This story is based off of some real things that have happened in our society and many things are fictional. The Characters in this story begin as minors but continues onto their adult lives. If any names seem like they sound familiar that is completely a coincidence. This story has sex between minors and a few run-ins between minors and adults. Please remember that sex between an adult and a minor is against the law. Also please remember that stories like this one and many others that are put on this website are free and this site can only stay up with your help by donating just a little bit.

Tim and Lyle

Let me get who I am out of the way first. My name is Timothy Riley and I just turned 14 on the fourth of July. I have a little brother whose name is Walter but we all call him Wallie, who is 6 years old. My mom and dad are both lawyers and always work a lot if it wasn’t for our nanny Rose we would probably starve, just kidding. Even though my parents work hard and long hours they always try to make sure we are doing well. Dad’s name is Mitchel and mom is Michelle. I know funny isn’t it that they are named almost the same. Anyways they met at Harvard they graduated together they were college sweethearts and they love one another very much. Rose has been our nanny since I was a baby she is like a second mother two me. Anyways my parents just moved out here to Palm Springs from our home I was raised in all the way in St. Louis, Missouri. So here I am in a new state, new town, and about to start high school. I miss my friends a lot, right now we would be swimming in my pool we had at my old home.

We have a pool here but it just doesn’t feel the same without any friends to share it with. Wallie and I would play video games every once in a while but that’s it we are like night and day most of the time. Wallie is big into sports like, football, and baseball. Me I like to run, I was on the track team back in St. Louis at my junior high school. I never found girls attractive but I would always joke with my friends about a hot girl they liked. I was always more interested in the guys in the shower. I always kept that a secret due to the fact that I remember a kid who was in one of my 6th grade classes got jumped inside one of the bathrooms because he was gay. The poor kid ended up dying from his injuries. So I decided to keep that a secret from my friends. Rose knows I am gay and so does my mom. I don’t know how they knew I was but they just knew. Dad on the other hand, well he doesn’t know and probably wouldn’t care since he has a few associates who were gay back in Missouri.

So like I said I am about to start high school and I am really dreading it. I just finished double checking my backpack to make sure I had everything for tomorrow. I walked over to my closet and rummaged through it and found the clothes I wanted to wear. Pulling my favorite faded jeans out and a midnight blue short-sleeve shirt on the back of my computer desk chair. I went through everything one more time and was sure I had everything ready. I guess I am being a bit anal you can say but I just want to look my best and want to fit into my new school. Once I was completely sure I headed downstairs and found Rose making some blueberry muffins for tomorrow morning. I walk over to her and stick my finger in the batter and lick my finger “mmm I love your blueberry muffins Rose” I tell her. She put the muffin pans in the oven “Timmy you stay out of the muffin batter” she said laughing. “Would you like some chocolate chip cookies and milk?” I smirked at her “oh yes please you know I can’t say no to your cookies”. She got me some cookies and poured me a glass of milk and we sat and talked at the counter waiting for the muffins to finish. She asked if I had everything ready for school and I told her yes I think so. Once I finished my cookies I gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her good night and headed to bed.

I fell asleep rather quickly and woke up to the buzzard of my alarm clock. I showered and got dressed then headed downstairs. Mom and dad were there already eating and drinking there coffee while talking to what sounded like some clients. Mom smiled and mouthed good morning to me as I sat at the table. I grabbed a muffin and poured me some orange juice. Rose came in with Wallie right behind her and she told him to have a seat at the table while she gets him his muffin. I finished eating and rinsed my plate and cup and put them in the dishwasher. I walked over to my mom and hugged her and told her I love her and then told dad, Rose and Wallie good bye as I headed out the door to walk to school. I had told my mom the other day I would just walk to school since it was only three blocks away. I got to school with almost an hour to spare and got my schedule from the office. I found my locker and tried the lock and wouldn’t you know the dang locker door was stuck. I managed to get it open and put the books I didn’t need right away in it and went to find my home room.

I rounded a corner and accidently plowed right into a group of jocks. One guy grabbed the back of my shirt “you fucking faggot watch where you are going” he shoved me into the wall knocking the wind out of me. I coughed and they left me there gasping for air. One guy turned to me and his sparkling blue eyes which seemed to pierce my soul said “sorry about that”. After catching my breath I found my homeroom and I noticed the guy who had those beautiful brown eyes was sitting at a desk talking to a couple girls. I found a spot in the back of the room and sat down. The bell rang about five minutes after I sat down and the rest of the class came in and the teacher told us to sit down and be quiet so she could take roll. Her name is Mrs. Crane and she actually reminded me of a crane. Before she took roll she looked at me and asked to see my schedule she then told me to go back to my seat. She went down the roll sheet and I found out the jock that had those beautiful eyes name was Lyle Stiles. His name even sounded hot and I could feel a bulge growing in my jeans.

The bell rang and I walked to my next class. As the day went on I was ready for lunch when the bell rang notifying those that had first lunch that lunch was beginning. I walked into the cafeteria and grabbed some pizza, salad, and some juice and paid for it. I was walking to a table when I felt some hands shove into my back causing me to fall forward landing on my tray. The whole cafeteria burst out laughing and I heard the jock who shoved me into the wall say “Oops sorry there faggot boy didn’t see you looks like lunch is on you” that got everyone to laugh again. I could feel the tears forming in my eyes. I got up and saw my shirt was a mess. I turned around and there was that jock and his lackeys again he burst out laughing “aww is the little fudge packer going to cry like a baby?” I noticed that Lyle wasn’t laughing though and that made me feel a little better. I pushed my way through the jocks and ran to the closest bathroom. I got into a stall and just broke down into tears.

I heard someone come in so I tried to keep quiet. I saw the shoes walk towards the stall I was in and then there was a knock on the stall door. I told the person someone was in here and that’s when I heard Lyle’s voice “its Tim isn’t it; my name is Lyle we have homeroom together. Listen I am really sorry for what Rick and the other guys did. Come on man open the stall door I don’t like talking through the stall door”. I leaned forward and unlocked the door and there was Lyle standing there. He handed me a t-shirt “here I always keep an extra shirt in my locker. I thought you might need it and I managed to get a turkey sandwich from the lunch lady for you”. I smiled softly and took the shirt and unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. I put on Lyle’s t-shirt and I couldn’t help but notice the smell of his cologne on it. He smiled at me as he saw the shirt was actually one size to big on me. So I undid my pants and belt and tucked the shirt in. I did notice Lyle quickly checking me out and when he saw I caught him he turned the other way.

Lyle led me to an area where we sat down and I ate the sandwich he got me. The bell rang notifying us that lunch was over and it was time to get back to our classes. I thanked Lyle for the lunch and shirt again and he told me it was no problem at all. I walked to my locker and put my shirt in it and quickly changed my books out. I got to my next class with two minutes to spare and wouldn’t you know the first person I see is Lyle sitting at one of the desks. He saw me and pointed at the desk next to him. I sat down just as the teacher came in. Once class was over Lyle asked me what my next class was and I told him Algebra then Gym. He told me he would see me at Gym then because that was his last class as well.

I was actually looking forward to having Gym that was until I saw Rick on the football field practicing. I looked for Lyle and that’s when I saw him stretching and God he has a nice hot looking ass. He must have seen me because he did a quick wave at me. I couldn’t help but not to smile so I waved back at him. I found the Gym teacher and walked over to him “excuse me Coach I am Timothy Riley. I have Gym this period”. The coach looked at me “Well Mr. Riley I am Coach Martinez, tell me boy have you ever done any sports before you are as skinny as a twig”. I looked down at the ground “in umm middle school I did run track if that counts”. Coach Martinez got a huge smile on his face “well that is something that can come in handy. Why don’t you go get into some gym clothes and meet me back here in the say ten minutes and let me see how fast you are. There should be some spare clean gym clothes actually hold on and I will get someone to show you where the clothes are at” he then called over to Lyle and asked him to show me where the extra gym clothes are at.

Lyle and I walked into the locker room and he showed me where the gym clothes were at. I found a shirt and some shorts that would fit me and I walked over towards a bathroom stall and was about to go in and change when I heard Lyle began to laugh. “Is someone worried I may laugh at his body?” that’s when he surprised the shit out of by wrapping his arms around my waist and spun me around to face his chest. “I promise you Tim that I will never laugh at you or laugh at your physique” he let me go and heard him sigh. I surprised myself by leaning forward and I kissed Lyle. I didn’t know why I did it but when our lips met for the first time it was like time froze. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and when we finally broke from our kiss I stood there frozen. Lyle looked at me and we both had a huge smile on our faces “Tim I would love to just stay here in the locker room with you but we need to get back outside”. I could feel his eyes watching me as I changed and when we walked out the coach walked over to us “good you found some that fit. Now I want to see how fast you are so get on the track and start running” he told me.

I began to run and I felt free as I ran. I had completely zoned out because I was in such a daze it took the coach to blow his whistle three times at me. He ran up to me “well young man you definitely can run and you are good at it too. I want you to join our track team; I have a great feeling with you we can make it to state. Now go change the bell will be ringing soon. Stop by my office and I will have a permission slip printed out for your parents to sign”. I thanked the coach and took off to the locker room. As I entered I couldn’t help but take in the smell of sweaty guys. I saw Lyle and he smiled at me and I smiled back at him. I was just pulling on my jeans when I got shoved hard into my locker. I could feel the blood coming from my nose and my head was pounding from the impact of me hitting the locker. Someone spun me around and I barely could make out Rick and his friends. Everything began to get fuzzy and I passed out.

I woke up to someone shining a small flashlight in my eyes. I saw three paramedics around me. I began to sit up when one put his hand on my shoulder “whoa there buddy, you passed out. You have a pretty nice cut on your forehead and you may have a concussion we are going to take you to the hospital to get checked out.” I groaned and told him fine because my head felt like a million pounds of bricks got dropped on my head. The paramedic who told me to stay still slowly helped me up and had me sit down on the gurney. I got wheeled out and put into the ambulance. We arrived at the hospital where I was surprise to not just seeing Rose and Wallie there but both my parents talking to Lyle. I got taken into one of the rooms and was told to strip out of my clothes and put the hospital gown on. What seemed like hours of x-rays, and a CT- Scan the doctor came in with my parents, Rose, and Lyle behind him. “Okay, now that your parents are here I can give you the results Timothy. We need to put a couple stitches on your forehead. Also you do have a concussion so you need to be careful and someone needs to keep an eye on you at your home” the doctor turned to my parents and gave them a prescription for me.

Lyle and my parents must have talked because my dad seemed very upset that someone attacked me. We got home and Lyle took my hand and helped me inside. As we walked inside the house my mom was hanging her purse on the hook near the door “Lyle dear his room is upstairs down the hallway and to the right. See he gets up there will you please” Lyle told my mom he will and he led me to my room. Lyle opened my room and let out a low whistle “damn dude this room is amazing”. I smiled and told him thanks as he sat me on my bed. “Look Tim I am really sorry for what happened today. I shouldn’t have taken a shower and I could have been there to protect you from that fucking asshole Rick. Can you please forgive me Tim for letting him get close to you and letting him hurt you” tears were pouring from Lyle’s face by now and I really felt bad because Lyle felt like he let me down. I patted the side of the bed where I was sitting and asked Lyle if he would come up here and join me. Lyle got up and sat next to me. I took a deep breath “Lyle I do not find you responsible for Rick’s actions. You have shown me nothing but kindness since we first me. If anything I owe you an apology for making you feel you like you have to protect me”. Lyle pulled my face to his and our eyes met and I saw the same sparkle I did this morning. Lyle put his lips to mine and we shared a long passionate kiss. When we finally broke from the kiss I was feeling a bit tired so he stayed and lay beside me wrapping his arms around me as we fell asleep.

I woke up to Lyle trying to carefully and quietly slip out from the bed. I sat up on my arms and looked at him “where you going?” he crawled so his body was over mine and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek “I really got to pee, so be right back”. I laughed as I watched him jump from the bed and dash to my bathroom. I looked at the clock and saw we had only been asleep for an hour and a half. As I got up I felt a little light headed so I quickly grabbed the edge of my nightstand. Lyle walked in and asked if I was okay and I told him yea just got up too quick. I then told him let’s go see what is for dinner. We walked downstairs with Lyle and me both having our arms wrapped around each other’s waist. We followed the smell of what smelt like cheeseburgers which I really hoped it was because I loved Rose’s cheeseburgers. Rose always made bacon cheddar stuffed cheeseburgers. Rose was busy grilling her cheeseburgers when we came in. She saw us and smiled “hello boys dinner will be ready soon, Tim your mom and dad had to go back to work and Lyle Michelle called your parents and explained to them how helpful you have been and they agreed to let you stay here for a couple days since you don’t have school”. Lyle looked down at the ground when I looked at him. I looked at him “Okay I know why I am going to be out of school because I have to because the doctor said so but why are you going to be out Lyle?” Lyle began to fidget and wouldn’t look at me “I kinda sort of busted Rick’s lip and was suspended for it” he said softly.

Lyle and I talked while Rose finished making dinner. Lyle told me when he saw what happened to me he was so angry with Rick he just punched him in the face and since the school has a no tolerance for violence he was suspended for a couple days but Rick was suspended for two weeks with the possibility of being expelled from school for what he did to me. Wallie came down and sat with us “you okay Tim” he asked me I ruffled his hair up “I am good squirt. You like your new teacher and school?” Wallie took a sip of his juice “Uh huh she is nice, she makes school fun” he said then put a handful of chips on his plate. Rose did a spectacular job on the burgers we each had three. Lyle helped me do the dishes when we finished I was feeling a little light headed and Lyle helped me back to my bedroom. We sat down on the bed and I leaned forward and kissed Lyle.

Lyle and I made out for nearly another hour until we both were exhausted. We stripped out of our clothes and he asked if I minded if he slept naked. I didn’t even hesitate and began stripping out of my boxers. Lyle starred and I saw a tent in his underwear form. He slipped out of his boxer briefs and I saw the most delicious sight Lyle had an uncut 8inch thick dick and it caused me to harden up as well. Lyle climbed into the bed with me and he placed his hand around my dick and I began reaching for his. He smiled and scooted over to me and we began kissing again while we jerked one another off. I didn’t last long at all I have never had another guy jerk me off before and it was such a hot feeling. When I shot Lyle didn’t stop he kept jerking me off until he shot his load. He took his cum covered hand and began licking my cum from his hand. Once he finished I let go of his dick and I slowly brought my hand to my lips. Lyle stopped me “Tim you do not need to do that if you don’t want to”. The truth is I did want to taste his cum. I began slowly sucking his cum from my hand and it tasted sweet with a small salty taste. Lyle was lying on his side and asked me what I thought about it and all I could do was smile. I kissed him and told him his cum was so delicious that I want more of it. He laughed and told me to wait for at least an hour and I can have some more. I got up and grabbed a wash cloth and wiped my dick off and cleaned Lyle’s as well. I climbed back into the bed and snuggled up to Lyle and fell asleep.

We slept snuggled in one another’s arms I woke up to the feel of Lyle’s hard cock pressing into my crack. I didn’t want to move because I was so tempted to just adjust myself a little so his dick could enter into my ass. I chose against it because I have never done anything like that and I was afraid I would get hurt. I just stayed still hoping this isn’t some kind of a dream and if it is I never wanted to wake up. It was nearly a half hour later until the urge to pee got the best of me. I was trying to get up when Lyle pulled me tighter and began kissing the back of my neck. I laughed and tried wiggling out of his arms “Lyle I really have to pee”. Lyle kept a hold of me as he scooted us both out of the bed and I burst out laughing when he carried me to the bathroom. He finally let me go as we both relieved our bladders. I took Lyle’s hand and pulled him back to my bed where we sat down and began kissing one another tenderly.

We fooled around and jerked one another off again and when I looked at the alarm clock and it was still fairly early. I rolled over on my side and looked into Lyle’s gorgeous eyes “how about we go shower and then go downstairs and get some breakfast”. Lyle smirked “Okay you have a deal under one condition I get one more kiss before we shower” I leaned inwards and met Lyle’s lips and we kissed for almost two minutes until we broke from our kiss and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. The shower felt great especially when Lyle began washing my back and kissing my neck. I leaned back into Lyle’s nice firm muscular arms. We shared another passionate kiss then I began washing his back. We stayed in the shower for until the water began getting cold. We climbed out and I handed Lyle a pair of sweat pants and he slipped them on. They were a bit tight but he looked extremely hot in them. I gave him my baggiest shirt I had and even that he just barely seemed to fit into it.

When we were walking downstairs we got hit with a savory smell of bacon. Rose was making some bacon, eggs, hash browns and some toast. As we walked into the kitchen I told her good morning and she turned around and smiled. She then looked over at Lyle and raised her eyebrow when she saw he was in my clothes. I began to chuckle quietly “Rose don’t worry we didn’t do that. He didn’t have any clean clothes so I let him borrow those until I get his clothes washed” Lyle turned bright red when he figured out what we were talking about causing us all to burst out laughing. Rose gave us each a plate and we gladly enjoyed it. After we finished eating Rose sat with us before doing the dishes “boys, listen to me I can see you both are in truly in love with one another and I only tell you this because I care about you both. Do not feel like you both have to get completely intimate with one another right away. Get to know one another and let your souls become one with each other. Now if you both truly want to be sexually active with one another I will personally go get you some condoms and all that other stuff” we both got up and hugged Rose and told her thank you. She then told us to go and get my laundry done so Lyle can have some clothes that fit him.

Lyle and I stayed in my room playing Need for Speed on my Xbox 360. Wallie came home and came running into my room waving a paper “Tim, Tim look what I draw for you” he gave me the paper and it showed a picture of what is supposed to be me and him throwing a baseball. I grabbed him and gave him a big hug “thank you so much buddy”. He hugged me tight and left leaving Lyle and I alone again. Lyle looked at me “you are such a great big brother you know that”. He started rubbing my inner thigh and leaned in and we kissed. We were interrupted by Wallie “eww kissing nasty”. We laughed and I grabbed him and kissed his cheek and he squirmed in my arms so Lyle and I tickled him. Wallie squealed in laughter we finally let him go and he asked if we wanted some cookies. We both told him no but he can tell Rose he can have our cookies. He ran out so fast he almost slid in the hallway into the wall. Lyle and I went back to kissing but I stopped and I got up and locked my bedroom door.

Things began to get intense and before long we had taken off our clothes and kissed. I stayed on top of Lyle and we began grinding our extremely hard dicks against one another. I have never felt the sensation this sensation before. I so wanted to feel his dick inside me my body was aching for it. Before too long we shot our sperm between us I rolled off of Lyle falling beside him panting “Wow that was Wow” is all I could say. Lyle rubbed my nipples with his hand “that was incredible Tim I can’t wait to that feel that sensation again” we decided to get up and shower again washing off the residue of our hot make up session.

Lyle left for his house after he got dressed in his clothes; he gave me a passionate kiss good bye. I walked him out of the house and watched him walk down the street out of view. I came back in and after I shut the door I leaned against it and sighed. Rose peeked around the corner and smiled at me. I went into the kitchen and helped her finish dinner. Mom and dad actually came home early and we had a nice family dinner together. After dinner I helped cleaned the table off and rinse the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I went back to my room and cleaned it up.

I heard a knock on my door and I told whoever it was to come in. Mom came in and smiled at me and sat on my bed then patted it letting me know she wants me to sit next to her. I sat down and she combed her fingers through my hair “hey there my baby boy how are you feeling?” she asked me. I loved when she called me baby boy actually it let me know even with her busy schedule she still loved me. “Honestly I feel better mom, mom can I talk to you about something?” I asked her as I rested my head on her shoulder. Mom smiled “Honey, you know you can tell me anything” I took a deep breath. “Mama I think I have completely fallen in love with Lyle. But I don’t know what to do mom if dad doesn’t accept me and worse if Lyle is outed at school”. I knew mom was thinking “honey listen to me your father already know that you are gay. He is the one that realized it before I did. Then when you told me I told him and he wants to make sure you are safe no matter what. Son your father loves you and your brother so much. He knows that moving here wasn’t that easy on you both and when you got jumped at school your dad was ready to sue the kid’s family who jumped you, the school for not protecting you, and the school district. Now how about you and I go and talk to him” I nodded and told her okay.

We walked downstairs to mom and dad’s office and mom knocked. Dad said to come in so we went in. Dad smiled when he saw me “hey sport, sorry I haven’t had a chance to see if you are doing okay but things have been busy, come in have a seat I can do this work later”. I told him I am feeling better as I sat down in a chair next to his desk. I took a deep breath “dad I need to tell you something and I hope you don’t hate me for what I am going to tell you”. Dad got up and put his hand on my shoulder “Tim there is nothing you can tell me that will make me hate you” he told me. That relaxed my nerves a little bit and I saw mom smiling. I took a gulp of air “dad I am gay” I told him flat out. Dad knelt down in front of me and hugged me “thank you so much for finally telling me. I have known since you were about 10 years old” he let me go and sat back in his chair. “So Lyle is he your boyfriend?” he asked me. I turned beet red and dad laughed. He then told me about the need to be safe and how I should talk to Mark and Kelly his two associates that are a couple.

We talked until almost 11 and dad said I should get some sleep. I gave them both a hug and headed to my room. My phone was going off letting me I had a text message. I took it off the charger and unlocked the screen and saw a text from Lyle… (Hey hottie I hope you are okay I tried calling earlier. Sorry I can’t come over my parents are really giving me shit for staying at your house the last couple days. Anyways I do not know if I can make it tomorrow I am grounded for fighting. Anyways I really miss you and love you). I quickly texted him back (I know it’s late but I am actually doing great. I was talking to mom and dad. I love you too and will miss you tonight) I pressed send and fell on my bed and screamed into my pillow.

I woke up to the sun shining into my bedroom right into my face. I groaned and tried turning the other way but I just couldn’t get comfortable again. I finally got up and relieved my bladder and put some clothes on and went downstairs. Rose told me that she needed to go grocery shopping so today’s breakfast is cereal. I was okay with that I grabbed my favorite cereal Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. I sat down and ate my breakfast. Rose asked if I needed anything before she left to run some errands and went grocery shopping. I told her I was fine I plan on taking it easy today. She gave me a hug and kiss and left. I washed out my bowl and walked back to my room. I picked up the few things that were on the floor and found Lyle’s boxers. I took them and sniffed them God they smelt so much like him. I put them in the hamper with some of my clothes. I checked my phone and didn’t see any new text messages.

I grabbed a book from my bookcase and plopped onto my bed and propped myself up and began to read it. My phone began to go off telling me I had a text message. I grabbed it and checked it (Hey stud muffin I just wanted to check on you. I hope you are okay? I hope you are, I am so bored here anyways I felt so lonely not having you beside me last night. Tim I don’t care what anyone says I love you Tim. I loved you the moment I saw you in the hallway…anyways I am rambling now so text you later). My heart skipped when I read his text he actually told me he loves me. I sent him a text back (I am okay just missing you. I am so sorry that you are grounded because of me. Anyways I love you as well. I fell in love with you when I met your eyes. I told dad finally last night about me being gay and he doesn’t hate me. He wants me to meet two of his associates that are gay and are a couple. Anyways text me anytime I love reading your texts my sexy hot jock). I put my phone down and went back to my book.

I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up it was 2pm. I stretched and got up and checked my phone. I didn’t see a text from Lyle so I texted him and just told him (hi there…just wanting to say hello) and sent it. Rose was bringing in the groceries so I quickly helped her and then helped her put them away. She smiled and kissed my forehead when we finished and grabbed some ice cream from the freezer and served us up a bowl. She looked at me “I so know that look Timmy, you are in love aren’t you”. I smiled and nodded my head at her “I am Mama Rose, Lyle is amazing, he is wonderful, kind hearted, romantic and in shape”. Rose laughed “I am so glad you found someone and I knew you two would hit it off. Anyways I am making lasagna tonight why don’t you help me”. I helped her do all the prep work and then left her to finish making it.

I found Wallie playing with his Legos so I asked him if I could play with him. He happily accepted and asked if I can help him build a fort for his army men. We played until dinner was ready and as we got up Wallie hugged me “thank you for pwaying with me Timmy” I hugged him back and told him it was my pleasure. The lasagna was great mom and dad made it home later that evening. Later Lyle called me and we talked for almost three hours. I hung up and fell right to sleep. The next couple days were extremely boring since Lyle’s parents wouldn’t let him come over. I asked him why and they said because his dad works with Rick’s father and Rick told his father about me and according to Lyle’s father that no son of his is going to friends with a faggot. I asked him why doesn’t he tell his dad and he told me because he will lose his college trust. I began feeling I was like a secret pet that he didn’t want anyone to know about.

Finally it was Monday and that means I can get back to school. I quickly got dressed and hurried down the stairs. Mom and dad were having there coffee when I came down. Dad looked up from his newspaper “morning sport, I know you are in a hurry to get to school I have to meet with a client early this morning so why don’t I give you a ride to school. I accepted and dad finished his coffee while I at a banana and when he was ready I gave mom a kiss and she told me to please be careful at school. We got into dad’s car and soon we were at my school. Dad told me to have a good day at school and to try and stay out of trouble. I walked into school and gave the office my note to make sure I was still excused for missing school. The lady at the other side looked over her glasses as she read the note and verified it with the one she had on the computer “you are good to go Mr. Riley, glad you are feeling better and you weren’t hurt too bad” she said with a smile. I thanked her and left to go see if I can find Lyle. I stopped at my locker and exchanged the books that I need for the first few classes. I found Lyle with a few of the guys from the football team joking and laughing. I decided to not bother him so I walked outside and combed my fingers through my hair. Soon the bell rang and I headed to class. Lyle was there and talking to a couple girls. One of the girls leaned forward and kissed him and it lasted more than just a few seconds. My heart sank and I felt sick to my stomach. I sat in my desk and rested my head in my arms. Mrs. Crane took roll and welcomed me back. Class ended and I left quickly to avoid Lyle.

As the bell rang to let those who had first lunch know it was time for lunch my stomach began to hurt. I really didn’t want to deal with Lyle my heart still was aching when I saw him and this girl kiss. I got into the lunch line and got me some fruits and juice then left to go sit outside. I found a quiet place and sat down. My phone beeped telling me I had a text message. I checked it and saw it was Lyle asking me where I was. I didn’t even bother answering it and deleted the message. I went back to my apple and got up and through the apple core away. I went to my next class and sat near the door. I felt someone sit beside me and I knew it was Lyle because I could smell his aftershave. He tapped my shoulder so I turned around and asked him “what do you want?” he looked hurt and confused. “Tim why are you ignoring me today, what did I do wrong to hurt you?” I looked down at the ground “maybe you should really think about that girl you kissed earlier. I thought you loved me now I see the truth I was just a joke” I told him with spite in my voice. He looked hurt and sad and I began to feel bad for snapping at him. The bell rang and I got up and went into class.

As the day dragged onward and came closer to gym, I began to feel anxious. The bell rang and I walked to the locker room. Coach Martinez welcomed me back and apologizes for not being close to the locker room and letting me get attacked by Rick. I told him it wasn’t his fault and I appreciate his apology. He told me that he still wanted me to be on the track team, but he just wanted me to do warm up and small sprints for today. I told him I can do that and went to change. Lyle kept looking at me with sadness in his eyes but I ignored him. I did my sprints, and warm ups and Coach Martinez told me I did great. Once the whistle was blown to hit the showers I quickly ran ahead of everyone and stripped out of my gym clothes and grabbed a towel and took a shower. A few of the guys on the football team were making gay jokes at me but I just ignored them. I put my clothes on and grabbed my back pack and left to put my gym clothes in my locker and grab the books I needed for homework and began walking home. I heard what sounded like a Lyle calling out my name but I just ignored him. I got home and gave Rose a kiss and asked her if I can possibly have a sandwich and she told me of course I can. I went ahead and made me a sandwich and headed to my room to do my homework.

I had my music going and didn’t hear the person knocking on my door at first. It wasn’t until I got up to take my garbage out that when I opened the door I almost plowed into Lyle. I looked at him “why are you here?” I asked him. He asked if we could talk and I grinded my teeth together “fine come in”. He came in and sat on my bed and I sat in my computer chair. I looked at him “so now what?” Lyle had tears in his eyes “Tim I know you hate me right now but please let me explain. That girl you saw me with is Renee she has been my best friend since kindergarten. I told Renee about you and this morning my dad started in on me saying I better not be gay or he will disown me. I wanted to tell him why it matters who I love but I am afraid of my dad. So I told Renee and she told me she will pretend to be my girlfriend at school and at my house. Tim she was kissing me to help stop the rumors that were circling at school. Please Tim you have to believe me I can dial her number and you can talk to her if you don’t believe me” he was on his knees pleading. I stroked his hair and told him to get up and sat next to him on the bed and kissed him with so much force and passion, that it made us both harden up instantly. I broke our kiss “I am so sorry I should have talked to you about it instead of getting pissed off at you”.

He smiled and continued kissing and began undressing one another. Soon we were both completely naked grinding against one another. I looked into his eyes “God I Love You Lyle” I told him between kisses. We kept kissing and I stopped “Lyle I want you to take me completely please be my first” he smiled his beautiful smile and asked if I had any condoms. I reached over us and opened the nightstand drawer and grabbed a condom and lube. I opened the condom and slipped it on Lyle’s dick and put some lube on it then lubed my asshole up. Lyle asked me if I was sure about this and I told him yes. He had me lay on my back and then lifted my ass up and rested my ankles on shoulders and slowly began to slide his dick into me. I had to have him stop a few times but within five minutes I had his whole deck inside me. He began moving in and out of me and it hurt at first but then the pain subsided and soon he was going at a good pace. Soon I shot cum all over my body and I wasn’t even jerking off. Lyle told me he was going to come so he pulled out and ripped the condom and began jerking then sprayed his cum all over my stomach and chest. He collapsed beside and was panting. I rolled on top of him and began kissing him again then stopped “that was even more magical than I dreamed of” I told him. He smirked “You got that right baby; I admit I was nervous as hell because this was my first time too. But damn that was amazing”. I climbed off of him and led him to my bathroom where we washed off the remnants of our love making.

Lyle stayed a little longer and helped me air out my room since it smelled of our love making. We worked together on the homework that we had together and soon he told me he better head home before his dad gets home. I walked him out and kissed him at our threshold of my door and we both laughed when we said “I love you” at the same time. I walked back inside the house and back into my room. I just sat down in my computer chair when someone else knocked on my door. Rose came in with a clothes basket of my clothing. I took it and told her sorry I forgot to grab them out of the dryer. She studied me for a second and smiled “you and Lyle shared an interment moment didn’t you”. I couldn’t help but feel myself to turn bright red “we did Rose, I can’t explain it Rose but it was so magical” she put her hand on my shoulder “I am sure it was Timmy, just please tell me you used protection”. I told her yes I did and she told kissed my forehead and told me good and left me alone in my room. I folded my clothes and found a pair of Lyle’s underwear and put it in my dresser drawer.

After dinner I got a text from Lyle telling me he wanted to take me someplace special this weekend. I ran downstairs and asked my mom and dad if it was okay. Dad asked if he can talk to Lyle to see where and how are we getting to that place and I texted Lyle and he asked if he can come and talk to dad tomorrow. I asked dad and he told me he will make sure he is here tomorrow at 4 so we can talk. I texted Lyle that dad will be here tomorrow so they can talk and he told me to hang on a minute. I sat my phone down and set my clothes out and began to take my socks off when my cell phone began to ring. I looked at it and saw it was Lyle calling me. I answered it “Hello…I am getting ready to get into bed…yes I am still dressed…oh I can do that…” we began telling one another what to take off and soon I was naked. Lyle told me to lie down on my bed and begin to jerk off and to close my eyes and picture us making love again. I shot a massive load onto my stomach and scooped it up with my fingers and licked it off my fingers. Lyle grunted and I knew he had shot his load as well. We hung up and I fell asleep quickly.

I woke up to my alarm clock and felt refreshed. I took a shower then got dressed and headed downstairs. I ate breakfast with Wallie, Mom, Dad, and Rose then kissed Mom, Dad, and Rose a kiss and headed to school. I got to school and put my books away and grabbed the ones I needed then decided to go sit outside in the quad. Lyle and who I guess was Renee came up to me and Lyle introduced me to Renee. Renee kissed my cheek “you are so much hotter looking than what Lyle described you as” she said after releasing me from her arms. We talked and soon it was like we were all longtime friends. The bell rang and we headed to class, Mrs. Crane took roll and we dove into discussing the book we were reading. The rest of the day went on uneventful and I stayed and watched Lyle practice. When he finished I texted him telling him don’t shower I want to smell his hot scent. He came out after changing and we walked back to my house. I got a call from dad saying he is running a little late he will be home by 5:30pm.

Rose gave us some cookies and we went to my room and shut and locked the door. I sat the plate of cookies down and pounced Lyle and began kissing him passionately. The smell of his sweat was intoxicating and I pulled his pants down and slipped his hardening dick into my mouth and began sucking him off. I rubbed my hands up and down his chest as I sucked on his hard sweaty tasty poll and when he cummed I swallowed it all. Lyle fell backwards and was panting. I climbed back on him and kissed him. We ended up falling asleep and were woken up by my dad knocking on my door. We both quickly got up and pulled our pants up and I opened the door. Dad came in and Lyle still wanted to talk to him. Lyle told dad yes so I left my room so they can talk. Fifteen minutes later dad and Lyle came downstairs laughing. Dad asked Lyle if he could stay for dinner Lyle said “I would love to but my dad is going to be home soon so I better go” I walked him out and he kissed me good bye before putting on his cap and walked home.

I came back in and dad put his arm around me and said “come on sport lets go talk in your room”. We went back to my room and dad shut the door and sat in my computer chair while I sat on my bed. “Okay sport, I know we have had this talk before but I just need to ask you this flat out. Are you and Lyle sexually active?” I nodded and in a shaky voice I told him yes. Dad didn’t say anything for almost 30 seconds and it was scaring the crap out of me “Tim, son I am honestly glad that you told me. Now I am sure you are being safe and I really like Lyle. He seems to bring a new form of life inside of you. Now I have given him permission to take you to this place he wants to and I also agreed to pay for the transportation. You will be able to call for the ride when you both are ready to head back. Now Lyle told me about his dad and I will tell you the same thing I told him if he or you feel threaten by his dad you guys come to me right away. I will tell my sectary if I get a phone call from you or Lyle to put you guys through no matter what. But you can call me on my cell phone anytime son and I will always answer it for you and Lyle” dad got up and gave me a hug. “Now I told Rose to order some Chinese food let’s go see if she did, she deserves a break every once in a while on cooking” he winked at me making me laugh.

The rest of the week seemed to fly by quickly and before I knew it was Friday and Lyle had a game. I sat with Renee and watched him play and he was really good. He made a couple touch downs which helped us win the game. After the game Renee told us to go and celebrate and since her mom and dad are out of town she will make sure that Lyle’s dad thinks he is staying there and Aaron her older brother will help cover for us so he can spend the night at my house. Dad picked us up and we stopped at In and Out for a burger and milkshake. We got home and dad told us to have a good rest of the night and headed to bed. Lyle and I went into my room where we began to kiss and make out. We worked our hands around one another taking off our clothing. I was unbuttoning his pants when I noticed he had the jock strap that he wore during the game on. I began kissing his thighs and tugging at his jock strap causing him to have a huge hard on. I pulled his jock strap off with my teeth and I climbed on him and placed my cock near his mouth while I went to work on his cock. I was close to cumming and begged him to stop but he didn’t he kept going causing me to cum inside his mouth. I kept going on his dick and could taste his precum leaking inside my mouth. Soon I was rewarded his salty savory sperm gushing down my throat. We fell asleep soon afterwards and snuggled into one another.