stink. And then you bring that little faggot over to the house. And parading around town with him? And still, Ma and Dad don't care. You don't even fucking care how you make the family look."

"You better stand down," I warned him one last time.

"Come on, guys. Cut it out," Vince said. "We're supposed to be having fun."

Lor scoffed at Vince. "Why are you always sticking up for him? What, you fucking his little faggot, too?"

Vince's face got red. "Tim's a good kid," Vince said. "Whatever this bullshit is you have with Hank, leave him out of it."

Lor looked at me and smirked. "Wow. He must be pretty damn good. I'd give him a try, but I bet there's a pretty long line outside his dorm room."

If he was trying to push my buttons, he succeeded. With a roar, I swung my fist and clocked Lor across the jaw. A left hook followed by a right had his fat ass on the ground. He looked up at me with a look of surprise before it quickly turned to hatred.

I smirked at him. Yeah, you fat fuck. I'm not the little kid you used to push around. I'm bigger and stronger.

"Get up, motherfucker!" I shouted at him. "Or are you gonna let a worthless faggot kick your ass? Come on!" 

The family gathered around us to break up the fight. Dad put his palm on my chest and firmly pushed me back.

"Back off, Enrico. Now."

One look from Dad and I stepped back and relaxed my fists.

Theresa ran up and pulled Lor to his feet. She looked at me and said, "What is the matter with you?"

What the fuck!

"What's the matter with me?! Are you kidding?"

She shook her head and sighed. "I pray for you every Sunday, but I can see that it's never going to do any good."

"I don't need your prayers because I haven't done nothing wrong. So why don't you take your piece of shit husband and get the fuck out of here before I say something I'm gonna regret."

Lor spit a wad of bloody snot onto my cowboy boot. He grabbed Theresa's hand and they stormed up to the house and left.

"What a bitch," Marie muttered.

Vince and I looked over at her in shock. Then the both of us cracked up. I never expected that to come out of my little baby sister's mouth.

Dad raised an eyebrow and gave her a stern warning. "Maria."

The look on Dad's face said he wasn't fucking around and we all stopped laughing really quick.

As Dad turned away to join Ma on the deck, I saw that he had a little smile on his face.

I grabbed a napkin and wiped off my boot. With Lor gone, I was finally able to enjoy the afternoon with the rest of my family.


When the time came, I said goodbye to Ma, Dad and Marie and I packed up the old Ford Ranger and headed down to Grand Rapids. I rented a small, furnished one bedroom apartment not far from campus. There was also a gym close by, so I enrolled there so I could continue to work out.

I was nervous that the first semester of school would take some getting used to, but it was actually a piece of cake. I like routine in my days, thanks to the Marines. I quickly developed a pattern. I went to school, studied, worked out.

I actually enjoyed my classes and I actually studied, something I didn't do much of in high school. I'll admit now that I pretty much coasted through high school. I did enough to get by, keeping my grades up enough to make sure that I could play. I was more concerned with having fun: playing football, partying, drinking, fucking Tim. I didn't really take it seriously. I guess I've actually grown up. Who would have thought?

I really loved the academy classes, though, and I was doing really great. I was in great shape and my time in the Marines really served me well. The first year was the basic stuff like traffic, driving, weapons training.

As much as I enjoyed my classes, I got a little bit stressed out around finals and decided to hit the gym. I worked out hard and then headed to the shower to relax. I stood under the hot water with my head down, back towards the wall, with my eyes closed, totally relaxed. Without even opening my eyes, I was aware that someone entered the showers. I opened my eyes to see a cute blond twink staring at me. I raised my eyebrow at him and when he realized I saw him looking, he gave me a bashful glance and turned away. He turned on a shower across from me and began soaping his body. He glanced back at me bashfully and smiled.

I chuckled to myself and soaped down my body. I washed my hair and closed my eyes and rinsed the shampoo.

"Excuse me," the twink said with a quiet voice.

I opened my eyes and looked at him.

"Can I borrow some shampoo?" he asked. "I forgot mine."


He smiled and walked over to me. He held out his hand and I poured a bit of shampoo into it. He stood in front of me and rubbed it in his hair and then stepped up close to me and rinsed off under my shower head.

This boy is not the shy little thing he was pretending to be. He knows exactly what he's doing.

He looked into my eyes for a second and then squatted down to his knees. He put his hands on my thighs and sucked my flaccid dick into his mouth. Jesus, I haven't had a warm mouth on my cock in over four years. I quickly swelled to full bone and he backed off and slurped and bobbed. He couldn't hold a candle to Tim's mouth, but he was good. He didn't get too much into his mouth, but he used his hand to make up the difference. I closed my eyes and let him work me hard and fast. I held back for about three minutes before I let go.

"I'm gonna shoot," I warned him.

He pulled off and finished me off with his hand and I blew my load all over his chin and his chest.

"Thanks for the shampoo," he said with a sly grin on his face. He stood up and rinsed his face and chest in my shower spray, then walked out of the shower room, turning his own shower off as he left.

I squeezed my shaft and shook off the last couple drops of come off my dick. After a quick rinse, I shut the shower off and grabbed my towel. After I got dressed, I headed back to my place to get in a little studying before I turned in for the night.

I ran into him again a couple days later in the shower and this time he just knelt down and blew me without pretense. He gave me a wink as he left the shower.

I didn't even know the guy's name, but he sure helped me relax. I sailed through my finals and at the end of the week, I packed my bag and headed home for Christmas.