Chapter 28: Hank


I started my second year of school in August. I was getting A's in my academic classes, plus I was doing even better in my police academy classes. The academy classes were more interesting this year, especially law and crime scene investigation.
I ended up being paired with this dude named Paul in my Advanced First Aid course. He was a young guy, 19 years old, and very high strung, always talking and going a mile a minute. I wasn't sure if I wanted to kill him or fuck him. He was pretty cute. He was a little dude with dark blond hair, cut very short. He clearly worked out regularly, so he had a nice tight body. He had a beard, which he kept shaped and trimmed close.
One Friday in the middle of November, Paul told me some of the guys in the law enforcement program were going out to a bar to unwind. It wasn't far from my apartment, so I met them there and hung out and had a few beers. When I started winding down, I told the guys I'd see them later and headed out for home.
I heard someone running behind me and I turned back to see Paul hurrying to catch up.
"Hey, where're you going?" he asked.

"It's getting late. I'm headed home."
"Aw, come on, it's still early!"
"I don't normally stay up this late. And I'm usually up pretty early."

"It's Friday night. Make an exception."

"I was up at 6:00 AM this morning. I'm beat."
I continued walking and Paul walked with me.
"Do you want some company?" he asked.
"Nah, I'm good."
"Aw, come on, man," Paul said. "I've been flirting with you for weeks. I've seen you looking at me. I know you wanna hit this."

"You're a cocky little fucker, aren't you?"
He gave me a sly grin. Against my better judgment, I let Paul come home with me. As soon as we were in the door, he pulled me down to his mouth and was kissing me. It felt strange kissing someone with a beard. But it had been a while since I got laid and my resistance was low.

"Fuck, you're hot. Where's the bedroom?" he asked.
He followed me to the bedroom. He immediately dropped to his knees and undid my pants and pulled them down. He took my big uncut dick right into his mouth and began sucking.
"Oh, shit, that's good," I moaned.

"Mmm. I just knew you had a big dick," he whispered as he licked up and down my shaft.
Paul used his hand and mouth on my cock. When he didn't move like I wanted, I gripped his head in my hands and pumped into his mouth. He moaned and went wild. He sucked and slurped and I grunted and blew my load into his mouth.

He looked up at me and made it clear he was swallowing my come.
He stood up and stripped his clothes off and crawled onto my bed. He had a nice body. He had a patch of hair on his chest and it trailed down to his belly where it flared out a little before trailing down to his pubes. I realized then that I wasn't really into hairy guys, but hey, I was horny and he was willing.
"You got lube and condoms?" he asked.
"Shit, Paul, you don't waste any time."
"I've been hot for you for months. And I need to get fucked. Now."
I got the lube and a condom from the nightstand drawer. Paul rolled over and got on his hands and knees. I knelt behind him and lubed his ass up and began stretching him with my fingers. He took two fingers with ease. He groaned and pushed back against my hand.

I pushed in a third and pumped my hand back and forth. I twisted it around and wiggled and got him good and stretched.

"Oh, fuck," he groaned. "Put it in me, dude. Now, man. Give it to me."
I rolled the condom onto my hard dick and slicked it up with lube. I got into position behind him. I put one hand on the small of his back and I slowly pushed the head of my cock into him. He let out a gasp and a moan and then pushed back until I was all the way inside him. Dude was definitely no virgin.
"Yeah, that's it. Fuck me, man! Fuck me hard."
I grabbed his hips and started moving, slowly at first. He kept begging for it harder, so I dug my fingers into his skin and fucked him hard and fast. As I got close to blowing my load, I gave him a hard smack on his ass.

"Fuck yeah!" I shouted.

"Oh, fuck, yeah, you're good," he moaned.

He grabbed his dick with his right hand and it flew back and forth as he tried to bring himself off.
"I'm gonna shoot!" I shouted. "Here it comes!"
I pushed into him and exploded into the end of the condom. Paul groaned and sprayed his load onto my sheets.
I shuddered and held still while trying to catch my breath. Paul slumped forward and his head fell into the bed.

"Oh god," he groaned.

I pulled back and ripped the condom off and tied it off and then tossed it into the trash and we collapsed onto the bed. He rolled away from me towards the edge of the bed, clearly not wanting to cuddle, not that I had any desire to cuddle with him. He was just a fuck to me. He fell asleep instantly and I was right behind him.
After that, we started fucking regularly. We went to dinner sometimes, hung out at the bar, watched sports, but mostly we just fucked.

The one thing we didn't do was talk. We just didn't have anything in common. He was a good lay, but the relationship was pretty empty. If you could even call it a relationship.


One evening, I was sitting on the couch unwinding with a beer watching the game. Paul stopped by after class and brought dinner with him, subs from the local sub shop. We sat back on the couch and ate while watching TV.

After we finished eating, I got up and tossed the trash. Paul stood up and stretched.

"I'm gonna take a shower, okay?" he said.

"Yeah. Sure," I grunted.

A while later he came in wearing a pair of my boxer shorts and one of my Semper Fi t-shirts.

"Who's this?" he asked.

He held up a picture of Tim. It was one of my favorites. He was sitting on top of the picnic table in my parents' back yard, wearing my gray varsity football t-shirt and a pair of cargo shorts. He was barefoot and his cute little feet dangled over the edge of the table as he gripped the edges with his hands. He was smiling at the camera. It was a seductive little smile. Probably because he knew he was about to get fucked.

After I took that picture, I took him up to my bedroom. We went into the bathroom and I locked the door. He grabbed at me around the neck and pulled me down and we started kissing and making out. I turned him around and bent him over the sink and I fucked the hell out of his ass. I fucked him so good, he shot his load all over the front of the vanity.

I looked back up at Paul and he was still holding the picture up expectantly.

"He's a friend of mine," I said. "Where'd you get that?"

I stood up and snatched it out of his hand.

"I was in your closet looking for something to wear and it was in a box on the floor."

"What are you doing going through my shit?"

"I was just curious. I thought it was porn. You got a lot of pictures of this 'friend'."

"Just stay out of my stuff, all right?"

I walked back into my bedroom and put the picture back into the shoebox with the other pictures. I straightened up the box and closed the top.

"So, who is he?" Paul asked.

He was leaning against the door frame of the closet, waiting for an answer.

"My ex."

"He looks young."

"We were in high school."

He looked at me like he was waiting for more information, but I didn't volunteer it. He tilted his head to the side slightly and stared at me.

"You were in love with him," Paul said, more as a statement then a question.

I wasn't about to spill my guts to Paul about Tim. I grabbed him and pushed him to my bed.

"Ooh. Someone's horny," he said with a chuckle. "Thinking about your ex get you hot and bothered?"

"Less talking and more fucking," I growled.

By the time the semester was over, Paul and I were fighting a lot about stupid shit. I was getting sick of him. The problem was that I think he liked me more than I liked him. He was wanting to get more serious and I just wasn't looking for that.

I needed the winter break and breathed a sigh of relief when I got in my truck and headed home for Christmas.