Chapter 6: Hank

I pulled into Carrie's driveway and parked. I turned off the truck and closed my eyes for a second. Shit. Why was I nervous? I wanted to do this. I needed to do this.

As I sat behind the wheel, last night played though my mind... I had to listen to Carrie bitch when I offered to pick Tim up from that college party he had no business being at. That fucking Cal Brooks. Then the kiss. One small kiss and it was like a shock through my lips directly to my cock. I never felt anything like it. None of the girls I kissed and made out with could compare to Tim's one sweet kiss. If I didn't know I was gay before, I knew for sure then.

Still, I wouldn't cheat on Carrie. I owed her that much. But the look on Tim's face when he thought I rejected him nearly broke my heart. I knew then that I had to break up with Carrie. She made it way too easy though. When I returned to the party, I went looking for everyone and I made my way upstairs. I found Jasper and Holly fucking in the bathroom. But I wasn't prepared to see Carrie in one of the bedrooms. She was on her back with her ankles on Andy Baker's shoulders. He was pounding her pussy and she was moaning and begging for it.

I wasn't really angry. I don't know what I felt. Maybe I didn't feel anything. I just turned around and got in my truck and headed home.

So, here I was Sunday morning parked in her driveway. I sighed and got out of the truck and headed for the front door. I rang the doorbell and she answered and let me in.

"My parents are at church, so we got a little time," she cooed. She hugged me and tried to kiss me, but I held her back.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Carrie. I don't really know how to say this, so I'll just come right out and say it. This isn't working between us. We're over."

"What! Oh, hell no. You are not breaking up with me."

"Carrie, it's over."

"So you just bail on me last night and then show up this morning to dump me. I think I deserve an explanation."

"You know why. I didn't bail on you last night. I went back to the party."

"Hank, I don't know what you're talking about. This doesn't make any sense."

"Yes it does, and you know exactly why."

"Hank, please! Don't do this to us!" she started crying and grabbed at my chest.

I pulled her arms away from me. "Carrie, there is no 'us' anymore."

Her mood swung from tearful to hateful in a split second.

"Fuck you, Hank Ballatori! I don't get dumped. I do the dumping!"

"Fine. You can dump me then. I don't care. We're done."

I turned around and walked back to my truck, leaving her inside screaming and throwing things.

As I climbed into my truck, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I backed out and headed for Jeff's house. I figured I should tell him before he found out through the grapevine.

I pulled into the driveway and climbed out. I lit up a cigarette to calm my nerves before I went to talk to him. Honestly, it was the possibility of seeing Tim that had my nerves in a knot. I didn't have wait long before Jeff was outside storming up to my truck.

"Dude! What the fuck! I just got off the phone with Heather," Jeff said. "What happened?"

"I just dumped Carrie," I said with a shrug.

I told him what happened and I know he understood. I obviously didn't go into the fact that I was secretly gay or that I had kissed his little brother. We just leaned against my truck quietly smoking.

Then Tim came out the front door. I couldn't take my eyes off him even though he wouldn't look at me. He walked right up to Jeff. "Mom is grilling chicken and wants to know if you want some. And Hank can stay for lunch if he wants."

I watched his eyes as he talked to his brother. Then for a second, his eyes cut to me. I flicked my cigarette butt onto the driveway and stomped it out.

"I'm meeting Heather for lunch," Jeff said. "You can come with us, or stay here if you want. Or you can do your own thing. Whatever."

"Nah, I'll just stay here," I said.

Tim looked like he was going to pass out and I chuckled to myself. It was going to be fun watching him squirm. He was so fucking cute when he got embarrassed.

Jeff headed out to have lunch with Heather and I joined Mrs. Matthews and Tim. It was really good. Barbeque chicken and freshly made potato salad that was still warm.

After lunch, I offered to help Tim clean up, but he wouldn't let me. His mom headed up to take a nap before her night shift. She kissed Tim on the cheek as she headed upstairs and Tim blushed. Fuck, he was cute and I had to fight to keep my dick from hardening.

"Does your Dad always work on Sundays?" I asked.

"Not always, but a lot time he does. He usually goes into his office to catch up on paperwork and stuff."

I nodded and then took a deep breath.

"Tim, can I talk to you for a minute... in private?"

Tim visibly swallowed and then just nodded. I walked outside the patio doors to the deck and Tim followed me. I leaned up against the rail and lit up a smoke. I took a deep drag and held it for a moment before exhaling the smoke.

"Sorry," I said. "I'm a little nervous."

He opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it and nodded.

"About last night, Tim... I didn't mean for that to happen. I wasn't trying to take advantage of you."

"I know you weren't, Hank. I'm sorry I did that. I know that you're straight and have a girlfriend. Please don't tell anyone, especially Jeff."

Tim's eyes welled with tears. I stepped closer and rubbed his arm.

"I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to."

Tim let out a breath and visibly relaxed and smiled a little bit.

I flicked the ash from my cigarette and took another drag.

"I don't have a girlfriend anymore, Tim. I broke up with Carrie this morning."

"I'm sorry, Hank. But you can do a lot better than her. She wasn't very nice. I'm sure you'll find someone else. Someone cute and someone nice."

I looked at Tim and took another drag of my smoke. He was looking me in the eyes. I could see how nervous he was, but there was something in his eyes, like a glimmer of hope.

I continued to gaze into his eyes. "I think I already met someone cute and someone nice."

"Oh, see, that's great," he said.

Tim tried to smile, but his head dropped down and he turned away.

"There's something else, Tim."

I took a last drag of my cigarette and flicked the butt into the yard. I moved a step closer and said quietly, "I'm not exactly straight."

Tim looked up at me and his mouth fell open.

"I've been pretending. And that someone who's cute and nice? It's you."


"I've been pretending," he said. "And that someone who's cute and nice? It's you."

I stared into Hank's eyes trying to figure out if he was kidding or not.

I swallowed nervously. "Hank, that's not funny. Don't say that if you don't mean it."

Hank grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me close and leaned down and kissed me passionately. When Hank pulled away, I just stood there with my eyes closed.

"Oh, god," I whispered, my body shivering.

I opened my eyes and looked at Hank. He was smiling at me.

"Hank... A-a-are you sure?" I stammered.

"Yeah. I'm sure."

"We're gonna have to keep it a secret, right?" I asked.

"I don't really like that, but maybe for now that would be best."

I looked around and said, "We should probably go inside."

I took Hank's hand and we went inside and I led him to my bedroom. I shut the door behind us and moved up to him. He took me in his arms and kissed me again. After the kiss, I rubbed my chin, lips and nose on his goatee.

"Hank, I can't believe you're here you're.... I've had a huge crush on you for the longest time."

"Yeah, I know."

Hank leaned down and kissed me again and his tongue pushed into my mouth and we kissed hard and passionately. I could feel his dick hardening in his jeans against my stomach. I wrapped my arms around his back and he grabbed the back of my head with one hand the other one ran down my back to my ass.

Hank licked along my jaw line and sucked and nibbled on my ear lobe. The feeling of his beard stubble and his goatee on my skin sent shivers down my spine. My body jerked and I moaned. He licked and sucked on my neck for a second before moving to the other side.

"Hank..." I whispered.

Hank groaned as he ground his crotch into me. I could feel the heat from his hard dick pressing into me. Our make-out session was cut off when we heard a car in the driveway.

"Shit," Hank whispered as he pulled away from me.

I looked out the window to find Jeff and Heather exiting his Jeep and heading towards the front door.

"It's Jeff," I whispered.

"Fuck. I need a minute before he sees me," Hank said and looked down at his crotch. A large prominent bulge jutted out from his jeans. His face was flushed and his cheeks were bright red. Hank opened the door to my room and stepped into the hall and disappeared into the bathroom.  I looked in the mirror and straightened myself up. I had a visible bulge in my own pants. I tugged my shirt down to cover it up. I wiped my mouth. My lips were slightly red and puffy from the kissing. I took a couple of deep breaths, and quickly turned on the TV and pressed play on the DVD and sat down at my computer.

I heard Jeff running up the stairs. He stopped in the doorway asking, "Is Hank still here?"

"Yeah, he's in the bathroom. We were watching a movie."

"You and Hank were watching 'Star Trek'?" Jeff asked, as if it was crazy that anyone would want to watch a 'Star Trek' movie.

I shrugged and tried not to look guilty.

"It's not that bad," Hank said as he appeared in the doorway.

"We're meeting Jasper and Holly at the movies," Jeff said to Hank. "To watch something good. Wanna come?"

"Sure, man," he shrugged.

I turned away as Hank followed Jeff out of my room. Hank stopped as he reached the door. "Aren't you coming, Tim?" he asked me.

I heard Jeff sigh. "All right. Come on, Tim. You can be Hank's date," he joked.

Jeff and Hank laughed as I blushed bright red. I left a note for Mom that said I went to the movies with Jeff, and then followed them out to Jeff's Jeep.

Heather rolled her eyes and put out her cigarette when she saw me tagging along. She shot Jeff a look and he just said, "Don't start."

"I just don't see why we gotta be stuck with your kid brother again. Not to mention the asshole who broke my best friend's heart."

"What happened between Carrie and me is none of your business, Heather," Hank stated firmly.

"The hell it's not. I was the one who had to comfort her because you just up and dumped her with no reason."

"She damned well knows the reason."

"No. She doesn't. And Homecoming is this weekend. What is she supposed to do now?"

"Maybe Andy Baker is available to take her."

Heather's eyes got big and she shut her mouth.

Hank snorted. "That's just fucking great. She's been making a fool of me behind my back and you have the nerve to call me an asshole, knowing full well what she's been doing. How long has she been fucking him?"

Heather remained silent and glared at Hank.

"You knew?" Jeff asked Heather.

"Jeff. Baby, I didn't-- I mean, I only found out a couple weeks ago--"

Hank's face turned bright red and I saw him grind his teeth.

Jeff ran his fingers through his hair and muttered, "Fuck..."

"Hank, I'm sorry," Heather said. "Look, I tried to tell her. When I talked to her this morning, she really regrets what she did. Just talk to her. I mean, you have to at least take her to homecoming."

My mouth fell open. I was in total shock that those words came out of her mouth.

"He doesn't have to take her anywhere!" I blurted out. "She's not good enough for someone like Hank!"

My eyes got wide and I shut my mouth. Hank, Jeff and Heather all turned and looked at me. Hank had a slight smirk, while Jeff looked at me with an expression that said 'WTF' and Heather narrowed her eyes and shot daggers at me through her eyes.

Hank snorted. "Heather, that's not going to happen. We're done. I don't want anything to do with her. She can go to homecoming with Baker. Or she can go to hell. I don't give a fuck."

He turned to me and said, "Come on, Tim. You can ride with me in my truck."

"Just get in the Jeep. Don't be a fucking martyr," Jeff said.

Heather shot Jeff a look.

Jeff just shrugged. "He's my best friend, babe. And I gotta say it... he'd be first class fucking fool to take Carrie back."

Hank and I climbed into the back of the Jeep and Jeff sped off to the theater.

The three of them lit up cigarettes and smoked in silence as I sat back and relaxed in the seat next to Hank. Hank had his arm on the armrest behind my seat. I had a little smile on my face thinking that it was like he had his arm around me.

"So who are you going to take to the dance then?" Heather asked Hank.

"I don't know. Maybe I'll just take Tim here," Hank said with a laugh. I blushed and he pushed the back of my head and then I laughed too.

"I'm sure she'd love that," Heather said with a nasty tone, which along with the use of a female pronoun, had her intended effect of wiping the smile off my face. I looked down at my feet.

"Knock it off with the gay jokes or you'll find yourself walking home," Jeff warned her.

I caught Jeff's eyes in the rear view mirror and I smiled at him. I felt Hank's hand squeeze the back of my neck and I turned and looked at him.

"Hold your head up, Tim," he whispered. "Don't let her know the bullying hurts you. Don't let it bother you and they'll stop."

I held my head up and smiled, though I was very aware of the tenseness of Hank's body. He was clenching his teeth and glaring at the back of Heather's head.

I sat between Jeff and Hank at the movie and Hank slid his foot up against mine and held it there. He then did the same thing with his leg. I smiled throughout the movie.

On the ride home, I pulled out my cell phone to check the time and Hank grabbed it from me. He tapped on the number pad a bit and then handed it back to me.

When we got home, Hank said he needed to get home because he was late. We said goodbye and he discreetly wiggled his phone at me. I went into the house with Jeff and Heather and the three of us went into the living room. Dad was watching football on TV and Jeff and Heather sat on the couch to watch with him. I said "hi" to Dad, who thanked Jeff for taking me to the movies.

I went into the kitchen to get something to drink and Dad followed me.

"Mom made some barbeque chicken and potato salad," I said.

"Yeah, I was just about to fix a plate."

"I'll do it for you. Sit down."

I put three chicken breasts on a plate and put a couple drops of water on the plate and covered it with plastic wrap and put it in the microwave. I got a bottle of beer and put it on the table in front of Dad and waited for the microwave to finish.

"Thanks, son," he said with a grin.

"You're welcome."

"Are you doing okay? How's school?"

"I'm okay. School is good. My classes aren't too bad so far."

"Good. Is your new friend you've been hanging out with... the one you went to the party with last night? He treating you okay?"

I gulped nervously and was saved when the microwave dinged. I got the plate from the microwave, scooped a big helping of potato salad on it and set it in front of him.

"Sit with me," Dad said as I was about to leave.

I sat down at my seat, to Dad's right.

"So?" he asked as he cut and took a bite of chicken.

"Um... we're not friends anymore."

Dad looked at me and nodded slowly. I had a pretty good idea what he wanted to ask... what he wanted me to say... but I couldn't do it. I was too scared. My eyes filled with tears and I picked up my drink and got up to go upstairs.


"Yeah, Dad?"

"When you need to talk, you come find me. Anytime. Okay, sport?"

I nodded and hurried up the stairs to my room. I pulled out my phone and looked through the menus to see what Hank had done. I had a new contact 'Hank Ballatori' and he had sent himself a text message from my phone that simply said 'Tim'. I smiled and laid down on the bed and locked my fingers behind my head.

That night Hank called me on my cell phone when I was getting ready for bed. We talked and laughed for a while and he told me he missed me before we hung up for the night.


Monday afternoon at school, I was at my locker in between classes when Gina Ballatori came up to me. Gina is Hank's sister. She's beautiful with long curly black hair. She's the most popular girl in my class and is the freshman class president. She never talks to me at school.

"Hi, Tim," she said.

"Um, hi, Gina."

"Did you hear Hank broke up with Carrie?"

"Yeah, I heard that."

"I was so glad he dumped her. What a bitch. I heard some of the stuff she said about you and it really pissed me off. I hope Hank never treated you like that."

"No. Hank's never been anything but nice to me. He's great."

"Cool. Anyways, I thought I'd tell you in case you didn't know."

"Thanks, Gina."

She waved 'bye' to me and left.

My friend Matt walked up this locker and changed his books. "Was Gina Ballatori talking to you?"


"Damn. What did she want?"

"She told me her brother dumped his girlfriend."

"Really? Why would she tell you that? What happened?"

"I don't really know," I lied. "But Carrie was a total bitch to me, and Gina wanted to share the joy I guess."

"Huh. I'll catch you later, Tim. Call me later."

As I walked to class, I saw Cal in the hallway. I was shocked to see that he had a black eye and a bruised lip. He walked past me without even looking at me.

After band practice, I walked to the student parking lot and waited for Jeff at his jeep. Jeff, Hank and Jasper walked up a few minutes later.

"Hey, Tim," Jeff and Hank said at the same time.

"Hi," I answered back.

Jasper waved and headed off to his own car.

"Did you guys see Cal today?" I asked.

"No, why?" Jeff asked.

"It looks like he got into a fight. He has a black eye and a bruised lip."

"No, shit," Jeff said.

I looked over at Hank, but he wouldn't look at me. Jeff lit up a smoke and then climbed into the jeep.

"Let's go, Tim," he shouted.

"He won't bother you anymore," Hank whispered to me.

"Thanks," I whispered back.

He gave me a sly smile and winked.


When I arrived at school Monday morning, I saw Cal Brooks in the parking lot. I walked right up to him and told him to stay the fuck away from Tim Matthews.

"That's up to Tim."

"Tim doesn't want anything to do with you."

"We'll see. I've already had that mouth, and that virgin ass is next."

I hauled back and decked him. He rubbed his jaw and spit out blood on the floor and grunted.

He scoffed. "Heh. You want to hit it, don't you? You can have my sloppy seconds when I'm done with him."

I punched him again hard enough to knock him to the ground.

"Get up, motherfucker!" I spat at him. I kicked his side. "Get up!"

Cal got up to his feet and backed up a step. "You can have fucking him. He's nothing but a god damned cocktease anyway."

I grunted. "Fuckin' pussy."

I walked past Cal and knocked his shoulder as I passed him.


This week was really busy because of homecoming on Saturday. I didn't get a chance to really have any alone time with Tim, but I talked to him on the phone every night.

Friday afternoon, we had a pep rally. The team wore their jerseys and the cheerleaders wore their uniforms. Carrie tried to talk to me, but I walked away without saying a word.

We all followed the band, which marched through the hallways ending up at the gym. After the band played the fight song, Coach introduced all of the players. He gave a pep speech and then turned it over to Mitch Scott, the team captain and quarterback. Mitch got the entire school fired up and I knew that the stadium was going to be packed on Saturday. After the pep rally, they let out the entire school early.

Jeff caught up to me as I walked out to the parking lot.

"Dude. Heather and I are meeting Jasper and Holly and we're gonna go grab a burger after I drop Tim off. You coming?"

"Nah, man. I don't want to be the fifth wheel."

"Hey, you know it's not like that."

"I know. It's cool. You want me to take Tim home for you?"

"Yeah, thanks, dude."


I grinned to myself. When Jeff told Tim I was taking him home, I could tell he was trying not to smile and just shrugged "okay."

We climbed into my truck and I pulled out of the parking lot. I put my arm on the back of Tim's seat and played with the nape of his neck with my fingers.

"You look really hot in your jersey," he whispered.

He was blushing and looked fucking adorable.

"Thanks," I said with a smile. He smiled back and my dick started filling out. I was starting to feel a little nervous and needed a cigarette.

"Do you mind if I smoke?" I asked Tim.

"No, I don't care if you smoke. I mean, it's your truck."

"Yeah, but you're riding with me, and if you don't like it, I won't do it."

"I don't mind."

I lit up a smoke and kept it out the window and tried to make sure my smoke went out the window.

When I pulled up in Tim's driveway, I stopped the engine.

"Do you want to come in for a little bit?" he asked me. His voice was quivering. He was really nervous. Too cute.

"Sure," I said with a half smile.

I got out of the truck and followed Tim into the house.

"Do you want something to drink?" he asked.

"You got any water?"

Tim got two bottles of water and handed me one and I followed him up to his bedroom. He shut the door behind us.

"My mom is asleep and Dad will be at work for a couple more hours at least."

"Yeah?" I said as I took a drink of water. "What do you want to do?"

"Um... We can watch TV if you want."

Tim turned on the TV and sat down on the bed. He was shaking from nerves. I chuckled and decided to put him out of his misery. I sat down on the bed next to him and put my arm around his shoulders.

"We can do that," I said. "Or we can do this instead."

I leaned down and kissed him on the lips. He closed his eyes and kissed me back. I put my arms around him and our kisses became more passionate. I put my right hand on his cheek and cupped his face. I slowly flicked my tongue on his lips and he opened up his mouth and let my tongue in. He whimpered when my tongue ran along his.

I was never so turned on just from making out with someone like I was with Tim.

I pushed Tim back onto the bed and we laid next to each other kissing. I reached my hand up his shirt and touched his flat stomach. Tim drew in a sharp breath and his body shuddered and he whimpered.

"Timmy, you're so fucking hot," I whispered.

"Oh, H-H-Hank," his voice quivered as he whispered back.

My hand traveled up and I flicked my fingers across his nipple. His body writhed and he moaned. His hand tentatively moved up under my jersey. He ran his hand over my hairy stomach and chest. His fingers scratched at my chest hair.

"I love your hairy chest," he whispered.

"I'm glad I didn't shave it then," I chuckled.

Tim giggled and I hugged him tightly. I kissed and licked at his neck and nibbled on his ear lobe. I kissed him again before I finally pulled away. I looked at the clock and cursed to myself.

"I should get going," I said. "Your Dad will be home soon. And Jeff will be back any time."

"Okay. I wish you could stay."

"Me, too."

We sat up and adjusted our clothes and then headed downstairs.

"Do you want me to pick you up tomorrow for the parade?" I asked.

"I was going to ride with Jeff... But I'd rather ride with you."

"Hmm. I'll come by here in the morning and the three of us can ride together."


I gave him one more hot kiss which left him weak in the knees.

"See you tomorrow, Timmy."

"I like when you call me Timmy," he whispered. "But only you."

"Good," I grinned.

"Bye, Hank."

I waved to him and got in my truck and headed home.

That night when I laid in bed, I thought of Tim and me making out on his bed. His hot little body writhing beneath me as he whimpered. Fuck, I loved those little noises he made. I pushed down my boxers and wrapped my hand around my dick. I stifled a moan as I stroked my hand up and down, working my foreskin back and forth over the head. I felt my nuts draw up and my body tensed as my dick jerked and shot rope after rope of come onto my chest.

I got up and grabbed a towel and wiped my chest and stomach off and crawled back into bed.

I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Tim: "miss u". A minute later the reply came back: "miss you too". I smiled and closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.