Chapter 3: Hank

Tonight was our first home game. After grabbing a quick dinner with my family, I ran up to my room to grab my equipment bag. As I was double-checking I had everything I needed, my cell phone rang. I looked at the display and sighed. It was my girlfriend, Carrie.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hank, where are you?" Carrie demanded. "I've been waiting for 10 minutes."

"Christ, hold your horses, I'm on my way out the door now. I'll see you in a few minutes."

"Well, hurry up!" she whined.

I hung up the phone and grunted in frustration. I had been dating Carrie since last December. She was a varsity cheerleader and I ended up hooking up with her because her best friend was dating one of my best friends, Jeff. The thing is, I don't even really like her, but I date her because that's what I'm expected to do. I'm a football jock. I'm a Catholic Italian. I'm supposed to date girls. Unfortunately for me, I'm attracted to guys. I've actually never been with a guy. After a few not so great experiences with fumbling handjobs and blowjobs with a handful of girls, I started dating Carrie. She's the first and only girl I ever fucked. Hey, I may be gay, but I'm still a horny teenager.

I headed downstairs and said goodbye to Mom and Dad who told me good luck and that they'd be at the game to watch me play. Mom and Dad always came to watch me play. My Dad, Gio, is a city cop and Mom, Gloria, is a first grade teacher. I've got two older brothers, the oldest Lauro is county cop and Vince is a firefighter. I also have two younger sisters. Gina is a freshman this year and Maria is in junior high. I'm sure they'll both be at the game.

I threw my bag into the back of my beat-up old Ford Ranger and headed out to pick up Carrie. She was waiting impatiently outside in her cheerleading uniform. She got in the truck and I raced to the school. As soon as I parked, she jumped out of the truck and slammed the door shut and stormed off.

I walked around the back of the truck and leaned against waiting for my buddy Jeff. It wasn't long before he pulled up in his Jeep. His little brother Tim hopped out and walked right up to me and said "hi".

Fuck, Tim was cute. Tim was the complete opposite of his brother Jeff. He was a short, skinny, twinkish guy, about 5'7" tall. He had dark blond hair that always looked like he just crawled out of bed and he wore glasses. He always seemed to have a smile on his face, which showed off his cute dimples. He played the xylophone or something in marching band, and he had nice legs and arms with a flat chest and stomach from marching.

I was pretty sure that Tim had a crush on me. I caught him looking at me all the time. I certainly didn't mind the attention, but I made sure I didn't give him any indication that I had any inkling of feelings for him.

After we won the game, we were all heading to a party at Jessie's house. I took a shower and got dressed and met Carrie outside. While walking to my truck with Carrie, I saw Tim wandering through the parking lot.

"Tim!" I called out.

He stopped and turned around. His eyes kind of glazed over as he stared at me. Yeah, the kid definitely has a crush on me. I threw my bag into the back of my truck and jogged over to him.

"Where's Jeff? Did he leave without you?" I asked.

"He's going to some party with Heather," Tim replied.

As much as Jeff rags on Tim, I was surprised he would have left without taking Tim home first.

"Do you need a ride home?" I asked.

"Come on, Hank!" Carrie called out and I ignored her.

"No, that's okay," Tim said.

I could tell he didn't have a ride. He looked like he was about to cry.

"Tim, I'll take you home if you need a ride. It's way too far to walk."

"No, I have a ride. But, thanks."

I frowned. I knew he was trying not to inconvenience me, but I wasn't really sure what I could do.

"Okay, buddy. See ya later."

I walked back to the truck where Carrie was standing there with her arms folded. We drove over to Jessie's place. We walked into the back yard and I got Carrie a cup of beer and one for myself. I followed Carrie over to Jeff, Heather, Jasper and Holly. They were smoking and talking shit. I lit up a smoke and walked up to Jeff.

"Dude. What's up with you leaving Tim?" I asked him quietly.

"He had a ride."

"No he didn't. He was wandering around the parking lot."

"Heather, Tim had a ride, didn't he?" Jeff asked his girlfriend.

"Yeah, I asked if he could find a ride and he said yes," she said.

"Wait a minute. Did he have a ride or not?" Jeff asked.

"Yeah, he's fine," Heather said dismissively. She rolled her eyes and turned Carrie.

I looked at Jeff and shook my head.

Later that night, Carrie was all over me. We drove to a deserted parking lot and started making out. I was feeling up Carrie's big tits and she rubbed my dick through my jeans and it slowly responded and began to swell. She unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out. She roughly jerked my dick up and down and then went down on me. She licked up and down the shaft and started bobbing up and down on the head. I thrust up to get her to go deeper down, but she just backed off. I got frustrated and pushed her off onto her back.

I pulled out a condom, tore it open and rolled it down my dick. I pulled off her shorts and panties and climbed on top of her and slid my dick into her wet pussy. As I thrust in and out of her, I licked her neck.

"Oh, yeah," I groaned.

I closed my eyes and thrust harder in and out of her.

"Oh, Hank, you're so big," she moaned.

As I fucked Carrie, I started to fantasize about Tim. It was him lying under me and I was fucking his ass.

"Oh, god," I grunted.

My cock stiffened even harder and I shot into the condom. I pulled out and tied the condom off and tossed it out of the window.

Carrie sighed. "What's wrong with you tonight? You finished too quick."

"Sorry," I said. I leaned into her and ran my hand over her pussy and rubbed my fingers along her clit. She pushed my hand away and sat up.

"Never mind now," she bitched. She pulled on her panties and shorts.

I sighed and lit a cigarette and started the car and took her home.


The next Saturday, I picked up Carrie to head to dinner and then a party at Jessie's. I held the door open for Carrie and we walked into the Mexican restaurant. I was surprised to see Tim at the table. I sat down next to him.

"Hey, Tim," I said. "Nice of you to join us."

"Thanks," he replied with a shy smile.

"What's he doing here?" Carrie asked Jeff.

Jeff sighed. "Dad wanted alone time with mom, so we're stuck with him so that they can fuck."

"Geez, Jeff, don't be gross," Tim whined.

We all chuckled at Tim's discomfort.

During dinner, Tim was pretty quiet. I tried to make small talk with him so he wouldn't feel excluded. I'm not sure if it helped or not.

After dinner, we headed to Jessie's. We all grabbed a cup of beer from the keg and wandered into a corner of the yard. Tim sipped his beer trying to fit in, but Jeff told him to quit hovering. I saw the look on his face as he turned around and began wandering around the party.

We lit up smokes and drank beer while talking shit and laughing and joking. A short while later, Tim walked back up. When I saw him looking at me, I felt self-conscious about him seeing me smoke. I don't know why it bothered me, but I dropped the cigarette and stomped it out.

"I'll be back in a little bit," Tim quietly said to Jeff.

"What? Where are you going?" Jeff asked.

"I'm going for a ride."

"With who?"

Tim turned his head and looked over his shoulder. "Cal," he said quietly.

We all turned our heads to look in Tim's direction. Cal Brooks was standing back with his hands in his pockets. I grunted to myself and glared at Cal.

Jeff narrowed his eyes and told Tim, "Don't be gone long. And be careful."

Heather whispered to Carrie, "Is Cal Brooks a fag?"

"Obviously if he's taking Tim 'for a ride.'"

"Either that or he knows a sure thing."

They both giggled. Tim looked like he was about to cry.

"Both of you shut up," I quietly growled at Heather and Carrie.

"Watch your fuckin' mouth. That's my little brother you're talking about," Jeff warned the girls.

"Hey, you're the one that told me he was fag," Heather said with annoyed tone in her voice.

"Yeah, and that wasn't meant to be broadcast to the whole cheerleading squad," Jeff snapped back.

I saw a tear fall from Tim's eye and he quickly turned around and walked up to Cal and the two of them left together. I stared at them as they left. Why was Tim leaving with Cal Brooks? It was obvious what Cal wanted from him. I was pissed. I was pissed at Tim for going with him. I was pissed at Cal for taking advantage of him. I was pissed at myself for letting them go.

I tried not to think about it, but instead made sure I got plenty of beer to drink. That took my mind of what Cal and Tim were doing.

Jeff and Heather were making out pretty heavy by then and they wandered off for some privacy. When Carrie dragged me behind the tool shed, I went willingly. We made out until she unzipped my pants. She pulled my dick out and squatted down. She stroked and licked it until it got hard and then began sucking me off.

I wanted her to take more than the head into her mouth, but she just bobbed up and down the head as she stroked the shaft.

"I'm gonna come," I grunted.

She pulled off and let go and stood back. I grunted in frustration and grabbed my cock and jerked it off, sliding the skin back and forth across the head. A few seconds later, and I blasted ropes of cum onto the grass.

I tucked my softening dick back into my pants and zipped up my jeans. I followed Carrie around the shed while buckling my jeans up. When I looked up and saw Tim, for some reason, I was completely embarrassed. But then I thought of Cal and I got pissed again.

"Look who's back," Carrie said to Tim.

I looked at her, surprised to hear the tone in her voice and the sneer on her face.

"Where's Cal?" Carrie asked him. "You must not be very good if he didn't even stick around."

I had enough. I grabbed her arm and puller her away from Tim. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Me? What the hell is wrong with you?"

I sighed and looked over to see Tim sitting on the ground drinking a cup of beer while staring a hole into the ground. I walked up to him and stood in front of him. When he looked up at me, I sat down next to him.

"Tim, are you okay?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Why do they hate me?" he asked.

Tears fell down his cheeks and he blushed. Shit. I wasn't sure what to do, so I just rubbed his back for a minute to soothe him.

"I'm sorry, Tim," I whispered.

He took off his glasses and wiped his face. "It's okay," he said as he shrugged.

I took my hand off his back and pulled my knees up and wrapped my arms around them, mimicking his position. We sat there in silence for a couple of minutes. He finally sighed, but his head was looking down to the ground. He hadn't looked at me since I sat down.

"Maybe she's right," he said quietly. "Maybe I wasn't any good."

"What do you mean?" I asked quietly.

Shit. God damn it. He and Cal did fuck around. Then it hit me. He was talking like Cal was his first.

I continued, "Was he the first guy you...?"

Tim nodded. I don't know what they did exactly, but that asshole was the first one. I'll bet Cal got him to suck his dick and he didn't even reciprocate.


Carrie was yelling from across the yard.

"You'd better go," Tim said to me.

I nodded, then stood up and started to walk away.

"Thanks," he said quietly.

I stopped for a split second, trying to think of what to say to him. I couldn't get the image of him and Cal out of my head, so I kept walking.

That night I wasn't in the mood for Carrie's bullshit, so when we left, I immediately dropped her off at her house.

When I crawled into bed, I closed my eyes and pictured Timmy. My cock immediately responded. It filled with blood and lengthened and laid rigid against my stomach. I reached down and grabbed the shaft lightly and slowly stroked up and down.

I imagined Tim's mouth on me, sucking me into his mouth and into his throat. I thought of his cute little ass. So tight. I knew he had to be a virgin. I stroked my cock faster and faster as I thought about taking his cherry... pushing my dick into his tight hole... fucking hard and fast while he moaned and screamed in pleasure. Fucking him until I shot my load.

I bit my lip and stifled a groan and shot all over my chest and stomach.


The next morning, Carrie called and wanted me to take her out to lunch so that I could apologize for last night. I went and picked her up and we went to Chili's for lunch. Afterwards we headed back to my house. Mom offered Carrie some iced tea and they made small talk and then we went out into the living room.

We had just sat down when her cell phone rang. She answered it, "Hey, Heather."

She got up and walked out the patio doors into the back yard to talk. I laid back on the couch and covered my eyes with my hands.

"You're an asshole."

I lifted my arms and opened my eyes. My little sister Gina was standing there with her arms on her hips.

"What the hell's your problem?" I asked.

"You and that bitch deserve each other," she said and stormed off.

"Gina!" I yelled after her. She didn't turn around and so I just grunted and laid back down.

Carrie finally came back in and we sat and watched a movie and until she had to be home. I dropped her off and then returned home.

When Gina saw me come in, she shot me a dirty look and went upstairs. I stomped up after her and pushed into her bedroom.

"You wanna explain yourself?" I asked her.

My sister Gina is your typical fiery Italian. She has long dark hair and is beautiful. She's 14 years old and started high school as a freshman this year.

"I heard Carrie talking about what you guys did to Tim Matthews yesterday. That's not cool."

"What are you talking about? And since when do you care about Tim Matthews? I thought you didn't like him."

"I don't like him. He's a total nerd and a band geek, but that doesn't mean I don't care about his feelings."

"Gene, you know I'd never hurt Tim's feelings. He's my best friend's little brother."

"I heard Carrie on the phone, Hank. She called him a faggot and said that you and she were pissed that you had to bring him to that party last night."

"I never called Tim a faggot. I wouldn't do that, and you know it. I like Tim."

Gina looked at me skeptically. "All right," she said. "But your girlfriend doesn't feel the same way. She said some awful things about Tim."

Fuck. I knew that Carrie and I were going nowhere and it was time to end it. I wasn't going to put up with her nasty and disrespectful attitude.