If you are offended by the idea of boys or same sex relationships, if you are not the legal age to be viewing this kind of material do not continue reading, if it is illegal for by the state or country you are in then do not continue your reading. Thank you and enjoy the story.
This is based off true events. The names of all persons involved have been changed to protect them. Most events in this story are true; some are made up to make the story more interesting.
Sorry but no sex in this one, I do not believe is sex on the first date.

Tim White
Chapter One

                I was walking down the hall of my high school. I was minding my own business, just thinking about going back home and jacking off to my favorite porn star fucking some cute twink.
                My name is Tim White. I’m 17 years old, a junior in high school. I’m 5 foot 10 inches and 140 pounds.  I have light brown hair with hazel eyes. I have a toned body, some muscles but not too much. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m gay. I came out at the beginning of my freshmen year.
                My high school is in L.A. It has a lot of cute guys, but not too many of them are gay /cry. My favorite part of the school day is the end of my P.E. class, when everyone is getting undressed and getting in the shower. Wow go figure that a 17 year old gay teenage boy is horny and wants to see sexy young guys naked.
                Well back to what I was doing. I was walking down the hall just after lunch. As I was passing by a freshman, something about him caught my eye. I stopped and turned my head to see what is was. The boy’s ass was hanging out of his pants. I like the baggy look. The reason that this one caught my eye was that this little boy was going commando. I walked over to him and said
                “Hey, you have a nice ass and I would love to fuck it all night long, but I really don’t think that the whole school wants to see your crack.”
                I started laughing as he realized what I was talking about and fell over trying to pull up his jeans.
                “Thanks for telling me that my ass was hanging out but don’t say that sexual crap to me. What are you, gay?” the freshman said.
                “Yes I am.” I replied
                “Well don’t hit on me then, I’m not gay.” He yelled at me.
                “Ok I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you man. I was just telling you pull up your pants.” I said to him and started walking away.
                I walked to the locker rooms. It was time for P.E. I got there and there were already about 15 guys in there changing in the workout clothes. In P.E. that day we were playing dodge ball. We either play dodge ball or bad mitten. Our teacher is really lazy and doesn’t ever want to be there. Every day we took a vote on what game to play that day and that is one that was chosen. Well the teacher told us to go back and change clothes about 15 minutes before the class was over. I was the first boy in there that day. The second boy was someone that I have never seen before. He was cute. He was about 5 foot 9 inches, had blonde hair, bright eyes, swimmers body. From the moment this young god wanted into the locker room I couldn’t take my eyes off him.
                When he got his clothes off and all he had left on his hot young body was a pair of white almost see-through boxer briefs. He looked up and saw me starring at him. I was still stunned from his beauty and now frozen in place from him catching me in a dead stare. I thought he would make a big scene about me starring at him, but all he did was wink at me. He looked down to me crouch and saw that I had a raging hard on and all he did was smile.
                I grabbed my shirt and covered myself up, looked up and he was gone.
                I didn’t shower that day. I didn’t get that sweaty and I only had on class left. I walked into the class room and sat down at my desk, just waiting for the class to start. The bell rang but the teacher was missing. About 5 minutes after the bell ran he walked into the room.
                “Sorry for being late but we…..” said the teacher
                                                                     “Why couldn’t you wait like 2 more minutes, we all could have gone home early.” I said aloud, and the entire class agreed with me.
                “I’m ssssoooooo sorry that I ruined you day Tim, but I was down in the office getting a new class roster. Please welcome Zach Burry. This young lad is coming to from Council Bluffs, IA. Wow Iowa, I bet that place is boring.” The teacher said.
                To which Zach replied in the most ridiculous hillbilly accent,
                “No its not, we have lost fun out there. We go cow tipping. Yes-sir, nothing like a good cow tipping to pass the time, Ha ha ha.”
                The entire class was laughing, even the teacher.
                “No, Iowa’s not that bad as long as you live somewhere near or in a larger city. If you don’t then you are literally bored out of your mind” Continued Zach.
                “Go ahead and take a seat next to Tim there and we will get started” said the teacher.
                Zach sat down in the desk next to me. I couldn’t believe it; the hottest new boy in school is sitting next to me. This is the best way to end the school day.
                “Hi, as the teacher said my name is Tim. If you need anything just ask” I said as he was still taking supplies out of his bag.
“Ok, thanks man” Zach said.
                The bell rang at the end of the class and I got up and left. I was in the front of the school talking to a group of friends. We talked for 10 minutes             when I noticed that Zach was staring at me.
                “Hey guys, I will talk to you on Monday” I said and started walking over to Zach.
                “Hey, why are you starring at me?”
                “Well weren’t you the one that was staring at me in the locker rooms today?”
                “Yeah that was me. I didn’t think that you noticed that I was starring at you the whole time.”
                “Well I did, and I also saw that you thought I was sexy. The bulge in your pants gave that away.”
                “I do think that your sexy, but I don’t try and get straight boys to do things with me, that is just not how I role. So I will talk to you later.”
                He leaned in close to my ear before I walked away and whispered “Who ever said I was straight?”
                “Wow, your ga……”
                                                “Shh please don’t say that out loud. I’m not out yet.”
                “Oh sorry, how come you’re not out yet?”
                “I’m too afraid of what people will think of me.”
                I looked down at my phone, saw the time, then I said to Zach. “Hey why don’t you come over to my house and we can talk a little more in private. I have to get home and look after my little brother.”
                “Ok” said Zach with an excited simple on his face.
                We walked to my car, got in and drove to my house. We didn’t talk about him being gay; all we did was small talk. I pulled into my driveway; we got out and rushed to the front door.
                “Hey Rat-boy; you home yet?” I yelled after I took my shoes off.
                “Why do you call your brother ‘Rat-boy’?”
                “Well do you remember the rat tail?”
                “Well he’s got one; it is down to about the middle of his back.”
                “Ah I se, what is his real name? I don’t think it would be right for me to call him Rat-boy. That would be a little strange.”
                “His name is Josh. Hmm I guess he’s not home yet. Let’s go sit on the couch and talk.”
                So we both walked over and plopped down onto the couch.
                “So why are you so afraid of coming out for?” I asked as soon as we were comfortable.
                “Well just what will people think; what my family with think; what will my family do. What was it like when you came out?”
                “For me it was like what you think it would be like. I had the exact same questions and the thought of coming out scared the crap out of me. I can out to my best friends first to see how they would take it. That was just before my freshman year started.”
                “What did they say?”
                Just when I was opening my mouth to answer his question, Josh ran in the door. He saw me on the couch and ran and jumped into my lap and gave me a huge hug.
                “How was your day Josh? Did u learn lots of cool stuff?”
                “No we had a movie day. It was the berfday” said Josh. (and yes that says berfday, that is how it is supposed to be that is how he pronounces it, he is only in the first grade.)
                Josh then noticed that there was another person sitting next to me on the couch.
                “Who are you?” asked Josh in the rudest voice I have ever come out of his mouth.
                “Josh, be nice. This is my new friend Zach, he just moved here from Iowa.”
                “Ok, fine. I really don’t want to.” He whispered in my ear.
                “Oh Josh, remember you have a slumber party tonight. Go get ready and I will drive you over.”
                “Ok” Josh said getting down from my lap and gave one more death glare to Zach before running up to his room.
                “Sorry about that Zach, He doesn’t understand what being gay is and why I spend all my time with guys. And he doesn’t like you because the last guy I was with hurt me really bad, not psychically but emotionally. It was bad enough that I didn’t come out of my room for a week.  I would rather not talk about that now, if you don’t mind. I can maybe share that later.”
                “Ah I don’t want to make you share anything that you’re not comfortable sharing. And that thing with Josh, I was like what did I do to him. Ha ha ha.”
                We stopped the conversation that we were having about Zach coming out because we did want Josh to hear what we were talking about. He has this thing about trying to protect me after my last boyfriend. He doesn’t want to see me hurt again. It is really cute. He will listen to my conversations and then try and make the other guy hate me.
                “Tim come here, I need your help.” Josh yelled from upstairs.
                “Be right there” I yelled back. “Be right back, you can get something to drink out of the fridge if you want.”
                I went upstairs to find out what Josh needed help with.
                “Are you going to start hanging out with Zach more like you did with Jason? Please don’t, you will be sad again. You’re no fun when you are sad.” Josh said in the most pitiful voice that you will ever hear.
                “Josh, I know that you are worried about me and I think it is sweet. Thank you for caring for me that much, but you need to understand that if I meet another person like Zach down stairs, I’m allowed to be with him. I know that you don’t understand yet but someday you will.”
                “But what about me?” he asked
                “Nothing will ever stop me from doing things with you. You are my favorite little brother and nothing will ever change that. Now can you please promise me that if you have a problem with me and Zach that you will come to me? Please don’t try and make him hate me.”
                “Ok, I promise. I’m going to keep an eye on him.”
                “You are so adorable. Are you almost ready to go?”
                “You have a change of clothes, tooth brush, tooth paste?”
                “Yes, we can go now.”
                “Zach is going to go with us.”
                “You can ride in the front seat still.”
                I carried his bag down stairs. Look around for Zach, and found him in the kitchen reading a paper that Josh wrote in his class that was hanging on the fridge.
                “Your brother is so cute”
                “Thank you” Josh said
                “Let’s go. Zach I said Josh can ride in the front.”
                “That’s cool. I don’t want to get in the way of you family.” Zach said.
                Josh just smiled.
                We got in my car, and drove Josh to his friend’s house. When we got there, Josh just looked at me with that ‘don’t you do it’ face. Don’t ask me how a 7 year old has that look, josh got out of the car and started running up to his friends front door. Zach started to open the door when I said;
                “Let me drive up a ways. He will be watching us and I don’t want to explain this to him. Ok?”
                I put the car in drive and drove until I could not see the house and more. I stopped and Zach hopped in the front seat.
                “I’m really sorry; it’s just that he doesn’t trust you yet. Don’t worry about it; he will learn to like you.”
                “You don’t need to apologize, I completely understand.”
                We got back to my house. My dad was home as well.
                “Hey you can meet my dad.”
                “How about your mom, is she home too?”
                I didn’t answer the question. I just got out of the car, Zach followed. He had a very confused look on his face. We went into the house.
                 “Dad, you home?”
                “Yes, I’m in the kitchen cooking” my dad said.
                “Can you make enough for 3 people?”
                My dad came out of the kitchen and into the living room.
                “Ah, who do we have here?” My dad asked.
                “This is Zach burry, he moved here from Iowa. He’s my new friend.”
                “Nice to meet you sir.” said Zach, while shaking my dad’s hand.
                “Please call me jerry.”
                “Will do. Where is the bathroom? I really need to go.”
                “It’s upstairs, first door on the left.”
                Zach went up the stairs.
                “So are you thinking about dating him?” my dad asked.
                “Yes. I would like to, but before we get to that point I need to help him with something. I may need your help with it.”
                “I know what you need to help him with, and if you need any help, just ask.”
                “I will, is it ok if he stays the night?”
                “Yeah that’s fine. Dinner is done. I have an early day tomorrow. So if anything happens, keep it down.” He said with a smile on his face.
                “Ok, good night dad” I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He went off to bed.
                Zach walked back in the room about 5 minutes later.
                “Here, I fixed you a plate.”
                “Thanks. Oh and thanks for helping me come out, and I would love to be your boyfriend.” He smiled
                “You were spying on me.”
                “Yes I was. He he he.”
                “Let’s head up to my room”
                We took our dishes to the kitchen and headed up stairs to my room.
                “Ok back to what we were talking about before josh walked into the house. I told my friends I was gay. They took it really well. Only one of them stopped talking to me. He stopped because we used to joke about that kind of stuff but then he found out I was really not joking. But that is done and over with.”
                “Who did you tell next?”
                “I told the rest of the school. Some took is well. Some didn’t care either way. Most wanted me thrown out of the school and wanted me dead. I had decided to deal with the people at school before I told my family, at the time I thought that would be easier. It took me 6 months for me to get to the point where I was only getting 50 pieces of hate mail a day.”
                “Wow, I’m thinking I might not want to do this.”              
                “That was not the hard part. The hard part for me was not having anyone to talk to about how I was felling. I hadn’t told my family so I couldn’t turn to them for comfort. One night I was in y room with the stereo on loud. I was crying. That day I had gotten 20 death threats. I felt like killing myself. I was pretty close to does it. I was taking ever pill that we had in our medicine cabinet. Josh walked in and saw me crying. He ran and got my parents. That was the night I told them. Ever since then I turn to my dad when anything like that happens. And here we are.”
                “I know that Zach was going to ask it, I was trying to hold it in.
                “What about your mom?”
                When he asked that, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I broke down crying.


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