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Tim White
Chapter 12
The month of November can and went entirely too fast. School had not changed. People gave me and Zach weird looks. The good thing was that nobody ever said anything. I still had this feeling that people only talked to me because they wanted dirt on me. So I didn’t say much when I was around other people. Maybe I was just being paranoid. When you are used to things being so bad, you have a hard time believing that they are getting better. Hey maybe I’m wrong. Maybe things are getting better and I have a lot of friends now. I will not get my hopes up though.
Cody was fast becoming our best friend. Not many people would want to hang out with us, but he is different. So far he is the only person that has made an attempt to hang out with either me or Zach. And I can’t explain it, but I feel very comfortable around him. He cares about how I feel. When I was sad or needed to talk, throughout November, and Zach wasn’t there, I could call him.
December was here. Everyone knows what that means. Christmas. Yay for the holiday where you spend all your money on gifts, which people are going to take back to the store anyway. What a wonderful holiday. Not sure if you can tell, but I don’t really hate this holiday. Yeah sure, I like to get gifts and to give them, but that’s all anyone cares about. What about what this time for year truly means. Being with your family, not that Jesus was born.
I am not a believer in God. If he is there, then I’m wrong and I’m going to hell. I am perfectly fine with that. I personally don’t believe that this so called “loving God” would put me through so much shit. Well let’s not turn this into a debate here, ok?
I was kind of freaking out, because this was my x-mas with Zack and I wanted to get something special. I would ask him for some general ideas, but that would ruin the fun. He would always say “I don’t need anything more then you.” Awwww I know, he is so sweet. But I didn’t think I would like hide in a box under the tree for him. So I had to find a way to talk to the only other person that knows him as much as I do, his mom.
One day after school, Zach had to go run an errand, so I decided to make my move. I drove over to Zach’s house. His mom was there. I walked inside and found here in the living room reading a book. When she heard the door shut she looked up.
“Oh, hey there Tim, Zach’s not here.”
“Hi, mommy #2 (that’s what called her), I know he’s not. He’s out doing something. I wanted to ask you something. Has Zach said anything about what he wants for x-mas?”
“Hmmm, he has been wanting a car really bad, but we can’t offered that. That is the only thing he has mentioned. I couldn’t ask you to do that though. We will find a used car for him.”
“Mom, if I talk to my dad, would it be ok to get one for him. My dad has been wanting ideas as well.”
She seemed to ponder the idea for a while. “Do you mind if we talk about it first? Denis and I. this is kind of a big there.”
“No, it was just a thought.”
She went over and grabbed the Phone. She went into the kitchen. I heard here talking to someone. About 20 minutes later she came back in the living room and sat down on the couch.
“Well I talked to Denis, and he said that if you and your dad are willing, he thinks it would be a great idea.”
“Really, woo, I will ask him. I don’t wana make you guys feel like you are bad parents because you can’t do this for him.”
“Tim, I really appreciate you thinking of us like that. We know we can’t do much in the way of gifts for Zach. I’m glad that you love him so much, that you are willing to get something like that for him.” She started crying. Tim, I hope you know that we love you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to Zach. These last few months that we have been here, have been the happiest in his life.”
I was crying now. “Mom, I love Zach with all my heart. I would do anything for him, even if that means making the ultimate sacrifice to save him. I have no doubt that he would do the same for me.”
We both leaned in and gave each other a hug. AS we were breaking the hug, she gave me a kiss on the cheek.
 “Timothy White, how could you cheat on me, in my house, with my mother…..I hate you.” Zach said, stomping towards the kitchen.
I saw a smile on his face as he disappeared behind the wall. I decided to play along. I got up and went after him. When I got in the kitchen, I found Zach fake crying while sitting at the kitchen table. I walked over and sat down next to him and took his hand in mine.
“Zach, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”
“You cheated on me my with my mom, you bitch.” Zach said. I could tell from the tone in his voice that he was trying to hold back a smile.
“She meant nothing to me baby. You are the only person that I love. I’m sorry, will you please forgive me……Please, I love you so much, I can’t lose you.” I started to fake cry.
“Ok………Ok………..Ok, don’t cry baby. I forgive you, but don’t let it ever happen again. Got it?”
“Ok babe…….So what did you do today?”
“I can’t tell you that.”
“Secrets font make friends Zachary.”
“To bad…..Hey wana go out to dinner tonight?”
“Yeah………….. What do you wana eat?”
“I was thinking pizza.”
“That sounds great, let’s go.”
We both got up and headed out to my car and headed to the pizza place. I still needed to find out what kind of car Zach wanted. I could talk to his parents but they can’t be sure. So I will have to find away to get the answer out of him. We got to the pizza place. We ordered a large half taco, half ham and pineapple. While we were waiting for the food, I decided I would start trying to find out what kind of car he would want. I started the conversation off with pointing out the window, saying that a really nice car just drove by. That way we would start talking about cars.
“So what is your dream car?” Zach asked me.
“Umm, well I don’t know. I have always liked the older cars. Not sure which one I would like the most. What kind of car would you want right now?”
“One that starts and gets me to point A and to point B.”
“Haha. Those are good, but what kind would you want.”
He sat there thinking for a while. The food came out. He still hadn’t said anything. We sat in silence, eating our pizza. I sat starring at him, thinking that he looked so cute when he was trying to think. He got this serious, but annoyed look. His whole body looked tense. I think I saw some smoke coming out of his ears at one point. I know how much thinking hurts.
“Ya know Zach; you look cute with smoke coming out of your ears. hehe”
“Ha, ha, ha, shut up. Thinking kills my brain cells. Hehe…….. I think if I had my choice of car, I think I would pick a jeep.”
“A jeep, huh. Like the jeep wrangler?”
“Yeah. I love those. I think that would be cool to have one of those for my first car.”
“Yeah that would be cool….. I guess you still won’t tell me what you were doing today.”
I think I had a pretty good idea what he was doing. December 19th is my birthday. So I believe he is planning a party. At least I hope he was. I hadn’t had an actual party since before my freshman year.
We finished our pizza, talking about nothing important really. We paid for the meal and went home. I dropped Zach off at his house, kissed him goodbye and headed for my house. My dad’s car was in the driveway. “Sweet” I thought. Now I can talk to him about the gift for Zach. I found my dad in the kitchen.
“Hey dad, can I talk to you about something?”
“Oh no, Zach isn’t pregnant is he?” My dad asked.
“Hardy, har har, very funny dad. No I wanted to talk to you about a gift for Zach for Christmas.”
“Oh ok then. I was going to ask about that anyway. What were you thinking?”
“Well……… know that Zach doesn’t have a mode of transportation that he can call his own. So I was thinking that both you and I can get him his first car. What do you think?”
My dad sat there for a little bit. I was afraid he was going to say no.
“What kind of car do you think he would want? We need to know before we start looking.”
“Oh thanks dad, He is going to be so excited. I already got what kind of car he wants out of him. He wants a Jeep Wrangler. Red is his favorite color, and I already talked to his mom and she thinks it is a great idea.”
My dad and I spent the remainder of the evening looking for that special vehicle that we would be getting for Zach. When my dad was finally satisfied that we had enough places to look at, he let me go to sleep. Instead of going up to my room to sleep, I closed my eyes and fell asleep in the chair I was sitting in.
When I woke up in the morning, I was in my bed. My dad must have carried me up to my room. I got up and I realized that I was only in my boxers. Ahh creepy thought, my dad undressing me. Get it out of my head. Zach’s hot body, his hot ass, and his huge cock. Ok much better. I headed to the bathroom and got in the shower. I was hard from the thoughts of Zach. The water was flowing over me. I reached down and grabbed my hard dick. I started to pump my meat. I started moaning. With my free hand, I started to finger myself. I was ready to shot. I screamed out Zach’s name. After I finished unloading, I lost my balance. I had to hold onto the shower head.
I finished up and went back to my room and got dressed. I head down to the kitchen. My dad gave me a look. I knew what it meant. He heard me in the shower. That also meant Josh did as well, and that he was asking questions. I hated that look. It is amazing the things that pop into your head when you see get that look. The last time I got that look was when I was with Jason up in my room. I’m going to spare you the details (mostly just for my sanity).
“Morning Dad, morning rat-boy……….Oh that’s right you not a rat anymore. Guess I need to find new nick name for you.”
“Morning Timmy, why did you scream?” Josh Asked
I looked over at my dad, Evil looks. “I hurt myself, so I yelled.”
So daddy,” I said with a sorry tone “when did you wana go look at these cars?”
“How about after you get home from school.”
“Ok I will tell Zach you wana hang out.”
I walked over to him and gave him a hug and whispered sorry. I headed out and went to pick up Zach. Zach was waiting for me at the end of this drive way. As I was pulling up to him, he started to pull up his pants to show off his legs.
“Oo la la, I think you are trying to seduce me……….It’s working.”
“Good, now I just have to work my magic on your lips and you will be mine forever.” Zach said getting into the car. He leaned over and kissed me.
“I’m yours forever.” I said starring into his eyes.
“Yay. Now I will never be lonely.”
“You’re so cute………Hey I can’t hang out after school today….My dad wants to hang out with me.”
“Ok, Cody wanted to hang out with me after school anyway. Now I won’t feel like I’m ditching you.”
We headed to school. Once again it was a boring day. Zach said he had to go pee. He went to the restroom, while I went to my locker. I had a strangle feeling that someone was watching me. I looked around but didn’t see anyone starring at me. Zach came up and gave me a kiss. We walked outside and met up with Cody. Zach and him went there way and I headed to my car. All the way I felt like someone was watching me. It felt really creepy. I got to my car and found a note.
                “Tim, I really want to talk to you.”
Who the hell left this note? I thought I recognized the hand writing, but I could place it. I got in the care and headed home. My dad was waiting in the driveway for me. I parked my car.
“Hey dad, you ready to go?”
“Yep we got a lot of Jeeps to go check out.”
We got in his car and headed to look at all the jeeps that we had found in our area. We had about 40 to look at. Most of the ones we looked at had a lot of body damage, way too many miles, or just sucked so bad that I can’t even begin to say what kind of problems they had. Low and behold the very last one that was on our list was perfect. It wasn’t the color we wanted, but we could always paint it the color we wanted. We talked to the guy who’s was selling the car. My dad talked him down a little bit. The entire car didn’t cost a fortune (I don’t remember the price). My dad wrote him a check, and we were all set. It was getting late so we decided to take the Jeep to a garage that we rented until the morning when my dad could take it to the body shop. We went back to the house. I went to my room and slept.

“Where the hell is this guy?”
I have spent the last 2 days searching the school for this guy. He is like a phantom. I have asked almost everyone where he is. Nobody can seem to point in the right direction. One person told me to that I should check the back hallways. I was walking down on of them, when I saw someone walking slowly. I called out to him. He stopped and looked at me.
“Can I help you?”
“Yeah, I need to talk to you about something.”

I woke up from a beeping coming from my phone. I reached over and grabbed it. It was a text. Is said “Can you meet me at the food court at the mall. Please.” Who was this? I decided that I would find out. I got up, took a fast shower, and then headed to the mall. The text didn’t say what time to him this person, so I figured who it meant now. I got to the mall, and headed to the food court. Once I got there, I looked around. My eyes found one person. My heart skipped a beat. He was staring at me. He stood up and started walking toward me. I turned around and ran back to my car. I sped home. “How did he get my phone number?” I kept asking myself.
I got home, and I called Zach. I decided not to say anything about what just happened.
“Hey babe, what’s up?”
“Hey sexy, nothing much, just doing some shopping, gota love Christmas.”
“Yeah…….Hey I gota go, I will call you later, love you, bye”
“OK, love ya too.”
I decided to go shopping myself. Christmas was only 8 days away. Today was Saturday. Monday was the last day of school. I went to a few stores then headed home. I wrote my dad a check for some of the money for Zach’s Jeep. He took it to the body shop. He got it painted and had everything looked at and all fluids changed.
After all the shopping I was pretty tired. I texted Zach, told him that I loved him and good night. Sunday was a shopping day. I had to get stuff for Josh, my dad, and Zach’s parents. For Zach I bought myself a sexy new outfit.
“Tuesday came. Today is my 17th birthday. (if you’re wondering what is wrong with the ages, I screwed up with my age in the first chapter. As the begging I was supposed to be 16, not 17. Hehe, I’m dumb.) o didn’t make any plans. After school Zach and I went driving around. He got a text. He told me to pull over and get out. I did. He got in the driver’s seat. HE took a blindfold out and put it over my eyes. He drove for while then finally stopped. We got out of the car; he led me into a building. Zach ripped the blindfold off me head. About 50 people jumped out and screamed “Happy Birthday”.
I froze. I was in complete shock. Tears started coming to my eyes.
“Wow, oh my god. Thank you…………”
I fell down crying. Zach came over and hugged me.
“Zach thank you so much…..I can’t you did this for me, and that this many people showed up.”
“No problem, babe…………Everyone here is a friend, and they will not hurt you.”
Someone turned on some music and everyone started dancing. I made my way to the table with all the CD’s on it. As I was looking at the music selection, I noticed someone walk up beside me.
“Hey, you enjoying yourself?”
“Yeah I am, your boyfriend throws a great party.”
I knew that voice. It couldn’t be him. I turned and I saw Ryan.
“What are you doing here?” I said. It sounded more hateful then I wanted it to. I was more surprised to see him then anything.
“Tim please, just listen…….. I’m really sorry. I was an asshole. I should never have told everyone your secret…….I don’t expect you to forgive me, but I want you to know that I’m really really sorry.” He turned to walk away.
I grabbed his arm “Don’t you dare walk away from me again. We will talk later. Stay and enjoy the party.”
After a while it was time for the gifts. I went over to the table. There were a ton of them. I opened each one and said thank you to the person that gave it to me. A lot were cards, which I kind expected because these guys didn’t really know me that well. Cody, the funny bastard, got me blow up doll. As soon as I opened it, everyone started laughing. I didn’t care. I gave him a hug, and then punched him in the stomach. When I got to the bottom of the pile, I noticed there wasn’t anything form Zach.
“Here’s my gift.” Zach said as he handed me a small box. I opened it and there was a silver ring inside. It was in graved with something. I didn’t understand what it said. It said “Vous et nul autre”.
“ ‘Vous et nul autre’ means ‘you and no other’. That ring is your birthday and Christmas gift. I hope you like it.”
“I love it Zach, thank you……….And that you everyone. You don’t know how much it means to me that you all came here to celebrate my birthday. I haven’t had a party, that people came too, since middle school. Just knowing that this many people like me enough to come, is all I need from you. Thank you……….Now let’s eat some cake.”
Everyone got a piece of cake and some ice cream. After talking for awhile people started coming up to me and said happy birthday and goodbye. Some shook my hand, same gave me a hug, and some just walked away. Ryan, Zach, Cody, and I were the last ones there. I started to clean up, but Zach told me that there were cleaning people to do that.
“Ok…………..So Ryan, you wana come over and we can talk?”
“Yeah I do. If you don’t mind.”
“Ok no problem………..Zach, Cody, you guys coming over to?”
“I can’t gots-ta do something in the morning with my mom, then I’m all yours after that…hehe” Zach said.
“I would….but…..I don’t wana” Cody said
“Fine then Cody, be that way, we could have fun with that blow up doll u gave me……hehe……… Ok I will see you guys tomorrow. Let’s go Ryan.”
Ryan walked outside, I went up to Zach. “Zach……….. Were you the one that got him to talk to me again?”
“………………….Yeah. I hope you’re not mad.”
“No. No. No. Thank you. He was my best friend. I could never bring myself to talk to him. I love you so much.” I gave him and hug and kiss. Then headed to my car.
We got to my house and went inside. We sat in the living room.
“ooooo, wow , last time I was here, I………………….oh sorry.”
“No Ryan. I have wanted to talk to you for a long time about what happened. The last time you were in this house you ripped my heart out. I told you my deepest secret. I was scared to death, but I told you because I hoped that you wouldn’t care, that you would understand. But you didn’t. You told me just before you walked out that door, that I was not you best friend. I cried myself to sleep that night Ryan. I lost the only true friend I thought I had.”
Ryan started to speak, but I cut him back off.
“Then after you left, you decided to tell the whole school. You fucking condemned me death. Do you even know the hell you put me through? I had no one to find refuge in. I couldn’t tell me parents. Everyday for 6 months I got notes, threats, spit on, and laughed at. All I thought about was that you, the fucking asshole that I thought was my friend, did this to me. But I didn’t hate you.
“All that happened because you couldn’t keep that to yourself. I almost got raped in the locker room. Did you know that Ryan? Did you know that 4 guys at our school tried to rape me? No you didn’t. You left and you never looked back. I told my parents that night. Guess what happened……… mom died……….. When I went back to school, our fellow students had something else to make fun of me about. The fag boy killed his mom. Stupid fucking me, I thought since I just lost my mom, people would show a little god damn sympathy. I went home that night and put a gun to my head…..”
Ryan’s jaw dropped when I said that.
“I wrote a note, and just went I was going to pull the trigger, my dad came home. It stopped me. I’m glad I didn’t go through with it. Now I have Zach, He loves me, no matter what happens and he will stick by me. I will do the same for him.”
“Tim, I don’t know what you want me to say, or what you want me to do. All I can say is I’m sorry I did that to you. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you. I’m just so sorry.” Ryan said with tears rolling down his face.
“What I want you to do is…………..Stop being a douche bag, and be my friend again.”
“I think I can handle that.”
We talked for the rest of the night. Catching up. Ryan stayed that night; it was just like old times. It was good to have him back as a friend. Now it is time to think about the evil holiday that is Christmas.

“Yeah , I need to talk to you about something.”
“I don’t have time for this.”
“Ryan, this is not for me. This is for Tim. He told me what happened between you and him. To be honest, I wanted to kill you. But I’m over that. Tim’s birthday is in a couple of days and I want you to be there.”
“I don’t think he would want me there.”
“Yes he would, he doesn’t hate you. He still thinks you are a friend. At least he still hopes. You just hurt him really bad.”
“Yeah…………I know I did”
“Try and talk to him before Tuesday, you will see, he gives you. And please come to the party. Tim doesn’t have many friends because of what happened. He thinks all he has is me and Cody……..Think about it.”

Author’s Notes:
Ok thank you for reading. Sorry it took so long to get this chapter done. It is kind hard to remember what happened and when it happened. And it is going to be getting hard for me to write it, just because Ryan is back in the picture now. Im glad I got to spend another 2 years with him before he died.
If there are any high schoolers that are reading this, and you are graduating. Contgrats. I wanted say that just in case I don’t get another chapter before you do.
Oh something that I guess I should have told you on the Yahoo group. Zach’s birthday was on the 25th of April. Birthdays for us are not all the special. We don’t get each other anything. So I guess I forgot to tell you all.

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